Elektra - Chapter three


Story of young prof and his beautiful Velorian superheroine sidekick.


* * * *

Falling through a wormhole - and I'm not entirely convinced that it's a wormhole at all - is vaguely reminiscent of my limited LSD experimentation. I half think that some old guy with a white beard, pointy hat, and magic wand is going to show up and ask (in true Gatesian fashion) "where do you want to go today." Unfortunately, I never get a choice as to where I'm going or when I'll get there. All I know is that through the hundred or so odd trips we've been on, the following has occurred with remarkable consistency:

* Elektra always shows up in the same dimensional reference point within 8 hours or so of my arrival.

* Elektra usually finds me within a few hours of *her* arrival.

* At least half of the time, I have already immersed into the local situation, more often than not embroiling myself into difficult predicaments some of which only a Velorian can extricate me from - acting much like the kid who mouths off in anticipation of his humongous older brother showing up to extricate him.

* Regardless of what has happened to us in the previous layover, our physical attributes are completely reset. Wounds have healed completely, scars disappear, even my hair, nails, earwax, whatever, are completely reset.

* Our stay in any one locale is rarely longer than ten days or shorter than two. Usually, the shorter stays are a direct result of my having been killed. Poor Elektra really takes these occurrences hard, but that's what happens when you fall in love with a puny and weak Terran.


I can assume that I died in Elektra's arms back in Constantinople as our stay there was the shortest on record - not even 24 hours. This is the first time we stayed anywhere and I didn't even get to eat for heaven's sake. I really hope Elektra gets a bath before she shows up at wherever we're going, she was looking pretty narly what with all that blood and gore all over her.

The image of her hurling those thugs to their death kept replaying through my mind. I remember the faces of the doomed men, their frozen expressions of abject dread contrasting with her savage, raw beauty and effortless, almost casual demeanor. Her insouciant temperament endured despite her extreme rage. In fact, I could not recall any time in the past when she had been quite that angry. In all, it was ghastly to watch my dazzlingly beautiful Velorian employ her boundless strength to such deadly effect. In fact, I'm beginning to believe that as our time-travels continue, she is placing less and less value on Terran life and casualties.

Though, I'm equally amazed at the fact that I find her lack of concern intensely erotic. Indeed Elektra can mete out death and suffering as efficiently as probably any creature in the known universe. This, combined with the fact that she's so damn ravishing drives me absolutely gaga with libidinous desire. I assume that it's some sort of sadistic streak in me that makes this so appealing. But what the hell - I mean, we're just trying to have a good time.

As I fall through a dark limbo I can't even feel or see my body, which is good because I know my stomach is going to start complaining loudly wherever I set down.


* * * *




The Marne, France: Evening, August 29th, 1914AD Mud. And lots of it.

I awoke about ten inches from a helmeted man who was staring oddly into my eyes. His features seemed ashen and his eyes were pallid and dull. I asked him who he was, but he remained silent and motionless. It was then that I noticed that his head was not attached to anything. There was an immense jagged wound around his neck and no body. I fairly leapt up and began running with frightened abandon as I really wanted no part of what had just happened to him. Gunfire immediately erupted from the woods directly behind me and I could hear fragments whizzing past my ears.

Another large helmeted man jumped up from a hole and yelled at me in German to get down. I truly wanted to and I considered this, but I was more interested in putting as much distance behind me and the folks that were shooting at me. The large man ran across the mud at me and performed a perfect open field tackle, sending both of us flying into another hole.

He immediately began pleading with me in German - a language I have learned pretty well through my time-travels - and handed me his rifle all the while staring at me with a crazed expression. I looked around an noticed six more soldiers, all Germans, sitting in our hole. They sat up stiffly and saluted me with a formality I thought absurd considering that we were all caked in thick mud. I looked down at my clothing and then felt my head. It was helmeted. This was incredible, I had never before emerged from the wormhole with a new set of clothing!

