Riding Lessons - Chapter 1

Riding Lessons

Lesson One.

I met Angie at a Christmas party and fell head over heels for her on the spot. She was a gorgeous brunette - just my type - petite, slim with breasts slightly too large for her and a sexy sweet face. At five foot two, she was just perfect for me. Sally, who I had just broken up with, was exactly my height, five foot seven, and when she was in a bitchy mood which was all the time recently, she used to wear high heels to annoy me. Now I really like high heels, but not when your girlfriend is looking down her nose at you. It all came to a head a few weeks before Christmas. We had gone to our local pub and there were some guys standing at the bar. One of them was good looking and about six foot two. Sally had her four inch heels on despite my asking her not to wear them, and well you guessed it - she was all over this guy and ignored me totally for two hours. I had never seen her enjoying herself so much. That was it! I was pretty upset for a while, but then Angie came along and everything is perfect.

Well almost perfect. Angie has a consuming passion - and almost only one topic of conversation, and that is horse riding. At the party I had to think quickly. We were really getting on and I was getting high on her perfume - and then she asked me if I could ride. I said no and she looked at me as if I had just farted or something. She looked down at her empty glass and I could tell that she was not interested any more.

“Well I haven’t done much recently.” I said. “I did a lot as a kid but not for years now.” I was saved. She asked me to get her another drink and wanted to hear about my horsey exploits. My real riding experience was a five minute go on a donkey at the age of six, and I fell off three times! I must have spent a good hour chatting to her about my fictional horseback adventures and I got away with it, mainly because I could hardly get a word in, and nodded wisely when she went on about running martingales and snaffles and so on - what ever they were.

So there I was with a slight problem. Of course she asked me to go riding with her. She goes every Sunday morning at the local stable, sometimes Saturdays as well and a couple of evenings a week in the summer. She used to have her own horse but that became too much hassle when she started working. I had to move fast! The next day I bought a book "Learning to Ride" with lots of pictures in it and all the jargon. Most of the pictures were of this really attractive woman in tight jodhpurs and leather riding boots. I imagined Angie dressed like that and got really turned on. I also bought some time with a convenient sprained back and said I’d be OK in a few weeks. How long did it take to learn and how could I do it without being found out? The local stable was out of bounds and if it was just weekend lessons it may take months. The book told me about "Indoor Schools" so you could have evening lessons in the winter and I thumbed through the Yellow Pages that afternoon.

Most of the places in the main ads were no good - too far away or didn’t do evenings. Then I saw this small entry. "Riding Lessons. Private establishment with Indoor School" and a local number. I dialled and the phone was answered almost immediately with the most amazingly sexy woman’s voice I had ever heard. I explained my need to learn to ride quickly because of a riding holiday I had booked in two weeks time and she said it was no problem. I asked when I could start and she said

“Well if you’re in that much of a hurry come over this evening.”

I followed her directions and pulled into the large courtyard of an impressive country house. Being January it was dark but as I arrived some outside lights went on in the courtyard and the stable block which formed one side of it. A barn was on the other side, and lights came on in that as well. There was nobody about but I could see a couple of horses looking out from the stalls so I walked over. I was nervously stroking one of the horses and having second thoughts at the size of it when I heard some footsteps across the yard.

I turned around and nearly had a heart attack. She must have been about six foot five - an amazon and stunning! She had the face of a Goddess with long blonde hair flowing down over a stylish designer black leather jacket - short like a flying jacket, and pulled in at the waistband. You could see that she had very full breasts by the way they pushed out the leather. On the phone she sounded super confident and mature so I had put her at around forty, but she was closer to thirty. She was wearing jodhpurs just like in the book and her black leather riding boots crunched loudly over the concrete. I saw a glint of metal at her heel and realised that she was wearing spurs as well. I also noticed a long riding crop dangling from her left wrist by a loop of leather strap at its handle. She flashed me a gorgeous sexy smile and held out a large leather gloved hand.

“Hi. I’m Gloria Armitage. Just call me Glo. All my friends do.”

