A story inspired by Evelyn Y.


Squeezing my bare legs together, I came to a very abrupt stop behind the barn, my red boots hovering barely an inch above the less than tidy back corral. Floating just above the ground this way, I ‘walked’ into the darkened tack room in the back of the barn. Shrugging off my pack, I hung it on one of the tack hooks and began to peal off my usual clothes, the ones I wore when I went flying. The red and blues went into the pack along with my boots, a pair of jeans and a western-styled blouse came out.

Holding the blouse in my hand, I walked to bit to my right to catch a light beam, pausing to admire the handicraft on the blouse. The fine stitching and embroidery was mostly my own work, the sewing haven been pretty slow going prior to the ‘incident’ at the power station. Back before I discovered my true birthright. After that, I could do fine hand stitching faster than a sewing machine! It drove my Aunt Chrissy crazy to see my hands moving that fast, and to see how crisp the embroidery was. After all, she had been doing fine sewing for twenty years and I was just learning it.

And it wasn’t just that I could do things a bit faster now, I also looked and felt a LOT different. I actually hadn’t been at all pleased with my looks before the ‘day’. Taller than most of the other girls, I felt awkward and plain, my body not developing in the ways and places I desired. I seemed to always develop upward and not outward. And somehow, all the guys I liked turned out to like the more ‘dramatic’ girls, the ‘outward’ ones, the girls whose bodies had matured differently, or maybe just faster, than mine.

It was now August and it had been nearly two months since my 16th birthday. And despite the time that had passed, I was still devastated from the way that Jenny had ‘stolen’ my boyfriend, Paul, from me. That little ‘thing’ she had worn that night had left him with eyes only for her. And he had been my boyfriend, or so I thought.

I thought again of Paul; I had done that a lot this summer, even more so in the last month for some reason. Paul was so tall and handsome, his body so strong, his blue eyes so bright and clear. He always seemed to look as if he was ready to laugh, not at someone, but with someone. He was also on the swim team and (to put it less than demurely) he was hung in a way that would have made the stallion at the stable I rode at envious. The Speedo’s that he wore, or rather the way that they stretched over his special ‘qualities’, were the talk of all the girls. And while that had always been rather exciting, his physical ‘gifts’ had become positively fascinating to me since the ‘incident’. Just one more of the funny changes that had happened to me, I assumed. But despite knowing that that fascination was probably just a side-effect of the unusual hormones that suffused my body now, I still couldn’t get him out of my head! Sixteen is a difficult age, or so my councilor at school had said. And that was true even for girl’s who were born on a distant star, girl’s who could twist steel barbells into pretty bows just for fun! (The strength coach for the football team at my high school was still trying to figure how THAT had happened to some of his barbells!)

Anyway, back to Paul. I was pretty sure that Jenny was just using him, because, frankly, all the girls in school knew of his prodigious virtue, and he was a real trophy. She was showing off. Well, maybe a bit more than that; she had always been kind of wild that way.

I, on the other hand, saw a thoughtful, mature and very articulate boy who I desperately wanted (of course the rest didn't hurt, although at my age, I was hardly what you would call adventurous. Or experienced.).

Running my hands over the new embroidery I had added to the blouse, I still couldn’t believe the changes that had taken place in my body during the last month. Fortunately it had been the middle of the summer, or I would have been found out immediately. There would have been no way to hide the changes in the locker room during gym class! But here I was, a girl who could leap tall buildings with a single bound, who could fly to the moon faster than you could drive to the store for a gallon of milk, who could bend steel bars across my chest like they were made of soft clay, the bars that is.

And what a difference in my chest! I had been decidedly on the underdeveloped side before the incident, the owner of more than one padded bra. I was now decidedly on the other side of that line now, and my bra’s had all gone into the trash! In fact, Mom had been about to take me to the doctor to have them check on me after she saw how I looked after my ‘change’. She had thought that my hormones had run away with me or something. Maybe they did… I know I certainly am a lot bolder around the guys now. Or at least my thoughts are.

Anyway, we both decided the doctor was not an option now, after all, they only knew how to treat humans. It still makes me laugh now when I remember the look in my Mom’s eyes, my Dad’s too, when I put on that rather skimpy little swimsuit and led them out into the backyard to show them what I could do. Tearing one of my brother’s barbell weight disks in half had raised their eyebrows, but walking around the backyard holding my Dad’s Ford van over my head had pretty much blown them both away. I mean, they didn’t really know anything about my past. I was just this slightly strange and mysterious girl that they had adopted from the orphanage so many years before, back when I was two years old. They told me that even the nuns had seemed worried about me, something about wrecking a crib.

Anyway, I finished my little ‘demonstration’, by showing off a little (I’d learned a lot about myself during that first week). I just held the big van over my head with one hand and slowly flexed my legs for them until I could slowly fly over the house to set the truck down in the front driveway! I knew I was being a bit overly dramatic about it all when I saw the look on their faces as they ran around the end of the house, but my little display had definitely answered a few of the concerns they had had during that first week. After all, to look tall and gangly one day and then to look like a fitness model by the next day, clothes all stretching the wrong way… well, any parent would be concerned. They thought I had been doing drugs, steroids or something… people were pretty naïve here in my town, sort of detached from the rest of the world.