I removed my helmet an examined it. My heart skipped a beat as I noticed that it had ornate markings all over it and a giant detailed crest in the front. For god's sakes! I was at least a General, possibly a General in the German Army! These soldiers were staring at me agog and now of course I understood why. What the hell was a General doing so close to the front?

I had to find out the date. I asked the soldiers how they were faring and they all seemed in rotten spirits. I focused on one in particular and asked him what the date was in such a manner that it merely appeared as a test for battle fatigue. His answer gave me a precise understanding of what the situation was.

This was the first battle of the Marne. The pivotal German defeat that led to a war of attrition for four years. Germany had come so close to winning the war in six weeks had they not been stopped by a bold - and risky beyond all reason - British counterattack at the Marne in August of 1914. I knew exactly how the defeat occurred and, the combination of this knowledge and my apparent high military rank [as it turns out, I was General Alexander von Kluck, commander of the entire German Western Front] afforded me perhaps a foremost opportunity to really alter some large events - perhaps even change the outcome of the war!

The Germany that fought the First World War was nothing like the Germany that Fought the Second. This was an honorable, if somewhat aggressive nation that had gotten overly entangled in a complex and foolish system of alliances and treaties. This war should never have occurred and millions of innocent young men on both sides lost their lives needlessly.

'My God' I thought, if I could only change the outcome of this battle, I could possibly end this war within a few months, saving untold millions. I then realized that this line of thinking was so much foolishness. Anything I did would most assuredly be undone when I reentered the wormhole.

Or would it?

Already I had evidence that there were some differences on this particular journey, the clothes being the most obvious. Moreover, in the past intradimensional hops, we usually spilled out within a few centuries and a few thousand miles of our last space-time location. This jump was almost a full millennium. Strange tidings indeed.


* * * *


The Marne, France: Morning, August 30th, 1914AD

German Field Command Headquarters

I spoke to Elektra briefly last night. I told her all I needed was to take a defensive posture for a few days and acquire some medical supplies to patch up my troops. My heart soared as I explained how I could win this battle and, remarkably, perhaps hasten the end of the First World War. My mind raced with the possibilities. If Germany could defeat Britain and France here and now, I told her excitedly, the Second World War could be averted entirely. There would be no Weimar Republic, no punitive peace, with a shorter war perhaps no worldwide economic depression, and hence, no need for the insane leadership of Adolph Hitler!

Elektra listened with polite patience as I babbled on somewhat psychotically, but the constant interruptions I endured as Field Commander made it impossible for us to spend any *quality* time together. She basically warned me that if I didn't break out the Dreadnought soon she was going to forcibly rape the first handsome Terran she encountered. I shuddered at the graphic image that this statement engendered, but what could I do? My troops needed me I told her!

And of course this was plainly evident. Officers kept coming and going with regularity, each requiring a decision of some sort. I proudly introduced Elektra as my fiancee - and even in a nurses uniform, she still looked spectacular - but I don't think any of my officers believed me. But that was their problem, not mine.

I tried to impress upon Elektra the enormity of my newly acquired responsibility. I mean hell! "This was the era of the real Dreadnoughts!" I exclaimed. I told her if she just flew a few miles northwest she could glimpse a real live Dreadnought!

She just glared at me as if I had completely lost it (in retrospect, I think my priorities and sense of self importance may have gotten a little out of whack). Ignoring her complaints, I beseeched her to somehow find me the medical supplies to patch up my troops and then, I assured her, I would delight her and that unquenchable superheroine libido - all to her heart's content - and all six aortic chambers at that.

I moved to embrace her but she would have none of it. Instead of my usual warm hug, she grasped me with one hand by my belt and abruptly thrust me up over her head so that my feet and head dangled ridiculously downward. Utilizing just the great strength in her fingers, she spun me 180 degrees so that my eyes met hers, albeit mine were upside down. She seemed to be scowling and her piercing green eyes gave me a withering look, but I could have sworn she was half-smiling as well. Of course, even upside down she was gorgeous.

I made a funny face in an effort to elicit a full smile, but she wasn't taking the bait. As if she were tossing a twig, she casually flicked her wrist and hurled me across the makeshift headquarters so that I hit the soft tent wall with a 'Whump!' - almost collapsing the entire structure - and then slid unceremoniously into the mud.

