The Road to Hellas

Part Three



(with some loving edits by Sharon Best)


Kara stared closely at Zeus. It was not a pretty sight. The king of the Olympians was in a towering fury and it showed. His body was alive with lightning. It danced through his hair and over his powerful arms. But what concerned her the most was the golden scepter in his hands. Kara had no idea what that golden object would do to her. It might even kill her.

Lucas saw the concern on Kara’s face and guessed that it was because of Zeus’ scepter. He placed his hand on her shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Kara turned and gave him a quick smile. She knew that whatever happened he would be with her watching her back. She turned back to face the king of the gods.

"Now it ends!" Zeus’ voice thundered and the walls shook. He took a step down from the dais but stopped dead in his tracks as another voice, a feminine voice, boomed out.

"What goes on here?"

Everyone, Kara, Lucas, and Zeus, turned to look at the new arrival. A tall regal woman wearing a loose flowing green dress which fell from her left shoulder stepped sedately into the throne room. Her imperiously beautiful face was without line, wrinkle, or imperfection but the wisps of grey in her dark brown hair spoke of great age and wisdom. Her deep brown eyes well filled with anger and promises of immediate painful death. As soon as she entered the throne room both Kara and Lucas knew who she was even before Zeus called out her name.

"Hera, what are you doing here?" asked Zeus suddenly calm.

Kara and Lucas began backing away as the queen of the gods told her husband exactly what she was doing there and what she thought of him in language that blistered the air. Zeus tried to calm his wife and blame everything on Kara but Hera was having none of it. Once she had started it was if a dam had burst and she had to run her course before there would be any let up. The curses became louder and more descriptive. Kara looked at Lucas and both of them knew that this was their time to leave quietly.

Lucas didn’t even get a chance to turn around. A hand on his shoulder stopped him from leaving and when Kara saw it she stopped too. She was not going to leave Lucas either. Lucas turned to face the god who had stopped him leaving. He saw a seemingly young man dressed in a belted silver tunic. His curly black hair fell softly about his silently laughing face and added somehow to his expression of amusement. There was a mischievous grin on his lips and Lucas’ suspicions were aroused. He slowly looked down and sure enough there were small wings sticking through his sandals at the ankles.

"Hermes?" asked Lucas.

"Very well done mortal," replied the messenger of the gods.

Kara stepped close to Hermes and said, "You’d better not try and stop us. You saw what happened to Zeus. It could happen to you too."

"I am not here to stop you but to help you."

"Why?" Kara asked.

"It is my nature and besides I like you mortals," Hermes replied. "If you slip away now the Thunderer will simply track you down with his pool and take his revenge at a distance. You must distract him if you are to make good your escape."

"What kind of distraction?" asked Kara.

"Mortals must do some things for themselves."

"Kara," Lucas said an idea in mind, "I need you to find something or rather someone for me with those beautiful eyes of yours."


"The most beautiful woman you can find. I’d prefer her to be alone and far from here."

Kara thought his request to be a little silly but said, "Okay." Her brilliant blue eyes sparkled as she looked through the walls of the palace and down on the land below. She spotted a half dozen women she thought were absolutely gorgeous but they were all in a crowds. So, she continued with her search. Finally, on the shore of a lonely beach she saw the one. A enchanting red head was walking by herself down a lonely stretch of beach. Her large beasts and lean athletic figure took Kara’s breath away and hardened her nipples. Regretfully she took her eyes off the young woman and told Lucas of her discovery.

"Will that do?" Lucas asked the messenger of the gods.

"Perfectly," answered Hermes stepping in front of a mirror. He passed his hand in front of the polished silver surface and the red head appeared there. "Is this the one?"

"Yes," said Kara.

"An excellent choice," Hermes said the mischievous smile growing larger. "Stay here out of sight while I speak with my father. I shall tell you when it is safe to leave."

The argument between Zeus and his wife had broken down and the king of the Olympians was looking around for something to vent his rage on. All he saw was Hermes.

"Hermes, did you bring that she-cat and her lap dog into my presence?"