Of course, now all my folks seem to do is to watch CNN, mostly to see what their adopted daughter had been up to. I’d been getting around a fair bit lately, LA, Chicago, New York, Paris. Oh yeah, the Moon and Mars. I’d carried a camera up to the Moon for that CNN special they were making, you know, the special on the Apollo 11 moon landing. Everyone had wanted to see how the landing site looked a few years later. And yes, the footprints were still there. And that picture I had sent back, an imprint of my smaller bare foot next to one of their big boot prints, had been a sensation, it seemed to be on every news show, even on the side of some buses in LA! They kept saying something about the ‘power of the imagery’… the contrast between man and superman’, or woman, or girl… whatever. I hadn’t been thinking profound thoughts when I did it, I just hadn’t been able to resist the temptation. There was just something so freaking wild about being able to walk around with my little swimsuit on in the same place where those men had had to wear such bulky pressure suits! I guess I still wasn’t used to the things my body could do now!

And the Mars trip the next week had really been fun, especially after I found how fast I could fly in a vacuum. I had breakfast with my Dad in the morning, we talked about horses, and then dinner with my whole family that night. In between, I went to Mars and back! Turning on CNN during dinner, they all turned to stare at me in shock, a forkful of salad halfway to my mouth, as every story on the TV was about the discovery of higher life-forms on Mars and about how Supergirl had discovered it! The JPL scientists were still freaking out about the Mars rocks and what they had found in the soil that I had delivered to their lab in mid-afternoon. That had been my little surprise, especially since I’d grabbed the soil from near the Martian south pole. There had been all kinds of things crawling around beneath the surface there, things that moved toward me as I had uncovered them. They were kind of creepy looking, what with their three eyes and all, but I’d still brought back some of the bigger ones, about the size of my hand, along with the rocks. Nobody had even thought about asking me to do that, but I felt bad after one of the Russian Martian space probes had crashed. And I had been pretty good at science in school.

My Dad was upset about it at first, but he mellowed out pretty fast. He just told me he wished I would talk to him or my Mom before I did things like that again. He was starting to get these ideas about how I shouldn’t change things too fast here on Earth.

And my brother, well, he just stared at me with this dazed look on his face… he was a real sci-fi nut and he was still trying to comprehend the fact that his little sister could now fly to other planets and stuff. That I had found real live extra-terrestrial creatures during an afternoon lark. When I was supposed to have been helping him clean the garage!

As I had said, it had been an exciting summer for the York family. And especially for me.

So anyway, here I was, this blonde superheroine, A ‘Girl of Steel’ (CNN’s words). No more shrinking violet here… the name I had given for myself when I was first interviewed, Supergirl, was on the front page of nearly every newspaper almost every day now! I hadn’t had much else to do this summer and it was fun to see what I COULD do. And as far as the name, I guess it was natural to borrow the name from the comics… it was my brother’s idea anyway.

Overall, my family had taken it pretty well, my adopted family that is. I was especially happy that my brother, he was a year older than me, had finally quit teasing me. I guess he didn’t want me to toss him into orbit as I had threatened to do so many times before. He knew I was now strong enough to really do it! On the other hand, he had asked me about getting him a space suit and taking him for a ride… he wanted to get to Mars, to discover more of those creatures. I told him I’d ask the folks at NASA about that the next time I saw them, but really, I knew he couldn’t handle the acceleration that I needed for a long trip, like one to Mars. I moved pretty fast, flying there and back in six hours. It would take weeks to take a human there (my brother told me I should start using the word Terran now, after all, I’m still very human too) without hurting him, and it would also take a spaceship so he could breath and eat and stuff. And like most other teenage girls in Bar Harbor, Maine, I really didn’t have a single spaceship to wear!

Besides, I had better things to do anyway, like thinking about Paul and getting ready for school to start again at the end of the month. And thinking about Paul.

Anyway, my Mom and Aunt Chrissy had done a good job the first couple of weeks, sewing me up a few costumes. My green swimsuit had started to fall apart by then, something about cosmic rays in outer space or something. And after those men in LA had shot at me with the machine gun, I had embarrassed myself when I had turned to face the cameras (I hadn’t realized that my top was laying in shreds on the floor) and CNN had had to edit some of the video footage. Unfortunately, the LA papers didn’t edit anything, they simply printed a topless image of me. Actually a pretty good picture if I say so myself! My folks were really pissed off about it, but what could they do? Call up and complain that they didn’t want their underage daughter appearing in their newspaper? My real identity was still a secret and they wanted me to keep it that way. Besides, I had this secret fantasy of how that picture might make Paul feel if he saw it! And he definitely saw it!

