Suanne: Birth of a Supergirl, By Moxie

Illustrations by Coyote

Chapter 2:

Suanne's muscular physique continued to develop, and her strength increased considerably. By the time she was 7 years old, she was about 500 times the strength of a normal man. She had also come to enjoy flexing her muscles and feeling the warmth flow into them as they pumped up. She enjoyed flexing for herself in front of her bedroom mirror, sometimes admiring herself for several minutes.

Suanne had also begun to really resent having to keep her marvelous muscles and superior strength a secret. She was tired of wearing long sleeves and pants, and loose-fitting clothes that didn't reveal her muscles. Her resentment building for quite some time, she felt like she was denying an important part of who she was. And, she felt like she was being a fake. Yes, she was different from everyone else, but she was different in a good way. And even if those idiots didn't agree, well too bad, that was who she was. She had become disgusted with herself for agreeing to keep the whole thing quiet.

Larry Collins continued trying to monitor her development from a distance, but it was difficult to know how Suanne's enhanced genetics were affecting her development, without getting close enough to perform an examination. He still didn't understand what happened the last time he attempted to abduct her, and frankly it was a little embarrassing, too. But eventually he decided that he simply had to get closer to her. So one day he went to the school playground while the kids were on recess. He quickly spotted Suanne in the far corner playing dolls with a few other little girls. Looking around to be sure no teachers were watching, he walked hurriedly over to the group of little girls sitting in a circle with their legs crossed.

"Suanne, we need to see you right now in the office, please," he said.

Suanne looked at him confused and stood up, "Who are you? Where's Mrs. Thompson?"

"Mrs. Thompson is busy, she sent me instead," he lied to her. He put his hand around her upper arm and tried to pull her along, but again, he couldn't seem to make her move. He noticed how thick and firm her bicep muscle underneath her shirtsleeve was.

Meanwhile Mrs. Thompson had just returned to the playground, and saw what was going on. "Excuse me, sir, take your hand off her right now!" she shouted as she ran over to the girls.

Collins panicked, and began to tug with all his might on the young girl's arm, but she was like a statue. He looked at her face, and she was just smiling at him. He became frantic, and began pulling with all his might.

Suanne was enjoying using her strength to oppose this man, whomever he was. Then, sensing that something wasn't right, Suanne's young girlfriends began to cry and scream. Suanne turned and saw the effect this all was having on her friends, and felt concern for her friends. She felt protective of her friends, and realized she had the capability to put a stop to it right now.

She reached out with her hand and grabbed Collins' belt. Then, she casually lifted him up off the ground and over her head with just one hand. Collins was shocked at her ease in lifting him, and Suanne's friends also couldn't believe their eyes. Suanne held him overhead for a few moments, obviously not straining at all from his miniscule weight. Then she turned towards the basketball court about 40 feet away and threw Collins with one hand towards the backboard. He sailed through the air, and landed in a sitting position up on the basket, his head and back impacting the backboard and recoiling forward with a snap. He sat up there, clearly dazed and nearly unconscious.

Suanne stood there with her hands on her hips, just as she had seen Supergirl do in comic books, and looked around proudly. She FELT like Supergirl. The entire playground was absolutely silent as everyone stared at her. Mrs. Thompson stood there frozen with her mouth gaping open, she couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. While Suanne was uncomfortable at the shock she had caused, she was immediately relieved to not have to hide her strength any more. And she felt proud of how she had protected her friends from that man, whoever he was.

And, she knew she didn't want to keep her strength and muscles a secret anymore. She didn't want to deny who she was any longer. In fact, as she adopted this outlook, she consciously noticed the awareness of her super body was increasing. It was as if her attempt to cover up how she was different from everyone else had also clouded her self-awareness. But now, those clouds had lifted, and she now innately knew what her body could do. Now, she became more aware of the differences between her body and others', and of the incredible capabilities she had. She had immediately accepted her capabilities, and felt proud. It was, in short, an awakening, a resolve to not deny her obvious birthright. Her perspective had shifted from that of a little girl, to a supergirl.

Throughout the day, she noticed people talking about her behind her back, whispering. But she didn't care.

