STARLA: CHAPTER 4 - The Rescue of Deep Space 9

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STARLA: CHAPTER 4 - The Rescue of Deep Space 9


Gauger wasn’t sure why the examination had been so abruptly cut short or what had happened to Dr. Crusher - her assistant Tuvok had evidently been asked to complete the tests. But when Tuvok arrived at the Sick Bay waiting area to call him in, all Gauger knew was that he was very glad he’d get to see the amazing girl from the stars again.

Even though it had been over 30 minutes since he had last seen Starla, he still could remember the image of the goddess with great detail, her gorgeous image forever burned into his brain. He literally could think of nothing else, and maintained a residual hard-on in her absence just thinking about her. Nevertheless, when the automatic door whooshed open and Gauger walked into the examination room, his heart nearly stopped again. The beauty possessed by this girl was astounding, even the clearest of memories could not do her justice.

There she stood in the middle of the examination room, illuminated by bright lights, her broad smile as white as new-fallen snow. Her large breasts were round and firm. Her dark brown hair gleamed with a practically unnatural sheen. Even under the bright lights, her eyes shown with their own candescent blue hue. Her stark white bikini would have been practically glary if not for the muting effect of her darkly-tanned skin, of which so much was visible. She stood with her hands on her hips in what was her trademark pose. The rounded outlines, bulges, and cuts of her relaxed muscles provided amazing contours and angles to her dazzling young body. The outline of her "buffed" physique was both incredibly arousing and awe-inspiring when he remembered the strength she possessed, her muscles simultaneously exciting and frightening.

Yet despite her intimidating beauty, Starla was very approachable. Her eyes cast such a friendly expression, her deep dimples made her look so cute. It just felt natural to be with her. So after taking a deep breath, he walked over to her, "Well, what’s the verdict? You gonna live?"

Starla admired the young man as he entered the room, and she could tell that he liked her even without telepathically sensing it. She was attracted both to his handsome face, and to his physique, too. Gauger was an amateur body builder, and was pretty well built. It had never occurred to her that a man could actually have large muscles, too, and she found it very attractive. As she used her tachyon vision to see the body beneath his uniform, she noticed that his large "endowment" was growing rapidly, and she clearly heard his heart beating like a base drum.

"I guess so, but we barely got into the ..."examination". You know how it goes with doctors and pagers."

They were alone in the examination room. As they stood close in an awkward moment, Gauger realized that he didn’t know what his next orders were. "...Um, I guess we should let the Captain know you’re through for now."

Starla reached up and put her a finger to his lips. "Well, I’m sure the Captain wouldn’t mind if I continued my ... "orientation"?

Starla had become aroused by the exertion of her magnificent muscles when she overpowered the starship, and also when she "fought" the security guards - not to mention her little interlude with Dr. Crusher - and was very needful at this particular moment. So with this attractive man in front of her, she knew exactly what she wanted. With that, Starla pulled Gauger towards her and began kissing him deeply. Gauger had never been with a woman like Starla, never felt so wonderful. As she held him so tightly, he knew that he could never hope to break free from those powerful arms. And what’s more, he would never even want to try.

As they kissed, Gauger’s hands roamed across her unbelievable body. He felt the rounded curves of her deltoids, the angle of her lats, the cut of her v-taper and the contours of the muscles of her upper back. Her perfect skin felt as soft as satin. He massaged her tight ass and felt her perfect, rounded glutes. Gauger was totally in awe of her buffed body. Starla’s tongue pushed deep into Gauger’s mouth and danced with his own tongue. Although he didn’t dwell on it, it was obvious that even her tongue had super strength as it powerfully swept back and forth. Starla was clearly in complete control.

At the same time, although not trying to telepathically probe his mind, Starla sensed impressions of his reactions to what she was doing, and the things he wanted her to do. So without really thinking about it, she naturally tailored her love-making to enhance his experience. As a result, they both seemed to get exactly what they needed, and they moaned thankfully. It was as if it was choreographed in advance, and her pheromones filled the room.

She reached her hands to the neckline of his uniform and gently tore open the tear-resistant jersey right down the middle of his chest. They continued to kiss as he let the shirt slip off his arms and fall to the floor behind him. She then began to rip his pants in half. Gauger balanced on one leg and frantically tried to finish getting the pants and boots off without letting their lips part. In a few more moments, he was totally nude.

