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(Dear Trekkies, please excuse me if I don’t get some of the technical details quite right, but I thought this might be fun. Please consider any transgressions on my part to be a combination of a little ignorance about Star Trek and a lotta poetic license.)


Starla gave her dead mother a hug and one last kiss, and then laid her deformed body back to the ground. As the bright yellow sunrise began to climb over the mountain range to the north, Starla began to realize how much she was going miss her mother. Starla loved Vanella very much, and she was very committed to her mother. For fifteen years, Vanella had been the focus of her that was all gone. Starla felt alone and empty for the first time in her life. As a cold breeze began to howl over the desolate plain, she pulled her windblown hair from around her face. Although her Velorian body was unaffected by the cold, goosepimples began welling up on her arms.


For fifteen years Vanella had committed herself to Starla’s development, trying to help her avoid making the same mistakes that she had made. The once-mighty Vanella, reduced to helplessly leaning her broken shell of a body up against some rocks while she tutored Starla for hours at a time. They spent time developing Starla’s language skills, educating her about mathematics, science, the arts, love, and all the information about Earth’s customs and languages that had been obtained from that rogue Arion trader. The totality of knowledge that Vanella could impart had been shared with Starla; she had been her daughter’s sole mentor. Starla began to feel a lump in her throat, and she blinked her bright blue eyes as they started to feel wet. Suddenly, it seemed very quiet on that desolate planet.


Vanella had watched as her gorgeous daughter developed physically, as well. As her body began to mature, Vanella could easily see the advanced genetics in every sensual curve of her young daughter’s fantastic body. Vanella longed to be able to touch the sculpted outlines of the goddess that paraded around in front of her. Oh, how she wished that her broken limbs could reach out and hold Starla’s body, feel its soft warmth, its undeniable steel. Sometimes when Starla would stretch out or flex her gorgeous body, Vanella would get so aroused she could feel the slow drip of her cum falling to the sand. As Starla remembered these instances, her nipples began to get hard. Yes, Starla would miss her mother for many reasons, not the least of which being that Vanella had been the only other person around to admire her unbelievable body. Starla loved having an audience when she flexed and showed off her body, it had become a primary way to satisfy her Velorian libido.


Of course Vanella wasn’t always such a saintly teacher. The dark seed of bitterness and resentment she held towards the world grew inside her and would periodically manifest itself to Starla. In time, Starla was able to understand the reason for Vanella’s attitude and deal with it. Most often Starla coped with her pent-up frustration by spending a few hours in her rock garden curling, pressing and squatting millions of tons of rocks. In recent years, it seemed that she had spent more and more time there. She wasn’t sure if that was due to the increasing needs of her own physical development or the decline in Vanella’s attitude.


FIFTEEN YEARS!...God, that seemed like an eternity to the young girl. Starla, the strongest being in the universe, had never even been off this God forsaken planet. She unknowingly began to clench her fists, the tendons and muscles in her forearms flexing largely, as she imagined the life experiences she had missed. She incorrectly blamed the Arions for stealing fifteen years of her life. "Well, that is about to change," she resolved, as she sniffed and wiped away her tears.


Starla carried Vanella's broken body to a large crevasse at the edge of the "rock garden". She then bent over and slowly lifted the massive rock that would become Vanella's headstone - nearly 100 yards across by 50 yards wide by 100 feet tall (over 4.5 million cubic feet of solid rock) - and slowly but deliberately pressed it over her head. As she did so her muscles flexed larger than any body builder that ever lived, and she felt more than a little stimulated by how much she had to exert herself. Her nipples "jumped" to attention and began to "tent" her bikini top, while a little moisture began to collect between her legs, sensations very familiar to this young girl when she lifted such massive weights. She admired her powerful shoulders, and the large horseshoes of her triceps as she held the rock looming overhead. She glanced down at her thighs and calves, which were each bulging with clefts and slabs of muscle, and thought to herself how good those colossal legs looked. Despite the gigantic size of the rock, she was amazed at how little she had to strain to hold it overhead. Starla began repeatedly pressing the massive rock overhead, and grinned as she easily snapped off fifty repetitions. Finally, convinced that her starborn strength had mastered the rock’s tremendous mass, she carried it over the opening of the crevasse and carefully lowered it over the opening to eternally seal Vanella's tomb. "Good-bye, mother. I’ll always love you," she whispered, as tears flowed down her cheeks.


