The Devil Inside, Part 3, BURN

by Miko

This world rejects me

This world threw me away

This world never gave me a chance

This world is going to pay

I don't believe in your institutions

I did what you wanted me to

Like cancer in the system

I've got a little surprise for you

Boom ... Boom ... BOOM!

Off in the distance guns blazed, reports filtering back into the Headquarters of the 21st Army, China. Bai Xui Ying shivered involuntarily, turning up the music filling her headphones.

She never had been able to get used to their sound, no matter how many times she heard it. Her eyes scanned around the tent, attaches in their drab uniforms moving to and from with reports of the battle. Bai shook her head in disbelief. To think this was all being done for one man in antiquated armor dating back to the times of the great oppressors, the backward days when China had not outgrown emperors.

But still, if the reports were to be believed, his reborn powers were not far short of the scandalously clad super-beings America boasted. Rumor had it he had already destroyed an entire division, 20,000 men, 100 tanks. A sudden near explosion signaled more guns being brought into play and Bai glanced nervously to her commanding officer, General Gui. He was a short, dark man. His pleasant looking round face might suggest a kindness or gentleness his nature did not possess. He was in fact a hardened veteran of the invasion of Vietnam, and of the Student Uprising in Beijing. His voice was calm and sure as he gave orders, moving this unit here, ordering artillery fire there. Bai admired him, respected him like no other.

It had always been her desire to serve China in some important way, but all too many men had admired her for her looks, not her intelligence. She had joined the army, but even there she had been angered by offers of ‘special’ treatment if she played by their rules. General Gui had become her mentor. Happily married, he had not even seemed to notice anything about her outside her ability to organize data and coordinate communications. A warm feeling spread through her body as she watched him striding around the tent, like one of the great warriors of old. Invulnerable, invincible.

Suddenly Bai knew something was wrong. Men were rushing outside now, even the great General Gui’s composure ruffled by something. After a moment, she realized the shelling had stopped. But she was communications officer, there had been no order for it to cease! She tried to raise the spotting post but got only static. General Gui walked quickly over, ordering in an airstrike, priority urgent and giving her the coordinates. With a sick feeling Bai realized how close the planes would be coming. Despite the glorious training the People’s Army provided, it was common knowledge the People’s Air Force was not terribly accurate with their bombs. To think that horrible foe had gotten this close....

As the first pounding of bombs could be heard, the ground shivering in sympathetic agony under their feet so close was it, a startled scream erupted not far off. Bai’s eyes grew wide as more followed in rapid order, they were quickly drowned out by the sound of machine-gun fire. Sure she was safe here, she rationalized. The general had a company of men posted around the HQ, in case of attack. Surely.....

Over the sound of automatic weapons she gradually began to hear something strange. At first she could not place it, then it hit her. Chopping, like when she was a child and they had to cut wood for the fires. But here? Her spine grew cold once more as she realized with each hideous chop the sound of weapons grew fainter, finally nothing, no sound at all but for the faint moans of men in pain, slowly dying. Bai’s eyes turned to the General, only to see him calmly checking the bullets in his old service revolver. Hardly standard issue she thought, with a disapproving look, but she had to once more admire his bravery as he went to the opening of the tent to go outside.

Bai got on the radio to Beijing, the High Command must know of their failure, of the horrible danger they were in. As she contacted them, she heard gunshots outside once more, then the most horrible scream, long drawn out, the scream of a man suffering mortal pain...then...nothing! Nothing but the sound of footsteps drawing closer outside the tent, and the faint chink of something metallic, like armor.

"My God!" she cried into the radio "They’re gone! Everyone...the army...General Gui.. everyone..." Her voice grew lower as she spoke, the tent’s flaps drawn apart to reveal a man, dark swarthy, his skin encased in blood-soaked black armor. Two bloody axes were tucked in his belt and murder gleamed in his eyes, murder and excitement!

