The Road to Hellas

Part One




Commander Koldan sat at the dull gun metal grey desk that seemed to occupy most of his time these days. This was not the way for an Arion Prime to spend his life. He should be out crushing the foes of his people not reading the intelligence reports of the High Command. Yet, as intelligence chief for the Terran Sector, the second highest ranking Arion Prime on the station, it was his duty to do just that. Normally, his job was long hours of tedious repetitive activity but not this day. Koldan reread the report from the High Command for the tenth time. Even though he had never questioned a order before, the instructions in the top secret report were hard to take in. Now, as the time for the meeting rapidly approached Koldan was no more accepting of the task he was about to undertake.

When the loud metallic chime announced that his special visitor had arrived Koldan took a moment to calm himself before pushing the entry button on his desk. The commander was standing as his office door slid open. His special visitor stepped into the dimly lit room without announcement or fanfare. The contrast between the Arion and his visitor could not have been more striking. While Koldan stood a massive 6'6" and 250 Terran pounds his visitor barely topped three feet and his weight would not have equaled one of the Arion’s huge thighs. His skin was a pasty grey color that somehow screamed ill health when placed next to the commander’s bronzed flesh and his movements were awkward by close comparison. Someone looking at the two would have thought that the commander could break his visitor in two without breaking a sweat. Koldan was not one of them. He knew that the appearance of the Vhreen belied the awesome power that they possessed and as Crievh was their envoy he would possess even more than normal power. The Vhreen were the most powerful race of metapaths in the galaxy. One thought twice about messing with a people who could read and even control minds as well as other more deadly gifts.

Koldan motioned the Vhreen envoy into a chair in front of him. He thought that the tiny being would have trouble getting into the large chair. Crievh simply levitated off the floor and into the chair. Koldan fell back into his seat with a large thump.

"Well Vhreen state your case," Koldan said louder than normal trying to bluster away his awe of the little man’s power. "I don’t have all day."

"You have as much time as it shall take Arion," said a calm Crievh. "Your High Command has said it will be thus. The truth is written across your mind as large as those muscles you so dearly admire. You have the agreement reached between your government and mine. Why must it be repeated?"

"Because I want to make sure that you will follow your agreement."

The tiny alien smiled an inscrutable little smile. He knew that the Arion Prime was trying to humiliate him by repeating his people’s urgent needs. They were such simple creatures that they could not recognize the needs of the collective. Crievh would do whatever it took to ensure the survival of the Vhreen.

"My people the Vhreen," he said in a condescending tone, "need water, the source of all life. Our present supply will run out in 0.24 Terran years. Vhreen science has devised a water reclamation and creation system but it will be fully operational in 0.67 Terran years. The Vhreen require a temporary supply of water to cover the gap and ensure the survival of our race. The third planet of the Sol system called by the inhabitants Earth has an abundance of water. The Vhreen have come to you Arion to gain the water we need to survive."

"And if we don’t give you the water little man."

"Then we shall take what we need."

"Then if you’re so powerful why don’t you simply take the water you need."

The tiny alien shook his head and said, "How little you understand Arion. Yes, the Vhreen could take what we need but there is a 99.7% probability that such an act would result in war between the Vhreen and Arions. The result of such a war is 84% certain to result in the destruction of the Vhreen race."


"Do not laugh so fast Arion. Your people would suffer as well. In fact 93% of your population would perish in the resulting war between are two races."

Commander Koldan was sobered by the little alien’s matter of fact pronouncement but he put his most arrogant face on the situation and said, "So, we’re just to give you the water you need."

"You know that is not the case. The Vhreen will not be beholden to anyone especially you. We have proposed a simple trade. You will give us ice in the amount equivalent to 100,000,000 Terran gallons and we will deal with the greatest threat to your dominance of this sector, the Velorian the Terrans have named SuperFemme."

"How do plan on killing the bitch? It’s mentioned nowhere in the report."

"We do not plan to kill the Velorian. The Vhreen are no one’s assassin."