After a few moments, she raised her arms into a double bicep pose, and, turning her head from side to side, admired the twin peaks of her pumped-up feminine steel. More than anything else, Starla loved the look and feel of her body when she flexed her muscles like this. She enjoyed showing off her body so much, that this particular moment seemed like a lost opportunity - no one was there to enjoy her body but herself.


She took her small left hand and tried to hide the face of the mountain of muscle practically exploding from her upper right arm. But she had to let out a girlish giggle at how miserably she failed, since her tiny hand couldn't hide even one-third of her bulging bicep.


God, her arm felt strong! She loved how strong she felt when she flexed like this; she loved the feel of blood flowing into her pumped up muscles, its warmth, the feeling of tightness as her skin stretched to cover her swelling musculature. She straightened out her arm and then contracted it strongly back to ninety degrees, increasing its contraction to the maximum. The top peak of the bicep was now nearly equal with her wrist. As she did this, she admired the shape and size of the massive bicep as it pumped up even larger.


For a moment, she marveled at the amount of pressure being exerted by her bicep. She felt as if nothing in the universe could deny the strength of that arm, as if there was NO object it couldn’t lift or move. (Actually, she wasn’t far from the truth.) Starla didn’t know exactly how strong she actually was, and was unaware her bicep was literally exerting three quarters of a billion pounds of force.


Starla’s muscles really began to turn her on, and she reached her free hand up to begin massaging her large breast, which her hand could not contain. She began to massage her nipples, which were now an inch long, with a few hundred tons of force while she admired her huge bicep. "Mmmmm," she reached down and spread her labia, inserting her fingers to massage herself while simultaneously licking her straining bicep, which was exerting an unbelievable force.


For some reason, she felt even stronger and more confident now. Although she would miss her mother, she also finally felt sweet freedom, as the responsibility for tending to her mother was removed. In an odd way, the weight of the largest rocks she used to "play with" in her rock garden was less than the weight of responsibility she had felt in tending to her mother, which she now felt lifted from her broad shoulders. This was a "weight" that not even Starla’s strength had been able to remove. For the first time in her life, Starla felt autonomous and uncommitted. She looked up into the starry sky and smiled, as she imagined all the adventures and experiences that lay ahead of her. Aah, to be young and invulnerable with a super human body. As she looked into the heavens, she realized that her future was out there, waiting for her.


With that, Starla bent her knees and leaped over five miles into the air and slowly flexed her glutes to generate flying power. She flew in the general direction of Earth, the beautiful planet her mother had told her about, the planet that Starla would now call her new home.




Starla had been flying at her maximum speed for several weeks, and getting very bored with the monotony of flying through the vacuum of space, when she saw a large spaceship approaching in the distance. She hid among some asteroids and observed the vessel as it approached. "This must be one of those Arion warships my mother warned me about. I've got to destroy it, in fact, I'm going to enjoy this. They’ll pay dearly for killing my mother", she thought. As the ship passed nearby at a slower speed, Starla darted out from behind the asteroids, flew at top speed towards the ship and braced herself against its superstructure.




The starship was on a mapping expedition in a previously unexplored region of the galaxy. "Mr. Crusher, take us out of warp, reduce speed to one quarter impulse power...Engage."


"Aye, Captain", confirmed the young man, "Ahead one quarter impulse".


"Call the Stellar Cartography lab and tell them to begin the mapping procedures immediately", ordered the Captain.


"Aye, sir", responded the ensign.


The Captain turned to the First Officer with a wry grin and said, "These mapping missions are SO exciting, eh Number One?"


The ensign reported, "Captain, Stellar Cartography is ready to begin the first scanning pass of that asteroid field off to starboard."


"Let it be so," responded the Captain.


Moments later, a red light blinked on a control panel. "Captain, there is an unidentified object approaching the ship at high speed", warned the Klingon Security Chief. Before a single order could be given, the ship lurched to a sudden stop, which caused people and objects throughout the ship to fall to the floor. The mighty starship was stationary, and seemed to be dead in space. The bridge went dark for a few moments. When the emergency lighting came on a few seconds later, several control panels were still emitting sparks.


"Damage Control, report!", shouted the First Officer, as he rushed to help the Captain back to his feet.


"All decks report no or nominal damage, sir," responded the Klingon, sounding a little miffed at whatever had halted "his" ship.


