Suanne: Birth of a Supergirl, By Moxie

Illustrations by Coyote

Chapter 4: Suanne at 11

Two years later.

In the dark recesses of the archives in the Miami Herald building, Toby McGill sat slumped in front of the microfiche reader, dragging on a Marlboro and sipping a lukewarm Coke. A dense canopy of cigarette smoke dimmed the overhead lights. One after another, fantastic articles of South Florida's own Supergirl, and unbelievable interviews from people who had seen her, illuminated the screen. It amazed him that all this time, no one had ever interviewed the elusive Supergirl. It had been Toby's quest to find Supergirl, to interview her, and to behold her. Although he had been relentless in his pursuit of the young supergirl - adding probably 50,000 miles to his car's odometer the past two years alone racing to the scene of any sighting - he had yet to actually see this alleged super adolescent. Although Suanne had become a legend in South Florida - and all around the world - for her unbelievable feats of heroism and strength, Toby couldn't definitively substantiate a single one. As much as Toby McGill the man wanted to believe in this Supergirl, Toby McGill the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter held back. It was either the story of the century, or the most elaborately concocted hoax of all time, and McGill aimed to find out which. Ever cynical, he pulled another lung full of smoke, and snorted an incredulous laugh as he exhaled, as if to communicate his disbelief to any onlooker that this superhuman teenybopper could actually exist.

That is, until he came across the photograph of her. The hum of the microfiche reader suddenly silenced as the reflected images stopped blurring across his dirty eyeglasses. There she was, from that front-page story last fall, when the hurricane of the century crawled ashore. This was the one all Floridians had dreaded, and it made Andrew look like an April shower. The devastation was enormous, pushing both State Farm and Allstate to the brink of insolvency. There, on the screen, was this evidently young girl, pouring over debris, obviously using her super senses to locate survivors. In this photo, she was lifting a diesel locomotive off the top of a collapsed apartment house where the storm surge had pushed it. Her young body flexed powerful muscles as she held the enormous diesel overhead with what looked like a minimum of effort. Toby reflexively caught his breath as he looked at her incredible young body - what a magnificent display of awesome strength and femininity. Toby looked appreciatively at her muscular curves and her beautiful golden hair, realizing only for the first time that she had grown up a lot in the two years since he had first tried to hunt her down. Damn, maybe she was for real, and she was just a growing girl...or supergirl, rather. And besides, it was hard to dispute all the testimonials from people that she had saved that day. If only Toby hadn't had to go up to Ormond Beach to help his mother ride out the storm. If only he'd been able to interview Supergirl. It would've been the interview of the century, and the thrill of a lifetime. Thrilling for Toby in more way than one, as his secret love for muscular women caused him to shift in his seat due to the tightening of his pants.

Suanne had indeed matured in the past two years, now looking nearly 15 despite her 11 years. Suanne's strength had increased to over 3,000 times that of a normal man, and she was capable of lifting well over 600 tons. She had grown to around 5 1/2 feet tall, and since her muscles had grown more quickly than her frame, she looked even more muscular than at age 9 despite the increase in height. Her biceps swelled to over 18 magnificent inches when fully flexed.

In addition to her rounded muscular curves, Suanne had also begun to look quite womanly. Despite being only 11, she had already begun to grow a nice set of breasts, already a medium C cup in size, a testament to the early maturation of the Velorian female. It always had been very difficult for her brothers to grow up in such close proximity to such a beautiful muscle goddess, but now they genuinely appreciated the early blossoming of Velorian genes.

However, Suanne was quick to remind the brothers of her innate differences. One day she was in the poolside weight room characteristically clad in only her bikini, when she bent over to pick up her two-ton, 5-inch thick barbell and noticed her brothers ogling her protruding chest as her breasts hung down.

"Oh, so you like what you see?" she asked them as she stood back up and posed like a Victoria's Secret model for them.

