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And, most importantly, despite the comic book theme of these stories, they contain erotic material that makes them COMPLETELY UNSUITABLE for younger readers.



Well, I suppose there is no good day to break up with your fiancee, but the day before Christmas Eve is definitely a bummer. We had the whole nine yards, the full monty, the shouting and screaming match, the potted histories and then the ceremonial flinging of the engagement ring in my face. It nearly took my eye out!

I did not do the honourable thing and rise above taking it back - instead I picked it up and theatrically examined it for damage. By the end of the two hour battle my finer feelings towards her were shot.

‘Good - should get a full refund within the six months after purchase.’

Something - a vase I think - hit the door of her flat as I closed it behind me for the last time on the way out. The was no doubt that it was final - she had made several references to someone called Toby ( who the hell was Toby? ) during the evening - to rub the point home.

It was a curiously cleansing and liberating process, a quick amputation rather than a withering limb, and during the drive home to my little house just outside Windsor, I found myself thinking about the practical problem of finding a female partner at short notice for the extensive round of parties ( some would be orgies of the finest quality if last Christmas was anything to go by and I did not intend missing even one) that I had lined up between Christmas Eve and New Year.

That evening, a disappointingly short list of possibles turned into a complete wash out. I put the phone down on the last hope, Nina, who had just got engaged to a policeman. I was fairly despondent and poured myself a large gin to help my mood and lubricate my thoughts. The second one was larger and seemed to seed an idea.

I idly reached for the Local Pages and thumbed to E.. Escort…Agencies. Christ! There were quite a few. I had never done this before - never had to - and as I examined the entries, visions of well worn fading .. models.. came to mind. Perhaps not!

Just as I was closing the book, a smallish ad caught my eye. The wording and angle were different to the others.

"If you’re caught out - all dressed up and no one to go with. Call Kora. Parties, Theatre, Dinner. Don’t cancel your booking. If I’m free maybe I can help."

Well it certainly fitted the bill! I dialled the number after a third gin. An ice cool sexy voice turned the receiver to velvet. She spoke with a foreign accent - Russian ? Polish ?

‘Hello this is Kora. You’ve phoned my ad number, so how can I help ?’

I explained the problem. She listened then asked for my address. I hesitated.

‘Look, you sound nice enough, but we obviously need to meet and see if we’ll get on. If you don’t want me to come round to your place we can meet at a restaurant, but beware, it will be my choice and very expensive for you.’

I thought for a few seconds and gave her the address. The number I’d dialled was a London one so I was knocked sideways when she said ‘OK. I’ll be there in five minutes.’

She was kidding. The whole thing was a joke perhaps, just some weird chick with enough money for the ads and a strange sense of humour.

‘That’ s quick!’ I decided to play. ‘I’ll be in all evening, well till about ten. Then I may go out for a drink.’

‘Five minutes.’ She repeated and rang off.

It was about four and a half minutes - the knocker was rapped loudly - making me jump and spill some of the fourth gin. ‘It can’t be!’ I said out loud, and went to the door. It was !

Wow! About an acre of black leather cloak was obscuring the view down the garden. Blond.. very tall.. piercing blue eyes.. high heeled boots.. black leather jump suit under the cape… hands on hips.. stunning face.. back to those eyes. My mind took in bits at a time and put the jigsaw together slowly.

Too slowly for her, and she walked in, brushing me aside and striding straight into the lounge.

‘Your taste in house furnishings leaves a bit to be desired. You’re obviously not cheating on your wife. This is a bachelor pad OK.’

She unwrapped the cloak and threw it on a chair. Then she stopped examining the room and turned her attention to me. The vivid eyes were looking me up and down.

‘You are too short and too skinny!’ she said without much emotion.

I was struck dumb. Then she smiled and said. ‘But you’ve got a cute face and your arse is not bad.’

I looked up at her. She stood a good six inches taller than me in what looked like the three inch heels of her calf length boots. I’m five-ten and she’s calling me short!

‘Well close the door and get me a gin too.’ I did as she ordered. She took a sip from the glass and continued to examine me. This was definitely not what I had expected !

‘OK, you’ll do, I suppose. Take your clothes off!’ I reeled.

‘What ? Hey this is not the time..’

‘Don’t be boring!’ she snapped. ‘I want to see your body. If I like it I’ll use you for sex. If not you won’t see me again. Get the picture?’

I had to bring this back to a speed I could handle. The light approach.

‘Look lets do that later. You’re gorgeous. Sit down and we can talk for a bit.’

She made an exaggerated gesture of yawning, patting her mouth with her gloved fingers; then she crooked a finger and beckoned me. I walked over and before I realised what had happened she had grabbed me by the neck with her left hand, lifted me effortlessly off the floor and was stripping me by tearing my clothes off. She ripped my shirt and trousers to shreds and then threw me onto the sofa in just my shoes and socks. These were removed and tossed across the room. She had split both shoes open as if they were made of cardboard and nearly broken my ankles in the process. I yelled in terror and pain.

