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Subj: A Close Encounter of the Supremi Kind


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Hi Guys,

Before I share this, let me just say that I already know that some of you will say I'm nuts. But believe me, this really happened, and frankly, it really shook me. I HAD to post this message for you all. Oh God, give me a minute, my pulse is still racing. I may ramble a bit, but I'll try not to, just hear me out. OK, here we go.

I saw her.

I really did see her. Kara, I mean. It must've been her. I swear to God.

I just got back from a McDonald's picking up a late lunch on the go. As I walked in from the parking lot, I could see through the store windows that it wasn't very crowded. Walking inside, my eyes immediately gravitated to the beautiful girl at the counter.

Damn, was she ever gorgeous. She didn't seem to notice me while she tried to place her order. I quickly surmised that the cashier was having trouble concentrating. He kept staring at her with this blank look on his face, and she had to repeat her order several times before his hands began to move clumsily over the cash register.

She was so stunningly beautiful, it almost hurt. I'm serious, I think I FELT her beauty. It was a crushing beauty, so much so that it almost had tangibility. There almost seemed to be something emanating from her, like a radiation or something. It felt as if the air pressure in the room had increased five or ten millibars. My heart pounded and my head began to throb, and yes, naturally, I began to get a hard-on as a tingling sensation spread over me. I began to perspire, and my mind started to get a little foggy. As I stood behind her, my eyes were uncontrollably drawn to her. I physically could not look away, I seemingly had neither the will nor the muscular control to do so. And gradually, the rest of the world melted away. Looking back, I'm sure she was influencing me somehow. I felt like I had a buzz, and no, I hadn't been drinking or smoking anything. Could she have been emitting pheromones? I wondered. I've never felt anything like it, but I instinctively knew there was something different about her. Something powerful. And I'm convinced it was Kara. My Kara.

Look, I know this sounds fantastic, guys, but you know me. I'm not a wacko. Please, keep reading. I'm a reasonable and well-grounded guy. The stories I write for us all on AU, and DTV are just that, stories. Fantasies. Imaginings. I haven't gone over the deep end. I know that (unfortunately) Starla is just a figment of my imagination. I'm able to distinguish between my fantasy writing and real life, I'm able to be effective and productive at work and with my family. But as the Lord is my witness, this really happened, and it's blurring the line in my head between fact and fiction.

She wore incredibly short and form-fitting denim cut-offs, a fashionable T-shirt, and a pair of clogs. She had a European look to her, if you know what I mean. Although she was probably 5'10", her legs alone looked like they were six feet long. The skin all over her phenomenally feminine body was incredibly tan, a shade of tan I've never even seen before. Perfect skin, no blemishes, no moles or freckles, no scars - not even any on her knees from childhood "boo-boos". The long golden hair flowing around her shoulders looked as if it never needed to be brushed.

She could have graced any modeling catwalk in the world, but that would have been a mundane step down for her. Her shoulders were broad, more broad than most women her height. But she wasn't bulky looking at all. Her shoulders tapered inward to a tiny waist, and then out to sexy rounded hips and glutes. It was the nicest ass I'd ever seen. Ever. Her shapely legs conveyed the gentle curves of firm muscles hidden beneath the skin. Her breasts were uncharacteristically large and round, giving her a side profile that nearly could not be believed as the T-shirt struggled to keep them covered.

It was a perfect body. No, I mean REALLY perfect. Have you ever even seen perfection before? Well, I have now. I've seen plenty of women that turned my head, made me stop what I was doing, amazed me, made me hard. Gorgeous women. But this was so obviously different. Ever since I was ten or twelve, I've fantasized about SuperGirl, and I've been looking hopefully for her for over 30 years. I've seen some pretty amazing women in my time. But even then, I've mentally had to make some minor allowances, or enhancements, to her body in my head to make her measure up to SuperGirl. Adjustments necessary this time: none. Zilch. Hell, maybe I really am cracking up.

She had an aura of healthiness and warmth and sincerity about her, also a certain naiveté. But at the same time, she also practically oozed eroticism. Her voice was lyrical, and had an utterly delightful lilt. It sounded vaguely reminiscent of French. Ooh-la-la. She was so damn captivating.

I know this sounds familiar because you've seen this before in the AU stories, but her body was lithe and slender, and there were also unmistakable firmness and muscular curves to it, that seemed to react to her every movement and gently dance just beneath the surface of her skin.

She leaned on her hands and stretched over the counter as she talked to the poor kid taking her order. Or, should I say not taking her order. He was frozen, and only stared at her voluptuous chest as she leaned towards him. She raised her voice out of frustration to try to snap him out of it. From the back I could see the triceps on the back of her arm firm up and begin to expand. They didn't get huge - this wasn't a full flex - but just this casual movement caused her triceps to swell to a size that belied the shape of her upper arm at rest. The once-flat stainless steel counter top on which she was resting her hands dimpled slightly, the square foot or so around each of her hands obviously being compressed by the unearthly strength in her arms.

I stood there, quite frankly, in awe of her, bathing in her beauty. They finally finished her order and she picked up the bag. When she turned, we made eye contact. The depth of her iridescent blue eyes was practically limitless. They sparkled and were almost fluorescent, and she looked like she could look right through me. She smiled a dazzling smile at me, winked, and said, "Hello John," before walking past me. I was in shock. Did I actually hear her say that?

I stood there for a moment, dumbfounded, unable to move, unable to speak. Surely, she hadn't said that. My mind was whirling. "Next please," the cashier finally announced.

