The Therapist

The Therapist

Mary heard the ad on radio station WHIZ, the most popular station in Fawcett City. The 30 second ad quickly stated that a psychologist, Dr. Victoria Dominique, treated several problems, including “Repressed Memory Syndrome.” A velvet and honey voice sent a warm chill up her spine, appealing to a longing that she was barely aware of.

“I’m an expert in hypnotherapy and your problems will be treated with confidentiality, and with concern.” The wondrously powerful yet quiet voice then gave an address and telephone number for further information.

God knew that Mary needed help with her memory--or to be exact, her lack of memory. Mary Batson, Mary Bromfield, Mary Smyth, the names revolved endlessly in her brain, the before and the after, the real and assumed names so mixed that she could not separate who she was from who she wanted to be nor from who she used to be!

At least she knew her name must be Mary, but that was about it. She knew she had been adopted as a teenager by the Bromfield family, here in Fawcett City. Now, however, as she was nearing her twentieth birthday she felt she had to make a special effort to understand the flashes of unwanted memories--the images-- that constantly punctuated her dreams.

She loved the Bromfields but she WANTED TO REMEMBER. More than anything else she wanted to remember more than just the flashes of red and yellow, more than the flashes of lightning and claps of thunder that seemed so much a part of her memories, and even more than that she wanted to remember the missing word, or call, whatever that was. What was the word, the one that summoned the thunder? Maybe Dr. Dominique would be just the person to help her remember.

Mary dialed the number.

“Dr. Dominique’s office, this is Victoria speaking, how can I help you?”

Mary thought that her voice was even delightful than on the radio. So soothing, so relaxing. She involuntarily smiled as she responded.

“Yes, I hope you can. I heard your commercial and I’d like to make an appointment to talk to you about some memory problems I’m having. I can’t seem to remember anything that happened in my life before I was adopted six years ago. Do you think you can help me? I want to remember, I really do ,but I only have confusing visions and images. Nothing is clear. Can you help me?”

The urgent needs of the young woman on the other end of the phone were so clear, yet so familiar to Victoria Dominique.

“Well, sometime we can help and sometime we can’t, but why don’t you stop by my office around 9:00am tomorrow and we can discuss it, dear?” Her voice had a power even now in her soft response.

Promptly at 9:00 o’clock the next day, Mary walked through the door in the professional building. She looked at the well-appointed office and saw the usual grouping of certificates on the wood paneled walls. According to the diplomas, Dominique was a PhD in psychology, a certified hypnotherapist and a graduate of an Asian institute specializing in NLP, whatever that was.

“Good Morning,” was the quiet greeting that came from behind Mary as she was studying the certificates. Startled, she turned quickly to see the doctor. She was tall, at least 5’8”, a good six inches taller than Mary. She was at once both lean and full figured. She had a dancer’s body with the muscle tone and grace of a ballerina and full, large , firm breasts. Her long, dark, lustrous hair framed an achingly beautiful face. The hypnotherapist’s eyes were Liz Taylor violet, deep, large and compelling. Her legs were well-shaped and very, very long.

She was dressed in a well tailored suit, a dark jacket and a matching skirt which was both professional and sensual, exposing just the right amount of those long sexy legs. A white silk blouse finished the outfit. Mary noticed that the top two buttons on the blouse were undone revealing just a peek of the full firm breasts and a good view of Dominique’s long slender neck. She wore dark stockings and high , black, shiny heels. She was stunning!

The hypnotherapist extended her graceful yet firm hand to the younger girl and spoke, again, in that same velvet and honey voice Mary had heard in the radio ad and on the phone.

” Hi, I’m Dr. Dominique, you must be Mary. I’d really like to help you , dear, so let’s get started.”

