The Road to Hellas

Part Four




Lucas sat on the beach and watched as the sun set below the horizon. At that moment he wished for nothing more than to have Kara at his side to watch the idyllic picture. He continued to look out to sea long after the sun had disappeared his enhanced eyes watching the waves of the Aegean move rhythmically. He heard the footsteps slowly approaching but did not turn around thinking that Kara had returned. Lucas was just about to speak when an unknown female voice spoke from behind him.

"You have no fire," said the stranger her voice warm and rich.

"I don’t really need one," Lucas said without turning around. "I don’t get cold anymore and I can see well enough. It must be all the carrots I eat. But if you’re cold it’d only take a minute for me to make one."

"No Lucas Stand, I do not need a fire to keep me warm."

At the mention of his name Lucas shot to his feet and turned to face this woman who knew his name. He stared into a pair of smokey blue eyes that had depths he could never reach. Lucas stared into them for a moment until he thought that he would drown in them and then reluctantly looked at their owner. She was tall with an elegant grace that emanated from her still body. She was dressed in a simple yet beautiful white dress that fell about her ankles. Long tresses of silky raven black hair rolled over her shoulders and stopped just above her buttocks. Her breasts were no where near as large as Kara’s but they still enticed him but somehow Lucas knew that they shouldn’t. Then he saw the spear in her right hand and the Corinthian helmet that rested atop her head and he knew who she was.

"Athena," he said his voice barely above a whisper.

"Do not fear Lucas Stand. I have not come to offer you harm but aid." The spear and helmet disappeared the instant the last word left her mouth. She held out her hand. "Come walk with me."

Lucas felt the electric thrill when their hands met. It raced up and down his spine and coalesced in his groin. His super human self control took instant charge of the situation and the stirring in his lions ceased. He let himself be led down the white sand by the beautiful goddess of wisdom.

"You know about what happened today," he said to break the charged silence.

"Yes I do. Hermes was quite amused by the entire situation, but then, he is so easily amused."

"And you?"

"I hold no ill will for either you or your companion. My father’s choices are his and his alone and have no bearing on me."

"I’m glad. What about your father? What will he do?"

"The lord of the sky will dally with the lovely maiden for the next two weeks. He will give no thought to either of you for that period of time. After that it is difficult to say. He may give you no more thought or he may seek you out to exact vengeance. It would be best if you were gone before then."

"If only we could. Neither Kara nor I know how we got here and don’t have nay idea how to get back."

"And if I could help you reach your home."

Lucas could scarcely believe his ears. Was she really offering what he thought she was and what would be the price of that assistance. "You’d really help me and Kara get back home?"

"It’s possible. I know of your world and have walked it many times in the past."

"How? I mean Kara told me that gods and goddess were really Protectors like her."

"Whatever their origins they were but reflections of us. Many times their words were ours, their actions our. We saw through their eyes and at special times they were in fact us in every sense of the word."

"So, you can get us back."

"It is possible. The journey will be long and difficult and I cannot be of much assistance as I could face the wrath of my father if I were to help fully. The question you must answer is what you would be willing to give for my aid?"

"Anything," Lucas replied without thinking.

"Be sure before you answer. I may ask for more than you are willing to give."

"No, there is nothing I wouldn’t give, not even my life, to get Kara back where she belongs. She is the Protector of Earth and the world needs her."

"And you as well."

"Perhaps. But I’ve been a soldier for most of my life and as such have known that I may have to give up my life. I can think of no better way to do it than in helping Kara."

"Do not worry Lucas Stand you shall not have to surrender your life or your freedom. I ask nothing in return. I simply wanted to know the level of your commitment and you have given me the answer and it pleases me."

Athena smiled at Lucas with a smile that held more than friendship. Her eyes smoldered with unrestrained passion and he did not understand it. Athena had always been portrayed in the myths as untouchable. Yet, here she was in the flesh clearly offering him more than platonic friendship. He coughed uncomfortably.

"Excuse me for asking but I’ve always read that you’re . . . ah, virginal."

The goddess of wisdom laughed deeply and said, "No, I am not. I simply do not make my affections known to the world. I am not like my siblings. I am selective in who I choose and I choose you Lucas Stand."

Lucas was torn. The only thought on his mind was Kara. He knew that there was no true commitment between them and there probably never could be. Yet, she meant too much to him to even think about hurting her and something told him that seeing him with Athena would hurt her. He would rather decline the goddess’ offer than ever risk that. Lucas was searching for the appropriate words to turn down a goddess when Athena spoke.

"Your companion is with Artemis the Huntress," she said reading his pained expression and realizing his dilemma.

"She’s not in any danger is she?"

"No, Artemis’ hatred for all things male is legendary but her attitude toward women is something entirely different. It will be sometime before she returns to this beach. Does this ease your mind."

"Yes it does," Lucas said taking Athena into his arms.

