Lesson Three

Riding Lessons

Lesson 3

It won’t be a surprise that I did not get much sleep that night! My body was aching; my mind was numb, and I think I was in mild shock. I had read about it somewhere in an article. The kind of thing you get after a car accident or a bad fall - or being unexpectedly attacked by a huge wild animal! That was more like it. My mind had been filled with the experience all night - turning it over and over - replaying it - reliving the terror and the humiliation. But with each replay something was being edited in. I eventually realised what it was. No matter what happened and how bruised I was, I had just had sex with the most beautiful and exciting woman I had ever seen. She was a total goddess. The part of my mind that was male had been sparring with the part that was person.

Another thing shocked me quite a bit. I had tried to comfort myself with thoughts of Angie. She was the reason I was here in the first place. This was not real. It would soon be over and I would continue my riding somewhere as far as possible from here. As I fixed my mind on Angie and called up images of her, a little voice seemed to be saying ‘She could be a bit taller. Look how thin and soft her legs are - they could be a bit more shapely. Those breasts are nice and big but don’t look too firm; and just look at those narrow shoulders and painfully skinny arms. She could do with joining a fitness class or something.’ I thought I was going mad. I wanted Angie’s legs to be a bit more like Glo’s. Her shoulders and arms. her face.her hair. No! What was going on?

It was getting light outside and I had to sort myself out. Would I be allowed to leave? What was I going to do about clothes? I peered down at the floor to where I thought my tattered jeans would be but there was nothing there. The dildo had vanished as well. Glo had been in during the night and tidied up! I switched on the bedside lamp and noticed a chair in the middle of the room which had not been there last night. Some things were piled on it and there were four large cardboard boxes by the side.

I shuffled over and saw that there was an envelope and a piece of headed note paper on top of the pile. “Armitage Riding” was printed at the top with a logo; and underneath, “Everything for the horse and rider”.

That was where I bought the riding book in the village! There was a chain of about ten of these shops over the south of England. Did Glo own them? The message was written in black felt pen.

“Kevin , I had to leave early and I’m out all day. Here are some clothes to get you home. They will also be suitable for your next riding lesson. Take what you want - no charge. There is some money in the envelope to replace your jeans and trainers etc.

Next lesson Thursday evening at 7 sharp.


P.S. Buy some more fashionable trainers next time.”

I stared in disbelief for a few seconds and then realised that there was something else behind the chair. My trainers - or what was left of them; they had gone the same way as the shoes last night. The envelope was sealed and I opened it; there were four fifty pound notes inside! Also my car keys and what must have been some loose change from my jeans. I rummaged through the clothes - all brand new riding gear. Jodhpurs, polo shirts, roll neck tops and a wax jacket. The boxes contained ankle length boots- jodhpur boots like I had seen pictures of in the book- two pairs with elastic sides and two with straps, black and brown, in my size. She must keep the stock for the shops at the house. It all looked like the best quality stuff.

There was no time to muck around. I was not quite sure that she was really out and the thing to do now was make a run for it and think things over at a safe distance. I tried on a pair of jodhpurs in a blue stretchy material and they fitted perfectly. The black top, like a sweatshirt, was also a good fit as were the black elastic sided boots. I knew it was cold outside and I picked up the jacket, but then had second thoughts and left it on the chair along with the money. It was a lot of cash and she had ruined my clothes but they were not new and I wanted to be involved as little as possible.

I picked up my keys and walked slowly along the corridor to the top of the staircase, down to the hall as quietly as I could and out into the courtyard. There had been a light fall of snow overnight and I saw what must have been Glo’s footprints heading across the yard in the direction of my car. The large doors to her garage were open and I saw fresh tyre tracks leading out of it towards the road. So she had gone and I was free! As I strode across the yard I noticed that my car had been moved. It must have been blocking the garage. There were a lot of footprints around the rear bumper and curiously no tracks behind the rear wheels. She must have just picked up the back of the car and moved it out of the way like she was wheeling a barrow! I drove home faster than I should have in those conditions.

I had to go to work the next day but I could hardly concentrate on my job. It was lucky that testing electronic components is not the most taxing occupation in the world! All I could think about was Glo; and Thursday 7 sharp. That was the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow evening I had a dinner date with Angie. I had not even slept with Angie yet, and here was Glo who had rampant violent sex on our first meeting, shows concern at ‘being a bit rough’, then acts as if nothing had happened and expects me back for more! On another level you could say that I had two women on the go at the same time! What a hunk! Only this great stud nearly got all his bones broken and was not in any state to demonstrate his manhood even if he was given the chance.

