Paul Chapter 3

A story inspired by Evelyn Y.


Chapter Three

Now that you’ve got me telling this story, I can’t stop. In the last chapter, I described how Paul and I had gone down to this restaurant, Coco’s, where his friends hung out. I was sitting at this big table in one corner with these gorgeous guys all staring at me and asking me how I worked out and how I’d shaped my body the way I had in just the last few months. And Paul was sitting next to me and grinning at me as he watched me trying to explain it. To explain something that was obviously impossible. I mean, I’d gone from being overly tall and thin, a body more suited to basketball or field sports than to modeling, and now I suddenly had dramatic curves in places where half the girls in school didn’t even have places yet! And sitting here wearing this halter top and jean cut-offs, I was showing off all those tanned curves for his friends!

I couldn’t help but smile as I felt Paul moving closer to me, as I snuggled up to him, his warm arm curling around my tiny bared waist. I suddenly felt like the sexiest girl in the universe as I saw that these guys staring so intently at me, trying to be gentlemen, but failing so wonderfully as 17 year old guys are prone to do. And it may sound weird and kind of arrogant and so forth, but I suddenly felt like I was this Goddess or something and that these guys were worshipping me. And then I remembered two things. The first was that I was a Goddess... well kind of. I mean, being Supergirl from a distant star and all was kind of unusual for someone living in Bar Harbor, Maine. And then I remembered what was really important. I was really just Evelyn York and I’d been going to school with these guys for the last ten years! I just looked a little different. Oh... and I was just a little bit stronger now. I suddenly giggled as I remembered Jay Leno’s comments from his show again. I was also ‘the sexiest girl in America... the ultimate cheerleader!" I couldn’t help but blush as I looked around at the guys. Yeah... I could DO this!

Turning to look back at Paul, I felt like I was floating on air as I saw the way he was looking at me, his eyes so adoring. My eyes sparkled as I glanced down to look through the table for a moment, suddenly stunned as I saw that more than his eyes were ‘sparkling’! Oh my Lord, I wanted him! And he was most certainly ‘full’ of enthusiasm! I began to flush as I couldn’t help but stare at him. I knew that he probably could tell what I was doing and that suddenly seemed to make him become even more impressive. My mind was floating somewhere my body was still afraid to go when I heard Jim, the guy sitting on my right, asking me how much weight I could curl one-handed now. I just mumbled something about "two hundred tons" as I continued to stare down at Paul.

The table suddenly grew quiet as Paul laughed softly, his eyes so bright as I looked up to meet them. What was so funny? Blinking my eyes, I looked around as Jim spoke up. "Ah, Evelyn, you just told us you curled two hundred tons? What is this, a joke. Only Supergirl could do that and you’re obviously not..."

I suddenly blushed brightly as he said ‘Supergirl’, my eyes suddenly drawn to a picture from Newsweek that one of the guys was suddenly holding up. It was me, wearing my new red and blue costume as I lifted an Amtrak passenger car over my head. It was from that time I was helping save those people after that train wreck in Connecticut. And of course, I looked identical to the girl in the picture. For obvious reasons.

I turned to see first Jim’s eyes, and then all the other guys eyes as they turned to stare at the photo, back to look at me, back to the photo. I felt myself blushing even brighter as I saw them making the connection. As my sparkling eyes saw them doing more than that. God, were guys ALWAYS going to react to me that way?

My mouth was suddenly dry as Jim turned to look at Paul. He was trying to remain calm, but his voice betrayed his emotions. "So, Paul, you’ve been holding out on us. You never told us that Supergirl was your girlfriend." He turned back to me. "And how long have you been hiding your little secret here, Evelyn? Hell, we’ve been going to school together for ten years?"

I suddenly felt a little scared and more than a little excited. But part of me, most of me really, was simply thrilled. I knew that I had secretly wanted them all to know. After all, I was so proud of my knew abilities and these were my classmates and Paul’s friends and... oh shit... I suddenly felt myself tingling from head to toe. And Jim’s eyes weren’t the only ones this time that suddenly looked down at my little halter top. A wild tingling rush filled my body as I knew exactly what they were staring at. I knew that my top wasn’t hiding my sudden flush of excited emotions, that the tingling I felt was visible to them all! I still wasn’t used to the way this body reacted to things, and to the way it could look so dramatic sometimes! And I most certainly wasn’t used to having a figure like this!