The moment that his hands touched Athena their clothing vanished. Lucas’ hands roamed over the goddess’ naked perfection as his lips met her. Their heated kiss filled him with fire that was second only to the one Kara brought out in him. His hands traveled down Athena’s spine bringing shivers of joy to the goddess. He cupped her ass cheeks in his powerful fingers and drew the goddess to him. Lucas’ erection throbbed in rhythm to his heart as he released the controls over his body. His hips began to move slowly back and forth moving his manhood over the swollen lips of her sex. His movements didn’t cease as he broke the kiss and moved his lips lower. Athena’s breasts were smaller than Kara’s but nonetheless breathtaking. While he fondled one his lips closed over the other licking, sucking and then biting her hard nipple. Athena gasped as Lucas picked her up by her ass and settled her eager sex over his aching manhood. With deliberate slowness Lucas lowered the goddess onto his throbbing manhood. Her sex gripped him tightly but with none of the animalistic star-born strength of a certain blond Velorian. Lucas remembered the first time Kara had gripped him in her alien vaginal muscles and the image nearly made him lose control. He quickly brought his mind back to the present and the goddess in his arms. Athena was gasping louder now even though he had not even moved a muscle. When he did withdraw his manhood only to drive powerfully back in her entire body stiffened with pleasure. This was the signal that he had been waiting for. He began to thrust in and out slowly at first but quicker and quicker. Athena’s legs locked around Lucas’ back and her breast was pulled from his mouth as she leaned back until she stood out at right angles to him. Supporting her ass with only one hand Lucas used the other to play with her engorged clit as he thrust even faster into her yearning sex. All the time he thrust Lucas was consciously trying not to move as fast as he did with Kara. He knew that it would be difficult to really hurt her but he was not willing to take the risk. So when Athena’s spasming vaginal muscles announced her rapidly approaching climax Lucas was not that close himself to cumming. He closed his eyes let himself go and orgasmed at the same instant as the goddess in his arms.

Lucas kept up the thrusts, much slower now and much gentler, and the stimulation to Athena’s clit for a full half hour. The goddess eyes rolled back in her head as her orgasm rolled on and on and on and seemed as if it would never end. Finally when her arms and legs had turned to jello Lucas stopped manipulating her and lowered Athena gently to the sand. Her eyelids opened five minutes later and her smokey blue irises stared deeply into his own a single tear forming at the corner and falling down across her alabaster cheek to the sand below.

Lucas and Athena talked for quiet awhile after that. When the goddess finally sat up their clothes reappeared just as magically as it had disappeared. With her long flowing dress back on Athena was the goddess of wisdom once more. She told Lucas about the Gate of the Amazons and what he and Kara would have to do if they were to return to their home. Lucas listened in silence as it was all explained to him and when Athena was finished asked half a dozen questions which she answered with ease. Athena stood finally saying that Kara was one her way back. Lucas rose and looked once more into those infinitely deep eyes. They shared one last lingering kiss and then Athena walked out into the night and vanished.


Kara strolled onto the beach fifteen minutes later. She didn’t say a word as she plopped down on the sand next to him. Lucas saw the glow of her golden skin and knew instantly what it meant and from the way Kara was looking at him he knew that she knew that he knew. He knew that the beautiful Velorian would find sexual gratification with someone else someday and never knew until now how he would react. Surprisingly, it didn’t matter in the least to him. Kara’s sexual drive was a part of her a part that he found very desirable and her mores were Velorian. What right had he to tell this young woman how she should live her life. Lucas did not say a word but put a reassuring arm around her shoulders and gave her a steel-bending squeeze. Kara gave a sigh of relief and leaned her head on his strong shoulder realizing that they had passed the first great hurdle of their friendship. The tension flowed from her body and the exertions and mental stresses of the day finally caught with her and seconds after her head touched Lucas’ shoulder she was asleep.


Kara woke up with the remnants of an erotic dream fading from her mind. The warm sensations did not pass as her eyes opened to look at the sky. It was then Kara realized that it was no dream. There was something long, wet, and hot deep in her sex and it was so flexible! She raised herself on her elbows and looked down between her legs.

A pair of deep green eyes stared up at her from between her thighs of steel. Lucas’ hands roamed up and down her legs adding to her pleasure. It hit Kara like a thunderbolt. It was his tongue that was so deep within her, deeper than any tongue could possibly reach.

"Lucas!" she said realizing that this super man was using his power to reach parts of her that no one ever could.

Lucas winked at the stunned Velorian and carried on. Kara fell back onto the sand and lost herself in the feelings. Lucas hands moved up her waist and began to play with her harder than steel nipples. Kara gasped as her senses went into overload. Part of her wanted Lucas to stop to warn him that his tongue might not be as strong as his manhood but she was too far gone to care. When his left hand left her nipple and made contact with her throbbing clit Kara lost it. Her orgasm hit like a tidal wave and it washed her away.

