Lesson Four


Riding Lessons

(By an anonymous author from the UK... as you will see below, he not only has a wonderful feel for the character, but he knows how to spell correctly as well (although my spell checker went crazy on the King’s English!) I am sitting on the edge of my seat wondering just WHO this incredible woman is? And I suspect that over the next few enjoyable episodes, hopefully quite a few, that we will find out! \Sharon

Lesson 4

Be cool! I held the poker for a while and tried to be rational. OK, she’s very strong and can easily overpower me and throw me around, but this has to be a trick. These new television show magicians can make railway carriages disappear and walk through the Great Wall of China - I think I saw that one last month. A trick poker is way down the league. Uri Geller! That’s it. This is made out of the same stuff he uses for his bending spoons, if that’s how it’s done. She’s interested in bodybuilding and so likes strength. This is just a way of having some extra fun with friends.

She returned with two more bottles and opened one of them in her unique way. Her vivid blue eyes widened as she saw me examining the poker.

“I won’t bore you with any more party tricks.” She said.

“But I’d like to know how it’s done. I’m curious about things.”

“I didn’t mean party trick like that.” She said sternly. “I told you. I really am that strong!”

The champagne made me take a risk and I waved a chiding finger at her.

“Don’t believe you.” I replied in a sing song voice. Then I told her my Uri Geller theory.

She sighed and looked up to the ceiling as if I was being a pain.

“Look Kevin, I asked you over because there is something I want to tell you. I want to be your friend - your lover if you like, your girlfriend; and I want to ask you to help me with something.”

Don’t gape! Be cool! Lover! Wow! I gaped. She continued.

“Before I can tell you, you have to see my strength; it’s important that you believe me.” She thought for a second and then seemed to get an idea. “Is that your own car you came in ?” I told her it was. “Not very new. Are you fond of it ?”

“Its a pile of junk! I hate it. I’m saving for a new one but the going is slow on my income.”

“Good! You can borrow one of my Range Rovers for the time being, and if you help me, I will buy you any car you want as part of your reward.”

I was understandably quite confused.

“Reward ?” I blurted. “There’s nothing wrong with my car at the moment. Its just a bit clapped out, that’s all. Still runs OK and I certainly don92't need to borrow yours.”

She gave me a queer evil grin. “Wait here.”

I watched her stride quickly out of the room. I was puzzled and a bit worried. After a few minutes she came back. She had changed. Bloody hell she had changed! She was in what looked like motorcycle gear now! A very sexy black one piece leather suit and huge biking gloves, along with the heaviest, chunkiest motorcycle boots I had ever seen - in thick black leather with steel plates up the front, motocross boots - I knew that much. She appeared totally awesome - and mean! She stood with her hands on her hips and looked me up and down.

“Here!” she said, jerking her head back. I walked up to her getting very worried. Her mood seemed to have changed with her clothes.

Before I knew it she had scooped me up with her hand under my bottom and clamped me to her side like a mother carries a small child. She carried me quickly out into the yard without saying a word and dumped me down near my car. I thought she was going to tell me to drive home - I had bored her and she was annoyed. She had decided against my company for the evening and was going biking.

“Is your car made of Uri Geller metal ?” She asked

“Of course not.” I said “Why do...”

“Good!” She interrupted, and strode over to the driver’s window. What I saw her do in the next few minutes was to change my life forever. She didn’t exactly punch through the window; rather she casually pushed against it with her finger tips until the glass shattered.

Startled, I managed to say “Hey..” and then saw her reach in, grab the steering wheel and wrench it out of its mountings through the window opening. Most of the steering column came with it and she tossed it over so that it landed by my feet.

“Oh shit!” I said quietly. She smiled at me and stove in the rear side window in the same fashion. Then she grabbed the door post with her right hand and looked over to me, peering analytically into my face.

“Don’t faint or anything.” She boomed. “I want you to watch this.”