Mom and Aunt Chrissy wound up making several outfits for me out of some kind of Lycra/Kevlar fabric that they had special ordered. But it seemed as if I was always ripping out of them anyway, especially when I flew too fast or tried to lift something really heavy. At least until this really weird-looking package had arrived in the mail, the one addressed to ‘A Special Girl’. It contained the little red and blue costume I was wearing today, the one that seemed to be as indestructible as my own skin. How that guy in LA had found it in some old stuff in his basement had been interesting, and how he had known who I was and my address and all was even stranger, but that’s another story. Too bad he hadn’t signed his name or address. I guess my ‘people’ had clearly been on this planet before. Whoever my ‘people’ were! Maybe they were still here! Other than me, I mean.

Anyway, at this point, everyone in my extended family knew about me, all my aunts and uncles and cousins coming by to see me, to ask me to show them some of the cool things I could do. They loved to go flying with me, especially my younger cousins. But my identity was still a big secret outside of our household. Especially with the kids at school. I wasn’t ready to tell them yet, but I knew I had to before school started, even if my Dad was trying to figure out a way for me to keep it secret. I just knew that all the kids were going to get a big kick out of it, especially the guys. And maybe I could finally make the cheerleading squad this year! At least if I left my hair blonde and wore this special little costume to the tryouts in the gym. I blushed every time I imagined doing that… I fantasized that the tryout would be the first look the guys had of the ‘new’ Evelyn!

My Dad had frowned when I had giggled insanely while telling he and my Mom about showing up that way for the tryouts. I think he saw the way I got flushed when I talked about it, or, you know, the whatever. The top of my little costume was skin tight and it didn’t hide anything. I think he was becoming aware that his little girl was growing up a lot faster all of a sudden!

Anyway, we were talking about me at dinner again, it seemed like I was the only thing we talked about now at the table lately! What I had been doing, who I’d helped that day… that kind of stuff. It was kind of cool though, my family trying to help me and all, but they didn’t really understand me since the change. I was spreading my wings a little faster than my folks liked and I wasn’t spending all my time saving people and stuff like that. My Mom had a pretty good idea about how I was starting to affect men, and she kept warning me to stop acting like I was some kind of teenage Goddess and just get ready for school. Probably good advice, but this was too much fun to stop! Especially the way the guys looked at me now!

I suddenly looked up and across the table at my brother. I saw once again the way he was reacting to me, shifting around in his chair a bit uncomfortably at the dinner table, trying not to stare at me, or at the deep cutout in the front of my outfit. He was trying to be polite, or maybe just trying to be a brother, and it was hard on him. Especially when I wore my ‘work’ clothes at the table like I was that night, except for my cape that is. I had barely made it back from JPL before dinner time and didn’t feel like changing. Besides, I kind of liked teasing him a bit now, practicing my new ‘charms’ on him, but I knew I had better cool it pretty soon. After all, I can see through things and I had noticed that he was reacting to me a lot like the engineers and scientists at JPL had when I had walked in with all those rocks, wearing my tiny costume and all. I thought they were getting turning on by my body until I realized that they were far more excited about the Martian thingies. They probably didn’t get out much, but then, my brother didn’t either. I don’t think they even noticed it when I flew back out the window! I guess I’m not everybody’s idea of a ‘goddess’!

Anyway, after that, my Dad had told me that he really thought I should keep a ‘secret identity’, you know, like in the comics. He didn’t want everyone mobbing me and disrupting my life. Something about keeping me human or whatever. In fact, we were supposed to have a family meeting this weekend to discuss it before school started and before all the kids figured out who I really was. I wasn’t so sure about it all. They may have been confused about my identity, but I wasn’t. I was Evelyn York. Always had been, always would be! So what’s the big deal?

Which kind of brings me back to why I was here at the stables. Jenny, my ‘dear’ friend, the one who had stolen Paul from me at my very own 16th birthday party, was supposed to meet him here to go riding today. I had made a few ‘adjustments’ to her father’s car before I left. I figured it was going to take them a while to find where some prankster had hidden all four of the wheels! And the motor. Meanwhile, I would have Paul all to myself!

Pulling the blouse on, I felt the soft cotton and the rougher stitching brushing across my chest. Of course I wore nothing beneath it. I mean, why would a Girl of Steel need a bra anyway? At least that was one of the jokes on late-night TV… others weren’t as nice.

I slowly snapped it all the way up the front, there were ten snaps. It was a very tight fit now, but do-able as long as I didn’t take a deep breath. And since most of the breathing I did was for the benefit of those around me (try sitting next to someone who isn’t breathing sometime and you’ll get the general idea), I figured that it would stay snapped… at least until I chose to unsnap it! A deep breath or maybe a flex of my rather dramatic pecs… there were several ways.

I walked over and picked up the tight jeans I had brought with me. More than tight, super-tight. Just the thing for my ‘gorgeous super-legs’ as Leno had called them on the late night show.! Giggling a little (I still wasn’t used to this super thing), I held my breath while zipping them up with my ‘steely strong super-hands’. Leno again… I think he has a thing for me. I giggled, thinking of the jokes on the late night TV shows. Yeah, super-tight was the word! Second skin was a better one. Or two. And I’ve got to stop this super-word thing! But thinking about the late-night TV shows had made me a little giddy… they used all the super-words to describe me; my body really. They probably didn’t think I was allowed to stay up late enough to watch them! Or maybe they did. Some people get their kicks in weird ways.