Victoria took Mary’s hand and took her into an inner office, guiding her to a large leather chair. The doctor did not release Mary’s hand but continued to hold it softly as she took in Mary’s beauty. Mary, too, was a very pretty young woman. As was her style, she had dressed in a loose fitting sweater and a long skirt, clothing designed, it seemed, to conceal her considerable physical beauty. Although not nearly as tall as the doctor, her breasts were just as large, the contours of her large sweater unable to disguise the woman beneath. There was still a hint of childish innocence in her face, yet her clear brown eyes reflected a quick intelligence and her full red lips hinted of a hidden sensuality.

Dominique felt a tingle working its way upward, thinking to herself, “well my sexy young thing, we have quite a few things to do today. I’d wager that before our session is over, you will learn much about yourself...and even more about me.”

Dominique spoke to Mary is a soft, yet authoritative voice, “Often just one session of hypnosis will open pathways into the darkness of lost memories. Would you be willing to have me place you in a hypnotic trance to reveal your past memories?”

Mary hesitated, then nodded, slowly. “Yes, if you think that would help, but I’ve never been hypnotized before, so I don’t know if I can.” She bit her lip nervously and looked around the room, “I just don’t know...there are so many things I don’t know.”

Dominique moved just a bit closer to Mary, still holding her hand. Her eyes fixed Mary with a compelling stare as she whispered to her. “Its OK, dear, just keep holding my hand, darling, and look deeply into my eyes as I speak to you.....look Mary....look at me...”

Mary was captivated by the darkly beautiful woman. She loved the sound of her sexy voice and found comfort, and something more, in those compelling violet eyes.

“ Just look into my eyes, dear, and hold my hand...all that exists for you are my eyes, my voice and my hand...listen to me...look into my eyes...feel my soft...hold it tighter....tighter...don’t let go, Mary... deeper darling...deeper....deeper...”

Mary felt confused. What exactly was happening to her, her body feeling so light, almost as if she had slipped into one of her dreams of flight? She continued to stare into Dominique’s beautiful eyes, feeling more and more relaxed each moment.

“Hold me tighter Mary....don’t let can’t let matter how hard you can’t let tight.....holding on to my hand tighter and tighter....just following my instructions...looking deep into my eyes...listening to my commands as I talk to you...holding so tightly.....obeying my CAN’T let go because I don’t want you to...because I tell you not to let go....even if you try to let go you will have to hold on even tighter...because that is what I can’t let go darling...”

Victoria felt Mary’s hand quiver as she felt a chill moving deeply inside her, as she tried to release herself from the dark-haired beauty’s grip. She tried to break the spell Victoria was so skillfully weaving but much to the hypnotist’s delight Mary’s grip quickly re-tightened and then remained firm. Mary was quickly falling under Victoria’s influence!

The doctor lowered her voice to a sensual almost cat-like purr. “Now, Mary, keep looking directly into my eyes....still eyes hold your thoughts just as my hand holds can’t look can’t look away...because I don’t wish you to look can’t look away...can you, darling?’

Mary shook her head, seemingly moving in slow motion. “I…I can’t look away...”

Mary’s head was spinning, she felt so dizzy yet so alert. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from Victoria’s. Somewhere deep in her subconscious an alarm bell rang ever louder! If she surrendered herself to Victoria, now, would she ever be free again? But the alarm came to late as she found herself gazing, helplessly into the hypnotic, violet eyes of the beautiful doctor. It was as if Victoria’s eyes were ablaze , burning away her will to resist. She couldn’t look away, she could think of nothing else!

Dr. Dominique’s hypnotic words penetrated deeply into Mary’s mind, pushing aside the girl’s own thoughts. The words the woman whispered slowly became Mary’s thoughts, their minds merging, yet under the control of the woman with the violet eyes.

“Mary, you continue to look deep into my eyes you know that most of all you want to obey me...not to resist my commands...just to obey each and every order I give to must obey me, darling....obey must obey...nod your head if you understand, dear...”

Mary nodded without hesitation, “I must obey,” she thought, feeling happy to have such simplicity in her thoughts again, such clarity… finally!

“Good, dear...very good...”

