The Slayer, Part Two

by Peloquin

Sharon Best, Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997

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The Slayer, Part Two

by Peloquin

Peace! Happy Holidays!
"You better not shout
you better not cry
you better not pout
I'm telling you why
SuperFemme is coming, to toooown...

She knows when you're awake
she knows when you're asleep
she knows when you've been bad or good
so be good for goodness sake..."

A tall, dark figure entered the alley, stopping just short of stepping inside it. The figure was dressed in a black Armani suit, and his ebonyblack skin glistened as the headlights from the car lit up the alley. He was lean, not very overbearing, but the very demeanor he held, of quiet menace, had kept him from being assaulted all the way to the meeting ground. Rubbing a hand against his cleanshaven scalp, he coughed slightly, to remind the other party that he was there on business, not because he wanted his eyes blinded. The dark glasses he wore didn’t help very much against that bright glare.

- Are you Onyx?

The black man nodded, still not speaking.

- A job. A woman, in her early twenties, dark hair, goodlooking, green eyes. Here’s the name she uses at the moment.

He took the outstretched piece of paper, read it, and then pulled up a small silver lighter, setting fire to the paper.

- Who is she, what did she do, and how do I take her out?

The man by the car spoke into the rolled down window, receiving an answer quickly.

- She tried to kill our leader, you use silver, and who she is, we don’t know.

Quiet. Then, a small chuckle from the black man, his shoulders shaking slightly. The man by the limo frowned, surprised by this unusual mannerism.

- What’s so funny?

In a low, amused voice, the black man answered.

- You want me to take out the Slayer, right?

After a brief consultation, the other man nodded.

- Forget it. I don’t do relatives.

- What? Relatives? You know who she is?

The man known as Onyx smiled, revealing gleaming white predatory teeth.

- No. But I know what she is. And I suggest you and your boss leave the city. Tonight. Before she finds out where you live.

Another whispered conference.

- Why? Why is she so special? Why does she hunt us?

The black man turned, leaving the alley. The last thing heard was his voice.

- Ask your boss if he remembers a small village in what is now called Kenya, three millennia ago…that should answer the last question…and as for why she is so special? If you stay in this city, you’ll find out…

She sat down on the hotelroom bed, carefully selecting and readying the weapons she would have to use. And she remembered the words of Ambrosius, the old mage she had met underneath the volcano Etna.

- Remember, child, that the Velorians and Arions are natural, and believe only in the natural, thus making them prime targets for any kind of spell. Since they do not believe, they have never found a way to repel it.

Kind of silly, really. With all the magic at large on this world, she found it hard to believe that anyone who could see an ant on the other side of the world could actually fail to believe in magic. It was there! The point he had made to her was, that although she was nowhere near as strong or invulnerable as one of the Bigguns, she had claws that could easily disembowel them. And she had another advantage. Old Ambrosius had given her a few hints on what to use. In a way, the Bigguns weren’t all that different from herself. In her case it was pure silver, in their…pure gold. It had been hard to get enough to make a chain big enough, and to purify it that much, even. It would be a last resort, if that blonde kept her from her target again, she would have to take her out. She remembered the time in the New England dungeon, chained with pure silver, and wondered if this was anything like it. Definitely a last resort. Okay, let’s see, old Betty, her custom built machete, it was more than five feet long, sharpened and equipped with engraved crosses down the blade. A custom built USAS 20 gauge shotgun, the bullets were huge shells, not buckshot, instead solid lead with crosses on them. A few dozen stakes, and, of course, the chain. Just as she finished preparing the weaponbelts, the phone rang.

- Hello? Hasani! Hey, you old speedster, how’s it going…oh, did they? Where are you? In the lobby? Come on up!

She slammed the phone down, put on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, and immediately afterwards heard a knock at the door. She opened it, and welcomed inside the tall black man standing outside…

- Care to explain what happened the other day?

She gave the lieutenant a steely blue stare, not bothering with any pleasantries.

- I have no idea. Some nutball woman attacks a man seated at my table, I stop her, she gets away, okay?

The policeman shook his head.

- Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but how the hell could anyone escape you? Aren’t you supposed to be faster than a speeding bullet?


- I am. But this woman…she was fast.

- Faster than you?

His expression showed her what he thought of that.

- Look, I’m not lying to you. I’m not particularly fond of the idea that something is a hell of a lot faster than me, and I’m definitely not very happy that she got away. No if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have a word with the man I saved, to see if he can tell me anything. Anything he didn’t tell you people.

She turned and shoved aside a uniformed policewoman standing behind her, moving purposefully through the room. Finally she reached the area where the bright white man of perfection stood. He was talking into a cellular phone, but quickly put it away when she came up to him.