After several minutes, Starla stopped kissing and pushed him back about a foot. "OK muscleman, let’s see what you’ve got," she said with an impish grin that nearly made him faint.

He looked at her quizzically. "What do you mean?" he asked after a moment.

"I want to see your muscles, too, silly" she replied.

Although he said, "You’ve got to be kidding," that wasn’t what he was thinking. He loved to show off his muscles, wanted to have a woman worship his muscles. And he dearly wanted to show off his muscles to this woman. The only problem was that even his very large muscles were still smaller than hers.

"Come on, let me see your biceps," she coaxed. After a moment, he moved into a double biceps pose. As his 20-inch guns jutted upward, he knew that any other woman on the ship would be impressed, but he didn’t know what this muscle girl would think. So when the supergirl from the stars smiled and said, "very impressive," he thought he would cum right then and there.

Starla realized that while her biceps were much larger (and obviously harder and stronger), he was pretty damn well built for a Terran, at least based on what she had seen so far. In fact, she really was impressed. She also sensed that he was proud of his physique. So she put a hand on each one of his biceps and began to kiss and lick and suck him on his pecs, which he flexed up and down for her. Gauger’s woodie found a notch between the ridges of muscle in her abs - it felt like a broomstick had gotten caught in a crack in the sidewalk - the resistance felt absolutely wonderful.

"Now, her are mine," Starla said after a few minutes as she stepped back, smiling. With that she slowly began to flex her arms. Although he had seen her do this before, he again stared in disbelief as her biceps slowly grew from baseballs, to softballs, to grapefruits, to cantaloupes. Mammoth mounds of bicep muscle reached for the ceiling. She looked like she had footballs stuffed underneath the skin of her upper arm. Her own eyes looked wild with excitement as she glanced back and forth at them, and Gauger knew that she was turned on by her own muscles.

Gauger could barely breathe. She was breathtaking - he had never seen anything so beautiful and so obviously strong. He slowly inched towards her. She lowered her head and looked at him with an allure like he had never seen before. She was so feminine, so beautiful, so attractive...and so powerful. Then he put a hand on each of her titanic biceps - his large hands could barely cover half of them - and began to kiss and lick her on the chest. Starla closed her eyes and moaned appreciatively. She loved feeling his adoration as he worshipped her muscles. Gauger was amazed how different her body felt when she flexed her muscles. When relaxed, her body was buffed and very firm, but still soft and feminine. But, when flexed, her muscles felt like living granite, he couldn’t believe how hard her arms felt. He squeezed as hard as he could, but couldn’t make a dent in them at all. The skin stretched so thin that he could see striations of the muscle tissues.

Gauger’s huge erection now practically looked like a flagpole and jutted into Starla’s washboard abs. She reached down with one hand and began to massage his swollen member as he began to breathe very deeply.

After a few minutes, she put her hands on his hips and gently lifted him off the ground. His weight obviously wasn’t even a test for her casual strength. She lifted his waist to her eye level and smiled playfully at his swollen erection. "Is this for me?" she asked, and then licked down the length of his shaft.

She held him closer so that his penis was in her generous cleavage. Then, as she gently flexed her pectoral muscles, thick slabs of muscle began to push up from her chest, making her breasts jut further out. As the cleavage deepened, it also narrowed and began to tighten around his organ. The combination of hard muscle and soft breasts feeling wonderful as it surrounded him. She carefully tightened her grip and he began to moan. She massaged him by tightening and relaxing her pectoral muscles - a much different kind of "titty fuck" than he had ever had before.

Starla sensed that Gauger was about to climax, so she loosened her grip and put his erection deep into her mouth. Her powerful tongue began to massage up and down as she sucked on his shaft. When he was practically ready to explode she gently applied pressure to the base of his shaft, preventing him from cumming, "not so fast," she thought. As the internal pressure built over the next few minutes, Gauger wasn’t sure if his organ hurt so bad that it felt so good, of if it felt so good that it hurt that bad. All he knew was that he needed to release it very soon.

