Paradise in Paradise




The crossing of the dimensional boundary was much easier the second time than had been the first trip. For Kara and Lucas it was like stepping into a pool of warm water which was somehow thicker than it should have been and then stepping out once more. When they did emerge from the Amazon Gate they were standing in the landscape that they had seen from the other side. Experimentally Kara turned and looked back through the gate. Sure enough she could see Athena and Artemis standing on the other side looking at them. She waved at the two goddesses and nudged Lucas who did the same. He was just in time as when he was done waving the gate shimmered once again and then the dimensional portal was sealed. Kara and Lucas turned from the now inactive gate and found themselves the center of attention.

They had been almost completely surrounded by more than a dozen women in various states of dress from the full flowing robes like Hera had worn to complete and unabashed nudity. Each one of the women stared silently at the new arrivals with unconcealed disbelief but as they watched their looks took on a new light. To Kara were directed looks of admiration laced with generous doses of lust and Lucas knew that it would be some time before Kara thought about him again. He also noticed the looks that they gave him and they were nothing like those Kara had received. There was contempt in their eyes and hate and loathing. In fact the longer they looked at him the more the tone of their attention underwent a radical shift. They began to stir and mutter and were on their way to quickly becoming a mob. Lucas wanted to say something but realized that to do so would probably cause more trouble than it prevented.

Kara too saw the way the mood of the women changed and at first could not understand what the cause could be. Then she remembered the way Artemis reacted to the prospect of Lucas traveling through the gate and realized that his presence was the cause. She waited for him to speak and when he did not she took the initiative.

"Hi there," said Kara in Greek surprised that she could still speak the language. "Sorry to drop in on you like this but it’s the only way my friend and I can get home."

An amazon nearly as tall as Kara whose long black hair was hidden beneath a Corinthian helmet wearing a bronze beast plate which accentuated her large proud breast and short skirt composed of four inch long bronzed flaps and heavy duty sandals stepped forward. In her hand was a long spear with a long razor sharp leaf shaped head. She looked first at Kara and then at Lucas. When she was done with her appraisal she spat at his feet. Kara was about to jump forward and make her lick the saliva off the dirt but Lucas restraining hand held her long enough for her to come to her senses.

"Men are not allowed here," said the spear carrying amazon. "It is our oldest law and it is death to break it."

"Look," said Kara trying to remain calm. "We had to come. It’s the only way we could get home."

"The law is the law."

"We had permission," said Lucas speaking at last.

When it appear as if they hadn’t heard or deliberately ignored Lucas words Kara said, "Like my friend said we had permission to come here."

"Who gave you this permission," sneered the spear carrying amazon.

"Athena did," said Kara. "And so did Artemis."

"You lie! The goddess of the hunt would never let a mere man enter the gate and set foot on our isle."

Kara was ready to jump on the arrogant amazon but Lucas beat her to the punch.

"Listen lady," he hissed, "no one calls Kara a liar. Not when I’m around."

"Ha! So you need a man to fight your battles for you."

Lucas laughed, a loud cold laugh before he said, "You ain’t even close sister. Kara could break every bone in your body without even working up a sweat. I don’t know if you know what a Velorian is but Kara is one."

At the mention of the word Velorian a hush fell over the crowd and Lucas knew that he had used the right word to get their attention. The spear carrying amazon reaction was not like her sisters. She still regarded them both with contempt.

"You may say anything," she spat. "You are a man."

"That’s it," said Lucas his voice getting low and deadly, a voice Kara had heard many time before the one that promised a punch up. "You could fight her and learn the hard way that Kara’s a Velorian and the Protector of Earth. But that’s the easy way. Fight me instead."

"Fight a man! You make me laugh. You would not stand a chance against a true Amazon."

"Talk’s cheap sister."

"Yeah," said Kara having had enough of this, "you’re not afraid are you? After all he’s only a man. Don’t let the fact that he’s my fighting instructor stop you."

"Now I know that you’re lying."

"Then prove it," said Lucas.

"Very well man! But be warned there will be no mercy."

"Whatever you say," Lucas said as the amazon tossed her spear away. "I’d keep that if I were you."

The amazon didn’t say anything but spat again this time in Lucas’ face. He didn’t get mad but simply wiped the spittle off his face and replaced with the grin that Kara knew so well.

