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"Be careful what you wish for, because someday you just might get it."


I had always found Lauren to be attractive. She was about 5’7" with lustrous red hair, beautiful blue eyes, a gorgeous smile, long legs, the cutest tight little ass, and small-but-well-defined breasts. She had the perfect model’s figure. Her body was firm, like a gymnast’s, but had no hint of muscularity. Actually, in all honesty she was a little skinny and downright bony. But, she was really sweet and had a good sense of humor. She was a perfect catch, except for the fact that she was a muscle desert. If it weren’t for that, I’d have snatched her up a long time ago. Little did I know that she also had an appreciation for large muscles, and also had an enormous crush on me. And I didn’t know she had a much darker side.


I guess I got corrupted, or spoiled, growing up with images of SuperGirl and Wonder Woman. To the young eyes of my boyhood, nothing could compare to the erotic beauty of those strong muscular women. As I grew, I loved to look at pictures of female body builders for the same reason. And Lauren was as far from that image as was possible.


We were good co-workers, I guess I pretty much respected her abilities. Like any other man with a pulse, I would ogle at her as she walked by my office or around the department - she was, after all, extremely attractive. But unlike other men, in my mind I would morph her beautiful head onto a more powerful and muscular body, like maybe Denise Rutkowski’s. Man, what a combo that would be. If only it could be...


Although I did not realize it, in the back of her mind, Lauren wanted the same thing: wanted to be that kind of woman, wanted to have that kind of body, wanted to have that kind of strength. She wanted it for herself, but she also wanted it because she knew that I wanted it, too. She dreamed of flexing large muscles for me to worship. She dreamed of looking in a mirror and seeing a Denise Rutkowski look back.


For some reason, Lauren and I never went out on a date. Periodically we did go out to bars with friends after work, but never just the two of us alone. I have to admit that although I suspected she wanted me to ask her out, I just couldn’t give up on my dream of finding a more muscular woman. Nor did I realize that Lauren had dreamt of becoming that very woman. So time passed as we both remained friends but endured our reluctant solitude, and we both longed for her to be different than she really was.


Things had gotten pretty hectic at work. Lauren had actually been out of the office for two weeks and I hadn’t even had time to notice it. Then one night I got an anonymous e-mail that changed my life forever, as well as how I thought about Lauren.


"If you want to see the kind of muscular woman you’ve always dreamed about, meet me at Gold’s Gym at 11 p.m. on Friday. Be ready for a workout."

- Your Muscle Goddess


Okay, I admit it, my interest was peaked.


It was cool out, even for an October evening. The moon was full, just perfect for Halloween. Most of the kids in my neighborhood were out "trick or treating", but fortunately I don’t have to worry about that. I was more curious about what I would find when I got to the gym.


There was a cold wind blowing dead leaves around the dark parking lot, which made the place seem a lot spookier than it ought to be, I thought to myself. The front door of the gym was locked when I got there, and most of the lights were off. I gave a fleeting thought to going back home, but I really was curious about who this mystery woman was, so I went around to back door, which was propped open with a triangle block of wood.


"Hello?" I called out as I tiptoed down a dark hallway into the gym. In the center of the free-weight area was a bench illuminated under a single neon fixture like some kind of spotlight. It was set up for a bench press, but the bar had an enormous amount of weight on it. Each side of the bar had five 100 lb. disks, four 50 lb. disks, and four 25 lb. disks: a total of 1,600 pounds (not including the bar itself), which made the bar curve across the weight stand. What in the world could that much weight be for? I called out again, "Hello?..."


Then I heard from the shadows, "Howdy, stranger."


I turned in the direction of the sound, and saw Lauren emerging from the shadows. She was wearing baggy gray sweats, and sauntered sexily over to where I was standing.


"Oh, Lauren...its you," I said disappointingly. "You sent me the e-mail? I thought it was supposed to be someone..."


"...more muscular? Yes, I know, but we’ll see about that in a moment. I’m glad you came. I wasn’t sure if you would, but when I saw that copy Women’s Physique World in the back seat of your Mercedes...well, let’s just say I had my hopes." She edged closer to me, and my nose caught wafts of her sweet sultry smell. She took her index finger and began to trace circles on my chest. She played with my pecs while she spoke, and traced little rings around my nipples, which made them hard. I must admit another part of my anatomy began to get a little hard too, but not as much as you would think since I thought this was still the same old skinny Lauren.