Fortunately Paul broke the silence as he put his arm around my shoulders. "You guys have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone about Ev. She’s trying to keep a low profile here and Bar Harbor is a little off the usual maps for celebrities. Maybe Ev could go public out in LA or down in New York or somewhere like that, but she’s our little secret here and we need to keep it that way. A hundred reporters and TV cameras and all would mess up this place something fierce. Promise?"

He looked at each of his friends. They were just staring silently at me. Mostly at my chest. And judging by the tightness of my halter, and the expression in their faces, I was reminded that this halter was a bit small when I got flushed like this now.

I suddenly came back to reality as I saw the tall blond waitress walk up to the table, her eyes appraising me the way that women did to each other. I could tell by the look on her face that she wasn’t enjoying the competition. Her name was Joy and the guys at school were always talking about her. She was some kind of legend here in Bar Harbor after graduating from high school a couple of years ago. She had been a runner up for Miss Maine the previous year. Yet I suddenly couldn’t help but think that she looked so plain and ordinary compared to me. The guys seemed to punctuate that as not one of them looked up at her as she swung her hips and walked up to the table. They were all too busy staring at me!

"So guys, can I bring you anything," she said with a suggestive lilt to her voice. "You see anything you want here or did you just come here to stare at me?" Nobody even looked up at her. And that was weird. I mean, I’ve been here before and I’ve watched how all the guys all followed her around the restaurant with their eyes. She always wore the tightest clothes and shortest skirts and had quite a reputation with the guys. And everyone knew that Coco’s wasn’t popular because of the crummy food, it was popular because Joy worked here!

I’d heard all about her, all the girl’s had. How she had this boyfriend who worked down the coast in construction or something and how he always seemed to be punching out one guy or another for hitting on Joy. I also knew that Joy encouraged it, going to the drive-in to neck or whatever with one of the local boys when her boyfriend was working late. And then having him find the two of them together. It was almost as if she enjoyed teasing him and then having him beat some high school kid up. He, or maybe it was she, loved to do that at the drive-in in the summer, he always got a good audience there. Most of us girl’s knew it was really just a game that Joy and her boyfriend played. Kind of sick, but then, there wasn’t much else to do in Bar Harbor most of the time. And there always seemed to be boys who were irresistibly drawn to her like a bee to honey, who quit thinking with their head and just followed their... you know... they were guys after all!

I finally ordered a Coke as I saw Joy standing there flicking her pencil back and forth impatiently. I could tell she wasn’t used to being ignored, and the look she was giving me was enough to bore holes in me. At least she would have if I hadn’t been invulnerable and all. I couldn’t help but smirk at her a little as she gave me this really nasty look. God, I’d never done anything like this before. And I couldn’t help but get off on it! After all, I wasn’t exactly used to being the ‘blonde super-Goddess from Venus’, or whatever it was that that CNN reporter had gushed into the camera that one time!

Jim broke the silence again. "So, Ev, you’re really ‘her’ aren’t you? I mean, how much CAN you lift and all? Do you have limits like the rest of us or can you, you know, do anything you want?"

I turned to smile at him. "No, Jim, I can’t do ‘anything’ I want. I have my limits, but there just a bit different than yours now. And to be honest, I don’t know how strong I am, I’ve never really tried to find out."

He continued. "And I’ve read that your bulletproof and all. Is that for real is that just newspaper hype?’

I turned to Paul. "You’ll have to ask Paul about that. He knows all about that aspect of my body!" I giggled as I saw him turning red and felt him squirm next to me. He was so CUTE when he did that!

"Ah, yeah, she is," Paul said. "I mean, no ordinary gun can hurt her." He turned to me, his own curiosity piqued now. "Can anything hurt you?"

I turned to reach up and take the Coke from Joy as she returned with it. "I haven’t found anything yet that could," I said in a soft voice. "But then again, I’m kind of new at this and I haven’t tried to find my limits in that way either." And then I suddenly felt very daring as I looked back up at the way Joy was glaring at me. "But maybe you guys could help me discover that? You know, find out what my limits, Supergirl’s limits, really are!"

I giggled as I saw Joy’s eyes suddenly opening wide as she heard my words, as she suddenly realized who was sitting here in her restaurant! And with that, I rose slowly from my seat and did a slow somersault in mid-air before floating down to the floor and calmly walking off toward the bathroom. God I was turning into such a show-off! But it felt so GOOD!