Lucas dropped into a fighting crouch and began to circle the amazon. She looked at him with obvious contempt even when he stepped close to her. The contempt was quickly replaced by disbelief as Lucas round kick hit the top of her helmet and sent it spinning into the air. He backed off and watched as she finally dropped into a crouch.

Kara watched the fight just as Lucas would have wanted her to with the analytical eye of the student. She recognized instantly that Lucas held the decided edge in skill. He was toying with the amazon using moves that she had never seen before. With deliberate and casual ease Lucas proceed to remove every garment that the amazon wore. The breast plate took a kick and two blows with the flat of his hand and then she stood there naked from the waist up. Enraged the amazon charged and got her bronze skirt ripped off for her troubles. This left the amazon completely naked except for her sandals. Kara thought that Lucas would stop there but he did not. He flipped the amazon on her back and before she could recover had removed both her sandals. The raven haired amazon charged Lucas once more. All though of technique was gone. All she wanted to do was avenge her humiliation but it was not to be. Lucas sidestepped her easily and got her in a choke hold. She tried to fight back but with a twist of his leg Lucas sent her to her knees. Kara decided that she had seen enough.

"Lucas," she said stepping forward, "that’s enough. We both know that she’s no match for you. Let her go."

"Gladly," he said loosening the choke hold. "But first she got to admit that she’s lost and that you’re not a liar. Well?"

The amazon hung her head and said, "I admit defeat. You are victorious."


"And your friend is no liar."

"That’s alright then," said Lucas letting go of the naked amazon. He offered his hand to her but she ignored it and reached for Kara’s hand instead.

"Thank you Velorian," she said as Kara helped her to her feet. "I shall so you to a place of rest and inform the queen and the princess that you are here."

Kara and Lucas were shown to a large Grecian style villa of silver veined white marble. During the trip every amazon they met stopped to greet the Protector of Earth but only barely acknowledged the presence of the man with her. Kara was upset by this treatment of her friend but Lucas whispered that at least they weren’t openly hostile. Soon after they were shown into the villa a young amazon arrived and said that the princess wished to speak with Kara. When asked about Lucas they were told that his presence was not desired. This time it was Lucas who got upset and Kara who calmed him down. He eventually saw the futility of getting upset with these remarkable women as it was simply the way that they had been raised. Kara gave Lucas a long lingering kiss before she left the villa to meet the princess.

Kara was taken to the largest building on the island. Her guide told her that it was the royal palace. The guards on duty saluted smartly and allowed them to pass without comment. Kara looked at the awe inspiring art work scattered throughout the palace as she was led to the princess’ apartments.

The large bronze door of the apartments was on the top floor of the palace and a pair of guards flanked the door. Kara’s guide stopped at the door and turned her over to the guards. They took one long look at her and then knocked on the door. They waited a few seconds and then pushed the door open. Without speaking a word they motioned for Kara to enter. She entered the apartments feeling just a little nervous.

The room was sparsely yet luxuriously furnished with low silk covered divans being the only real furniture. The rest of the room was filled with statuary and a beautiful mosaic covered most of the floor and against one wall Kara thought that she saw a refrigerator. She was about to examine the curious object further when a woman entered the room, a woman of piercing beauty which instant set Kara’s loins on fire. She was tall standing just at 6' with long jet black hair and blue eyes. Her full ripe figure was confined by a small clinging costume of red, white, blue and gold. That and the long red boots she wore did little to conceal the lush body beneath but instead enhanced her physique.

"Welcome," she said in a deep throbbing voice. "I am Diana daughter of Queen Hippolyta and first among the Sisterhood of the Amazons. I bid you welcome daughter of Velor."

"I’m Kara. You know about Velor."

"We see much here, including your home. Will you take some refreshment with me?"


Diana walked over to the door set in the wall. It was the one that she had thought looked like a refrigerator. When the princess opened it Kara felt the cold enter the room.

"You have refrigerators?" she asked incredulously.

"Not as you know them but yes, we have the equivalents. A small tube connects this box with the Cavern of Ice. It is how we keep the fruits of our labors from rotting quickly."