She shook my hand so firmly that I felt something give and I winced at the stab of pain. She didn’t seem to notice and I got the impression that she didn’t mean to grip me that hard, and that she could have crushed my hand to pulp if she had wanted to. She held on to it for a few seconds as she smiled down at me and we exchanged pleasantries.

“This is Beano.” She said, pointing at the smaller horse. “And that’s Black Devil, my stallion. You’ll be riding Beano of course. Devil is a bit of a handful, even for me.”

She went into the stall and I saw that Beano was already saddled up. As she led the horse across the yard I walked beside her, and noticed that she was looking me up and down.

“Those jeans are OK,” she said “but the trainers aren’t so good. They haven’t got heels, and your foot could slip through the stirrups. What size do you take?”

“Er, seven.” I said. She grinned.

“How dainty!” she said in a playfully mocking way. “I was going to lend you a pair of my boots but I’m a size ten. Not to worry, but you will remember next time, won’t you?”

I promised.

We entered the barn which was in fact the indoor school, and she led Beano across the wood shavings to the centre. She pulled the stirrups down on each side and tightened the girth. I watched and noticed how powerful she looked. I could see huge thigh muscles moving under her jodhpurs and when she strained on the straps of the girth, the mound of her right bicep stretched the leather of her jacket sleeve quite tight. She was definitely not "my type" but she was having an overpowering effect on me.

She looked round and caught me staring open mouthed.

“Come on then.” she said with another sexy grin. “Show me how you mount.”

She said that in a way which left no doubt that she was being playful. I walked up and she told me to hold the reins in my left hand and put my left foot in the stirrup. When I tried to mount the horse moved slightly and I only got half way. I tried again and the same thing happened. Then I nearly jumped out of my skin as her big gloved hand flew past my head and whacked loudly against the horse’s neck with so much force that Beano took a step to the side.

“Behave!” she boomed, and then smiled down at me. “He’s only being naughty. Always does that with someone new.”

Beano stood perfectly still as I tried for the third time, but I still couldn’t do it. As I was about to try again I felt her hand grip the back of my belt and pull up on it. My right foot came off the ground but I wasn’t ready and my left foot slipped out of the stirrup. I thought I was going to hit the ground but then I realised I was hanging in mid air. Glo burst out laughing. She was standing with her left hand on her hip whilst dangling me by my belt with her outstretched right arm.

“That’s no way to get on a horse!” She giggled and then lowered me to the ground so that I was on all fours. My mind was reeling. I stayed there like a dog for a few seconds just staring at her boots and then came to my senses. I was really annoyed and jumped to my feet scowling at her.

“Hey just a minute,” I blustered , “I don’t like being thrown around like that.”

The smile vanished from her face and she looked very hurt.

“Oh I’m so sorry!” She said, in a genuine tone. “It was just so funny and I forget how strong I am sometimes. I was pumping some heavy weights in my workout this morning and that always makes me a bit playful. “

I was still scowling at her and brushing the wood chips off the sleeve of my sweatshirt. She put her hands on my shoulders and smiled sweetly down at me.

“You will forgive me, won’t you?” she purred.

I could feel her hands slowly moving from my shoulders to my upper arms. Her grip tightened as she waited for my answer.

“Please ?” she tightened her grip still more and at the same time moved her hands inwards locking my arms to my sides. I just glared at her.

“Pretty please ?”

The grip on my arms was getting painful and she pushed her hands inwards still more so that my shoulders were hunched up and my chest was beginning to hurt. Then I realised that my feet were dangling off the ground. If I didn’t say something I was going to be in big trouble so I blurted out -

“I forgive you. Put me down!”

She loosened the steel like grip and pushed me slightly so that I fell onto my back. Before I could get up she strode over and planted her right boot on my chest and stood there with her hands on her hips. She wasn’t putting all her weight on me but enough so that I couldn’t move and had a bit of difficulty breathing. I grabbed her boot and tried to push it off but it wouldn’t move a millimetre. I noticed how tiny my hands and wrists looked compared with the size of her foot and calf and I gave up.

