STARLA: CHAPTER 6 - Getting To Know You

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STARLA: CHAPTER 6 - Getting To Know You


As twilight cast the cabin into shadows, the supergirl and her young man shared an intimacy neither had previously known. The lights were low, fireplace periodically crackled; it was the ultimate romantic scene. At 6’2" Derek was seven inches taller than Starla. She craned her neck upward to meet his lips. "Mmmmmm," she kissed him very deeply.

For Derek, the temperature in the room was definitely rising, and not because of the fire that Starla had ignited with her eyes! No, his hands roamed her waist, hips, lats, deltoids, breasts: God, she was so incredible! The angles and contours of her body were beyond belief.

At the same time, all he could think of were questions: Who was she?...Where was she really from?...How strong was she?... How’d she get so strong?...What other capabilities did she have? Maybe most importantly, what did she want with him? There were so many mysteries. His heart fought back the urge to let his head try to analyze the situation. No, damn it, he would make a point to enjoy tonight by not thinking too much.

Starla, for her part, was very much enjoying being intimate with the young hunk. Derek already knew more about this mysterious supergirl than anybody else, with the possible exception of her mother, Vanella. Starla began to feel comfortable with that inevitable feeling of vulnerability one feels at the start of a new relationship.

At one point, she began to get carried away. She forgot where she was and unknowingly began to hold him just slightly more tightly. It was actually just an infinitesimal increase in terms of the total amount of force she could apply, but it was enough. Little did she know that she was beginning to effortlessly crush Derek’s manly chest flat with her powerful arms. To Derek it felt as if steel beams were crushing him into the invulnerable steel of her chest. "Wooompf" was the only sound he made as the air was crushed from his lungs as his eyes bulged wide.

Starla was mortified when she realized what was happening. "Oh my God, Derek, are you all right?" screamed the muscle girl, as she cradled his body in her arms and frantically rushed him to the couch.

Derek was out of breath, gasping. In a few moments, his body recovered, as did his ego. "Yeah, I’m fine," he said, even though he could feel deep bruises forming along his back and ribs, and knew that he had a couple of cracked ribs (which she later confirmed with her super vision).

"Honey, I am so sorry, I guess I need to be more careful with my strength." She put her face in her hands and began to cry. "Oh, this is all wrong. I can’t believe I did that to you with my muscles. You of all people. Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this."

Derek leaned up on one elbow - and he tried not to show how badly it hurt him to do that - and cradled her chin in his hand and looked deeply into her gorgeous eyes. "Hey, I know you didn’t mean to do that. You’re just so damn strong. Remember, I fell for you long before I knew you had this body. I spent a lot of time getting to know what was in your head and your heart. Maybe its time for me to find out more about your muscles, too."

Starla nodded as she got up from the couch. She grabbed a handful of his shirt and casually lifted him up off the couch with just her left hand, holding him a few inches off the ground. "I’ll just make a mental note to not get carried away in the strength department when we get...together."

"Well, yes, please do," he added sarcastically, but smiling. "Now, darling, would you mind putting me down?"

"Oh, sorry," she said grinning as she began to feel more at ease again.

They went over to a deerskin rug in front of the fireplace where the lighting was better. Starla was standing with her hands on her hips, smiling. Her beautiful face and cute dimples seemed to compete with the fire to illuminate the room. He could barely contain himself she was so beautiful. The muscular curves of her strong sensual body were so visible in the skimpy white bikini. She was more erotic looking than his best muscle girl dreams. He imagined that the flickering light from the fireplace logs seemed to enjoy licking at her body while also providing illumination for his viewing. And all the shadows that were cast by the firelight only seemed to add to the mystery of the moment.

"Okay, let’s see, where should we start?" she said. "Well, the first thing for you to realize is that my muscular expansion is far greater than that of a Terran."

"What you’re trying to say is that you’ve got big muscles, right?" he asked.

"Yeah, my muscles are pretty big to start with. But what I’m saying is that my muscles flex to larger proportions than what you’ve probably ever seen before. Here...let me show you."

Starla was a little nervous how he would react to the dramatic change in her body when she fully exerted her strength. Slowly, she began to flex her thighs. Huge cuts began to form as slabs of muscle tissue bunched up on her thighs. Her already shapely thigh grew from 27 inches around to over 36 inches in just a few moments.

