STARLA: CHAPTER 7 - Getting To Know You, Two

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STARLA: CHAPTER 7 - Getting To Know You, Two

Derek begins to understand the extent of Starla's invulnerability.

By Moxie

Derek's head was spinning throughout the entire night as he began to truly comprehend the capabilities of the supergirl nestled up against him in bed. God, this seemed like such a dream. He quietly lifted up the comforter to steal a peek at her astounding figure, the muscular curves looking so outrageous from that angle as he looked down the length of her body. He smiled in surprise at how quickly he got a hard-on, as if some imaginary drill sergeant had bellowed "Ten-hut!"

Several times during the night he looked down at her angelic face in the moonlight. She looked so cute, so beautiful, it was hard to believe that she was actually one of those aliens. Oh, he had read the newspaper headlines; he had seen the magazine photographs. They all looked normal enough, until they lifted a bus or a train or something like that. But how could this erotic vision cuddling up next to him - the girl he loved - be one of them?

Maybe his father was right when he had always told him: "...If it's too good to be true, then it probably is." But Derek wanted very badly for this to BE true, for it really to be happening. He loved this girl, very much. He fondly remembered that the first Starla he got to know was just a talking head shyly peeking over the top of that rock pile. THAT was the Starla he fell head-over-heels for, not the one with the muscles (even though her muscular body, immense strength, and other capabilities made it even better!).

Even though Derek was probably the most attractive, eligible young man in Northern California, the fact remained that she was a fundamentally superior being. Starla existed on a plane far above normal Terrans, she felt a range of possibilities far more expansive than he could ever know. He began to feel doubts sprouting from the seeds of his inferiority. Would she stay with him? Should she? Could she stay in love with him? How could he ever please her, sexually or otherwise? How could he ever measure up? He was pretty good, but he knew he wasn't perfect. Wouldn't she eventually get bored with him and move on? These thoughts of self-doubt tormented him throughout the night. He also worried about how much stronger she was than he. Just an inadvertent flick of a wrist could send him sailing miles away, or even crush him flat.

Finally, his wakefulness began to retreat. Cloudy wisps of unconsciousness began to embrace him as he fought to stay awake, even as his eyelids inevitably fell. Eventually, his head gently rolled to the side as he succumbed to black clouds of slumber.

Because the cabin sat in the shadows of tall redwoods, morning seemed to come late. Eventually, Derek's eyes fluttered open and he stretched. Suddenly, he realized with a start that she was gone, and began to panic. Had it all been just a dream?

He slipped on a pair of silk boxers and tiptoed downstairs. As he reached the landing, he heard noises coming from the kitchen. Clearing the last stair, he peered around the corner into the kitchen. It was Starla. "Thank God she's still here," he thought as he breathed a sigh of relief.

She was wearing a pair of his white gym socks and a blue button-down oxford shirt, the shirt-tails reaching about the middle of her dark brown thigh. About three buttons were clasped, the rest of the starched, extra-large shirt was draped over her strong and shapely body. Her hair was tousled from being in bed with him. But even like this, she was a vision of sensuality.

Starla was bent over at the waist looking in the open refrigerator door, and there were empty boxes and containers of food all over the counter and floor. Derek wasn't quite sure, but it looked like she had gone on an eating binge. Some bacon sizzled on a skillet. A portable radio played a song by the Spice Girls, which was not one of Derek's favorites.

He leaned against the wooden banister and said, "You got up early."

When she stood upright from behind the refrigerator door, he saw she had a Little Debbie hanging out of her mouth and some bangs draped across her eyes. "Mrffl," was the only response she could muster.

"Well, I guess somebody worked up an appetite last night," he said with a wry smile.

Putting down the Little Debbie, she walked over to him. "Good morning," she whispered right before she planted a deep kiss on him and started to lick and suck on the firm, rounded pecs on his broad chest. "Yeah, you stud, I did work up an appetite last night," she said smiling as she placed her hands around his butt and effortlessly lifted him off the floor with just her left hand, and began kissing his abs, "can I book an appointment for tonight, too? Or, on second thought, how about right now?"