With a sneer he tossed his helmet aside, wild sweat-soaked black hair framing his fierce face as he walked over to her and grabbed her by the front of her uniform. "Why must you all dress in such plain, unappealing clothes?" the barbaric figure asking in oddly accented Chinese "What happened to the silks? To the raw beauty China’s warrior women once had? I love killing and bloodshed, it’s all I live for, all that delights me." then a wicked gleam came to his eyes "Well, almost all..." then with a swift yank he ripped her uniform open.

Bai screamed and clawed for his eyes, but a swift, casual seeming slap with the back of his hand left stars in her eyes. As she recovered she felt the tough fabric of her uniform tearing, the cool northern air on her bare breasts. With a desperate growl she slapped him, hard, crying out as her hand throbbed with pain, his cheek was like concrete!

The amusement in his eyes at her feeble struggles just made it all the worse as, with one last powerful tear, he split her army fatigue pants down the middle, tossing the shredded remains aside with a disdainful sneer. Bai kicked up at him, aiming for what she hoped might be his only weak point, right between his legs! The dark man lazily caught her kick, hand closing around her ankle like steel as he lifted her off the ground, tossing her aside easily. Stars exploded before her eyes as she slammed into the radio equipment, then slowly slid to the floor. The stars slowly faded as her senses returned and she painfully turned to face the man known as the Black Whirlwind.

Her eyes narrowed just a bit as she saw him finishing removing his armor, before he reached out to grab her hair and drag her toward him. His body was stocky but immensely powerful looking, muscles the armor only hinted at rippling all over his body. His lips twisted in a lewd grin as she tossed her down on her back on the floor of the tent, her cry cut off as his body covered hers in a swift rush.

Her knee came up as her nails clawed for his eyes, but they just slid off harmlessly, his eyes feeling like they were made of glass or maybe something harder! Despite her attack, Bai noticed, with a sinking feeling, that he seemed even more aroused by her resistance. His hands closed over her breasts, almost crushing them with savage squeezes as pain flared between her legs as he impaled her on his massive erection. He started moving against her in a frenzy, the initial outraged pain subsiding to a numb acceptance as he violated her body. Her nails chipped and broke against his cheek as Bai mounted one last attempt to harm him. Instead of harming him, she cried out as she felt his muscles flexing larger, his body impossibly powerful, as the pain once more increased. A harsh snarl erupted from his lips as she felt him tensing, cries stifled by his rough kisses as the pain grew between her legs and breasts, the pressure increasing the closer he got to orgasm until, finally, her screams joined his course cry, the jagged agony seeming to tear right through her, the explosion, so deeply inside her, rending flesh and bone!

A few minutes later Li Kui, the Black Whirlwind, got back to his feet with a disgusted look on his face and started cleaning the blood from his body. As he donned his armor he glanced back at the ruined remains of the woman's body and simply sneered "These woman are so weak, I had barely begun to enjoy myself. Surely someplace China still has women warriors the equal of the Silver Cloud or the Beautiful Arrow. Perhaps this is just another test of my might..." A hopeful gleam came to his eyes and he leaped high into the air, his momentum carrying him miles in direction of Beijing.

Something inside me

Has opened up it's eyes

Why did you put it there

Did you not realize?

This thing inside me

It screams the loudest sound

Sometimes I wish I could ...


Gunthar streaked down from the sky, flying with the effortless ease of long practice as his eyes went from house to house. A car passed by below, music blaring. He knew his orders, they had come to him just that night, marked urgent and top secret, they would be what finally brought him the glory he had craved. He was used to special missions, his genetics a fluke that left him looking much like a Velorian and stronger than most Arion men. He had even taken to wearing an anti-grav pack at most times to give the impression he could fly naturally.

The wind now whistled through his blond hair and against his black body suit, stilling as he came to hover above the house his dream had shown. His x-ray vision searched from room to room until at last he found his target.

The withered old man hardly seemed worth all this trouble, but who was he to question orders. He noted the old man seemed armed with a sword and could not help but smirk "Hah! Let him see how useless it is to resist. Nothing on this planet can stop the full power of an Arion warrior, even that Velorian bitch and her boyfriend over on the other side of the world were helpless before us!"