I saw her close her hand on the door post and lift up on it. The car came up on its suspension and I heard some strange creaking and ticking noises. To my horror, I noticed that the drivers side wheels were completely off the ground. She leant back slightly and the front of the car started to rise. There was a much louder metallic creaking and the windscreen suddenly exploded, showering glass beads everywhere.

“Oh no ! Oh shit !” I said, involuntarily. She had slid her right foot forward to get more under the raised side of the car and now three wheels were of the ground! The fourth wheel came off shortly afterwards. She had lifted my car off the ground with one hand and it was still on the way up. This was unbelievable but it definitely could not be a trick. She leant back even further and with the weight more centrally over her began to straighten up again, at the same time pushing her arm out above her head.

This was unreal. She looked up at the car for a while, then put her left hand on her hip and smiled at me.

“Stand back a bit.” She said without a hint of strain in her voice. She saw me back off a few paces and then pumped her arm like a shot putter. The car flew about five feet up in the air and landed with a sickening crunch, rolling onto its side. She strolled up to it and pulled it onto its wheels grabbing the top of the driver’s door so that the metal crunched up under the leather of her gauntlet. Then she seemed to go a bit wild. I flinched repeatedly at the display of violent power she used. Her huge boots turned one side of the car into a crushed and dented mess as she unleashed a series of karate style kicks at it. She pounded on the roof with her fists until no part of it was left above the level of the dashboard. The remaining glasswork had shattered at the first blow. Then she worked at the front of the car - kicking, punching, tearing and wrenching until the engine compartment had been mangled with the block forced into the passenger compartment. She leant across the crushed roof and pulled the doors on the unmangled side inwards so that the compartment was compacted even more. The back of the car was squashed up with another series of kicks and punches. The whole thing which started off as a large family saloon was now the size of a refrigerator. She pulled the wheels off as if she was picking fruit and each tyre exploded as she gripped it - her fingers piercing straight through the rubber!

The fridge was then crushed further in a series of bear hugs. After this she picked up the mass and drove it down into the concrete several times. When she had finished what had been my car was now a lump of metal, nearly round and the size of a large beach ball. She walked up and put one foot on it posing like a soccer player. She was breathing slightly more heavily than usual and I could see sweat glistening on her forehead.

“Now was that trick photography or the real thing?” Without waiting for an answer, she picked up the beachball and walked off across the yard with it under her arm. She turned and said.

“Go back in. Its cold out here. I’ll clear up and have a shower and join you in a few minutes.”

I sat in the lounge staring into the fire. “Oh shit” was the only thing I could think or say for a good five minutes. After ten more minutes she emerged in just the bottom half of the earlier evening costume. Boots and leggings and nothing else! The sight of her goddess like body brought me to my senses. She seemed totally unselfconscious and did her trick of acting as if nothing had happened.

“That champagne still cool? I’ll get an ice bucket.”

She turned and walked off. I stared at the incredible vee shape of her back, and was hypnotised at the way her gold and blond pony tail danced between her extraordinarily wide and muscular shoulders.

Some trick of the mind that brings humour to bear when it suffers trauma clicked in and I suddenly had the thought - what was I going say to the insurance company.

She returned with a gleaming silver bucket and placed it on the coffee table. I remembered that I could surprise her, so I took my fate in my hands, hoped that her mood had gone back to gentle, and said.

“I’ll let you fill in the claim form my dear.” Noel Coward would have been pleased.

She stared at me for a fraction of a second and then dissolved into a fit of laughter - giggling, belly laughing, rolling around on the carpet and pointing at me trying to form words. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Wow! With each convulsion I saw the incredible muscle definition in every part of her exposed torso. There did not seem to be a single square inch of skin beneath which the was not a muscle moving, twitching and popping up.

“Claim for...” She squeaked. Before dissolving again. She lay on her back and gradually calmed down. I watched her huge firm breasts rising and falling as her breathing became steadier.

