Paul Chapter 2

A story inspired by Evelyn Y.


Chapter Two

Well, I tried to resist writing this, but I can’t. And I hope Sharon forgives me, but I have to tell you what happened next! I wish I could tell you it was so cool and wonderful to have sex for the first time and all, and to really BE with Paul in the way I imagined it, and how I was suddenly a woman and everything and ... well, let me slow down a bit. Having super-speed doesn’t mean I have to talk that way all the time. Or so my Mom keeps telling me. And besides, it didn’t happen that way at all.

Now where was I at the end of my first chapter? Oh yeah... I was standing there on the beach, completely nude and Paul was kneeling in front of me. Actually, I wasn’t standing, I was really floating in mid-air, my legs spread in a perfect split. And Paul... oh my God, he was touching me. I mean with his tongue... touching me down THERE! Yes, it was so cool and so sexy. He very slowly began to trace his tongue along my sex, the tip of it very gently parting my lips, you know, my other lips. And his touch was making me feel so weird, so sexy. My body was flushing, these wild tingles racing up and down my body. And I was suddenly so wet. And it wasn’t just from his tongue! And he was so wonderful to me.

He started sliding his hands up between my legs, I could feel his fingers tracing the muscles of my thighs. Since I became Supergirl, I’ve got these incredible muscles, especially in my legs. Anyway, his fingers were tracing them as I held my legs out to the side. I was a little worried at first. I mean my muscles are so hard now that I was afraid he would think I was made of steel or something. And he wouldn’t be too far off if he thought that, except that I’m really a lot harder than any steel, at least my muscles are when I flex them. And they were kind of tensed now as I stretched my legs to the side and pushed my pussy... God it sounds so funny to talk like this... as I pushed my sex right up into his face! And his tongue started to go deeper inside me and everything. I just couldn’t help myself as I reached down to bury my fingers in his hair, it was so soft and curly and dark. I was breathing really fast now as I threw my head back, my long blond hair reaching down almost to my waist as I did that. And I just let his tongue keep sending those wonderful tingly little waves of heat through my body, as I felt a wild energy building inside me. Almost a hurt, a want, a NEED! And despite how wonderful his tongue felt, I suddenly knew that it wasn’t what I really wanted. I mean, I had been dreaming about Paul for a long time and it wasn’t about his tongue. Trust me on that!

I bent forward as I slowly floated lower while slipping my hands under his arms and lifting him up. He didn’t weigh much compared to my strength, so it was easy to lift him up until he was standing again. And then I just kind of floated lower as I wrapped my legs gently around his and slowly slid my body down his. My nipples felt so wild and tingly now as the hard ridges of his abs kind of flicked them up and down as I slid down his body. But what was really exciting me was the feel of his big, ah, you know, as it slid between my breasts. I mean, he was so dramatic. I just couldn’t help but squeeze my breasts together to hold it between them as I slid lower and lower. I suddenly heard him gasping so loudly and passionately as I did that that I had to stop! He sounded so cute and so sexy that I couldn’t stand it!

I paused there with him buried in my chest, squeezing my softness so firmly against him, feeling his heartbeat against mine. His was beating so fast, and he felt so hot and kind of throbby like against my chest. And then suddenly I thought of my ‘problem’ again and I knew I just couldn’t do this. I knew I would hurt him and all and I was feeling so dizzy and warm and wonderful and... God, I just have to think for a moment. But my body didn’t want me to think but I knew I had to because this was too dangerous for me, for Paul that is, for me to lose control. I mean I’d heard the jokes on late night TV, and I knew that despite the crude nature of them, they could be true if I wasn’t careful. And I was feeling anything but careful now. And then suddenly, I knew what I had to do. And instead of doing what I wanted so SO much to do, I just let go of him and leaped straight up into the air and flew as fast as I could toward my house! I must have shattered windows across half the town as I broke the sound barrier only a few feet above the rooftops, finally flexing my legs as hard as I could to brake to a stop as my house rushed up, aiming my body for my bedroom window. But I was so out of control by now that I missed it and smashed through the wall to land upside down in the middle of the room. In the middle of my brother’s room! And he was just sitting there staring at me in amazement!

