Lesson Five


Riding Lessons, Lesson 5

Her hand slid down and gently massaged my balls and willy and she kissed me very softly on the lips. I promised to help her. Being so close to all that power was making me tense and she sensed it.

“Relax darling.” She whispered. “Just relax and make love to me.”

She removed her hand from my genitals, reached down, sliding the back of her fingers along my leg, and quickly removed my shoes and socks. Then she gently pulled my jeans and underpants down my legs. I could tell that she was trying very hard not to tear them. My shirt buttons were undone while she gave me a long passionate kiss and then she lifted me up slightly and slid it off . I was completely naked. She started on the massage again - no response.

“You’re hardly Black Devil, you know.” She purred, playing with my less than average sized willy. “But you’ll do. I expect you to show a bit more interest than this though.”

She moved over the rug towards the fire and removed her boots and leggings. Then she lay on her back and stretched her muscular arms out above her head, placing her amazing legs slightly apart.

“Come and take me.” She moaned.

Stage fright! I crawled over on all fours and got on top of her, clumsily. You could almost hear the director shout “Cut! We’ll have to shoot that again.”

My flaccid willy was pushing against the right place but it wasn’t going any further in that state. I stretched up and reached her lips for a French kiss and she responded, moaning slightly again. That was a slight confidence booster. I had to forget that I was attempting to bonk the most fabulous woman in existence who would probably flick me across the length of the room with the back of her hand if I didn’t perform.

I moved from her mouth down to her left breast. That close I was in awe at the size of it. When I first saw Angie, the only thing I could think of was how her tits looked so enormous on that petite body. As I cupped my left hand around one of the only two soft parts of Glo’s body I realised that these must be twice the size of Angie’s. I needed to play for time because of willy’s non co-operation so I closed my mouth over her nipple and sucked. It erected enormously almost immediately and she let out a loud animalistic groan.

“Ooh fantastic!” she sighed.

That was it! Stage fright gone. Willy woke up and started to do what he was supposed to. I stayed with a winner and sucked harder. She started to squirm and writhe under me. My right hand grasped the steel of her shoulder and upper arm to steady myself. Less clumsy now I reached down and slid two of my fingers into her. The size of the clitoral erection had to be felt to be believed! She arched her back lifting me up into the air and then relaxed again moaning ever louder. My fingers were soaked. I pushed four in, and then remembering the size of that dildo, slid my whole hand inside. She took in a sharp breath and I felt her muscular vagina contract onto my wrist. The pain was excruciating! I yelped but she didn’t seem to notice. She went into some kind of spasm and the steel grip tightened even more. I had made a big mistake.

She writhed and screamed for what seemed like a good five minutes and a few times I thought my wrist had been broken. Then suddenly she came in a bone crushing spasm and lay motionless. I slid my hand out and rubbed my wrist. It was very sore, but nothing seemed to be broken and I opened and closed my hand a few times to get the circulation back. She was spread-eagled on the rug breathing fast and deeply, her huge breasts rising and falling about three inches each time.

She eventually slowed her panting, and sat up, giving me another view of her abdominal muscles at work. She held out her arms towards me.

“Come on Kevin. That was fantastic. Do it for yourself this time.”

I managed it - with the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world.

She lay there afterwards. Motionless. Her head was tilted to the side as she stared into the fire. I stared at her body. After a while she sat up again and flicked her fingers, pointing at the pile of clothes at the edge of the rug.

“Boots!” She snapped, making me jump. I picked up her boots, noticing how heavy they were. The leather was so thick and the gold and silver decoration seemed to be real metal. I handed them to her and she pulled them on. She stood up and I lay on the rug, naked, wondering what mood she was in now. I didn’t have to wait long to find out that it was one of her no nonsense ones. She stooped and grabbed me by the neck, nearly breaking it as she lifted me to my feet. Luckily she released me and I just stood there looking up at her piercing blue eyes. She suddenly turned and walked quickly across the large room towards some double doors at the far end.

“Come along!” she boomed. I followed.