((Editor's note missing coy_likewhatyousee.jpeg))

They nodded silently, embarrassed. But then, they were normally embarrassed around Suanne, either because of how much stronger she was than they were or because of what she knew they were always thinking. With that she grabbed one of the boys' normal barbells, and thrust out her chest. The two generous scoops of tanned flesh looked impressive topping her rounded six-pack abs and powerful thighs. Then, she flexed her chest muscles, which made the boobs sit even more prominently. Little did her brothers know that flexing her pecs caused the normal firmness of her breasts to be amplified, as they became harder than the strongest steel. She held the barbell up with two hands, and rested it across the top of her boobs. Then she began to slowly pull downward across the breasts, which didn't dimple at all. Her arms flexed powerfully as heavy steel bar clashed with something far harder than steel, and the barbell eventually had to yield as it actually bent around the twin steely mounds on her chest. She leaned her head back and tossed her golden hair, as she luxuriated in the feeling of her breasts indenting curves into the cold hard steel.

((Editor's note missing coy_notthesame.jpg))

She held up the now u-shaped barbell, which sported rounded corners bearing an uncanny resemblance to the shape of her boobs, and said, "Well, just remember, I'm a little bit different from the rest of the girls." How well they knew that. How very well.

One of Suanne's more mundane problems was the clothes she wore as Supergirl. Since she had become aware of her birthright and began using the alias of Supergirl, she'd gone through a half dozen Supergirl costumes. Some had been shredded by gunfire as the bullets bounced harmlessly off her steely muscles, some burned off her invulnerable body due to the friction of high-speed flight, and others were torn during the course of various superheroine activities. Her more immediate problem, however, was that she had recently gone through quite a growth spurt, and was practically busting the seams out of her current costume. It was obviously a size or two too small, with the sleeves not extending all the way to her wrists, and the neckline taking an x-rated scoop down in front to accommodate her newly grown breasts. Although Suanne definitely didn't mind showing off, the outfit was clearly too small.

((Editor's note missing tootight.jpeg))

One evening, Suanne, dressed in her too-small red and blues, floated down from the second story landing. She landed in the living room, where her brothers and parents were watching TV.

"Mom, I need your help. I look ridiculous in this outfit. I've got, like, high waters. It looks like I shrunk my costume in the dryer or something. I need to get another one," she demanded. Then, for added justification and emphasis, she turned around with her back to everyone, and crooked both her arms and gave both her bulbous biceps a hard flex. RRRIIIPPP!!! Her expanding muscles shredded her sleeves.

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Then, she put her arms on her hips and flexed her latissimus muscles, which caused the middle of her shirt back to split from the neck down to her lower back, exposing her rounded v-taper.

((Editor's note missing suarip2.jpeg))

Suanne was now practically topless, and the family was speechless. A couple of her brothers had to grab throw pillows to cover up their swelling enthusiasm for her exhibition.

First thing the next very morning, her mother took her to Cloth World to buy some fabric. The lady at the front desk suggested they go talk to Myra, who was their "expert" on uniforms and cloth for industrial applications. They walked to the back corner of the store to Myra's department, which was hidden by a tall display of draperies and curtains.

Myra was an odd woman, old and haggardly, who practically looked like a witch. Suanne noticed what looked like an aura glowing around her, and rubbed her eyes. She looked around, and her eyes seemed to be working fine, but when she turned back, there was still a glow around her. Suanne tried to use her x-ray vision to see through her, but couldn't. There was something very mysterious about this Myra.

Suanne removed her baggy sweatsuit as her Mom tried to explain what they were looking for, "...I need some industrial-strength cloth to make a costume for my daughter. It has to be flame retardant, cut-resistant, and very light - the sheerer, the better. She has a part-time job with an agency doing parties posing as Supergirl, and ..."

Myra considered Suanne and her mother suspiciously. Suanne, now dressed only in her bikini, put her hands on her hips in the powerful Supergirl pose.

Sue's mother continued, "...and we'd need fabric in red, blue, and gold."