As his sixth wave began to build up, Starla mercifully slackened her lips and finally let him cum. Gauger felt like a geyser, as he climaxed for practically two minutes straight. He moaned loudly and beat his fists down on her large shoulders while she continued to effortlessly hold him suspended in front of her, his fists bouncing harmlessly of her rounded deltoids.

Just then the intercom announced, " Gauger...this is Captain Picard...I can see that you’re quite busy right now, but could you report to my Ready Room immediately?..." The Captain had a curious lilt in his voice.

Gauger’s face turned beet red when he saw the red light on the surveillance camera. "...Uh...aye...sir..."


Gauger got cleaned up and dressed to meet with the Captain. But he wasn’t sure what to do with Starla in the meantime.

"Starla, would you like to read while I’m gone?"


So he set her up in front of a viewscreen in the lounge next to Sick Bay and showed her how to use the computer to access reading materials. "I don’t think I’ll be that long," he said as he left.

Starla held in her hand one of the iso-linear chips that Gauger had left for her, and magnified her vision. With her eyesight, she could see how information was stored on it. Within a few moments, she had "read" the entire contents of the iso-linear chip. Then she asked the computer to display a directory of available information on the screen. She read for a few moments, and then asked the computer to display information faster, " fast as you can..." Then after a few minutes, "that’s still not fast enough. Computer: Stop. Show me a schematic of this ship." The computer immediately complied. She studied the schematic and quickly realized that the main computer banks were located right next door (like Sick Bay, they were located in the most protected part of the ship). Using her tachyon vision to see through the wall and her capacity for extreme magnification, she began to "read" material directly from the storehouse of information contained in the Enterprise’s main memory bank and archives, converting the electron digital format into language as she went. And since she was not limited by the computer’s speed in accessing files and displaying the information on the screen, she absorbed the information much faster. In essence she was importing a file dump of the computer banks into her brain by merely looking at the records.

By the time Gauger returned an hour later from getting his butt chewed out by the Captain, she had read (and memorized, since she had a photographic memory) the entire storehouse of information kept in the Enterprise’s computer, which represented the total sum of mankind’s knowledge. Languages, maps, equations, literature, history, photographs, charts, everything.

When Gauger returned, he asked whether she had found anything interesting to read. "Yes, quite a bit, in fact," she replied. "How is the Captain?"

"Let’s not talk about it," he murmured.

"...OK...Well, what do you do on this ship for fun?"

"Well, sometimes I go to 10-Forward when I’m off duty. It’s kind of a bar."

"Great, let’s go," she replied. She reached down for his hand and they turned to walk out of Sick Bay.

Gauger knew that the looks they would receive from crewman on duty during the walk to 10-Forward would be priceless. But he could not wait to see the reaction as they walked into the bar.


Wesley Crusher sat alone in a dark corner booth in 10-Forward. He was watching a tape of Starla’s confrontation with the Security Guards, and the physical examination with his mother. Needless to say, he could not believe his eyes.

News of Starla’s arrival had burned through the ship’s grapevine, and gratefully, had finally arrived to Wesley Crusher. Wesley had always fantasized about strong muscular women. He had once dated Paula, that researcher in the nuclear physics lab, who was an erstwhile bodybuilder. But she wasn’t all that muscular. In addition, he had been forced to endure unmerciful taunting from his friends about him dating someone with bigger muscles than him. So finally, since the cons had outweighed the pros, he had broken it off with Paula, and conscripted himself to an existence of masturbation while he dreamed of someday meeting a woman like Starla.

Despite all his fantasies, he had never actually seen anything like Starla. Yet there she was on his palmtop infomanager. He replayed the images over and over, sometimes pausing the images and zooming in. His hand roamed between his legs under the dark tabletop. Wesley was quickly falling in lust, and in love, with Starla.

Moments later, Wesley froze. The large wooden doors to the bar whooshed open, and in walked Starla holding hands with - of all people - his buddy Jack Gauger. Wesley began to seethe with jealousy as he watched their every move.

The clatter and din of 10 Forward suddenly faded to a hush. Gauger took her to a free table near the panoramic glass wall on the front wall of the ship. "How very romantic," Wesley thought sarcastically. He was amazed at how lithely she moved, how she had a perky bounce in her step. Her muscles had astounding tone and her dark tan was unbelievable. Wesley practically salivated as he watched her every move. Jack was telling her a joke or something, and her smile was incredibly contagious. Wesley found her beauty to be absolutely captivating.

