Lisa 2

Lisa: Part 2

(By popular demand, this is a continuation of my first story.)

"Let's hold each other until you're ready again," Lisa said.


I was ready now, but holding Lisa for awhile seemed like a great

idea. We laid back down on the bed, and I wrapped my arms around

her. We began to kiss, and I marveled at what seemed like an

incredible irony: The softness of her lips, combined with the

hardness of her body. And her body was incredibly hard. It felt

like smooth, warm marble. When she moved, I could feel her

muscles ripple.

"I must be the luckiest guy on the face of the earth."

"Why do you say that?" she asked. I blushed. I must have been

thinking aloud.

"You are the sexiest, most incredible woman I've met, and ..." I

couldn't finish. She smiled, and kissed me. "You're not so bad


She asked me to hold her as tight as I could. "Don't worry, you

can't hurt me," she quickly added. I knew she was right, so I

hugged her with all of my might. I felt her back, hard as stone,

and her abdominal muscles, pressed against mine. Her front was

as hard as her back, except where her breasts added a touch of

softness against my chest.

"Ummm, that feels good," she said. "Yes, it does." She looked

at me with a twinkle in her eye, and I smiled. "You hold me as

tight as you can," I said.

"No, I could hurt you. Very badly," she responded. "I could

accidentally break bones."

"Well, I'll tell you if you're hurting me, and then you can

stop," I said. Her arms were wrapped around my upper torso.

Lisa sighed, and kissed me gently. Then I felt her arms begin to

tighten. I kissed her tenderly.

"Now tell me if it hurts," she said. It didn't. It felt good.

I moved my hands up and down her back. The muscles on her back

and sides were very, very hard, but her skin was so smooth. I

continued to kiss her, on the lips, on the cheek. Her arms were

getting tighter, and I could feel her breasts compacting against

my chest. I could feel that she had thick muscle under her


I continued to hold her as tight as I could, and continued to

kiss her, more frenetically. Lisa's arms started getting

tighter, and suddenly, I noticed that I was having some

difficulty breathing. "Let me know," she said. "No, it's okay,"

I gasped back. She suddenly increased her grip, and it knocked

all of the air out of me. I tried to inhale, but I couldn't. My

arms got weak, and I couldn't hold her tightly anymore. The room

began to spin.

I tried to tell Lisa to stop, but I had no air in my lungs to

make any sound. I began to feel a distinct pain in my ribcage,

as it began to strain under her python-like grip. "What did I

get myself into," I thought, and panicked. I tried to wriggle

out of her grip, but I couldn't move. I began tapping her on the

back frantically. The room was spinning quickly now, and I was

in some serious pain.

Lisa immediately loosened her grip, and I began to gasp for air.

"Oh, my God, I'm so sorry," she said. "I didn't realize you

wanted me to stop."

"I lost my wind, I couldn't tell you," I said. I saw tears in

her eyes. The room was slowing down, and I reached up to wipe

the tears away. As I did, I felt a sharp pain in my side. I

winced and groaned. "It's alright," I said. "I asked for it.

Come here." I put my right hand behind her neck and tried to

pull her toward me. Instead, I pulled myself off the bed. "Lean

forward," I asked. She did, and I was once again on the bed. I

began to kiss her lips, and then her eyes. "You're crying.

Don't cry." She began kissing me back. "Did I hurt you?"

"Only when I laugh," I responded, and chuckled. I felt a sharp

pain go up my side, but hid it -- not very well, apparently.

"I'm so sorry."

"Hey, I'll live."

She put her arms back around me, but didn't squeeze at all, I

noticed. I kissed her. "I won't break," I told her. "Yes, you

will," she said.

"Really, don't worry about it." I hugged her as tight as I

could, and make extra efforts not to let her know that my side

was hurting while I did it. "Let's take a shower," I said.

Lisa got off the bed, and as I tried to do the same, my side

hurt, and I fell back to the bed.

"Here, let me help," she said, and before I could say anything,

she slipped her hands under my back and legs and hoisted me off

the bed in one fluid motion. I put my arm around her neck and

gave her a peck on the cheek. "How odd this must look," I

thought to myself. "A tiny little girl cradling a much larger

man in her arms like a baby." But, of course, this was no

ordinary "little girl."

I brushed my hand across her soft hair and we began to kiss, more

passionately. Her kisses were something else. I felt myself go

totally limp in her arms, as she cradled me in them and we

continued to kiss. "You can put me down if I'm getting heavy," I

said. "You're kidding, right?" she smiled. "How strong are you,

anyway, Lisa?" I asked.

"Very strong."

"I know, but how strong is 'very strong'?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, have you ever tried to objectively measure your strength?"

"You mean, like, in a gym with weights?"

"Yes, how much in the way of bench presses, deadlifts, and the


"I told you, All of the weights in the gym got too light for me."

"You mean, you weren't joking about that?"

"No," she answered.

"Yeah, but you can easily load 800 or 900 pounds on a free weight

bar," I said.

"Yes, I know."

"Well, but how about bicep curls?"

"Well," she responded, "you can't load more than about 225 pounds

onto a dumbell."