During the announcements at the end of the school day, they mentioned the upcoming National Physical Fitness Council testing, and she had to chuckle to herself, "Gee, do you think I'll pass?" She now innately knew she could outrun a car, do one-handed chin-ups or sit-ups all day with thousands of pounds of weights in her hand. Yeah, she'd probably get an achievement certificate out of that one! She smiled to herself.

On the way home from school, she passed the park and saw her brothers Ted and Scott playing baseball with a bunch of boys their age. "Hey Suanne," she could hear Ted yell, "Davie had to go home, and we're one player short. We need you to be catcher."

"Hmmm, this could be fun," she thought to herself. She dropped her book bag behind the backstop and went over to Ted, who was at first base. "Ted, just stand on the base and hold your glove up, OK? That'll give me something to aim at. I'll get you the ball. Trust me. Just hold your glove up." And she trotted back to batters box.

The first batter stepped up to the plate, and Suanne glanced at Ted. She made a face at him as a reminder, and he stood on the bag and held up his open glove. When the first pitch came, the batter hit a grounder to the third baseman. Suanne raced out of the batter's box like a blur and beat the baseball to the third baseman. She moved with incredible speed. She barehanded the ball and whipped the ball to Ted. The white blur of the ball looked like a frozen rope pulled taught between third and first. There was a "pop" as the ball snapped into the pocket of Ted's glove, and the batter was out before he'd reached half way to first. The second batter popped one up into right field, and once again, Suanne ran from behind the plate out into the field and caught the ball. She pivoted and fired an unbelievable throw to Ted at first, once again throwing the batter out. The third batter popped up to right field, with the same result. "Next inning," she thought to herself, "I'm going to run around to the front of the batter's box just as they hit the ball, and catch it right as it comes off the bat."

When the teams came in to change the inning, Ted took Suanne aside, "What are you doing? You're not supposed to show off like this?"

"I've changed my mind, Ted. I've decided to show people what I can do." They debated it a few more minutes while the first three players went to bat. The bases were now loaded.

"Hey Suanne, you're up," said one of the players. There was a collective groan by her boy teammates, as they reacted to having a young girl come up to bat with bases loaded.

Suanne grabbed the largest bat she could find and stepped up to the plate. The pitcher, one of the players she had just thrown out, threw an especially hard fastball at her. She saw the ball coming out of his hand, when it just slowed down. Her heightened senses had sped up, and now the fastball seemed to float lazily towards the plate in slow motion. It reached the strike zone and she swung the bat with all her might. There was a CRACK, and the ball practically exploded out over center field. It was a line drive that cleared the back fence, the trees on the far side of the street, and was still rising when it flew out of sight. No one there could see that it landed over 10 miles away. Mark McGuire couldn't have hit it even a hundredth as far. She just trotted around the bases as her team cheered, and the other team's players stood there dumbfounded.

The game continued in much the same way, and a few innings later it had to be called on account of the mercy rule. Outside the fence, a man with binoculars in an old VW watched the game with great interest.

After the game, Suanne walked home and thought about what she had just done. It had been incredibly easy for her to totally dominate that game. "Well, if college doesn't work out, I guess I can always be a professional baseball player," she thought, smiling. She also began to understand that her life was changing drastically, that this changed everything. She also thought that she had the ability to work for good now, although she hadn't really thought through what that meant. She certainly wasn't ready to run around like a superhero. At least she didn't think so. After all, she still liked to color with crayons and play with dolls.

When she turned the corner onto the street where she lived, she had a strange foreboding feeling, but she didn't know why.

Down the street she could see a tow truck in front of her house. As she got closer, she could see that it was lifting their Dad's Lexus. Her Dad was underneath the elevated front end.

"Hi Daddy, what are you doing?" she asked. He just grumbled something about scratches and incompetence.

Just then, there was a creaking noise, and the tow chain snapped in two. Once again, Suanne's senses sped up, and she saw the unsupported front end of the Lexus begin to drop on her dad. She dropped her book bag and quickly slipped her hand under the bumper and stopped the vehicle's free fall just before it crushed her dad. She flexed her biceps and lifted the car's front end upward, then walking her hands to some free spots on what looked like the frame, she lifted the car completely off the ground and held it overhead. Her dad and the AAA guy just stared at her in utter amazement.