A few moments later Data and Counselor Troi joined them and sat down at the table.

"Starla, I am very interested in your superhuman capabilities," said Data. "Tell me, exactly how strong are you?"

"I don’t really know," replied Starla. "Let’s just say I never found my strength to be lacking."

Data, who was created with about 200 times human strength, was evidently becoming a little jealous of her capabilities (an unfortunate effect of the new emotion chip that he was testing). "Well then, shall we test it right here?..." and with that, he put his elbow on the table in an obvious offer to armwrestle the supergirl.

"Commander Data?...." Jack pleaded.

"Silence ensign. Well, would you care to try your luck, madam," he said as he glanced back at the young girl.

Counselor Troi had a look of amazement at Data’s reaction to her, but stayed silent.

"Data, please, I don’t want to hurt you," Starla begged. But Data pressed on, and eventually the two were hand in hand. A crowd began to form to watch the spectacle. "On your mark....get set....GO!"

Data immediately leaned into the hands joined at the center of the table and heaved. Starla’s arm flexed slightly, but not much, in response to his pressure. Starla’s hand had not moved a micron, and her face looked puzzled at Data’s challenging attitude. Data had felt her resistance immediately rise to counter the force that he applied, and was astounded by her casual lack of effort.

"Anytime you’re ready, Data," she teased. The crowd chuckled nervously. Data felt embarrassed and glared at her and applied his maximum pressure, which would have crushed a normal human’s hand. His internal sensors indicated that the hydraulics were overheating, yet he continued. The compression of her grip on his hand was becoming unbearable, although the pride he "felt" as a result of the emotion chip would not let him admit it. But deep inside Data knew that she was slowly crushing his hand flat without really trying.

Still her hand had not even budged. "Why don’t you use both hands," she suggested. With that, the android reached up with his other hand and tried to wrench her hand down to the table. Still, her arm would not move at all. It became evident that her strength was vastly greater than his as she applied only her casual strength to defeat him. In fact, Starla looked positively bored with the contest.

"Commander Data, this is utter nonsense. Stop this instant!" shouted Counselor Troi.

Once more Starla pleaded, "Data please, don’t make me do this. I don’t want to hurt you, I could

tear your arm off or something." But his only response was to glare at her with eyes that told Starla she had no choice. "all right then, here goes. One...two...Three!" with that she effortlessly slammed his hand down, shattering the table. The force was so great that it threw Data from the chair and made him tumble into the crowd, which cheered Starla and jeered him. Although admitted nothing to the crowd, Data immediately knew that the tritanium frame of his arm had been slightly bent.

"Well Data, are you happy now?" Troi asked. She decided right then that the emotion chip would have to be removed for modifications.

"She may be stronger, but I am superior intellectually," he countered.

"Like how?" asked Starla, becoming aroused by the competitive nature of his challenges.

Suddenly, someone from the crowd asked, "What is the one-trillionth digit of pi?

Before Data could finish saying "Calculating...", Starla answered, "seven" in a calm, matter-of-fact tone. In five more seconds, he reluctantly confirmed, "That is correct."

Over the next few minutes, the crowd threw out question after question from a wide variety of subjects like some interstellar version of Jeopardy. Every single time, Starla gave the answer before Data could finish saying "Accessing..." Starla had the benefit of the knowledge she gained from "reading" the computer memory banks, and could access the information more quickly than Data’s mechanical design.

Finally, Data challenged her to game of three-dimensional chess. He felt confident that this would be his best opportunity to defeat her, since he had been the Federation champion for six straight years. Instead, she mated him in 17 moves.

Data’s face was so despondent, it was obvious she had destroyed whatever sense of self-worth the emotion chip had allowed him to develop. He slumped back into his seat as the crowd dispersed, whispering among themselves.

Out of the crowd emerged Dr. Beverly Crusher who said suggestively, "Starla, would you join me in Sick Bay, I believe we have some unfinished tests to complete."

Starla could tell what the doctor was suggesting without even reading her mind. She looked at Gauger, who said, "Go ahead, I have to go on duty now anyway".

"Sure doctor, I know what you mean...whatever you need," she said with a smile as she stood.

