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The Arions were intensely interested in the advanced technology under development on Talisha. Through the use of bio-mechanical implants and advanced cybernetic devices, the Talishans were gaining capabilities that in some ways approached that of the homo sapien supremis. The decision-making body on Velor knew that the planet Talisha needed a Protector very badly since the war-like Arions would surely succeed in conquering the peaceful planet. The Talishan people were very intellectual and artistic, and had no interest in any involvement beyond the realm of their own world. And they were certainly not as skilled in the art of making war as were the Arions.


Given the enhanced physical strength that the implants would give the Talishans, it became clear that a standard-bred Protector would not be adequate. Clearly, a Protector should have a greater advantage, a larger gap, over those she is intended to protect. Therefore, the scientists on Velor invested a great deal of time researching ways to enhance the raw physical strength, and other capabilities, of the improved Protector they intended to create. In time, the scientists made a major breakthrough in genome research, and Vanella was ready to be transported to Talisha.


Vanella was a supergirl among supergirls. As a result of the enhancements, Vanella was easily five times as strong as the strongest Protector, Aurora, which allowed her to easily fulfill her promise to the planet Talisha. However, the very genetic enhancements that increased Vanella’s physical capabilities simultaneously weakened her genetic pledge to protect the Talishans. She soon learned that she could conquer or rule the Arions and Talishans with similar ease. The thought of this gave her great pleasure, and she soon became very cruel towards the very people she was bred to protect.


The Ancient Ones, the ones that manipulated most things from behind their veil of privacy, knew that Vanella had to be stopped. However, due to her enhancements, she had no equal: no being existed who could challenge her and bring her to justice. Therefore, in a rare moment of direct intervention, the Ancient Ones pierced the veil, reached down from their own dominion and scooped up Vanella. In an instant, they crushed her limbs, and deposited the alive - but permanently injured - Protector on an isolated planet on the other side of the galaxy to live out the rest of her life in exile as punishment for the crimes she had committed.


What the Ancient Ones did not know was that Vanella had taken recently steps to have a child. With the aid of Galdo-Nyd, a kindly but brilliant Talishan geneticist, Vanella had accomplished the first in vitro procedure ever performed on a supremis. As her broken body lay on the cold planet, the new fetus inside her was alive and beginning to develop.


The unnamed planet on which Vanella was stranded was a giant - twice as large as the planet Jupiter- with a tremendous gravitational pull that was over four times that of Velor’s. The wonderfully adaptive Velorian genetics continually coped with this strain, and the fetus’ development was affected as a result. The fetus, which was bred from an abnormally strong Protector to begin with, grew an exaggerated musculature to offset the demands of the overwhelming gravitation.


Starla was born immensely strong even for a Protector’s child, and suckled power from Vanella as she grew. Starla loved her crippled mother, and attended to her daily needs. But gradually she saw how embittered Vanella had become at being deserted, and they slowly grew apart.


As a child, Starla’s muscles were large even in a relaxed state, as her body coped with the demands of the unnamed planet’s heavy gravitational pull. By the time she was 14 (and beginning to grow prominent breasts) she had 18" biceps and 27" thighs when unflexed. She had broad muscular shoulders, a tiny waist, sharply defined abdominal muscles, thickly muscled thighs, and large rounded calves. Her C cup-sized breasts, large for most teenagers, seemed to defy gravity and sat proudly on top of the muscular cleavage that separated her chest. She obviously looked quite a bit older than her actual age, and needed to "grow into" her body. At just under 5 feet tall, Starla had a powerful, formidable, hulkish, almost freakish look. She had an abnormally firm muscle tone, even for a Velorian, that hinted at the huge muscles that were barely hidden below the surface. She did not look overly vascular or blocky. Her relaxed muscles just always looked "buffed", like she had worked out, partly due to her low degree of body fat and partly due to her tremendous musculature.


Yet somehow, Starla was also very feminine and extremely sensual with a gorgeous face and deep dimples that appeared when she smiled. She had darkly tanned skin that contrasted the white bikini she wore (part of Vanella’s old costume), and blue eyes that seemed to shine from within with their own light source. Except for some short bangs, her lustrous dark brown hair was tied back in a pony tail with a scrap of invulnerable cloth from Vanella’s cape that had ripped easily in Starla’s strong hands. In many ways, Starla appeared as a normal Terran teenager and looked downright cute, in a perky and wholesome kind of way. However, due to the presence of her rippling muscles, she kind of looked like a combination of Arnold Schwarzenegger and a high school cheerleader.


And with Starla’s huge muscle mass came a tremendous level of raw strength, nearly four times her mother’s strength; power that periodically needed a release. So when she became frustrated with Vanella’s decrepit attitude, Starla went to her "rock garden" for her favorite pastime. The large crater she frequented was filled with boulders and asteroid debris, some of which were hundreds of yards across and hundreds of feet tall. Under the influence of the planet’s heavy gravitational pull, the tremendous boulders could give even Starla's magnificent muscles an exceptional workout and allow her to vent her frustrations as she exerted the force of at least two dozen Protectors. Ironically, the exercise also had the effect of developing her already impressive body further.


In addition, like the Protectors, Starla was stimulated by exerting her native strength, by feeling the bloodflow pump up her large muscles. As she exerted her strength, the endorphins flowing through her blood triggered the production of hormones, and eventually pheromones, which stimulated her sexually. This caused her flexed muscles, which were already large, to swell even larger, and magnify her native strength by a power of ten. As a result, this young 14-year old girl was a vastly powerful being, the most powerful being in the universe, and also one of the most beautiful.


The Ancient Ones were not quite sure what to do with Starla. She obviously was disenchanted with the role of Protector as a result of what happened to her mother. At the same time, they knew she could be very useful in controlling the Arions due to her overwhelming physical strength. In addition, like Vanella, Starla’s elevated strength and vulnerability could make her an invaluable tool for exercising the sexual cravings of the Ancient Ones. More than a few of them found Starla to be wildly attractive.

When Vanella finally lost the will to live, Starla wept. She wept for her dead mother, and for her own personal loss. But she also cried for the years she had lost, stuck on this damn planet, and instinctively knew it was time to move on...

(Stay tuned. Starla will briefly "go where no man has gone before", and then move on to Earth.)

Sharon Best, Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997

(Aurora Universe materials are strictly for Mature Readers over 18 years of age!)