He interrupted, "Starla, ummm, could you put me down, please? I didn't sleep very well. I...I'm wondering whether we should be doing this. I...I really don't measure up. I mean... you are a supremi and can do all these incredible things, but I'm just a regular Terran, and..." She put a finger up to his lips.

"Derek, stop trying to be so logical for a moment. Try using your heart instead, and listen to me," she looked deeply into his eyes. "First, I'm not out of some comic book. I'm real, and I am a supremi, but I want YOU. Second, more than anything else, I want to be with you. YOU'RE all I want, you make me happy. More than anything else I want to make YOU happy. I want you to worship my muscles. I want to show you how strong I am. I want to share my body and mind with you, I want to take care of you. I love YOU....Any questions?"

He smiled and nodded "No", and kissed her on the forehead.

"Good, now how about some breakfast, I'm starved," she said as she dropped him to the tiled floor with a thud.

Picking himself up off the floor, he picked through the empty boxes and remnants of her earlier food attack that littered the countertop and said, "Geez, you sure can put the groceries away, hon."

"Well, I don't actually need food to survive, but I still felt like I needed it somehow," she said defensively. "And besides, it's impossible for me to overeat or gain weight. So don't worry..." With that she picked up a 6-inch San Francisco phone book and held it in front of her with just her two thumbs and index fingers on the spine. Casually, she tore the large phone book cleanly in two with loud ripping noises, and set the two halves on the table. "...this body will ALWAYS be here for you," she said as she put her hands on her hips and flexed her chest muscles, which made the top button of the shirt pop off. Then, she flexed her lats and split open the back of the dress shirt with a startling RRRRIIIP! Finally, she raised her arms in a double-biceps pose, which obviously shredded both sleeves as her huge biceps muscles popped out from beneath the cloth like mountain tops above the clouds.

"All right?... Settled," she said with finality as she tore off the remaining shreds of the shirt and stood there in only a pair of socks. "now...I'm starved." She grabbed the hot iron skillet full of bacon and zapped it with her heat ray, making the sizzling pops and crackles immediately intensify.

He could say nothing as he got an eyeful of her naked, tanned body standing in the middle of his kitchen, wearing only a pair of white socks. He marveled at her body: Could it truly be so beautiful, so strong, so invulnerable, so perfect? Could she possibly love him as much as he did her? Derek realized that he needed to keep his mind preoccupied from the nude muscle girl in his kitchen, so he said, "I tell you what, I'll make you one of my special vegetable and cheese omelets. OK?" Starla only nodded "yes" since she couldn't talk with all the Little Debbies in her mouth.

She ended up eating a dozen eggs and a half-pound of bacon all by herself. Derek couldn't talk at all at the breakfast table while his eyes were feasting on her unbelievable breasts. She had an unbelievable cleavage. He just sat there with his head leaning on his hand, watching her eat. Finally, she ate the last bite of the omelet while Derek gulped down the last drop of coffee. "Oh, that was great! I guess there's nothing like a little breakfast to start your day," she said as she pushed herself away from the table.

"A LITTLE breakfast," Derek thought to himself.

"Now, for your reward," she whispered as the corners of her mouth turned up a sly half-grin, and she began to lick her lips. She gracefully moved to the middle of the tiled kitchen floor and turned to Derek. Standing there naked, she put her hands on her hips and assumed her unbelievable supergirl pose.

Derek just gazed at her for a few moments, taking it all in. Her shiny dark hair hung tousled around her shoulders, the bangs dangling across her eyes giving her a "bad girl" look. Derek noticed perhaps for the first time how remarkable the outline of her body was. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her; her unblemished tan skin and incredibly firm body only hinted at the incredible muscles that were hidden just below the surface. Her thin feminine ankles flared out to full, muscular calves, and then to wide and powerful thighs. Her hips and glutes had tantalizing angles. Then, gently curving inward at her waist that framed a brick wall of abs, it quickly flared out to her unflexed lats and her strong rounded delts. Her shoulders were much wider than her waist or hips. Her large tan breasts sat proudly on her muscular chest, seemingly defying gravity without even a telltale teardrop shape. As a result, her dark tan body looked unbelievably feminine and sexy, but powerful at the same time. She was a vision of ultimate eroticism. But Derek still only had a vague appreciation for just how much unearthly power was contained in her gently bulging muscles. And he fought back a giggle when he realized she was still wearing those stupid white socks.