As they left 10-Forward, Counselor Troi could be heard quietly consoling Data and counseling him on what had just happened. Data was practically weepy, "But Counselor, for years I have been the super being on this ship..."

Wesley Crusher got up and slipped quietly out of the bar, silently following his mother and the supergirl at a discrete distance.


When Wesley arrived at Sick Bay the door was locked. When he entered the pass code and quietly walked in, he could not believe his eyes. Starla was standing in the middle of the examination room with one hand on her hip and the other flexing her huge bicep. His mother, Beverly, was naked and straddling the massive muscle. The peak of Starla’s bicep had obviously penetrated the soft moist lips of Beverly’s labia, as she got the mother of all muscle fucks. As Starla flexed the muscle back and forth, Beverly rocked up and down, riding it like a rodeo bull, squealing with pleasure.

Wesley quickly closed the door and locked it behind him. He quickly stripped his uniform off and joined the two women. Starla’s pheromones had filled the room, and Wesley was out of control. He had a large erection for him, which compared to most men was still not much. As Starla looked at his puny bony body, she felt sorry for him. "Maybe I can bring some happiness and pleasure to this poor family," she thought.

She gently flexed her glutes and levitated herself and Beverly, who was still bullriding, into the air in front of Wesley. She opened her legs into a perfect split and lowered herself right onto Wesley’s organ. Simultaneously, she flexed her bicep for Beverly, and vibrated the muscles in her clitoris for Wesley. Over the next hour, Starla simultaneously pleasured mother and son like they had never experienced before.


Finally, Beverly and Wesley were supremely satisfied and lay exhausted on cots while Starla stood in front of them. She began to stretch and flex some of her muscles to the maximum while she grimaced slightly.

"Starla, is something wrong?" asked Beverly weakly.

"Well, I may have a problem. Absorbing the energy from the security guard phasers not only restored my energy, but may have overdone it. I nearly drained four security phasers on the maximum setting. When I build up too much energy, my muscles begin to tingle and ache. What I need is a good work out to burn off some of this excess energy. The only problem is, without my rock garden, there’s nothing around here heavy enough for me to work out with. As you know, about the only thing as strong as my left arm (she crooked her left arm into a massive bicep) right arm (she flexed her right arm to complete a glorious double biceps pose)."

Wesley salivated at the thought of watching this supergirl work out. He thought for a moment and said, "Starla, come with me...I’ve got an idea."

He led her to Holodeck 1 and began to enter parameters into the controls. Still intoxicated from his interlude with Starla and her powerful pheromones, he did not think through the implications to what he was doing. He programmed the holodeck computer to recreate Starla’s rock garden, and directed the computer to make the boulders as heavy as necessary to provide her an adequate workout. He entered an override to allow the holodeck to access the warp engines, which was seldom done. Lastly, he locked out computer and communications control to anyone outside the holodeck since he did not want to be disturbed.

"Computer... start program." With that, he and Starla were suddenly in a large plain on a desolate planet. Huge boulders lay all around. Strange wispy clouds hung in the sky, and an arid breeze licked at them.

Starla looked all around her in wonder as a smile formed on her face, "Oh Wesley, I don’t know what to say."

She strolled over to a huge boulder about twenty-five yards square. Wesley marveled at the muscle tone in her legs as she walked, her gorgeous round ass, and the cute way her pony tail bobbed back and forth. She reached out to touch its cold surface, "ahh, it is good to be back in my rock garden," she thought.

She reached under the massive boulder and heaved it overhead. As she did so, her muscles flexed to tremendous proportions. Even when flexing her muscles like this, she was beautiful somehow, despite her inhuman musculature, she still was gorgeous. She shifted the entire weight to one hand and placed the free hand on her hip. She began to slowly press the gigantic rock overhead with a very controlled motion. She could sense that Wes was getting very turned on. "Well Wesley, do you like what you see?"

The muscles on her back and legs bulged out producing deep clefts. Her triceps must have stuck out four inches from her arm. Veins and muscle striations began to appear in an angry webbing beneath her thin brown skin. Wesley was speechless at the sight of her, and nodded stupidly.