"Thanks a lot!" I said with a genuine sense of bewilderment "this uniform was just cleaned!"

"Uniform!? Get a grip you moron!" she said indignantly while rolling her eyes, "Keep up this macho military bullshit and I guarantee you that *that* will have felt like a walk in the park by the time I'm through with you!"

I gulped. She doesn't talk to me like this very often - and when she does, I almost always deserve it. She turned around and stormed out, leaving me alone with the mud.

"Women!" I muttered - in German no less - to no one in particular.


* * * *


Approx. 100 kilometers Northwest of Berlin, Germany:

Late Afternoon, August 30th, 1914AD


As the supply train made its way across the German countryside, chock full of medical personnel and supplies bound for the Russian frontier a striking young blond woman dressed as a nurse hovered unaided in the air for a moment then landed gently on the roof of the last car. Employing her tachyon vision, Elektra examined the train and quickly darted to the coupling between the third and fourth cars. Easily breaking open the locked carriage door she entered and made her way through the car to the empty cabin she had sought. Again breaking the lock, she opened the cabin door and entered the Commander's sleeping quarters. Looking around she quickly spotted what she had been searching for and burst open a locked portfolio case containing the train's manifest and delivery assignments. Separating the pages she carefully examined each document, committing the entire contents to her vast photographic memory.

With the aid of her super hearing, Elektra heard the door to the carriage open. Turning around she peered through the steel plated wall and could see the Commander making his way to his cabin. With unworldly speed, she returned the documents and replaced the portfolio. She then removed her nurse's uniform revealing a body that could make even the most reserved of men quake with desire. Immediately jumping up on the top bunk bed, she struck a provocative pose and pretended to be asleep.

The young Colonel went to put his key in the lock but noted with some concern that the door was already open. He entered his cabin and froze in his tracks at the sight that greeted him.

[German]"Fraulein, wake up immediately!" he spoke in a deep and firm voice.

Elektra stirred slowly before opening her beautiful eyes. Upon seeing the Colonel, these eyes widened in mild panic and she sat up stiffly, purposely hitting her head on the low ceiling. Feigning pain and modesty, she covered herself with the sheets and began grimacing while rubbing her head furtively. Amusingly, had anyone bothered to check closely they would have noticed a wide, shallow dent in the painted plate ceiling where her head had struck. Wasting no time, she immediately took to the offensive.

"Who are you?!" she said in flawless German, "what is the meaning of this disruption! I was told I could sleep undisturbed as I have been working all night."

Her magnificence was not lost upon the young officer. Indeed he caught enough of a glimpse before she covered up to know that this woman was a desirable beauty the likes of which he had simply never seen. Thus, despite the fact that he stood completely on terra firma, he opportunistically chose to go easy on her - hoping against hope that something might develop. Besides acting upset, Elektra was still rubbing her head, pretending to be in no small measure of pain.

"Fraulein, please calm down" he said soothingly, "there obviously has been an error of some sort."

He walked around the small room then took off his jacket and draped it over a chair. "You see, this is my private cabin and you really shouldn't be here. In fact, no one is allowed in this entire carriage under any circumstances.

He raised his hand to his chin in a pensive pose. "Somehow though," he sighed, "you are already here and obviously are in some pain. As such, I see no problem with you availing yourself of a few hours rest. After all, this is a double bunk and we are all on the same side, are we not? Believe me, I can work very quietly and will not disturb your slumber.

Perhaps later, we can become better acquainted?"

He gave her a warm smile and removed his hat, revealing a full head of brown-blond hair to go with his handsome features.

Elektra looked him over appraisingly and fancied what she saw. It had seemed like forever since she had even mildly appeased her considerable libido (as we well know, she was furious at me for allowing an unprecedented two straight days of abstinence). Her passion awaking from its long slumber, she wasted no time getting to work. Although he was already amiably predisposed, she was in no mood to play games and to this end, she released a small dose of her potent pheromones and the young Colonel quickly dropped all pretense of self-control.