She pulled both doors open and marched through them down a long cloister like corridor, shouting at me to keep up. I trotted along behind her to match the pace. At the end of the corridor was another set of double doors with a large circular window set in each one. The windows seemed to be steamed up, and when she pulled the doors open I was amazed to see what looked like a large health club. There was a fair sized pool, a spa, a wood panelled room which must have been a sauna, and what seemed like a fully equipped gym. She pulled her boots off and tossed them down carelessly, striding straight over to the pool. Without pausing she dived in and surfaced a few seconds later at the far end.

“Come on!” she shouted.

I panicked. “I can’t swim!”

“What!” she screamed, and launched herself under the water to the near end, pulling herself out of the pool with one graceful movement. She bounded over to me and I took a few involuntary steps backwards. She looked at if she was going to hit me.

“Well this is when you learn, you wimp.” She said, looking me up and down. “I might have made a mistake with you.”

The next thing I knew she had hoisted me above her head and flung me high in the air. I twisted in mid flight and got a glimpse of the floor of the gym about twenty feet below me. I screamed but it was cut off when I hit the water. I plunged down beneath the surface and thrashed about in terror. Now I was going to drown! I did not know which way was up. My lungs had all the air knocked out of them and they were hurting. Then I seemed to be hit by something. I felt an arm around my waist and got the sensation of being dragged through the water at speed. I was pushed up and found myself sitting on the edge with my feet dangling in the water. Glo was right in front of me just under the surface. She burst up and scowled at me.

“Get down to the shallow end and start practising!”

I splashed around for a bit while she powered up and down the pool in a variety of strokes. She was doing racing turns at each end and sometimes did about four or five lengths completely under water . After half an hour she pulled herself out and shouted over at me to get dried off. There was a pile of towels on a small table near the spa.

“Get dressed and wait for me in the lounge.” She said icily, pulling on her boots. She marched out of the gym.

I sat in one of the leather armchairs, sipping champagne and wiggling my little finger in my right ear trying to get some water out of it.

She burst into the room dressed for going out. Her hair was freed from the pleated pony tail and flowed around the shoulders of a chunky brown leather bomber jacket. Designer blue jeans were stuffed into ornately tooled brown cowboy boots.

She was carrying a mobile.

“I need your little girlfriend as well.” She said. I muttered something wondering if I had heard properly. “I need both of you to help me. You and Angie. Give her a ring and tell her to meet us at the pub at nine. The White Horse. It’s the one just down the road. She knows it.”

I was flabbergasted. “How!”

“Never mind. She’s a bit of a gossip and the riding community around here is quite a little club. She’s always popping into my village shop. Just tell her that you were inquiring about riding from here and I suggested that we all meet up.”

“I don’t think you should involve...”

“Just do it.” She interrupted, throwing the phone down into my lap. “I’m in no mood for arguing. The number is on button A.”

I pressed the pre dial and Angie answered after a few rings. I hoped that she would be busy or something, but Glo was watching me closely so I had to ask her convincingly.

“Hi Angie.” We talked for a while about how my back was. “Look, I was driving around and passed these stables, so I went in to enquire. It turned out that it’s a sort of private place but you can hire horses from here; and guess who owns it. Gloria Armitage, you know, the riding shops. Anyway we got chatting and she suggested we go down to the pub. If you’re free please come along. She says you’ve met in the shop several times.”

I was not too sure about all this. Glo and Angie together! I hoped she would say no for one of the many reasons women have for not coming out when they don’t want to. My hopes were dashed.

“Hey. That would be great. I was going to the cinema with Julie tonight but she’s pulled out, so I’ve got nothing to do. Which pub?”

“The White Horse, near Glo’s place.” Whoops!

“Near who’s place?”

“Oh. Gloria asks everyone to call her that. You know, on the forest road. Should only take you ten minutes. We’re leaving now.”

“OK, see you.” She hung up.

“Well done!” said Glo, beaming. She took the phone and slid it into the side pocket of her jacket. “Come on then!”