"What do you think of my dumbbell?" she asked with a wide grin. Again Wesley could say nothing as she continued pressing it overhead, easily snapping off 50 repetitions. Her "dumbbell" was probably as large in volume as seventy-five shuttlecrafts.

"Well, let’s stop playing around with this pebble and move on to a real challenge," she said. With that, she used the one hand, "hhmmff," to heave the boulder what appeared to be several miles away. She dusted her hands together and walked over to another stone, much more massive, that appeared to be five or six times the size of the first.


Meanwhile, up on the bridge, the Captain was preparing for their mission rescue to rescue the space station.

"Mr. Data, how much longer to Deep Space 9."

"At our current speed, two minutes," the android responded, "but we cannot sustain this speed."

"Why not?" the Captain asked.

"My panel shows a significant amount of power from the warp engines is being redirected into...Holodeck 1...currently 50% of the power..we can only sustain warp 2. I am unable to terminate the program being run."

"Holodeck 1? I didn’t authorize that. How can that be?"

"Unknown at this time, Captain, but I am unable to gain access, security protocols have been circumvented."

Picard touched his chest communicator badge, "Bridge to Holodeck 1, please acknowledge....Holodeck 1 this is Captain Picard, acknowledge immediately..." Still there was no answer.


On Holodeck 1, Wesley was in awe. He was in awe of Starla’s unbelievably attractive muscular female body as she pressed the huge boulder overhead. And he was in awe of the display of strength he was witnessing. Muscular curves jutted from her normally smooth rounded physique. Beads of sweat were beginning to form all over her body as she continued to use two hands to press the massive rock overhead.

"Wes, would you like to feel my muscles when I exert myself so strongly?"

Although he initially jumped at the chance, he became apprehensive as he walked to her in the shadow of the hulking rock being pumped up and down. But after a brief pause he kept moving, the lure of feeling her body like this was too great, so he continued walking to the center of the rock, where Starla stood beneath the balance point.

When he had reached her, he was amazed at the state of her body. Her face was grinning with a practically angelic glow, but her body was incredibly pumped, far larger than any bodybuilder (male or female) he had ever seen. She looked like an anatomy chart on steroids. Her triceps jutted out from her arm looking like four horseshoes stacked on top of each other. Her pecs stood out six inches, creating a deep cleavage, and making her breasts stand at attention on top of an elevated plateau. The contours of her back were unbelievable. He looked overhead at her hands and imagined the raw strength being channeled through those tiny hands, the very same hands that earlier had held his organ so gently. Her thighs looked like tree trunks, the cords of muscle bowing out and looking like thick tree roots or cords of thick rope. Above each knee the muscles converged in a large knot on each side of her kneecap. However, Wesley was most amazed at one thing: despite all the inhuman muscularity, she was still extremely feminine and attractive in a very exotic and erotic kind of way. Her raw feminine strength was undeniably beautiful and practically intoxicating.

"Wes, why don’t you feel my muscles, see how different they are from yours when I’m like this. It feels so good to exert myself. you have any strawberry-scented oil? Its nice to massage that into my muscles when I workout." He quickly ordered the holodeck computer to provide some like some futuristic room service.

Despite their session earlier in Sick Bay, the sight of her like this made him sport another large erection. As she continued to press the rock overhead, he took the oil and began to work it in to her shoulders and back. He was amazed how she felt as hard as steel (and actually was much harder than that). He began to spread some oil onto her biceps, and was taken back at their size, his hands could not begin to hold her huge swelling muscle. His hands began to shake slightly, as the size and strength of her muscles really began to sink in, her muscles at once arousing and frightening. Starla noticed his reaction and smiled faintly.

He squirted some oil onto her abs and tried to spread it around, but the oil found the deep grooves between the muscular plates of her stomach, and eventually escaped down to her legs. He caught up with the runaway oil on Starla’s thighs and spread it laterally across the deep cuts of her muscular thighs. It felt like he was massaging a statue.

Starla was enjoying his massage as well as the effect she obviously had on him. She suddenly flexed the thigh to the maximum, as several new cords of muscle popped out above the already wicked tree trunks. Wesley’s jaw dropped open when he realized that she still wasn’t totally maxed-out by the tremendous boulder lurking overhead. He glanced up at her smiling face in awe.

"Wes, can you make the rock heavier? Its still way too light for me," she said sweetly.