Amidst the deliciously intoxicating aroma the young soldier inhaled deeply, then reached up and grasped her leg. Energetically plucking her off the bunk he caught her in his arms and began kissing her with zealous affection. As the passionate forces continued to stoke deep within her, the first blast waves in a powerful reaction led the Velorian to gasp in instant rapture. Her eyes rolling backward, she seemingly melted in his arms. Placing her down softly on the lower bunk he stepped back so as to gaze at this gorgeous prize. Removing his shirt, he drew a deep breath as the forces in his loins stirred ferociously.

Propping herself on one elbow, Elektra glared up at him fiercely. He could almost feel her jade green eyes penetrating deep within him. Her smallish nipples had firmed as she seductively reached behind her and released the snap on her brassiere. The young man had never seen such a magnificent and ravishing woman. Indeed it had been so long since he had been with any woman that Elektra's deep tanned skin, strong shapely body and beautifully alluring face and eyes had brought him already to the verge of orgasm - and he had hardly touched her! 'This woman is a goddess!' he panted under his breath 'a true goddess!'

Ever prepared to take the lead, Elektra shook back her golden blond mane and with a warm smile invitingly offered him her hand. He grasped it then half screamed in surprise for immediately he left his feet, airborne, as she arduously yanked him toward her - almost wrenching his arm from its socket. He thought that he would injure her, so strongly had she reeled him in, but to his bewilderment she easily caught him with just her hands and, laying back down, she effortlessly maneuvered him about on top of her.

Elektra could hear his breathing, deep and rapid as his excitement soared past its already feverish pitch. Grabbing his pants, she placed one hand on either side and with one jarring snap of her arms and shoulders she burst them apart, ripping in half even the leather belt in the process! Some part of the officer's mind attempted to take note of this extraordinary woman's unusual abilities, but his cognitive abilities were no longer available to him so extreme was his arousal.

While it was not in her mind to harm this man, she also knew that her frustration had simply reached radically dangerous heights. Now, her desire was such that she wanted him inside her, regardless of the consequences. This man, after all, was just a Terran and not her beloved Professor. The young officer of course had no idea how to make love to a Velorian and at her current level of arousal, Elektra was not about to take the time to teach him.

And so upon entering her, he could hardly have been less prepared for the forces he would unleash in this alien beauty. What he did know however, was how wonderful it felt to be inside such a goddess, her labial muscles and vaginal wall massaging and clenching him in ways he had never imagined possible. And this was Elektra holding back, the Velorian walking the thinnest of wires between measured control and utter release, the latter of which meant the unleashing of her limitless passion - this same passion that would prove a death sentence to her frail and delicate Terran partner.

Thus the two handsome lovers, one a normal sapien, the other a Supremis, lay dangerously intertwined, each on the verge of orgasm. Regardless of either's intentions, the result was tragically predictable. Sowing the seeds of his own doom he unhesitatingly came inside her - a proud burst of exuberance made all-the-more extreme from his own pent-up sexual emotion. This fervent eruption immediately sent Elektra headlong over the edge into a long-awaited orgasm of her own, releasing a seismic torrent of energy that dwarfed his by thousands-fold in comparison.

Except for a final rush of air escaping his lungs, the proud young soldier died with nary a whimper. Whether he was cognizant of the sheer power that ended his life, or that he was still in the grips of a tide of pleasure so intense, would never be known. For as she climaxed, Elektra cried out with unrestrained fervor. Writhing in an almost ritualistic swirl, the steel-like muscles in her back and torso rhythmically expanded and her abdomen arched upward. This skyward surge was perhaps the last sensation her condemned partner would ever experience for, accompanied by heaving gasps, Velorian legs and arms came together with such sudden, involuntary force that the young man's skeletal structure swiftly crumbled into countless, dismembered fragments - literally pulverized by a star-borne physique so powerful, that few known life forms in the universe could have hoped to survive.

