The Vacation by Sam M. and Sharon Best

(Last Revised: 15-November-1996

Finally, she was there! No people to rescue, no bad guys to catch. Just ‘west and welaxation at wast’ as Elmer Fudd would say. Earth would just have to get along without her for a week; she was taking some time off!

Kara had just flown to one of the most exotic planets that she knew of, her journey through the near-Earth wormhole allowing her to travel thousands of light years during a single ‘night’ to reach her favorite planet. There were no people to save here, no humanoids for that matter of any kind, just beautiful scenery, crystal clear lagoons and lots of very exotic furry wildlife, the most evolved almost reminding her of the Ewoks of a fantasy movie back on Earth. She loved this planet, it was absolutely beautiful and pristine; untouched.

It always made her feel so alive and so close to nature when she was here, and so incredibly aroused! She was in fact laying on a soft bed of ferns at just this moment, the sunlight streaming through the trees. Her incredible body was bare except for a flimsy top that bore her symbol, a top that was going to join the rest of her clothes as soon as she dressed, or rather undressed, in the style that was appropriate for a Kryptonian woman on vacation!



Even now, Kara could feel the soft warm breeze blowing across her breasts, her hands moving down between her thighs in a well-practiced way. Suddenly, just as a trembling tingle began to awaken the special senses of her body, the ground itself began to shake violently. “Not surprising… lovely earthquakes,” she murmured to herself as her fingers began to move in a small circle, her eyes closing tightly as the usual image of her cousin began to form in her mind. She knew that this planet was seismically unstable and that strong earthquakes were common here. Somehow they even seemed appropriate given her current mood.

But then she heard something else, something even her super hearing couldn’t quite make out. It sounded like some sort of muffled roar followed by a high pitch whistling sound. Curious, she paused and floated back to her feet, flying close to the ground as she followed the sound through the dense primeval forest. She heard the sound again and again, the ever louder vibrations finally leading her to a mountain of giant boulders, most of them nearly the size of a small house. The sound seemed to actually be coming from inside the mound of rocks!

Pulling a few stray strands of blonde hair from her face, she squinted her remarkable eyes, trying to use her super vision to see what was actually making the sound. But all she saw was a jumble of images of different layers of rock, the high lead content of the boulders keeping her from getting a clear picture. All she could tell was that something very large was moving beneath the boulders, and from the shaking of the ground beneath her bare feet, it was extremely upset. In fact, standing this close, the roars were deafening, or they would have been if she had merely been one of the people she protected back on Earth.

Whatever it was, she realized that it must have been trapped in the cave by the earthquake. Without thinking, she reached out and scrunched her long fingers into one of the huge boulders in front of her, her back and shoulders flexing so beautifully as she used a significant portion of the power of her special birthright. Lifting the house-sized granite boulder over her head, she again appreciated the special energies that touched this planet from its twin yellow suns, her strength even greater than normal under their twin influences.

Each boulder must have weighed several hundred tons, the largest more than a thousand, but she tossed them aside as if they were merely made of Styrofoam. The ones that were too large to get a grip on she simply shattered with a few blows from her tiny fists. It would have been quite a stunning display to witness such a beautiful young woman showing such amazing strength if there had been anyone else on the planet to observe her, her body now a maze of gorgeous curves from head to foot as her Kryptonian muscles began to get a real work-out.

To her credit, she never paused or even gave much thought to what lay beyond the rocks, she only knew that whatever it was, it was in trouble. It was in her nature to help, her compassion having been both a strength and a weakness through her young life. But all life was precious to this Blonde from the Stars, and whatever was trapped in the cave would surely die without her help.

She began working faster as the roars from the cave grew softer, finally becoming quiet, a dangerous sign that perhaps the oxygen supply in the cave was exhausted. She moved very fast now, her arms and legs blurring as she shattered boulder after boulder with her bare hands, ripping the hard granite and gneiss apart with her strong fingers until she finally broke through to find a small cave. Squinting her eyes into the darkness, she was shocked as an ancient image in green formed in the darkness. She gasped loudly as she suddenly found herself staring at nothing less than a Peruthian Dragon!

But how…? Dragons were supposed to be extinct now, on all worlds, not just on Earth! Yet there was no doubt that it was indeed such a creature, she had seen the ancient pictures in books on two different planets. Dragons used to be scattered on many worlds until the Arion’s had embarked on a campaign of extinction, their goal had been to wipe them from the galaxy. The dragons had just been one more sentient life-form that they did not want to compete with!

Yet staring at the creature that lay before her, she saw that it was small, barely 18 feet in height. She guessed that he was quite young. The older ones grew to immense proportions, often more than 75 feet tall.

Despite having read of such beasts on many occasions, Kara had never actually thought she would see one! For such huge animals, they had always been extremely elusive. And after the Arion extinction campaign, they had been thought to have been wiped out.



Yet despite all of Kara’s herculean efforts to clear a path into the cave, she was afraid she had been too late. The dragon was stretched out on the ground, his body still. Walking into the cave, she knelt down to gently lift his massive head, noticing that a soft mist of fragrant air was whoosing in and out of his nostrils, a faint perfumey odor of an exotic hydrocarbon carrying on his breath. Stroking her hand along his long green snout, she felt him stirring, his breathing growing stronger as fresh air flooded the cave.

The dragon finally began to awaken as Kara backed off a bit. She didn’t know quite what to expect and she didn’t want to startle the young dragon. Like everyone else, she knew they could shoot fire from there mouths (actually a liquid that ignites when it comes in contact with oxygen). She had heard that they had very precise control over how hot the flames were or how focused they were.