She pulled on some leather gloves and snapped her fingers loudly as before. We walked along the unlit road towards the pub. There were mounds of slush and small puddles everywhere and my feet were getting a bit wet through my shoes. Glo just crunched straight through the slush and didn’t bother to avoid the puddles.

The pub was very cosy with a log fire. It was deserted apart from the landlord and two old men playing cards at a table nestled in a corner.

“Evening everyone.” Called Glo as we went in. The two looked up and nodded.

“What’ll it be, Miss Glo?” said the landlord.

“We’ll have a couple of pints of the HSB if its on.” Said Glo without asking me.

We were served but the landlord did not bother to ask for money. He just pulled a little notebook out from behind the bar and made some jots in it. Glo headed straight for a chair near the fire and put her feet up on another chair. She peeled off the jacket and put it over the back, stuffing her gloves into one of the pockets. I sat down across from her and wondered what was going to happen. Glo seemed perfectly relaxed and sipped at the beer, as if to test it.

“Ah good as ever!” She called over to the bar. The landlord smiled and nodded.

I hadn’t heard a car pull up outside and I was surprised when the door opened and Angie came nervously in. She saw me and waved. I stood up and Glo gave a big smile. Angie gave me a peck on the cheek and shook hands with Glo. Her little hand survived- Glo obviously had a selection of handshakes!

“Its my round. Tell me what you would like.” Said Glo. “Come on. Lets go to the bar.” Angie dumped her handbag and jacket on the chair next to mine.

The contrast between the two was mind boggling. I watched them as they walked across the pub. It was like a tigress next to a mouse. Glo’s huge boots thumped along the floor with Angie’s tiny slingbacks clicking along beside her. They were both wearing fairly tight jeans and I was shocked to find that Angie’s legs which I had admired from the start, seemed like skinny shapeless broomsticks now. Glo’s calves were bigger than Angie’s thighs! I marvelled at the sight of them standing at the bar. Glo was over a foot taller and easily twice as wide at the shoulder; everything on her was curves and bulges, whereas Angie’s body was just straight lines and hollows. Even her breasts seemed too small now, literally half the size of Glo’s. Her body had become a turn off to me! Whatever happened now, it was going to be a strange evening, but that would be normal considering the track record.

They came back over with Angie clutching a small glass of something with a slice of lemon wedged in the top. We arranged the chairs around the small table and sat down. Glo sat back as before and crossed her legs up on a spare fourth chair.

“What lovely boots!” exclaimed Angie. “Where did you get them? I’d really like some like that!”

Glo smiled at her. “I have all my clothes made for me, including shoes and boots. I run a fashion business as well as the riding.”

Angie was obviously surprised and very impressed. “That’s amazing.” She said. I bet they were very expensive. Look at all this pattern here.” She leant across and fingered the leather of Glo’s left boot, and at the same instant I saw Glo raise an eyebrow and put on a really strange expression. Angie seemed engrossed and continued to prod and stroke the boot. I watched her for a few seconds and then looked back to Glo. She was licking her lip! Oh no! She was getting turned on! I thought that I should do something.

“Angie. Isn’t that a bit rude!”

She looked up at me. “Oh sorry, I was just interested.”

Glo shot me a filthy look. “Not at all, Kevin. Its good that someone really appreciates my designs.”

“You designed them as well?” said Angie “Wow! That’s great.”

I noticed the awe struck looks that Glo was getting from Angie. Whereas she had crushed me with her muscles, she seemed to be doing the same to Angie with her personality.

Glo smiled at her. “Why don’t I get a pair made for you, just like these?”

Angie was stunned. “Oh, I could never afford them by the look of it.” She said, coyly.

“Don’t be silly. You can have them as a present - and don’t refuse or I will be very offended.” She gave Angie a playfully stern look.

“That’s just incredible. I’d have to give you a present as well.”

“Perhaps, some other time.” Said Glo, smiling with one of her sexy grins. I was getting a bit worried. Glo suddenly gulped down her pint and said.

“Your round Kevin!”