"Then what the fuck do you intend doing to earn your precious water!"

"We will rid you of your problem."


"Yours is such a simple race. Very well, I shall explain it to you as simply as I am able. Vhreen science is far advanced beyond what you can understand. We have studied this universe and the alternate dimensional universes in great detail. The physical laws of many such dimensions do not operate as does ours. In these dimensions higher forms of technology will not function. One can observe these dimensions but cannot travel between them. Oh, one could send something or someone to such a dimension easily enough but once there it could never be brought back because the technology to open dimensional portals cannot function. What the Vhreen propose is quite simple. We will use give to you a dimensional projector attuned to such a dimension. You simply have to fix the device on the Velorian and operate it and the one known as SuperFemme will be transported to another dimension. One from which there is no escape."

"Oh, that’s all there is to it is then. And just how are we to get the Velorian bitch in front of your infernal machine."

"That should pose no problem. The Velorian’s thoughts are almost as easy to read as yours. I can tell you this moment where she is and I can tell you where she will be tomorrow."


"Kara Zorel has an apointment with a strange Terran tomorrow in what she knows as the Rocky Mountains. She plans to spend most of the day there."

"Who is this Terran she’s meeting."

"She knows him as Lucas. He is a most fascinating case. I can barely touch his mind and what I can touch is closed to me. It is very curious."

"This Terran, this Lucas, does he have any special abilities?"

"Yes, he does and that fact mystifies the Velorian."

Koldan rubbed his hands together and said, "Even better. Two birds with one stone as the Terrans say. Very well, Vhreen we have a bargain water for the Velorian bitch."

"Very good," Crievh said with a faint smile. "A Vhreen transport has been informed. It will take an . . . iceberg from the Terran continent known as Antarctica within three solar hours. I trust there will be no interference."

"Of course not," Koldan said a fake smile plastered to his lips.

"Good. Arion, do not try to use the dimensional portal more than once. It has been built to effective only one time. Do not try to take it apart because the components will fuse after one use. If it is opened before it is used the portal will explode quite violently. And it is shielded by lead so your eyes may not see the wonders of Vhreen science.

Damn, Koldan cursed silently. If he could have obtained the secrets of Vhreen dimensional transportation it would have meant sure promotion but at least the Velorian would soon be out their hair and the other one as well, the one called Lucas.

"The thought never crossed my mind," lied Koldan. "We have a deal. No Arion will interfere with your transport. Now had over the device.."

Crievh looked closely at the Arion commander’s mind for a moment. What he saw was disgusting but he could find no hint of duplicity. The Arion would keep his word because he had no other choice. The Vhreen envoy placed a small black cube about three inches across on the desk in front of the Arion Prime and said, "Here it is. Just throw it at her when it hits every living creature within thirty feet will leave this dimension forever."

* * * * *

A chill wind blew off the top of the snow covered mountain and across the naked body of the woman people called SuperFemme. Kara’s naked body did not feel the cold. Its only effect was to blow her long blond hair in front of her face. It wasn’t the wind that caused Kara’s nipples to pucker and harden. It was the thought of the physical confrontation to come.

Kara’s brilliant blue eyes looked closely at the vibrant green ones of the man opposite her. She did not see what she had hoped for, lust. The first time she had decided to spar with Lucas in the nude he was surprised enough by the display to let her get in a couple easy shots. Such would not be the case today. Well, Kara thought, I’ve improved enough not to need tricks. Still she had hoped that the sight of her naked body would have thrown Lucas off at least a little but apparently that was not the case. Even if it wasn’t, it would still be hard to tell with a man who could control his entire body completely.

Kara bowed never taking her eyes off Lucas. He did likewise. The sparring session had begun.

