by The Shadow


I was walking through the mall, doing some last minute Christmas shopping, when I saw her. She was in the bookstore, reading a magazine. I think it was “Shape,” or some other fitness-type mag. What first caught my attention was her calves. They were round and firm, the kind of musculature that shows on a track athlete. I noticed that her sleeve was bulging slightly at the bicep, but it was loose, and I couldn’t see for sure what her arms looked like. She had long, straight, brunette hair, and green eyes the color of emeralds. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She must have noticed me staring, as she looked up from her magazine, over at me. Embarrassed, I quickly looked down.

I picked up a cooking book, and pretended to read it.

Suddenly, I was keenly aware of a person standing next to me. It was her. She looked at me, and said, “I’m not a very good cook. I’m thinking about getting a basic cookbook. Could you recommend one?” I looked at her. She was young - about 19 or so. She was wearing a long sleeve green blouse, buttoned loosely over a black leotard and cinched tight at the waist, and a white skirt. I noticed a deep indentation where her throat met her clavicle, and a distinct line down the center of her chest. Her waist was tiny - about 20 inches. Clearly an athlete. But it was her eyes that really drew my attention. They were green, translucent. Captivating.

“It depends on what style of cooking you’d like. I’ll bet you’re looking for low-fat and healthy cooking,” I said. She smiled, and I felt my face get warm. That smile! Those eyes! Incredible!

“Yes,” she responded. “I always ruin everything I try to cook lowfat. It either tastes horrible, or I burn it.” Shy as I am, I couldn’t resist the opening:

“Really? Lowfat cooking just takes a little practice. I make a killer veggie lasagna, using no fat at all.”

“Gee, how do you do it? I’d love to try it some time.”

“No problem. Why don’t you come to my place Friday, and I’ll show you.”

Before I knew it, I had a date with this incredible, beautiful woman. Her name was Lisa, and she was 20 years old. A little short for me — about 5 feet, 1 inch tall, but I couldn’t take my mind off of her the rest of the week.

Friday night came, and the doorbell rang about 5:30 p.m. It was her. She showed up in tapered jeans and a spaghetti-strap pink blouse. My impression about her arms was right. She had definite, rounded shoulders and biceps, and when they moved, I could almost see each muscle fiber. I guess you could say that she was almost all muscle, no fat.

I got her a glass of wine. Thank God she liked Cabernet, so I broke out the Mondavi ‘74. This was a night to impress. We cooked and talked and laughed, and then we ate. She was sufficiently impressed, and I was captivated by her smile, her laugh, her body. What a body. OK, I’m not a breast man. So it didn’t bother me that her breasts were probably an A or B cup. In that blouse, I could see them standing straight out. The bottom of the blouse never touched Lisa’s stomach. I could definitely see the bottom of her abdominal muscles, separated, and I began to fantasize about what she would look like out of that blouse. Maybe it was the wine.

Suddenly, she said, “you’ve been staring at my arms all night.”

“I know,” I said. “I’m sorry, but you have the most muscular arms I’ve seen on a woman in a long time. Are you a bodybuilder?”

“No. I’m athletic. I tried lifting weights for awhile, but most of the machines and free weights in the gym got too light. So I just do what I enjoy, and lift when I feel like it.”

“Too light?” I responded incredulously. “You’re kidding, right?”

“No. I’m very strong.” She looked down. “Okay, this is the part where you get intimidated and find some way to end the evening, right?”

“Wrong,” I replied.


Lisa looked up at the ceiling. “Oh, God. Don’t tell me you’re going to start that domination bullshit now. I hate that. Every man I meet either is intimidated, or wants me to dominate him.”

“No,” I said. “Can we get away from talking about ‘every man you’ve met’ and just talk? I’m not into domination, I just think that you are fascinating, and, by the way, I am turned on by strong women. Also, by the way, I think you have the most incredible green eyes I’ve ever seen.”

She blushed. Then she leaned across the table and gave me a peck on the cheek. “I’m sorry,” she said.