I went up to the bar after finding out that Angie was on G and T. The landlord had disappeared off somewhere and I had to wait for a minute or two. I glanced over and saw that Glo had moved round to sit next to Angie. She had her arm around Angie’s tiny shoulders and the two were giggling about something. When I returned with the drinks, Glo announced that we were all going back to her place after this round because Angie wanted to see the horses. Then we could have the next drink there. I was getting even more worried. Glo was not wasting any time and she was in a certain mood - I could feel it!

As I sat down, Angie turned to Glo and said something which was completely obvious, but had a paralysing effect on me.

“You have a really amazing body. You look so healthy and strong!”

I just sat there. Glo looked over to me and then grinned at Angie.

“Yeah.” She said. “Stronger than you think!” She playfully flexed her right bicep in front of Angie’s face. The enormous steel-hard muscle made the material of the tee-shirt stretch and peel back up towards her shoulder. Angie gasped and let out a half squeak half scream. The two card players looked over and Glo just grinned at them, holding her pose. They looked down again. Then I saw Angie’s hand moving slowly towards Glo’s arm as if she couldn’t stop herself. Glo’s dazzling blue eyes seemed to have hypnotised Angie as she reached out and put her small hand on the huge mound of the bicep. She stroked it for a while and Glo started to lick her lips again. Angie’s eyes were glazed and after a few seconds, she took her hand away and slumped back in her chair, staring unfocused in the direction of the bar.

Glo relaxed her pose and grabbed her pint. “Drink up Kevin. It’s time to go.” She downed the pint in one gulp and did not wait for me to finish mine before getting up and putting on her jacket and gloves. Angie stood up robot like and put her coat on too. We left with Glo waving cheerily to the landlord.

“What have you done to her?” I whispered on the way out.

“Her car will be safe here. Come on.” Said Glo in a detached tone. Angie seemed to be half asleep and stumbled. Glo caught her and lifted her up onto her hip with her right arm as she had done with me earlier - Angie’s head rested on her huge shoulder as she strode along. I asked her to put Angie down and let her drive home. Glo ignored me. When I protested again, her response was to pick me up and sling me over her left shoulder. She carried us effortlessly back to the house, cutting along a path through the woods. I pleaded with her to put me down but she continued to ignore me. She crunched across the yard and through the open front door, depositing us on the hall carpet without breaking her stride and bounded up the staircase. When she reached the landing she shouted.

“Get yourselves a drink.”

Angie looked up at me with drugged eyes.

“What’s happening Kevin? Where are we? I don’t remember leaving the pub.”

I helped her to her feet and said. “We’re at Glo’s place. You must have fainted. You were looking a bit pale earlier. Come on. She wants us to wait for her in the lounge.”

Angie seemed to recover a bit and I found some mineral water for her. I didn’t feel like another drink myself. She sat admiring the fire and sipping at the water. I sat nervously on one of the arms of the leather sofa.

Glo came in. The pony tail was back, complete with gold threads, and she was topless again! Angie looked up and squealed like she had done in the pub. I couldn’t take my eyes off Glo’s new costume; or half costume, which consisted of a shiny black covering, more like skin than leggings that disappeared into mirror-shiny black high heeled boots, the tops of which were stretched out by her calves like the cowboy boots had been. I could do nothing but watch. She strode straight over to Angie and scooped her up. The glass flew across the room and bounced on the carpet showering water droplets.

She held her across her chest and closed her mouth over Angie’s. I was just shocked! Angie started to wriggle but it obviously would be no use. After a while she seemed to go limp and Glo lifted her head, looking over to me.

“Wait in the library!” She said, jerking her head in the direction of the door. Her tone was positively dangerous and I hurried out. There was nothing I could do about it anyway. The library was off the hall. I could see the bookshelves through the open door. I waited in there for about an hour, listening. I heard nothing but I did not dare go back to see what was happening.

Suddenly the door creaked open and I expected Glo to come in but it was Angie. She was completely naked! I noticed that she had her car keys in her right hand and what looked like a torn half of her shoe in the other. She held the car keys out to me.

“Take my car and go home Kevin.” She said in a monotone. “I will be staying here tonight.”