by Miko

Chapter Two

Michiko stretched out on the bed, silken sheets warm under her bare skin " this is what traveling with Shiva is like..." she thought , her gaze drawn around the expensive penthouse suite, a Christmas movie running muted on the wide screen TV. In many ways she still felt like she was in a dream, only a few days after her fight with Shiva, but a lifetime away.

The shock of her fellow students and anger of her Sensei when she announced she was leaving was fading already from her mind. She knew they would never understand how she could feel so.. liberated Yes, it was best she left her old life completely, she was a new person now.

"But, why have we come to Hub City?" she wondered aloud. Even she had heard of this American city, highest murder rate in the civilized world, no firemen, no cops, practically a war zone. She'd been hoping for someplace more...private? Romantic? A shiver traced down her spine as she remembered back to the first kiss, Shiva's hands on her body... Michiko's eyes drifted closed as her fingers traced up her belly, then to her breasts, caressing softly as she imagined it was Lady Shiva who was doing this to her. Fingers that could paralyze or kill a man in one stroke ever so sensually stroking her nipples, faster and faster. A warm flush grew over her body as her nipples came to life, growing hard and erect under the caresses.

A delightful tingle spread down through her belly and down between her legs as she moaned softly "MMm.....Shiva....oh!" Her skin felt wonderfully warm, her pulse quickening as a hand cupped her breast and squeezed more urgently, the tips of her nails raking a slow lazy path down her toned stomach. Her toes smoothed over the silk as her knees slide upward and outward. Her breath caught as she could just feel Shiva's fingers begin to slide between her legs when suddenly she heard the door slam!

A wild whirlwind of silk surrounded her as she desperately tried to hide under the covers, cheeks burning a vivid red as she looked up into the amused eyes of Lady Shiva. Jeans and a silk blouse were tossed down on her bed and Shiva smiled faintly "Get dressed, Miko, it's time for us to see if you are truly worthy of my training. In every sense."

My eyes met hers for a moment and my cheeks grew red once more, but I could not tell if she knew my thoughts, my hopes. I quickly got dressed, facing away from her until nervousness and a different anticipation allowed my body to calm. Finally I shrugged on my jacket "Ready."

We went down to the lobby, where a Porsche was waiting for us.

We drove off as I snuggled into the leather seat and grinned "I had no idea being a martial artist paid so much, Shiva."

She just smiled mysteriously, the wind rippling through her hair in the most sexy way I could imagine. Michiko knew she should have been nervous as they torn through the city streets toward this mysterious test but I was in rapture just watching Shiva. She seemed different tonight, both more alive and even a bit wild. The way her eyes looked whenever she glanced at me sent shivers down my spine. It was several seconds before I realized we had stopped in front of a rundown looking club.

I spotted a group of skinheads loitering outside, but they let us pass in with no trouble, much to my surprise. I was about to ask what this had to do with the test when she pressed a fingertip to my lips and murmured so softly I could barely hear here over the music pounding around us "Relax for a bit, dance with a few people, trust me, Miko. I know what I'm doing."

I felt wonderful standing here with her, looking into her eyes.

I wished I could dance with her, but just nodded and daringly kissed her fingertip before slipping away to try to mingle. It was not nearly as bad as I had feared. In fact I had no trouble finding people to dance with and was starting to enjoy myself a bit when I saw Shiva talking.. no...was she flirting with a couple guys??

My face flushed red, my skin felt hot as I started making my way over there but she started leaving before I could get close, a few of the guys following her. On the backs of their jackets was some type of foul look humanoid, I should have realized they were gang members, but all I felt was the rush of blood in my ears, pounding to the savage beat of the music.

As I exited I saw one of the gangers grabbing her from behind.

Without a thought I leaped forward, body twisting through the air acrobatically to bring my heel crashing down on the nearest gangers shoulder. There was a sick crunch as his shoulder dislocated and he fell to his knees, but two others turns to me at his cry of pain, Shiva still unresisting in the grip of the one leading the way. Two both leapt toward me, but I easily sidestepped one while bringing my elbow up into the others gut.

Too late I realized he was to big for me to stop that way, I desperately jerked back, my hands grabbing his grasping hands as my foot shot into his belly and flipped him on past me to land heavily on his back. I was about to kip up when my ribs exploded in pain. I caught a glimpse of the one I had sidestepped about to kick me again, but I rolled to the side, catching the kick in my back this time. I flopped over on my belly and tried to scramble to my feet, but his knee slammed down into my back, knocking the breath from me.

I tried to curl up, gasping for breath as my body shuddered. I felt the cool night air on my as she dragged my shirt up, blushing despite the pain as rough hands grasped my breasts, then jerked downward ripping at my bra. My breath regained, I arched my body, my heel slamming into his spine before I slide out form under him frantically. He was only rocked forward, though, turning to face me, swearing in ways I had never heard before, fury in his eyes. I backed up until I felt the wall behind me as he stalked me, seeking the calm I had been learning to use in combat. As he leapt forward to attack I knew what I must do, my palm striking forward almost by reflex. his face practically impaling itself on my leopards palm strike. I felt bone break beneath the blow, and a shiver passed through me as she stood there for a moment, disbelieving look on his face before crumpling into a heap, like a rag doll.

I stood there in shock for a moment, then raced toward where Shiva had been. I was strangely not surprised to see Shiva step away from the ganger as I approached, leaving him to fall on his face, body twitching strangely. She approached me wordlessly, her eyes more alive and intent than I had seen since I had fought her. Silken steel hands brushed my cheek as she slipped close, then drew me into a soft, passionate kiss. I melted into the kiss, all the adrenaline and endorphins in my system firing my blood with passion now.

After a timeless eternity she pulled back and murmured "You have crossed into a new world, my sweet Miko. Now it is time to cross over into another." With that she took my hand and drew me to the car, eyes dark, compelling, irresistible as I was drawn along, the moth to her flame.