by Sebastian

"Katriya aan Rosloi, going down there is against every rule there is
and you know it. We'd be fined. We'd lose our passes. We'd go to jail.
We'd be *grounded for the rest of our natural lives*!"

"Oh, c'mon, Leilani. You know you want to."

"Wanting to has nothing to do with it. There are Noninterference rules.
This is an Uncontacted Diaspora Race."

"Pah. Mom says we'll be Contacting them inside a year."

"It's dangerous down there."

"Double pah! These people are weak even in their own gravity, which is
only 60% Standard! And they don't have gengineering or nanotech or
*anything*, so you'll be ten time stronger than any of them. Twenty!"

"But they have guns."

"Yeah, *gunpowder* guns with plain lead bullets. Your nanos'll fix you
in five minutes flat. And we'll wear microweave. *And* we won't
get shot, anyway."

Leilani was silent.

"Lei-LAN-i," Katriya sighed in exasperation. "You've seen the men down
there. They're all clean enough, and so untamed and passionate! And
their women are so comically repressed. We'll knock 'em dead! We'll
cut a swathe. They'll be lining up stabbing each other to get a crack
at us!"

"That's easy for you to say."

"AUGH! Lani! Don't give me that `I've got fat' speech again.
*Everybody's* got to have at some. If you don't have at least 1%, you
never have any energy and you faint a lot if you even run a few miles.
And there are women down there, `movie stars' that men *pay* to see
naked, with *half* the tits you've got!"

"Well, it doesn't matter anyway. There's no way we can get down there."

"I've got it all arranged. Patriyo is lending us his skiff, and Daved
is going to make sure the navcomm gives us landing clearance."


Kat blushed under the accusation. "Okay, well, so I fucked him. What's
the big deal? It's a good cause."

"But *Daved*?"

"Lani, geez, Daved's not so bad as all that. So he's only a Tech,
so what? Isn't Dad always saying we shouldn't be too proud of our
caste? And it's not like I let him touch me in public or anything."

"Well, thank heavens for small mercies."

"Hmph. Leilani, you're a stuck-up, snooty, stick-in-the-mud homebody,
and if you don't come with me down there, I'm never talking to you

There was a pause. Katriya tossed her head and turned as if to leave.

"Okay okay okay okay. You win. But if we get caught, *I'm* never
talking to *you* again."

"YES! I knew you'd come around. You're the best, Leilani. And we're
not going to get caught."

"I know I'm going to regret this."

"Not a chance, girlfriend."

Katriya danced out of the studyroom, prodding a mock-reluctant Leilani
ahead of her. As they disappear from sight, voices drifted back through
the slowly-closing doorway.

"... and besides, his dick was *this* big."

"No way."

"Swear to god."


A black shape, about the proportions of a VW microbus but a little
larger, dropped silently out of the sky, slowing to a stop just above
the centre of the little deserted cove. It hesitated in the air half a
moment, then sank into the water. It passed from sight with no sound
and barely a ripple.

Several minutes passed. An observer, had one been watching (though of
course none was), might have begun to think nothing else was going to

Then a few bubbles rose in the middle of the cove. Another moment
passed. Two dark shapes broke the water's surface, took a second to
get their bearings, then swam powerfully to shore. It may be imagined
that two pairs of sleek, bisected bottoms winked in the bright
moonlight, twin globes working as they swam.

It will sadden our hypothetical observer to know he was not there to
see what rose from the gentle surf when the two shapes reached land.
Both were tall and lean and graceful like hunting panthers, coiled
muscles sliding smoothly under gleaming skin. The first had jet-black
hair cropped at ear level, while the second's was longish, somewhat
draggled and possibly blonde; both towed smallish bundles. Both
were undeniably, extravagantly, curvaciously female, and quite entirely

The breasts of the first were impossibly large and firm, each well more
than a double handful but riding high on her torso and plainly in need
of no support. Her nipples were were full and erect, the size of the
first joint of our (absent) observer's thumb, and her puffy areolae were
bigger around than Observer's open, gaping mouth. A thin rivulet of
seawater drained between these proud breasts down to the curly dark wisp
at her pubis, from which it fell in shining drops to the ground.

The second sleek creature from the waves was exactly like the first,
only more so.

Our non-existent observer might have thought the mood was somewhat
spoiled at this point when the first creature broke into muffled
girlish giggles.


"Oh, whee, Katriya! It's so light here! Look at me!" Leilani
(the dark-haired one) leapt into the air, easily clearing Katriya's
six-foot height and travelling down twenty feet of beach. On
landing she vaulted again, tucking for a triple somersault then
landing with a perfect gymnast's dismount.

"Geez, Leilani, stop screwing around. *Now* who's going to get us

"But Katriya, look!" Leilani knelt before a rock almost as big as she
was, and with a swift motion that brought the cords of her thighs and
shoulders into sharp relief, swept it up to hold over her head. Then
she tossed it.

"Leilani!" Kat hissed. "What do you think you're ..."

The rock sailed out over the cove, and arced down. It hit the water
with a mighty SPLOOSH that echoed from the dry bluff behind them. A
gout of water jetted fifty feet into the air.

"Well, so much for arriving quietly."

"Are we here to have fun or not?"

"Oh, we are that, but wait 'til we get away from the skiff."

Leilani stuck out her tongue at Kat, who was squeezing the water
from her hair.

"Ooh, Lani, hold that pose . . . That'll get you fucked for sure. Now
get dressed."

"Hmph. It seems so silly, in this warmth."

"Nevertheless, the locals have these rules. You know that."


Katriya pulled on pair of tiny red short shorts, and extracted a thin
golden bikini top from her pack. She shimmied her tits into twin
triangles of fabric that covered (but did not conceal) her rigid
nipples, and did very little else. Lani helped her tie it off, then
teasingly slipped her hands under the waistband of Kat's shorts.
She spun Kat about-face and the two pressed together and kissed.
Kat sunk slowly to her knees, dabbling her tongue through the deep
cleft between Lani's still-naked breasts. Then with a laugh, she
seized Leilani's ankles and surged to her feet, flinging the squawking
Lani ten feet in the air.

"Hah, gotcha! Now get dressed already."

In wounded dignity, Leilani did not respond. While she was brushing
the sand from her butt, Kat dug out a stretchy white crop-top and
matching v-shaped bikini bottom and tossed them over.


The two alien demigoddesses slung light packs over their shoulders and
loped off along the beach to the south. Their easy pace would have
shamed an Olympic marathoner, and they kept it up until the sun began
to rise. They passed fences declaring private beaches and outcrops of
rock that pushed into the sea, vaulting lightly over these
obstacles, springing from boulder to boulder with unslackened pace. As
daybreak approached, the coastline became ever more built up, as private
estates gave way to luxury beach homes, which gave way to crowded
apartments and boardwalk.

The beach was nearly deserted at this pre-dawn hour, but not quite. As
they moved into the more populated areas, they loped past the occasional
dedicated jogger or surfer out enjoying the lonely hours. The pair
slowed as they passed each new enthusiast, gazing intently as if
scrutinizing their targets, though from an improbably long distance away.
Then the two would glance at each other to exchange the merest shrug or
shake of the head, and continue on.

Finally the sun was up fully, shining on the blue and white shorescape
and promising a baking heat later in the day, when the huntresses (to call
them simply "girls" does violence to their animal grace) paused at a
water fountain.