I found myself staring into the bathroom mirror a few moments later, suddenly very self-conscious of what I had just done. Of the way that I had just shown at least a dozen people in Coco’s that I was some kind of alien. They all thought that they knew all about me, but they really knew nothing. Or at least they didn’t know much more than I did. And that wasn’t much. Staring at the perfect blonde beauty that stared back at me from the mirror, I realized that even I didn’t know who I was! I clearly wasn’t Evelyn York anymore. I mean, I still felt like I was Evelyn, but ‘she’ would NEVER have done what I had just done, she would never have shown off like that! And I wasn’t really an alien Supergirl from the stars was I? I mean, I was but I didn’t even know what star. Or how I had gotten here. A sudden shock came over me as I realized for the first time that I wasn’t even human anymore! And that thought terrified me! After all, I had always taken my humanity for granted, especially since I hadn’t any idea of what it meant to be ‘not human’! Living on Earth, that was kind of a given. But not any more.

I slowly raised my arm and made a muscle. I saw for the hundredth time how my bicep expanded into this perfectly round and smooth globe of steel. A bicep that was far too big even to get my hand around! My father had measured it at 20" once as I had shown off a little at one of our family meetings! Rather dramatic for a skinny girl from Bar Harbor, Maine. Fortunately I didn’t look this way all the time. But staring at myself now, it was even clearer that I wasn’t human. No sixteen year old girl who had ever been born on Earth had an arm like THAT! And no Earth girl had my strength... and no Earth man for that matter. Oh... and being able to fly was kind of unusual too.

I stared intently at the eyes I saw in the mirror. They were so blue, almost electric blue... mesmerizing. But who was I? Evelyn, Supergirl... both names were right. And how should I act? Should I do what I had just done, show off my abilities and my good looks. Showing everyone that I was gorgeous, that I was prettier than any of the other girls. Or should I darken my hair again and wear demure clothing and pretend to be normal. Except for those rare moments when Supergirl was needed. Such choices... and my family wasn’t helping much. They just wanted me to hide away, to try to live as I had always lived. But then there were the guys sitting out in the restaurant. They had never had much to say to Evelyn York. Not one of them had ever asked me out, except for that party with Paul that is. But now, they were falling all over themselves trying to get close to me. I could even now hear their excited words from here, I could hear them asking Paul a hundred questions, some of them not very polite. I smiled as I listened to his vague and cautious replies. He was being such a gentleman, but he was clearly enjoying being ‘Supergirl’s boyfriend’ in their eyes. Even if we were kind of new at that ourselves. At being boyfriend and girlfriend that is.

I suddenly blushed as two dramatic points began protruding from my halter top, the tingly flushing feeling traveling down my body again. I was shocked as I suddenly realized that this was how I must have looked sitting back at the table! No wonder they were all staring down at me. Instinctively cupping my hands over my chest to cover myself, I found myself thinking again of how I would really like to truly BE Paul’s girlfriend. And then I thought of what that would mean, and then of my ‘problem’ again. Talk about being obsessed! But then, my libido had been totally different since I gained this blonde hair and these muscles. Since then my body had had this continual buzz on, just like I had completed a really good workout. That little buzz and glow never left me, day or night. No wonder I was starting to act so brazen! Turning away from the mirror, I knew that another word described it far better. A simple word, one my friend Jenny was so fond of. She would have said that I was just horny!


Of course, in telling my story, I have to pause here for a moment lest you start thinking less of me. I mean, I was clearly a walking keg of sexual dynamite. There was this group of guys sitting out there who were infatuated with me, one of whom I had been trying to figure a way to have sex with for weeks. I was barely 16 years old but with a face and a body that would have knocked everyone dead on the cover of either Cosmopolitan of Muscle Mag, depending on the pose and my degree of exertion in front of the camera. And it may sound arrogant, although it’s really not, but I was clearly the most beautiful girl anyone had ever seen, and that included every magazine and TV show on the planet. At least if you were into the cute fitness-type of blond.

And despite having muscles that would dazzle even a Muscle Mag reader if I really flexed them, I was STILL a lot stronger than I looked, like maybe a thousand times stronger! And I could fly through outer space in nothing more than my swimsuit and was pretty much invulnerable to any injury or any weapon, at least as far as I knew. (Although I suspected that nuclear bombs would be a problem but fortunately they were starting to become a bit rarer. Especially in Bar Harbor.) And here I was, wanting nothing more than to have some guy show me the things, hell, to DO the things to my body that I’d been imagining for the last three years.

So you ask... what’s the problem? I could have any guy on the planet. Who could resist my beauty, who could resist my strength? Well, the mangled steel barbells in my bedroom told the tale better than anything I could tell you. When I got just ‘that way’, I lost all control of my strength! I mean totally. Every time. It was like this white heat filled my head and my body started to strain and... well, it wasn’t pretty. And if chrome steel bars and so forth turned out to look like mangled and half-melted candle wax after my passion subsided , I could only imagine what Paul would look like after my arms and legs had done that to HIM!