She kept talking while she pulled her sweats off. "You see, in the past couple of weeks I have changed. About a month ago, I found a site on the web called They bill themselves as a "farm" for creating amazons, but they do it with drugs. I guess that makes it a "pharmaceutical farm" (or a pharm farm). Anyway, I ordered it, and I did it, for you." She bent over to pull off her tennis shoes and socks.


"What are you talking about?" I asked.


"I’m talking about THIS." With that she stepped back from me into the overhead light. She had on a hunter green silk bikini that looked unbelievable with her hair and eyes and creamy white skin. She raised her arms to the side and turned around in a mock modeling session. I have to admit her body looked a lot leaner and firmer than I remembered the last time we went to the beach with all the guys. She actually had some curves and small muscles showing.


"Well, I can see you’ve been working out a bit, but..."


"No, actually I haven’t lifted any weights, the prescription forbids it for the first two weeks."


"Prescription? What are you talking about? You’re not taking steroids or something are you?"


"NO, not steroids, those are fake. This is the real thing. And I did it... for you."


"What are you talking about," I asked again, but she just smiled back.


"LAUREN, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" I shouted, finally getting impatient and concerned for my friend.


"A retro-virus," she finally answered.


There was a pretty long pause, I didn’t know what to say. "A whuh-.."


"Retro-virus. I got it from I took it two weeks ago and it has been rewriting my DNA ever since. Don’t you see any difference?" She pointed one toe and flexed her thigh while she flexed two golfball sized biceps.


"Well, its sure a big change compared to how you used to look ... but..."


"Don’t worry, I’m not done yet. That’s why we came here. I know you like muscular women... so do I. That’s what I want to become. And I want you to watch. Finally, we can both get what we’ve always wanted." With that she sat down on the weight bench. "All you have to decide is whether the new me is a treat, or a trick," she said as she winked at me.


"Lauren, honey, I think its great you’re going to start working out and all, but I still don’t know that we can make a go of it. Maybe I’m different, but I tend to like..." I stopped in mid-sentence as she started to scoot into position under the bench press bar with the 1,600 pounds of free weights on it.


"Lauren, what are you doing? Are you nuts? You can’t lift this bar, that would take at least ten strong men and...."


But she ignored me and put her hands in position. I noticed that in this position, her tits were probably a cup-size larger than I remembered, having gone from a B to at least a C, if not a small D. And perfectly round and firm, too, as if they were unaffected by gravity. I privately wondered whether she’d had a boob-job done.


She started to push upward, struggling to push the massive weight off the bench.


"Lauren cut it out," I implored, but she continued, her arms shaking as they struggled with the weight, which had not budged. "Come on, stop it, will you?" I implored, but she continued.


Sweat was beginning to bead on her forehead, and she was biting her lip. Through gritted teeth she sputtered, ""


"LAUREN, STOP THIS RIGHT NOW. YOU’RE GOING TO HURT YOURSELF...Come on, we’ll go get a pizza and a beer or something, and..."


I stopped short in astonishment. While she struggled to press the weight, her arms began to get thicker. Right before my eyes, she began to grow muscles. Muscle tissue began to swell where there were no muscles before. An inch of pectoral muscle welled up under her perfectly-rounded breasts, like they were being served up on some buffet. Large cords of muscle began to jump out of nowhere and pack onto her shoulders and deltoids. The muscles of her triceps began to jut out like horseshoes.


Then, an amazing thing began to happen: the bar began to move! First it rolled a bit in the cradle of the stand, then it slowly began to rise. Sweat was dripping down Lauren’s face as she grimaced from the effort.


"Oh my God," I whispered, as she straightened out arms now muscled enough to make any Miss Universe proud.


Lauren had this giddy grin on her face as she realized what her muscular arms were actually holding 1,600 pounds overhead. I, of course, was mortified, and thought to myself this must be one of those cases like "adrenaline helped me lift the car and pull my friend to safety". I could accept that much, but, how to explain her newfound muscularity?


"I’m doing it...I’m doing it.." she gasped. Over the next 30 seconds, her muscles slowly continued to get bigger. Her arms stopped shaking, and she seemed to be handling the enormous weight with more and more ease.