And though some part of her was well aware that her Terran lover was already gone, Elektra's climax persisted unabatedly, her violent motions racking the young man's flaccid member and lifeless form with hydraulic-like force. The bunk wrenched apart and collapsed in a twisted pile around her and still she remained oblivious. All she knew was that her long frustrating drought was finally being satiated as wave after wave of pleasure reverberated throughout her sinuous form.

But it could not go on forever. Inhaling and exhaling in deep rhythmical breaths Elektra's insuperable passion wound down like an immense turbine. Her eyes had been shut throughout. When it was finally over, she sighed solemnly and lay back on the mattress that somehow was held up by the twisted steel foundation of the bunk. Though his level of internal damage was so complete that the young officer's bones had virtually been ground to so much dust, Elektra lay placidly in the afterglow, absently stroking the shattered man's body with affection.

Finally opening her eyes with a measure of reticence, she looked down at the remains of her partner. His neck broken in several places, the young man's head was grotesquely folded downward and blood flowed freely from his mouth and nostrils. The blood had formed a small scarlet pool on her exposed abdomen. The rest of him was mangled almost beyond recognition though with few exceptions, his skin amazingly remained unbroken.

She took in the horrific scene with a mixture of emotions that ran the gamut from muted exhaultation to extreme guilt. When she could bare to look no longer she rolled the spent man off of her, pushing him past the adjacent wreckage of the bunk and onto the floor - his body coming to rest in an impossibly contorted position, almost as if he were made of sand.

A tear formed in the corner of her eye as she gazed down at his inert form. She still was experiencing mildly passionate aftershocks and had difficulty contemplating what had just occurred. This kind man - who just moments ago was a happy living and breathing Terran - had done nothing untoward other than be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now his remains were so repulsively deformed that she could not long stand to look at him.

She gazed down at her hands, then her arms and legs. She couldn't accept that these same limbs had done that to this poor man. She reckoned that she had killed countless hundreds, if not thousands of Terrans - most of them evil or wicked - over the period of her time-traveling sojourn, but somehow she found this death more difficult to accept. She began to panic and wonder what would happen if the history she affected were no longer subject to reset, what if this man was now gone for all of time? She suddenly felt truly cursed, her incredible abilities were simply too much to control!

At least on Mealne she did not have to be quite as careful. That planet was more massive than the Earth by many thousand fold, the increased gravitational pull made her strength much easier to control. But here! If she forcibly bumped into even the stoutest of Terrans accidentally, the poor creature would break like brittle a twig.

Closing her eyes, she realized that she missed the Professor more than ever, he could always cheer her up, particularly in moments such as these. But he was off saving the world in another of his enthusiastically vein exercises. 'For a smart guy he can be so damn stupid' she thought. She then smiled at the image of him sitting in the mud with his handsome, well decorated uniform, looking up at her with that true sense of confusion.

Elektra laughed and wiped away her tears. Standing up, she grabbed the bed linen and wiped the blood from her abdomen. She rinsed off in the Colonel's private washroom - his final act of hospitality - and then slipped into the nurse's uniform that she had arrived in. She draped the bed sheet over the dead officer and carefully furled him up inside it. Outside, the sun was setting and she surmised that soon the Colonel would be missed. She would have to think fast if she was going to turn this train around and divert its cargo to the Marne.

As she stared out the window, watching the country side wind by in the soft evening glow, she came upon a plan that just might work. She gazed around the cabin, her eyes resting on the mangled remains of the bed. The wall adjacent to the bunk was dented and even torn in some places.

And suddenly it hit her.

"An accident" she said aloud to herself. "Of course!"

Backtracking, she unfurled the Colonel's body and returned it to the bunk then, staring at the train's exterior wall she took aim and began to flex her glute and leg muscles. Taking off like a rocket she slammed through the steel exterior where it intersected with the floor. Remarkably, the impact was barely felt by the other crew members and no one so much as peered out the windows to investigate. Elektra was taking no chances on being spotted though and once outside, she expertly slowed, turned, and flew down low alongside the train.