Myra limped over to stand nose to nose with Suanne. It was a creepy few moments of silence, and Suanne and her mother were uneasy.

"Make ye a muscle," Myra demanded in a raspy cackle. Suanne raised both her arms and flexed her meaty biceps. "Now do thee leg..." she commanded. Suanne complied and flexed a tremendous tree trunk thigh.

Her mother joked to try to break the tension, "...and, as you can see, she has a rather...uh...unique physique, so the material needs to provide plenty of stretch, too. you have any lycra that's bullet-proof?"

Myra reached up and put a hand on each of Suanne's rounded biceps, the swollen muscles more than filling her bony hands. Myra looked Suanne in the eye for several seconds as if she was trying to discern something, before she gasped a lung-full of air, and looked like she'd just received proof of the shock of her life. "The prophecy is IS are the ONE," she whispered.

Myra muttered a mystical incantation, as an energy began to flow through her hands and into Suanne's body, making a crackling sound as the current flowed between her hands and Suanne's arms. A whirlwind started swirling around Suanne and Myra, knocking her mother back into a display of pillows. Suanne nearly fainted as a wave of heat rushed through her, her senses awash in tingles. Her eyesight flashed a golden hue, with strange shapes and images dancing in her view. She felt like she was floating. Suanne began to shift into another state of consciousness under Myra's magical duress. Myra seemed to smile wryly at how easily she could use the spell to manipulate supernatural forces and overpower the one of legend, THE powerful one. Yes, she thought smugly, her magical powers were much more formidable than this muscle-bound teenager.

Then, a look of surprise overtook Myra's face, as she seemed to lose control. There was a reversal of polarity as the energy flowed back to Myra. Although Suanne only seemed to smile dreamily, totally unaware and unaffected by the situation, Myra seemed unable to control the rebound of energy flowing back to her. She began to shake wildly as she struggled to remove her hands from Suanne's biceps, but they seemed to be frozen in place. Her hands began to sizzle and smoke from the power being transferred back to the witch.

Finally, Myra wrenched her hands free, as her body was repelled backwards a few steps, and it all abruptly stopped. Myra gasped and pulled back her smoking hands, looking at her palms in shock as if her powers had betrayed her. She turned to walk into the storeroom and said bitterly, "Remove thy shadow from my door, and trouble me no more. Return ye the morrow, and ye shall find what ye seek." She gave Suanne and her Mom a dour look, disappeared behind the storeroom curtain, and was gone. Suanne, who recovered the instant the witch removed her hand, looked at her mother and they both rolled their eyes - it was like some scene from the Twilight Zone.

When they returned to the store the following morning, they were told that Myra had quit unexpectedly the previous day, but had left a package for them. They peeked inside it, and decided to take it straight home without opening.

When they finally opened the package, they found a handwritten note that said,

Long was foretold
Of her hair spun gold
And her muscles that smite
For the just and the right.

There was also a complete Supergirl costume in the box. It was sheer and very light, but seemingly indestructible, as Suanne's powerful hands couldn't tear it, nor could her heat vision burn it. It had no seams, and seemed to be practically fused together. Suanne tried it on, and it remarkably fit like a glove, no matter how the flexing of her muscles stretched it. It was as mysterious in composition and origin as was Myra. But wherever it came from, Suanne finally had a costume that was as durable as her body was. And they never saw nor heard from Myra again.

Over the past two years more and more people had sighted the fantastic girl from the stars, and her legend grew. Little girls dreamed about being her, and wore Supergirl costumes for Halloween; while grown women bought Supergirl costumes for use in the privacy of their bedrooms. And boys, big and little, fantasized about being with Supergirl. In fact, secretly or otherwise, everyone wanted either to be Supergirl, or to be with her.

What they didn't realize was that sometimes being Supergirl wasn't that easy. Every sighting of her drove a spike in news coverage. The more headlines there were of her, the more AP photographs, stories in tabloids, and the like, the harder it was for Suanne to keep her sense of perspective. Indeed, it was hard to stay "human" when you REALLY WERE superhuman.