Kara easily blocked the four punch and front kick combination Lucas sent at her. She counter attacked with a heel kick which Lucas ducked. He dropped to the ground and swept Kara’s foot from under her. She landed on her perfect ass with a cloud of dust. Kara rolled just in time to avoid the foot that screamed at her mammoth chest. The two of them had decided that points would only count if the blow was hard enough to kill or incapacitate an Arion Prime which was easy as they were both physically tougher than that race of interplanetary butchers. Kara shot to her feet and launched a kick at Lucas head. He saw it coming but did not have time to avoid it completely. Kara’s bare foot caught him on the side of the head. Lucas went spinning to the ground.

"Point," he called before he got to his feet.

"Point, are you sure?"

"Who’s the teacher here."

"I know you’re the teacher but I didn’t catch you squarely."

"I realize that but if I’d been an Arion that kick would have left me seeing stars and completely vulnerable. Point."

"Point," Kara agreed proud that she had been able to score so quickly. "You must be getting old and slow to get scored on so soon."

"Well let’s try that again and I’ll show you how old I am."

They bowed to each other once more and the contest continued. This time Lucas let Kara play the aggressor. The beautiful blond Velorian Protector executed a perfect jumping front kick but her target just was not there. She whirled to face him but it was too late. Given the ideal opportunity, a shot at Kara’s unprotected back, Lucas took it. He grabbed his lovely blond opponent in a hammer lock and choke hold. Before Kara could react to these moves Lucas’ legs wrapped around her waist. Kara fell on her back hard trying to dislodge Lucas but got only a slight grunt for her efforts. No, not wrestling, Kara shouted at herself. She was vulnerable when she wrestled thanks to her heightened senses and Velorian libido and Lucas knew it. Kara grabbed the arms which held her and began to exert her remarkable Velorian strength. Her biceps exploded in size that would have made a softball jealous as she brought all her strength to bear. She would have broken his hold on her but for one thing, the legs around her waist. Lucas fought in pants alone and his bare feet began to move along Kara’s torso. His left foot went up and pinched her nipple between his toes while his right went down and began rubbing her exposed clit. The sudden explosion of sexual energy caused her grip to loosen. Lucas gave Kara’s neck an powerful wrench which moved her head about five inches. He released his hold on her.

"Point," he said still under the agitated Velorian.

"No fair," protested Kara. "I would’ve had you except that your feet got me going."


"So, it’s just not fair that’s all."

"Look Kara I admit it was a dirty trick. But dirty tricks are all part of the game. You think some bloodthirsty Arion’s going to play fair. You can bet you beautiful ass they’re not."

"You’re right," she said getting to her feet. "Point."

The instant Lucas got back to his feet Kara’s kick hit him square in the chest. He sailed through the air and hit a tall spruce tree. The tree stopped his progress but was uprooted in doing so.

"Point," Kara called as Lucas disentangled himself from the evergreen.

"You’re learning," said Lucas laughing. "Point."

As the two squared off again they didn’t realize that half a dozen eyes were watching them.



"You should have thrown it then."

"Quiet," Commander Koldan hissed. "Do you want her to hear you."

"I still say . . ."

"Not another word."

Koldan watched the two spar below and cursed his luck. Ten seconds sooner in arriving and he would have thrown the Vhreen device but they had arrived when they were parting and it was too late. The Velorian circled the Terran and they always seemed just out of the dimensional portal’s range. The blond Protector closed with her opponent once again and was placed in a strange looking head lock for her troubles. Now was the time. Koldan rose to his feet hoping that the tiny alien had not been lying to him. He threw the black cube at the Velorian.

Lucas heard the whistling and turned just in time to see the jet black cube streaking toward Kara. He tried to shove her out of the way of the missile but it was too late. It hit Kara right between her magnificent tits. A nanosecond after the cube hit the world went crazy.

Everything went black and at the same time every color of the rainbow and a few Lucas could not identify swirled around them. Kara clutched at Lucas and he grabbed her. They pressed their bodies tightly together as the both rose and fell, flew and crashed. It felt as if their insides were being ripped apart. How long these sensations lasted neither could tell. It could have been hours or seconds. Then just as suddenly as it all began it ended in a burst of light which stabbed through their eyes directly into their brains. Everything went black and stayed that way

(To Be Continued . . .)