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"Here Daddy, you dropped this. Let me help you up," she said sweetly with a smile. She balanced the car on one hand and reached down with the other. She grabbed her dad by the collar and lifted him up to his knees. "Do you want me to put it up on the truck for you, mister" she asked the AAA guy. He just nodded stupidly with his mouth hanging open.

She set the car back down on the tow truck bed and said, "can I go play now?" to which her father nodded "yes." "See you later Daddy." Then, she picked up her book bag and skipped off to the house. She went up to her room to think about the day's events.

Down the street, Larry Collins had seen the entire scene with his binoculars. "Well, I'll be," he said to himself, "it seems that my little serum produced some unexpected results for little Suanne, didn't it? Very exciting results. She's becoming quite the little supergirl." He glanced through some pages of a spiral notebook, trying to find some explanation for the girl's unbelievable strength in his notes.

Suddenly Larry stopped leafing through the notebook. He raised his head and looked off, blankly. "Wait a sec...there was something...need to remember...think think think...come on, what was it...remember," he muttered to himself, "...I was searching the web ... that article on was...that's right, it was a bunch of stories about a retrovirus and genetic enhancement...the Aurora Universe...THAT'S IT!" Larry wondered if more of the stories were true than they let on. He decided he needed to do some research and read some of the stories on the web. He started the car and sped off.

That evening when Bill, Margaret and the boys discussed what Suanne had done that day. After they were briefed, he called upstairs, "Suanne, honey, could you come down her for a minute? I think we need a family meeting. It sounds like you've had quite a day."

Moments later she came to the top of the stairs in a bikini top and a pair of cut-off jeans that she had trimmed up really short, nearly to the size and dimensions of a bikini bottom. The revealing cut of the shorts showed off her strong legs and hips. She put her hands on her hips and assumed the supergirl pose. "Yes, Daddy."

Bill Laney turned and had to catch himself when he caught a glimpse of her. His little 7-year old looked more muscular than he remembered, but also more confident. God help him, but she even looked sexy. He had always found strong muscular women to be attractive, and as ashamed as he was to admit it, his daughter looked practically erotic. She wasn't any taller than a normal 7-year old, just outrageously built relatively speaking. The clothes definitely showed her strong young body off. But it was more than that, there was definitely something...different about her, and he couldn't help himself.

"Uhh, come on down here, can you honey?" he said, tearing his eyes away.

She bounded down the stairs and stood between the couches that flanked the fireplace, where her family was sitting.

"Suanne, what did you do to your clothes?" her mother asked.

"I just decided that this was the right thing for me to wear now that I've changed."

"I...I see. Suanne, your mother and brothers have told me what happened today, and I saw what you did to my car just a while ago. Do you want to talk about it?" her Dad asked.

"I just got tired of lying, Daddy, about hiding how strong I am. I even kept it from you all. I...I'm stronger than any of you realize. Daddy, I think I'm 4 or 500 times as strong as you right now. And I'm getting stronger every day. I'm changing, Daddy...I think I'm turning into ... a supergirl."

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There was silence for a few uncomfortable moments. Then, she put her hands on her hips and thrust out her strong chest in the supergirl pose again. "Joe, come hit me."

"Awe, I can't do that, Sue," he said.

"Come on, Joe, you know I'm strong, but you just don't know HOW strong. Let me show you how strong I am. Hit me in the stomach as hard as you can. You're not going to hurt me, I promise. In fact, I'm not going to tighten the muscles in my tummy, I don't want you to hurt your hand," she said with an "I dare you" smile.

Joe looked at her for a moment and then at his parents. No one objected. Joe was now 16 years old, and a star high school athlete. He and his brothers worked out with weights nearly every night. Even as just a sophomore, Joe already was probably the strongest player on the squad. So a challenge like the one his 7-year old sister just gave him had to be answered.

Joe got up and stood opposite his little sister. She looked him in the eye and smiled confidently. He knew her 4 foot frame had gotten sort of well-defined, but he honestly hadn't noticed how her muscles had begun to develop lately. He looked her over from her strong shoulders and chest muscles, right down to the muscular curves of her thighs and calves. She was really young, but damn, she was pretty foxy, too. He looked at the definition of her abs, that ones she said she wasn't flexing, and he wished to himself that he had abs like that.

