by Sebastian


"Are you sure none of those ones appealed to you, Lani? I thought that
last one had a cute butt."

"Ew, but those ridiculous glasses, and he looked way too full of

"But, Lani, we're here to fuck them, not marry them. Who cares if
he's a jerk?"

"I do. Besides, we've got plenty of jerks to choose from back home."

"True enough."

There was a pause, and Kat took another long drink at the fountain.
She grimaced. "This stuff tastes like crap."

"You were the one who tried to convince me primitive plumbing would
be romantic, remember?"

"No way. What was I thinking of?"

"Sex and sunshine, as usual. Speaking of which, couldn't we just lie
down here and enjoy the sun while it's quiet, and find you some cock
this afternoon? It's going to be packed here later on." Lani looked
up and down along the wide beach, glowing faintly golden in the
early-morning light.

"Naw, I want it now. Running makes me horny. But we can lay out---"

"Kat, everything makes you horny." Lani touched a finger to her
friend's inner thigh, drawing it slightly up into the leg opening of
her short shorts, and was rewarded by Kat's sharply indrawn breath.

"Unh. But, *as I was saying*, we can lay out here for a while if you
like, until I see . . . oooh, *he*'ll do."

Lani turned to where Kat was staring, and saw a dark-haired boy
carrying a pair of surfboards out of the next cinderblock storage
shed over. He fumbled with his keys and then locked the green
numbered door.

"Geez, Kat, he's just a kid."

"Bet he's older than you are, hussy. Besides, look at his ass. And
wait til he turns---there! Check out that package!" she whispered.

"Aw, you can't tell anything through those shorts---what *is* that,
anyway? Rubber?"

"Something like that, I guess. I think it's supposed to . . ."

Kat left her sentence unfinished as the boy turned to look back up
the beach, and caught her watching. His eyes widened at the sight of
them, but he flinched from meeting Kat's gaze. Then a second boy
appeared from between the sheds, and called out to Kat's victim. The
two boys quickly stripped down to wetsuits, piled their bags, and
took their boards into the water with only a couple surreptitious
further glances at Kat and Lani.

"We'll knock them dead, eh? They'll fall all over themselves to get
to us, then? Well, *I* don't see---"

"What? Lani, they're just intimidated. We're too gorgeous."

"*We* are too gorgeous? Modest as always, Kat."

"Oh, give me a break. You wanted to sun yourself? This is the time.
C'mon. You sure you don't want one of them?"

Kat bounced off lightly toward the waterline, stopping halfway to
drop her small backpack. Lani followed.

"No, I think I'll just watch you operate."

"Well, okay, we've got plenty of time. Just don't be frigid all

"Not a chance."

Kat had pulled out a small roll of fabric the size of a soda can.
She found two free corners, and snapped out the roll with a flick of
her wrists---it unfurled into a blanket the size of a double bedsheet
and she laid it out on the sand.

The two sat down in the sun and Lani promptly whipped off her top,
exposing her lovely and fulsome breasts to the waves. There was a
startled splash, as of a surfer distracted at the wrong moment.

"*Now* who's immodest?"

"Well, *I* certainly can't help it if the natives are repressed about
the most ridiculous things."

"Well, *yours* might be ridiculous, but I think mine are---"

"Fuck off, Kat."

"Seriously, local rules say it's okay to take off your top, but only
if you keep your breasts pressed into the sand. Honestly, I don't
know how they come up with these things."

"I know the rules, wench---who watched all those silly shows with
you, anyway? And if you would think, you'd remember that it would be
even more unusual for me to lay here sunning with a shirt on. Now
leave me alone." Leilani rolled over (slowly, luxuriously) and
stretched out, digging her toes into the sand. The white strap of
her bikini panty disappeared entirely between the long smooth globes
of her ass. She sighed.

Kat reclined on her elbows, her posture not accidentally emphasizing
her tits, and pretended not to watch the surfers. Some time passed.
Kat began to tighten and relax her thighs to match the rhythm of the
surf, feeling herself grow wetter and more impatient. When she
caught the fingers of her right hand reaching up to tease the outer
curve of her breast, she decided enough waiting was enough.

When the boy finished his next run, she gestured for him to come
over, which he did. His glance flicked awkwardly; he couldn't seem
to meet her all-too-direct eyes, but neither would he let himself
stare at her magnificent chest. Lower was even worse.

He was tall and lean, with broad shoulders and wide hands. No doubt
about it, he was blooming into a handsome man. The native girls must
have already noticed him: he was probably quite a bit more
experienced than his shy air made him seem.

"Hi, I was wondering if you could do me a favour, . . ."

"Mark." He smiled and cocked his head, and she beamed at him.

"Mark. I'm Kat. Could you put on this tanning oil for me? I'd hate
to burn," she purred. She pulled a small tube out of her pack and
handed it to him as she turned over.

"Sure thing." He tried to sound matter-of-fact, but she heard the
hint of eagerness in his voice. Whatever the native girls had done
with him, he was clearly not used to being approached by ones that
looked like Kat.