It wasn't simply the fabulous things she could do that made her lose perspective. If anything, she was often underwhelmed with her superheroine deeds, because despite being "super" to everyone else, most of them were quite easy for her to do. Rather, it had become particularly difficult because the little girl in her hadn't grown up as quickly as her body.

Sometimes she just couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. So what if she lifted the dump truck (with one hand!) off the front end of that school bus after that traffic accident the other day? It wasn't that hard for her to do, in fact, she smoothly curled it a few times just to prove that to everyone there. She was just happy to finally lift that school bus overhead and get the kids to the hospital as quickly as possible. That was what counted.

She also didn't mind the wide-eyed looks from the kids and the other people at the accident scene; if anything, she loved to show off for an audience. No, it was the media coverage that really bugged her. It was self-serving: in that they would use her to sell more papers, TV advertising, or whatever. It was always just about money.

The media made it hard for Suanne to just be a kid, albeit a super-powered one. To forget about saving airliners, catching criminals, and doing other super deeds, and just have fun. For example, flying was one thing that always gave Suanne pure joy. She used to get a kick out of flying fast - as fast as she could - until even that simple activity got her into trouble. You should have heard the stink the nightly news made just because she decided to go out on a joy ride one beautiful fall day. It was such a lovely day to fly. She rocketed down the canyon of New York City's Wall Street at nearly Mach 3, doing carefree corkscrews as she went, unaware that she was shattering windows in her wake and causing unsuspecting stockbrokers to protect their ears from her thunderous triple sonic boom. Then, she turned east and flew out over the Atlantic Ocean tearing through the atmosphere at such an incredible speed that she triggered a huge rooster tail in her wake. And, she generated such an massive amount of friction, that she actually caused the air and the surface of the ocean behind her to momentarily ignite into a fiery plume of burning plasma, until the seawater finally cooled to a steamy boil by the time she was five hundred miles away just 5 seconds later. The thousands of degrees of friction she generated felt so good, the warmth tingling on her nipples. She arched her back and thrust our her chest to make her boobs the leading edge of the slipstream she was creating, and maximize the focus of the heat.

After crossing the ocean, she flew over the Mediterranean Sea and buzzed a U.S. aircraft carrier on patrol. Suanne did donuts around the control island, causing such an aerodynamic vortex it caused the vast ship to yaw back and forth. They scrambled a squadron of F-14s to chase the mysterious "UFO," but quickly learned that the Navy's finest had only a fraction of Suanne's innate speed and maneuverability. Claxons clanged and phones rang all the way to the Pentagon and the White House before the cause of the phenomenon was discovered. The talking heads on the nightly news had a field day talking about her immaturity and lack of responsibility, and her father lectured her at length about the need to maintain her credibility as Supergirl. But sometimes, she just didn't give a damn, and wished she could just hang out at the mall with her friends.

Yes, it could be hard to be a normal little girl when you're a supremi. But other times it actually did have it's advantages. Just last week she decided to go play with the other neighborhood kids, which she hadn't done in quite a while. So, she put on her baggy sweat suit and skipped out the door. As she walked down the sidewalk towards the park to meet her friends, a playful squirrel pelted her with several acorns from a perch high above her head. Suanne shook her finger at him as he chirped and squeaked at her. Then, she focused her heat vision on him, and raised the temperature 30 degrees. He squeaked angrily at her. Then, she picked up an acorn and flicked it at him. The acorn flew faster than a bullet, and impacted the tree trunk exactly where she had aimed, just inches to the right of the quarrelling squirrel, and shattered into a hundred pieces. The squirrel chirped a shocked little peep and scampered up the tree into his nest. Then, Suanne floated silently up among the tree's boughs until she was right behind the squirrel. Then, she tapped it on the back, and startled it, which sent it screeching into its hole for cover. Suanne chuckled and continued skipping down the street to the park to meet her friends.