- Mr Escondido? I’m sorry this had to happen. Do you have any idea who that was, the woman in black, I mean.

He gave her a cold stare, she flinched slightly, the expression hidden behind those perfect, scarlet eyes was pure hatred.

- No. If you will excuse me…

He walked off, leaving the room, leaving behind him a very confused Velorian. Why was he suddenly so…cold? Was it something she said? Something she did? Surely he didn’t mind being saved? Strange…

- Look, they tried to hire me only an hour ago. They probably already have your location. I suggest we leave right away.

She gave him a sad smile.

- Too late, I’m afraid. I just heard several cars pull up.

The quiet of the room vanished as simultaneously, something knocked at the door and window. Outside the window, several pale, leering shapes hovered, and she knew that the door was completely covered as well.

- Did you invite anyone?

Onyx pulled out a small, silencerequipped pistol.

- No. And I really detest uninvited guests.

She fired her shotgun through the window, blowing apart the first of the attackers, while Onyx fired into the door several times, a shriek outside confirmed a clean hit. Then he put a large, diskshaped device on the flor, connected a thin wire to the door, and pulled a small pin from the device.

- Let’s get out of here.

She nodded, blowing away two more before jumping right out the window, followed close behind by Onyx, his suit flapping in the wind. Both landed perfectly on the pavement sixty feet below, without a single sound, and started running.

The door burst open, and nine men holding shotguns and assaultrifles came inside. One looked down, only to be met by the exploding mine, showering them with shrapnel. The leader frowned, and looked at a piece of shrapnel caught in the wall. It was a small, steel cross. The vampires looked at each other, screamed, and moments later the room exploded with fire, bone dust and gore.

She ran as fast as she could, Onyx leading the way, his more than powerful legs keeping a speed no animal could top. Finally, they both snarled, shedding their human forms, their clothes ripping apart, and soon two gigantic catlike creatures ran down the road, one a woman, blackish blue in color, the other a yellow brown with a multitude of black spots. The werecat and werecheetah easily outran their pursuers, and finally, exhausted, they stopped inside an old church, the priest running, screaming from the place.

- Well, so much for the hiding…I guess we couldn’t hide from the humans forever…

She smiled at her African friend.

- Really? I bet this won’t make any news room other than the tabloids. Humans are experts on ignoring what they don’t believe in. And right now, they don’t believe in anything paranormal. Noone thinks the X-Files are real. Not really. I read something once. "The truth may be out there, but the lies are in your heart."

Onyx, shook his feline head, unlike her, his face also became that of a cat when he changed, he said hers would as well, the more time passed. He gave an appraising look to her now naked but furred body, a gaze she returned, he had one amazing body himself, really.

- So what do we do now?

She frowned. She hadn’t really wanted to do this, but…

- I guess we call the cavalry. The Wild Hunt hasn’t run for a hundred years, and I think it’s time.

He nodded, still panting slightly. Then they both turned, and roared, a roar that outvoiced the midnight traffic, a roar that reached beyond the city limits. A roar that was answered by hundreds of roars, howls and yips, some from the city, most from the desert outside. Caws from the sky above them joined in, shrieks from mountaintops almost outvoiced even the roars, and the thunderous laughter of something old, and huge, and mad, was followed by the complete outage of electricity in the city and county of Los Angeles. She grinned, her sharp predator teeth glinting in the street light.

- The cavalry is on the way…

Kara sat up straight in her bed. What the hell was that? An eardeafening roar, and now…something very weird was going on in LA. She got up, putting on her worksuit, ignoring the cape for once, it would most likely only get shredded as soon as anything happened. She was about to leave her room by way of the window when the phone rang.

- Yes?

First, nothing. Then, a hoarse, raspy voice, almost that of a beast.

- Leave the city for tonight. The Wild Hunt is afoot.

Then the line went dead. She tried dialing, but everything was dead. Looking out, she saw that every window in the city had blacked out. A total power outage. The radiowaves were static. The TV was as dead as the radio.

Strangely enough, noone went out looting. No riots broke out, and the streets lay empty and dead. Not that strange, after all. The genetic memory of the humans remembered the time when they would hide from the Wild Hunt, a memory still alive in many myths and legends. And now it was back.

She soared above the city, letting the wind caress her, trying to find the slightest hint of trouble. Nothing. Everything was quiet. Too quiet. Then someone coughed behind her. She turned. Hovering in midair, three men were looking at her. They were all unusually pale, and they were all…

- What are you?