She reached up with both hands to comb a few stray hairs away from her eyes, which caused her unflexed biceps to bunch up in to powerful-looking round balls. "Come Derek....come explore my body...come feel my muscles."

Derek looked at her gorgeous face and that devilish smile. They both knew the unbelievable power she held over him, without even flexing a single muscle. Her tongue played at the edges of her lips. Her light blue eyes sparkled like precious gems. Derek practically felt heart palpitations as he walked over to her sporting a large hard-on that strained the silk boxers.

He decided to start at the bottom and work his way up. So he moved to within inches of her beautiful face, and then knelt down. He slowly peeled the socks down around her ankles, and she slipped her feet out. "God," he thought, "even her feet are beautiful. Even her toes are perfect."

His hands moved up and down her left shin, feeling the softness of her skin, testing the firmness of her muscles. His two hands cradled one of her calf muscles just as she gave it a gentle flex. The expanding muscle pushed his hands apart and away from each other, his hands incapable of containing the bulging calf muscle. He sensed this wasn't a full flex, so he tried to squeeze the muscle. Derek poured all his strength into his hands but couldn't begin to indent her calf muscle. It felt like he was touching a marble statue.

After a few moments, he moved up to her thighs. His hands roamed up and down her amazing thighs, appreciating her strong muscular curves. He put his left and right hands over the quadriceps muscles that bulged above the to the left and right of her kneecap. Just then, she began to flex that thigh muscle. Derek gasped as the quadriceps ballooned and more than filled each of his hands. The cords of muscle crossing her thigh were amazing, there was so much muscular definition. Once again, Derek tested the hardness of her muscles, and found them undeniably hard.

He inched closer to her, reaching around her waist with both arms to grab her glutes. They were perfectly-rounded, and felt very soft and smooth. Once again, she began to flex her muscles for him, this time to the maximum. Her perfect ass became harder than steel, and felt more like a bowling ball. Derek relied on his hands to explore since he couldn't see around her hips. He was sure he felt rippled contours in her skin, which were muscle striations from her straining glute muscles. Talk about your buns of steel!

The smell of honey and wildflowers was becoming stronger, and Derek realized she was enjoying this. He looked up from where he was kneeling towards Starla's face, and saw her large rounded breasts from underneath. He reached up to cradle each globe with his hands, and this time, Starla gasped. She reached down, putting a hand under each of his armpits and gently lifted him off the kitchen tiles, holding him in front of her just an inches off the tiled floor. Then she began to float, holding them both just inches off the tiles. She pointed her toes and raised her legs between his dangling legs. In response, he lifted his legs and wrapped them around her waist. She raised her legs until they were perpendicular to the floor, and then opened her legs wide to about forty-five degrees in each direction. He straddled her, and they floated about three feet above the kitchen floor.

Starla's eyes had a wild look. The smell of honey and wildflowers was now overpowering. She reached over to the counter and grabbed the maple syrup. She crooked her elbow and fully flexed her biceps, causing a monstrous muscle to swell to the size of a cantaloupe. She dripped maple syrup over the biceps and winked at Derek.

Derek reached up and began to lick the maple syrup off her enormous muscle. He quickly decided that Starla's taste and smell were even sweeter than the syrup. She pronated her wrist back and forth, making the biceps jump left and right, a dance of unearthly feminine power. Derek pondered for a moment how many millions of tons of force she was applying with that gorgeous muscle.

Derek could barely contain himself, he wanted to make love to this girl so badly. His penis had found its way out of the slit in the front of his boxers, and jutted into the notches in her muscular abdomen. Once, she flexed her abs gently. When the muscles expanded, they pinched the head of his penis in the channels between the muscles, and Derek thought he would cum right then.