My hand-tooled boots went on next, a gift from my Uncle Joe. Too bad he was in Africa. He would have been surprised at how much his little girl had grown up in the last months! He and I used to climb the mountains near our town, at least until his heart started to go bad. Now I could fly him to his favorite places. He’d love that when he got home!

I finally walked over to take my special comb out of the pack and started to pull it through my long blond hair. Yeah, blonde… just like in the comics. (I still can’t figure out how the comics writers managed to write about me before I even gained my powers… something weird going on there, that and the costume, but I haven’t really figured it out yet. Something about secret visitors to Earth before I was born or whatever.) Anyway, where was I… oh yeah, the comb. It had this special treatment that my Dad had fixed up, he was an experimental chemist, and it turned my hair raven-black, back to the color that everyone associated with plain old Evelyn. And then it turned it back the other way, back to what was now my natural color, when I reversed the direction. Weird huh? But pretty useful when you are trying to hide in plain sight.

Anyway, I now looked like a very curvaceous version of the Evelyn that everybody knew. Hopefully Paul would just think I had finally matured a little. It had been two months since I had seen him. At least I hoped he would think that at first. I was going to surprise him before the day was out.

I was still standing in the barn while brushing down the stallion that I liked to ride, his name was very appropriately that of Thunder, when I heard Paul ride in on his motorcycle, a Yamaha dirt bike. Or rather I heard him coming, he was still five miles away. My hearing is pretty good now. Paul had been racing all summer in motocrosses and I’d been secretly watching him, at least I had for the last month. It was still kind of weird to sit up in my bedroom and squint my blue eyes a little to watch a race that was ten miles away, to watch it and hear it as if it was next door. But I’m kind of a weird girl, but if you’ve read this far, you already know that. Oh yeah, and my eyes are sky blue now instead of brown. As I said… weird! I guess I need to get my driver’s license photo changed.

Anyway, I leaped up onto Thunder, actually I cheated and flew up, my long legs gripping him strongly as I rode bareback. Nobody else could ride Thunder, but he and I had come to an understanding a couple of weeks ago. Even a horse is smart enough to know when someone is his physical master. It was a weird way to train a horse, but walking around the corral a few times while holding him over my head had mellow him out a whole bunch. At least when I was around. Besides, my legs could squeeze him with a wicked strength, and with my flying ability, he couldn’t go anywhere I didn’t want him too. Like I said, some unusual training techniques, but they worked. Although he still didn’t let anyone else ride him. And he still hated saddles. Maybe one of these days we’ll go flying together, perhaps Arabian stallions have dreams of having wings as well.

I gave Thunder a quick squeeze of my legs, he knew all about my legs, and he pranced out of the barn as if he was the proudest horse in the stables. I think he was proud of me as his rider, knowing that I was unlike anyone else that ever came around. He didn’t know Supergirl from the Incredible Hulk, but he knew that I was special. And that was cool enough for me.

Paul finally roared down the road in his Yamaha, a huge dust cloud drifting behind him. Thunder started to get a little nervous until I leaned over and whispered to him. That always calmed him down. He knew I wouldn’t let anything hurt him. Riding over to stop next to Paul, I have to admit that my eyes sparkled a bit, his clothing melting away for just a moment before I restrained myself. God, he was still as ‘dramatic’ as I remembered! And I’d better quit looking under guys clothing this way or the next year at school was going to be REALLY hard! My libido had grown big enough since I had gained my powers as it was, I didn’t need to walk around looking at the world as if I was constantly reading a PlayGirl magazine! On the other hand…

"Hey, Evelyn… where’s Jenny today? We were going to go riding."

"She’s not going to be able to make it, Paul, something about her Dad’s car. She asked me if I’d keep you company." It was a little white lie, well, maybe not so white, but I owed Jenny one. And it wasn’t a favor that I owed.

Slipping off Thunder’s back, I slid gently down to land lightly about two feet in front of him, using just a little flying power to keep from falling too fast.

"So, Paul, do you think your horse can keep up with me today. Thunder and I are pretty fast. Ready for a beach run?"

He didn’t say anything, he just stared at me, mostly at my chest. Then at my face. Then my chest again. I looked a lot different. My sister said I could now make a million bucks with my face in the fashion business. I don’t know, my cheekbones seemed too big now. My eyes too wide set. And my brother said I could be Playmate of the year with my chest. I doubted that, he was letting his fantasies run away with him lately. But they certainly seemed to catch Paul’s attention. Or was it just my figure? I knew I looked a lot like one of those fitness models that you see on the front of the muscle magazines.

"Wow, Evelyn, you’ve really changed since school got out. What have you been doing, working out or something."