When she arrived at the spot of her hasty exit, she matched the train's speed and began applying her heat vision in measured quantities around the torn and twisted cavity she had just created, enhancing the tear with burn marks. She then carefully tore the steel exterior some more until it appeared as if an explosion had caused the damage. She reentered the carriage and, with a few additional applications of heat vision and a sudden, violent burst of air from her lungs, the interior indeed looked as if it had suffered a broadside from a canon, a bomb, or perhaps a mine. She hoped that the officer's injuries would be consistent with the location of the blast. However there was still one task left to accomplish.

She leapt out of the hole and grasped the underside of the carriage. Flexing her legs and glutes powerfully, her entire physique began to transform. Cursing herself for having put on her uniform to soon, she could only grimace as it literally exploded off of her body. Layer upon layer of sensual muscle grew and came alive with staggering effect. Her shoulders seemed to lift up on their own accord, rounding and then sharpening beautifully. Back muscles, biceps and triceps all growing in an almost sensual rhythmic dervish as they delivered the vast amounts of power the Velorian required to move the many tons of iron and steel. These mighty limbs in combination with her incredible flying power enabled Elektra to push the train up and off the rails, holding on carefully so as to manage the derailment lest in careen out of control. The engineers in front immediately sensed that something had gone badly awry and applied the brakes before disengaging the engine. As far as explosion induced derailments go she figured, this one was about as mild as they get.

Satisfied with her work, and greatly dissatisfied with the state of her clothing - or lack thereof - Elektra shot directly up in the air over the train, a retreat that would be the least likely to expose her. She gained altitude rapidly before turning South toward Berlin. She now needed to get authorization to have the train turned around. She felt confident that she would be able to convince at least one important official to see things her way. She could really be quite convincing when she applied herself.

She laughed to think that she was doing all this just so the Professor could have some fun playing 'Mr. Army Man.' She sure hoped that he appreciated it.



* * * *


The Marne, France: Evening, August 30th, 1914AD

German Field Command Headquarters

"Where the hell are my medical supplies" I muttered to no one. "I bet she's goofing off somewhere in the sun, while I'm busting my butt trying to win this war!"




* * * *





Berlin, Germany: Evening, August 30th, 1914AD

Just outside the Private Quarters of General Helmuth von Moltke, Chief of Staff, German Military High Command.

Elektra waited in the shadows for General Helmuth von Moltke to exit his motorcar. She had actually met this man before on our first excursion to this era, but he certainly wouldn't remember for a plethora of reasons, not least of which was that the previous meeting occurred in 1916, and this was 1914.

[uh... yeah, the previous meeting took place in the future! But he wouldn't have remembered it anyway because of the 'reset' factor. Makes sense, no?]

The large man, bid farewell to the other passengers and, together with his aide, walked past the three entrance guards and into the house. Flying up slowly alongside the large house, Elektra hovered amidst the branches of a large tree, and used her tachyon vision to follow von Moltke's movements.

She had come dressed for the occasion, having raided a fashionable dressmaker's salon that was closed. She wore a black evening dress that was quite snug - a rarity for the era - and amply displayed all of her exceptional attributes. She had lifted a pair of heeled satin pumps as well.

Of course, enlisting von Moltke to simply get a train turned around was serious overkill, but Elektra thought that she might help The Professor in other ways while she was at it. If he wanted to play war, than he should get everything his darling little heart desires she figured, and who better than his boss, the military chief-of-staff to ensure it.

She watched through the walls for the General's aid to retire for the evening and an hour later he finally did so. She counted at least twenty or so guards around the premises including two stationed directly outside von Moltke's door. Getting in undetected through any other means but the window - ruling out the Professor's favorite through-the-wall technique for now - was going to be darn near impossible and she didn't think that taking out all of his guards would necessarily predispose him to granting her requests. On the other hand, it just might.

Lowering herself slowly, Elektra floated to the driveway and landed. She walked up to the three guards who stood about casually smoking cigarettes.