Mary’s lips turned up into a shy smile, somehow it made her so happy to please Dr. Dominique, it seemed so right just to listen...and to obey...

“You may let go of my hand now, Mary, but remember who is in command and who must MUST obey...”


“You’re going to enjoy this, my little pet,” Victoria whispered softly into Mary’s ear, tiny goosebumps moving across her skin as her soft fingers touched the young girl. She pulled the lovely young woman’s face toward hers. A slight move brought their lips in contact, the doctor’s tongue darted out, flicking Mary’s parted lips.

Mary sighed.

Dominique pulled her closer and pressed her lips harder on Mary’s, They kissed, hungrily, Victoria’s tongue invading the entranced girl’s mouth, touching, twirling, darting. Wet. Warm, so sensual.

Mary’s breath came in gasps as she instinctively reached out to hold the doctor, a young girl’s passion not restrained, not conscious. Victoria pulled away and laughed.

Victoria had often taken advantage of her patients in this way, turning them into love slaves. Several times she had even commanded her entranced lovers to give her money and valuables from their homes before she had released them from her erotic spell.

She now pushed gently away the girl as she spoke. “Let’s explore these memory problems a bit first, shall we, Mary? Are you a police officer, my darling?”

Mary shook her head no and Victoria relaxed a bit. She often worried that previous victim’s would report her to the authorities and that they would send an undercover officer to investigate her. It had never happened but she was always cautious.

“Then tell me about yourself, my to me...tell me the truth...all your truths.”

Victoria had expected her command to elicit a little background on the entranced beauty just to verify that she wasn’t working for the medical society or that she wasn’t related to any of her previous victim/patients. Yet she was not prepared for Mary’s revelations, hidden thoughts that were now forced to the surface by her hypnotic trance.

Dominique’s command to tell the truth had indeed penetrated Mary’s subconscious and released all her suppressed memories. Her mind was suddenly so clear.

“I’m Mary Batson! Billy Batson’d sister! Billy and I got separated and I couldn’t remember him until now, but now I can remember EVERYTHING. I’m also Mary Marvel all I have to do is say the magic word and I become Mary Marvel the most powerful woman in the world. I can fly! I’m invulnerable! All I have to do is… I have only to say SHAZAM!”

As she spoke the word, booming thunder shook the office, a bolt of lightning crackled across the room, Victoria responding by diving behind the couch. Carefully raising her head, she could not see the girl, a strange smoke obscuring the girl, a smoke that smelled of burning incense, which spoke of an ancient time, or a time that never was.

At the same time, the room was filled with an unknown energy, the power of it making Victoria’s hair appear to stand upward, her body suddenly energized… energized and aroused!

As the smoke that wasn’t smoke drifted away, Victoria could see that in the young woman’s place a mature, muscular, and very sexy woman now stood. She was well over six feet tall and dressed in a familiar red and yellow costume. Victoria had seen pictures of Captain Marvel, and this costume was very similar to his, similar but ever so feminine. Staring at the taller and visibly stronger girl, Victoria rose to her feet, still looking upward as a young woman named Mary Marvel looked down at her. She saw that Mary’s eyes were now confused, her head shaking gently, her long brown hair flying, as she was clearly breaking free of the hypnotic spell!

Marvel spoke in a voice that was deeper and richer, a voice that did not belong to such a young woman, the voice of a superwoman. “ How dare you try to take advantage of an innocent like Mary? She came to you for help and you were seducing her. You… you bitch!”

Victoria observed the caped super hero shaking her head. The woman’s breathing had become deep and normal, not the regular, shallow pattern of someone in a hypnotic trance. In fact, her eyes were quickly becoming clear and bright, not at all like the vacant stare of just moments ago. There had been some kind of mystical change in Mary and she was breaking free. Victoria had to act quickly.

The doctor looked up into Mary’s beautiful yet strong face. She focused her violet eyes on Marvel. In spite of the other physical changes, the woman’s brown eyes still looked the same. Dominique narrowed her powerful gaze to exert her full hypnotic powers on the super heroine, taking a deep breath as she continued.