"So, this is what you wanted?" she said more easily as the bar began to lower over her chest. Because I feared the weight was finally overcoming her, I rushed over to help pull it off her before it crushed her flat. I straddled her and the bench and put my hands on the bar between hers and began to lift with all my might. However, my best efforts were inconsequential as the bar sank to just above her boobs, where it stopped. I frantically groaned and strained to save her life, but I knew I couldn’t move the 1,600 pound barbell if my life depended upon it.


I had such panic for Lauren, thinking this was to be her last moment alive. But when I looked down expecting to see her face filled with fear, I saw that it had a funny confident grin on her face instead. "I’m not dropping it silly, I’m pressing it." With that she began to ease the bar back up until her arms were straight! It caught me so by surprise, that I couldn’t get out of the way in time, so she ended up pressing me along with the weights! 1,800 pounds in all! She began to press both me and the bar up and down repeatedly with incredible ease. In fact, the longer she held the weight overhead, the lighter it seemed to get to her arms. "Well, how’m I doin’ so far?" she asked wryly as she completed repetition number 30.


I was speechless. I climbed off the bar and stood back. Lauren sat up while she held the weight overhead, causing large cuts of muscular plates to form on her abdomen. I inched over to examine the unbelievable muscularity of her back as she held the weight overhead. Large mounds and wells of muscular features outlined her shoulder blades. She had a v-shaped muscle in the middle of her back that was nearly an inch tall.


She was practically gushing, "This feels incredible. Its as heavy as a car but it is less and less consequential to my arms. This feeling of strength is unbelievable."


She stood up with the weight overhead as her previously slim thighs pumped out with large trunks of angry cords. She performed a twenty of deep squats, which only made her thighs look even more defined. Her hips and loins started to look really good. As before, her initial efforts were strained, but as her muscles grew right before my eyes, the weight seemed to offer less and less resistance.


Standing back upright, she glanced up at the bar and reversed her hand holds. Then she lowered the bar in front of her as the curves of large biceps began to take shape. She began to do curls with the weight as her biceps inflated. Each repetition making her biceps bigger, and her motion a little less struggled. By the time she had completed 30 repetitions, her biceps were the size of softballs.


All she had to do was work out an area of her body and beautiful enormous muscles would grow. Not monstrously huge muscles, but nearly as big as a male bodybuilder and a million times more erotic. She had an outrageous body now. I watched her transform before my eyes into the woman I had always dreamed about, and began to get extremely turned on.


After smoothly completing twenty reps with incredible ease, she dropped the barbell to the floor, where it smashed a dent in the floor.


She turned towards me with her gorgeous face and this new unbelievable body that had muscles curving out all over around the green silk bikini. She smiled an arrogant smile and flexed two softball-sized biceps, "Well boy, is this the Muscle Goddess you’ve always wanted? For years, I wanted us to get together, but you held out because you wanted this? Well, come over here and feel my new body, boy." Her commanding voice had a newfound strength that seemed to resonate through the room, and it distinctly sounded like I was being given an order.


"Okay, I’ll bite," I said. I was awestruck over to this magnificent piece of womanhood. She was unbelievable, she WAS the embodiment of my dreams. She was huge and defined, every muscle on her body was visible at two to four times normal size. My dick throbbed and struggled against the fabric of my pants, it felt like it was going to explode while I just looked at her. I inched over to her and sheepishly put my hand around her distended bicep. My hand could not completely cover it. I squeezed it as hard as I could, but the steely bicep had no give at all. It felt like I was trying to squeeze a steel ball bearing.


Her body was remarkable now, so feminine and so powerful. She was the most erotically beautiful thing I had ever seen. And she said she did this for me, right? For ME! I was getting practically giddy thinking about having this filly at home waiting for me. With a body like that, I might never even go to work. Hell, with a body like that, I might never leave the house at all.


She tossed back her head in a somewhat sadistic laugh, "oh, this strength is unbelievable, I never imagined I could feel like this. I feel power throbbing in my muscles. I feel like I can do just about anything."


