Suanne: Birth of a Supergirl, By Moxie

Illustrations by Coyote

Chapter 5: Suanne at 13

Two more years later.

Suanne became more and more visible around South Florida as Supergirl, performing good deeds nearly each day. And she had become more comfortable with the idea of being Supergirl. As much as she valued her privacy, she progressively felt less inclined to hide out in her baggy clothes, even though that was what it took to maintain her anonymity, which she still cherished.

Psychologically, she had matured and was no longer a little girl. Suanne had also discovered the opposite sex, her Velorian genes causing her to mature much more quickly in this area. She was well aware of the powerful attraction men had for her, and she enjoyed showing off her body and flirting with them, as the exhibitionist nature of her Velorian genes started to assert themselves. She got a kick out of playing with men, teasing them, and was amazed how easy it was for her to make a full-grown man absolutely spellbound. She loved to casually flick a wrist or crook an elbow to make her muscles pop and jump, and see how men gawked at her, they'd practically drool. Suanne wanted, no, needed, every man to want her; she knew she held the hormones for all mankind in her all-powerful hands.

Now 6 feet tall, Suanne was nearly fully developed physically. During the past two years, she became much stronger, and developed an even more muscular and more dramatic figure. Suanne now had 22-inch biceps when flexed. She had well-defined DD cup breasts, which sat perched upon her muscular chest, with not a bit of droop out of respect for gravity. She was now over 7,500 times as strong as a normal man, and could lift well over 1,500 tons.

It progressively became more difficult for Suanne to get a good workout, so powerful was she becoming. She tried to make do with the large front-end loaders and earthmovers that were used in the clean up from the hurricane, but even these seemed like toys to her bulging muscles. Sometimes she'd find ships or barges in the harbor that she could borrow for a few reps, much to the chagrin of the skipper.

More often than not, her best "workouts" came when she was cruising South Florida as Supergirl, and needed to use her strength to help people. That was usually her best opportunity to work out her mind-blowing muscles, even though she rarely found any situation to truly test her strength. Short of that, she was forced to do isometric exercises, pitting the indomitable strength of her right arm against her left.

But Suanne much preferred saving or helping people to apprehending criminals. Criminals were so weak in comparison, and even their steel-jacketed, Teflon-tipped "cop-killer" bullets ricocheted harmlessly of her steely muscles, their feather-light caresses barely tickling her. Even bombs were no challenge for her to handle; for example, just the other day she contained a hand grenade blast with her hands, no problem. So, once the bad guys learned they couldn't shoot her or blow her up, she had them in hand. And with just one tap of her little finger to the side of their head, they were knocked out cold. It wasn't anywhere near a fair fight, and it was such a bore to her. No, she much preferred using her powers to help people.

As proud as she was of her body and capabilities, Suanne still loved her privacy. Very few people outside of her family and closest friends (and, of course, Larry Collins, the mad scientist who inadvertently created her) knew that she was Supergirl. While she wore revealing and practically non-existent clothing around the house - mainly to torment her brothers - outside the house she still wore large baggy clothing that concealed the true nature of her physique. She'd wear long sleeves and long pants in the heat of the South Florida summer, even though a part of her wanted to strip it all off. She knew, however, that doing that would change everything. She would be "outed."

Suanne really enjoyed being Supergirl, and, needing very little sleep, she would fly out her bedroom window in her red-and-blues nearly every night, looking for opportunities to use her superhuman powers. She really enjoyed helping people, and doing good.

One time, she heard about some people being locked in a bank vault during a foiled bank-robbing attempt in downtown Miami, and raced to the scene. It was late on Friday afternoon, and because of the automated locks and alarms, the bank staff had no way of opening the vault before Monday morning. However, it was feared that the hostages would suffocate by then. Suanne, or rather Supergirl, raced to the scene. She walked sexily into the lobby as the crowd hushed, and stood in front of the crowd of Miami PD, sheriffs, and FBI agents. She confidently put her hands on her hips in the supergirl pose, even as she heard the male heartbeats in the room begin to race.