I thought quickly. "Yeah, lifting weights, you know, down in the basement. I figured I’d try to build some muscle so that I could try out as a punter on the football team this fall. Think you could stand to have a girl punter on your team? The Bulldogs did last year you know, and she beat you guys with that last kick in the playoffs!"

Paul blinked a few times as he seemed to be having trouble with his eyes. I also noticed that he was having a little trouble with his pants. My God, he was impressive! Especially when he stared that way at my chest.

He blinked a few times before answering. "Don’t remind me, Ev, that was the last time that I’ll ever put a girl down for just being a girl. She had some kind of right leg!"

"Well, do you think my legs will be strong enough to be a punter, Paul?" And with that, I turned around very slowly so that he could see a bit more than just my legs. The jeans were REALLY tight! My back was still to him as I turned my head and checked him out. Wow! A funny phrase floated through my mind from the Butch and the Sundance Kid movie as I watched his face. "Use enough dynamite there, Butch?"

But enough flirting, he obviously liked the way my jeans looked, especially from the back. And he looked like he was about to hurt himself! What with the tight jeans he was wearing and all.

You see, I knew all about Paul. I knew that he ‘relaxed’ himself every night before bed while reading news articles and watching video excerpts. And yes, you guessed it, news and videos about Supergirl, about me! I only hoped that he had a strong heart. He was going to have a wonderful day today. And so was I!

Paul saddled up and got ready to go as I gave Thunder a bit of a workout in the corral. He was getting pretty responsive to me, Thunder that is, although I was a bit distracted myself. Being able to see through walls is not always a virtue, and I couldn’t take my eyes off Paul as he saddled the other Arabian stallion here at the stables. It looked like we were in for a race. Glory, the horse he was going to ride today, was the fastest horse in the stable. Or so everyone said. But nobody had ever raced against Thunder. And besides, I could make Thunder go as fast as I wanted now, what with reducing my weight to zero or maybe even giving him a bit of a boost, although that would technically be cheating. Which was what I was doing anyway, given that Paul was my former best friend’s boyfriend.

We finally headed down the trail to the beach, Paul leading the way as guys are prone to do. I followed behind him, occasionally practicing my little trick of standing on Thunder’s back when Paul wasn’t looking. Maybe I could make a living in the circus, doing tricks or whatever. I could probably learn some pretty cool ones, what with being able to fly and being as strong as I was.

Pushing that little fantasy behind me, I saw that we were finally at the beach.

"OK, Paul, how about we race from here down to the rocks at the end of the beach. That’s about a mile and a half. Think your horse has it in him?"

"Glory… Hell, Ev, nobody has ever beat him. I’ll see you when you finally catch up!"

And with that, he slapped old Glory on the flank and the race was on. I just squeezed my legs a bit, well maybe more than just a bit, giving Thunder the message to go for it. I didn’t have any reins to slap him with, no tack at all in fact. I just leaned forward while grabbing his mane and off we went.

Glory initially lived up to his name, his feet throwing up a cloud of soft sand as he slowly pulled away from us. But I had already decided I wasn’t going to lose at anything today, I mean, with my abilities, why should I? Anyway, I quickly reduced my weight to nothing and began to press forward a bit against Thunder’s shoulders and neck. Flexing my butt just a little, being careful not to rip my jeans, I added a few hundred pounds of ‘thrust’ to his stride. It worked as we started to gain rapidly on Paul, finally passing him by, my long raven hair flying in the wind, my body laying forward, molded to Thunder’s back. And if Paul knew what I was doing with the cute butt he’d been staring at back at the stable, he’d never let me live it down!

Anyway, the race ended as I had expected; I was ahead by five lengths as we passed the rocks. I slowed down and turned Thunder to the right to walk him out into the water a bit to cool him off. Paul joined me as I pulled my legs up and crossed them on Thunder’s back. I wasn’t about to get these boots wet. Paul just stared at me as he sat gasping for breath in the saddle. He could see that I wasn’t breathing hard at all. Actually, he was luvky I was breathing at all. I usually didn’t breathe unless I was close to someone, and he probably couldn’t figure out how I managed to keep from falling off, what with my legs crossed that way and all. But he’d find out soon enough now.

"Well, Paul, I guess Glory isn’t the fastest horse around anymore is he? But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Besides, I cheated back there. I made Thunder run faster than he was able to."

I giggled as I saw the startled look on Paul’s face. He looked so cute when I said things that he didn’t understand, and he was definitely a little confused now.

"What do you mean, you made him ‘run faster than he was able to’? How do you do that to a horse?"

"Well, for one thing, I don’t weigh anything. See, I’m not even touching him." And with that, I floated up a couple of inches above Thunder’s back. Paul leaned down so look between me and the horse, his eyes opening wide as he saw daylight between us.

"But, but what, how…" He was stuttering. I thought it was so cute.

"Oh, you didn’t know, Paul? I can fly. I thought everybody knew that. Wasn’t that one of the reasons you dumped me for my friend Jenny? After all, you said I was kind of weird and all. Flighty was one of the words you used."