We went into the parlor and had coffee next to each other on the sofa. We talked some more about life, philosophy, and whether Descartes was right or whether we truly exist independent of our belief that we exist. The whole time, I couldn’t take my mind off the fact that I could feel the warmth of her body, even though we were nearly a foot apart. We laughed about anything, everything, and I began to realize what a special, incredible person I had in my house.

About the time I reached that realization, she put her hand on my leg, and looked up at me. “You said you like strong women? You’re not intimidated?”

“The stronger, the better.” My face got warm again.

“You’re blushing. That’s cute.” She brushed my face with the back of her index finger. She gave me another peck on the cheek. Then we kissed. She put her arms around my neck, and I put mine around her. I felt her lats. They were like rocks. I brushed her hair, which was soft and smooth. I felt her breathing change.

“Wow,” I said. “That was the most incredible kiss.”

Lisa just looked at me. She ran her fingers through my hair. I felt myself getting hard. I leaned in to kiss her again, and she put her hand up.

“Before we do what I think we’re about to do,” she said, ”I want you to know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Lisa flexed her arm. Her bicep was about the size of a baseball.

I gasped.

“Feel this,” she said. I did. It was like a rock. So was I. I told her.

“I’m so turned on right now, I can’t begin to tell you.”

Her breathing was still altered. “So am I. I’ve never been this turned on before. That’s why I think we should stop. I might hurt you.”

I was throbbing. I felt her arm again, and then her shoulder. Her muscles were clearly very dense.

“I’m willing to take the chance,” I said. “I think you’re incredible, and I don’t think you’d hurt me.”

We started kissing again, this time, passionately. “Not intentionally,” she said. “But I don’t know what will happen if I lose control.”

I giggled. “I’ll risk a few bruises.”

“You don’t understand,” she answered. She put her right elbow on the coffee table, hand in the air. “Let’s armwrestle.”

Oh, come on, I thought. This is dumb. But, if that’s what it took to turn her on, I’m game.

“Use both hands,” she said. I looked at her incredulously. Then I shrugged, and put both of my hands in her right hand. “One - two—three.” I pushed on her hand, gently, at first.

Then with all of my might. Her hand didn’t budge a millimeter. “Let me know when you’re ready,” she said.

I winced. “I’m ready.”

Lisa put her hand down to the table so quickly that I flipped onto my back. “You see?” she said. Then she stood up and walked over to my piano. She put her right hand under it, and lifted one end completely off the floor without straining. At this point, I was a little scared. But I was also more turned on than I had ever been in my life.

I stood up and walked over to her. I ran my hand lightly down her neck and over to her shoulder. Her skin was very warm, and her muscles were hard.

“Lisa,” I said. “You are an incredible, beautiful, sexy woman. I want to make love to you, and I will hope that I don’t get hurt. But the fact is, I’ll risk it. Besides, when have you ever been in any real relationship where you haven’t risked getting hurt?”

She smiled, and I kissed her. She kissed me back. We began kissing more and more passionately, and again I felt her breathing change, get heavier. She put her hands behind my back and untucked my shirt. I started to unbutton it, and she put her hands on mine.

“Let me,” she said. She began to unbutton my shirt, and I began to lift her spaghetti strap blouse off.

Then I saw her in just her jeans. My eyes grew wide, and I couldn’t help gasping again. I could see every abdominal muscle, every striation in her shoulders and arms, and her breasts stood straight out. She was obviously pleased by my reaction, as the kissing got heavier. I began to run my hands up and down her back, which was as defined as her front. I began kissing her clavicle, and she began to gasp.

“Oh, my God, oh my God,” she was saying. I put my hand gently on one breast, as I kissed the other. She began to pant. Then she put her hands under my arms and pulled me back up to her face. We were kissing again, hard.

I put my arms around her neck, and then lowered them and began to lightly press on her breast with one hand while we continued to kiss. She moved her hand down between my legs. It was everything I could do to keep from coming right then and there.

She then pushed me up against the wall with such force it knocked the breath out of me. I moved my hands to her shoulders and felt them, holding me against the wall. She put one hand on my chest and said, “try to stop me,” as she moved the other toward my zipper.

I tried to wriggle out from her hold, but I couldn’t. Then I grabbed her other hand with both of mine, and tried to pull it away. It was as if I wasn’t even there.