When she got to the park, some of her friends were flying kites in the beautiful South Florida sky. After a gust of wind pushed one of the kites into the trees, the girls got upset that they couldn't dislodge it from high in the upper limbs of the tree. Suanne knew she could easily retrieve the errant kite, but didn't want for her friends to see her fly. However, when she saw a kitten stuck in a tree at the other end of the park, she had a plan. She distracted her friends by pointing to the kitten, and then zoomed to the top of the tree when they weren't looking. When they turned around, Suanne was holding the kite and said, "Hey look, I guess the wind just blew it down." Then she left her friends and went to rescue the little kitten. On days like this, she enjoyed her special talents, but she still just enjoyed being a kid.

At home, the friction between Suanne and her brothers was more apparent over time, as their love-hate relationship intensified: her brothers loved to look at Suanne's unbelievable body, and simultaneously hated that they couldn't have her. That only left them with dreaming about her. And so, she enjoyed taunting them with her superlative body, as the exhibitionist nature of her Velorian genes came out. As much as they tried to resist, they were helpless against her attraction. To them, she was a goddess. In truth, Suanne enjoyed them adoring her as much as they did, as even at this young age her hormones would run amok.

On Christmas Eve, her stepbrothers Ted (14), Scott (15), and Bobbie (17) were in their weight room pumping iron. Suanne was dressed once again in her bikini, because she knew her strong muscles provided curves that they all admired. Suanne, of course, decided to stoke their fires even more. She tied Christmas bows around her upper arms, thighs, calves, and chest. When she walked into the workout room, they fell silent at the sight of her.

"I tried to imagine what you'd all want to get most from me for Christmas," she said flirtatiously, "and finally realized what it could be: Me! Wanna see me unwrap your present?"

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Her brothers all nodded, dumbfounded. Then, Suanne began to flex her thigh, which exploded into a hugely cut trunk, with cords of flaring muscles pushing out. As it expanded, the ribbon was stretched to the maximum, and then popped. As it floated to the ground she asked, "Well, what should I unwrap next?"

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In a flash, her brothers were all encircling her as she flexed one muscle group after another, popping ribbon after ribbon as her muscles swelled to their full monstrous size, and all with incredible cut and definition.
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((Editor's note missing suachestboing.jpeg))

Her brothers all took turns feeling her bulging muscles for over an hour. It was the best Christmas present they ever got.

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Raising a supremi was a most difficult task, as her parents were finding out. Especially when the parents weren't superhuman at all. Suanne may have only been 11 in Earth years, but she was definitely more mature physically. And despite her youth, she had to deal with the erotic sexuality of those Velorian genes, that made her love showing off her fabulous body, and made her start to notice boys at a very early age. Her parents certainly had their hands full. To say she'd had differences with her Dad was putting it mildly. But what was her father to do? When it came down to it, Suanne could come and go from the house as she pleased, and any punishment had little effect on her. If he were to ground her, she could just as easily go to Jupiter as stay locked in her room, and there was nothing her Dad could do about that. Spanking her certainly wasn't any deterrent, since he could've used a boat oar and it would just break over her "buns of steel." And giving her extra chores to do wasn't any hardship for her, since she could paint the entire house in 15 minutes without really trying, and dust and vacuum in about 2 minutes.

One Saturday, her Dad was out in the yard putting up a new fence. Since she'd argued with him earlier that day, Suanne decided to go smooth things over by helping him. It didn't take them long to realize that she could make short work of the chore, too. First, she lifted the whole flat of 4x4s from the driveway and brought them to the back yard. Obviously, the two-ton weight was inconsequential to her, but it saved her Dad a lot of time ferrying one post at a time from the front yard.

Then, she decided to show him how she could pound them into the ground, and save him from using the post hole digger. She placed one 4x4 on its end standing upright, and casually pushed the blunt-ended post into the ground with one hand. When the aboveground portion was about 3 feet tall, she swung her fist down onto the top of the post. In a flash and with a cloud of dust, the entire post was driven deep into the earth, leaving a hole 4 inches square. "Oops, I guess I don't need to sink them that deep, do I Daddy?" Then both laughed, and joked about how many miles into the earth's crust she must have driven that post.