“And no more tantrums. Do you promise? “ She said softly.

I felt the anger welling up again, but this time I was scared with it. She obviously had perfected the technique of getting the answer she wanted and I could feel the pressure from the heel of her boot increasing ever so slowly.

“Promise ?”

I promised - just in time to save my ribs! She lifted her boot and stood astride me while I breathed deeply. My heart was pounding. I was really terrified at what she was going to do next. I’ve never felt so helpless. She bent down from the waist and gathered up the front of my sweatshirt in her right hand. Then she just straightened up and whisked me to my feet like a rag doll.

“Go and get Beano.” She snapped and sent me on my way with a swipe from her crop. My ass was stinging badly as I walked over to the corner of the school where the horse was standing. My mind just could not cope with what had happened and I realised that tears were streaming down my cheeks. What was going on ? What could I do ? What was she going to do ? I began to think it was a nightmare, but the pain in my ass told me it was all real.

I led Beano back to where she was standing. Before I could try to mount again she just put her hands around my waist from the back and lifted me high into the air before ramming down into the saddle so that my balls were squashed. I yelped with pain.

“Don’t make such a fuss!” She said, as if she was talking to a small child. She stuffed my feet into the stirrups and showed me how to hold the reins. Then she made a clicking sound with her tongue and whacked Beano’s rump lightly with the crop.

I bounced about in the saddle as the horse trotted around the perimeter.

“Don’t hold onto the saddle!” shouted Glo. “And sit up straight.”

I let go and immediately my feet came out of the stirrups and I slid off to the side, landing painfully. I heard a roar of laughter from the other end of the school.

The lesson lasted about two hours and by the end of it I could mount by myself and stay on at the trot for a few circuits at least; but there wasn’t one part of my body that wasn’t bruised and aching. When I fell off for what must have been the fiftieth time, Glo walked up and stood over me, stroking the end of her crop against my cheek. I was trembling uncontrollably, thinking she was going to punish me, but she just said -

“That’s enough for now. You’ve done very well.”

She left me sitting in the corner of the school and led Beano out across the yard. What was going to happen now ? I felt like making a run for it but I was so afraid of getting her angry. She was obviously playing with me like a toy, but actually teaching me at the same time. I just sat there, with aching limbs and a dazed mind. Soon I heard her shout from the door of the school.

“Come on Kevin, or you’ll be in the dark! Time for a drink.”

She wasn’t finished with me yet, but I was thirsty as hell and it didn’t sound too bad. I needed a drink soon or I would pass out! I had noticed a pub just a few hundred yards from the house and I assumed we were going there, but instead she took me by the arm and walked me over to the front of the large house. She ordered me to take off my trainers at the door, but she didn’t bother to remove her riding boots, and didn’t even wipe them on the mat. An imposing entrance hall led to a huge lounge with a drinks bar set in one corner.

“I live here all alone.” she said, waving her crop around. “Do you like it ?”

I said that I did and she ordered me to pour us both a beer from the wooden barrel standing on the bar. There were some pewter tankards by the side of it and I filled two of them with what looked and smelled like strong ale. I carried them over to where she was reclining on a sofa, resting her right boot on the coffee table in front of it. She didn’t seem to mind that her spur was scratching the polished wood. She took the tankard from me and downed the pint in one gulp. Then she did something that just blew my mind! She licked her lips and gave me a really funny look - like I was some tasty little morsel of food she was about to eat. I was watching her tongue as it moved slowly across the underside of her upper lip when I heard a sort of metallic crunching sound. I looked down at her leather gloved right hand which had closed around the heavy tankard and crushed it like a coke can. She opened her hand and held out the flattened, twisted object to me.

“Get me another drink, little Kevin.” she said calmly. “ In a fresh mug. And you’d better drink up to wet your whistle, because its time for you to lick my boots clean!”

My knees went weak and I fainted.