Unfortunately, I didn’t take time to evaluate what she had just said, I was too overcome with lust for the goddess that stood before me. I was convinced that I had found what I sought all those years, my own personal supergirl. I started to kiss and worship her muscular body, thinking that was what she wanted, too.


But then Lauren turned to me looking a little irritated. As she spoke, my heart sank. "So THIS is what you wanted? This is it? I didn’t have muscles before, so I wasn’t good enough for you? Well, maybe now your puny ass isn’t good enough for ME."


"Pop." (That was my bubble bursting.)


She reached one hand to my chest, grabbed a hand full of shirt, and lifted me off the ground with one hand. "See little man, now that I’m this strong, you’re mine to do with as I see fit." I dangled from her left hand and looked at the rounded bicep that ripped from her upper arm. I thought silently to myself, "I wonder how strong that bicep really is?"


"...more than you can imagine," she said, seeming to answer the question I had thought but not asked. I was starting to get scared about how strong she was, because she clearly could carry out any wish she could conceive.


She held me over by her bulging right bicep, "KISS IT, LICK IT, FONDLE IT," she commanded. Now don’t get me wrong, I had dreamed all my life of doing just that very thing. But it was different to be commanded than to share muscular love together.


"NO," I said, not being able to believe my words. This woman was, after all, a goddess forged from my own imagination.


"NOT ACCEPTABLE," she responded. She raised my face to her huge white muscle, which was festooned with a webbing of angry blue veins and dripping with perspiration. "LICK IT," she commanded. Then she smiled and winked at me, "Treat?...or trick?"


She glared into my eyes and I knew this was no joke. Still I was reluctant to worship her muscles. In one respect, I shouldn’t have mind because, after all, God, she was gorgeous now. But being forced like this felt incredibly distasteful. But the more troubling thing was that her personality seemed to be changing with her body.


"All right then," she said, "I guess you need a little encouragement." She held my mouth in front of her unflexed bicep. Gradually, she flexed the large muscle into my mouth. At first, I thought maybe I could bite down and make her stop, but I quickly realized that the bicep was far too hard, I would probably break every tooth in my mouth. Soon, the muscle had grown so large, it threatened to dislocate my jaw. "Unggh!" I cried.


After a few seconds, she dropped me to the floor in front of her. She stepped over me and straddled me with one calve on each side of my head, touching my ears. She clamped my head with incredible pressure, which I’m sure was just incidental to her strength, and I couldn’t budge a bit.


She reached down and picked up the 1,600 pound barbell with one hand and began to casually curl the massive weight up and down with just her right hand. The immense weights made the barbell angle downward from her hand at almost a 45 degree angle. "Now let’s like muscles, do you? Well do you remember how large my new muscles get? Remember how hard they get? What do you think would happen if I started to flex my calves right now?"


My head was already throbbing from the pressure of her legs, but when she said this I was terrified. I finally understood that my supergirl could crush my head like a grape without really trying.


She began to slowly power up her calves. I felt the pressure increase as they gradually increased in size. My head felt like it was in a vice that was clamping down. I began to sob for mercy, "Please, don’t...please..."


Just in the nick of time, she stopped her one-hand curling and said, "damn, this just isn’t enough weight anymore." Using just her wrist, she tossed the massive weight into the air a few times and played catch with it. Then, she tossed the 1,600 pound weight across the room where it smashed into a large weight rack. Then she picked me up with one hand and held me in front of her face. "I guess you can’t handle me any more, can you little man? Why don’t you take a break?" With one hand she hurled me about 20 feet into the wall of the room. Luckily I hit the padded portion and fell into a heap on the floor. Lauren began to walk over to me.


I’d had it. Although frightened to death of what she had become, I knew I had to defend myself. She stood before me and glared confidently down at me. She reached down with one hand and lifted me to my feet. Still woozy from hitting the wall, I fell back on the padding for support. She stood like a muscle monument before with hands on her hips. She looked like a supergirl from my dreams, but it was turning out to be more of a nightmare.


Figuring the element of surprise could be my only advantage, I knew I had to strike fast. So in a fury, I landed eight or ten punches in a flurry of right/left combos to her abdomen. I hit her as hard as I could. I was peppering her midsection with blows that would have leveled the strongest man. But I stopped when I realized they had not even phased her, my clenched fists harmlessly bouncing off the plates of muscle in her unflexed abdomen. "Hey little man, you’re lucky I wasn’t flexing my abs then, you would’ve broken your knuckles," she said with a wicked smile on her face.