The Captain straightened his uniform by pulling down on the hem, "Mr. Data, report. Did we hit something? Why aren’t we moving?"


"Unknown at this time, Captain" responded the android. "I am continuing my scans."


The Captain turned to the Chief Engineer, "Geordi, how long till engines are back on line?"


"Actually Captain," he responded hesitantly after he reviewed his gauges, "the engines are currently on line and providing thrust. We should be moving forward at one quarter impulse speed."


"I can confirm that," echoed Data.


The Captain turned to gaze out the view screen with a puzzled look, "Then why aren’t we moving?...Are we being held in place by a tractor beam?"


"Negative," said Data, "but there is insufficient data to know much else, sir."


"Increase to one-half impulse power," ordered the Captain after pondering the situation for a few moments.




Outside the ship, Starla had positioned her hands against a sturdy corner bulkhead on the starship’s superstructure. She was calling on her massive strength to oppose the power of the starship’s engines and resist its forward motion. So far, it wasn’t much of a contest. "This is going to be easier than I thought. Those Arion wimps," she thought.


Just then, the ship’s thrust doubled the pressure against her arms. Starla gasped at first, but quickly found she could still easily oppose the craft, although it required more of her strength. "I’m going to shove this ship right into that asteroid over there to destroy it," she decided, as she began to increase the force she applied. Her hands were beginning to dimple into the face of the tritanium alloy bulkhead.




"Captain, we are drifting backwards in the direction of a large asteroid," announced Data.


"Its as if we’re being pushed there, but what could do that?" asked Geordi.

"Yellow Alert. Increase power to maximum impulse, give me all you’ve got, Geordi," barked the Captain. As the hum of the engines increased, the entire ship began to shudder and toss from side to side. However, it still made no forward motion, and only increased its speed backwards towards the large asteroid.




As the force applied by the ship doubled again, Starla once again gasped in surprise. But to her delight, she was still able to resist the ship’s power, although it required a great deal of her strength. By now Starla was straining mightily from the exertion, and every muscle on her body was pumped up and harder than steel. She began to really get off on how she was overpowering the tremendous ship. The muscles on her arms and back were massive, and she was getting very turned on at the feel of power coursing through her muscles. The more the huge ship struggled against her, the more she was sure it didn’t have a chance against her starborn strength.


Due to the force being exerted, her hands were now sunken up to her wrists into the metal bulkhead, and her shoulder had created a large indentation. "Maybe I need to show them who’s boss," she smirked confidently. And with that, she began to rock the huge ship from side to side, shaking it, while she accelerated towards the asteroid.




"COLLISION IMMINENT," warned the Klingon.


"ALL HANDS, RED ALERT...BRACE FOR COLLISION... Geordi, prepare to engage warp drive on my mark!" shouted the Captain, who sounded genuinely worried and began to clench the armrests on his command chair. The tension throughout the ship increased as the red alert wailed, and the crew hustled to their emergency posts to make preparations.




...Meanwhile, down on deck 29, Security Ensign Jonathan Gauger was barely able to keep his feet because of the ship's lurching. He wondered what the hell could be going on to cause the Enterprise to shake so violently. "A little bit more of this punishment and the ship just might break apart," he thought.


Somehow, he staggered to a viewport to have a look outside. He used the manual override control to open the safety screen that had automatically shut when the ship went to Red Alert. He just about dropped to his knees when he saw a beautiful girl outside the window, pushing against a bulkhead. He activated his chest communicator and shouted, "Ensign Gauger to bridge...Man overboard!...Captain, I’m on deck 29 and I can see a young girl outside the ship!"




Starla looked up when the panel in front of her moved, revealing a window. She saw a crewman inside looking at her, and she smiled when she saw him gawking at her gorgeous body. "Too bad he has to die, he’s pretty cute," Starla thought.


Suddenly she gasped as she noticed that he had bright blond hair. Her mother had said that all Arions had dark black hair. "Oh no! I must be mistaken, this must not be an Arion ship! Maybe they can help me get to Earth." She immediately stopped pushing against the starship.




Up on the bridge, everyone was just as mystified at why the force pushing against the ship had stopped as to why it began in the first place. "Belay the order for warp drive...All engines stop...Maintain this position in space...Mr. Data, I want to know what the hell is going on." ordered the Captain.