His eyes glowed red and twin bolts of fire blew through the roof of the house, sending the old man tumbling to the side. Gunthar floated down through the hole, his voice booming out "Old man Luo, the past glory of China *will* be restored and there is nothing you can do about it except die!" He didn’t know why he had been told to say that or why the Arion command cared about China, perhaps it was a distraction? Then he just shook his head. "I’m not good at trying to figure things out, let’s just get this over with." he thoughts, eyes once more lighting up red as he prepared to incinerate the old man with his heat vision.

"You *HURT* me...." hissed a lower voice from the side of the room. Some of the rubble in the corner shifted and fell away, revelaing a dark-skinned woman, crouched there in the darkness on her knees and ... four hands??

Interesting.... Gunthar looked back to the old man, ancient body in drab clothes, clutching that stupid green sword as though he thought he had a chance. Clearly he was not match for his own Arion muscles. Then he looked back to the woman, eyes focusing on her. Skin dark to the point of being black, long straight black hair falling across her body in seductive ways as she got to her feet. His eyes drifted down her body, perfect, full breasts suspended above flat stomach, abdominal muscles flexing under her dark skin. Her legs were long and powerful, as were her four arms.

He felt his manhood stirring under the black fabric of his jumpsuit, flashing her his best smile, he flexed his muscles. He knew the effect his Velorian-like golden boy looks had on Arion women, no doubt she would be equally impressed. He turned back to the old man and grinned "Sorry, Luo, I had planned to take this slow and burn you a bit at a time, but I see I've got a hot date waiting on me."

Gunthar winked at the woman, then his eyes flared red once more. Just as the twin laser-like beams were about to lance out, he was flung through the wall, impacting into the building across the street as burned wisps of cloth fell from the hole that was burned all the way through his suit!

That *hurt*! he thought in surprise. He had thought nothing on this backward planet could hurt him. "Maybe I should haven taken that wimp Garth more seriously when he said this planet was full of surprises.

He now saw the dark woman soaring out through the hole in the side of the house, red lines of force writhing around her body as she hurled into him, the impact throwing him back through two more houses before a car stopped his involuntary flight with a loud crash! He shook his head, more stunned than truly hurt, getting to his feet again as four bolts of midnight flame flew from the woman’s hands, burning the suit from his chest and hurting a lot more than flame should.

"Arrgghh! You bitch, I don’t care if you do have great tits, now it’s my turn!"

His muscles grew, standing out dramatically as he flexed them before he triggered the anti-grav pack, streaking toward Kali, ducking to the side as more bolts of midnight flame lanced past him.

His body crashed into hers, sending them both tumbling through more houses, then into a concrete wall. Gunthar got to his feet a bit quicker than the dark woman, slamming a fist into her face, then a knee to her stomach to double her over. She brought up twin right fists from the ground, hitting him in the face twice in rapid fire, then again with the left’s, staggering him slightly. He couldn’t help but sneer though, it was now clear he was considerably stronger than she was.

"Is that the best you can do? I heard you earth bitches were weak, but this...."

He looked right into her eyes, then triggered a sudden burst of heat vision, smirking with satisfaction as she cried out and clutched at her face. Powerful hands seized her breasts, squeezing with enough strength to crack concrete, violently pressing her nipples back into her breasts roughly.

Her nails dug into his arms as she writhed, trying futilely to escape his grasp, her face twisting in pain. Then Gunthar noticed with surprise and no small pleasure that her nipples were hardening under his grasp, pressing back against his palms as the pain in her face was joined by some surprise, even confusion. He lifted her into the air by only her breasts, finger digging cruelly into the firm mounds as he pressed her back hard against the concrete wall, then lifted his knee to press it between her legs. She resisted, but as his arousal grew, so did his strength and soon his knee forced its way between her legs and pressed against the dark girl’s sex. She struggled weakly against his hands and knee, but he could tell her arousal was growing to match his. His hands slid to the side, uncovering her erect nipples as he put his heat vision to a different use, twin beams of laser light playing over the taunt nubs, drawing a low unwilling moan from the woman’s lips.