"OH MY GOD!?" was all Derek could say as he knelt down before her thunderous thighs. Derek held out a hand - he incredulously wondered whether a mere mortal be allowed to touch her - and nevertheless felt her massively muscular thighs. Starla’s thighs were cut with cords of huge, flaring muscles. Derek ran his hands up and down the clefts and strong contours and valleys. She was unbelievably cut. Each one of her thighs was bigger than Derek’s waist. She also had a large knot of a muscle bulging out near the top of her thighs or base of her hips. Derek looked at the dimples in the sides of her hips, and admired her hips and her haunches. He ran his hand over her powerful hips and glutes.

"By any measure, she is a goddess," he thought silently to himself. She was truly unbelievable. His rational mind could think of no words to describe her...she existed outside the bounds of what was possible, and even describable. There was no area unaffected by her muscularity. Derek was amazed that muscles as large and defined as hers were not more vascular. But even more amazing than her muscle size or powerful look, was the fact that her femininity had not been sacrificed for the sake of her muscularity. She was all woman... all-powerful...and erotically beautiful.

She mesmerized Derek. His mouth was very dry, and Starla could hear his heart pounding. Then she finished flexing her thighs fully. As her thighs swelled to 40 inches (and her strength magnified to unbelievable proportions), she had ripples and striations begin to appear in her rock-hard muscles.

Then she turned her right leg to a 45 degree angle and pointed her toe, which caused her calf muscles to flare out like an upside down valentine's day heart. Derek had to use one hand to cover each half of her calf muscle, and even then they weren’t totally covered.

Derek worshipped her legs for several minutes, licking and feeling, probing and kissing. Her skin was so warm and tan and soft, but the muscles beneath were so hard. "Geez Starla, your muscles are SO hard when you flex them, they feel like granite," he said.

Starla knelt down on her knees, but since Derek was actually sitting on the floor, she had the height advantage. He put his hands on her sexy hips.

"Actually, they are much harder than even steel or diamonds," she replied. "That’s how I could bend that baseball bat over my bicep. Remember?"

Derek nodded dumbly as he began to recall the unbelievable events of the day. "So you really are the girl of steel?" he asked.

She nodded and said, "Yeah, I guess so, if that’s the hardest thing you’ve got to compare me to."

"Here, Derek, I’ve always wanted to do this, it’s a little fantasy of mine." She held her slim arm straight out at her side. "Grab hold of my upper arm, and hold it tight," she said. Once he was in place, she sat as upright as she could without lifting him right off the floor.

Then she smiled teasingly at him, she was obviously acting out one of her favorite fantasies, and said, "ELEVATOR GOING UP!" With that, she slowly began to bend her elbow and flex her tremendous bicep. Slowly a mass of harder-than-steel feminine muscle began to form on her upper arm. Derek felt a round steel ball growing in her arm beneath his grip. It grew bigger and bigger, undeniably hard. Slowly but surely, the big bicep grew taller and lifted Derek off the ground. He looked at her with wild eyes, incredibly turned on. Eventually, his body was lifted seven or eight inches off the floor, solely on the power of her bicep’s muscular expansion. He swung back and forth as his full weight dangled beneath the beautiful bicep. "PENTHOUSE," she announced when her arm was fully flexed. Derek could not believe the sight of her bicep up close, it was absolutely massive. It shot at a right angle up and away from the arm, gradually curving to a peak eight inches above the arm, and felt like living steel.

After that demonstration, neither young lover could contain themselves any longer. Starla set Derek back down on the deerskin rug. For the next hour, he worshipped her muscles as she flexed and posed for their mutual enjoyment. Ultimately, they made love, and this time she kept careful track of her strength during this encounter. Her body was unbelievable, Derek had never felt anyone as tight as Starla. She was so soft but firm, unless she tensed a muscle, which then became harder than steel.


Later that evening, as they cuddled nude in front of the fire, Derek decided that he was getting pretty hungry, given how loud his stomach was growling. "I’ve been listening to your stomach for the last half hour," Starla revealed.

"Don’t tell me that you’ve got super hearing, too," asked Derek, to which Starla only grinned nodded. "Super eyesight, too?" he asked. "Yup," she answered.

"Oh boy," Derek sighed, constantly amazed by the supergirl.

"Why don’t we go to Scott’s Sports Bar to get a pizza and some beer?" Derek asked after a few moments.

"Sounds great to me," Starla answered. "But maybe I should change into something more...normal?"

"Uhh, yeah," Derek said almost reluctantly. He had grown accustomed to having a muscle girl parade around the house in a skimpy bikini. "Go on upstairs and try on some of my sister’s stuff."

"Do you think it will fit me?" asked Starla innocently.