Starla flew ten yards down the hull of the ship to an airlock. Easier than a Terran might pop open a soft drink can, she pushed her hands into thick door’s middle seam and pushed outward; the 12-inch thick tritanium airlock door was effortlessly crumpled open, and she slipped inside. She pushed the green button on the panel that she thought would open the inner door. (Luckily, the safety program automatically activated a force field inside the damaged outer door before the inner door was opened. Otherwise, critical decompression would have occurred.) As she stepped into a long corridor, she turned to see the same blond crewman standing 10 feet in front of her.


Ensign Gauger had always been attracted to strong women, but this girl was unbelievable. The barefoot vision had a stark white bikini, darkly tanned skin, big firm breasts, and rounded muscles curving from everywhere. Gauger thought to himself, "Oh my god! She's so beautiful, so powerful looking... the best body I've ever seen...and that face, its gorgeous...this girl is a goddess." His knees began to feel weak and his pants grew really tight.


Gauger watched her put her hands on her hips, and smile the most beautiful smile he had ever seen - boy, was she ever cute. Starla could feel him begin to melt as his eyes took in a long drink of her beautiful body. She sensed that he found her very attractive. As a test, she purposely raised her hand to pull some stray bangs from around her face. When she bent her arm at the elbow, a large bicep began to bunch on her upper arm. When she saw Gauger’s reaction - he smiled weakly, practically drooling, while his eyes just about popped out of his head - Starla quickly surmised his reaction to her physique. As his eyes worshipped her, she found she was very attracted to him, as well, "he’s a babe!". She enjoyed having this attractive man look at her that way. Her nipples began to get very hard.




"Captain, hull breech, deck 29, an airlock door....Now an Intruder Alert, deck 29, section 15," the Klingon, Lieutenant Worf, suddenly announced.


The Captain turned to his First Officer, "Commander Riker, you have the bridge. Seal off that section of deck 29 and have a security team meet us down there on the double. Mr. Worf, you're with me. Let’s get to the bottom of this." They both marched quickly into the turbolift.




Ensign Gauger was in the process of trying to strike up a conversation with the beautiful girl, which was difficult given how dry his mouth had become, when five armed security officers came running down the corridor from behind him. Because Gauger was not armed, they stood in a firing line in front of him in order to protect him, and raised their hand phasers. "Hey, don't hurt her," Gauger implored, even though he somehow knew that she had nothing to fear.


The leader of the security detail warned the young girl, "DON'T MOVE, OR WE'LL FIRE!"


Starla replied, "I’m sorry for detaining your ship, but I thought you were Arions. Hey, your ship is more powerful than it looks, but it’s still no match for ME." As she said this, she coyly winked at Gauger, raised her left arm and flexed her bicep, which was roughly the size of a cantaloupe. Gauger gasped, he was beginning to feel very warm.


When she moved, the security detail opened fire with their phasers. All five landed direct hits on her mid-section. To their surprise, the phasers did not have the desired effect and Starla only purred, "Mmmmmm, thanks, I needed that. I expended quite a bit of energy playing with your little ship." The security officers gaped at her in amazement, and increased the phasers to the maximum setting. They continued to fire at her as she absorbed the energy from the weapons. She flexed her other arm now, too, and cooed "oooh, yeah, that feels great."


Gauger could have sworn he saw her breasts getting larger right before his eyes, and he was getting very turned on. The men had never seen anyone like Starla before, and they began to stare at her in lust. Starla quickly became very aroused as she sensed the effect she was having on the men, and began to flood the corridor with pheromones. The security officers began to find their pants becoming very tight.


Just then, the Captain and Lieutenant Worf came running up from behind the security officers, and saw how ineffective the phasers were. "HOLD YOUR FIRE. DETAIN HER," shouted Worf. Starla only looked unconcerned and smiled confidently.


The five security officers holstered their weapons and rushed at her, but obviously they were no match for Starla. Actually the "fight" was so lopsided that it was comical, given how inconsequential their attacks were to her. The first security officer grabbed her arm, but she shrugged slightly and he flew fifty feet down the side corridor towards the damaged airlock. A second large officer grabbed her by the shoulders, but she used a single finger to flick him fifty feet up the opposite corridor. A third guard, the largest of the three, landed his hardest punch to the middle of her abs. Although sharply defined, her abs were not flexed at the time, and his fist sounded like it had hit a punching bag with a THUD. He winced in pain as the bones in his hand shattered with a resounding CRUNCH. Then, Starla collected him and the two remaining officers by their collars and lifted all three off the ground with just her right hand, as if they were weightless (which they were to her, relatively speaking). They kicked and wriggled as she held the three straight-armed in front of her. As they dangled helplessly above the floor she thought to herself, "Oh brother, these guys are pathetically weak."