Suddenly, flashing lights started infringing upon his vision from either side. Distracted from her for moment he looked at the lights, annoying gnats in blue uniforms pointed what he could only guess were weapons at him. After a moment, there were sounds like firecrackers and globs of lead flattened against his body. With a vaguely annoyed smirk he threw the dark woman into the two to his left, a satisfying crunch as her body broke theirs with the impact, then he flew over to the others, muscles rippling massively as he lifted their car and smashed it down over their horrified faces, blood splattering from underneath. Gunthar paused for a moment, something tugging at his thoughts. Something about an old man. but that was quickly banished by the feminine moan behind him.

He turned to see the dark girl, clearly stunned from the impact, laying half on one of the cars with the flashing lights. With a burst of speed he flew over, taking a moment to remove the remainder of his bodysuit, leaving only the belt with the gravpack. He grasped her firm calves, taking a moment to enjoy their feel before he pressed her knees back to her shoulders, loving the feeling of dominance this gave him when he had sex.

With a startled hiss her eyes snapped back into focus, scarlet lightning flaring from her eyes and playing over his body, tingling his skin, making him feel far more sensitive. He thought she was just trying to increase his own pleasure, learning the place of the female.

Just then, quad bolts of black fire seared between his legs, doubling him over with pain. Her strong legs threw him away from her, glass splintering around him as he came to rest in a darkened clothing shop, stunned. After a moment he tried to sit up, but a dark foot came down on his chest and he looked up into the hellish red eyes of the dark woman over him. She sneered down at him for a moment, then in a silky hiss said "No...this is how it is done.." her feet coming to rest on either side of his hips as she lowered herself to him.


Mei Ling’s mind was a whirl, she felt dizzy, confused, unable to regain control of herself from the impulses raging through her. So many thoughts, voices in her mind, offering suggestions, showing her new sensations. She could not believe how good it had felt when this white devil had started touching her. She could not imagine why she was pushing him down on his back as she slide her moist sex along his rampant maleness. It all felt so good, so powerful she could not stop herself though, four sets of hands stroking over his pale skin, tracing the contours of his powerful muscles. She looked down into his eyes, desire bright as he returned her gaze, then lifted his hands to begin once more kneading her full breasts roughly, bringing his full strength into play.

A sensual hiss came from her lips, answering a low moan from the white devil as her hips rocked against him, her wet labia sliding against him slowly, savoring the feeling of him growing, hardening under her control. His pale skin grew redder as she felt his body responding. His fingers bit deeply into her breasts, palm rubbing against the sensitive nipples as he tried to push her back. Mei allowed him a moment to think he might make it before her upper hands gestured and he felt himself pushed back down, mystic energy rippling over him light white lightning, caressing him in ecstatic ways fingers never could.

Finally her hips shifted, Mei gasped softly as her hips pressed down, her soft folds parted by his hard member. She felt his body tense under her fingertips, his hips arching up to further impale her as fingers that could rend steel pinches and rubbing her nipples. As the rush of sensations in her body grew out of control Mei felt herself loosing control, her sharp nails raking over his chest, her nether muscles gripping his maleness, rippling along it’s length as her eyes closed, gasps growing to harsh cries of passion as their hips moved together in a frenzy of passion.

She felt power building in her, her movements more frantic as she rode, the white devil. A reddish glow built around them, passionate friction generating heat as she felt him growing hard, impossible large within her. Her body writhed against him, muscles standing out under dark sweat slicked skin. their bodies moved against each other in a furious sexual assault until at last the white devil’s eyes opened wide, orgasm erupting within him. Her power raged out of control as her own climax struck, eyes glowing red, glowing like fire as she threw her head back, arms flung wide to release streams of black fire that destroyed the building around them, spreading an inferno to the surrounding buildings.