Just then, Starla began to recline. As if on some invisible easy chair, they both slowly rolled towards Starla's back. She stopped when they were about thirty degrees from parallel with the floor. His hands tried in vain to cup her large breasts, but they were too large. He squeezed both breasts, testing their firmness. They were like no breasts he had ever felt before. They were soft, and pliable at first, but with increasing pressure, they seemed to give increasing resistance. Eventually, his forearms were shaking from the strain. He thought he didn't have to worry about hurting this supergirl. He fingers then played over her aureole, now four inches across, and her nipples, which were now about an inch in diameter and two inches long. Starla closed her eyes and gasped, "mmmmm."

Derek reached over to the countertop and grabbed a bottle of maple syrup. He drizzled it over the mounds of her breasts, which reminded him of pouring hot fudge on a massive sundae. He enjoyed the taste and smell of her, and of the syrup, as he licked it off her generous breasts. He moved over her nipples, his tongue working them over. One nipple slid between his teeth and he instinctively bit it as she hummed, "mmmmm." Then, remembering that he couldn't hurt her, he bit down hard, "MMMmmmmm." He turned his head to the side to get his molars into position, and bit down as hard as he could, and she said "MMMMMMM."

She reached down and grabbed his penis while she kissed him. Her tongue playing with his as they kissed deeply. He tried to penetrate her, but she was just too tight. So she gently used her strong hand and guided him into her, as she pulled him towards her. Derek had never been with a woman who was this tight, or one who could take all of his considerable length and girth into her. But she seemed to have no problem accepting all of him. She gently tensed her vagina muscles around his shaft, making him gasp and shudder. She knew he was getting tired of holding his torso in that position, so she flexed her lats muscles. When they expanded outward like wings, he had a place to put his hands to support his upper body.

He threw all caution away, knowing he could not hurt this supergirl. In fact, he sensed that she probably liked him to be as rough with her as he could, since that was still extremely gentle in comparison to what she could withstand. He rode her, drilled her, and squeezed her tits with all his might. She was obviously unaffected, and even seemed to enjoy the roughness.

When Derek was getting ready to explode, she gently tensed the muscles that gripped his shaft, and kept him from cumming. As the pressure built, he wanted badly to shoot into her. He began to pound down on her abdomen as he struggled to thrust in her. He had to get release. But his fists bounced off her unflexed abs, and she continued to hold him fast, seemingly oblivious to the predicament she had placed him in. Finally, she opened her eyes and smiled at him wickedly. She pulled his head down to hers and they began to kiss again. Finally, she freed his shaft, and he felt relief as he pumped like never before. After a while of what was for Derek very athletic sex, they curled up on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace and fell asleep.


Derek slept soundly for several hours. Perhaps he had no need to dream, since he was living one.

When he awoke, she was laying on her side next to him, leaning her head on her hand. She was just watching him, and smiled. "I didn't mean to stare at you darling, but I really don't need much sleep, and you're just so cute," she said through the most adorable smile Derek had ever seen. (Ten-Hut! Here we go again.)

Well, Derek now had a pretty good idea of her muscularity and muscular expansion. But he wanted to know more about her invulnerability. So, after they laid there talking for a while, he brought the subject up, " you're bullet-proof, then?" he asked.

"Sure, bullets barely tickle me - even the high-powered, Teflon-coated ones. Tank fire really wouldn't phase me either, it's just not powerful enough to affect me. Someday, I'd like to see what the big guns on a battleship would do to me, but realistically, I'm not worried. I mean, I could detonate an atomic bomb in my hands and not be harmed, so I don't think a battleship would even scratch me."

"You're kidding, right?" he said incredulously.

"Well, no. I'm totally impervious to any weapon, or disease. I don't need oxygen or food, either, since I pull the power I need from the inter-dimensional energy matrix. That's how I can fly through space."

"The inter what?" he said.

"I get my power primarily from another dimension. If flows to me into this dimension, and I store it in my breasts. Actually, an immense amount of energy is stored there. My breasts could power the eastern seaboard for several days, probably. I've always been a little out of balance, though. Power seems to slowly build up in me, and I get stronger and stronger, until my muscles actually ache. Then I know it's time for me to get a workout."