She grabbed one of their phasers in her free hand, examined it, and slowly closed her hand. The phaser crunched like a hand full of potato chips as it collapsed in her mighty grip. She dropped the now unrecognizable piece of scrap metal to the floor, grabbed another phaser, and tossed the three security officers to the floor at the Captain's feet. They fell into a pile as arms and legs splayed from everywhere.


This time she held the phaser in the palm of her open left hand and examined the instrument that had just helped replenish her energy. Once again, she crooked her right arm to produce a cantaloupe sized bicep, and looked admiringly at it. When she looked at the crew assembled there, it looked like their mouths would hit the floor. She winked at Gauger, and took the phaser laying in her open left hand and pressed it against the rock hard flexed bicep of her right arm. The phaser also made crunching noises as she squashed it until it was flat and wrapped around the curved contour of her huge steely bicep. She tossed this phaser to the floor at the Captain's feet, where it rocked back and forth on the deck due to its curvature.


The Captain could see this was a hopeless effort and shouted, "STOP, THAT’S ENOUGH!" Then he stepped forward and addressed the young girl, "I am Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of this vessel. Who are you, and what are your intentions?"


She replaced her hands on her hips and smiled. "I am Starla of Velor. As I just said, I am sorry for trying to destroy your ship. I thought you were Arions."


The Captain was astonished. "YOU are responsible for doing that to my ship. But ...but how could you do that?"


Starla smiled broadly as she moved once again into a double bicep pose and shifted her weight to one leg while she flexed her thighs hugely, "Isn’t THAT obvious?...Actually, your ship is more powerful than it looks. I think it could give me a pretty good workout." She was enjoying how the men gawked at her beautiful body, and once again began emitting pheromones.


The Captain shook his head as he felt the dizzying effects of her powerful pheromones. When he glanced down the side corridor towards the airlock door and saw how she had crumpled open the heavy airlock door like an accordion, he realized how easily this girl could turn the Enterprise into scrap metal. He realized that he couldn’t make this young girl do anything against her will. He would have to use a different approach.


He activated his communicator, "Dr. Crusher, please report IMMEDIATELY to deck 29, section 15. Priority One." Then he turned again to the girl and feigned a smile, "Starla, you are very welcome here, but I need your help. Your...body... may be carrying contaminants that would be harmful to our species. I need to be sure you’re not endangering my crew."


Dr. Crusher appeared from the corridor behind Starla. "Starla, this is Dr. Beverly Crusher. I need her to perform tests on you and determine if your presence will be harmful to us." Starla smiled and nodded, "OK." The Captain, who had sensed the connection developing between Gauger and the supergirl, said, "Ensign Gauger will escort you to Sick Bay while I speak to Dr. Crusher for a moment." Gauger’s head snapped up in surprise, but he happily walked towards his goddess and motioned for her follow him. To his surprise, she took his hand (he was in HEAVEN), and they walked down the corridor looking as if they were going off on a date, as her pony tail bobbed back and forth. As she walked away, everyone admired the view of her tight ass, rounded glutes, strong thighs, and calves that bunched with each stride.


After they were out of sight, the Captain turned to Dr. Crusher, "Beverly, that young girl evidently is the reason for our ship lurching back and forth a few minutes ago...she is immensely strong. In addition to determining whether she is contaminated, I need you find out more about her. What kind of life form is she? Is she what she appears to be? If so, how can she be so strong? What is her physiology? I need to know just how strong she is. Find out what other capabilities she has. Where is she from? What does she want with us? We’ll need you to brief the staff officers so we can figure out how to deal with her....(after a long, thoughtful pause)...Beverly, our assignment on the Enterprise is to seek out new life forms. Well, this one’s a doosie."


The doctor smiled, "All right, Jean-Luc, wish me luck" and she turned to walk to Sick Bay.


Just then, a speaker announced, "Bridge to Captain Picard, this is Riker."


The Captain touched his communicator badge, "Picard here."


"Captain, we've received a general distress signal from Deep Space 9. They claim they were attacked and have lost thruster control; the situation is critical. The station is falling into the atmosphere of Bajor’s moon. The Enterprise is the closest available Federation vessel, and we could be there in four hours at maximum warp."