As was normal for the Girl of Steel, she was pretty sure that the creature couldn’t harm her, but still, she didn’t wish to provoke it. Backing slow out of the cave, her eyes traveled upward as the dragon rose to his feet and stretched his massive wings, the ground shaking beneath her feet with each of his footsteps as he followed her outside the cave. Now standing in the bright sunlight from the twin suns, the creature regarded the young blonde with great curiosity as he walked up to within a couple feet of her. And despite her vaunted invulnerability, Kara’s heart pounded almost painfully in her chest. A dragon was quite a fearsome looking creature, even for a girl from Krypton!

Yet she stood her ground as the dragon sniffed the air for her scent, his forked tongue darting out to touch her, tasting her from head to toe. It was somehow exotically arousing as the soft warm tongue, nearly as big as her arm, touched the places that her lack of clothing allowed, his final long lick between her legs almost lifting her from the ground!

Kara was breathing fast now as the dragon lowered his massive head in front of hers, her blue eyes meeting yellow eyes that were each nearly as large as her head. She found something extremely exciting about its eyes. They were so untamed, so wild, so totally free. Her hand moved out unconsciously, gently rubbing the huge beast on the snout again, much as you would a horse. A deep rumbling purring sound came from the dragon’s chest as a small yellow flame came from its nostrils, a flame just large enough to engulf her hand. A ripple of pleasure shot through Kara’s body, the strength of it taking her breath away for a moment as a feeling of fragrant warmth rushed over her.

And then, with a surge of power that shook the ground beneath her, the dragon leaped straight up into the air, his giant wings creating a whirlwind around her. And then, just like that, he was gone.



It took Kara a minute or two to recover, the wild sensation of tingling warmth that she had felt as the flame engulfed her hand was truly overwhelming, a wonderful scent floating on the breeze, a scent she immediately realized carried some wildly attractive pheromones! Slowly collapsing onto the ground, she looked up into the brilliant sky, reminded that she had never truly been overwhelmed before, a fantasy of her cousin floating through her mind as she imagined what it might be like to be overwhelmed by someone else, to really be WITH a man, to not always be the gorgeously powerful and untouchable Girl of Steel!

An hour passed before she finally walked back to her bed of soft ferns, stretching her body out as her thoughts now focused on the incredible beast she had freed, the wildness she saw in it’s eyes and the caress of that incredible flame making her whole body tingle. She suddenly found herself very aroused, her hand moving down between her thighs, surprised to find how very wet she was! Her fingers didn’t pause now as they began to stroke her swollen clit, her body moving slowly and rhythmically against them. Her moans of passion soon echoed through the forest as her passion grew. Closing her eyes, she imagined herself engulfed in that incredible dragonflame as her fingers so expertly sent waves of pleasure rippling through her body.

She was almost to her climax when she suddenly felt a strong breeze across her body. Opening her eyes, she gasped as she saw the young male dragon standing at her feet, his huge body towering above her. His eyes seemed to glow with a yellow fire as he regarded her, as he took a deep breath. Suddenly, a jet of fire shot from his mouth, the brilliant flames engulfing Kara’s most sensitive spot. Her mind reeled in unbelievable pleasure as she felt the incredible warmth exploding forcefully between her thighs!

Instinctively spreading her legs even wider, she accepting the generous offer of passionate heat, her fingers moving to open herself to the dragon, to allow the flame to penetrate deeply within her. The flame lapped at her sex like a hundred sensuous tongues, forcefully penetrating her, filling her, driving her insane with a pleasure that she had never dreamt was possible for her to feel. She felt the flames growing hotter and hotter as the young dragon saw her responding to his intimate touch, her body crying out for more as she felt herself filled by the incredible heat! Her hands reached out to clutch the rocks at her side as she gave herself up to the dragonfire between her thighs, her entire body shaking with its power, the hard granite crumbling to powder in her hands as the strength of every muscle of her body moved beyond her conscious control!

The rocks at her sides began to melt and flow as the flame grew hotter still, sending spasms of wild ecstasy shooting through her again and again. The delicate flesh between her thighs soon glowed red hot, not only from the fire but from her passion. She finally screamed! Engulfed in a rapture of ecstasy as she felt the flames licking her like no mortal lover ever could. Her back arched upward, her legs spreading even wider as she took the bright flames even deeper into her body, moving against them like she would a human lover, her body shuddering uncontrollably as the flames lapped at the sensitive spots so deeply within her. The flames grew suddenly hotter, the pleasure more intense than ever before. Suddenly, the pressure of the flames increased yet again, engulfing her entire body this time, filling her with an incredible heat, the rocks bubbling like boiling water around her now. It was all too much for such a young woman, far too much, her wild orgasm ripping through her quivering body. Ecstasy like she had never known rushed over her in wave after wave, the intense sensations too much even for such a Girl of Steel. HER SCREAMS OF PLEASURE THUNDERED THROUGH THE FOREST!


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Kara awoke several hours later, her body exhausted yet still tingling so warmly, so comfortably. Curling up to intimately hug herself, she opened her eyes to see the partially melted rocks and scorched ground all around her, the sight reminding her that it had not all been a dream. Rolling onto her back, she crossed her arms over her chest and hugged herself tightly as she still felt the aftershocks of the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced moving through her body. It had been the first uncontrolled orgasm she had ever had, the first one that hadn’t been at least partially self-induced. Yet despite the incredible release she had felt, she still found herself incredibly aroused.

Looking up through the trees, she suddenly saw a huge shadow passing over her. Smiling brightly, she saw that the sky was filled with huge winged forms, their massive bodies silhouetted against the sun!

“Yes, this is going to be a GREAT vacation,” she thought while smiling to herself! Her hands stripped the remains of her blue top off as she rose to her feet, her gorgeous legs flexing with the power of a super girl as she leaped from the ground, flying upward to meet the Dragons of Peruthe.