"HA!" was all Derek said, even though his sister was gorgeously built.

Starla was pretty muscular with a powerful and fit physique, but she didn’t look like a freak and could easily blend in with a crowd. Even when not flexing her muscles, she looked like a pumped-up female bodybuilder in contest shape.

After some trial and error - one big error being when she tried on his sister’s denim jacket, only to have her flexed bicep split the sleeve wide open - some adequate clothes were selected. She wore a pair of Natalie’s cut-off denim shorts, one of Derek’s T-shirts, and a pair of Natalie’s running shoes. Her hair was tied back in a denim bow.

Natalie’s shorts strained to contain the large muscular curves of Starla’s smooth tanned legs. Derek’s shirt was big enough to hang loosely on Starla’s non-flexed body, but her generous breasts filled the shirt like Natalie or Adina never could.

Starla thought she looked damn sexy in her non-flexed state. But as she stood in front of the mirror admiring her first "look" in Terran clothing, she couldn’t resist the temptation to flex her muscles in this Terran clothing. First, she raised her arm and flexed the bicep. The end of the shirt sleeve was caught at the top of the muscle peak, and then started to slide and roll backwards towards her powerful shoulder as the monster flex expanded, revealing a huge rounded muscle. She admired the beautiful bicep while his shirt was stretched out-of-shape beyond repair. Then, she began to flex her other bicep as her arm hung down at her side. The sleeve originally hung down beneath her elbow. It looked as if someone was inflating a balloon inside her shirt sleeve. Eventually it looked like there was a melon stuffed up inside the shirt as the seams started to split. She stopped flexing just in the nick of time, as the T-shirt began to make popping and tearing sounds.

"Hey, take it easy on my shirt, muscle chic," he teased.

"Sorry," she said faking the "dog with her tail between her legs" look, even though they both knew how much she enjoyed showing off her body for him, and how much he enjoyed viewing it. God, Derek thought, she looks so gorgeous and so wholesome. "As long as she doesn’t flex any big muscles, she’ll pass for being relatively normal," he thought to himself, "...a fantastically firm, incredibly curvaceous, very voluptuous, extremely erotic, but normal, girl."

They exited the cabin, and Derek locked the door. When he turned around, there was Starla with her left hand on her hip, her right hand casually holding Derek’s truck in the air about shoulder height. The tires were hanging down out of the wheel wells. "Wanna drive...or fly?" was all she said.

Derek coughed and dropped his keys in surprise. "Let’s try to make this a normal date, shall we?" he said her, and then whispered to himself, " if anything about her is normal."

"I heard that," she said as she gently set the big truck back on the ground.

Their first stop was at the ATM for some cash. However, Derek’s card was rejected for some reason. He returned to the truck embarrassed, "Well, I guess we’ll have to go back home, I can’t get any money out of that damn machine."

"Why don’t you let me try?" she asked.

First, she glanced at the security cameras and knocked them out one by one with her heat ray. Then, she hopped out of the cab and strolled up to the stubborn machine. Derek admired her strong and shapely legs as she walked away. He watched in amazement as she effortlessly sunk her two fists into the wall just outside the ATM machine frame. Then, with what looked like a relatively gentle tug, she yanked the entire machine from the wall as sparks flew everywhere. Two-inch-thick rebar was bent wildly out of shape as it screamed for mercy. She set the machine on the ground and tore it apart using her bare hands to deform the thick stainless steel. Just 10-15 seconds later, she was walking back to the truck with a cassette full of $20 bills.


"Why don’t you just think of me as Robin Hood. We were kinda poor, weren’t we?"

Derek fired up the truck and made a fast getaway before there were any witnesses.


They entered the sports bar and took a table in the rear. Derek just hoped they could manage to keep a low profile.

For a while, it seemed as if they actually would get to enjoy their beer and pizza (which Starla enjoyed very much) in peace. Just then, Jack Breland stalked into the bar. Jack was the star middle linebacker for the cross-county rivals of Derek’s football team. He spotted Derek and made a beeline for their table.

"Oh shit," Derek said under his breath. Starla, of course, could hear everything, and asked, "Now what?"

"Jack Breland just came in, and he’s coming this way."

"Oh great, one more opportunity for me to be your bodyguard. Derek, don’t you know anyone who doesn’t want to beat the shit out of you?" she asked sarcastically. He scowled back in response.

Breland was a very large young man, who swaggered as if he had always gotten away with everything he had ever done. Starla stood up to face him as he approached the table.