He positioned his feet and prepared to hit her. She was just tall enough that her eyes were level with his stomach. He picked out a spot on one of the squares in her abdomen, and reared back his fist. Then, he stepped in and landed the hardest punch he could deliver right on the target spot. There was a THUD, but his fist just bounced off her abs.

She didn't even flinch. "See, I told ya'. I hardly even felt it. Aren't you glad I didn't make my tummy tight? Go ahead, try again," she said with a big grin.

Joe took a deep breath and proceeded to pummel her abs as hard as he could with punch after punch. The results were the same, the brutal blows he was inflicting just bounced harmlessly off her muscular stomach while she proudly smiled back at him. He'd swung about fifteen punches when his knuckles began to get sore, so he stopped. He looked at the red knuckles on his sore outstretched hands. "Oh, sorry, Joe, I didn't mean to hurt you. I guess sometimes I really don't know my own strength," she said. As much as they'd never want to admit it, Suanne's Dad and her brothers were getting turned on my her strong body, and her display of overwhelming feminine muscle.

"I guess I got some different genes than you adopted kids, huh?" she asked. Then she looked at the bulge forming on Joe's pants and said, "I guess you like me being strong, don't you?"

Then she reached down to the fire tender and pulled out the brass poker and held it in front of her chest at arms length. Then, with a hand on each end, she effortlessly bent it into a U as the metal creaked. She used her strong hands to crease the curve flat, and then bent it in half again and again. Each time she did it so smoothly and with no strain that it was evident that the metal bar provided her no real resistance to speak of. She handed it to Ted, the youngest brother, who looked at his younger sister like she was a goddess or something.

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"Daddy, go get that big kitchen knife, OK?" she said. When her Dad returned moments later, she said, "I've discovered that I'm also pretty hard to cut." She held out the palm of her hand and announced proudly, "OK Daddy, now just TRY to cut my hand."

Although his normal reaction would be to say that she was crazy, after what he'd just seen, he somehow knew she wouldn't get hurt. So he drew the sharp blade across her hand, and nothing happened. He tried a few more times with the same result. Then, he started stabbing downward into the palm of her hand, each stroke harder and more savage than the last, but the knife still didn't break her skin. He tried about ten stabs and then jabbed it at her stomach with no result. Then, he grasped the knife with both hands and stabbed downward as hard as he could at her sternum. When the blade impacted her hard chest, it snapped off at the hilt and fell onto the tiled floor with a "clink."

He had also noticed that, although she held her hand out straight at arms length for the knife and he was striking downward with a lot of force, her hand stayed perfectly motionless and didn't get pushed downward from the blows. It was as if her hand was resting on some invisible countertop. So he took both hands and tried to push her hand down, but it wouldn't budge a millimeter. Then Suanne took her other hand and grabbed her Dad's belt and lifted him with one hand. She set him down gently on the palm of the hand she still held at arms length in front of her. She held him there seemingly with no effort at all, her hand still not pushed downward at all from the force of his weight, and she wasn't straining at all. She just stood there with this proud smile on her face, "See Daddy? I'm pretty strong, right?" "OK, I'm convinced," her Dad said as he hopped down off her hand. Then, in sort of an isometric exercise, Suanne grasped her right wrist with her left hand and flexed her arms as hard as she could. Her family was shocked into silence.

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Suanne continued, "So, I don't want to hide my strength anymore. I think I can use my muscles to do good things. Like when I lifted your car, Daddy, it wasn't very heavy for me, but I kept it from falling on you, didn't I, or like when I protected my friends from that man at school."

Bill Laney just looked at his beautiful young daughter. She looked so sweet, so naïve, and so innocent. Damn, she was only 7 years old, but she was acting older than her age, and then there was the muscles and this strength thing. He really didn't' know what to think. But muscles or not, this supergirl was still his little girl. And he loved her dearly. "Sure sweetie, I understand. I love you." He walked over to give his new supergirl a hug, and he noticed her embrace was definitely a lot tighter than ever before.

Margaret, who had been silent till now, said, "So what happens now? Do we do anything different?"

"Well," Bill answered, "it's gonna take some getting used to having a supergirl around the house, but I guess we'll just take it one day at a time. I still don't want to go out of our way to let everyone know you're supergirl, but we won't hide it, either. OK? She still has to go to school and everything, right?"