"No, I mean yes, I mean… NO. Yes, I said you were a little weird, but it was the kind of strange way you were around me. Like you didn’t want to get close or anything, always taking off to go home and stuff. You know what I mean. Jenny was, well, she was…"

"…willing… I think the word you want is willing, Paul. Gee, and all this time I thought it was because I intimidated you and all. What with my strength and my flying abilities and all."

He was now staring at me as if I had two heads. "What strength… and what’s this flying thing. I mean, nobody can fly!"

"The girl you read about in her news clippings can. And the one whose videos you’ve been saving from CNN. I’ve heard that you fly with her every night." He suddenly turned beat red.

"How did you… I mean, no, she’s… I mean, nobody knows who she is. Except maybe the newspapers and all."

By this time we had reached the shore again and I had slid down from Thunder and was standing on the sand next to Paul. We were over by the really big rocks, the ones about the size of full-size car. But a lot heavier. I set my pack down and reached in to take out my comb. Turning my back to him, I began to slowly run it through my long hair, this time with it turned to the ‘blonde’ side. I had hardly made two strokes when I heard him gasp. Turning my head, I saw his eyes staring at my hair as it turned radiantly blonde. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw his pants getting even tighter. But I was a good girl though and I didn’t squint my eyes at him.

I turned around. "I guess I can’t hide from you anymore Paul. You have to know who I really am. Or have you already guessed?"

He took a step back. "No… no way, Ev. I’ve know you for years. I mean you can’t be… her! You’re just…"

"Who, Paul, who do you think I am." He was blushing really brightly now, his pants way past being tight. "Tell me and I’ll let you know how good your guess is. The She Hulk, right?’

"No…" He was breathing fast, his voice hardly more than a whisper. "You’re… you’re Supergirl!"

"Bingo… what was it that tipped you off? The blonde hair or the fact that I can fly?"

Paul suddenly sat down hard in the sand, his eyes still staring at me. "This isn’t happening, this CAN’T be happening."

"Oh, but it is Paul. You know about me, I’m the girl you dumped for Jenny. Because I was ‘weird’ as you described it. Not having second thoughts now are you?"

I could see that he was having a hard time of it, part of me wanting to take it easy on him, the other part loving every second of this. The other part won.

I’m not sure if it was the shock of finding out who I really was or if it was the realization that he had dumped me, Supergirl, the girl of his dreams, in preference for my slightly conniving little friend. My girlfriend who had had a bra two cup sizes larger than mine. And ‘had’ was the operative word. That advantage had been turned around now. In any case, I hoped it was the latter that was disturbing him, or maybe both. It had disturbed me enough at the time to be rejected solely because of my bra size… or the lack of it. Payback time.

"You still don’t really believe me do you, Paul. Let me show you something. She that rock. It weights about twenty tons. Would you like me to pick it up?"

He just stared up at me with his eyes wide. God, he was getting so turned on! And I was feeling it too, the musky scent of his body suddenly so noticeable to my improved sense of smell. I looked down to see my nipples tenting up a bit under my tight blouse. Actually more than a bit. I just hoped I wasn’t getting wet enough to show through my jeans!

Turning my back to him, I walked over to stand beside the rock, holding myself so that he had a good profile view of me from twenty feet away. I felt like such a tease… but I was loving it!

Straightening my fingers out, I suddenly jabbed my fingernails into the hard granite, wiggling my fingers as I shattered the rock while sinking them into it to their roots. I turned to look at Paul as I put my other hand behind my back. His mouth was hanging open.

"Look Paul. One handed." And with that, I casually lifted the rock upward and over my head. At the same time, the first button on my blouse popped open. I get rather dramatic when I flex this way, although this was hardly a serious workout for me. It was only twenty tons after all.

I heard a choking noise from his throat, I could also hear his heart beating from twenty feet away. He was excited, that was for sure! And his heart sounded really strong. Good… it would need to be before I was done with him.

I began to walk casually across the sand, the weight on my feet my usual 130 pounds, the rest of the weight was being held my flying power. I walked right up to him, the two of us now underneath the twenty-foot wide rock. He was staring at my hand and the rather dramatic shape of my arm as I lifted my left hand up and gripped the rock, my strong fingers breaking off little protrusions and crumbling the hard smoothly weathered granite a little as I got a better grip. I then scrunched up my right hand to pulverize the rock and pulled it free, finally holding the huge boulder in the palms of both hands. I began to press it up and down a half dozen times, working on my shoulders and triceps. And a little on my chest, enough to pop another button on my blouse open, drawing his eyes downward once again.

"I often come down here, Paul, to work out. It’s the only place that has rocks this big and heavy. I’m too strong for anything else around here. And I love to do this when I’m done." And with that, I leaned my arms far, far behind my back. His eyes looked like they were going to pop from his face as I thrust my chest upward and then threw the boulder right over his head! The rock took off like it was made of nothing more substantial than air, flying more than a hundred yards up and out into the ocean. It landed with a gigantic splash. Paul followed it with his eyes before turning around to stare at my chest again. I followed his eyes down. Three more snaps on my blouse had come undone as I had launched that rock.