Passionate cries continued to come from the firestorm devouring the building, finally dying off a second before Kali came arching out from the flames to bounce off a parked car nearby, skin glowing cherry red from the heat, her touch melting the car’s hood as she stood and saw the white devil come walking from the flames, eyes red like a laser. His muscles seemed even more massive than before, glowing under his pale skin. He yelled "I bet you didn’t know Arion warriors get stronger the more aroused they are...and baby, you got me in the mood!" With his last word twin laser shot from his eyes, causing the car to explode. Mei’s last second leap carried her high above the blast, the confusion of the sensations and emotions she had felt fading as a new imperative blazed into her mind from her Kali side. Kill him’s what we do!

More of her scarlet lightning arched down toward him, but he leaped into the air, tackling her against a building as he tried to bring his greater physical strength into play. Kali twisted around slamming him into the building, then blood red saber’s appeared in her hands, slashing at him, the impacts cleared hurting him though they drew no blood. Puzzled, Kali drew back, and he charged her again, throwing himself into her, then crying out in surprise as she fell back, her foot planted on his stomach and adding to his momentum to send him crashing into the building behind them.

Another wave of heat engulfed Mei’s thoughts as she gazed down at the white man, gold chains falling over his body, over his head from the jewelers shop he had been thrown into. He seemed dazed, far more then she would have thought given his superhuman durability. She leapt high into the air, landing on one foot with a crash that shook the walls, dislodging more gold necklaces that fell over him, one draping it’s self around his erection as words began to pour from her mouth like fire. An invocation to the nine hells, calling up it’s fire as a weapon, as an ally. There was a sound like a jet zooming low overhead, glass shattered all around before a white hot column of flame erupted from beneath the white devil, sailing high into the sky and spreading flames over the district. A scream of agony could be heard through the roar of the flame, but Mei could not hear it, lost in the flood of power and pleasure exploding within her.

There was no movement from the jewelers shop as she turned away, Mei lost again for the moment in Kali’s dark embrace, her mystic senses searching for the hated Luo, then a scream of rage was torn from her throat, all trace of him gone, fled into the night. She once more flew into the sky, away from the fire and frustration. Her reddish trail was quickly lost amidst the fiery glow over the city.


A high-tech looking craft zoomed low over the plaza, circling back around before slowing to hover above the plaza. Round faced and sweating, Kong Bin, under-secretary of intelligence for the People’s Republic of China, watched the craft land, a few military looking personnel waiting until the draft the craft’s engines had stopped by venturing out into the empty plaza to greet them. With a snap of his fingers, Kong summoned his assistant "So, let’s have the details on these Japanese super beings, these ‘Iron Angels’, as I believe they are called."

A studious looking Chinese man joined him at the window over looking the square as people began to emerge from the craft. "The Iron Angels were first formed as the Japanese government’s answer to out of control super-powered beings, some three years ago. Except for one member, this is the third team they have fielded. Not surprisingly, they tend to have a high casualty rate. We know the Americans and Russians must also have a similar program, and I would guess we do, but I’m not high enough to be allowed access to such information. We do know the Iron Angel use suits of power armor, operating at a level of technology that seems to be beyond the most advanced systems being built today. The origin of the suits remains a mystery, we have been unable to link their manufacturer to any companies, though the process must require some very specialized equipment.

Kong nodded, watching the gray clad Japanese figures entered the building "I’ll get down to brief them on the trouble." he said, picking up an earplug that he pressed into his ear. "Brief me on the members as I meet them. Perhaps we can find a way to learn more of them."

Kong left to following the building's winding route to the briefing room, cursing the designers intent to make the building hard to get around in for ‘security reasons’. Entering the briefing room he made sure all the information needed was present, skimming it over to ensure it had been properly edited and censored for presentation.

After a few minutes the Iron Angels were ushered in, five figures in gray fatigues. With a nod Kong dismissed the guards, then got up to look over the men and women for a moment. In his ear the radio crackled, "The big one to the right is Shin Tanaka, the field coordinator."

Shin Tanaka was dressed in gray urban camouflage army fatigues, the shirt drawn tightly over his chest. He was over 6’ and quite muscular, with military burr cut black hair and inquisitive brown eyes. Bringing a smile that he did not feel to his face, he went over to bow slightly to Shin.

"Agent Tanaka, I’m pleased to see you made such good time form Tokyo. Is your team ready for briefing?"