“Have you forgotten who is to command and who is to obey? Remember, I am in command and you must obey....look into my eyes and remember.....look, Mary...look....”

Mary Marvel, by the power of SHAZAM, stood towering over the hypnotist. Her body filled the red and yellow Marvel costume to tightly, breasts that were not of this world jutting out, gravity having no effect on such a woman. Victoria looked at the yellow boots, the white cape, and the lightning bolt, symbolizing power, emblazoned across the dramatic curves of her chest. Marvel WAS the strongest woman in the world , physically. But no one in the world, but not even a super human, not even one with such alien powers, was immune to the power of hypnotic suggestion. And Victoria was the Mistress of hypnotic dominance. She had entranced many men and women before and they had all become her willing slaves for as long as she willed them to be so. No one had ever been immune to her beauty nor her power. She knew she must try to overcome this super powered woman or suffer the consequences. She took another deep breath and focused all her concentration on the mental struggle ahead. The dark hypnotist spoke softly, her voice compelling Mary’s attention.

Mary fought against the influence, muscles that could tear steel flexed, muscle opposing muscle as she tryed to avert her gaze, to look away from Dominique’s violet eyes. But she was too weak, try as she might, the hypnotist’s soft commanding voice penetrated Mary’s mind, spoke to her soul, urging, asking, tempting, commanding her to look at her!

“Look at me, Mary...remember how easy it was to obey me? To let all your troubles go let me obey obey....let me have control Mary....obey me Mary, darling.....give up Mary....give up......all you have to do is to look into my eyes and surrender......surrender......”

Marvel knew she could fly away. She knew she could smash Dominique like a bug. But it seemed so much easier to obey instead, to let the doctor control her thoughts surrender. The strongest woman in the world was gazing into Victoria’s deep, compelling violet eyes… and she could not look away.

Dominique kept talking in her soothing, relaxing, hypnotic voice. “Mary....relax....let me have control....don’t fight against want me to be in want to obey my every want to obey must obey me love me.....”

This was the riskiest part of the hypnotic induction, but if she was to subjugate this awesome super hero completely she had to use every psychological weapon at her disposal. Love was the strongest bond of all. Yet if Mary had no sexual feelings for Victoria she could break free of the spell at any time. But Victoria had remembered the sigh when she had first kissed Mary Bromfield. She counted on her sexual power as well as her hypnotic influence to enslave the caped heroine.

She continued fearlessly. “From the moment you saw me, you wanted me, darling, you desired loved you look so deeply into my eyes you know what I say is are a slave to my love, Mary, yes my love! You will do anything I ask...anything I command Mary...because you love me....say it Mary....say it Mary......say it...”

As she stared helplessly into Victoria’s eyes, Mary knew it was true, it must be true! Dr. Dominique was so lovely. Her face, her lips, her beautiful. Her full lush body so sensual. It was true she loved her. But it was wrong to love her! She was a woman. She shouldn’t. She wouldn’t.

Mary was frozen in place as the doctor moved closer, her body trembling visibly as Dominique reached out and haltingly touched the softness of Mary’s breast. Under the red costume her nipples became erect, the doctor’s expert touch was so erotic.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so good....Oh, Victoria....”

The hypnotist reached up and gently entwined her fingers in Mary’s long brown hair. She knew she had no chance, physically, of forcing Mary’s head to move. Yet she now controlled the young woman’s powerful body before her, the steely contours of a girl whose muscles were not of this world.

Still, she whispered so softly in her ear, “Give up, Mary...surrender to me!” And with that, she gently pulled Mary’s head down so that they were eye to eye, superheroine facing hypnotist, the contest of wills determined so many minutes before.

Mary was unable to resist.

Victoria again focused her powerful hypnotic gaze on the now helpless superheroine. Eye to eye, their lips almost touching, Mary felt so powerless, so wonderful!