"May I be of assistance, officers," she said, smiling her sweetest smile.

The special agent in charge stepped forward, and gulped, he had never seen, or even dreamed of, a more desirable woman. "Supergirl, am I ever glad you're here. There's some hostages trapped in the bank vault, but we can't get them out till Monday and I'm afraid they'll suffocate by then. We're not sure how many there are, or what shape they're in, because the bank staff can't find the damn number for the phone extension in the vault. I sure hope they're okay."

Suanne looked at the detective - he was cute, very cute - and she was touched by his genuine concern for the hostages. Suanne glanced toward the vault as her crystalline blue eyes gleamed. "Well, they look like they're doing okay to me, at least no one has been injured. There's an elderly couple, two businessmen, and a mother with a little boy...oh, and she's pregnant...7 months, I'd say... and, it's a boy." The policemen looked at each other in stunned silence as she continued. "They look alright, but they're obviously frightened. I need to get them out of there right away. Why don't you call them and let them know it'll just be another minute or two. Oh...and the telephone in there is labeled extension 4520."

The FBI special agent was in shock at this young girl's remarkable confidence and fantastic capabilities. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was; he was incredibly turned on. "Do you REALLY think you can get them out of there, Supergirl?" he asked.

She turned back to him, smiling sweetly. "Oh, I don't think that will be a problem, do you?" she asked as she winked at him, raised one arm and flexed an enormous 22-inch biceps, which looked to be the size of a softball, and made the agent gasp. Suanne giggled girlishly, she loved doing that to men. "Officer, would you come assist me over here, please?" she asked seductively as she brushed past him and walked over towards the vault.

He looked at his buddies in disbelief and then turned and trotted along after the young girl, who was now standing right in front of the imposing vault door, which must have been 15 feet tall.

She stood in front of the cold vault door and scanned the structure with her eyes.

"Um...what are you waiting for?" he asked her impatiently.

"Well,'s your name?" she asked.

"Jeff. Special Agent Jeff Ciabotti at your service, ma'am."

"Well, Special Agent Jeff Ciabotti, I'm using my vision to look inside the structure of the door. I'm not really sure about the right way to do this, and I guess I could use some advice. I'm certain I can use my heat vision to melt the door, but I'm afraid the conducted heat and fumes could harm the hostages, so I'll only use that as a back up plan. Now let's see, the door and frame look to be about 2 1/2 feet thick of stainless steel. But, it looks like the locking pins are only 4 inches thick, and since there are only 8 of them (ONLY 4 inches? ONLY 8? Jeff thought to himself.) I'm sure I can out muscle them - ha! - yeah, that won't be any problem at all. I'm just not sure where to get a clean handhold on this thing. See? Right here, the edge of the door is flush with the frame. If I could just get a clean grip, it'd be simple enough just yank the whole door off the hinges. You got any ideas?"

Sure, he had an idea or two, but they were all x-rated. His brain raced in neutral while he considered this young beautiful girl being so matter of fact about yanking a 75-ton stainless steel vault door off the hinges with her bare hands. "Well, how about using this?" he said finally, pointing to the heavy stainless steel locking mechanism in the center of the door that resembled the helm of a ship. "Can't you just open it with that?"

"Let's find out, shall we? Why don't you stand back, I'd hate for anything to harm that bod of yours," she said winking as she grabbed the wheel and braced her legs. Jeff backed up a step, but wanted to stay close as close as possible to watch her perform this remarkable feat of strength.

Just then, Toby McGill's car screeched to a halt in the parking lot. He learned of the Supergirl sighting by listening to his police scanner. He jumped out of the car, and burst into the lobby just as Supergirl was turning to grab the stainless steel wheel. "My god, it IS her. At last." Toby tossed his notepad to the ground, and pulled out his video camera.