I couldn’t help but teasing him a little. "I do look a little different now, don’t I Paul. Don’t worry, you can stare at me, at my chest. Everybody else does when they know I’m Supergirl."

His eyes finally met mine again as he managed to say something. "But… you’re so much… bigger now, Ev!"

I barely resisted the impulse to laugh. Paul always had had this thing for big breasts. I knew that was really the reason he had dumped me for Jenny, despite anything else he might have said. I reached up to gently cup myself as both our eyes moved down to my hands.

"I am a bit better endowed now, aren’t I Paul. I’m also bulletproof. I recall that you saved that picture of me where those guys shot at me, the one you look at every night, the one when I still wore my green swimsuit, or at least the bottom of it. Does the fact that my breasts are big AND bulletproof turn you on, Paul. My ‘big firm super-breasts’!"

I couldn’t help but giggle as I said those words, the ones that my special hearing had heard him whisper to himself so many times as he relaxed in bed. I swear his jeans were going to bust! And talk about huge… if there was ever a guy for a Supergirl, Paul was it. I’d say we were a pretty good match in some ways, my upper body, his lower body! But then, I didn’t really know much about men at that age. Or really about myself. You know, in that way!

I continued to tease him a little. "You know that my perfect body is completely invulnerable don’t you, Paul? I don’t think anything on this planet can hurt me. And you know that I’m the most beautiful girl on Earth, not just the strongest. And besides, I know one of your secrets; I know what one of your fantasies is. About how you would really like to undress me. Would you like to see what my breasts really look like now, Paul? And would you like to do it with this?" And with those words, I took my hand from behind my back and handed him a western style .44 six-shooter. His eyes grew as large as saucers.

"Here, let me stand with my back against the rock. And make sure you only hit my soft breasts, Paul. You can’t hurt them, but I don’t want you to get hurt with a ricochet if you hit some harder part of my body."

To his credit, Paul didn’t hesitate for long. He turned the gun over in his hand a few times before he finally aimed it at my chest. And he was a good shot. And he definitely believed who I was by now (I wonder if it was the size of my breasts or my throwing the boulder over his head than convinced him) and he’d had years of practice getting ready for me. In his fantasies at least. So he knew exactly what to do.

The first shot startled me a bit, I’m really not used to all this yet. But I was pleased to feel that it almost hit my left nipple. Looking down, I saw that it had torn a hole the side of my blouse nearly the size of my fist.

"Nice shot… but you only get points for the nipples, Paul. Try the other one. Three points and I’m all yours!"

His face flushed again as I spoke his fantasy out loud. I swear I didn’t know what was keeping his jeans together! He was so turned on it made my teeth hurt. It made some other things ‘hurt’ too! Ignoring that, I simply put my hands on my hips and thrust my chest out a bit further while taking a deep breath, assuming the heroic pose I knew he liked. Another snap on my blouse popped open as my already firm nipples tented up under it as if they were going to rip the fabric apart. They probably would pretty soon too, if his aim wasn’t true.

Flame and hot lead exploded from the gun barrel again. The impact of the direct hit slammed me back against the rock, and this time it was followed by a wonderful tingling sensation as the heavy lead bullet landed right on my right nipple. It suddenly got so firm that the left one ripped right through the straining fabric. I closed my eyes as I felt my knees getting weak for a moment, relishing my own fantasy of the way Paul’s body would make me feel if we were ever together! You know, the way I had dreamed we would someday be together.

Licking my lips, I opened my eyes and found that I was staring into his gorgeous blue eyes, standing with my erect nipples bared. Standing in front of a guy I had always dreamed about. And he was fulfilling his wildest fantasy, shooting a .44 at my tits. It didn’t get any better than this! But then, as I’ve said before, I’m a very weird girl. With very weird dreams. But I wasn’t dreaming now.

He scored three points on the next four shots (my nipples get huge when I’m turned on now… hard to miss them) and I was wild with passion by the time he finished. I get turned on by the most unusual things now and this was most certainly one of them. Besides, the more outrageous the thing I asked my ‘new’ body to do, the more of a tingle I got out of it. And using my full strength… well, Paul wasn’t the only one who needed some relief before he went to bed. Especially after I’d been out arresting some bad guys or saving people from some natural disaster. I got so turned on doing that! I looked down at Paul again. God, my knees were getting so weak I could hardly stand! And that was saying something for a girl who had just been walking around with a few tons held over her head!

I finally got my legs to work and walked over to Paul after he finished his last shot. I gently took the gun from him. Holding it in front of his face, I slowly scrunched it up into a featureless ball of gun-steel. I’m not sure if he was staring at the gun or my breasts as my chest flexed really big, but he was definitely staring down at me with a fascinated look on his face. After all, my blouse was basically ripped to shreds and I’ve got unusually big pects as well as, you know, a big chest. Blinking to get my own concentration back, I quickly turned to toss it about a mile or two out into the ocean. The gun that is. I mean what was left of it.