She knew she could not even exist now without the approval of her beautiful Mistress. Marvel was ready to surrender everything to Dominique. Her body. Her mind. Even her very soul. Her brown eyes lost focus and went blank, staying open in a vacant, mindless stare. Her mouth opened softly, her full red lips slightly parted, her chest rising and falling with her excited breathing.

Victoria smiled in triumph. It was obvious that Marvel was in a deep trance and was open to any suggestion, any order, any command. Mary was now in her control, her powerful body now owned by the doctor. Mary smiled vacantly, a simple joy filling her, a joy at just being near her new owner, her lover.

A broad, evil, yet sexy smile grew broader on Dominique’ face as she spoke. ”Mary Marvel...kneel before me and tell me what you desire most in this world.”

The brunette’s knees suddenly felt weak and, as ordered, she fell to her knees in front of the ever dominant hypnotist. Tears ran down her pretty cheeks as she grasped the hem of Victoria’s short skirt and begged her. “I want you to love me.”

Dominique silently thrust her fist into the air as she grinned wickedly. Out loud, she spoke to no one, to everyone, expecting no response, turning her head toward the heavens. ”Yes! Now she’s mine!”

Marvel continued to cry softly, tears falling from her dimpled cheeks. “Yes Mistress” and nodded her agreement, unable to deny even the slightest urgings of the sensual hypnotist.

Dominique liked the sound of that word… “Mistress!” Yes, she was a Mistress, in control of the strongest woman in the world, perhaps the most beautiful woman in the world! Marvel would do anything --steal anything, destroy any enemy—all for her. God she felt invincible!

Victoria walked over to a sofa on the other side of the office. She crooked her finger towards Marvel and spoke, “Come here to me don’t get up...stay on your knees...crawl to me.......come to me my slave...”

The red and yellow clad woman followed her orders and crawled sensually to her owner.

Victoria felt light-headed, giddy with her power as the girl moved gracefully across the floor, her body almost floating, moving unlike any other woman. Reaching beside her, she lifted a heavy statue from the end-table, the solid bronze bust taxing even her considerable strength. Looking down at the girl as she prostrated herself before her, Victoria tested her reputed powers of invulnerability, swing the statue downward, striking the girl’s forehead with it, the ring of bronze striking flesh that was stronger than any steel rang through the room. A blow that would crush an ordinary woman’s skull did not even have the power to change the expression of the girl who kneeled before her! Shocked at the ease with which the girl shrugged off the mightly blow, she composed herself, speaking sharply to her.

“Rise to your feet Mary, stand before me!”

Victoria’s heart was pounding, her breath coming in excited gasps as the tall girl rose to her feet, her face nearly six inches taller than Victoria’s, her body seemingly sculpted from sensuous steel by a sculptor with a superhuman imagination. Victoria saw the promise of enormous power beneath curves that were softly feminine, yet were formed of flesh that did not belong to a human woman!

Her voice was strained as she struggled to lift and hand the bronze bust to the girl, Victoria noticed only the slightest tensioning of the girl’s arms and shoulders as she took the weight from her. Holding it casually, the weight inconsequential to such a being, the girl looked back at her with a quizzical expression on her face.

“Mary… Mary Marvel… I want you to show me your strength, your power. Show me how you are now different than any woman who has ever walked this planet before you!”

An innocent, almost a shy smile lit the girl’s face, a mixture of pride and embarrassment suddenly making her look so appealing, so young. Despite having used her powers publicly so many times before, she had never before deliberately shown off the strength she possessed in this form.

Holding the statue before her, the woman’s and the girl’s eyes looked downward, the tendons on the back of Mary’s hands suddenly growing so pronounced, tendons like steel cables rising along the back of her hands and across her wrists, her skintight costume moving in such exciting ways!