"Actually, Dad, there is one thing," Suanne interrupted, "can you get some more weights - lots more - so I can work out here at home? I think I really need to work out my muscles to keep growing up right."

"Uhh, I guess so honey," Bill said cautiously, "how much weight do you think you need?"

"At least as heavy as four or five cars for now, but I don't know how long that will last me, cause I feel myself getting stronger every day, like I said," Suanne answered smiling as she flexed both her biceps, "after all, I'm still just a growing supergirl."

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Later that night, after dinner, the brothers were in the guest room/bathhouse next to the pool, which their Dad had converted into a weight training room. This building at the back corner of their lot, unconnected to the rest of the house, had always been like a clubhouse for the boys as they grew up. Joe (16) and Bobbie (13) were working out with weights, doing curls. Scott (11) and Ted (10) were sitting on a futon looking at a supergirl comic book. Their conversation invariably went to what was on everyone's mind.

"D'ya think she really could be Supergirl? THE Supergirl?" Ted asked with wide-eyed wonder similar to when kids ask if there really is a Santa Claus, tooth fairy, etc.

"Naaa," said Joe between reps, "but she is pretty strong."

"Well, you heard what Dad said about how she lifted his car overhead with one hand!" Scott exclaimed.

"Yeah, whatever," Joe said incredulously, secretly wishing he had actually seen her do that.

"Well, if she's not Supergirl, then how'd she get so strong? And how come we're not that strong, too? We're her brothers," Ted asked his oldest brother.

"I dunno," Joe replied, "but we were all adopted, ya' know. Technically, we're not related to her. But she did come from Mom, and she's not a super woman is she? Or, maybe she is and we just don't know it."

There was silence as they all paused motionless for a few seconds while they pondered that possibility, then, "Naaa," they all said simultaneously.

There was a minute or two of silence, as the older brothers began to set up the heavy weights for leg presses and squats. Scott pulled out a few copies of Women's Physique World that Joe kept hidden there, and started flipping through the pages.

After a few moments of silence, Bobbie said, "Ya' know, she's starting to get kinda cute, with those muscles and all." There was a startled silence for a few seconds. The brothers all relieved that someone else had brought up what they all felt, but didn't want to admit. Bobbie began to get worried that he'd said something wrong. "Well," he said anxiously, "you guys do think she's got a nice body now, don't you?" Then after a few more nervous moments, "Well?"

Finally, Ted said, "Yeah," and Scott said, "She's awesome."

"Hey guys, she is our sister, you know, and besides, she's only 7 years old," said Joe, criticizing his younger brothers.

Realizing that Joe still hadn't weighed in on the subject, Bobbie pointed to one of the WPW magazines and said, "Joe, we know she's our sister, but you didn't answer the question. You like women with muscles. Do you think Suanne is cute?"

Joe didn't know what to say, because he not only thought she was "cute", he thought she was practically a wet dream, and he knew this incestuous feeling was not a normal comfortable feeling to have about your baby sister, whether you were adopted or not. "I guess she'll be alright...once she grows up" was all he could say.

In fact, Suanne's demonstration of strength and her double biceps flex had been a big thrill for ALL the brothers.

"What did her stomach feel like when you hit her?" Ted asked.

"It felt hard, like a rock," Joe replied. "I mean, her skin is soft and all, but the muscles underneath were pretty hard. My knuckles got bruised."

"She said she wasn't even flexing her abs, ya' know," Bobbie chimed in.

"Yeah, I know," Joe answered. The other brothers all wished they'd had a chance to feel her hard muscles, too, and Ted said, "I wish I'd felt her muscles."

"Boy, I'd like to, too," said Bobbie. Scott said, "Me, too."

"Well, I guess I could go for another turn, too," said Joe jokingly.

The brothers were startled to hear someone say from behind them, "Well why don't you come check them out then?"

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They whirled around to see Suanne standing in the doorway in the Supergirl pose with her hands on her hips.

"Oh, Sue," Scott said, "we're sorry, we didn't mean anything by it, we..."

"It's OK," she answered, "at least you don't think I'm weird or you guys want to feel my muscles, huh?"

"I know I do," Ted said quickly. Scott and Bobbie were slower to react, "Uh... yeah."

"And how about you Joe," she asked of her oldest brother.