Diana withdrew a crystal carafe of rich white wine from the amazonian fridge. She placed it on a silver platter with a pair of silver and crystal goblets and rejoined Kara. Placing the tray on a table near a divan she sat and then patted the space next to her saying, "Join me".

Kara sat next to the beautiful amazon who poured them both a glass of wine. She sipped the heady wine and was not affected by it in the least. She could not say the same for Diana’s presence, however. Kara’s cheeks felt warm the instant the beautiful brunette had entered the room and the longer she was in her presence the more the feeling spread throughout her entire body. Kara’s nipples hardened involuntarily and she could smell the scent of wild flowers and honey, just another proof of her arousal. She turned to see the effect that she was having on the princess and was not disappointed by what she saw.

Diana’s face was flushed and she was breathing deeply as if she could not get enough oxygen. Surreptitiously Kara’s eyes looked at the brunette’s bodice. She was not surprised to see that Diana’s nipples were also hard. She thought about making the first move but the princess beat her to it.

Diana rose languidly from the divan. She stretched slowly and muscles appeared over her torso.

"I find this outfit quite confining," she said reaching behind her back. "I trust you do not mind if I remove it."

"No go right ahead."

The tight red and gold bodice burst from her body as the princess released the hidden catches. Again Diana stretched and Kara had an unobstructed view of the amazon’s naked torso. Kara’s breath quickened as she gazed longingly at the amazon’s full ripe breasts. Her biceps were magnificent and Kara’s excitement increased as she watched their full glory.

"You know," said Kara undoing the sash around her waist, "it’s kind of warm in here. You don’t mind if I get a little more comfortable."

"No, you are my guest. Whatever pleases you pleases me."

With tantalizing slowness Kara slipped her soft silk tunic up and off her blond beauty. Diana drank in every magnificent inch of the Velorian’s body. She held her muscle popping stretch until Kara had completely removed her tunic and sat naked on the divan. Slowly Diana dropped her arms into a double biceps pose that always impressed. She wanted to impress this star girl and fill her body with unquenchable lust. She needn’t have worried. Kara was already as turned on as she had ever been. Both women knew what was about to happen and no words needed to be spoken.

Kara’s fingers lightly traced their way up the princess’ long muscular legs. They crossed Diana’s thighs and hips and she wished that the amazon’s blue and white bottoms were not there to obstruct the sensations in her finger tips. They lingered on Diana’s rock hard abs tracing the washboard stomach. Her feather like touch traveled upward bypassing Diana’s delicious breasts to touch her bulging biceps. Kara felt the shivers of arousal ripple though the amazon’s body like the morning tide. Diana’s blue eyes looked deeply into Kara brilliant blues and each saw the desire in the other. The amazon princess did not move until Kara’s fingers at last touched her super sensitive nipples, then she acted.

Diana’s fingers dug into Kara’s long blond hair and drew the Velorian up to her waiting lips. The two extraordinary woman shared a long lingering searing kiss. Their tongues danced together and dueled like fencers. Not breaking the kiss Diana’s hands traced the delicious curves of Kara’s back and at the same time Kara hands were removing the bottom of the amazon’s costume. When the garment slipped past her hips gravity took over and completed the work. Kara’s hands returned to the princess round firm soft muscular ass. They reached deeply into the inviting flesh and felt their magnificence. Diana sighed into the blond Velorian’s mouth but never once broke the kiss. Still maintaining their kiss the two super women fell as in slow motion to the divan.

The two beautiful women continued their searching kiss as their hands set to work on each other. While Kara’s hands reach through the amazon’s muscular ass Diana’s traveled by the most direct route to their destination. As one their exploring hands reach the objects of their desire. When Kara’s fingers reached into the amazons open sex she felt the princess do the same to her. Their fingers danced lightly across engorged clits but the longer they kissed the more forceful became their movements.

Kara felt her orgasm building like a dormant volcano ready to explode but this was not how she wanted it to happen. She broke the kiss at last and while the princess let out cry of disappointment it quickly turned to cries of delight as she felt the beautiful blond kiss and lick her way down her tanned amazonian body. Kara lingered at Diana’s breasts long enough to tease them into aching points of desire. The amazons sighs and coos changed to inarticulate shouts when finally Kara’s lips and tongue reached her fiery sex.