Jeff began to look over her figure from behind, to admire the erotically powerful shape of her back, shoulders, arms, and leg muscles. She was damn impressive from every angle. He noticed that she had shapely muscular legs and a really nice ass with strong, muscular globes. "She seems so young," he thought silently to himself, "she just can't be for real. But damn if she isn't the most shapely, the most perfect, the most..."

Jeff was amazed at how quickly and effortlessly what happened next. Suanne began to turn the wheel and overpower the internal locking mechanism of the door. One moment, and with no further fanfare, he noticed the impressive flexing of Supergirl's shoulder and back muscles. The very next moment, before he could even admire her flexing muscles, he began to hear a moaning sound as the thick steel weakly protested her overpowering strength. He glanced back to her handholds and saw the perfectly round steel wheel being deformed into an ellipse. "Oh my god," he whispered as he looked to her again, and saw how easily she was bending the thick stainless steel wheel.

Having heard his whispers, she turned around and glanced at him, and winked again. God, she was gorgeous! He felt as if someone had hit him WHUMP in the pit of his stomach as he realized that she wasn't straining at all. She was for real! And had she REALLY winked at him? Did she REALLY refer to HIS bod?

Then the wheel, which had been turning slowly while she crushed it into the ellipse, suddenly snapped off in her hand. The 4-inch thick shank that used to extend from the hub into the locking mechanism had been twisted and sheared off from the phenomenal strain.

"Oh well, I guess it's on with plan B," she said as she turned to him. Suanne looked at the physique beneath his clothes, and checked out the growing bulge in his pants. "He's got some pretty impressive hardware, too," she thought to herself. She looked him over again, and decided he wasn't just cute, he was gorgeous. In fact, he was a babe! She'd been so preoccupied with the door that she hadn't noticed. He also had the most handsome face, and she suddenly had the uncontrollable urge to flirt with him, to show off for him. Smiling her most seductive smile, she playfully began to deform the steel even more. She bent the wheel back and forth, finally bending it into half moon, as he watched the dramatic flexing of her pecs, arms and shoulders. Jeff's mouth was agape as he saw the smoothness and ease with which she reshaped the steel wheel, which seemed to require less effort than even soft putty. Then she bent it completely in half, smiled beautifully into his shocked eyes and said, "Here, want a souvenir?"

Suanne knew this guy had the hots for her - hell, he had it bad, judging from the way he was looking at her. But then, that wasn't new, she had that effect on all men. She relished it. Still, he was a cute guy and he seemed really sweet, maybe one she'd even want to get to know better, once her Mom would let her go on dates. She handed the deformed hunk of stainless steel to him. He reached for it, but they both forgot that a hunk of steel that felt practically weightless to her was still over 300 pounds to him. She handed it to him so casually with one hand, but he struggled with both hands to keep it from dropping on his foot, "Unghh."

"Oh, sorry, I..." she said, as she grabbed it back from him, and they both were reminded of how much stronger she was than he, how much weaker he was than even just her casual strength. An uncomfortable long pause ensued as she sensed that he was simultaneously awed by her, and also embarrassed. There suddenly seemed to be a gap between them that seemed so wide, and yet, they both seemed to resolve that it just didn't matter. "...I mean...I didn't mean to..." she started.

"No, it's okay, really. That's just what makes you who you are," he answered. He smiled bravely, trying to hide both embarrassment and arousal.

"Here, why don't I just hold this over here for you," she said as she gently set it on the ground to help him save face.

Then, Supergirl prepared to use her heat vision to vaporize the door, "Well here goes, I guess its up to my heat vision. I just hope they'll be okay." But she paused and said, "Hey, wait a second, I've got another idea." She stood in front of a flat section of polished steel on the vault door, and made a fist. Then she reared back, and threw a punch right into the steel door. Her knuckles impacted the door with a deafening boom. It felt like the entire building was shaken to its foundation, as her arm sunk deep into the steel up to the elbow. Inside the vault, the entire center of the vault door had been indented and bowed inward about a foot.

