Monica’s Tale - Part 1

Sharon Best, Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997

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Monica’s Tale - Part 1

Washington, D.C.

Cokie Roberts looked at the front page of the Washington Post with disbelief. Did it really say that Vernon Jordan had been found in Georgetown with his penis slammed under the hood of his black Mercedes and the hood mysteriously welded shut?. Being a good liberal paper, the Post would never have published a picture of the scene. But the Washington Times sure would. It had hurt Cokie to actually go out and purchase the Washington Times, but her curiosity had gotten the better of her. And they indeed had a photograph of him. Vernon Jordan with his expensive Italian suit in tatters, with the DC police using the "jaws of life" to free his mangled manhood from the tangle of S-class Mercedes. The increasing level of refinement in Washington’s pimps was an object of unending fascination for her. What would he do now that his raison d’être had been totaled as thoroughly as his Mercedes?

Cokie briefly imagined what George Will would have looked like under those circumstances, before returning to the issue at hand. As she slowly sipped her coffee in her office at ABC News’ Washington headquarters, Cokie began to wonder if this had any connection with the disappearance of Monica Lewinsky three days previously. "Not possible", she thought to her self. Cokie was just as cold and analytical as her public image – a fact that her husband Steve had come to realize in the bedroom. Well, there is a price to being well connected inside the beltway.

Cokie went back to reviewing the tape of her conversation with Monica’s lawyer. Of course, you never learned anything from talking to the lawyers. That was the whole point. But she began to get the feeling that even they didn’t know what had become of the 24 year old former intern who had become the center of world-wide attention. Losing a case was one thing – but losing your client smacked of carelessness.

Cokie sighed, sipped her coffee and leaned back. Up on the wall of her office were autographed photographs of her with Madeleine Albright, Donna Shalala, Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno. Cokie smiled as she remembered the private screening of "Chasing Amy" that she had seen alone with Madeline in the situation room of the White House. It might was well have been known as the "saturation room" from the way her panties felt after an evening with the Secretary of State. That was one of the sweeter benefits of being a beltway insider. Her hand found itself inching slowly up her skirt as the warm memory engulfed her.

Two days earlier in Redondo Beach, California

Monica looked up at Kara from her enormous mahogany and teak bed. Three days she had lain in it, writhing as the retrovirus worked its painful magic. Twelve hours of exquisite love-making with Kara had done its work. The Monica Lewinsky who wrapped the mauve silk sheets over her spectacular breasts was not the same 24 year old ingenue who Kara had approached only three days before.

Sitting up Monica looked over at Kara. Kara sat down in a large rattan chair. Wearing a deeply dished white tank top, and a short flowered silk mini-skirt, Kara gazed over at Monica with a satisfied smile on her lips. She didn’t have to take Monica to the gym to know that her latest enhancement worked out very nicely.

"Monica, sweetling, how are you feeling now?" asked Kara.

"Oh, god, Kara…you were absolutely right. I feel wonderful…magnificently wonderful!", Monica’s 24 year old enthusiasm cascaded across the sunlit room. She gazed at the many photos that decorated the wall. She was particularly intrigued by the rise of Jupiter taken from the moon Europa. Monica slowly walked over to it. Like the bed, the large frame was made of teak with inlays of sandlewood and ebony in the shape of planets.

"Did you take this picture, Kara?" Monica asked.

"Yes, a couple of years ago, just before the comet struck Jupiter. I made the frame too."

Monica’s eyes met Kara’s and she rose to walk over and embrace the mauve clad woman. Running her fingers across Monica’s cheek, Kara gazed into her eyes. Gently embracing, their lips met in a long soft kiss that seemed to last for hours as their tongues intertwined joyously. The sheet, knotted above Monica’s firm, proud breasts chose this moment to free itself to descend to the floor. She quickly clutched at it but only succeeded in having it absorb an even larger amount of the rapidly growing moistness surrounding her sex.

Kara laughed.

"Isn’t it just a bit late for modesty? Especially with me!", Kara giggled.

"No shit. Oh, look at this sheet!", Monica blushed.

"Well, I’ll just take that to mean you’ve enjoyed yourself with me." Kara smiled and again they kissed. "And judging by the way you look, I’d say you’re more than ready to go back to DC and get a little payback. Want to give your new body a little test drive?"

"Oh…yeah", crooned Monica. "Wait a second…I’ll get dressed."

Monica walked into the large walk-in closet to retrieve her clothes.

"Uh…Monica?" cried Kara.


"You may find your clothes don’t fit you today like they did three days ago", said Kara.

"Oh, uh…yes…I see what you mean."