Victoria could barely breathe as she saw the bronze moving, squeezing outward from fingers that were now empowered with a strength beyond human kin, muscles that did not belong on this Earth slowly flexing across her arms, breasts rising upward so rounded as the underlying power was slowly unleashed. The bronze casting of Dr. Freud yielded to the girl’s strength as if it was made of the softest modeling clay, the venerable image of the famous man distorting as the girl molded and shaped his form almost unconsciously, her eyes rising back to meet Victoria’s. Her face now radiated with pride, the unfettered and naked display of her powers, of her superhuman muscles, filled her with pride. She was not an ordinary girl, she was not like any girl who had ever lived. She was Mary… Mary Marvel!

Victoria could not resist the curves that appeared across the girl’s upper body, impossibly sensuous curves appearing in places that had only been hinted at before. Her breathing was coming in gasps as she struggled to speak.

“Mary… my love… let me see your!”

Demonstrating her awesome power, Mary casually tore the statue into two pieces, dropping the warmly distorted metal to the floor. Hands that had just molded metal in their powerful grasp now clawing at her costume, removing first her cape, then the boots, and finally the short red skirt, exposing her impossibly taut naked body to Victoria’s lustful gaze. Her full breasts heaved upward from her excitement, her nipples stood pink and so erect. Moving her eyes downward, Dominique was staggered as she saw the girl’s clitoris parting her nether lips, reaching out nearly a half inch, so pink, so needful!

Her own legs grew weak as she sank to her knees, her fingers gently reaching out to touch this superheroine’s clitoris, the sensation of her touch sending shivers of passion through the doctor, and through the omnipotent supergirl who towered above her!

“I love that...I love you...Mistress...” Mary gasped, her body exploding in warm tingles as she was touched in ways she had never experienced before.

Her delicate kisses replaced her fingers for a moment before Victoria used all her willpower, restraining herself as she rose back to her feet.

“Now undress me my lovely slave.”

Mary smiled so softly as she gently unbuttoned and removed the doctor’s suit coat, now wrinkled from the morning’s passionate activities. Then she lovingly removed the doctor’s skirt and blouse. She used her shining strong teeth to removed the black silk panties the hypnotist wore, savoring the fragrant juices that Victoria had exuded, her tongue stroking upward to capture those that had escaped her fragrant sex, all the while feeling so sexy and so powerful. Rising upward, Victoria’s bra fell to the floor as Mary gently held her now exposed breasts, the grip of her powerful hands so much gentler now than they had been only minutes before. Her fingers flicked across the older woman's wildly tingling nipples, the softness of the girl’s touch, of her silky skin, the latent power of her hands thrilling the older woman.

Again that wicked, powerful smile played across the doctor’s face as she whispered, ”My toes, darling....kiss them.”

Marvel fell immediately to her knees, kissing and licking Victoria’s feet, suddenly reduced from towering superhero to foot slave with just a barely spoken request.

Dominique reached down with both hands and cradled Mary’s face between them. She gently guided her brown-haired servant up, her lips tracing a path up Victoria's body, embracing her. Their breasts touched, the thrilling softness of femme touching femme, of two women, one so empowered,both so impassioned. Dominique boldly kissed Mary in an open mouthed, exciting kiss, tongues intertwined, lips moving, searching, warm, wet.

Victoria knew Marvel was totally helpless, enslaved by her spell, helpless to resist her. But she wanted to dominate her so completely that she would NEVER be able to free herself.

She again stared sensuously, powerfully, into Mary’s eyes, knowing she was totally in control, ”Look into my eyes can never resist me...anytime I command and are mine....embrace me ...obey me....obey me.... FOREVER...”

Mary was just her toy as she stare powerlessly into those deep violet eyes, their gaze reaching to the very depths of her soul! She was helpless before Victoria Dominique. She stared vacantly into her eyes. She nodded. “Oh, yes my Mistress,” her arms passionately embracing her dark Goddess, muscles that were far more than simply human starting to flex ever so gently, yet with a power that could bend the hardest steel!

