What Has Happened Up To Now, And Where In The World Are We!

This new mini-series splits off from the main Aurora Universe after Aurora Chapter 27-0, the story of the formation of the anti-alien Black Ops team under Katarina Unger.

In that previous chapter, we saw how Bo had joined the anti-alien team and was helping them to build some weapons to defend themselves from the Arion threat. At the time of this story, Terran intelligence and military organizations were slowly beginning to understand the seriousness of the threat from beyond their own atmosphere, their weapons and military training completely inadequate to deal with such powerful and invulnerable beings.

Earth's first large-scale contact with aliens unfortunately had not turned out to be a positive one. Although nothing as bad as the Independence Day type of assault depicted in the movies. It was more insidious, however!

Chris Frandel, Aurora's close friend, has been covertly consulting with the Black Ops team, helping them to differentiate between the goals of the Arions and the VERY different goals of the Velorians. Unfortunately, he is finding that the American CIA is not particularly interested in what they see as a fine line between the motivations of SuperFemme and her daughter Xara, and the motivations of the Arions. As far as they are concerned, these aliens are all dangerous threats to national security! They have seen too much evidence of Terran loss of life at the hands of both of these alien races and they know they cannot control such powerful beings. A situation that the government finds intolerable.

So as this series opens, the CIA leadership still does not fully understand or believe the Arion goal of manipulating the Terrans into destroying their own planet. Nor do they believe the stated Velorian goal to protect Earth.

Unfortunately, the technology for Terrans to destroy themselves, in the form of nuclear weapons, is still available to the superpowers at the time of this story! The race between the Arions' attempts to put nuclear weapons into the hands of terrorists, and the superpowers' desire to dismantle those same arsenals, has not yet been decided. This series will reveal a way to 'solve' this problem.

\Sharon Best 25-Aug-96 (Updated on 16-Jan-98)