Through the day, I decided that I had three choices as far as Glo was concerned: stay clear, reason with her, or play her at her own game and just turn up, smiling, ready for a riding lesson.

If I stayed clear she might find me. She might be annoyed and I would always be worrying about it. I wasn’t sure what she might do. If I went back - if I had the guts to go back - I might end up in hospital! The more I thought about it the more I made up my mind that I should discuss what happened and just say that there was some misunderstanding- I’m not really into that sort of thing and anyway there was a mix up over the riding holiday and I’m not going, so don’t need the lessons. At least that could be done over the phone.

That evening at about six, I downed a vodka, made myself another double, and picked up the phone. My heart jumped a beat just at the sound of the receiver being picked up the other end.

‘Gloria Armitage’ Her voice was sexy and business-like.

I steeled myself. ‘It’s Kevin.’

Before I could get another word in she gave what sounded like a yelp of delight and said, ‘Kevin! Kevin! I’m so glad you phoned! I would have phoned you but I don’t have the number. I don’t even know your surname. I’ve been so worried all day. I was so bad to you. I know you may never forgive but please try. I’m so sorry - just got carried away. Its unforgivable. I know you’re angry. You left the money and everything. I have to make it up to you. Let me buy you dinner - or let me cook for you - I’ve got everything here and I am the greatest cook in the world. Please come over. Please!’

I was speechless! I just made a sort of gargling noise.

‘Seven. Come over at seven. I’ll get some Champagne on ice. See you!’

She hung up. I just stared blankly at the phone and the vodka tumbler slipped out of my hand. I looked down at it and waited till what was left of my consciousness simmered down.

The voice in the back of my head started up again- and don’t ask me where it came from because I don’t know.

‘OK so she’ll probably rip you limb from limb. Don’t worry about it. That’s a great- looking woman! Send your remains to me for cremation!’

I started to get all fatale. Sod it! She won’t kill me. Don’t be a wimp! Anyway, now she’s being gentle. Maybe she’s playing another game but perhaps I should show her that I’m not intimidated. All day I couldn’t get her out of my mind! She was so beautiful! Gorgeous! Like she didn’t belong on this planet at all! Half the reason for wanting to talk to her on the phone was that I needed her - to see her - to hear her - anything. She scared the hell out of me but that just made it extra spicy. I was hooked!

I found myself getting undressed and having a shower. I was still very sore and when I slipped slightly on the wet floor of the shower cubicle it sent a twinge of pain all the way up my side. I noticed that my right arm was one huge bruise from the elbow up.

Drying off, I picked out some new jeans, a proper shirt and a smartish jacket. If she ripped these up then she definitely would have to buy me some more. As I picked up my keys to leave I said to myself

‘What are you doing? This is stupid!’ But I could not help myself. Something was pushing from the back and pulling from the front. It had been snowing quite heavily all day and the main road out of the village was very slushy. I drove slowly and arrived at about 7:15. On the way I had tried to condition myself. Everything she had done up until now had left me numbed. She never did anything that was normal. I must not just stare open mouthed and paralysed at her. Get Cool! I repeated that several times. Be cool! Whatever she does, be cool! Glo must have seen me pull in to the yard because she was waiting at the front door. As I walked up my knees started to feel weak.. a theme with Glo! It was the most stunning vision I had ever experienced! The way she looked when I saw her in the hall that evening will be seared into my mind forever.

Starting from the top, and it was a long way up because she was in heels again, she had styled her hair into a pleated pony-tail which ended half way down her back. Something that looked like gold threads seemed to be woven into this and they glinted and sparkled. She had done something unbelievable with her make up and the whole image was set off with some amazing pendulous gold and diamond earrings. As I was taking this in, her perfume hit me like a ton of bricks. She was wearing a gold and silver jacket that looked like it had come straight from the catwalk of some exclusive fashion show - loose enough to be very stylish and tight enough to show the contours of her unique upper body. There was a red and gold sash around her waist and every muscular curve of her legs showed in detail through stretchy white leggings. The heels, about three inches of them, belonged to some incredible calf length gold and silver boots which must have come from the same fashion show and looked as if they cost a month’s salary.

I started to wipe my feet on the mat while I gaped, speechless, and she just smiled, put her hands under my armpits, lifted me up gently and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips.

‘I thought you weren’t going to come.’ she said softly. Without putting me down, she stretched out her left leg and pushed the door shut behind me with the toe of her boot. Then she lowered me to the floor and dusted some snow off my jacket.

‘You’re looking very smart.’ she beamed.

Beside her I looked like a tramp! But I just managed to say something like ‘You look out of this world!’ At that she gave me a very sexy cheeky grin, winked and said ‘I am out of this world! Lets go into the lounge. I’ve got a huge log fire going and it’s very cosy.’

