by Sebastian


Two of the most stunning female creatures the city had ever seen were
leaning against a guard rail in a strip mall parking lot---and the city
being what it was, that was saying quite a lot.

They were licking at ice cream cones, inexpertly, and were making a bit
of a mess. Nonetheless, they seemed to be enjoying themselves
immensely. If it were not impossible any girls their age could be
unfamiliar with ice cream, a thoughtful observer might be led to wonder.

No one, however, was paying them particular attention, despite the many
lustful glances and doubletakes they drew. It was a busy day on the
boulevard and in the parking lot, and everyone was much too busy with
their own affairs to wonder at how two full-grown young women could be
so bad at eating ice cream.

Soon enough they finished, and went back into the little shop to wash
themselves off.


After a few more minutes, a small red open-topped car pulled into the

"That's the one," said Lani.

"Works for me," said Kat.

The car's driver---a smallish man in perhaps his early thirties, a
salesman or some such---went into a shop, and came out shortly with
a bundle of clean shirts. As he was about to take the car back out
into the boulevard, two alien beauties darted across the drive and
hopped into the car, Lani in the front seat and Kat in the back.

"We were just looking for a ride," said Lani.

"My friend likes your car," said Kat.

"You don't mind, do you?"

"Convertibles make her hot."

There was a pause.

"That's what she's always telling me, you know, 'Nothing I like better
than wind in my tits.'"

The driver looked at Lani. Lani looked back at him, flipped the bottom
of her crop-top up enough to give a glimpse of her left nipple, and

The driver flushed, and said, "Well, actually, I'm on my way to work at
the moment, but if you were heading downtown I'd be happy to give you a

"That'd be wonderful," said Kat. "I'm Kat, this is Lani."


"Nice to meet you, Pete." Kat leaned forward and gave him a peck on
the cheek.

"I just have one more stop to make, and then we'll hit the highway."

"Sure thing."

The stop was at a deli, where Pete had to get a bag lunch.

"I'll just run in and be right back out."

"Okay. Uh, Pete? Do you think you could leave the radio on for us?"
Kat gave him her winningest grin. Lani reclined her seat and stretched
her arms back over her head; her top crept up to reveal the lower
curves her breasts almost up to her nipples. Pete stared at her.

"Oh, uh, sure thing." He hesitated, then leaned back in and put the
key back in the ignition.

Kat watched him until he disappeared into the store, counted to ten,
and then hopped into the front seat.

"Okay, clutch, brake, gas, stick . . . which is the parking brake?"

"I don't think he set it."

"Right, then. Clutch in. Stick in neutral." Kat pushed the stick
through a few gears, to get the hang of it. The car started to roll
back. "Oops, brake in. What now?"

"Reverse gear," said Lani.

"That would be, hm, this one."

"Start engine, clutch in, quick tap on gas pedal."

Kat did so, and managed to gun the engine with a roar. "Whoops, he
probably heard that."

"Careful now, clutch out slowly to the clutch point, then release
the brake and touch the gas."

"God, I hope this works like the simulator."

It did, or close enough. Kat lurched the car out of the parking lot
and swerved into traffic on the boulevard as Pete came running out of
the deli, and she managed not to hit anything though it took all of
her enhanced reflexes to do so. Pete just stood, watching them go:
their light was green. Lani chucked the laundry out of the
back seat, and waved.

"So, are we cutting a swathe yet, sexy darling Leilani?"

"Geez, some people are just made to be taken advantage of, aren't they?
I can't believe how easy that was."

"Taking candy from a baby. Or in this case, sportscars from
sex-starved overweight balding bachelors."

"So, where to now, fellow car thief?"

"Mountains sound good?"


"But we need to find a highway first. Got the map?"

Lani dug into her pack and came up with a tablet a little longer than a
CD case, flicked a switch and then tapped a couple buttons on the
illuminated face. A map appeared, marking their current position with
a little purple star.

"Um, are we headed north or south?"

"South, I think."

"Then . . . try a left at the next big intersection."

Kat did, and stalled the car.