Wesley froze in amazement in reaction to what she said as he looked at her. Then he looked up at the rock hulking overhead that was so massive that it blocked his entire view of the horizon. He reluctantly said, "Computer, increase density of rock by 100%."


"Captain, the power drain to Holodeck 1 just doubled. We can now barely support warp 1," said Data.

"How much longer to Deep Space 9?" he asked.

"Five more minutes at this speed."

"Mr. Worf, take a security detail down to Holodeck 1. Cut through the door if you have to, but shut that program down."

"Aye, sir," said the Klingon as he charged off the bridge.


On Holodeck 1, the supergirl was now grimacing and sweating more than before, the increased weight of the rock obviously affecting her. She had not exerted her strength like this since she was on her real rock garden and it felt so good. She was becoming very turned on by her own muscles, how tight and warm they felt as her blood flowed so strongly. She began to feel "the pump."

"Wes, I still need more, make it heavier again," Starla pleaded through deep breaths.

Wesley could not believe his ears, and began to get concerned that she might not be able to support the rock that loomed overhead, but finally said, "computer, increase density of the rock by another 50%." Wes was incredibly aroused by watching this supergirl workout, but equally frightened that she might drop the rock and crush them both wafer thin.

"...hhhmmmmmfffffff......." the supergirl from the stars struggled with the additional weight. Although more slowly, the rock still moved up and down.


Geordi, the Chief Engineer, blurted out, "Captain, the power drain just increased by another 50%. We can’t sustain warp drive anymore. In fact, at this level, the engines will burn up in 30 seconds! We can’t shut down the holodeck program and I don’t think I can even take the engines off line. I need to shut them down."

"But Commander Laforge, we need the warp engines for the tractor beam. A re-start will take 30 minutes, and Deep Space 9 will crash into the moon in 15 minutes," the Captain countered.

"Captain, I don’t know what’s going on in that holodeck, but the power drain is enormous. All I know is I need to shut the warp engines down right now or they explode."

"Picard to Worf. How much longer before you can enter the holodeck?"

"Estimate 5 minutes, minimum, sir" he responded.

"Very well Mr. Laforge. Make it so...shut down main engines," the Captain reluctantly relented. "Mr. Data, contact Deep Space 9 and update them on our situation. Begin to organize an evacuation of the station."

"But sir, there are over 3,500 personnel aboard the station. We will never get all of them off in time."

"I understand the situation, Mr. Data. Please proceed. My hope is that a station evacuation will not be necessary."


When the warp engines shut down, the holodeck flashed to its familiar black walls and yellow grid. Wes and Starla did not understand why the holodeck program ended, and could not get it to resume. When they opened the door to exit the holodeck, they were greeted by a very testy Lieutenant Worf who explained what was happening and quickly rushed them to the bridge.


Starla, Wes, and Lieutenant Worf walked onto the bridge from the turbolift and stood on the landing.

The Captain turned to address the supergirl, "Starla, we have a critical situation, and desperately need your help. That space station (he motioned to the huge structure on the viewscreen), Deep Space 9, has been attacked and sustained damage to its thruster ports. It is caught in the gravitational pull of that small moon and is falling uncontrollably. If it crashes, over 3,500 lives will be lost. We cannot let that tragedy occur. ...Unfortunately...(he glared at Wesley Crusher)...your "workout" in the holodeck overtaxed our engines. They had to be shut down and cannot be re-started in time. Right now we are operating on backup batteries, only. Without the main engines, we are literally incapacitated: we will be forced to sit and watch all those people on Deep Space 9 die senselessly. Starla, your are our only hope. With your immense strength, you can prevent the space station from crashing. Please, Starla, you will help us, won’t you?"

Picard obviously felt helpless and was practically pleading. Starla looked at him thoughtfully and said, "Captain Picard, I understand your situation, and I feel the pain you feel, but I am sorry, I cannot help you."

Picard was angered and shocked. "No? What do you mean, no? How can you sit by and watch those innocent people die? Will you force us to be merely spectators to their deaths? I thought that as a Protector, it was your responsibility to help?"