"Certainly not my lord. I should never choose such a woman for you sire. Completely wrong for you. For she was not even a maiden. Could the mighty Thunderer sow his oats in a field that had already been tilled, I think not. Also look at her hair and eyes, gold and blue, the colors of the sky, the colors of cold and frigidity. No, my liege she was not for you and I should never have selected her for you." Hermes passed his hand over the pool in the floor. "This is what I should have selected for you. Behold sire, a maiden with hair the color of fire. It will only take the proper instruction to unleash the fire that dwells within her."

Zeus looked closely at the image in the pool and finally said, "You are right Hermes. That other was not for such as I. This lonely young maiden is another story. She shall not be lonely for much longer. Inform the others that I shall be gone for some time." With those parting words Zeus transformed himself into a swan and flew from the palace.

"Of course I shall my lord," said Hermes giggling uncontrollably. He was still giggling when he told Kara and Lucas that it was safe to leave saying that Zeus likely to spend at least two weeks with this new conquest and by the time he was done he should probably have forgotten about Kara, as long as she kept out of his way.

"Wait," he said as Kara and Lucas turned to leave.

‘What now?" asked an exasperated Kara.

"Where will you be? If I should hear anything concerning the Thunderer that you should know about."

"I don’t know. Lucas?"

Lucas thought about the geography of Greece for a second and said, "Pylos I guess."

"Pylos it is."



The beach near Pylos was just as beautiful and peaceful as the one near Rhodes. The moment Kara looked at the warm wine dark sea she wanted to strip off her clothes and go swimming.

"Coming in," she said stripping off her ripped tunic.

"Maybe later. I think I’ll take a look around and see if I can find you something else to wear."

"Okay, you be careful."

"You too. And remember the sea is Poseidon’s province."

"No problem," said a smiling Kara. "We both love dolphins and orcas." With that she leapt into the air and soon disappeared beneath the waves.

Lucas looked the waves for a moment and then headed inland. He didn’t fly but jogged away from the beach as he didn’t want to call too much attention to himself. He was about a mile from a narrow cart track when he heard the commotion. The sounds of violence caused Lucas to put on a burst of speed which bordered on the speed of sound.

Lucas burst onto the cart track to see half a dozen men dressed in rags surrounding a woman who was curled on the dirt road. He didn’t wait for explanations but burst in among them. Super strong muscles threw men left and right. One of the bandits drew a sword but he snatched it from a filthy hand and pitched it into the sea. Lucas fist lashed out and bones were broken. He only used a fraction of his muscles because he didn’t want to deal with corpses. He broken ribs and arms but no legs. So, when they finally broke and ran which was a minute after Lucas arrived they had the working legs to do it.

A middle aged woman whose jet black hair was shot through with silver was placing a variety of garments into a large basket. Lucas knelt next to her and helped. She tried to wave him away but he was having none of it. Finally when the basket was full once more he helped the woman back to her feet.

"Oh thank you noble sir for coming to my assistance. Surely you were sent by Athena herself."


"Yes I am on my way now to pray for my daughter at her shrine."

"Would you mind if I accompany you. Those guys could come back you know."

"I would not presume to trouble you sir."

"You didn’t. I offered," Lucas said taking the woman’s arm. "Lead the way, I have been around here before."

The woman whose name was Thysbe talked the whole way to the shrine of Athena. She told Lucas about her son and daughter and how their father had died fighting in a war. She told him of her struggles to survive without a man in this patriarchal dimension by weaving and sewing garments. This reminded Lucas of the state of Kara’s tunic and when he asked to buy a replacement Thysbe instead offered one to him as a gift. Trying to get the woman to take the large pearl he was offering was like pulling teeth. Finally he accepted the short deep blue tunic as a gift only when she took the pearl as a gift for her children. When the haggling was complete they were at the shrine. While Thysbe made her offering Lucas did not know what to do. This was a dimension where the Greek gods and goddesses were real and Athena had always been his favorite of the entire pantheon. So, he finally knelt in front of the shrine but did not bow his head.

By the time Lucas returned to the beach Kara was sitting on the white sand glorying in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. The ripped tunic lay forgotten on the beach and Kara was stretched out naked on the beach. Lucas stopped for a moment to admire the sight of the naked Velorian her breasts standing proud from her chest. His breath quickened and his otherworldly control held his manhood in check.