‘Be quiet and stand up.’ she commanded… ‘Now turn around.’

I was made to parade in front of her while she stood there, towering over me threateningly with hands on hips. I was terrified.

‘Now go and put some jeans on.’ She said. ‘Those trousers you were wearing died ten years ago.’

She followed me into my bedroom, once more examining the decor rather than me, and when I had put on a tee shirt, jeans, and trainers she took me by a vice like grip on my left arm, led me back to the lounge and threw me onto the floor in front of the fireplace. Then she spread herself on the sofa, resting one of her feet on the upholstered arm. I was still petrified and very confused.

‘OK’ She said, ‘This is the bit where I explain what’s going on. Your bit’s easy - you just listen and do as you’re told.’

She pointed to the armchair by the fireplace and I got up and sat in it. ‘I am Kora. Where I come from it is pronounced "Kchourriah", but Kora will do - and where I come from is a very long way from here; in fact I am from a different world. I look human but I am not human. My world is called "Aychiah".’

I stared. She continued. ‘It is now that you think I am mad, so I have to show you a few things.’

She stood up and spread her arms. My heart nearly stopped - and then pounded like a hammer as I saw her rise into the air and hover there about a foot off the ground.

‘How do you think I came here ? I flew of course. At night nobody sees me.’ She floated down to the carpet.

‘And as you now know I am very hard and very strong, not just twice as strong as you but many hundreds of times. You have to be careful to do as I say, especially when I have sex with you, because you could be squashed like a little insect if the "krtcha" is lost. That is my control, my.. mind.. my temper.’

She levitated back to her original position on the sofa.

‘I am on this planet because of what you would call a "fire" on my starcraft. A normal fire would not hurt me but this fire was the engines igniting and they burn with the heat of a thousand suns. There were five of us and I am the only survivor. My "lifeboat" is at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. It may be years before I am found.’

The gin was making my head spin. If this was a trick it was a good one and she certainly was as strong as a tigress.

‘I hate this planet. It is not like my home. I have to be careful not to go mad, which happens if there is no "ashoon" - sex, and would be very dangerous for your race. Luckily humans can provide what I need, but only just. That is all I will tell you. It makes no difference if you believe me or not. I have chosen you.’

I did not have much time to think about what she had said, or decide whether she was on the wrong prescription of stimulants, or whether I was hallucinating, because she suddenly stood up, grabbed the cape and spread it out on the floor. She lifted me out of the armchair and forcing my knees up to my chest, dumped me down in the middle of the cape. Then everything went black as she pulled up the corners to make a kind of sack.

The next sensations I had were of being carried, first jerkily and then smoothly with an increasingly load roaring sound. It got very cold. When I saw light again, I was being unwrapped from the cape in some kind of large windowless room - a cellar or vault. Their was a large bed in the middle of the room and she pointed to it. I got the message and hurried over, undressing as I went - I did not want her to undress me again.

There was a "wrrump" sound behind me and I turned to see her standing there completely naked with her leather clothes in a neat pile at her feet. She stepped over them and came up to me. Her body was tanned and the shape of her huge rounded muscles under her gleaming skin gave the impression that she was made out of polished carved oak. I didn’t have much time to appreciate it though. This lady did not believe in foreplay, so it seemed.

Firstly I was tossed onto the bed and then three parts of my body were simultaneously clamped down - my neck, by her left hand, my thighs under her right forearm, and my willy in her mouth. Thankfully that part of her was soft and she started to suck me and play around with her tongue. I got a huge erection almost immediately, and it just seemed to keep going. I had never been that hard before. Curiously I had no sensation of wanting to come - I just got harder and harder and my brain was exploding with the pleasure of it. They must know a thing or two on that planet.

Just before she jumped on me I looked down to see the state of my erection. Was that me? Wow! I saw it disappear up into her through a beautiful bush of blonde hair, and she started to pump up and down on me.

My wrists were being crushed by her hands, and my legs, with hers wrapped around them, felt as if they would snap any second. Just before she would have crushed my pelvis and broken my back, she slowed down and I could feel her tightening onto my willy. Then she came, letting out a deep long moan. Suddenly the urge came on me and I pumped what felt like gallons and gallons into her. My balls hurt afterwards.

She lay there for a few seconds and then floated off me. She seemed to be semi- conscious, slowly floating around the room rubbing her hands up and down her body and moaning. I was aching from head to toe and sat up painfully, transfixed by this vision.

After a few minutes she floated down to the floor and walked over to her clothes. She started to dress and pointed to my clothes. I was just lacing my trainers when she threw the cloak over me and I was bundled up again.

Whoosh - I was back in my lounge. There was a cracking and splintering sound just before I was unwrapped from the cloak and dumped on the carpet. I looked up and saw the front door hanging off its hinges.

‘You won’t be any good to me for a few days. Don’t have sex with anybody else. I will be back on Christmas Day.’

Whoosh - she was gone, up into the night.

Sharon Best, Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997

(Aurora Universe materials are strictly for Mature Readers over 18 years of age!)