"Good evening" she of course spoke in German but this time she added an unmistakable aristocratic lilt to her accent. "My name is Fraulein von Der Heydt and I have an important message for the General from General von Kluck and it can not be delayed."

"Just a moment Fraulein" the ranking guard said politely, surprised that the commander of the Western theatre would chose this method to deliver an important communique and excused himself to deliver her request for an audience. The remaining guards pretended not to look at Elektra but they stole glances at virtually every possible moment. Her dress exposed her remarkable cleavage and her shoulders were bare beneath the shawl that she wore casually draped. She remained close to them and looked up at the von Moltke's bedroom, the outcome of that conversation would decide her course of action. She saw von Moltke shake his head in the negative and then trained her ears to eavesdrop.

He was refusing to see her.

"Oh well," Elektra sighed resignedly, "I was hoping that this wouldn't be necessary."

The two guards looked at her quizzically. 'what could that mean?'

"I'm sorry my young friends. This won't be painful, at least not until you reawaken."

With superhuman speed, two hands flashed out at the guards and struck them at the base of the skull. As if asleep on their feet, the two collapsed like dolls. Before they could even hit the stones however, Elektra scooped them up on outstretched arms and darted across the pavement before dumping them in the shadows.

Walking back to the entrance she whispered to herself, "okay, two down, a dozen or so to go."

She walked in the front door just as the sergeant who was to deliver the bad news appeared.

"Fraulein!" he shouted angrily, "you should not be in h-" he was cut off as she grabbed him and threw him somewhat forcefully out the open front door, his body not even touching the ground until it hit a soft rise in the lawn. Despite her well-worn bemoans over her imagined lack of control, the fact remained that she could subdue countless battalions without inflicting so much as a severe injury if she wished to do so.

As she walked up the stairs she hoped that she could gain access to the bedroom without further incident. But, after all, this was Germany, not Italy and France. Thus, at the top of the stairs another pair of guards confronted her.

"halt!" one shouted in surprise, "who are you and what business do you have here!?"

"Good evening," she said coolly. "I am here to see Chief of Staff von Moltke, I have already been cleared to enter."

They regarded her with more than a little suspicion and, inevitably, she was beginning to run out of patience.

"we were not told of such a clearance and we must verify this."

With a casual, if not irritated demeanor, she approached the two men. Clasped each on the sides of their heads and gently banged their skulls together. Throwing both over one shoulder she used her vision to look through a few doors and dumped them in the hall closet. As she closed the door yet another pair approached her and the scene repeated itself in eerie detail, the result being that now four guards were stacked neatly in the hall closet.

She laughed to think that this was probably the most casual assault of such a high ranking official in military history. The fact was that no one was going to shoot at such a beautiful woman. So when she approached von Moltke's bedroom door the guards didn't so much as blink. She smiled warmly at them and one was even going to open the door for her when she knocked them cold. For effect, she lifted the two of them over head with one arm and entered the bedroom.

Von Moltke's face turned ashen white at the bizarre image that presented itself at his entrance. A mesmerizingly beautiful, shapely, woman dressed equally alluringly was smiling warmly at him. Her eyes glowed a deep sea green and her face and smile made him think that she was perhaps the beauty contest winner that he was supposed to have met last month. He was puzzled by one thing in particular however.

How was it that such a gorgeous woman was carrying his two most trusted personal guards over head with just one hand!? And what had happened to them? They were slumped over and unmoving.

"Good evening Herr von Moltke." Elektra smiled sweetly, "please don't get up." she motioned him to sit back down with her free hand. She then struck a more provocative pose, placing her hand on her hip and shifting her weight as if she were about to be photographed.

"Don't worry," she continued, "no one was so much as injured this evening. I needed an audience with you however and your men were somewhat unaccomodating so I had to use some alternative means of persuasion. You understand I'm sure."

He of course understood very little and when he tried to speak his voice was incapable of producing words, so disoriented was he. Elektra moved across the room as lithely as a dancer. Lowering the guards into her cradled arms, she affectionately swung them back and forth a few times before gently placing them down on an antique sofa. She removed their rifles and, while walking back toward the stunned official, she snapped the weapons in half with her hands and casually dropped them on the marble tile.