Before I knew what was happening she had scooped me up and cradled me in her powerful arms. She grinned down at me, gave me another kiss and carried me into the room. I could see two large armchairs drawn up in front of a roaring fire, and she took me straight over to one of them and lowered me gently into it.

Be cool! Be cool! Say something.


She was on her way to the bar when I said it and she turned and gave me a strange look. I had surprised her - for the first time. A whole flurry of butterflies took off in my stomach. She raised an eyebrow and looked me up and down with an expression that said ‘I’m impressed. I may use you as a breakfast snack rather than eating you for dinner as I had planned!’ Then she smiled.

‘I’ll get the Champagne.’

She returned with a bottle and two elegant glasses. She placed the glasses on the spur - scratched coffee table between the two armchairs and idly pulled on the cork, twisting it out of the bottle without even undoing the gold foil or the wire cage! There was a muted pop and she poured the frothing wine into the glasses, spilling quite a lot carelessly, deliberately. Then she squatted down in front of me, putting her right hand on my thigh. It seemed to send a jolt of electricity up my leg.

‘Cheers!’ She raised her glass and I picked up mine and chinked the two together.

She downed the whole glassful quickly and squeezed my thigh at the same time.

‘Ooh! This is good stuff! I’ve just taken delivery of two cases of it so I’m glad.’

I agreed but was worried about my leg. What could have been an involuntary closing of her fingers as she tasted the cold wine felt like a some bolt cutters being tightened up. Her red polished nails were digging into me painfully.

‘Ouch!’ I said trying to smile at the same time. She looked down at my leg.

‘Sorry. I must be careful with you! Concentrate Glo!’ she said playfully.

Be cool! ‘How come you can do all these things?’

She held her glass out to me and flexed her right bicep so that the jacket sleeve bulged as if there was a cricket ball stuffed up it.

‘You mean this?’

I filled her glass. ‘That! You must work out every day to get as strong as you are.’

She smiled at me as if I had missed some point.

‘I do the workouts to loosen up. The strength is just natural.’

‘What! It can’t be! You are as strong as a gorilla!’ The simile just popped out but didn’t sound quite right so I added ‘And look like an angel!’

She seemed highly amused.

‘It would take an army of gorillas to give me a problem. And they had better bring a few tank divisions with them for support!’

I laughed. She was being silly and her eyes were so bright and sparkling. I watched her down the second glass. At this rate we would need another bottle soon.

‘I admire your confidence! I said, following her tack.

‘I’m serious.’ She said raising an eyebrow. ‘I really am that powerful!’

‘OK, OK I believe you.’ I said mockingly. She gave a theatrical yawn and looked over towards the large fireplace.

‘Tell you what,’ she said, ‘see that poker over there. Go and pick it up and tell me what you think it’s made of.’

I walked over and grabbed it - a very heavy ornamental poker - three feet long and half an inch in diameter. It was shiny and didn’t look like cast iron.

‘OK, I’d say half inch gauge steel, solid by the weight of it. So what?’

‘Try and bend it.’ She said, flashing me one of her sexy cheeky grins.

‘Don’t be daft!92' I said.

‘No go on, make sure it isn’t made of lead or something.’

I played along because I was enjoying the game and the champagne was having its first effect. I clowned around, first trying it against my knee and pretending to be surprised that it would not bend. She giggled. Then I rested one end on the raised hearth with the other end on the carpet and jumped up and down on it making funny faces and doing chicken wing flaps with my arms. She laughed. I was a star and responded to my audience. Then I did a mime artist’s pose of thinking hard for a few seconds. The finale was beating one of the logs to death with it until bits of bark were flying everywhere. I was quite exhausted.

‘Nope. That is half inch solid steel or I’m a Dutchman!’ She laughed again and waived her empty glass at me.

‘Bring it over here - and fill up my glass!’

I sat back down in the armchair and filled the two glasses. Glo was twiddling the poker in her powerful fingers like a pencil.

‘Remember that tankard?’ she said. How could I forget it! I nodded. ‘Well a gorilla could do that, possibly, but not this.’

She stopped twiddling the poker and arranged her fingers like you would if you were going to snap the pencil.

‘Watch!’ She flexed her fingers and the poker started to bend! This I could not believe! I was seeing it but it just could not be! She continued until the poker was a perfect U shape. No chance of being cool now! I was gaping again. Party trick? But how could it be? Then she took the ends and tied a knot in the bar as if it was a piece of rope, even pulling the ends afterwards to tighten it! My mind was blown again.

She tossed the poker to me and stood up.

‘Put that back in the fireplace, will you. I’ll go and get another bottle.’