"I’m back," he said softly.

"I see," Kara said looking over her shoulder at him.

"What is it they say about Greeks bearing gifts," Lucas said showing Kara the tunic.

"Oh Lucas, it’s lovely." Kara jumped to her feet with a grace that left Lucas breathless and ran her slender fingers through the garment. "Where did you get it?"

Kara listened closely as Lucas told her all about his encounter with Thysbe. As he was speaking she put on the tunic. Lucas took in the sight of the now clothed super girl and was at a loss to decide whether she looked more lovely when she was nude or when she was partially concealed as now. His mind couldn’t decide but he was glad of the quandary. When he was done Kara started off inland saying that she wanted to stretch her legs.

The moment that she stepped into the forest Kara was bathed in the cool shade. The rapid change in temperature sent a tingle down her spine and she was glad that her tunic was slightly loose so that her erect nipples did not poke holes in the fabric. She was barely aware of the sun beginning to set as she walked deeper into the fragrant forest. The sun was just beginning to set when she came upon a beautiful spring fed pond. Kara sat at the edge of the pond and dipped her feet in the cool water.

"What have we here?" said a low husky feminine voice from behind her.

Kara jumped to feet spinning in the air as she did so. She was confronted by a vision of heart wrenching beauty. A young woman standing three or four inches shorter than Kara looked closely at the Velorian. She was dressed in a transparent yellow tunic which was even shorter than Kara’s. It was laced tightly across her chest showing her firm proud breasts and erect nipples. Kara’s brilliant blue eyes traveled slowly from the top her head with its light brown hair which fell in waves down to her shoulders, down past her heart shaped face with its golden eyes, turned up nose and full moist red lips, over her torso with its athletic arms and confined breasts, until finally they reached her lean muscular legs with the delicate sandals on her delicate feet. Kara couldn’t remember when she had seen a woman this gorgeous.

"I was just admiring the view,"said Kara.

"It is lovely is it not. It is why I am found mostly here than on Olympus."

"Olympus? Mt Olympus."

"The very one, my home. I am Artemis the Huntress sister to Pheobus Apollo and these are my woods."

"Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to trespass or anything."

"Fear not. My wrath is not for any female. Yet, if you had been male then death would surely follow."

"I see," Kara said glad that Lucas had not come with her. The last thing they needed was another battle with an Olympian.

"You were admiring my pool. Have you bathed yet?"


"Then you have my permission to join me."

Kara was about to give Artemis a piece of her mind. Goddess or no goddess, she was nobody’s servant to be ordered about. Yet, her words died stillborn as the goddess put her bow and quiver of arrows on the grass and slowly disrobed. The sight of a very naked Artemis changed Kara’s mind. Smiling warmly, she took off her own tunic and was soon as naked as the Olympian. Artemis held out her hand and led the Velorian into the pool.

(The following section has benefited from some of Sharon’s attention… for she knows the ways of femme loving better than I. Rob)

Standing waist-deep in the pool, Artemis turned to reach up and gently ease the younger girl’s long hair from her face, the silky strands untangling as she combed her fingers through her hair. Brushing her fingers gently across Kara’s ears as she did so, she heard the girl’s heartbeat quickening, her beautiful blue eyes closing, a visible tingle making the hair on her neck stand up as she enjoyed Artemis’ gentle touch. Taking her beautiful face in her hands, she felt Kara’s hands resting gently on her tiny waist. Leaning closer, Artemis brushed her lips as softly as a falling leaf against Kara’s. Feeling the girl’s nipples suddenly firming against her own, Kara turned the soft promise of Artemis’ kiss into reality, reaching her strong arms up to wrap them around Artemis’ neck, pulling her closer as they kissed deeply. Pulling her closer with a strength that shocked this goddess of the hunt!

Quickly realizing that Hermes description of the girl’s powers had not been exaggerated, Artemis buried her fingers in the girl’s silky blonde hair and returned her intimate embrace, holding her with a power that no mortal could endure. Holding her with a strength that thrilled them both.