Joe just gulped and looked at his younger sister, and nodded, saying nothing. Joe felt embarrassed and ashamed, but standing there with her hands on her hips, she really looked awesome. Like a supergirl. Her muscular curves were really showing off. But Joe's mind went round and round - she was still his baby sister, after all!

"OK then," she said, as she walked over to the heavy weights Joe had just been setting up to do bench presses. "How much weight is there, 425 pounds?" Joe nodded "yes." "Gee, Joe, you've really gotten strong in the past year. Now let me show you what I can do. Could you help me take off the 25 pounds?"

"Sure, if you don't think you can handle that much weight," Joe said mockingly as he removed the plates from the bar.

"Oh, I think I could've handled that, but I want you to put more on. How many 100 pound plates do we have left?" she asked.

Joe's smirk melted off his face, as he said, "uhhh...four, I think."

"Well let's at least put that much on, and we'll see how far I go," she said with all seriousness.

Joe froze. Maybe her dad was telling the truth about her lifting the car. "Uhh, Sue, that'd be 800 pounds, do you really think you can press that much?"

"I don't want to press it, silly, I want to curl it," she said as she started putting the plates onto her end of the bar.

Joe added two plates to his side as well and then said, "Sue, you don't have to try to show off for us...I mean, don't hurt yourself."

Suanne just smiled and walked to the center of the bar while her brothers watched. "Relax, Joe. Believe me, this will only feel to me like a pound or two feels like to you. If I was really wanting to work out, I'd need a LOT more weight than this."

Joe watched her turn sideways and grab the bar in the middle with just her right hand. "Only her right hand? What in the hell's she doing!?!" Joe wondered.

Then, Suanne casually lifted all 800 pounds off the rack with one hand. The extreme weight made the bar curve downwards from where her powerful hand supported it. She lifted the weight with such ease and smoothness, it was apparent that the weight was totally inconsequential to her. The brothers just gasped in shock. She really WAS a supergirl. She just smiled brightly and started to smoothly curl the tremendous weight up and down, with just her right hand!

The boys all gathered in a circle around her and watched her awesome display of power. She was only 7 years old, but she was so powerful. Just like Supergirl in the comics. Joe, in particular, was getting turned on by her muscular demonstration, and found it hard to hide the bulge forming in his shorts. She placed her left hand on her hip, and easily snapped off 10 reps, when she held the weight still at her waist level and said, "here guys, come feel my arm now, it's pretty hard!"

Ted jumped at the chance, quickly putting his arm around her bicep. "Man, it's as hard as a rock. And really big, too!"

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"Pretty cool, huh?' she asked, beaming. "Do you guys want to feel it?" she asked of Scott and Bobbie. They both sampled her arm, and quickly agreed.

Suanne turned to Joe and said, "well, don't you want a turn, too?"

Joe, first embarrassed by how he'd found his muscular little sister so sexy, now found his face turning red as she asked him this question. Did he want to touch her muscle? "Hell, yes," he thought to himself. But he paused, and before he could answer, Bobbie asked, "Geez, Suanne, isn't that weight even getting heavy for you?"

"No, it actually only feels like a pound or two to me. In fact, I wish it were a lot heavier, but we don't have enough weight... hey, maybe you guys can help. Could you guys sit on the bar while I lift it? The extra weight might help give me a little better workout."

Now the guys were really getting turned on. Suanne held the bar a bit lower. Scott and Bobbie hopped on one end and Ted climbed onto the other. When they climbed on, the bar didn't move down at all from their weight. Suanne turned to Joe, who still hadn't climbed on, and said, "well, are you gonna help me out here, or not?"

Joe walked over to the end of the bar, and hopped all 230 pounds up on the bar, hoping it would dip at least a little. But it was so stationary it was as if he had jumped up onto a tabletop.

"OK, here we go," she said as she began to curl 500 pounds of her brothers riding atop the 800-pound weight. Unfortunately, the weight from her brothers only added the equivalent of about a pound of weight to her powerful arms, and she still curled the massive weight as easily and smoothly as before.

"Is that any better, Sue?" Ted asked.

"Well, I can feel a little more weight, but it's still pretty light for me," she said, "maybe I'll just do more reps. Do you all mind if I do curls for a few minutes?"

"No, no, not at all, keep going," Joe quickly added, a little embarrassed at his fast reaction, but then smiling. Suanne smiled back at him.