They grinned at her, revealing huge canines, like…no. There was no such thing as…

- We’re the bogeymen…we’re the monsters in the closet…we’re the true rulers of mankind, and you certainly look like dinner to me…it’s been a long time since we drank the blood of your kind…

She found herself unable to move, unable to do anything but stare into those eyes, those beautiful eyes, yes, she would not resist, no, she wanted this, it was all she ever wanted, yes, oh…a sharp pain in her hair, followed by her being pulled backwards. She gave an angry scream over being taken from those beautiful beings, but quieted down when she saw that what pulled her was a gigantic eagle with a wingspan of fourteen feet.

- Oh my god…

The eagle turned it’s head, stared at her, and answered.

- Not quite, although a great grandfather of mine was once mistaken to be the Egyptian god Horus…

The voice was articulate and noble, a voice befitting such a beautiful beast, but it had already released her hair, letting her go. She looked around, finding herself in a small alley. She turned. And almost gave a scream when she saw hat she was facing. Two gigantic creatures, towering four feet above her, looking like some strange combination of human and cat, one decidedly female and nude, the other decidedly male and also nude, the male looked like a leopard or something, the other like a panther. And then the woman spoke.

- Hello again, miss. Hope you weren’t too mad at me for ruining your dinner. I just think you should be more careful who you try to hit on.

Kara looked from almost human face to inhuman face, trying to cope with the fact that this definitely was not Kintzi, or anything ever encountered, and finally sat down on a dumpster, unable to speak. Finally, she looked up again, trying to put words to her thoughts.

- What is all this…? Armageddon? Have I died and gone to Hell? Not that there is a Hell…

The two smiled, a chilling sight considering their inhuman appearance.

- Yes there is. But this isn’t it. Look, we tried to warn you. You should have listened. Even the humans remember that when the Wild Hunt’s afoot, those who don’t stay inside have to join in. So we thought we’d prepare you for your encounter with the undead.

The mans voice was the same one that had been on the phone! She moved slightly backwards when the woman stepped up to her, putting a large crucifix around her neck.

- Here ya go. Don’t take it off, or they’ll have you for dinner before you know it. Believe me, you won’t be invulnerable against these people.

She looked at the small icon, wondering if it mattered that she wasn’t a Christian.

- Don’t worry. Onyx here is a moslem, and I’m born and raised as an agnostic, but it still works.

They turned and walked out of the alley, their feline legs moving them with perfect grace. She stared at them, then flew after them.

- Wait! Where are we going?

The woman turned, her face reminded her of something, but what?

- To the Museum of Native Southern American Culture, where else? Your friend mister Escondido is these guys big kahuna. And we’re going to take him out. Along with all the other vampires of Los Angeles, at least the ones we can find…

Vampires? She suddenly felt that this tiny planet seemed a lot more unpleasant than she had ever imagined it…

Angelo Ixupi Escondido stared out the window. So. The Wild Hunt, again. Bring them on. He had a few surprises of his own, especially if they brought that mutant alien with them. To think he had actually found her attractive! But she was no better than the…

- Mylord? Your guests have arrived…

He turned, greeting the ten darkskinned men and women who entered the room. Now these were interesting. To think that the aliens could evolve so differently! Something unexpected must have happened to these. Still, they would be sufficient when the battle begun.

- Greetings, children…it is a pleasure to see you decided to join us…

Their leader, an imposing, overly muscled brute scowled at him.

- We had no choice, did we? You have no trouble persuading us into anything, it seems.

He smiled. For being so stupid, they could be quite clever.

- Well, the weakminded have always had a hard time fighting us…but for tonight, I want you to help me with a minor…problem. You see, we’re expecting unfriendly arrivals in but moments. And they are bringing along a blonde cousin of your race. Now, me and my men can take out the woman, but the others…we would like you to remove them. And you will do it, won’t you.

With every word, they fell under his Persuasion. Soon, they stared glassy eyed at him, repeating his every order like mindless zombies. They would do nicely…

- So where are the rest?

The woman turned her head, but didn’t stop.

- The rest? We’re it. At least for now.

She frowned. If what they said was true, this would not turn out well. Even she understood that.

- But…

They ignored her, and she settled for flying along side them, slowly. They looked at her, then at each other, grinned, and started running down the abandoned streets. Soon she was far behind. She was NOT slower than they were, she would show them! She started picking up speed, increasing by the second, until she made a sonic boom, and finally stopped a few hundred yards from the museum.

- You certainly took your time…

Her eyes almost popped out of her skull. How the hell did they get past her? There was nothing quicker than a Velorian! The woman grinned, pulling a huge machete from its sheath, running a clawed thumb down the edge.

- Don’t feel so bad. No matter how fast you are, you still will never be able to move in the spirit world, like us.