"Understood. Set a course for Deep Space 9, warp factor 9. Let them know we’re on our way."




Dr. Crusher asked Gauger to wait outside Sick Bay, and took only a couple of minutes to ascertain that Starla posed no danger in the way of radiation or biological/chemical contaminants. She proceeded with scans of the young girl’s body while she engaged her in a discussion to find out more about the girl’s background.




One hour later, Dr. Crusher reported to the senior staff officers assembled in the conference room.


"First, I performed a bio-scan and found no threatening agents and no radiation. Starla claims to be from a planet called Velor, and that her mother, Vanella, was bred to be something called a Protector. She says she is human, but not Terran, and that she was genetically bred from human genes. Technically, she claims to be a homo sapien supremis. My preliminary analysis of her DNA suggests she could be telling the truth. Protectors have enormous physical strength - several thousand times normal human levels - and are sent out to protect other planets from invaders. I have reason to believe that she could be a great deal stronger than the other Protectors. In fact, if my preliminary analysis is correct, there’s about as large a gap between her and the Protectors, as between the Protectors and the rest of us. However, Starla says she has no interest in being a Protector. She only attacked the Enterprise because she thought we were Arions, one of the races Protectors guard their planets from, and was trying to avenge her mother’s death...Captain, she says that she is trying to Earth." The group’s response to that last sentence was a stunned silence.


"I then began to examine her physiology. As I'm sure you’ve all noticed, her body has amazing muscle tone." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm as she said this, and she raised one eyebrow and looked around accusingly at the men in the room.


"Oh, I hadn’t noticed," said Commander Riker with a lecherous grin.


She continued, "The first thing I did was get some measurements of her body, and I found out something amazing about the size of her muscles. Keep in mind that for a normal human being, when a muscle contracts it may change its shape, but its volume pretty much remains the same. However, that is not the case for Starla. Watch this and note the tremendous muscular expansion when I asked her to flex her muscles. Computer: play section one of the video." They all watched the screen as the exam was replayed.




Dr. Crusher smiled and said, "Starla, what I’d like to do now is record some basic information about you. From what you’ve told me, you are 15 years old, right? (Starla nodded yes.) According to these readings, you are 5’6" tall and weigh 200..." Crusher was stopped short when Starla once again raised her arm to pull bangs from her face, causing the muscles of her upper arm to bunch into a large ball. "... pounds. Starla, I’m interested in how muscular you are. Can I get a few basic body measurements?" She pulled out a tape measure.


Starla had immediately noticed that the redheaded physician was an attractive woman, and was looking forward to showing off her body. She smiled proudly with her hands on her hips.


As Dr. Crusher leaned close, her patient began to emit pheromones. The doctor’s hands shook slightly as they neared the girl. "Let’s see, that’s...40-20-36." Dr. Crusher quickly looked down at her tricorder to record the measurements because she was beginning to have strange feelings towards this girl. Crusher swallowed hard, because her initial interest was strictly professional, but now she was somehow beginning to find this young girl attractive.


"Doctor, do you only want the UNFLEXED measurements?...My body looks a BIT different when I flex my muscles...QUITE a bit more...DRAMATIC," said Starla playfully with emphasis. She smiled at the doctor, who returned a confused look. With that, Starla alternated flexing her left and right pectoral muscles. As she did this, a thick slab of muscle appeared under each breast, accentuating her cleavage, and causing her breasts to dance up and down.


Dr. Crusher was in trouble. She desperately yearned to grab those beautiful orbs, but bit her lip and re-measured "...42...22...38."


"Actually, doctor," Starla corrected, "When flexing all the muscles involved I probably increase to 44-24-40, that is if I’m not flexing my lat muscles."


Crusher was starting to get hot, and worried she might lose control. "What’s wrong with me? I’m not a lesbian....but God, this girl is so GORGEOUS!" she thought. Although the effects were still subtle, the senior staff members were beginning to sense Starla affect the doctor.


"Uh...oh... OK, let...let’s move on to your ...your arms," Crusher struggled, her mind becoming foggy. She wrapped the tape to 18 inches around her unflexed right bicep.


"Now, watch THIS," Starla crooned. She raised her right arm, and slowly, very slowly, began to flex it just inches from Crusher’s face. The doctor watched the bicep grow from baseball, to a softball, to a cantaloupe: 27 inches! Crusher felt her knees getting weak as she fell back against the examination table for support.