She had easily snapped off 50 reps when she sighed and said, "Nope, sorry guys, this just isn't heavy enough to give me a decent workout." She gently lowered the bar to the ground and the guys all stood up.

Her brothers were flustered. "You just did fifty one-handed curls with over 1,300 pounds, and it wasn't heavy enough?" Joe exclaimed. He was also getting really turned on by his muscular sibling. "Suanne, how could you do that? You must be Supergirl. THE Supergirl!"

"No," she replied, "I can't be Supergirl because I can't fly." " But I am pretty strong," she said as she flexed her right bicep, "I wish Dad would get me enough weight to get a good workout."

"How big around is your arm, Suanne?" Ted asked.

"I'm not sure, I've never measured it," she replied. Ted went to get a tape measure and wrapped it around the little twin bulges of her bicep. It measure a little over 12 inches around - not bad for a 7-year old!

"That's bigger than my arm!" Ted exclaimed.

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"Duh, she's also just a tad stronger than you, too, butthead," Joe said sarcastically.

"I just hope Dad gets me some more weight, so I can get stronger," Suanne said.

"Hey Sue," Scott said, "would you lift Mom's car for you did earlier to Dad's Lexus?"

"Sure, that shouldn't be too hard, and it'd give me a better workout, too," she said.

So they went out to the side driveway and stood silently beside Margaret's new Suburban. Joe, who'd had difficulty walking out to the driveway due to the throbbing bulge in his pants, looked at the huge truck his baby sister was about to lift and whispered to himself, "How in God's name..." Without any ceremony, Suanne reached under the front bumper with both hands and lifted the front-end of the truck. Then, she walked her hands underneath the frame to a balance point somewhere slightly behind and below the front seat, and effortlessly held the huge truck overhead, smiling.

"OK, here we go," she said, as she started to press the hulking truck. Up and down, up and down, she smoothly pressed the huge steel beast with such ease, one would have thought her hands were empty.

"Suanne, what's it like to be Supergirl," Ted asked with a starry-eyed look on his face.

"I told you, I'm not Supergirl," she answered not even out of breath. "I'm not as strong as she's supposed to be, and I can't even fly, I'm just a little stronger than everyone else."

"A LITTLE?" Bobbie answered.

"Well, alright, I am a lot stronger than you guys," she relented. "It feels good, it's exciting to lift a truck like this when normal people can't. But, don't forget, this feels normal for me," she reminded them.

"But you said you're also still growing and getting stronger," Scott reminded her. "For all we know, you could end up being even stronger than the comic book Supergirl. Just think guys, our own little sister, a superhero."

"Aww, cut it out guys," she said. "Oooh, yeah, this feels good, I can feel my muscles getting big and warm from the workout. This feels great. Stand back, guys, I want to work out my legs."

Holding the Suburban stationary overhead, she started to do deep knee bends and toe raises, which caused her little thick thighs to become pumped and striated.

Joe was watching her work out with the truck, and had become mesmerized. He knelt down and crawled under the car in front of her and touched her powerful thighs. They were swollen and cut from the workout, yet she still wasn't straining or out of breath at all. When he looked up at her face, and smiled sheepishly, needfully, she returned an understanding glance. So he slowly raised his hands to her thighs and felt the bulges and clefts of the most gorgeous and muscular legs he had ever seen - and they were on his 7-year old sister. He ran his fingers up and down the deep grooves between the buffed muscles. He placed one hand on each thigh and tried to squeeze as hard as he could, but it felt like trying to squeeze a lamppost.

"Do you like my big muscles, Joe? They're pretty hard aren't they? Do you like how they feel? And they're strong, too! I just love to make my muscles big. Do you like my big muscles" she naively gushed. Joe nodded and got up and limped inside the house before he exploded. After about a 10-minute workout, she set the truck back down and they all went back inside.

Later that night, the family all tried to go to bed, but no one could forget the day's events that would change their lives forever.

Ted and Scott lay silently in their bunk beds, imagining their sister as Supergirl, catching bad guys, saving the earth, and coming home in time for dinner. Ted leafed through a Supergirl comic book and wondered if Suanne would ever be able to lift a train engine like the one in the comic book did. Bobbie just sat on his windowsill and looked out the window at the Chevy Suburban that had just served as his baby sister's dumbbell. And Joe couldn't sleep at all. He was a nervous wreck and on the verge of tears out of the guilt that he felt. But at the same time, he couldn't forget the images burned into his memory of his little sister's incredibly muscular body.