"Well, if it isn’t Pussyfoot. You ran past me during the homecoming game, but do you think you can get past me again, Pussyfoot?" he snarled with emphasis to Derek.

"Please leave us alone," Starla asked.

"Hey Pussyfoot, who’s the bitch?"

Well, Starla abhorred being called a bitch. So she took a single finger and flicked it at Jack’s chest, sending him flying across the bar to land splayed on the stage near the drum set. He quickly got his bearings and jumped up for a return engagement. He started charging across the room, when Scott the bartender grabbed a wooden baseball bat from beneath the counter and banged it on the top of the bar and shouted, "hey, that’s enough, take your fight outside, I don’t want no fightin’ in here."

Breland grabbed the bat from his hand and charged at Starla. Although Derek had protective feelings for Starla, he knew by now that there was no way Breland would harm Starla, so he decided to sit back and watch the festivities.

Breland, who was also the catcher for the baseball team, took a mighty swing at Starla’s shoulder that would have crushed bones in a normal Terran girl, but she casually caught the bat with one hand. She held it fast with one hand while Breland tugged at it with both hands. The bat didn’t move a centimeter. Then she yanked it from his hands, held if in front of her chest at arms length and effortlessly snapped it in two like a toothpick, handing the two splintered halves back to Breland.

He looked at the broken wood in his hands and looked at her in disbelief, standing there with her hands on her hips. Then he dropped the wood and swung a hard roundhouse punch at Starla’s abdomen. Although she wasn’t flexing her abs at the time, the natural muscle tone for the muscular plates of her abdomen easily repelled his blows. His hand felt as if it had hit a punching bag and made a "THUD" as it bounced off, not even causing her to flinch. He swung and landed five or six more punches before he realized how ineffective it was.

Then he grabbed two balls from the pool table and threw them at Starla, who caught one in each hand. Then she proceeded to hold them up and crush each one with her bare hands, causing crunching and cracking sounds while dust flew everywhere.

She walked over to a display of golf balls, and put one ball between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. With a cute smile on her face, she crushed the hard little ball flat between her fingers like it was a marshmallow. Then, she grabbed eight golfballs and put one between each one of her fingers. Holding her hands in front of her so he could see, she closed her fingers and crushed all eight flat, her fingers easily deforming the hard plastic balls.

Finally, she stepped to a corner of the bar undergoing renovations. She lifted up a sledgehammer and pulled off her shirt, revealing her enormous round breasts. She flexed her bicep to a tremendous size, and looked admiringly at it, as did Breland. Then, holding the sledge at the end of the handle, she smashed it into her bicep with a THUD! Holding it up for all to see, the head of the sledgehammer had been squashed flat and flattened out into a head about ten inches across. The face of the sledge was flat as a pancake, except for the slight curve from her bicep’s contour. Then, she flexed her steely abs, which were unbelievably cut, and smashed the flat face of the sledge into them. When she held up the sledge to show Breland, the face had been imprinted with the waffle-like pattern of her abdominal muscles. It looked as if the pattern of her abs had been chiseled into the steel.

"Here...want a souvenir?" she smiled sweetly. She handed the sledge to Breland, who looked dumbfounded as he ran his fingers over the pattern indented on the face of the hammer. "Now, tough guy, would you please leave us alone, or I’ll have to get rough with you."

Breland had seen enough. He turned and ran out of the bar carrying the sledgehammer.

"Show off," said Derek, "although the sledgehammer was a nice touch."

"Thanks. I go for effect," she replied smiling sweetly as she put her shirt back on.

Over pizza and beers, Derek asked her more about her talents, and learned in more detail about some of the marvelous things she could do with her body. Starla told him more about her background, her race, and about her recent episode with the Enterprise.

When the bar had to close, they went for a walk in the park and continued their conversation.

"So you actually memorized the starship’s entire computer banks?" he asked incredulously.

"Well, not on purpose, per se, I just read it and since I have a photographic memory..."

"So you have the sum total knowledge of the human race up through the 24th century locked up in your brain?"


"Well now I REALLY feel inadequate," he joked. Then he turned to face her and asked more seriously, "But all kidding aside, you still haven’t answered my first question and I’ve simply got to know: STARLA, HOW STRONG ARE YOU?"

Starla looked down, and almost seemed to be ashamed of how strong she was. She didn’t want the focus of their relationship to shift to her fantastic body. After several moments, he took her by the hand and said, "Fine. Let’s go find out."