While she still had the capacity to think clearly Diana reached for Kara’s willing hips. She pulled the beautiful Velorian’s blond vagina over her eagerly waiting mouth. They fell into each other like they were dying of starvation. Their fingers soon joined their mouths and added that little something which carried them over the edge into the infinite heights of ecstasy. Kara’s lips locked on the amazon’s clit at the same time her fingers traveled in and out of Diana’s dampening sex at supersonic speed. The princess reciprocated delightfully and as one both women cried out as their orgasms rushed upon them. So loud were their cries that the entire top floor of the palace shook. It continued to vibrate for another twenty minutes as they rode the wave of the desire. When their earth shattering orgasms finally subsided the two super women held each other tenderly in their arms without needing to say a word.

* * * * *

Lucas spent much of the afternoon sitting on the steps of the villa to which Kara and He had been assigned. He watched as score upon score of beautiful amazons walked past him. Invariably each would stop and stare at him for a moment before moving on. The looks that they gave him were all different and Lucas amused himself by trying to fathom what lay behind their eyes. Some were easy to read. They were the ones that held him and anything male as a creature of contempt and ridicule to be held up to public mockery. A few spat in his general direction but most contented themselves with just shooting withering glances at him. Lucas ignored them but after awhile it became increasingly difficult to do so. He had to remind himself that it was their culture that made them the way they were and they were not really to blame. Others looked at Lucas and his muscles and shook their heads. They were the ones that had heard of his fight and simply could not believe it. They would linger and gaze at his muscles as if were a Spanish bull about to go into the ring. Then there were the few the exceptions, they would look at him with the most unreadable expressions. Their was something akin to the muscle gazers looks in their eyes but there was always something more something unreadable, something forbidden. Lucas finally identified their look when one young looking amazon walked past his villa for a second and then a third time. It was desire and the fact amazed him. The women looking at him were all wondering what it would be like to make love with a man for the first and no doubt the last time in their lives. Their gazes always lingered the longest and Lucas was glad for the control he had over his body. If he did not he would have spent most of the afternoon with a raging erection.

When Kara returned at sunset Lucas was waiting in the villa main room for her. He noticed the change in her instantly and it was just because she walked into the room naked with her tunic thrown casually thrown over her shoulder. There was a glow about her golden silky skin that Lucas recognized from his many times with her. Kara had clearly enjoyed her meeting with the princess. She was smiling and whistling to herself as she stepped into the room. She walked over and gave Lucas a friendly little peck on the cheek.

"Have a good time," asked Lucas.

"Absolutely wonderful thank you."

"I noticed," he said with a wicked little grin.

Kara blushed in spite of her Velorian upbringing and said, "You’re bad do you know that."

"One does one’s best. Honestly though Kara, I’m glad that you had a good time."

"Really," said Kara a little suspiciously.

"Yes Kara really. You’ve told me about the way you were raised and Velorian society in general. I realized very quickly that you’re a very special woman. In fact the most intriguing unique woman I’ve ever met. I like you the way that you are right now Kara and I’d never try to change you ever because you ceased to be the woman I care about."

"So you don’t mind what Diana and I were doing?"

"No, I don’t. I thought that I might but it doesn’t matter to me at all."

"It doesn’t turn you on does it?" Kara asked suddenly wondering what kind of man Lucas was.

"No, not really. Oh, I’ll admit that the idea intrigues me but the thing that really gets my blood boiling is the young lady right before me this very second."

"Lucas, that’s one of the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me."

"Why thank m’lady," Lucas said bowing deeply. "I was just going to take a bath in the large sunken pool I found. Would you care to join me?"

"I don’t know," said Kara with an impish little grin.

"I’ll give you a massage afterwards."

"Lucas!" she said in mock surprise. "You know what happens every time you give me a massage."

"Of course. I’m counting on it."

"Just checking," Kara said taking Lucas’ hand and dragging him toward the large sunken pool.

