Riding Lessons - Chapter Two


Riding Lessons

Lesson Two.

I drifted in and out of consciousness and in fleeting moments I was aware of being carried. The side of my face was bumping against something hard, covered in whitish material. The world was upside down. I glimpsed black leather and shiny steel.

My sluggish mind eventually realised that I was over Glo’s shoulder and going up a marble staircase. She was taking the stairs two at a time at a run and I was flapping around, secured by her steel like fingers buried painfully in my thigh. The something hard was her right buttock. We reached a landing and her riding boots made a very loud echoing tock-tock noise on some parquet flooring of a corridor. She carried me through a door and I felt myself flying through the air until I landed on a soft surface.

Then I must have passed out again.

When I came to I realised I was naked. I propped myself up on one elbow and saw my clothes piled on the floor beside the bed. Even though it was January, the heating must have been very good because it was pleasantly warm. A door to an adjoining room was open and I could hear someone moving around. Glo emerged from the other room and made me jump. She was completely naked and I could not believe her body. No wonder she could toss me around as if I weighed nothing! Every inch of her was covered in beautiful, toned muscle - not angular like a man’s but smooth and curvy.

She reminded me of a tigress, but with a deep tan instead of stripes. She was drying her hair with a large white towel. My eyes filled with her huge, firm perfectly shaped breasts and terrifying shoulders and biceps. Despite the overwhelming image of power she was amazingly feminine and sexy at the same time. I could do nothing but gape at her.

“Shower!” she said in a voice that you did not argue with. She was pointing to the en- suite and as I crawled off the bed, she threw me the towel.

I saw her turn and go back into the other room. My mind started to overload again.

It said to me - bedroom, naked, shower... RAPE! There was no other possibility. I was her toy in the riding school and now I was going to be her toy in bed. Something made me look down at my willy. It was obviously in shock and had shrunk down to a tiny cocktail sausage, like it did when I went swimming in the sea last April.

I showered and then dried myself in the warm room. The lights in the adjoining room went out and then I noticed that all the bulbs in the chandelier above my head were beginning to dim. They went down to about quarter intensity and I held my breath. I half expected Glo to jump out from somewhere and savage me, but nothing happened.

I must have waited for about five minutes, absolutely petrified, but still nothing.

Perhaps there was to be no rape - no sex. Perhaps she was letting me go to bed here and was already asleep in the other room. I quietly climbed into the bed, and then realised that I should be going home. What was I thinking of! I looked across at the door. It must be locked! She must just want to imprison me. I crept over to it and tried the handle. It wasn’t locked at all! Perhaps I was free to go - she had become bored with the game and had left me to find my own way out. My heart started to pound and I made sure that it was the loudest noise in the room as I slipped my clothes on. I had just got my sweatshirt over my head when I looked up and froze.

Glo had entered the room without a sound and was standing a few yards from me. She was wearing a bra and knickers in some kind of black material. I suddenly realised that they were made of soft leather! She seemed to tower over me more than ever and I looked down to see that she was wearing high heeled shoes, making her almost seven feet tall!

She stood with her legs slightly apart and her hands on her hips. She was licking her upper lip the way I had seen before.

“I did not say you could put you clothes on, little Kevin, now did I?”

I tried to answer her but I was transfixed and could not form the words. She took a step forward and put her hands either side of my neck. I felt her slip her fingers under the material at the neck of my sweatshirt and then without seeming to use any effort at all, she just stretched her arms out and there was a loud ripping noise as my sweatshirt and the tea-shirt under it were torn completely in two! The tattered halves slid from my arms and she let them drop to the floor.

Then she locked my head in her huge hands, bent down and kissed me full on the mouth - really hard, almost sucking the air from my lungs. She kissed me so passionately, first sucking and then pushing her tongue into me so far that it blocked off my air! She released my head from the vice grip and cupped her left hand around my neck- her grip tightened again and I thought she was going to snap it just for fun, but she just held it while she continued to kiss me. The fingers of her free right hand ran down my back and under the belt of my jeans. She fondled my buttocks for a while and then gripped the belt at my hip really firmly. Then her left hand released my neck and moved down to grip the belt on the other side.

I really thought my back had been broken! She had suddenly jerked her hands outwards and there was a sharp crack. At the same time I felt as if I had been cut in half. She knelt down and effortlessly spread her arms like before, ripping my jeans around the crotch and then tearing them down the legs. When she stood up, she was holding half of the thick leather belt and one shredded leg of the jeans in each hand.

My underpants had gone the same way. She licked her lips again and looked my naked body up and down. Then she shook her head slightly and made a tut-tut sound.

“You really don’t take care of your little body, do you,” she said. “And just what I am going to do with THAT, I don’t know!” She was eyeing my willy disdainfully.

All I could say was “Please let me go. I want to go home now.”

She laughed. “Without any clothes? I think not.”

She grabbed me by my bruised left arm and jerked it to the side so that I crashed to the floor. Then she lifted her right foot and I thought she was going to crush my head, but she slid her heel down and trapped my neck under the arched sole. Her foot was so big and the heel so high that my neck survived.

“What shall I do with you now, I wonder,” she said, looking at me as if I was a slight annoyance to her.