"A workout? How does someone as strong as you get a workout?"

"Derek, my strength may be vastly greater than yours, but it isn't unlimited. Growing up, I used to go to my rock garden and burn off the excess energy. I really miss going there."

"What's a rock garden?" he asked.

"My rock garden was a deserted plain on the planet I was born on that had large boulders. I would lift, squat, curl and press the rocks until I felt better. Actually, I may need to have a workout soon, but I'm not sure what there is on the planet that's heavy enough for me."

"How big were these boulders?" he asked.

"Different sizes. The smaller ones were 100 cubic yards, but there were some much bigger that gave me a better challenge," she said matter-of-factly with a sweet, innocent smile.

"Starla, those are more like mountains than boulders!" Derek blurted out as he tried to process the capabilities of this supergirl. Finally, he decided that he had to see if all this was really true, that he had to see for himself, so he grabbed her hand and said, "Totally impervious, huh?...well, come with me."

Derek led her out to his dad's workshed. Derek had to know if what Starla had said was true, and this was the most convenient place to test it.

He slid open the double doors and walked into the dark shed. Pulling a string, the overhead fluorescent lights came on. Starla followed him in and stood in the middle of the workshop in her supergirl pose. "Okay, Doubting Thomas. Bring it on. Let the experiments begin," she said confidently with a gorgeous smile.

He set up his video camera in the corner on a tripod since wanted to get this all on tape. First, he had her put her arm straight out at her side and tightened a vise around her biceps. Not just a normal present-day vise, but one of the old, hard-forged, cast iron ones. It must've weighed 50 pounds. He tightened it as much as he could, even banging on the lever with a hammer, when she said, "need a hand, perfessor?" With her bare hand, she cranked it another two turns as the vise creaked loudly. Then he said what she had been waiting for, "Okay, flex your biceps whenever you're ready...that is, if you can."

"IF? You better stand back, sherlock." She smiled at the camera and slowly bent her elbow. In a matter of moments, the vise exploded, unable to withstand the pressure of her expanding, steely muscle.

"NEXT!" she said proudly, when she spied another of the vises in the corner. "Wait, I've got an idea. Sure, you think my massive biceps can pop the vise, but what about my little finger?" So they tried it, and sure enough, when she bent her little finger, the vise popped open, unable to withstand the casual power of even her little finger. "NEXT!"

Derek sensed that a challenge was afoot. Then, he plugged in a circular saw to see just how invulnerable her skin was. The motor whined as he passed the blade over her forearm. When after letting it run for over a minute, they checked the blade. While her skin was unmarked, the saw blade was worn completely dull.

Then he took a pair of pliers and grabbed her nipple as hard as he could. As he squeezed, the nipple became aroused and grew to its two-inch long by one-inch wide size. Derek repositioned the pliers and squeezed until his forearms shook, but the end of the nipple was still perfectly round. "Here, let me help," she said as she replaced his hand with hers. As she gripped the pliers, cords of muscle popped out on the back of her hand and forearms. However, the nipple stayed perfectly round, and she only succeeded in crushing the pliers with her powerful hands. "Sorry about the pliers, honey. Is this what you were trying to do?" With that she pinched the same nipple between just her thumb and forefinger, and applied some casual pressure, easily compressing the nipple to an oval about half the former width.

Derek quickly tried to "do the math" in his head. Let's see, she applied enough pressure to crush the pliers into a mangled ball of scrap, but her nipple remained round. Then, with just her two fingers, she flattens it. He looked up at Starla in amazement. Before he could even ask the question, she answered, "I'm not sure exactly, but the two fingers were probably exerting between five and ten thousand tons of force."