I edged up to counter and examined where the counter top had been subtly crushed downward by her powerful hands. Several moments passed as my brain tried to sort all this out. The implausibility of it all. All of the ramifications. Although I'd believed in her with my heart all these years, my head had always been the skeptic. But now, this changed everything. Everything.

"Sir, can I please take your order now?" he asked again. Still I did not answer. My mind was moving at warp speed, I didn't have time to listen to him. I traced my fingers over the subtle indentations that remained in the counter top, and felt the faint ridge that traced the outline of where her slim fingers and palm had been. I pressed down on the counter top as hard as I could with my large hand, testing its malleability and flexibility, but found none. Unbelievable. Inconceivable. Could all of it really have been true? Suddenly, it dawned on me that she did that to the counter top on purpose, and left it there specifically for me. To convince me.

"Sir, are you all right? SIR?!?"

It must be her, I thought to myself. It HAD to be. Panicking, I spun around to find her, but she was nowhere in the restaurant. I ran to an exit and burst into the parking lot. Oh God, please don't let her get away. In a frenzy, I ran throughout the lot, checking each car, but found nothing. I frantically searched all over. I began to feel a deep sense of dread and loss, that I had let the opportunity to meet and get to know the real SuperGirl get away. All these years, I had wanted her to be real, to believe in her. And when I finally had my chance, I blew it. I began to feel something that can only be described as terror.

I also began to understand how important my fantasies about Kara were to me. But this had become more than that, a fantasy that somehow became fact. How powerful do you think a fantasy that became reality would be? What would it mean to you? I began to realize the depth of what Kara really meant to me. It went way beyond lust. In a way, it went way beyond love, too, because how else could I have such deep yearnings for someone I hadn't ever met?

I had run around the parking lot several times and not seen her, and I began to doubt what I had seen. Maybe my mind really was playing tricks on me. Maybe I've spent too much time working on Starla lately. I don't know. I also entertained the possibility that I could be going mad. I stopped running, and began to feel embarrassed that I truly could be losing it. I looked around to see if anyone was looking at me. That, my friends, is an altogether different type of fear. That is voracious, all-consuming self-doubt. I began to stumble around the parking lot, feeling lost and nearly in tears, on the verge of a breakdown. My world suddenly felt a lot smaller.

Just then, Kara stepped out from behind between two SUVs, just about twenty feet from where I was standing, and smiled at me. She was still in her "civvies," but she put her hands on her hips and assumed the trademark SuperGirl pose. She looked sexy and majestic, and simultaneously radiated beauty and purity, power and eroticism.

I sensed that she had come back just for me, that somehow she knew me. Seeing her made me feel alive again. And aroused. My heart and head leapt with joy as a surge of adrenaline gully-washed through my veins. I wasn't going mad after all. Well, I wasn't about to let this opportunity slip away twice. There were so many things I wanted to tell her, so many things to ask. More than anything else, I just wanted to be with her.

"Kara, please wait, I..." I began to say, but she raised her hand to silence me, and I instantly obeyed, even though I didn't understand why.

She motioned to the white SUV and then to the sky and shrugged, as if asking whether I thought she should drive, or fly. Before I could offer an answer, she reached her left index finger under the rear bumper of her Mercury Navigator, and effortlessly lifted the back wheels several inches off the ground. The vehicle's shock absorbers groaned as the large knobby tires seemed to dangle from the wheel wells. The muscles of her arm and shoulder expanded to inhuman proportions as her previously slim arm now sported a softball-sized biceps muscle. I gasped. Finally, I had seen proof of what I had only suspected: that this was SuperGirl. The SuperGirl. My Kara. She smiled a prankish smile over her shoulder at me. She knew damn well what she had just done to me. I felt vindicated, and hopelessly attracted to her. She set the truck gently back onto the pavement, and returned to the confident-looking SuperGirl pose.

Just then, there was a flash of lightning, and thunder boomed from the menacing cloud overhead as a summer shower threatened. "Today, I'll think I'll drive," she said comically through a luscious accent.

"Xara," she shouted towards the McDonald's playground. Moments later, a little girl in a pinafore with matching ribbons in her light golden hair came running across the parking lot to Kara. She was the image of her mother, and must've been about four years old. Xara gave Kara a hug, and turned to look at me.

"Who is that, Mommy?" she asked sweetly.

"A friend, darling," Kara replied, "a friend." Then, Kara whispered something in her ear and motioned to the bumper of the Navigator. Xara reached out and casually lifted the truck off the ground with one hand just as her mother had done, smiling at me all the time. After a few moments, Xara rested the truck back on the ground and innocently skipped over to the passenger door and got in.

Kara looked back at me and winked. "I have to go now," she said, "but I'll be back. And in the meantime, I'll be watching."

Then, I watched my Kara get in the Navigator, and drive away.

I felt weary and exhilarated from the emotion of what had happened. And numb. I had so many questions that remained. Why me? Why today? How had she found me? Had she been following me? Had she been reading posts and stories on the AU or DTV? How strong was she really? God, I'd love to be able to feel her muscles. Did she use her pheromones on me? And what about Xara? What did she mean she'd be watching? What was I to do now? When would she be back?

I finally concluded there was only one thing I could do: wait. So, wait I shall. But Kara, if you're reading this honey, please don't take too long.

Sorry for posting such a long message, guys, but I had to share this with you.

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