Shin returned the bow precisely, then nodded. "Certainly, time seems to be a priority, yes?"

Kong nodded, going back to the podium, eyes sweeping over the Japanese once more, the radio in his ear whispering. "Our sources indicate Tanaka is the only child of a Tokyo police investigator. He parents were killed by Korean gangsters when he was young, and he was mainly raised by his parents. He joined the Japanese Self Defense Force when he was of age and later won a national judo championship representing them. He’s the only Iron Angel left from the original group three years ago, perhaps because he doesn’t pilot one of the armored suits into combat."

Kong’s gaze swept left to the next figure, a 5’5" wiry figure, hair cut short and fashionable. He seemed far more relaxed than Tanaka, trying to chat, unsuccessfully, to the girl next to him. He also wore the gray fatigues. The radio continued, "That’s Tomi Hase. Records indicate his father was a underboss for the Yakuza and he is the only member of the Iron Angels who has served jail time. We do not know why he was released or made a part of the group yet."

Looking to the girl Tomi was talking to, Kong’s eyebrows raised involuntarily. She barely stood 5’0", her build was thin and her face looked unhealthy, drawn and pale. Her dark hair was drawn back in a tight pony tail and mirrorshades concealed her eyes. Her gray military fatigues were worn more carelessly. "That’s Aiko Hamada. She’s only recently joined the group and went in Tokyo University, taking a degree in computers and telecommunications." There was an awkward pause before Kong’s assistant sheepishly admitted, "That’s all we have on her, I’m afraid. We don’t know what is wrong with her physically or what else she has done. We are working on it, of course!"

Kong cursed inwardly, a bit puzzled by the strange smile that crept to Aiko’s lips, before he looked to the next girl in line. This one was far more impressive, 5’4" of well defined muscle under a black tank top and blue jeans. Her eyes were dark and piercing, hair cut roughly short, the tips dyed blond. She was smoking a cigarette, much to the discomfort of the lady next to her. The radio hissed, "Next in line is Saki Edo. The only other member of the group aside from Tim to have a criminal record, dating back to when she hung around with a ‘hot rod’ gang. She’s the only member to have a poor educational history, her profile suggesting she’s quite the rebel and rage-a-holic."

Last in line calmly waited a 5’5" woman, black hair neatly done in a bun. She also wore civilian clothes, white poets blouse under a dark vest. A dark skirt reached down to her knees. "Last there is Yuriko Sasaki. She’s from a wealthy family and amusingly enough represented the Japanese Olympic team in figure skating. She graduated with a degree in cybernetics and it is thought possible she’s the one who works on the suits."

Kong took in a deep breath, setting aside his misgiving for the moment to begin presenting the information detailing the dark armored figure’s destruction of entire armies with his fast and furious assaults.

"Our intelligence estimates indicate he is not far out of the power range of the American Superman. His mode of transport seems to be leaping from place to place, or running, so he doesn’t seem able to fly. His axes seem harder than steel, we have pictures of him carving through the armor of a tank with them. He’s called himself Li Kui, also known as the Black Whirlwind. Possibly he took the name from an ancient bandit hero from the imperial period, who was known for his ruthless savagery against friend and foe alike."

He paused, letting the importance of his words sink into them, looking around at each of them, noting both Aiko and Saki seemed bored or uninterested with a frown. He brought a new slide up.

"We thought the best location of engagement should be this plain not far from Beijing. It would give you a couple hours to prepare and maximum maneuverability to use teamwork against the one target." And, Kong thought, it will give us the best possibility to see how your suits work and your tactics.

Shin lifted his hand, respectfully waiting for Kong’s nod before saying firmly "We’ve already picked out a forested area for the battle. It’s well away from any civilian areas and is right on his route to Beijing. The cover the forest provides will aid us far more then him, I can assure you." Kong waited a moment to see if he would elaborate, then shrugged "Very well.

The more remote the area though, the less assistance we can provide you."