She bent down and grabbed me by my left ankle, and releasing my neck just in time to stop my head being pulled off, picked me up using only her left arm, dangled me upside down for a few seconds and then grabbed my wrist and turned me the right way up. She did not seem to be using any effort at all. I was dangling in mid air again, and she was holding me up with just her left arm with her huge hand closed around my right bicep. She straightened her arm out and lifted me a bit higher a few times as if testing my weight. The muscles in her shoulder started to harden and bunch up and she seemed to be getting turned on, because I noticed that she was licking her upper lip again.

After a few minutes she lowered me to the floor and smiled.

“You’re cute,” she said and gave me a wide girlish smile that did not fit in with what she was doing to me. “But a bit on the short side. I think it’s you that should be wearing the heels!”

She kicked off her shoes and ordered me to put them on! For a second I thought of objecting, but I knew what that could mean. I bent down and stood the shoes up side by side and then climbed into them. My feet seemed to disappear into the toes leaving a huge gap at the heels. She laughed cruelly.

“You really do have tiny little feet, don’t you!”

I was about three inches taller but she still towered over me. She gave me a scornful look and walked across the room shaking her head and tut-tutting. Then she laughed and said “No I don’t think they suit you. I’ve never liked them anyway.”

She came over and grabbed me by my bruised right arm again, lifted me out of the shoes and threw me carelessly onto the bed. Then she bent down and scooped up the shoes, crushing then together with her incredibly powerful fingers. She had them by the heel end and I watched as she looked down at them and tightened her grip so that the veins in her forearm started to show. There were two loud cracks as the heels snapped away. Then seemingly absent-mindedly, she just grabbed the toe ends with her other hand and just ripped them in two like an unwanted piece of junk mail. The torn bits were thrown onto the bed in front of me.

“Put those in the waste paper basket. I’m going to use the bathroom.”

I did as she ordered and found myself going back to the bed because that’s what I thought she would want. I had just climbed into it when I was aware of her again.

With a few cat-like movements she was on top of me. She held both my wrists above my head with her left hand and entwined her steel legs around mine so that I was being stretched as if I was on a rack! I thought my legs were going to snap like twigs any second. Then she relaxed slightly and ran the fingers of her right hand down the side of my face.

“Now I’m going to show you how I ride.” She whispered. “We will start at the walk and then go on to the trot and canter. I don’t think we can risk the gallop or jumping until you’re better trained.”

I whimpered and she smacked me lightly on the side of the face. She was rubbing her leather knickers into my groin, gently at first and then more powerfully. My balls and willy were being crushed and pummelled. She noticed me grimacing with the pain and stopped.

“I think we’re going to need the training harness.” She released me, rolled off the bed and strode across the room to a large fitted wardrobe. When she opened the door it looked like a tack room inside. There were all sorts of whips and leather straps and other strange objects that I could not recognise. She rummaged around and pulled out something I did recognise, although I had only ever seen pictures of it. She walked back towards the bed carrying a huge strap-on dildo. It must have been well over a foot long and nearly three inches in diameter!

Oh no, I thought. This is it! She’s going to take me up the ass and I am going to die.

With the power in her body she could split me in two and disembowel me with that thing.

“Please don’t!” I screamed “You’ll kill me. Please!”

She just looked at me pityingly and said “Don’t be so silly. Now lie still while I make you into a stallion. I always prefer to ride stallions.”

Instead of what I had thought, she started strapping the dildo onto me! I noticed that it had something at the base of the willy that looked like a cricket box, and she placed this cup over my genitals and did up the straps around my back and the tops of my legs. The dildo was hard and heavy as if it was made out of metal. It also seemed to be hollow so that an erect penis could go up the inside.

“Umm!” She purred. “That’s more like it. You’re a rival for Black Devil now!”

She pushed me down and flattened my chest into the duvet with the palm of her left hand. Then she straddled me and got my wrists above my head as before. I was helpless. I could not fight her or reason with her. All I could do was lie there and take what was to come.

Her long blonde hair fell down onto my face as she slowly rubbed herself on the dildo.

She hadn’t removed her leather knickers and when she pushed down, they were forced up into her pussy, her weight driving my hips down into the bed. Then she gave a powerful thrust and there was a tearing sound. The dildo had gone right through the leather and penetrated her up to the hilt. She let out a scream of pleasure and ripped off her leather bra as if it was made of paper.

She rode me faster and faster for what must have been five minutes but she didn’t look at me at all. She had her eyes shut and seemed to be in a trance most of the time. I was being pounded and twisted and all I could think of through the pain was whether my arms or legs would break first.

I think I’m still here to tell this story because she let go of my wrists just before she came. She spread out her arms and grabbed the two short ornamental metal posts at the head of the bed, at the same time unwrapping her legs from mine, and then let out a deafening almost animal-like yell. The pounding stopped. I was going to live. She was motionless apart from deep rhythmical breathing which pushed her huge firm breasts into my chest. I became conscious of how heavy she was on top of me now that she was still.

After what must have been ten minutes she stirred, and as if we had been petting gently, kissed me softly on the cheek.

“I’m sorry if I was a bit rough,” she whispered, “I’ve been feeling so randy all week. I promise to be more gentle with you next time.”

She climbed off the dildo and kissed me gently again before walking slowly through the adjoining door, closing it behind her. I looked down at the huge false erection. It was glistening but seemed to be dented and twisted somehow. I thought it must be my swimming blurred vision. I reached down and painfully unstrapped it, throwing it to the floor. None of my bones seemed to be broken and it seemed I had no choice but to spend the night right where I was and see what the morning brought. The last things I noticed that day were the brass bed posts. They were crushed and twisted as if they had been under a steamroller.