I was feeling very confused now, my body almost dizzy, my head spinning softly. Not a bad feeling… a very GOOD feeling. But one I hadn’t really felt this way before. I needed to get some control back, I had to say something before I just threw myself at him and raped him. I was certainly strong enough and he was certainly ‘ready’ enough!

"We don’t want to leave any funny evidence around, now do we Paul. Other than my family and my horse, you are the only other person that knows that Evelyn York is really Supergirl. I’d like it to stay that way."

God, this wasn’t working, my head was spinning faster and faster. I suddenly couldn’t help myself. I suddenly did what I’d dreamed of doing for the last month. I reached down and grabbed the top of his jeans, slowly ripping them all the way down the front. I then kneeled in front of him and ripped them down both legs! My God, he was everything I’d imagined or seen through his pants, yet he was even more impressive up close! So close! Goddess, I wanted to touch him!!

There he was, standing there towering over me as I kneeled in front of him, his underpants had gone with his jeans, his remarkable manhood now standing up at least ten inches long, a giant of a man if there ever was one. A man fit for a Supergirl. Even if I was really a 16 year old virgin.

I had no sooner said that, the word virgin that is, when a really terrible thought raced through my mind. He couldn’t do this, I mean, not he and I… I mean… I’m invulnerable everywhere, EVERYWHERE! And I still had a very intact hymen! Oh my God!

I suddenly floated upward from my knees to face him again, my face evidently looking worried and scared. He reached out to put his arms around me. "Ev… I mean, Supergirl… what’s wrong?’

I looked at him, his eyes were so blue, so desirable. God I wanted him! "I… I haven’t done this before Paul. I mean I’m a virgin and I’m invulnerable and I… you can’t do this, Paul. I mean, you can’t make it with me. I’d hurt you or something."

He suddenly held me close, his body so nude, my top blown off my chest, my jeans still tightly fastened but growing wet, my body so ready, his wonderfully throbbing manhood pressing firmly upward against the middle of my bared stomach, his excited heartbeat seemingly pounding against my stomach. My bare chest was touching his! I suddenly realized that maybe it wasn’t always wonderful to be a Supergirl. Or at least not a virgin Supergirl!

His voice was so calm, so smooth. "Look, Ev… I’ve done this before, you know that. You girls know everything, especially you, miss sparkle-eyes! I still can’t believe you’ve been spying on me with those blue eyes of yours! You’re a bad girl, you know that. And tricking me to come down here by the water with you… you intended to seduce me the whole time, didn’t you?"

I nodded weakly. "As if I really could, invulnerable superhuman alien freak girl and all that I am." I started to turn away, my eyes filling with tears.

His arms held me tight. "Whoa, slow down there Ev." He had a chuckle in his voice as he gently turned me around to face him again. "I haven’t met a girl that old thunder and me couldn’t handle. But I’ll admit, I was a little blown away at first to find that you were Supergirl. But I’m OK now!"

I looked up at him as a tear ran down my left cheek. Despite the disappointment I was feeling, I couldn’t help but break into a giggling grin at his words. "You named your, ah, your penis! You named it Thunder, like my stallion?"

"Well, not actually. Jenny named it. Or was is Sally. I forget. Anyway, I’d have thought that you’d have heard all the jokes about me by now."

I suddenly blushed, thinking of the question that Sally has asked me only last month. She had asked me if I’d been ‘riding ole Thunder’ this summer. I said yes, of course, nearly every day, but only bareback! My God, no wonder she had smirked at me!

"So, Ev, would you like me to show you how to really ‘ride’ Thunder. It’s a bit like riding your horse, except that I can promise you that it will be more exciting than anything you have ever done before. And I promise you that I’ll let you win every time!"

I just stared in his eyes as my hands seemed to have a mind of their own. Despite the problem I knew I had, my hands had a mind of their own. Sliding down over my hips, the strong denim of my jeans quickly shredded under my awesomely strong grip, a quick flex of my rather unusual leg muscles completing the job by splitting the pant legs all the way down to my ankles. The shredded jeans fell from me as Paul began to slowly kneel before me, his wonderful kisses traveling over my tingling breasts, and down between them, and down over my stomach, and into my very blonde bush. I put my hands on his shoulders as I responded as a proper Supergirl should. I made my breasts tingle even more as I slowly raised both of my legs into a perfect split, my body now hovering in midair, my entire body shuddering with anticipation! His kisses slowly moved lower, my eyes closing as my breathing was suddenly so fast and ragged, my entire body feeling as if it was tingling and ready to explode! His tongue slowly traced the hard curve of my pubic bone, sliding over it, into the softness below, exploring me, my gasps turning to little cries as his tongue began to…


Well, as for the rest of this story… I’m afraid you are just have to wait until I’m old enough to write it all down. You see, you have to be 18 before you can contribute THAT kind of material to Sharon’s page and that won’t be for two years. But you can wait, can’t you! Bye now! \Supergirl