Chapter Three

My blood raced through me, my heart fluttering like a bird in a cage, seeking release as Shiva kisses me breathlessly in the car, her tongue entwined with mine as her hands caressed with delicate knowing touches along my body, fueling my passion yet further. Suddenly she pulled back and started up the car. As we raced into the night I gazed at Shiva, her short hair fluttering in the breeze. Her skin was faintly flushed, her nipples tenting out against the thin material of her halter top. Goddess, she was beautiful. I had never seen her aroused...not like this. As her speed increased the air began whipping through the car, the other car's headlights streaks of light as they whizzed past us.

"Where...where are we going?" I asked, softly, my eyes only for her as I burned to touch her body, to adore her with all my heart.

She grinned over to me "Patience, tiger. I have someplace I wish to show you.. something to share..." then returned her attentions to the road, tough I could tell she was watching me out of the corner of her eye.

I nodded, but could not sit still, the energy in my body urgently seeking some release. With a devilish look in my eyes I reached over, my fingers stroking over Shiva's breast as she drove, focusing special attention on the nipple as I felt it coming even more erect under the thin fabric. My eyes sparkle in the night as I see Shiva's lips part in a soft gasp, then my fingers trace down to start lifting up on the lower edge of the top, trying to get it up over her breast. With no warning her hand was gone from the steering wheel, a firm leverage lock on my thumb drawing my hand upward as the top snapped down, almost covering her breast.

I gasped in surprise, still amazed at the awesome skill that allowed her to make even awkward moves so incredibly graceful. Goddess...I was falling in love. Then her nails draw down my arm, toying with my hair softly before drifting lower, over my neck. Silky skin brushes the hollow of my throat and I gasped again, pleasure replacing surprise as her fingertips trailed lower, flicking the buttons of my blouse open with casual ease. A mysterious smile appeared on her lips as she rocketed through the night, leaving the city lights behind as she finished ripping my bra open, the chill night air caressing my bare breasts, sending delicious icy shocks through my nipples.

Strong fingers and cold air teased my breasts, her touch exciting me in that special way only a woman could share, leaving me squirming on the seat heatedly until the car drew to an abrupt halt. She grined again as she drew away, leaving the car and motioning for me to follow. Feeler bolder than I ever had before I let the blouse and bra slip from my shoulders, reveling in the feeling of freedom as I moved to follow her. My breath was taken away yet again as she stopped and I looked over her shoulder. We stood on a steep bluff. Laid out before us was the city, lights blinking, moving, in some places dull reddish fires dancing in the nighttime as the stars looked down upon us.

Shiva twirled away from me, looking back into my eyes, mysterious in the shadows as she reaches up to brush her fingers over my lips "Sweet Miko. I wished to share this spot with you. It is the most beautiful in the city...matched only by you. I wanted it to be here I brought you fully into my world." then she leans forward, her lips claiming mine in a breathless kiss, my body molding against hers as we embrace. We stand there an eternity, our tongues entwined in passion as her fingers trace over my spine, impossibly good pleasure erupting when ever she presses certain spots. My body shivers, far from cold as her own hands stroke her back and hold her close. Once more my hands lift to her breasts, cupping them gently and fondling. They are not as slight as my own, but just as firm, her nipples stretching the fabric as she moans softly and presses against my hands.

My lips retreat from her as I try once more to take the initiative. darting light kisses down your throat as I lift her top up from her breasts. My lips fasten at the hollow of her throat, my tongue flicking along the warm silky skin as my fingers find her rock hard nipples, helplessly stroking and fondling them, drawing a little cry of sheer pleasure from her lips, her body weakening. Suddenly I find myself gently lowered toward the ground, your eyes gazing into mine as she lays me out on the soft grass. The scent of wildflowers soothes my senses as she removes her top the rest of the way.

Her fingers find my nipples, caressing them with a knowing touch, drawing them out until they feel huge and incredibly sensitive. She leans down, her lips finding my throat for gentle kisses and love bites. My body tingles, electric flashes of pleasure turning dark skin redder as I lift my chin, baring my throat to her loving. I cried out softly as she gripped my nipples harder and lightly tugged, her tongue swirling over my neck slowly, sensuously before flicking lower. My hands traced up to stroke your back, my fingertips trying to find and press the same spots that had made me feel so wonderful. I was rewarded with a tiny gasps of pleasure from you before she lips took my nipple in a kiss, sucking gently as her fingers drifting down my hard belly, stroking over the muscles lazily, drawing a louder moan from me as they lingered at my belly button.

My cries started coming faster, fiery energy filling me. My back arched upward as your tongue swirled around my nipple, my muscles standing out as her nails lightly rakes lower on my belly until I felt her hand tenderly cup and rub between my legs. My jeans are quickly shed in the head long rush to please her. My hands fluttered, all thought fleeing, lost in the sheer bliss filling me. My body trembles, my eyes closed as I feel her fingers stroke the length of my labia, then press inward, light stroking drawing out my clitoris as my legs parted urgently. My breath panted faster and faster, my moans filling the night. More and more roughly you nibbles at my erect nipple, my senses responding with an ever greater desire for more.. more. "" I moaned as I felt her fingers begin to slide deeper into my tight wet heat.

Fiery kisses trace over the curve of my slight breasts as her fingers move faster, touching me in that special way only a woman could. My every breath is a moan, my every movement a passionate writhing I dance to the sensual, erotic pace of Shiva, tumbling faster and faster until I pass the point of no return, an orgasm overpowering my senses, then another and another. Goddess...more than I possibly could have imagined, my body spending it's energy until at last I lie limp in her arms. She cradles me gently, hand that could smash stone caressing my body of delicately as a feather as she lets me regain my breath.

I kiss the warm silk of her neck as my strength returns, just a bit, my cheek resting on her shoulder. I realize while I was recovering she has removed her last bits of clothes as well, our bodies entwined as the first glimpse of dawn warms the sky. Looking up into her eyes, so beautiful and mysterious and I can't help feel a growing love for this lady. I press closer, leaning up to kiss her softly. A sudden flash of insight breaks through the dazed wall of pleasure in my mind and I pull back from the kiss to ask in a breathless voice "At the club.. you set me up to fight those men, yes? You knew just how I would react...and you tested me?"

She laughs softly and kisses my forehead "No, my tiger. I was not testing you. I was testing my own perceptions. I was very pleased by what I saw."

I pause, searching her face and eyes for what she is thinking, but they are as serene as the surface of a lake, giving no hint to the untold depths beneath. At last I murmurs "But why? Why was that so important?"

For a moment I could swear I saw a flicker of emotion, it's look almost foreign to her face but quickly covered up again as she smiles "I needed to know that you were a true fighter, that you could kill. My world if often a dangerous one. I needed to know you could handle it before fully accepting you and exposing you to it's dangers. I believed you were up to it. You proved me right."

She then kissed me, our warm breathing mingling in the growing sunlight as I bask in her presence. The fact I pleased her sends a tingle of pleasure rippling down my spine as I give in to the kiss, worshipping her with all my heart. My Goddess. My Shiva.