Enraged, I threw one more punch roundhouse style directed straight for her face. But she caught my fist in her hand and began to apply pressure, gradually, until the crushing pressure produced crunching sounds. "Aaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggg!" I cried.


I used my free hand to land four or five more vicious punches to her abs, but of course, they had no effect at all. In fact, my hand began to get sore from the impact of hitting her unflexed abdominal muscles - kind of like hitting a punching bag without a boxing glove.


"Tsk, tsk, you’ve been a bad boy," she replied. Then she lifted me again with one hand and effortlessly tossed me across the room to the padding on the other side. Even though the padding softened the blow, I could feel a bad bruise forming.


This time, I was more prepared as she walked towards me. I grabbed a weight bar, which was painful to hold given my broken hand, but I had to manage it. When she was within range I swung with all my might at her shoulder. The heavy bar just bounced off her heavily-muscled deltoid - she didn’t even flinch, I don’t think it hurt her at all. I swung again at her thigh with the same result.


Then she flexed the thigh into immense rippling muscles and said, "I dare you to try that again, little man."


I knew I shouldn’t have taken the dare, but my head was filled with fear and lust. I swung at that beautiful thigh with all my might, hoping this would help turn the battle in my favor. Instead, the barbell struck her thigh and bounced off, clanging like a sledge hammer striking an anvil. It felt like hitting a fastball in freezing weather. My arms stung from the impact, and Lauren just tossed back her head and giggled. "What now, little man? Treat?...Or trick?" she said as she winked mockingly at me.


She picked up the barbell and held it in front of her. Then she slowly began to bend it in half with her bare hands. Damn, she looked like she wasn’t even trying, but her eyes were wild with excitement at the thought of what she can do now.


I grabbed a 25 lb. disk and threw it at her with all my might, but it just bounced off her steely abdomen with no effect. Then she picked up the disk and began to fold it in half, her powerful hands easily deforming the solid steel. She eventually tore it in half and was practically gushing, "God, these muscles, this strength feels so great, its practically intoxicating."


By now my body was fully in the fight or flight response mode. The adrenaline really must have been flowing. But I realized there was no way I could defeat her, she was far too powerful, and fighting her was hopeless. Got to to get out...


I ran to the back door and pushed, but it was barred closed. I was trapped! When I turned around I saw Lauren behind me holding the coke machine overhead. She threw it at me and I dove underneath it. The vending machine hit the back door with a thud, soda form and suds spewed from corners of the machine. I scrambled past Lauren, the confidence on her face told me she was totally unconcerned that I might escape.


Try the other door...


I ran to try the front door, but it was key locked. When looked over my shoulder I saw her lifting an entire weight rack overhead. I don’t know how much weight was on the rack in total, but it must’ve been several thousand pounds. She seemed to strain a little bit, but I’m sure she could have lifted much more. Her muscles looked unbelievable as she hoisted the rack over her head. When it seemed that she was aiming at me, I realized I had to move fast. She hurled the weight rack at me and it smashed into the wall in a tremendous crash. I dived out of the way just in the nick of time and somersaulted across the floor to safety.


Get out of to be another way


I could see some moonlight shining in the back corridor, and reasoned that the coke machine had broken the door open. It was my last chance. I ran as fast as I could to the light. When I reached the hallway I dove and slid on the linoleum floor.


My adrenaline was flowing at full force now, and my heart was pounding. Feeling like a convict escaping from prison, I crawled out a small hole in the bottom of the door, and scrambled to my car. My hands were shaking so badly I could barely get the key into the ignition.


Come on, damn it, start...


The engine roared as I gunned it to 50 mph before I even left the parking lot. As I raced down the road at 75 mph, I looked in the rearview mirror with horror to see Lauren chasing the car...AND QUICKLY GAINING!


Before I could mash the accelerator to the floor, she had her hand on the back bumper and lifted the rear wheels of the car off the ground with one hand. I looked in the rearview mirror and marveled, God, this supergirl was unbelievable! She was unbelievably gorgeous to me. But she was also unbelievably deadly. Our forward motion stopped and she held the rear of the car suspended from one hand while I revved the engine.