Meanwhile, Suanne's Mom and Dad lay awake in bed, sleepless. Finally, Bill sensed that Margaret was awake, too, and said, "Do you suppose she really does need me to get her those weights?"

"I guess it's possible," she said, "maybe she really won't develop to her fullest without them."

Bill had already thought of that, and knew for her sake (AND his) he'd have to get some specialized weight training equipment for his daughter. He knew just who to call, and he'd do it first thing in the morning.

Later that week, her mother was shopping and realized that she'd need to buy Suanne a new Halloween costume - and given her recent changes, last year's bunny costume simply wouldn't do. She started leafing through the store racks and found just the outfit: a Supergirl costume!

Margaret took the costume home and had Suanne try it on. Bobbie and Ted were there when she came out to model the outfit, and immediately grew silent when they saw her. It fit her perfectly. "There's just something about that costume," Bobbie thought to himself, as he began to get hard again at just the sight of Suanne dressed as Supergirl.

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"Well, do you like it?" Margaret asked.

"I feel like I'm ready to go out and save the world," Suanne replied with a beautiful, innocent smile. Bobbie and Ted just laughed nervously.

Just then there was a honking sound at the front of the house. Bill was out front directing a crane truck, which was delivering a stack of large metal plates. "Bill, what on earth...???" Margaret asked.

"They're weights for Suanne," Bill answered, cutting her off. "They're the counter-balance weights from a large dragline crane that was used by a phosphate company up in Polk County. I got them from a junk yard. I got this steel bar there, too. It came from some construction project downtown, it has to be 5 inches in diameter of solid steel. Suanne, to you think you can use these things?"

"Oh Daddy, thank you, they'll be great, thanks," she answered, giving him a hug.

The crane maneuvered into the back yard and began to unload the equipment. First, they unloaded sheets of 1" thick iron. This was to strengthen the floor, and keep the concentrated pressure of the weights to crack the concrete foundation. Then, the men unloaded 30 of the weight disks, each one weighing 2,000 pounds, that were 12" thick and 3 feet across. Finally, they unloaded the heavy barbell, which was about 35 feet long. It must've weighed 2-3 tons all by itself.

Joe knelt down by the bar that sat on the floor and tried to roll it, but found it was just too heavy. Suanne walked over to him, the pleats in her red Supergirl skirt swishing back and forth, and said, "here Joe, let me help you, that's pretty heavy." Then, she bent over, grabbed the 5" thick bar with one hand, and straightened up, casually lifting the huge bar off the ground.

Once crew had left, the entire family stood there silently and watched this 7-year old little girl begin to load the massive disks onto the thick barbell. She handled the huge disks like they were paperweights. She put 5 of the disks on each side so the bar and disks together totaled probably 26,000 pounds. Then, she walked to the middle of the bar and grasped it with two hands. With a slight grunt, she straightened up, and began to do two-handed curls, with 13 tons. This amount of weight only felt like about 50 pounds to her powerful arms. "Oh yeah, now this is more like it. I can get a pretty good workout with these," and then she added with a twinkle in her eye, "at least for a while!"

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Her family was in awe as they watched dumbfounded, their eyes as large as saucers. Their little girl was working out with a weight that few cranes in town could manipulate as easily. She looked older than her age in the Supergirl Halloween costume. Her muscles bulged from the weight, and her strong body looked so erotic and sexy, it was hard for her brothers to remember that this was their little sister. She completed 10 slow reps with the massive weight, and then started to show some strain from the massive weight. After the fifteenth curl, she set her barbell back on the ground, and although she tried to ease it down gently, it shook the ground underneath her family's feet.

Suanne dusted off her hands as if to say, "well, that little piece of work is done," and put her hands on her hips in the trademark Supergirl pose. She looked fabulous in that costume, and unknown to her, after that unbelievable demonstration of strength, her brothers were all on the verge of spurting into their shorts.

Her father thought silently to himself, "My God, we're witnessing the birth of a Supergirl. THE Supergirl!"