((Editor's note missing vault1.jpeg))

Suanne reached out to touch the cold hard steel, and ran her fingers over the devastated area where her fist had impacted. She got so turned on when she used her strength this way, and even she felt anticipation for what she was about to do. Jeff watched the edge of her mouth turn up slightly in a smug little smile as she thought about how this steel would be unable to resist the force of her powerful muscles.

Jeff looked at her gently touching the steel where her fist had been buried in the steel wall. She seemed pensive somehow, but also confident. It was as if she knew she could handle the vault door with little difficulty, but was anxious about something else. "What could it be?" Jeff wondered, " could it be me?"

She curled her long golden hair around her ear and smiled a sultry smile at Jeff. God help her, but she was beginning to feel really attracted to him. She decided to give him a memory he would not soon forget.

He looked over the outline of her powerful body, and Jeff began to get hard. Her incredibly muscular thighs and hips shrank inward to a tiny waist that was packed with rolling abdominal muscles. Then, her slim waist flared outward to her flaring latissimus muscles, and her shoulder, chest and back muscles. Her deltoids looked as large as cantaloupes, and Jeff longed to hold them. The whole package was topped by her large breasts, that looked so firm they didn't even hint at the insult of gravity. She was so large and hard and defined, that Jeff couldn't believe how much he wanted her.

((Editor's note missing vault2.jpeg))

"Okay, you better stand back again," she said, as she braced herself in front of the hole made by her fist. However, this time Jeff edged closer to her rather than backing up. She put both hands into the hole with fingers facing outward, and started to push her hands apart. Her shoulder, lat, and back muscles began to flex powerfully as she applied an enormous amount of power to the door.

Transfixed by her bulging back muscles, he edged closer and gently draped her cape to one side. He began to run his fingers over her thickly muscled back, her rounded deltoids, the well-defined v-taper, and the spreading latissimus muscles, which had practically grown into wings. Her back had grown to practically twice as wide as his. Big swells and distended bulges covered her back, separated by deep clefts.

Her muscles were erotic, and he got hard just touching her. Her body was a muscle lust playground. He deeply breathed in the scent of her, which reminded him of wildflowers and honey. He moved closer, and tried to squeeze her muscles and massage them, but they felt harder than steel. He reached around her with both hands and grabbed the engorged horseshoes of her triceps muscles, but found they dwarfed his large hands. With a hand on the outside of each of her shoulders, he leaned forward and tenderly kissed the flexing muscles of her upper back. His lips played across her back and shoulders, which felt like warm steel. He lowered his hands to reach around her slim waist, his fingers finding the deep ridges of her tense abdominal muscles. His probing fingers found adequate purchase in the deep central channel between the muscles, and his fingers instinctively began to try to pull the ridges apart. But his strong hands found the plates of her abs to be as immovable as granite crevasses.

Just then, the steel started to groan and vibrate as a small crack began to form above and below the hole that her fist had made.

((Editor's note missing vault4.jpeg))

Suanne took a deep breath, her breast rising mightily as she applied more power than any man-made machine could match. She felt a warmth wash through her body every time she used her strength like this. She felt so sexy to be this powerful, this muscular, this erotic. She practically gave herself a buzz.

Suanne also felt a rush of pleasure warm her body when she realized she was arousing this man. She knew she'd turned on men before, plenty of times, but those meant nothing to her now. She felt a white-hot desire burning inside her, as she very much wanted to turn THIS man on, to please him, to hold him, to have him hold her. She was clearly enjoying the adoration of this attractive older man as she showed off her strength to him. She wanted him to hold her massive muscles while she flexed them, while she did things no other woman could do. She wanted to thrill him with the things her body could do. She shook her golden hair around her shoulders, and craned her head around to say in her most seductive voice, "Mmmm, that feels nice, thanks. I'd love you to do that some more, Jeff, but I'm ready to get started. Are YOU ready for this?"