"Now, I've got one for you," she announced. She grabbed a pair of branch clippers from the wall and positioned the teeth around her nipple. Then, she closed it and began to exert pressure. They immediately began to creak, and in just a few moments, the wooden handles splintered apart in her hands. Derek picked the tool up and looked at the way her nipple had scored a groove in the sharp teeth. Then she grabbed a pair of chain cutters and did the same thing. This time, however, the tools had long steel handles. She slowly applied pressure to the tool that was pinching her nipple. At first, she looked like she was enjoying the pressure, but eventually, the result was the same. The two-foot long steel handles began to bend together as the heavy-duty bolt cutters were unable to make a dent in her nipple. When Derek examined the tip, he found that her soft nipple had deformed the tough steel of the bolt cutters. "NEXT!"

Next, he wanted to test the hardness of her muscles some more, even though he had already seen examples of this. He took a nail and tried to hammer it into her flexed thigh muscle, but it just bent in two. The same thing happened to a large masonry nail, but after a few more strikes.
He got a large ball-peen hammer and chisel, and tried those on her flexed biceps, but the result was the same. Derek swung the hammer as hard as he could, but the chisel just CLANKed loudly and made no mark whatsoever on her skin. All the while she had a funny grin on her face as she watched him mentally deal with her body's invulnerability. He was obviously getting frustrated, and having difficulty dealing with his inferiority.

He grabbed a Jim Bowie knife he kept in the drawer and pulled it on her. Starla flexed her mighty abdominal muscles, and he tried to thrust the razor-sharp blade into her gut, but this only succeeded in snapping the blade off at the hilt. Starla smiled sweetly at him, "NEXT!"

"Dammit," he thought to himself as he seethed, "Was there no way to make her at least a little uncomfortable?" He was actually starting to get pissed off.

He picked up an awl and the ball-peen hammer, and placed the point of the awl above her left nipple. Starla still stood confident and relaxed, her hands on her hips, looking beautiful and powerful. Derek, reared back the hammer and cleanly struck the awl as hard as he could. Nothing happened, not even a mark was left on her skin. Again, he tried, and nothing. Derek was starting to get really mad now. He took the hammer and swung it madly at her head, cleanly striking her on the cheek and nose. Starla didn't even blink, so insignificant were Derek's assaults. He ran to the corner and picked up a twenty-pound sledge hammer and began to swing it at her head and body. He swung the sledge as hard as he could against her cheek, down onto her head and shoulders, and sideways into her nose and mouth. Each time, she didn't react at all. Then, he began to swing the sledge into her muscular body. At first, Starla flexed no muscles, so the sledge just bounced harmlessly off her muscular body with a THUD. Then, she began to flex the muscles he was aiming the sledge at, first a thigh, then the abs, then her triceps. Each time, the sledge sounded a loud CLANK and rebounded uncontrollably back to Derek. The vibrations on his hands were starting to actually hurt, like hitting a fastball on the hands in freezing weather. She stood calmly still and smiled the entire time, obviously unconcerned about his attacks which would have killed a platoon of Terrans, but were so negligible against her immeasurable might.

Derek was out of breath, partly from the efforts of his attacks, and partly from the unbelievably strong and erotic vision before him. He was also a little frantic at so soundly losing the competition with her. He stood there for a moment, staggering slightly, too tired to lift the sledgehammer again. He was determined to find a chink in her invulnerability, so he stood there for a moment thinking, his mind racing. Starla, meanwhile, was enjoying showing off for her lover just how powerful she actually was.

Next he tried the power drill on her forearm. She clenched her fist tight, which made cords of muscle and ligaments stand out on her hand and forearm, and a large ball of muscle swelled out of her forearm. He put the half-inch drill bit in place and pulled the trigger to the maximum speed. After a few moments, smoke started to rise from the bit. So Derek stopped to examine it. The tip of the bit was nearly red-hot and smoking, and totally worn down. Starla took the power drill from Derek and put it between her legs, inserting the bit into her vagina. She pulled the trigger to maximum, and began to enjoy the stimulation of the rough sides of the drill bit. "Mmmmmm," she said as she closed her eyes. Unknowingly, she began to tighten her grip just slightly on the wonderful drill bit, and she held it in place. The drill motor whined, and began to overheat and smoke. Derek's eyes were wide with disbelief. Even one of her softest areas was super powered and invulnerable. He tried to imagine what it would be like if it were him inside of her, instead of the drill bit. Just then Starla became frustrated that the stimulation had stopped, and tightened her vagina muscles just slightly. She immediately crushed and mangled the bit. She opened her eyes and pulled the bit out, for them both to see. It was incredibly deformed. "Sorry about the drill and drill bit, dear..." And with that she proceeded to close her powerful hand around the drill and crush it into scrap metal. "NEXT!"