Kara sighed deeply at the first touch of Lucas’ strong fingers along her spine. Her inhumanly strong muscles yielded like rubber to almost equally inhuman fingers. Lucas had found a crystal jar of scented oil in the bathroom and was proceeding to coat her entire gorgeous body with it. As she lay on her stomach Kara was amazed how quickly Lucas aroused her especially after what had just happened with Diana. Lucas began with her feet and rubbed the scented oil slowly and deeply into her soles. Her legs quickly turned to jello when he strong fingers dug into her stronger than steel calves and thighs. When his hands cupped the cheeks of her cute muscular ass Kara’s passion increased geometrically. She wanted him to linger to keep on rubbing and caressing her buttocks and almost called out for him to move immediately onto her sex. His hands did not linger on her ass, however. They moved onto her back then to her shoulders, arms and hands. When he had finished with her left hand Lucas leaned over Kara.

"Turn over," he whispered.

Silently Kara rolled onto her back. Lucas repeated the process on the front of her body only this time he began with her face and worked downward. His fingers gently stroked her face from her forehead down to her neck. Kara felt all the tension in her body dissolve at his tender touch. Before he continued down Lucas paused to place a long linger kiss on Kara’s lips. She was torn part of her wanting him to continue kissing her and another part wanting him to carry on with the massage. Lucas chose the second option. He broke the kiss and continued downward. Kara’s breath hissed through her clenched teeth the instant Lucas fingers made contact with her breasts. Lucas allowed himself a little pleasure as he rolled pinched and played with her proud hard nipples before going on. Her cut abs turned to butter under his strong fingers. When his fingers once again continued their journey Kara held her breath in anticipation but she was disappointed. Lucas completely bypassed her now swollen and moist sex. His fingers just grazed the edge of her vagina and Kara thrust her hips into the air to get him to return to what was now the very center of her being. Whether he got the message or not she did not know. He kept going down across her hips to her now trembling thighs to her calves and finally stopping where he had begun, at her feet.

"Lucas," Kara said breathlessly when Lucas was done with the massage.

Lucas silenced any other words with a long passion filled kiss. He broke the kiss after a minute and said quietly, "Sssh Kara, not here. I want to make love to you on silk sheets under soft lights."

"I don’t care where Lucas. As long as it’s soon."

Lucas did not need to asked twice. He swept the beautiful blond Velorian into his arms and carried her to the villa’s luxuriously appointed bedroom. Soft warm light from overhead reflected off Kara’s glowing freshly oiled skin and only served to fire his passion to even greater heights.

Lucas lay Kara in the center of the huge bed and lay on top of her. She opened her arms and her legs to him and sighed happily as entered her with pulsing manhood. Lucas kissed her face and neck as his hips thrust with agonizing slowness into the lovely girl from the stars. He held his powerful erection motionless within her until Kara could take no more and cried out for him to move. He smiled down at her and did precisely that. His inhuman muscles powered into Kara with such force that the entire villa shook from the force of his thrusts. Over and over Lucas thrust into the oh so willing Velorian. For both of them it was as if the entire world had ceased to exist. They were oblivious to everything but their fiery need for each other. Even if they had known that all over Paradise Island eyes were watching them they would not have cared in the slightest, such was their monumental desire.

From all over the isle hundreds of eyes peered into special glass frames. Normally used to observe the myriad worlds outside their own dimension they could as now look withing their own world. What they saw now set them all on fire. Some could only watch for a few seconds before falling into the arms of a lover, while others caressed their lovers as both watched in rapt fascination at the display of super human sex before them. But one set of eyes watched from a closer distance.

Drucilla stood quietly at the doorway to the villa’s bedroom and watched Kara and Lucas fucked with titanic passion. Drucilla was just seventeen and the bloom of youth was still on her cheeks. She was one of the favorites of the court and was the most athletically gifted amazon of her age group. It was even said that one day when Princess Diana finally hung up her mantle that she would succeed her. This being the case Drucilla took it upon herself to learn all she could about the worlds beyond her idyllic isle. She had heard about a man and woman coupling but had thought until now that the stories were simply myths but before her eyes was living proof. At first she thought that the blond Velorian was in pain or distress but the look of sheer bliss on Kara’s face belied that conclusion. Drucilla could not truly believe that she was actually enjoying what was happening. She knew that she would not enjoy being taken that way by a man but the Velorian, well that was a different story entirely. Yet, the longer Drucilla watched Lucas’ harder than steel erection thrust into Kara’s eager sex the more the passion of the situation came to dominate her thinking. Her nipples already achingly hard began to tingle at the thought of having a hard muscular and hairy chest rub across them. Her vagina also tingled and grew damp at the sight of Lucas erection as thrust into Kara faster than the human eye could follow. Without even thinking about it Drucilla’s hands reached down to her sex to try and quell the sensations there. Her fingers moved in and out of her sex in time to Lucas’ thrusts. Her other hand rubbed her clit in time with her thrusts. Drucilla’s mouth opened to emit a word cry of ecstasy but not once did she take her eyes off the action in front of her. So, she watched entranced as Kara and Lucas reached their climaxes simultaneously. The sight of the two cataclysmic orgasms set her off as well. Drucilla’s cries were drown out by Lucas and Kara.