Their kiss was long and passionate, Kara finally lowering her hands to push Artemis back, looking up at her with a cute smile on her lips, a smile that also revealed the smoldering passion that she felt inside. Reaching up to take Artemis’ hands in hers, she slowly and effortlessly overpowered the goddess, easing her hands downward to rest them on her breasts, giving them a momentary squeeze to tell her what she wished. Then, with Artemis holding her thus, she wrapped her own arms around the goddess’ neck and kissed her again.

With her own breasts pressing firmly against the back of her hands as their chests were pressed tightly to each other, Artemis’ fingers began to explore the fullness of the Velorian’s magnificent chest, her touch finding both a softness and a firmness that thrilled her. Holding the younger woman with the strength of a goddess, she felt the warm breath of her passionate cry filling own lungs, the girl’s tongue exploring hers as she pressed her breasts tighter and tighter against Artemis, as a goddess began to please a supergirl in the unique way that a Velorian woman likes to be pleased.

Kneading her breasts with a strength of hand that would have crushed the hardest quartz rocks, her flesh giving softly before Artemis own strength was challenged, she felt the girl’s hands working down her back, finally cupping the tight roundness of her ass. Gasping in pleasure, she felt her moist sex crushing inward against the warmth of the girl’s as Kara held her with a power that Artemis had only dreamed of before, as she expertly discovered the limits of Artemis invulnerability while unleashing the passion of an immortal.

Proving so intimately to each other that they were unique women who possessed a passionate power of body that no man could match, Kara again released her goddess and stepped back, the two women standing of nearly equal height, their hard erect nipples gently brushing against each other as they stared in each other’s eyes. Artemis slowly bent her knees, her lips traveling down across Kara’s chest until they found her tingling nipples. Cupping her hands in the water at the same time, she rose to pour the cool water over the girl’s magnificent breasts. The droplets of water ran over her golden breasts and streamed from her firming nipples and down across her slim waist. Smiling, Kara reciprocated the gesture, her tongue tracing around Artemis’ nipples, sensing the woman’s rising passion as the cool water stimulated the Greek goddess’ nipples to their fullest. Soft fingers quickly followed as the two women caressed each other slowly from shoulder over the breasts to the waist and beyond. It was soon Kara’s turn to cup Artemis’ breasts in her slender hands her thumbs gently caressed her hard nipples, lifting them gently as she explored their delicate undersides. The Greek goddess’ breath caught in her throat at the effect of the Velorian’s touches. Pulling the blond girl close with a strength that both surprised and aroused Kara, the goddess’ body flexed with a power that seemed to nearly equal Kara’s. When their lips finally met again, it was as if a bomb went off in Kara. The kiss was hot and wet and insistent. Two tongues fenced with each other driving the two incredible women towards the peaks of ecstasy.

Floating upward together, Kara and Artemis setting gently on the bank of the pool, Kara’s back facing upward to the moist grassy slope, their lips still hungrily exploring each other, their hands continuing their explorations of their super bodies. Kara felt Artemis’ hands upon her shoulders urging her down, caressing the strong muscles of her shoulders at the same time. Relaxing her abs, she allowed to goddess to ease her back down onto the soft grass, the setting sun dancing across Kara’s gloriously naked body. With Kara lying stretched out upon the grass, her knees bent and open in silent invitation, Artemis began to trace her lips downward. She paused at the spectacular blond girl’s throat, showered her neck with her kisses, concentrating at the sensitive hollow at the base of her neck. Kara gasped at the sensations the Greek goddess created within her, an urgency filling her body, her steely fingers urging Artemis’ kisses lower. With a throaty chuckle, Artemis followed the girl’s urgent demands, amused that this mortal girl was telling a goddess how to love her. Excited by the fact that she was the one who seemed helpless in this girl’s arms!