Shin seemed unconcerned, and after a few more comments, the Iron Angels were dismissed, Saki’s too loudly muttered comment of, ‘Yeah, if they could offer any assistance, they would never have needed to call us in.’ bringing a furious flush to his cheek. Quickly controlling his temper, he called Shin aside for a moment to ask "Forgive my curiosity, but...your team is so small. I expected strong, combat warriors. The tallest of them can’t be more than 5’5".

Shin simply sighed before shaking his head "Reaction time is more important to the efficient functions of the suits then sheer size and power. The suits provide all their own strength, the operator can add very little. But smaller bodies have a inherently faster reaction time, and those few micro seconds make a big difference."

Kong hesitated, still seeming dubious "Can you tell me why this is? How are the suits designed?" he asked, trying to blunt approach.

Shin shook his head again and said "I don’t know." then turned to join his team as they left the room.

Returning to his office, Kong watched the Iron Angel helicopter take off and start heading south, nervously drumming his fingers on the window sill. "I hope this works. I’ve already heard rumors my replacement is ready if this fails. The short sighted fools!"

I look down on where you are standing

Flock of sheep out on display

Saw your lives burned up around you

I can take it all away

Wind rustled through the trees, the sun just beginning to rise, casting long shadows over the forest. Up above the steady whup whup whup of a helicopter drew near.

Inside the craft Shin Tanaka calmly checked all the readings then spoke into the headset "OK, we have reached the chosen site of engagement. Primary camo pattern is forest, secondary is cloudless sky. Everyone check their weapons and remember, our target is highly dangerous, savage and powerful. So no one-on-one, Hah your kung fu is bird droppings, martial arts bullshit. You copy, Tetsu-4?"

"Yes, Obaasan" Saki Edo chimed back, then swore under her breath as she joined the others stepping into the powered armor suits. "He knows me far to well." she thought in mild annoyance, the suit starting to snap shut around her until only her head was left exposed. She felt the familiar rush of warmth in her body as the suit molded itself against her slim form. Saki tossed her cigarette aside after one last drag, then lowered the helmet over her head. Darkness enclosed her for a moment, then the sensors went online and the HUD display came up, first showing the standard system diagnostic, then switching to show the suit’s current status.

Saki purred softly as she settled into the drop bay, savoring as always the feel of raw power at her fingertips, the warm hum of the fusion generator vibrating faintly through the suit, the way the suit was molded perfectly to her body. She knew there were practical reasons for this, but nothing in her life eclipsed this raw sensual feel. She giggled softly as she felt her nipples harden against the armor, wondering what sort of weird readings Shin must be getting from her bio-sensors. Could they tell how aroused she got in combat? Was that why the tactile sensors on the armor that allowed her to ‘feel’ were not built to allow her to touch herself through the armor. Probably for the best, she thought with a grin. It could get distracting.

Back in the command booth Shin just shook his head. "Obaasan, grandmother indeed. Someone needs to act the role when everyone else acts like a kid." he muttered, smiling.

Then, as a blip appeared on the radar he said into the headset "Target acquired, ETA approx. 10 minutes. Drops bays will shoot you out in 30 seconds, hit your spots and we’ll make sure he comes down where he is supposed to."

Shin hit a few switches, made sure everyone’s suits checked out 100%, then hit the release. The helicopter shuddered, lifting suddenly as the four sets of power armor dropped toward the forest. He watched on visual scanners as featherless metal wings slid up from their backs, directional thrusts carrying them down to blend in around the clearing just north of the helicopters position.

Shin then looked back to the target, amazed briefly as a leap carried this man, this Black Whirlwind, up nearly a mile into the air before he started to fall back. Remembering back to the comics he read in his youth, he recalled a hero who had gotten around simply by jumping from place to place. The Thing? the Hulk? Something like that. Shin said a silent prayer to whoever might be listening, then dropped the helicopter’s crosshairs over the quickly rising black armored figure.