Taking a seat next to von Moltke she placed her hand on his thigh and smiled deeply.

"you know, we've met before," she said with guileless charm, "but I don't think you can possibly remember."

"I-I w..would certainly remember meeting someone like y-you" he stammered.

"Oh please calm down Herr General" she said soothingly, rubbing her hand vigorously up and down his thigh, "You see, I'm not here to hurt you! I'm here to *aid* your cause."

He looked down at her hand on his thigh and then back up at her. Glancing down at her cleavage, his eyes continued to wander about her incredible, better-than-perfect body. His eyes froze at the sight of her thighs, proudly outlined by the silken material of her dress. They were long and substantial, two attributes that he always admired. He could feel his blood begin to rush many places at once as his sixty six year old heart had not slowed even a little since his first sight of her.

"So Herr General, you admire legs I see?" Elektra's smile was beginning to turn mischievous. "please," she laughed, "allow me." Grabbing his hand in hers, she guided it onto her powerful quadriceps. She gave them a slight flex and they literally popped up to greet the excited old man's palms. Stroking his hand over her mighty limbs, she guided him back and forth across her lap, noting the sheer erotic concentration he brought to the task.

"Y-you, you are so strong, Fraulein! How did you acquire such great strength?!"

This was a good question Elektra surmised, she recalled that he had asked this of her before. He was so entranced by her physical gifts that he didn't even allude to the big questions of who she was? What she wanted? How she got here etc. though she assumed he would get to these matters eventually. At this point in his career, she figured, he should certainly be able to enjoy himself and take certain liberties with his guests. She returned to the question at hand.

"Well, Herr General" her voice had a melodic quality to it that only heightened his sense of arousal. "I have always been quite strong. It is very difficult to explain really, so I ask you to just accept the fact that I am a very unusual Fraulein. But as a devoted German, you should feel free to ask of me what you wish. I am here to please you and then, perhaps you can do something for me?"

He was lost in erotic pleasure. Elektra remembered his preference from her last meeting with him two years from now. Thus, she knew exactly where to go this time.

She let go of his hand and he continued to rub it across the top of her thighs over and over, seemingly in a hypnotic trance. After a few more minutes he stopped, his face turning beet red from embarrassment.

"Oh Herr General you shouldn't feel shame, you are only following your desires. Please continue, I know you have a fancy for strong women." With that she retook his hand and placed it across her arm. Flexing her biceps a limited amount - after all, this was still only 1914, she didn't want to terrify him by flexing to full strength and size - she heard him moan with carnal longing and she had to strain to keep from laughing.

Rubbing her arm, he was growing feverish with excitement, his hand squeezing and tweaking her biceps which she held steady at a two to three inch diameter.

"M..my god!" he practically choked, "how strong are you?" he asked in dull amazement. "I saw you carry my guards in one arm as if they were toys." He hesitated, looking back into her inviting eyes. She was so beautiful, so erotically appealing, he just wanted to hold her and never let go. She was a gift from the gods he thought. He thought perhaps he might ask her a question. She was already so forward he figured, so eager to please... he wondered if she would... if she even could..."

"Would you like me to carry you Herr General?" she asked as if she had read his mind. "Would that make you happy?"

Again he groaned in a lustful delight. He tried to speak but his throat had turned to sand. All he could do was nod his head vigorously hoping against hope that she would really do it. His erection was the first in as far back as he could remember. Months, perhaps years of sexual inactivity and now this! This Goddess arrives and offers him something that he never thought even possible - an actual strong woman, a beautiful strong woman at that.

"Well wonderful then. I would indeed be honored." she said as she arose. He stared at her long legs as she stood up, her trim hips and nonexistent waist giving way to that powerful rib cage which in turn framed those gorgeous breasts and broad strong shoulders. He patted his forehead which was sweating profusely. He started to stand up but she placed her hand on his shoulder and pushed him softly back down.

"Please Herr General, allow me to do the work."


To be continued...