Derek had seen how easily she had held the Thompson’s truck overhead and knew she had to be pretty strong lift several thousand pounds, but he had no idea of the full magnitude of her starborn strength. He figured that she was probably capable of pressing several tons; little did he realize that amount of weight was minuscule compared to the total she could handle.

He led her to the back door of a local gym called the Underground Pounds that was closed for the night. He pointed to the padlock on the door and said, "I guess you can do something about that?"

She said, "Duh" and grasped the padlock in her hand. Then she casually tightened her grip, causing her forearm muscle to bulge slightly as the tendons popped out, and crushed it until metal squished out from between her fingers. She tossed the deformed metal down in the alleyway, and opened the door to the gym making an "after you" gesture.

Derek led her down the stairs to the weight room and switched on the overhead light. He started sliding large disks onto the bench press bar that already had eight hundred pounds on it. After several minutes he turned to Starla, he said, "Okay kiddo, let’s see what you can do."

Starla was confused, "What do you mean?"

"I said, show me what you can do. Let’s see if you can lift it."

"What?" Starla tried to suppress her giggles, but could not and finally broke out in laughter.

Derek had a serious look on his face. But she just kept laughing, it seemed so ludicrous to her. "Okay smarty-pants," he threatened, "if I need to I can add more weight, you know."

But she just laughed more. Finally he said, "STARLA, WHAT IS SO FUNNY?"

"...IF I can lift it? IF? Honey, no offense, but there’s not enough weight in this whole building to challenge me," she said in between chuckles as she grabbed the weight bar that by now had over two thousand pounds and snapped off a few one-handed curls, her bicep bunching up to a beautiful round ball as the bar bent down away from her hand. Given how easily she had lifted Derek’s truck earlier that evening, he wasn’t too surprised to see her do this. But then she strolled over to the weight rack, grabbed a solid grip, and hoisted the entire thing overhead with one hand, snapping the secure one-inch bolts that had been sunken eight inches into the concrete. Derek was a little stunned as he calculated in his head that the rack must have weighed over ten thousand pounds.

"Derek, I guess I need to level with you about the true magnitude of my strength. Remember that I told you before that I was many times more powerful than the strongest Protector. Well, what I didn’t tell you is that I’m about two thousand times stronger than she is, and that she is five thousand times stronger than a normal Terran." She paused a moment for him to grasp this and do the calculation in his head.

"When I was on the Enterprise, they did some objective measurements. My full strength is equivalent to about ten million times normal Terran levels." Derek had a look of confusion and wonderment, as he reached behind him to the weight bench to steady himself and keep from falling.


"This weight rack probably weighs a little over five tons, but believe me when I tell you it’s actually very light to me. I can lift a lot more than that...quite a bit more. According to the tests and measurements taken on the Enterprise, I am strong enough to bench press three million tons. Each one of my arms can curl over a million tons. I can squat over four and a half million tons. And each one of my hands can apply over nine hundred thousand tons of gripping force."

Derek looked punch-drunk. "..Unh...Did...did you say...tons? in 2,000 pounds?"

Starla smiled nervously, "...uhhh...yup," awaiting his reaction. "So you see, this just doesn’t give me much of a workout," she admitted as she gently rested the weight rack back down. "In relative terms, that five-ton weight feels to me just like a fraction of an ounce feels to you, probably much less than a flower petal, in fact."

Derek’s head was spinning as he tried to comprehend what she had just said. "Holy shit." They were both silent for several minutes as they tried to sort out what had happened. Finally, Derek said, "I guess you really ARE a supergirl, aren’t you?"

She moved to just inches from him and put both her hands on his chest. "I’d prefer to say that I’m YOUR supergirl," she said smiling. She gazed deep into Derek’s eyes and said, "Promise me tonight, all the love I’ll need for the rest of my life."

"Gladly. I DO love you, Starla. Forever." She kissed him tenderly.

They returned to the cabin and made love all night long on the deer skin rug. She frequently flexed her massive muscles for Derek to worship, and was extremely careful not to hurt his fragile body with her overwhelming strength. Eventually, as the sun came up the supergirl cuddled up next to him and hugged him gently. She laid her head against his chest and fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.

Derek, however, could not sleep. He tingled from her sweet honeysuckle scent that permeated the room, and her warm touch kept him perpetually aroused. And his head kept spinning from the revelation of Starla’s starborn enormous strength. He simply could not believe that a girl this powerful - and beautiful - was snuggled up in bed with him. He lay there all night staring at the ceiling.


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Sharon Best, Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997

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