Finally, I realized there was no way I could escape from her. Lauren was too way too fast and far too strong. I knew she would eventually track me down and kill me. I began to feel like an animal with one foot caught in a trap, looking down the barrel of the hunter’s gun. I felt utterly helpless, and began to whimper and cry. I looked in the mirror again, and I lip-read what Lauren was saying, "Treat? Or Trick?" Then she winked at me again and smiled the most maniacal smile I had ever seen. This evening had started out like a real treat - at last my wildest dreams were coming true - but was finishing like the cruelest trick I could imagine as my worst nightmare came true instead.


She let go of the bumper and the rear end fell and bounced. When the tires caught, the sedan lurched into a ditch and hit a tree. I could hear Lauren laughing diabolically over the hissing sounds of my totaled car.

I was slumped over the steering wheel as the airbag deflated, blood from my forehead trickling down over the deflating airbag. I looked out my window to see Lauren standing alongside the car with her hands on her hips. She truly looked like an evil supergirl now.


She reached out and grabbed the edges of my car door. With a casual pull, she ripped the door off the car and held it in front of her. Then she began to crush it inward, crumpling and groaning between her two powerful arms.


"So you finally got what you always wanted, huh little man? Well guess what, so have I," she announced to me.


This is the end...


"No, please no..." I pleaded. She reached in and grabbed the safety belt with both hands. Then she gently snapped it in cleanly two. Then she yanked me from the drivers seat and tossed me in the grass next to the vehicle.


My body was frail and weakened from the conflict, so I could barely maintain consciousness. I ached all over, and the pain was becoming too much for me. Still, over the next couple minutes, I watched her demolish my Mercedes. First, she punctured all four tires, two by grabbing a handful of tread and two by poking the sidewall with a single finger, causing the air to hiss out. Then, standing in front of the car, she clasped her hands together and held them overhead. Although frightened and sure of my ultimate death at her hands, I remember thinking how magnificent she looked at that moment. Her upper body in a classic V shape, lats spreading out like glider wings, and those gorgeous arms and shoulders - the most powerful ones I had seen on a woman. Then, with a single blow, she crashed her joined hands down into the hood of the car. Her hands sank deep into the engine, destroying the block with a single blow by virtually splitting it in two.


Last, she lifted the front bumper up and edged underneath the frame of the vehicle. She hoisted the large vehicle overhead as she grabbed the frame with one hand at the front and one at the back. Then she turned towards me, holding the car overhead with obviously very little strain. "Well, little man, this is what you wanted, right? Treat? Or trick?" Once again, she winked at me. Slowly, she used her incredible arm strength to pull her hands together and fold the frame of the Mercedes in half as easily as you or I might fold laundry. The combination of her beauty and my terror of her strength was absolutely chilling. That was the last thing I remember before I passed out.


I woke up in the hospital, pretty banged up, with bandages everywhere.


There was a nurse on one side of the bed was a nurse who said, "Well, welcome back. We almost lost you for good. You evidently wrecked your car, but it was the most unusual accident scene the Sheriffs had ever seen. Do you remember what happened?"


Boy did I. But could that have really happened? I began to doubt my own memories.


I turned my head to the right see a group of people from my office on the other side of the bed. Lauren was among them, and my immediate reaction was to get somewhat frantic at the sight of her, even though I knew I couldn’t move. But I quickly realized that she looked like the old Lauren, not the new supergirl Lauren. Same old Lauren with the skinny body, and no muscles. "I guess I must have dreamed the whole thing," I thought as I laid my head back down on the pillow. I was confused and my head hurt, so I didn’t say anything.


They all gave me chit chat and best wishes, but I must have seen preoccupied to them. Had I really dreamed it all? I must have, it was too fantastic a tale for even me to believe.


After a few minutes, the nurse asked them to let me rest, and they all headed for the door. I thanked them all for stopping by, including Lauren.


I breathed a sigh when they finally left me alone. My head was spinning and I needed some time to figure out what had happened last night.


A moment later, the door opened back up again and Lauren leaned back in. "I’m glad you’re OK, honey. After all, you never gave me an answer last night..." she smiled and winked, "Was it a Treat? Or a trick?"






Sharon Best, Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997

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