Meanwhile, Starla was getting equally turned on by both the flexing of her muscles and from Beverly’s reaction to them. "Beverly, do you like my muscles? Would you like to feel them? Please say you do... I want you to feel my bicep...I want you to feel ALL my muscles," Starla whispered seductively.


The pheromones were now saturating the room. Crusher felt her brain divide into two camps while she debated to herself. Needless to say, passion won out over reason. She knew she shouldn’t, but she literally had no choice.


She inched over to where the young girl was standing and sheepishly reached up to touch the huge muscle. "God, its big," she whispered to herself as she reached around the bicep with her two hands. Crusher’s hands were large for a woman, yet there was a four-inch gap between her two thumbs on the bottom of her arm, and another four-inch gap between her index fingers on the top. She explored the bicep, and could hardly control her thoughts, "It’s so strong can she be?...look at the muscular definition, I can see every striation of the muscle tissue...God, look at that peak...but her skin is so soft and so tan and so perfect...God, what is the rest of her like?..." Starla was totally enjoying the adoration, and began to feel wet between her legs.


(In the conference room, the male staff members quietly began to shift in their seats as their pants grew unbearably tight.)


"Well, Beverly, what do you think of my bicep?"


"Well... its...mag...magnificent......Starla,... is your bicep flexed all the way?" Beverly asked longingly with a lower, husky voice.


"No, its only about three-quarters right’s the WHOLE thing." As she flexed fully her bicep added another peak and swelled to 30 inches. Crusher guessed that the bicep alone (i.e., not counting the tricep) must have measured fifteen inches from the cleft in the front, over the peak, to the cleft in the back.


Crusher was now wild with desire, she thought about mounting that monster bicep and riding it, getting it inside her. She leaned forward and inhaled Starla’s musky essence, and kissed her deeply. Then, she began to kiss and lick the huge bicep.


Starla reached around and put her free hand on Crusher’s ass, and gently lifted her off the floor while the doctor wrapped her long legs around the young girl’s torso. Starla began to pronate her wrist in and out, which caused the massive muscle to bulge back and forth. Up, down, across...Beverly's tongue played with the areas of definition and striation on Starla’s bicep, shoulder and chest. Crusher practically attacked Starla with her tongue, sucking, kissing, and licking all over the supergirl, and thought to herself, "her flexed muscles are like living granite, but her dark skin is so soft...when she flexes those muscles it drives me WILD!"


In addition, Beverly was really turning Starla on. All the attention was causing Starla to want to use her hands on herself, but for the moment, she decided to keep pleasuring the redheaded doctor.


Beverly was operating strictly on animal instincts now, and she found Starla’s strength and beauty to be undeniable. She hopped back down to the floor and grabbed Starla’s right breast, which generously filled her hand, and squeezed it hard. Starla gasped as her sensitive chest received much-needed attention. Beverly simultaneously bent down to lick and kiss the young girls abs, which resembled a brick wall even though currently at rest. Starla then flexed her abs for the doctor, which caused the sharply-defined muscular plates to jump out an inch or two from their relaxed position.


A few moments later, Crusher screamed as she felt a climax crash down on her, as it washed between her legs like high tide. Suddenly remembering she was being filmed, she ran from the room.




Back in the conference room, Crusher explained to her stunned peers how she had later discovered the presence of Starla’s powerful pheromones, and that her Terran physiology was defenseless against them. She tried to feign a justified expression given the clinical evaluation, but the looks of disbelief and the tortuous silence from her peers were almost painful. Of course, it didn’t help that in the private part of her mind, she admitted that she was extremely attracted to Starla even without the effects of the pheromones.


She began to narrate the images being replayed on the screen.


"I asked Tuvok, my Vulcan assistant, to complete the examination since I believed the pheromones would affect him less. All of Starla’s muscle groups have a similar expansion capability. Her thighs are each 27 inches at rest, but expanded to 36 inches when he asked her to flex them. And when fully flexed they swell up to 40 inches. Just look at these unbelievable images of her calves...her back...even her abdominal muscles. When her muscles contract to that degree, they also become incredibly hard, harder than any substance we know of. She has a six-chambered heart, which is needed to create the blood pressure required to make her muscles that huge and that hard. You can see from the graph on the split screen the effect flexing her muscles has on her blood pressure."