It didn't take long for her Dad to realize that she could sink two posts, hold up the section of fence, and push nails in with her thumb, at a rate of about one section every 30 seconds - and that was if she didn't use her super speed! Yes, she made very short work of that chore.

As always, there was a tension, a hidden awe of her beauty and capabilities, underneath the surface of their relationship, which Suanne tended to play to. Suanne's Dad couldn't help but find his adopted daughter attractive, and she knew it. Bill Laney had to fight that urge every moment he was with her, and many when he wasn't. When she was finished raising the fence, she held up her Dad's hammer and said, "I guess with me around, you don't need this much, do you Daddy?"

When her Dad acknowledged, "No honey, I guess not," Suanne pushed the head of the hammer into the small space between her breasts. When she put her hands on her hips, it was held suspended there in her cleavage. Then, she flexed her pecs, causing her boobs to turn steely hard. The head of the hammer began to creak softly as this young supergirl slowly crushed it flat between her shapely breasts.

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In an effort to spend more time with his daughter, Bill Laney decided to sign Suanne and himself up for YMCA Indian Princess program. To get away from it all - and from the need to be Supergirl - out in the woods camping with his daughter sounded like just the ticket. Maybe she'd be more respectful of his authority if they spent time more time together having fun, he thought. To Suanne, it sounded like a lot of fun, except for the part about having to maintain her "undercover" dress of baggy sweats all the time, which she had begun to resent more and more.

They went to a campsite in the wilderness interior of the state near the edge of the Everglades. As they drove down the dirt road towards the campsite, her Dad said, "Now Sue, honey, let's try to not do the "super" thing this weekend, OK? Can we try to just have a normal father and daughter weekend?"

"Okay, Daddy, I'll try," she said smiling. "But it's just that's who I am. More and more that's how I think, and that's who I want to be."

He just sighed and nodded, as he groped to understand how a young girl like his daughter could cope with life on Earth among all the weaklings. Then up ahead on the road he saw a truck stuck in the ditch, and another three cars had stopped to help. The big F250 duelie had slid down in the culvert, and its oversized tires couldn't get any traction in the soft Everglades muck. Bill and Suanne got out to help.

It was decided that the four fathers would push from the back bumper while the other dad gave it the gas. Suanne joined the girls, who all stood clear. As the engine revved, the wheels spun, and the truck went nowhere.

"You girls all come give a hand," one of the dads shouted. Suanne and the other girls jumped down into the ditch, but when her father gave her a "you better not" look, she stayed in back. The dads and daughters tried three more times, until they were nearly exhausted, but the truck didn't move. The large duel rear tires dug quite a rut in the ditch, and were nearly buried to the axle.

"Okay, let's try just one more time, and if it doesn't work, we'll have to call a tow truck," one of the dads said.

They all took their positions, and this time, Suanne moved into a spot at the end of the heavy bumper.

"ONE...TWO...THREE!" and they all pushed with all their might. As before, the wheels just spun in place and the truck went nowhere.

Then, Suanne rested one hand on the bumper and gave it a light push. The big truck launched out of the ditch and went airborne, traveling at least 45 feet before the front wheels touched down on the dirt road. The truck's firm suspension caused it to bounce a time or two before the driver finally gained control of the vehicle as it screeched to a halt. They could hear the driver scream, "HO-O-LEE SHEE-IT!" Meanwhile, back in the ditch, the girls and dads all looked at each other in amazement, trying to figure out what just happened. Bill Laney glared at his super daughter, who could only shrug and give him an "Oops!" look.

