Supergirl Part 2.
by Alan

A continuation of the story "Supergirl" by Ann Douglas



The incomparable Sharon Best for creating such a great universe and providing such a fertile environment for the nurture of new writers wanting to try their hand in the genre.

Sam, Mac and the rest for setting up the webring to keep the AU alive.

AK, the author of the "Julie" series for his encouragement, and for letting me practice a bit in his galaxy of the AU.

Ann Douglas for the original "Supergirl" story on which this new story is based.

Ed, Rob, AK and others from whom I have borrowed fundamental concepts.

Everyone else who has contributed, both to the major AU series' and to "Other Voices".



Since I found the AU, I have experienced many pleasurable hours reading, and re-reading the stories contained therein. I have written this story to "repay", in some small way, these many hours of pleasure. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I apologise in advance for any distress experienced by American readers over my spelling and, perhaps, my grammar. I was taught to abuse the English language in a slightly different way than you <big grin>.

This is my first attempt at fiction since Composition in English classes at High School, some 25-30 years ago, so there are bound to be a few rough spots. This story is likely to become a perpetual "work in progress" so they'll probably eventually be smoothed out. Please bear with me as I find my feet as an author.

I use the expression "likely to become a perpetual work in progress" advisedly. As I'm sure all the other AU writers are already fully aware, Supremis characters are very strong-willed. It can become a major battle just to retain a minimal degree of control over the plot.


The Basic Storyline:

Kryptonian culture had become intensely isolationist since their early split from the Arions. As a result, knowledge of the Kryptonians' relationship to the other Supremis races and of mutagenesis, whilst not exactly suppressed, was known only to a few, highly placed. As Kara's "escape" from the doomed Argo City was such a spur-of-the-moment affair there was much information Kara couldn't have been given, even if her father had been privy (he wasn't).

Whilst Kor-El had had the foresight to send comprehensive records with his infant son Kal, these records had been damaged in transit by cosmic radiation, so that much vital information was fragmentary and/or incomplete.

Some interesting surprises are in store as Kara Zor-El discovers some of the not-so-obvious capabilities of her Supremis heritage.

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