And so I turned back toward the sink while feeling like I was the most frustrated sixteen year old in Bar Harbor, Maine. Suddenly being gorgeously blond, beautiful and sexy... and Supergirl, was nothing more than a big hassle. A responsibility with no rewards. And it was a life without Paul, at least without Paul the way I wanted him. DAMN-IT!


I took some deep breaths and splashed some water on my face. I had to pull myself together and take some time to think about what was really important...and this was not the place to do it. And why was I writing Paul off? Perhaps sex wasn’t the only thing on his mind. Maybe he liked me just

I finally composed myself and relaxed just a little, and then I walked back to the table. I was once again the center of attention.

"Paul, it’s getting late and my Mom’s going to have dinner ready in a little while. Would you mind if we headed back home just now?"

"Sure, Ev, no problem." He said and he started to rise. "Guys, we’ll be seeing you..."

Just then Jim jumped up and put his hand on my arm. "Paul... Evelyn, don’t leave just now."

"Really, Jim, we have to...Ev’s due home for dinner."

"Oh, Come on Paul... we are just getting to know the ‘real’ Evelyn here", said Jim.

"We have to go now, Jim", I said as I turned toward him and gave him the most threatening glare I could muster while I took his hand from my arm and gave it a squeeze that he would long remember. It was not quite enough to break any bones.

Silence reigned at the table, with the exception that is of Jim’s painful gasp.

"Uh,...have a nice evening, you two." Jim said through tight lips, his face a grimace of pain. He sat down shaking his limp hand. I heard some softly muttered curses as he held his hand to his stomach.

Paul and I walked out of the restaurant and walked up the road toward my home. We held hands as we walked toward my house. An intense silence hung between us like a damp fog. Our steps were heavy on the shoulders of the road as we swung our hands in time with our thoughts. Minutes passed. I looked forlornly down at the gray road. I saw from the corner of my eye as Paul looked at me. I turned and looked up into his eyes. He put his hand on my shoulder and turned me toward him.

"I know what you’re thinking," he said.

"Oh, ...tell me then. What am I thinking?" I said, sullenly.

We faced each other as he gently held my hands in his. The tepid breezes of coastal Maine in midsummer rushed over us. There was nothing tepid about what I was feeling.

"You don’t know who you are. You don’t know whether you’re Supergirl or Evelyn York. You don’t know how to act, or what to think. And, worst of all, you’re not sure if the reason we’re here together is because I truly care for you or because I’m infatuated with Supergirl."

He gently placed his hand on my cheek and looked deep into my eyes. It was more than I could stand. Tears welled up into my eyes as we held each in an emotional embrace. I could feel the warmth of Paul’s hands on my bare back. His hands gently stroked my hair and caressed my shoulders as I quietly cried.

"Yes, Paul...that’s right. I don’t know who I am, or who I should be...or anything else a girl needs to know."

I looked up at him, my eyes red with tears. He brushed my hair back with his hand and kissed the tears on my cheek. My lips met his in a passion fueled by love, desire, fear and the unfathomed strength of my star born muscles. We kissed for what seemed like ages, our bodies tightly embraced, not daring to look at the outside world that only this morning had looked so familiar... and now was so foreign.


"Ev...I can’t answer the questions for you. Only you can. How do I feel about you? How would any guy feel when he held the most desirable and powerful girl on Earth in his arms? There’s no easy answer. You remember? Your Mom asked that very same question this afternoon."

My head was spinning. Paul was wise. Paul was wonderful. And I would have him or die trying. I pushed my hair from my face and looked up at him.

"Let’s go home", I said.

Again he took my hand in his, our fingers intertwined, as we walked up the road.


We reached the front porch of my house. Again we embraced. Again our lips met for the deepest and most passionate kiss I’d ever felt. The immensity of Paul’s capacity for love and understanding swept over me. The warmth overwhelmed me from the fullness of my breasts, across the broad bareness of my shoulders down my back all the way to the soles of my feet. He gazed into my eyes with the most passionate of looks.

"Evelyn York... where on Earth did you get blue eyes that sparkle like that?", he said.

"Not on Earth, Paul" I smiled. He smiled.

I turned towards the front door. My right hand lingered longingly in his left, as I turned the door knob that I had mangled only a few hours before. Our fingers slowly parted, the warm feeling of his embrace filling my breasts as though I had just bent a steel beam across them.

I stepped into the door and faced my parents. They looked a little worried.

(To be continued… someday)