Spirit world? Curiouser and curiouser…she certainly did feel like Alice in Wonderland, if Wonderland was created by Stephen King…

She paused. Something made her look up. And before she had time to warn them, the energy beams from the ten Arions above them struck the two creatures. They immediately dropped their weapons, yowling like cats. She had to put a stop to this. She almost jumped when the woman turned a scorched face towards her.

- Don’t…don’t worry about us…my backpack…the gloves and the chain…use it!

She turned to the small bag on the ground, trying to ignore the stench of burning flesh and the hideous screams of pain. A pair of gloves of some strange material, and…a golden chain, big enough to encircle a building. With super speed she pulled the gloves on, tied the chain into a kind of lasso, and caught the first group of Arions. They shouted, fell to the ground, from that altitude the impact drove them unconscious. She was about to take the last ones when someone tapped her shoulder. Turning, she soon stared into the wonderful eyes…and drifted away.

The leader of the Arions took the gloves from the hateful Velorian and removed the chain from his underlings, quickly backing away to avoid the reaction of the release. He then turned towards the pale white vampire, who stood transfixing the Protector with his eyes.

- That wasn’t so hard, now as it?

His friends laughed, but the laughter died out when they suddenly heard a growl from the alleyways surrounding them. Yellow, green and blue eyes, all of them inhuman, stared at them from every direction, looking up, golden and black eyes glowed from the air above them. And something landed in the garden.

It was huge. It looked like a man, if a man was forty feet tall and wore antlers on his head. The glowing eyes, white one second, red or blue the other, soon found them, and the figure headed straight for them. The lead Arion, a prime example of his race, a warrior who had faced down goldlizards of Macara, who had battled Velorians and won, found himself wetting his pants in fear. All he could do was scream when the giant grabbed him laughed, and put him in a leather pouch at his belt. Soon the other Arions followed, as they tried to escape the pouch the giant tightened it, the leather not yielding to their superhuman strength, and the human bones riddled around the bag clearly showed them what he was going to do to them. One of the bigger women started crying.

The white vampire stared in horror at the giant, who just nodded at him as if he was unworthy of any further involvement, and then walked into the air, leaving the scene. Then the undead albino realized he had released the woman, and that all his soldiers most probably had been killed by the beasts surrounding them.

Kara shook the cotton out of her head. A firm hand caught her shoulder, as she turned to see who it was she saw…a gigantic bearman, shaking his ursine head, as if telling her not to get involved. She turned, to see a mass of furred creatures, none smaller than seven feet, throwing themselves in a frenzy against the pale man in white. When they dispersed, a few bloody pieces of cloth were all that was left.

The hand left her shoulder, she tried to see where the bearman left, but he was already gone. Soon only she and the woman stood there.

- Where…where did the other guy go?

- Onyx? He had some other business.

She shuddered, trying not to think of what had happened to the vampire. But she had to ask.

- What…what did you…do to him?

The woman smiled, and burped slightly.

- You don’t really want to know, and I’m not gonna tell you…

The woman turned to leave. Kara stared around her, trying to get a straight side of the whole thing.

- WAIT! What are you people? Where are you from?

The woman stopped. Turning back, walked over to Kara and grabbed her left hand. She then proceeded to rake a sharp claw against her hand, gouging a shallow gash, that certainly did not heal with Velorian speed.

- As for me, a scientist once tried to define my breed. He called us "Felis Lycanthropus", putting us up in the same bunch with the werewolves and other such. I’m a werecat, half panther, half human, and I have nothing to do with science or mother nature, at least, not in the explainable sense of the world. I suggest you and your kind dig up your old myths and legends, because most of them are true. It’s a weird world out there, and most of it can’t be explained by genetics or chemistry. If you want to know who the giant was, read up on Celtic mythology, especially the Huntsman. And never forget to have a crucifix ready at night. Even if you’re not religious. Believe me, they work.

The woman dropped her bleeding hand and vanished into an alley, when she tried to follow, she found nothing.

Finally, she flew home, bandaged her hand and sat down with a cup of hot chocolate, the power failure had been heaved. The Wild Hunt was over. She picked up an old copy of Vogue, one she had a few pictures in, and leafed through it, trying to clear her head. When she reached the center, she could feel her jaw drop open. On the pages was the woman who had attacked them at the charity function, but here she was a singer and model, and her green eyes seemed to stare right at her. And she saw the similarity between her and…oh. No wonder she ran off.

They shall die of grievous deaths; they shall not be lamented; neither shall they be buried; but they shall be as dung upon the face of the Earth.

--Jeremiah 16:4

The end.

Sharon Best, Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997

(Aurora Universe materials are strictly for Mature Readers over 18 years of age!)