I blushed from my head to my toes as I realized exactly what he could see and how wet I was and how I was all excited and... I had to get out of there! I was suddenly on my feet and moving almost too fast to track with the naked eye as I ripped his door off the hinges with a huge BANG and quickly opened the next door to run into my room. I slammed it closed and dove onto my bed, a sudden deluge of tears filling my eyes as I knew I had just done everything wrong! I had left Paul standing on the beach, his body wanting me, my body wanting his. I had torn a huge hole in my brother’s wall and I had let him see when me when I was like THIS! I mean, I was, my thing, was sticking out from, you know, my ‘lips’ and all as I was so excited. GOD... how EMBARRASING! I just wanted to curl up in a ball in the middle of my bed and DIE!


It was a half hour later and I was finally running out of tears when I heard a soft knock on my door. Floating up off my bed, I ‘walked’ over to my closet and got out my blue bathrobe, the big fluffy one. I then floated down and began to really walk over to open the door. Thank God it was my Mom! I couldn’t help but throw my arms around her, I really needed a hug right now!

She came into my room and sat down on the bed next to me. And I started to tell her what I was so upset about. I just couldn’t help myself. I told her about Paul, about how I had tricked him into going riding with me, how I had showed him who I really was. I even told her how we had gotten undressed in front of each other! I didn’t tell her about the gun though. It was my uncle’s and she would be upset that I’d borrowed it. She hated guns.

And then I told her about my ‘problem’ and the fact that I couldn’t do it with Paul and how I was afraid that as Supergirl I would hurt him and all. I almost started to tell her about this nightmare I had had of him breaking off inside me before I decided that maybe that was too weird to even tell my Mom. After all, there were things about me that she just wouldn’t understand now. I wound up just sobbing in her arms and telling her that I was destined to be a virgin all my life because I was invulnerable and everything and no guy was strong enough for me anymore and why couldn’t I just go back to being plain old Evelyn again!?

I must have cried on her shoulder for an hour as she tried to calm me down, as she told me that the first time was hard for any girl and that I was a very special girl and we would have to find a way. I suddenly sat up and stared at her. That had sounded REALLY weird coming from her, so weird that I started to giggle. She may only be my step Mom and I may be some alien freak from the outer limits, but I was pretty sure that none of my friends Mom’s were trying to reassure them that there was truly a way for them to leave their virginity behind and that she would help find a way! I made a funny face at her and we both started laughing so hard that we slid off the bed and fell onto the floor. Of all the things to ask your Mom for help with, this was the weirdest one yet!

Anyway, we laughed and hugged each other for a while before she finally looked at my clock and said she had to start cooking dinner. We agreed to talk about this later. She headed downstairs while I rummaged around for a pair of jean cut-offs and a halter. I left my hair blond for the moment. I was still feeling a bit like Supergirl and I wasn’t ready to become Evelyn again just yet. Maybe I’d never be Evelyn again. After all, I wasn’t human anymore!

I did my now famous somersault over the upstairs railing as I floated down to land in the middle of the living room. My brother was still in his room, so I walked into the kitchen and started to help Mom to peel some potatoes. It only took a few seconds. My hands move really fast now.

We were just finishing up when I heard the doorbell ring. Tossing a towel over my shoulder, I danced lightly around the corner and opened the front door, my hand suddenly freezing and crushing the brass door handle as I saw who it was. My God, it was Paul! I couldn’t breathe as I just stood their with the brass doorknob squishing out from my hand like it was soft clay or toothpaste or something. And I stared into his gorgeous eyes and saw him staring back as I realized that my hair was still blonde and that he knew I was Supergirl now and everything! Surprisingly, he looked really calm. Even when he looked down to see what my hand had done to the doorknob. I quickly hid my hand behind my back.

"Can I come in, Ev. We need to talk and I need to apologize for today! I wasn’t thinking very clearly and you really surprised me down on the beach!"