Out of desperation, he started slugging at her with his bare fists. One after another, a left, then a right, big wind-up roundhouse punches into the center of her abs. However, as expected, each punch just bounced helplessly off the muscular plates of her stomach with a THUD. It was a lucky thing for Derek that she wasn't flexing her abs at the time, or he'd have shattered the bones in his hand. She was totally unconcerned, and becoming turned on with how futile his attacks were to her. Each one of these punches would definitely lay out any other Terran, yet she barely felt them. She felt incredibly invincible and dominant now. And really turned on, too. Then, he began to land crossing punches to each of her breasts. He worked them over as if they were punching bags. Now, that started to feel pretty good!

He was still fascinated with those boobs, and was becoming extremely frustrated that all his tests were failing. Not that he wanted to hurt her, but they only served to underscore how large the difference in their capabilities was. So he picked up a heavy claw hammer, and turned the claw side forward. She knew what he was thinking and said, "Go right ahead." He held the claw hammer far behind his head and swung it as hard as he could at her right breast. The claw indented about an inch into the large, fleshy boob, but then hit the steely muscles underneath. Derek held up the claw for them both to see how badly it had been bent. Once again, even her softest parts were more than a match for Derek's tests.

"Here honey, now I've got one for you," Starla said. She picked up a large screwdriver with a thick 12-inch shaft and held it in front of her face. Using her heat vision, she cut of the handle. She held it up to her tongue and licked it as steam hissed off the red hot metal. When it was cooler after a few moments she handed it to Derek, but he had no idea what she wanted him to do with it. She put each of her hands on her DDD boobs and cradled them. Then, she slid her fingers up into the deep cleavage and slowly pulled the large globes further apart. When they were pulled far out to each side, she said, "Okay, brace the screwdriver between them."

Derek held the screwdriver shaft laterally and lodged it as far between her boobs as he could. They made small indentations into the soft orbs. He removed his hand once he was sure the metal shaft would stay there. Then, she slowly reduced the pressure holding the breasts apart, and as they moved back to the normal position, the screwdriver shaft was easily bent into a forty-five degree angle, but stayed stuck between the breasts. Then, Starla put her hands on her hips, and began to flex her powerful chest muscles. Plates of thick muscles formed a the base of the breasts, pushing them outward. The boobs pushed further together, decreasing even more the angle in the screwdriver shaft as it creaked loudly. Eventually, the boobs themselves began to get harder, as the ends of the screwdriver shaft became less and less indented into her flesh. Eventually, it fell to the floor with a CLANK. Derek reached up to feel how hard her breasts had become. What had once felt soft and pliable, now felt harder than steel with no give at all. "Careful honey, don't get your hand caught between them, it might get crushed," she said with a cat-that-ate-the-canary smile. "NEXT!"

Finally, that was all he could stand, he jumped at her and kissed her deeply. He was frantically lusting for her gorgeous muscular body. She put her hands on his hips, and levitated them both into the air. Then she rotated them horizontally, with her on the bottom, and holding him above her like a human-sized dildo. She guided his shaft into her, and continued to hold him above her by the waist, working him in and out of her. Since she was supporting the weight of his lower body, he placed his two hands on her breasts to steady his upper body, and to massage those beautiful invincible breasts. He was almost violent as he rode her, although she was obviously more than up to withstanding it. In a half hour, they were done. She lowered them to the shop floor, and he rolled onto his back, panting deeply.

"No more "NEXT", I'm satisfied...for now," Derek said with a devilish grin.

"Well, I can hardly wait, perfessor," she fire back smiling, looking more beautiful, and certainly more invulnerable, than ever.

"And I can hardly wait to see the videotape," he thought to himself as he sighed.

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