"And,… you may want to lose the bra. I don’t think you’ll need it anymore.", said Kara.

Monica’s bra came flying out of the closet as Kara ended her sentence. A minute later Monica walked slowly out of the closet. Her jeans, that had fit her so tightly only days before now hung loosely about her thighs, waist and hips. Her white silk blouse was another matter altogether. The expanse of her shoulders, the uplifted and enlarged fullness of her breasts, and steel plate midriff made the blouse a study in the absurd. The only buttons on the white blouse that seemed at all comfortable with what they were doing were those on the flaps of the breast pockets and those between her navel and the bottom of her breasts. Her breasts now pressed out against the pockets of the blouse to such a degree that their swell made the top three buttons pointless.

Spinning in front of Kara’s full length mirror, Monica’s shoulder length dark hair swung outward. She began to laugh hysterically. Kara was soon rolling in laughter, which only made Monica laugh even harder. Then the fourth button on the blouse let go with a pop, unable to resist the demands of her now superhuman breasts.

Standing with her fists on her hips, Monica turned toward Kara and said in mock seriousness, "Damn, this was my favorite blouse too!"

Kara was still in convulsions of laughter on the floor. Looking up at Monica’s smirking face with her breasts about to burst free from the blouse’s mere mortal constraints, Kara smiled broadly. "You now have my clothing problem – size four for hips and waist – size ten for a superhuman pair of …well… chest. Come on. I should have something that can fit you."

Kara began to rummage through her drawers and closet. "Let’s see." said Kara, "How about something a little daring?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Hey, Monica, this suit is you", yelled Kara

And with that a silver lurex string bikini came out of Kara’s top drawer. Monica picked it up and held the top to her breasts. She regarded herself critically in the mirror for a moment, giggled and retreated briefly into the closet to change. Kara folded her arms under her breasts as she leaned against her dresser. Growing impatient for a moment, Kara used her tachyon vision to watch Monica change. Monica was clearly enraptured with her new body. Placing the string bikini on the small shelf in the closet, Monica turned toward the mirror, and gathered her hair behind her head with an elastic band.

Placing her fists on her hips, Monica whispered, "Well, …goodbye favorite blouse." Taking a deep breath, Monica pressed her breasts outward against the flap pockets of the blouse, sending buttons flying and seams parting in the shoulders and arms. Tearing the shredded blouse from her body, Monica tied the strings of the bikini top behind her back and around her neck. Skinnying out of her baggy jeans, she stepped into the bottom of Kara’s bikini. Pulling it up over her muscular thighs, she thought, "If I’d had these thighs six months ago, I could have assassinated the President of the United States in bed ." Monica giggled at the thought.

Facing the mirror she put her hands on her hips, and tightened her abs. "Oh, lord", she thought. Shifting to a double bicep pose, Monica watched the muscles in her arms and shoulders erupt into curves that she had only seen on Kara, Xara and Sharon. "Oh, lord…I really do have super strength.", Monica thought.

"You look great!" cried Kara.

"How do you know?", replied Monica.

"Remember, I can see through can too, you know" said Kara.

Monica squinted her eyes, and incredibly, there was Kara, looking right at her through the solid wall.

"Oh...being a superwoman is going to be sooooo cool."

"Monica, one more thing..." A pair of black leather jeans came flying into the closet. "The last time I wore those I was diving with my college class...I had kind of an interesting you’ll have when you’re back in DC."

Monica pulled the black leather jeans on. They fit like a second skin. Looking at herself in the mirror, Monica was overwhelmed with herself.

"Come-on" cried Kara. "Use some of that superspeed. It’s time you knew what a superwoman can do."

Monica absolutely strutted out of the closet. Undulating her hips, and rolling her shoulders back and forth, she felt like never before.

"I think you’re getting the let’s go outside"

Walking outside Kara and Monica stood beside Kara’s old Honda.

"Well, girl, go ahead and pick it up"

Instinctively, Monica knew it would be effortless. Bending down Monica reached under the Honda and grabbed the frame of the car with one hand and effortlessly lifted the car. The Honda might as well have been a pillow, the way it felt for Monica.

And so the rest of the day went as Kara introduced Monica to the joys of being a superwoman. Monica reveled in the joy of lifting tons of weight, feeling the exquisite, erotic tingle of bullets bouncing off her breasts, and lastly, the exultation of flight.

By the time she and Kara kissed each other good bye, Monica flew back to Washington with one thing on her mind – REVENGE.

Sharon Best, Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997

(Aurora Universe materials are strictly for Mature Readers over 18 years of age!)