He poured some oil on her back, a little too much, and it ran down
through her bikini tie to the small of her back and into the
waistband of her shorts. He fumbled to catch it.

"Here, let me get this out of your way," Kat offered, unconcerned.
She reached around and pulled the string that tied across her back.
The action let her breasts swing freely for a moment before she laid
back down. She was confident Mark was completely aware of that.

Mark's massage was mechanical though not ungentle, but Kat found it
immensely stimulating---because she knew he wanted her but didn't
dare chance displeasing her by saying so, and because the mere
physical presence of her body was so overwhelming to him that he
became clumsy and awkward and tongue-tied. The guys at home took her
for granted, but *this* guy was entirely absorbed in just touching
her back. His hands wandered over to begin dipping down her sides,
and then "accidentally" brushed the bulge of her breast. She
wondered how many other girls he'd made this move on, and whether he
had any idea how obvious it was. Probably not, since he didn't seem
to notice she was playing her own equally obvious game on him, with
this tanning oil nonsense.

She inhaled deeply, languourously, to show she did not object to his

He was controlled enough to be satisfied with a couple brief feels of
her tit; he seemed like he was finishing up. This would never do---
she couldn't let go of the initiative, not when she was so horny and
he was so clearly in her power.

"Mmm, and could you do my legs, too? That's wonderful." She lifted
her ass and parted her legs slightly, as he drizzled the warm oil
down her thighs. The legs of her tiny shorts were loose, and since
she wasn't wearing panties, with the right angle she was sure he'd be
able to graze her leaking pussy. She was also sure that he couldn't
possibly resist doing it, and she was right.

When he'd worked his way up her thighs and finally reached her mound,
brushing a finger through her moist pubic hair, she lost interest in
any more teasing. She abruptly rolled over and kneeled facing him.
The twin triangles of her bikini top dangled loosely over her tits,
held up and away by her erect half-inch nipples. A quick glance out
to the water showed Mark's surfing partner staring at her, so she
waved him in. Then she turned back to Mark, who was also staring
at her, stricken and apparently sure that he'd gone too far, but unable
to take his eyes off her heavy, swaying breasts.

Kat rose on her knees and leaned toward him, sliding an arm around
his neck. In one motion, she pulled him forward and started lowering
the zip closing his wetsuit.

With her mouth next to his ear, she whispered, "Mark, I want to fuck
you. Now." Then she yanked the zip down the rest of the way and
pressed her tits against his chest. Her nipples were like bullets.

"Neil too? But not here," he said, without waiting for an answer.
"The boathouse." He stood up, convulsively.

She followed him back to the shed where the surfboards had been
stored, and motioned for Neil to follow. Leilani remained laying on
the blanket, apparently asleep, though Kat knew there wasn't a chance
in hell of that. When Mark fumbled with the keys, Kat lost what
little patience she had left and kicked the cheap door in,
splintering it at the lock.

She threw Mark down on a sailbag and growled, "Get that suit off or
I'll rip it off." Then she yanked Neil in the door and mashed his
face to her breast.


When Leilani appeared silently at the ruined door, again wearing the
inadequate crop-top, Kat was naked and squatting on Mark's long dick,
facing away from him and pistoning her ass like a Valkyrie. Neil's
wetsuit was around his knees, binding them, but Kat wasn't giving him
any chance to free himself. One of her hands was behind his head,
pressing his kisses to her breasts and neck and torso; the other
cupped and fondled his cock and balls. Mark was just grunting like a
man electrified. He spasmed and came.

Kat pulled off him immediately, spun on her knees and presented her
ass like polished marble to Neil. Her cunt was open and inviting,
nestled between her legs, the two halves of some erotic fruit; her
nether lips were parted and extended like twin tongues. "My *god*,"
Neil mumbled, and sank into her.

The second boy tried to take is slow, to make this fuck of a lifetime
last, but Kat was in no mood for slow. She rammed back against him
with every stroke, feeling his balls slap against her clit, and
squeezed his cock with muscles native women probably didn't even
have. He would have come almost immediately, but Kat's demanding cunt
clamped down too hard to allow it, until she finished her own long
shuddering orgasm.


"You boys don't own a convertible, do you?" Kat asked. She had
pulled on her shorts, and was retying her top.

"Mmm, no," Mark said, still sprawled in his afterglow.

"Oh, too bad. We could have had some fun. C'mon, Lani." She
stepped out into the blinding sun. Lani gave an ironic little wave,
and followed her.

"Hey! Waitaminute!" Mark leapt to his feet and frantically pulled on
his shorts. "How will we find you again?!"

He chased after the two, catching up between the sheds---Kat was headed
inland. He reached out to catch Lani's shoulder, whereupon she whirled
and seized his hand. Ruthlessly, she bent and twisted back his wrist,
forcing him easily to his knees.

"One, you don't find us again. Two, you don't touch me unless I ask
you to. Understood?"

She smiled pleasantly, then continued on her way, leaving him
massaging his bruised fingers.


A couple blocks later, the dark-haired one said to the light-haired
one, "You know, I think I could get to like this planet." And