Kara basked in the post orgasmic glow. She looked down at Lucas’ reclining form and marveled once more at this super man’s powers to touch the very depths of her being. She sat up in the bed and placed her hand on his chest. Lucas smiled at this intimate contact but did not open his eyes. Kara looked up and the first thing that she was the young amazon. The beautiful blond noticed that her hands were buried under her short tunic and then their eyes locked. Brilliant blue Velorian eyes met and held blue amazonian eyes and saw the hunger that still lingered there. A wicked smile crossed her face as she beckoned the young amazon over to the bed.

Drucilla took just a second before she responded. She slowly walked over to the bed shedding her clothing as she did so. She met the smile of the blond Protector with one of her own. When she reached the bed she saw the Velorian mouth her name ‘Kara’ and in turn did the same. Kara motioned for silence as she leaned over Lucas’ chest and began to kiss and nibble at his nipples for a change. Although he did not open his eyes Lucas responded instantaneously. His manhood shot to its full height. Kara looked at Drucilla and nodded. The young amazon got the idea immediately. She knelt at the foot of the bed and examined the object of her fascination. The closer that she got to the throbbing erection the more Kara’s eyes urged her on. When Drucilla was close enough for her hot breath to be felt by the pulsating manhood Kara stopped her ministrations of Lucas chest. Lucas gave a small sigh of regret but it quickly changed when his erection was engulfed by something soft and hot and very very wet.

For Lucas the fact that his eyes were closed only enhanced the pleasure that his body was feeling. He had no idea what Kara was going to do next and the thought was almost as arousing as the feel of her mouth. Yet, there was something different, something tentative. It was almost as if Kara was suddenly unsure of herself. That was when he heard the whispering and his eyes flew open.

Lucas stared like a deer caught in the headlights at the sight before him. The hair in his groin was not blond as he expected but jet black. He looked through the gaps in the long luxurious hair to see a young face staring up at him. It was a face that he recognized, the face of the young amazon who had stopped so frequently to stare at him. Lucas raised himself up on his elbows to try and find Kara. He finally located her with her face firmly planted between the young amazon’s legs. His mind simply could not take it all in but his body could. He fell back to the bed and groaned lustfully.

"Kara," he said when his mind could finally function, "what’s going on?"

Kara rose reluctantly from between Drucilla’s legs her cheeks glistening in the soft light and smiled brightly at him.

"I see you’ve met our guest Lucas," she said mischievously. "I guess I’d better handle the introductions as it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full. Drucilla this is Lucas, Lucas Drucilla."

"Kara, just what do you think you’re doing?"

"Having fun. Don’t you like to have fun?"

"Of course I like . . ." Lucas said with a shudder as Drucilla found a particularly sensitive spot. "To have fun. I think that I’ve proved that before now but this is different."

"Yes, it is isn’t it? And that’s what makes it so special. Come on Lucas relax a little. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy yourself."

"There’s no doubt about that Kara," said Lucas relenting just as he knew that he would.

"Fantastic," Kara said speeding up her fingers that were firmly imbedded in Drucilla’s eager vagina. She leaned over the young amazon and said, "Drucilla, do you want to go on? We can stop if you’re not sure."

Lucas throbbing erection slid from Drucilla’s mouth with a loud pop. She looked up at Kara and said, "Oh, yes please. Can I?"

"Of course, just straddle Lucas thighs as if he was your favorite horse."

Drucilla’s legs were a little wobbly as she placed her knees on either side of Lucas’ hips. She looked down at his manhood with awe mixed with more than a little trepidation. Kara’s smiling face reassured her and she let the Velorian seat Lucas’ erection within the lips of her sex. When everything was ready to go Kara nodded at the young amazon. Drucilla took her cue and slid slowly down upon the first male organ that she had ever seen.