Suddenly, I was incredibly turned on again. Amazing how that

just happens. "Well, I weigh about 240," I said, and smiled.

Lisa put me back down on the bed.

"Reach over and lock your fingers behind your knees," she

commanded. I kneeled on the bed and did so. She then quickly

slipped her right forearm under my abdomen and cranked out 20

reps with me as her "dumbell." I looked up at her. She wasn't

even winded. "That is impressive. How in the heck did you get

so strong?" I asked. "I don't know. I was born strong," she

responded. "From the time I was a little girl, I could lift

impressive weights. I guess I just got stronger as I got older."

I kissed her hand, and ran my finger down the indentation in the

inside of her forearm.

Then I put my hands on her shoulders and climbed up onto her,

reverse piggyback-style. She put her right hand under my rear

end and giggled. "To the showers," I commanded. I rode her all

the way there.

We climbed in and let the warm water caress our bodies. The

warmth felt good. I pulled out the brush, and coated it with

soap. Then I touched the back of Lisa's neck, ever so lightly,

with the soapy brush. Her body tensed up, and I saw every muscle

and the sides of her ribcage jump out from her skin. "Back of

the neck." I made a mental note. I ran the brush lightly down

the indentation of Lisa's spine. I could feel her shudder. Lisa

backed up, pressing me against the shower wall with her back.

She turned her head, and I leaned my head forward, over her

shoulder, as we began to kiss. I dropped the brush and wrapped

my arms around her, pressing lightly on her breasts. Then I

lathered up my hands with the soap. I began to run my soaped

hands up and down her front while she still had her back to me,

pressing me against the wall. I could feel her body shudder each

time I came close to her breasts. "Your breasts are very

sensitive, aren't they?" I asked. "Very," she gasped back.

"Turn around," I said. She complied. I began kissing her

clavicle, and worked my way down.

Lisa put her hands flat against the shower wall. I soaped my

hands some more, and then began running my right hand slowly

along the left side of her ribcage. At the same time, I began

kissing and licking her right breast, being careful to avoid the

nipple. Lisa began to pant, and I knew what was coming next.

Then I began kissing and licking her left breast, also avoiding

the nipple, and running my left hand up and down her right side.

"That feels so good, don't stop," she said. "Don't worry," I


I moved my left hand onto her right breast, and pressed it as I

kissed the nipple on her left breast. "Ohhh," she moaned and

shuddered, and fell back against the wall of the shower. Her

knees went soft and she collapsed to the shower floor. I kneeled

down and wrapped my arms around that incredible torso, weakened

but still hard as a rock, and lifted her back up against the

wall. She put her hands around my head, and pulled me to her

face. She kissed me, hard. I continued to run my hands along

her side, like chiseled marble, and she was pumping her waist as

we kissed. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed as hard as

I could. She moaned. She reached her hand down and began to

stroke my penis. "Why, you have a hard on!" she giggled. This

time it was my turn to moan. "Let's have a look!" she said.

Lisa reached her hand down between my legs and lifted me with one

hand until my waist was at her eye level. I rested my hands on

her shoulders and felt her muscles ripple. "Is that for me?" she

asked. "No, it's for the milkman," I joked back.

She pressed my back against the shower wall, and wrapped her

hands around my waist. Then she stepped back and buried my erect

penis in her hair. She slowly lowered me over her forehead, and

her nose. She kissed the tip, and I shuddered. "Let's see,

where are you most sensitive?" she asked. "Anywhere you touch

me," I gasped back. She ran her tongue along the underside of my

penis and I felt the room begin to spin again. Then she held me

up against her face and began to lower me, along her body. I

felt my penis touch her neck, her breasts, her abdominal muscles.

Then she began to lift me again. I closed my eyes and ran my

hands along her arms. Her triceps were bulging out like

horseshoes, and her shoulders were round and hard. Then I felt

her erect nipple against the underside of my penis. She moved me

slowly up and down, and we both moaned, simultaneously. I ran my

hands up, along her neck and cupped her face in my hands. She

kissed my stomach. I leaned over and kissed the top of her head.

"I want to kiss you," I said. She lowered me to the floor and we

began kissing, strongly, passionately. I soaped up my right hand

again and began running it over her left nipple. I soaped my

left hand, wrapped it around her, and began moving it along her

spine. I felt the warm water of the shower against Lisa's back

and the back of my hand. Lisa wrapped both hands around me, both

of us kissing frantically, and she pressed me up against the

shower wall. She reached one hand down and put me inside her. I

thrust forward, and she shuddered for a second. Then she

squeezed my penis and I felt a second of pain, until she let up.

I reached down and ran my hand along the inside of her leg. I

felt a deep indentation between her quadriceps and her hamstrings

that was appearing and disappearing as she began to pump. We

both began to moan, and just as I felt her beginning to climax, I

reached over and turned off the hot water. I felt her whole body

tense up and she pulled me against her, hard. I began to climax,

and at that point I noticed that she was holding me so tight that

I couldn't breathe again. As I climaxed, I lost consciousness.

I woke up on the bed, Lisa lying next to me with her hand on my

shoulder. I smiled. "That was fun," I said. She giggled, and

we kissed.

End of Part 2

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