Lisa quickly unzipped me, unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them down to my ankles. I did the same to her jeans. She then pressed her body up against mine, and I felt a wave of warmth rush through me. I reached down to touch her legs, and her quadriceps were every bit as hard as the rest of her. I ran my hands around the back, and even her rear was like a rock.

“Let me down, I want to kiss your legs,” I said. “Try to get loose,” she said, and giggled. I grabbed her outstretched arm and tried to bend it at the elbow, with no success. She was clearly being turned on by this, so I made a big show of not being able to break free. Truth is, I couldn’t break free.

I began to kiss her forearm. The sinews that were standing out on it softened, and her arm began to go loose. I continued kissing, up to the inside of her elbow, and worked my way to her shoulder. I kissed her neck, and she rolled her head back and moaned. Slowly, ever so slowly, I began kissing my way down her body — that incredible body. I have to say at this point that I never enjoyed a journey so much as the one I took from her neck to her waist. I flicked my tongue lightly back and forth across her nipples. Then I pressed lightly on one breast with one hand while flicking the nipple of the other with my tongue. She was panting heavily. I moved down to her abdominal muscles, and began tracing the outline of each with my tongue, then kissing it. I kissed my way back up her body. Then I began kissing her ankles.

Suddenly, Lisa picked me up by the waist and slung me over her shoulder. She carried me into the bedroom, and threw me on the bed. Then she jumped on top of me and began to kiss me.

“Where was I?” I giggled. “Oh yes.” I rolled over on top of her, and started kissing her ankles again. Then I began to work my way slowly up her legs. My first impression was right. Incredible, round calves. I began kissing the inside of her knee, and worked my way up the inside of her leg. At this point she was gasping.

Then I moved back to her upper waist and began working my way down again. “Oh, God, keep going!” she gasped. “You’ll just have to wait,” I replied. She looked at me and smiled an evil grin.

“No, I don’t,” she said. She grabbed my head and pushed it between her legs. I guess she was ready, and I knew that I didn’t have any choice, anyway, so I began kissing her between her legs. She began to buck, and I just kept at it, until suddenly I felt her whole body tense up, she bucked extremely hard, and I got knocked off the bed.

I climbed back on the bed and she grabbed me and kissed me, extremely hard. “That wasn’t so painful,” I said. “See, I knew you wouldn’t hurt me.”

“Just wait — it’s not over yet,” she said.

In one move, she rolled me onto my back and laid on top of me. She intertwined her fingers with mine, and held my arms out, pressed against the bed. She began kissing my throat and my chest.

“Try to move,” she said, so I did, in vain, of course. I decided to see how strong Lisa really was, so I tried to break my hands free from hers with all of my strength. She looked at me and smiled. She knew I had really tried that time. “See?” she said.

She moved my arms down to my side, and began to kiss her way down my chest and stomach. It was incredibly pleasurable, but excruciating. I tried to wriggle free, but with not even the least amount of success. Then she got to my waist. She put her hands under my arms again, and picked me up over her head.

“This is incredible,” I thought. I put my hands on her forearms and felt every sinew. As I moved down her arms, I felt those incredibly round, incredibly hard biceps and shoulders again. She took me into her mouth while holding me up, over her head, against the wall.

“My God, Lisa. You are the most incredible woman I’ve ever met,” I said.

She pressed her chest harder against my legs, and began moving her head back and forth. I ran my hands along her neck and shoulders, all of which were as hard as a rock.

“I want to be inside you,” I said. “I want to feel your body against mine.” She let me down, and kissed me, passionately, against the wall. Then she wrapped her legs around my waist, put her hand under my rear, and lifted me inside her. She pressed her body against mine, against the wall, and began kissing me quickly.

“Just let go,” she said. “Let me do all of the work.”

I did. I traced my hands up and down her rock-hard back, her rock-hard legs, her rock-hard thighs, her rock-hard arms and sides. I came with an intensity I had never known before. I went completely weak, as she held me up against the wall and continued to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around her neck and hugged and kissed her right back. This woman was incredible. Already I was ready for more.

The Shadow

Sharon Best
Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997

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