Around and around the goddess’ lips went, covering every inch of Kara’s proud breasts but never once touching her nipples. Nipples that were now nearly an inch long and aching to be touched, burning with the desire to be kissed, sucked, licked, anything. Finally when Kara thought that she could take no more teasing, Artemis soft kisses made contact with her expectant nipples, her back arching off the ground as her heels dug furrows in the earth, her gorgeous legs flexing with power beyond her control. Kara had often gently orgasmed just by having her nipples fondled, but never this hard nor this quickly. The sensations that Artemis were building within her were so great that at first she did not notice that the goddess’ lips had left her breasts and were once again traveling downward. Yet, when the woman’s hot probing tongue made first contact with her blazing sex, Kara felt as if her body was exploding, the colorful bursts of the brightest fireworks rushing upward to make even her hair tingle. Her eyelids, previously closed, sprang open and her brilliant blue eyes stared unfocused at the sky, her mouth opening in a soundless cry as her hands sought the body of the woman who was creating these unbelievable feelings in her.

Yet Kara fought to hold off her onrushing climax. Wanting desperately to create same feelings in Artemis, this loving girl wanted to concentrate on giving rather than receiving pleasure. Slender fingers that could twist thick steel bars as easily as you or I bent a paperclip traced the curves of the Greek goddess’ back, their power unrestrained now as they caressed the body of a woman of equal power. They lingered at the small of her back for a moment before moving down to once again surround her round muscular lightly tanned ass. Her fingers caressed deeply into the surprisingly hard muscles until she brought gasps from the lips of Artemis, her fingers growing gently again as she slipped between her cheeks, as Artemis lifted her bottom slightly to give her the access she so desired. Stroking her fingers upward and from behind, Kara gently spread the slippery softness of Artemis’ flower, touching her with a gentleness as great as the opposing strength she had used to caress her ass. Effortlessly lifting the Huntress’ hips into the air, she swung them over her waiting lips and tongue, sliding her hands around and upward through the wetness of Artemis strong thighs, the goddess wrapping trapping her face so tightly between them. The stroke of Kara’s strong tongue was long and at the same time agonizingly slow, the Greek goddess’ hips beginning to gyrate as her tempo increased. Kara’s tongue danced across Artemis’ engorged clit ever faster and faster until the movements blurred together, the vibration from a supergirl’s passionate caress making her entire body strum as if she was bass string of a guitar. At the same time, Artemis’ strong fingers stroked lovingly over Kara’s remarkable nipples, not with all her strength but with enough to be so very arousing to a girl from the stars. Kara’s returned the favor, her motions increasing in strength as she felt her own climax rushing toward her. Artemis responded as only a goddess could, wrapping her legs tightly around Kara’s blond main to take her tongue as deeply into her as she could, as this girl explored the hidden spot at the roof of her vagina that made her body explode into a thousand fragments of stunning pleasure, a white-heat of passion washing away all thoughts, leaving only sensations of the purest pleasure. As one, the two women, one blond Velorian and one brunette Huntress, broke through that invisible barrier to an ecstasy beyond human comprehension.

Their titanic shared orgasm dwelled at its peak for more than twenty minutes, Artemis paradoxically feeling as if she was just a girl in the strong arms of this superwoman from the stars. It was a sensation of total submission to her passion that this powerful goddess had never felt before, yet it thrilled her in ways that she had never known before, the warmth and passion of this Velorian thrilling all her senses.


When their breathing at last returned to normal, Artemis’ golden eyes looked deeply into her brilliant blue counterparts. "I see now why my father desired you," she said simply.

"You know?"

‘Of course, I am a goddess. Your tale peaked my curiosity and I came to investigate personally."

"And did I satisfy your curiosity?" asked Kara with a knowing smile.

"As to your physical prowess, more than satisfied. Yet, one question remains. Why do you travel with a mere man? He is certainly not worthy of you."

"Lucas is my friend," said Kara suddenly angry at Artemis’ criticism of Lucas. "He’s the noblest man I know."

"A man is always a man and can never change. Leave him and remain with me. I will shower you with gifts the likes of which you have never seen and our nights will be spent in paradise."

"Thank you but I can’t," said Kara part of her truly wishing that she could accept the offer. "I have to go home. I have duties there that I cannot ignore."

"Ah, truly a sad occurrence that one as lovely as you should be forced by duty to travel with any man, even the noblest of men. Yet, I shall abide by your decision."

Kara breathed a sigh of relief. The last thing that she need now was an argument with the goddess. Suddenly she found herself wondering what Lucas was doing and wishing that he was there so that they could talk.

(To Be Continued. . .)