When they finished pitching camp, Suanne decided to go join the other girls playing. Suanne decided she'd enjoy spending time with her friends. Even Supergirl needs a vacation now and then. But as Suanne stepped out of the tent, she looked down at the baggy sweat suit that she had to wear. "This sucks. I look like a linebacker in this stuff," she thought to herself. She hated to hide who she was, but she knew she had to hide her real identity.

((Editor's note missing Sue3.jpg))

She walked through the woods around their campsite looking for her friends, when her super hearing overheard a conversation between Tiffany and her brother Brad, who had come along for the night.

"I know her face is pretty, Brad, it's VERY pretty, but don't you think it's weird she's wearing a sweat suit? It is August, you know, and this is, like, Florida," Tiffany said.

"Well, just look at her, Tiff. If you were that fat, you'd wear one, too," Brad answered.

"Fat?...FAT!?!" Suanne thought to herself, as her anger mounted. Suanne was proud of her body and her physique. One thing she most definitely was not, was fat!

Brad and Tiffany could only stare in awe at what happened next. "I'll show you fat, you jerk. Take a look at this!!" Suanne announced loudly as she stripped off her baggy top and revealed her lean, muscled upper body and rippling abs. "Ahhh, that sun feels good!" she said as she winked at Brad, who was in shock.

((Editor's note missing Suanne_a.jpg))

((Editor's note missing Sue4.jpg)) Suddenly, one of the dads came running into the campsite shouting, "HELP, SOMEBODY HELP... the girls were exploring a hole, and it caved in. They're trapped underground in some kind of cave."

Suanne didn't have her red-and-blues with her, but she knew she had to act quickly. She zoomed a mile up into the sky and used her x-ray vision to locate the girls in an underground cavern about a two miles from camp. She swooped down to a Caterpillar bulldozer parked at the edge of camp that had been used to grade the land for the campout, and pulled the front scoop off the metal supports, easily tearing the thick steel supports as if it were warm taffy. Then, with the giant scoop in hand, she flew to the cave-in, and began to dig out the opening of the cave. Using the scoop as a hand spade, in a few moments, she had all the girls safely out.

The girls were scared and dirty when they crawled out of the collapsed cave. But one of them froze when she recognized Suanne's face, "is that you, Sue?" Horrified and flustered that she'd been recognized without both her baggy sweat suit and her Supergirl costume, Suanne rocketed into the sky to escape.

Back at the campsite they all sat around the campfire and relaxed. Once they all were certain the girls were okay, the conversation inevitably turned to Suanne. "Is it true? Could it be? Is Suanne really Supergirl? THE Supergirl?" they all wanted to know.

At that moment, Suanne slowly floated down from the inky night sky into the middle of their circle, this time wearing her red-and-blues. The girls gasped when they saw her floating gracefully toward Earth, and lightly touch down. Suanne put her hands on her hips and assumed the powerful Supergirl pose. She looked around the circle and smiled as she made eye contact with each of the girls, her friends. Then, she reached down into the fire and pulled out a burning coal, and held it in her hand for everyone to see she hadn't been burned. "Yes, it is true. I am Supergirl, and I'm glad I could help you all out of that cave today. But, now I need YOUR help. I'd like to maintain my secret identity. Can I trust you all to keep my secret?"

The girls all decided that they could. "Yes, we owe you our lives." That night was very special to Suanne, as she could be Supergirl, and still be around her friends. She could be among peers and not have to hide out. They laughed, ate smores, sang songs, and talked about boys. Suanne told them what it was like to be Supergirl, and shared stories of things she had done. She tried to describe for them what it was like to be able to fly, and to be that strong and invulnerable. A few of the girls even wanted to feel her biceps muscles, which Suanne happily obliged.

The next morning, Suanne woke up and started to put her sweat suit on when she remembered that she didn't have to hide the truth from these girls anymore. She didn't have to hide who she was anymore. As everyone was gathering for breakfast, she changed into her swimming suit and stepped out of the tent. "Anyone want to join me for a swim?" When Brad saw how fantastic she looked, he coughed milk through his nose. She gave a casual flex of her arms for him, and he fainted.

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