Lucas knew that Kara’s orgasm was imminent and his body took the appropriate steps. His tongue became harder than steel as it was enveloped in Kara’s spasming vaginal muscle. Even so it was a wild ride. Kara’s body bucked and thrashed around and Lucas had to hang on to the wildly gyrating super girl with his right hand and arm but his left never stopped stimulating her clit. He kept Kara on the crest of ecstasy for fifteen minutes before ceasing his ministrations. The beautiful blond Velorian kept going on her own for another ten before finally coming back to earth. When her breathing finally returned to normal Lucas retracted his tongue and crawled up the reclining woman and lay down next to her.

"Good morning," he said kissing her softly on the lips.

"That was one hell of a wake up call Lucas. But what about not going where you’re not invited."

Lucas’ smile died in a heartbeat. "I’m sorry," he said his eyes low. "I guess I didn’t think. It won’t happen again I promise."

Kara took Lucas face in her slender but oh so strong fingers and pulled it up to face her. "No Lucas, it’s me who’s sorry. I shouldn’t have teased you like that. I loved it. It was the greatest way to wake up. So, consider yourself as having been invited posthumously."

The smile that she was so used to by now returned to Lucas face and his vibrant green eyes lit up once more. Kara pulled his close and kissed him long and passionately. She sucked the breath from his lungs and ran her fingers through his short brown hair. When they finally broke their kiss Kara got to her feet and helped Lucas to his. It was only then that she noticed that the white linen kilt he wore was tented out in front of him.

"What about your famous control?" she asked with a giggle.

"I seem to be forgetting about it more and more. I guess that it must be the company I’ve been keeping lately."

"I’ll take that as a compliment."

"That’s the way I meant it."

"Well," Kara said her long supple tongue slowly licking her full red lips, "we can’t have you going around with it sticking out like that. What would people say?"

"I guess you’re right," Lucas said looking down at himself. "What would you suggest I do about it?"

"This," Kara said diving head first for his throbbing erection.

To Lucas it was as if his manhood was engulfed by a pressure cooker. He had never felt had like it in all his life. The heat and pressure were out of this world. He looked down to see his groin engulfed in a halo of honey blond hair which began to move with a speed that no other woman could hope to equal. Lucas looked on the sight for just a second before the feelings overwhelmed him and his eyes closed as he was carried away. Kara’s tongue danced along the length and breadth of his manhood and the heat her movements created spread throughout his entire body. Lucas thought that the pleasure couldn’t get any more intense but he was wrong. Fingers that could bend steel with ridiculous ease gripped his balls and squeezed with star-born might. An involuntary groan escaped his lips. Lucas tried to hold back but it was as if a normal man had tried to hold back the tide. It was impossible. He came with a wordless shout and shudder that created waves in the Aegean.

When his eyes were al last able to focus once again Lucas looked down to see Kara smiling back up at him. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled the incredible blond up to him and kissed her as he had never kissed her before. Their arms wrapped around each other with a strength that would have uprooted mountains. With reluctance that bordered on physical pain Lucas broke the kiss. They had places to go and people to see.

"Come on," he said, "we’ve got a lot to do today."

"Like what?"

"Like going home."

"Home! Are you serious?"

"Perfectly serious. I had a visitor while you were out walking last night. It was Athena. She told me how we might get back to our own dimension."

"Can we trust her?"

"I think so. She may be the goddess of wisdom and battle but she’s also the guardian and guide to most Greek heros. I trust her."

"Alright, let’s do it. Ah Lucas, what is it we have to do?"

"Come on," he said floating above the ground, "I’ll explain on the way."

The two of them flew off to the north. They traveled at less than the speed of sound so that their clothes would not be destroyed by the friction supersonic flight generated. Thus, they were able to converse freely. Lucas told Kara about his visit with Athena but carefully avoided any hint to their physical connection. He explained all he knew and guessed about the Amazon Gate and the mysterious missing key and the clues they had been given to find it. Kara thought that the information was vague to say the least but accepted that Athena had done it this way in order to have an explanation for Zeus in case he wanted vengeance. Together they flew to Attica, the peninsula where Athens lay. Lucas pointed to a mountain where he told her that Demeter gave birth to her beautiful and legendary daughter Persephone. Kara’s eyes easily saw the mountain and the small shrine atop it. She also saw something that gave her pause.

"What’s that?" she asked pointing at the rapidly approaching mountain.

"Sorry Kara, what I can see is all a bit blurry. What do you see?"

"It’s some kind of lizard. It’s huge and has two heads and oh! There’s a young man down there facing down the lizard with a sword."

‘Your sure he’s just got a sword nothing else?"

"No, just the sword. Lucas what’s wrong?"

"That’s no lizard down there. From the way you describe it and from what I can make out that’s a hydra. And that young man is in deep trouble."

(To Be Continued. . .)