Finally she said. “Oh hell, I need another glass of shampoo.” That was obviously her play word. I repeated it - the Noel Coward seemed to be a hit.

“Shampoo coming up, my lady.” I filled her glass and handed it to her. She bent at the waist to sit up and I caught a glimpse of the distinct separate slabs of muscle in her abdomen bulge and move and slide under her tanned skin. She looked at me and held her head up higher than usual like a proud lioness. Her velvet voice took on a superior but calm tone.

“You won’t be out of pocket by what I have done. Don’t worry about the insurance claim. It’s not important. I am very wealthy - millions in fact. Let me cover your claim - ten thousand - twenty it doesn’t matter.”

Twenty! The car was worth around one thousand pounds at best.

“Lets say ten then.” She continued. “That car was a bit naff! And you can borrow the Range Rover for as long as you like, even if you don’t help me.”

I had recovered from the latest shocks she had given me, and I was getting curious.

“You don’t seem like the kind of person that needs help.” I said. “What kind of help?”

She sighed a sigh of relief. “Ah...finally!” She beamed at me. “Finally its time to tell you. I’ve been waiting for the right person. When you first came here I had a feeling you could be the one - and now it’s the right moment.”

I was intrigued!

“Take off your jacket Kevin. Get down on this cosy rug with me and I will tell you some things.”

I laid down beside her breathtaking body. None of my friends would believe anything I told them about Glo. She kissed me gently on the lips and undid a few buttons at the neck of my shirt.

“Now listen, Kevin, please don’t interrupt or ask questions until I have finished my little story.” The smell of her and the closeness was making me dizzy, but I tried to concentrate. “The outrageous things I did were fun. I have an extremely over developed libido and a very active sense of fun. I know they might not have been so much fun for you, but I was testing you and conditioning you. Preparing you for this story. It would not have worked to come straight out with it. I had to be sure I told the right person. So here it is. Get that shampoo down here.”

I lifted the bucket down from the table and refilled.

“Lets start with a few facts.” She took a sip from her glass. “Some plus points. I am unusually strong, you had to see how much. I have never been ill in my life as far as I can remember - but that bit comes later. My eyesight is perfect, my hearing is perfect, my teeth have never needed treatment, I can eat like a pig and never put on an ounce of fat. I can take a hard bone breaker tumble from a horse and come out of it without a bruise. If I cut myself, I bleed slightly, the wound heals up very quickly and never leaves the slightest scar. I fell off Devil a few days ago and landed on a broken bottle. The jagged edge went right in here”

She pointed to a place on her muscular abdomen. There was no mark of any kind.

“I’m very smart too! I run my businesses with very little involvement and I’m very successful at it. I can read a novel and tell it back to you almost word perfect afterwards. I can do the most amazing mental arithmetic. I never need a calculator.

To top it all I am six foot five, weigh 230 pounds and I’m not the plainest girl you have ever seen! I could go on with a list of these talents but I think you get the picture.”

I nodded, obeying her wish not to interrupt. Not the plainest - that was one way of putting it! She was easily the most beautiful woman in the world as far as I could tell.

“OK. Now for the other side of this. Please listen to this carefully. I have absolutely no recollection of anything before the age of ten.” She paused to study my reaction. I nodded to show I was with her. “Then I spent the next eight years in a series of large clinics in Switzerland. They must have been special clinics because I seemed to be the only patient, even though there were many doctors and staff . The clinics had large grounds so that I could play outside and I could do almost anything I wanted as long as it was within the grounds and with the staff or their children. I was never on my own. I was never let out to see the real world. All my schooling was done privately by the clinic, with tutors coming in to visit. I soon got to realise that I was somehow being treated in a special way. The other children went home. They went to normal schools. The story I got was that I had got a rare brain disease which needed constant monitoring and treatment. This accounted for my childhood amnesia. My parents were super rich and had provided a trust for my care, with explained the private clinics.

They had been killed in a plane crash just before I recovered from the near coma state at age ten.”