"Get started?" he thought to himself, "You mean there's more?" He noticed for the first time the depth of beauty in her eyes. Deep crystalline blue, they seemed to sparkle with their own incandescence. And they had a depth, that Jeff lost his soul in. He reached around her with one hand - he couldn't get two arms around her - and cupped her full breast with his hand. It was firmer than any breast he'd ever felt, and he played his thumb over her nipple. He leaned forward and bit her ear lobe, and kissed her ear with his tongue. Then, he nodded with a stupid grin, as he ran his hands over her muscles again.

"Mmmm, I'll take that as a yes," she said smiling, "and I'd also like a raincheck, if you don't mind. Okay, here I go."

((Editor's note missing vault3.jpeg))

She turned back around, and instantly, her muscles began to swell even bigger as she poured her strength into the door. She felt an erotic surge of arousal radiating from between her legs to her head. She felt so horny when she used her strength like that. And to do it with this man kissing her on the back, well it was almost more than she could take. She felt a wave of power surging through her, and she felt even stronger than normal. She smiled as she realized that this door, this powerful construct of mankind, offered her no real resistance. She smiled with pride when she thought about how the power of her muscles could overcome anything mankind could design.

In seconds, a fissure began to develop in the face of the heavy steel door as the steel was tearing in two. There was creaking and groaning, as her hands had first three, then six, then eight, then twelve inches between them. She was actually tearing the enormous vault door in two! Like parting a curtain, she was simply cleaving the door into two pieces.

((Editor's note missing suannevault1(1).jpeg))

The floor of the bank lobby shook as if there was an earthquake. Then, with a surge of truly inhuman strength, she pushed the two halves of the door apart until her arms were out straight, leaving a gaping five-foot opening. She had just done with her bare hands what a bulldozer, wrecking ball, and a box of dynamite together couldn't accomplish. It was the most remarkable feat of strength Jeff could ever have imagined, but even at this, he had this sense that she wasn't really straining all that hard. When she was finally done, the entire opening of the vault, and the surrounding wall, was destroyed, with the marble wall trim cracked and splintered onto the ground, along with a healthy sprinkling of broken ceiling tiles.

Toby McGill was in such shock at the superhuman display he was witnessing that his hands were shaking, the camera lens now inadvertently pointing downward as he whispered, "Dear God, just look at her..."

Inside the vault, the hostages were huddled against the back wall, trying to protect themselves from flying debris. The mother and her child were crying from fright. Suanne rushed over to the mother and child and hugged them, whispering, "Shhh, you're safe now, I'll keep you safe." Then, she accompanied them outside to a waiting ambulance.

Once the ambulance pulled away, Supergirl walked over to the mesmerized FBI agent and stood with her hands on her hips, "Well, Special Agent Jeff Ciabotti, did you enjoy the show?"

((Editor's note missing enjoy_the_show.jpeg))

"Supergirl, that was amazing...YOU are absolutely amazing. You are so beautiful, so unbelievably strong...and...god, your muscles, you a cup of coffee or something?"

She giggled at his stammering loss of words. He was extremely cute. "Thanks, but my Mom says it'll stunt my growth. Besides, she doesn't let me date yet." "But..." she said suggestively, "it won't be that long until I can, and I DID ask for a raincheck."

"Well, I'll give you my card," he said as he dug frantically for his wallet.

"Don't bother, I already used my x-ray vision to look inside your wallet and get your telephone number and address," she said smiling smugly.

"Oh really?" he said with a cocky swagger.

"Yeah, I'll call you, OK? And thanks for your help today," she said as she kissed him on the cheek, which caused the blood to rush to his heads (both of them). Then, she winked at him, smiled a gorgeous smile, and vaulted into the sky.

As she zoomed off into the sky Toby McGill shouted, "WAIT, SUPERGIRL" since she'd left before he'd gotten his interview. Undaunted, McGill would be sure that the pictures of Supergirl comforting the pregnant mother and tearing the vault open made the front page, accompanying his by-line, of course. And now his head knew for a fact what his heart had only hoped for: this Supergirl was for real!