What's New on the Bridge?

30/10/10 -

The Infinity Bridge proves itself well named as, thanks to archiving from Tyler Spivey, it rises from the ashes for a third time with a shiny new  extension. Please read and explore the imagination of a brilliant author and much missed friend, a tribute page has been created for him here:


Hopefully everything should have survived the transition intact but if you encounter any bad links, please contact Brantley, who has been the driving force behind this latest restoration after Lisa was forced to prioritise real life over her sterling work online.

3/11/03 -

What's new is what's old reborn. Almost two years ago, S. T. MacBeth (Mac) died in a terrible accident while copiloting a friend's plane. A complete investigation confirmed what everyone suspected - bad, pointless shit happens to good, innocent people.

When IB disappeared from the ether a few months later, I thought it would be gone forever and that Mac's wonderful creations had been lost just as permanently. I was wrong.

Consent was granted for the IB to survive. The domain was purchased and a server contracted, awaiting the resurrection. Eventually both contracts passed to me, along with the obligation of rebuilding and maintaining the site. I accepted the responsibility gladly because I truly believe that a world with Mac's stories is better than one without.

After wallowing unsuccessfully in the intricacies of web-site mastery, a solution presented itself in the person of dachmo, who volunteered his time and skills to this project. Dachmo has reconstructed the original IB from wide-flung personal files (many thanks to you generous packrats), and public archives, and has restored the site to the most complete version possible.

Broken links will be fixed as reported and we will reopen 'Other Voices' soon to new submissions. Though none of Mac's stories will be altered from his originals, I think encouraging others to expand this universe or create new ones would be a proper memorial to my friend. We, the caretakers, gratefully anticipate your comments and suggestions.

So, I greet old friends and welcome the new. This is Infinity Bridge, spanning the gulf from here to there and, I can hope, to wherever Mac is now.

- Lisa


  • All chapters of Lillith of Velor are now online.
  • Other Voices has been updated to include S.H.I.T. by the same author who wrote Verdatia and Armor, which are now complete. These files were originally hosted at an offsite location. They have recently been recovered and the author gave us permission to host them here.
  • The Gallery is now open to the public. The password protection has been removed, but will be reinstated if the amount of bandwidth used gets close to the limit for the month.

5/01/01 -

The complete book, That Which One Begins, is now available here on Infinity Bridge! Click on the link below and follow the links for each chapter!

That Which One Begins