She paused, drained her glass and I refilled it, not daring to speak. I nodded again to ask her to continue.

“Then I began to realise how special I really was. I was so much better at everything than the other kids. I didn’t have the power then that I showed you just now, but I was still very strong. Sometimes I would hurt one of the kids without meaning to when we were mucking around, and when this had happened a few times, they were not brought to the clinic any more. I was told that they had done some new tests and there was a possibility that I was infectious. I was alone with the doctors and staff after that.

Anyway to cut a long story short, as I began to develop as a woman so did my strength. I made no secret of it and they told me that it must be part of the brain condition. They seemed to be testing me more and more - blood tests, urine, electro this and that; X-ray , the whole thing. I’m probably radioactive the amount of X-rays they shot into me! Then I began to get difficult. First of all they had imprisoned me, then convinced me, and then told me that I would die without them; so I stayed and co-operated - but after a while I couldn’t give a damn and I told them so. I didn’t mind if I died but I was going out to see the world before it happened and if they tried to stop me, they had better watch out.”

She stared into the fire for a few seconds and then carried on.

“Things changed suddenly after that. They must have drugged me because I seemed to have missed a week. I could tell from the television and newspapers. They said I had gone through a sort of mini stroke to do with the condition; but I did not believe them any more. As soon as I came to, the nurses sent for someone. I had never seen him before and he said he was the administrator of the fund and the clinic. He told me that the fund had run out and that my treatment was to stop. There was another fund to take care of me but it was not under his control. I was to leave the clinic and live in a house in England which used to be my parent’s place. It had never been sold after their death.

There was a good chance I could lead a normal life because the tests that they had done during the recent coma indicated that it was part of some healing process and the signs of my condition were disappearing rapidly. Then another older man came in and took over. He was an English solicitor, or so he said. The new fund would provide very comfortably for me for the rest of my life but there were conditions - the main ones being to do with secrecy. I was not to tell my story in any degree to anyone. I was just to say that I had spent my life in Switzerland and that’s where I was educated and that was all - no mention of the clinics or the condition or treatment. Also I was not to visit the clinics or try and contact any of the people from the clinics or try to contact the fund executors in any way. If I broke any of the conditions the money would stop and the fund would be donated to charity. The house was under the control of the fund so I would lose that too. Now one hundred thousand a year and a large house in the country with no need to work - and I was eighteen! Just think of it! I played ball OK! What do you think so far?”

I was so engrossed by the story that I failed to realise she had asked me a question.

“Er?.. What..? Oh , I’m fascinated. Go on.”

“Anyway I was installed here and I had the time of my life for years and years. I went round the world, had a series of lovers and did all the catching up I had to - and a lot more! I just had a great time of it but I was very careful to stay out of the news and keep my secrets. I did not go around bending steel bars or throwing cars around - that’s for sure! In all that time I never had any relapses or medical symptoms of any kind - not even a headache. More recently though, starting a few years ago, I began to tire of the jet set life and got more and more curious about my background.”

She looked into my eyes and put her finger under my chin to pull my head a little closer.

“Listen Kevin. I don’t know who I am! I don’t know... WHAT I am!”

I was shocked to see that tears were welling up in her eyes.

“And that’s why I need your help. I’m going to find out!”

I had followed her tack and wanted to stay with it.

“But what about the fund? You will lose it; and the house if they catch on. Why not just enjoy it and forget about who you are. You have everything anyone could want.”

“I need to know.” She said quietly. “I just need to know. Anyway, I don’t need the fund any more. My businesses have seen to that. I told you I’m worth millions; the fund could not have done that. It was just to keep me comfortable.”

I noticed that she had got a queer look in her eye. I had seen it before. Then I felt her hand on my belt, feeling for the buckle and beginning to undo it. I flinched at the thought of her snapping it again, but she continued to be gentle. The button of my jeans went next and then I felt the zip being pulled down slowly. She was staring into my eyes.

“So will you help me, Kevin? I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”