I was stunned as I stepped back and let him walk into the house. He was apologizing to ME... I was the one that had tried to rape him and had then flown away to leave him standing nude on the beach! He didn’t owe ME and apology. But I certainly owed him one. I just didn’t know what to say.

I suddenly felt my Mom standing by my side. She extended her hand to shake his. "You must be Paul. I’m Evelyn’s Mom. Why don’t you come in and have a seat. I think the three of us have some talking to do!"

I was paralyzed with fear. And I also felt that wild tingling beginning once again as I looked at him, as I looked down at him. God, how many pairs of tight jeans did he OWN, anyway! I finally had to close my eyes before they began sparkling again. I could barely hear my Mom talking, the blood was rushing so fast in my ears.

"So, Paul. Ev just told me about what happened today. I think she is a little young for what you two had in mind, don’t you?"

I just sat there and listened to her. What was she TALKING about! I mean, my Mom was super-cool and all, but this was the guy I had almost raped! And she was talking about it as if it was this little social error I had made in church school or something. I mean, here I was, condemned to be a virgin until the end of my days and she was explaining my problem to the guy who I was wildly in love with. And he was acting as if it was cool too. I mean, how could my Mom do this to me! God, I was so EMBARRASSED!

"So Paul," she continued. "What is your real interest in my daughter. I mean are you just fascinated with her because she’s Supergirl now, or were you two interested in each other before this happened to her? Before she changed." Paul suddenly turned to look at me, his gorgeous eyes making my legs weak. I suddenly knew that I had to get him out of here... that I had to get out of here. I knew all about his thoughts toward me before I had changed, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to be with him and I didn’t care how. I suddenly stood up and took his arm in mine, my enthusiasm such that I almost lifted him off the floor.

"Mom, Paul and I are going for a walk. I need to talk to him and, well, this isn’t exactly a mother and daughter thing. Besides, you both know that I’m ‘safe’ now. Nothing is going to ‘hurt’ me... the kid’s invulnerable, remember!" I frowned again as I said that. But neither of them saw it as I led Paul through the door and down the steps. We were halfway down the block and almost to Coco’s, the place where all the kids hung out, before I realized that my hair was still blond. And I didn’t have my comb or anything with me!

Paul didn’t even seem to notice as he walked beside me and stared at me with his eyes so big and wonderful. The look was so cute, but I could see that he was looking at me differently now, almost as if he was a little insecure. At least that was what I was afraid he was feeling. I hadn’t seen him act this way before. I finally got very brave and put my arm around his waist and pulled him close to me. His arm surrounded my waist as we both held each other so tightly while walking into the front door of the restaurant. As we joined a half dozen of his friends, most of them jocks like Paul was, as they sat together in a corner booth.

"Guys, this is my girlfriend Evelyn. You know, Evelyn York. Evelyn of raven hair. She’s gone blond for the summer. And she’s been working out all summer, haven’t you Ev?"

I just turned and stared at him. His ‘girlfriend’, is that what he said? My thoughts were still reeling as I tried to imagine that I was really his girlfriend. I heard one of the guys whistling softly and appreciatively. I turned back around to smile at him.

"Ev, I never would have recognized you," he said as his eyes traveled up and down my body. He turned to Paul. "Are you sure this isn’t her older sister, Paul?" Then back at me. "Ev, you never looked like THIS last year in school!"

I finally started to get my composure back. Yeah, I could do this. So I bleached my hair, had I? That was quick thinking on Paul’s part. I slid into the booth next to his friends, everything suddenly feeling so right and so normal again. Paul was my boyfriend, his friends seemed nice enough and they were so very interested in me, everyone asking questions all at once about where I worked out and what kind of exercises I had done to build myself up that fast. It suddenly felt so cool to be the center of attention, to have everyone interested in me for a change. I smiled as one of them asked me how much I could bench-press. I giggled softly and turned to Paul as I imagined bench pressing one of the ocean-going freighters that sailed along the coast near our town! If only they knew the rest of the story! If only they knew who I REALLY was.

But then, that’s for my next chapter! You aren’t in any hurry are you?