Victoria gasped as she felt the air rush out of her lungs, the softly bare and perfect breasts of Mary Marvel pressing so firmly against the softly yielding contours of her own. Struggling against the sudden pressure, her breasts suddenly flattened against her own chest by ones so much firmer, Victoria struggled to fill her lungs. Yet Mary embraced her harder and harder, the gentleness of her soft passionate smile belying the immense pressures that had begun to bend Victoria’s ribs inward!

Struggling with all her considerable strength, the doctor tried to speak, to push Mary away from her, to command Mary to let go. Her violet eyes grew wild, the doctor suddenly realizing that she had made a grave mistake, that this young and innocent girl would only do as she had been told, unable to stop her as the Mary’s powerful unyielding embrace slowly collapsed her lungs, leaving her without the ability to speak, without the ability to command her to stop!

But she didn’t have to speak, she didn’t have to command the young girl. Mary remembered her orders so clearly. They echoed vibrantly in her entranced brain, Victoria’s words so clear, her passion so powerful.

Hold on Mary...don’t let can’t let go....if you try to let go you will just have to hold on tighter....tighter can’t let go...tighter.”

She heard the commands in her head, over and over, fantastic femme muscles flexing with but a fraction of the strength that had made Mary Marvel a living legend!

And in less than a second, it was all over. Mary felt a crunch, much like the collapse of a child’s balsa wood airplane in a strong man’s hands. Victoria’s body snapped in half, collapsing against the unyielding steel of her own!

The doctor went limp, a look of growing frustration on Mary’s face as her arms suddenly closed completely to embrace the firmness of her own body, a expression that quickly turned to horror as she looked down at the woman she still held. The doctor’s magnificent body was now no larger than a small child, her formerly magnificent body compressed into the cleavage of her own proud breasts! A gasp of horror escaped Mary’s lips as she panicked, dropping the lifeless body of the doctor to the floor, the boneless remains that a moment before had been a strong vital woman crumpling grotesquely and broken at her feet.

Her mind suddenly freed by the doctor’s unexpected demise, Mary’s eyes blinked several times, her own thoughts returning in a rush as she appeared to wake from a dream, a nightmare! Mary simply stood and looked at the crumpled, lifeless body, momentarily overcome by what she had done. Yet the memories of Victoria’s exploitation rushed in on her, her mind’s eye seeing the last half hour so clearly now.

She shook as if from a sudden chill, a tight knot forming deep in her stomach. She suddenly knew she had to get away from here! Moving almost too fast to see, she ran about the room, gathering her things, running out into the waiting room with her costume in her arms, the eyes of two waiting patients momentarily meeting hers, the man’s eyes moving downward across her perfect body, her beauty and her nudity shocking him!

Turning her back to the two humans, she felt an eerie calm suddenly coming over her, suddenly realizing that what had happened was not really her fault. The stares of the woman and the man did not concern her now as she slowly pulled her red and yellow costume back on, her nudity become only virtual once again as the skintight costume covered her upper body, as she pulled her short skirt up over her marvelously long legs. And as she dressed, she contemplated what had just happened.

She now clearly remembered her past, and saw her future as Mary Marvel. Yet she had just killed the woman who had freed her mind, as she had tried to enslave it in a new kind of prison. She knew that she had been helpless to resist those imagined commands to hold tighter, yet she still felt the horror of splintering bones and crumbling flesh as it had yielded against the steel of her own body!

She now knew how she had become Mary Batson, then the Mary Bromfield, then Mary Smyth, she even knew the power that was contained in her glorious body now, the power of Mary Marvel.

Walking confidently out the door and down the hallway, she turned the corner just as she whispered the word. ‘SHAZAM’! And the shy petite twenty year old Mary Bromfield suddenly reappeared from a drifting cloud of vaporous smoke that was not smoke. Yet this Mary also remembered.

Now she had to find her brother Billy, and locate the cave, but could she ever tell them about today?

Probably not.

Sharon Best
Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996

(Aurora Universe materials are strictly for Mature Readers over 18 years of age!)