"Captain, I am bred from a Protector, but I am not one. I reject their system of overzealous patronizing assistance. That system killed my mother, and I will not be subjected to it, nor ruled by it. I will not be their pawn, it is not my destiny. I simply want to live on my own terms, which, as you know, I fully have the capability to do. I am sorry Captain. The answer is no, you’ll have to find another way."

The Captain gritted his teeth and turned to Commander Data, "Get me Commander Sisko." The viewscreen immediately displayed the command center of the space station, and Sisko walked towards the camera. Red warning lights were blinking and sirens were blaring in the background. "Hello Jean-Luc. Thanks for coming to our rescue. (Then looking at Starla) You must be the remarkable alien supergirl that is going to save us. I cannot thank you enough."

"Actually Commander," Picard interjected, "Starla has rejected our request for assistance."

Sisko looked absolutely dismayed. "What? You would sit there and let us all die? How...I...I thought you had some kind of moral imperative that required you to help us."

"No Commander, I have no desire to become a Protector. My mother died an unnecessary death as a Protector. Besides, your station looks too large even for me, especially since I just worked out and my muscles are very tired."

Data interjected, "Actually, this is a relatively small moon with a low gravitational pull. Although many times larger in terms of mass, Deep Space 9 would actually "weigh" slightly less than the Enterprise. You have shown us you are more than capable of handling such a weight."

Sisko pleaded, "Starla, I understand that your origins were from Earth. Well then, I appeal to your humanity. We have no other options, our lives are in your hands. Please, we have women and children aboard. Perhaps your mother died senselessly. Please do not let our 3,500 personnel die so senselessly."

There was a long pause as all eyes were upon the supergirl from the stars, awaiting her decision. Finally, she said, "Very well, I will try."

The Captain quickly ordered, "We only have a few more minutes until impact. Transporter room, put her in space between here and the station. Energize."

In a few moments, Starla materialized in the cold heartless vacuum of space. She was a little worried whether she would be strong enough to affect the station’s fall after exerting herself so much on the holodeck. She turned to look at the Enterprise before flying to Deep Space 9.

Just then, out of nowhere, three Cardassian fighters (probably the ones that had attacked Deep Space 9) appeared and began to open fire upon the Enterprise. Starla realized that in its weakened state, the Enterprise was defenseless. And it was all her fault.

She flew at maximum speed to a point between the lead Cardassian ship and the Terran starship. When the fighter fired again on the Enterprise, she intercepted it and absorbed the massive energy. This restored her to full strength and then some. She smiled and flexed both biceps, which swelled to 32 inches. "Now that’s more like it," she thought, "I feel even stronger than normal."

The bridge of the Enterprise was monitoring her actions on the viewscreen. As she flexed for the camera, the crew was noticeably turned on, as men began to shift uncomfortably in their seats.

She flew directly to the fighter and smashed through its protective shield with a single punch of her mighty fist. Then she mangled the thruster engines to disable the craft. With a light shove, she sent the powerless craft tumbling on its way to burn up in the sun.

She turned to see the second fighter bearing down on Deep Space 9, but there was no way she could get there in time. So she focused her eyes and projected a wide-angle energy beam which illuminated the entire craft. The craft evidently redirected all power to their deflector shields. While the fighter halted its forward progress, its shields were able to deflect the beam emitting from her eyes. Then, she refocused the beam into a pinpoint. This tight cutting ray blasted through the fighter’s deflector shield in just a few moments and the craft exploded before it could harm the space station. After witnessing how easily the supergirl had dispatched with its two wingmates, the third Cardassian fighter retreated out of sight.

Satisfied that the attacks had been repelled, Starla then turned her attention back to the task at hand and sped in the direction of Deep Space 9. There was no time to spare, since the station had entered the moon’s thin atmosphere and was plummeting towards the ground.

With a burst of speed, Starla flew to a point underneath the massive station on the thruster portals that looked sturdy to her tachyon vision. "Well, here goes," she thought.

Gradually applying her enormous strength, she slowed the station’s momentum bit by bit. Finally, she had totally halted the station’s freefall, and just in the nick of time. She looked below to the surface of the moon just 150 feet below her and smiled. Then she gently lifted the gargantuan space station back up to a safe orbit above Bajor. "Well that was actually pretty easy. This thing isn’t nearly as heavy as it looks," she thought.

The crew on the Enterprise bridge cheered loudly.


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