Lucas looked on in amazement as the young amazon slid his manhood completely within her. Kara had once told her that women of the Supremis races were not born with hymens and he was glad that there was no super cherry to get in the way.

Once Drucilla had taken Lucas completely within her she paused. The feeling was like nothing she had ever experience before. Even without moving she was sure that she would soon reach a climax. She looked into the vibrant green eyes of the man underneath her and saw the pleasure there. She smiled glad that she was able to produce such feelings in him, even if he was just a man. Drucilla stayed seated upon Lucas without moving until there came and short sharp stinging slap upon her ass.

"Move," ordered Kara.

Drucilla did not know quite what to do but she moved anyway. She began to bounce up and down upon Lucas. The movements were a little awkward at first but she soon found the right rhythm. She looked down to see that Lucas’ smile had grown bigger.

"That’s the way," said a smiling Kara.

Drucilla beamed with pride and increased the pace of her hips. At first Lucas just lay underneath her but soon his hips began to meet the teenagers thrust with powerful ones of his own. She felt the power of the man under her and it only added to her sense of pleasure. The two began to thrust in unison and their hips slapped together and rang throughout the villa.

Lucas’ doubts were swept away on a sea of sensation. He thrust again and again into the bouncing amazon with ever increasing passion. He looked into Drucilla’s eyes and smiled at the same time as his fingers sought out her steel hard nipples. He never saw his hands make contact with the teenager skin as his vision was obstructed by a pair of shapely and familiar thighs. The instant that Kara’s hot skin touched his Lucas’ tongue snaked out of his head and into her waiting sex. His tongue lapped at her clit and labial lips like a man dying of thirst. He drank in her essence and his body instantly neutralized the traces of mutagen he found within them. His hands were pushed off Drucilla’s n breasts by Kara’s mouth. With a pair of idle hands Lucas decided to put them to good use. One quickly found Kara’s engorged clit and while the other did the same for Drucilla.

Drucilla was forced to hold on to Lucas’ hips to keep from being thrown off. Electric thrills raced along her spine as both Kara and Lucas worked together to bring her heights of passion that she never knew existed. Her head rolled back and she stared blankly into the ceiling as she was carried away by an orgasm the likes of which she had never before experienced.

Lucas felt the teenager’s climax begin and concentrated all his efforts on Kara. He would have no problem the situation combined with the way Drucilla’s vaginal muscles were gripping him would be all that was needed to take him over the brink. His fingers flew across Kara’s clit faster and faster until steam began to pour from between her legs and at the same time his tongue drilled deeper and deeper into the blond Velorian. His efforts soon paid off as he felt the familiar stirrings within Kara.

Drucilla was the first to reach orgasm and Kara quickly followed. Lucas caught underneath the two thrashing super women was like a twig on a storm tossed sea and the two gyrating women carried him to the heights of ecstasy and beyond.

Forty minutes later the three began to move slowly. Kara slowly slid off Lucas’ face and he took his first breath of fresh air for fifteen minutes. She looked down at his smiling face and kissed him on the cheek. When Lucas sat up it felt as if his body were made of lead. He looked down at Drucilla. She still straddled his thighs although she appeared to be out cold. Gently he and Kara removed the young amazon from his legs and lay her on the bed next to them. Arm in arm the two of them looked down at the sleeping teenager.

"I told you that it would be fun," Kara said giving Lucas a bone jarring hug.

"You weren’t kidding."

"Diana and I were talking."

"Oh, so you did talk."

Kara ruffled his hair playfully and said, "Eventually. She said that they’re expecting a violent storm in a couple days. It should power the dimensional transporter and we can go home."

"Two day! I don’t know if I can last two days if this was any indication of what I should expect."

"Oh, don’t worry. I have faith in you."

"I’m glad one of us does. But it should be fun to find out if I can make it."

"That’s the spirit. You’re sounding more like a Velorian every day Lucas."

"And that’s a good thing."

"Of course it is," Kara said giving him a playful little slap on the shoulder.

Lucas turned and kissed Kara and breaking the kiss said, "I guess it is at that."