Geordi leaned over to Data and whispered, "I know what effect it has on MY blood pressure."


"We also measured her strength, and it is astounding. I triple-checked my instruments, but it appears that her natural strength is roughly 500,000 times normal human levels. When she pumps her biceps up to 27 inches, I estimate that her two arms together are exerting over 75 million foot-pounds of pressure. Now watch next part, it is absolutely amazing. When she flexed the bicep up to 30 inches, I measured a massive increase in endorphin and hormone production in her blood. See her eyelids flutter just a bit? (The picture zoomed in on Starla’s beautiful smiling face and upper body, including her flexed bicep.) She seems to become sexually stimulated by her own muscles as the increased blood flow pumps up her muscle mass. As her biceps swell to 30 inches in diameter, I estimate the force she was exerting increased by A FACTOR OF TWENTY! (Crusher was nearly shouting now, and clearly turned on by the young supergirl.) This young girls biceps were together exerting over 1.5 billion foot-pounds, or 750,000 tons, of force! I estimate this would make her strength over ten million times that of normal Terrans. According to my tests, all her muscular groups perform similarly. Isn’t that amazing, Captain, although human, the capabilities of her body are so far removed from ours, everything is at a totally different level. I’ve never seen anything like it. The only way I know to describe this is "hyper-strength"."


The screen had been replaying a loop of Starla’s gorgeous smiling face and upper body as she flexed a huge bicep. Suddenly, Riker abruptly got up from his chair and quickly excused himself from the room. He had a pained expression and seemed to be walking with great difficulty.


The doctor then continued to rattle off the other results of her analysis. "That’s not all. Her body is extremely flexible. She obviously does not need oxygen or protection from the cold of space. She obviously has the ability to fly, although I’m not sure how. As far as I can tell, she is darn near impervious to injury or sickness of any kind. And all her senses are greatly enhanced above levels normal for you and me. She could hear us whisper from miles away. She can see right through solid objects. She can see cellular, atomic, and even sub-atomic structures. At one point, she was examining the electronic circuitry of the tricorder with her unaided eyes. She said she was looking at how information was stored in it. Captain, Starla is a "supergirl", in the truest tradition of twentieth century popular lore and comic books. She is the perfect human, and the amazing thing is she was created right from our basic genetic material!" Dr. Crusher paused and lowered her voice since the looks from around the table told her she was getting carried away.


The Captain turned to Counselor Troi, "Deanna, what are your impressions of her?"


"Well, I sense that she is what she appears to be, a young supergirl. She is being honest with us, as far as I can tell. She seems to enjoy flaunting her strength and her body for us, but who wouldn’t? While I was reading her emotions, I sensed that her mind became aware of my probing. Then, she reached out to me telepathically, not speaking, really, and different than anything I’ve experienced before, but she was definitely there. Then she began probing me back and placed a thought in my head - I could hear her thoughts as clearly as your voice. Captain, the force of her thought was as strong as her body appears to be. I could not make her stop, and I was powerless to block her out. She was not trying to hurt me, but her mind simply is as powerful as the rest of her body is. For all I know, she has telekinetic capabilities, as well, but with her strength, who needs it?"


Dr. Crusher continued, "Captain, despite the potential threat her incredible abilities could pose, I don’t think she means us any harm. She's friendly, smart, cute, funny, loving. She wants to make a connection, to make friends, to get along with your crew. Jean-Luc, she’s just a sweet, innocent, fifteen-year old girl, who says she is trying to get to Earth, the planet she calls home even though she’s never been there before."


The Captain quickly added, "...a fifteen-year old girl with sufficient physical strength to disable or destroy the flagship of the Federation. Where is she right now?"


"She is still in Sick Bay with Ensign Gauger. They seem to be...genuinely attracted to each other. Computer: display feed from surveillance camera in Sick Bay." As the view screen tuned into Sick Bay, the senior staff were provided quite a show. Ensign Gauger was naked. Starla had her hands on his hips and was holding him off the ground, his crotch level with her head. The weight of his body was obviously inconsequential to her immensely strong arms. She was pleasuring his tremendous erection and giving him the best blow job he had ever had, as she licked up and down his long shaft and he moaned thankfully.


"Well Doctor, I don’t know about how innocent she is, but she appears to be getting along quite well with the crew so far, don't you think?" the Captain said.

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