Far below light sensitive ceramic armor shifted, going from a dull iron color to dappled greens and browns, blending in with the forest as Saki got into position. Her palms felt sweaty, her pulse raced as she waited with the others. Then an explosion blossomed in the sky followed by rapid-fire shots from a machine cannon, tracers from the helicopter following something hurling down like a fiery meteor from the sky before it landed with a hollow *thud* at the edge of the clearing. Before the Whirlwind had a chance to regain his footing, Tomi’s armored suit shot past, minirocket packs on his shoulders spitting out a mix of smoke, screamers and high explosives to disorient the Whirlwind.

Saki lost sight of the figure for a moment before IR sensors picked him up again through the smoke. There was a silver flash from Aiko’s position followed quickly by two more streams of high-explosive armor piercing mini-rockets from Saki and Yuriko, the shoulder rocket packs expending themselves then detaching to fall to the ground. "I’ve got the tracer on him." Aiko’s eerily monotone voice whispered in the radio "Computer link should let the rest of you track him easy."

"If there is anything left!" laughed Tomi’s voice over the link.

Then there was movement in the smoke as the figure in black armor rose to his feet again. Lightning crackled in the dawn light, rippling along twin steel darts as they slammed into the Whirlwind’s armor, drawing a ragged yell as Aiko’s taser poured electricity into his body. Tomi’s armor soared high above the figure, then dropped toward him, steel knuckles glowing with energy. Suddenly, a streak of black erupted from the Whirlwind’s staggering form, impacting into Tomi’s pale blue armor. Ceramic shards fell from the sky, followed quickly by the armor and the black ax that had slammed into it. Relentless, murderous fire gleamed in the black figure’s eyes as he grabbed the taser lines, his battle cry sounding in the forest as he pulled Aiko sharply toward him, then started twirling her above his head.

Releasing the taser lines sent Aiko’s armor sailing through the air, smashing through one tree, then another before coming to rest against a third, body almost buried in wood. More mini rockets spat forth from Yuriko’s armor, mushrooming around Li Kui, The Whirlwind, in a greenish mist that soon had him coughing furiously. Trying to press the advantage, Saki leapt forward into the gas, only to see another black blur as he leaped high above her, feet coming to rest against the trunk of a tree some 30 feet obove the ground. HIs powerful legs then propelling him through the air like a living missile into Yuriko, his remaining ax smashing into her armor with a sickening thud, sending splinters of ceramic plate flying.

Shin and Saki cursed in unison, his fingers flying over the controls of the helicopter while she settled the crosshairs of her targeting computer over the Whirlwind’s chest and triggered the railgun built into her armor’s right arm. The power surge dimmed her HUD display before the 6" long sliver of steel was hurled at supersonic speed through the Li Kui’s body, into the tree behind, staining both with blood.

"OK, stimulants activated, Aiko looks down for good but Tomi and Yuriko should be back in under a minute, keep him busy until then." Shin ordered, trying to remain calm.

"Fuck that, I’m taking his head as a trophy!" Saki yelled, starting the recharge cycle on her railgun and pointing it at the staggered Black Whirlwind. Before the weapon was ready Li Kui hurled himself at her, laughing maniacally, ax cleaving down toward her skull. Aborting the shot, Saki popped the vibro-blade out from her armor’s left forearm, blocking the swing. Their eyes met for a moment as cybernetic strength was matched against mystical might. Saki snapped a kick up into Li’s belly, but quick as lightning he grabbed her ankle and squeezed, ceramic armor splintering under his grasp.

The Black Whirlwind’s lips curled up in a sneer as he growled "Got you, bitch. Now I’ll show ya what I... "

*Smash!* His words cut off as Saki’s other foot kicked him flush in the face, sending him back halfway through the nearest tree. He stepped away from the tree as it toppled over behind him with a loud crash. Li Kui’s laughter rang through the forest "Good! At last an opponent worthy of fighting! That you are a woman will make my victory all the more ... entertaining."

With a bloodcurdling war cry The Whirlwind leapt to the attack, flailing ax meeting vibroblade as Saki met him head on. She knew she should be worried, or scared. This beast had just trashed the rest of her team. but as they traded kicks and slices she was overcome with a fierce pleasure. This was exactly the thing she lived for, the razor’s edge of danger, the adrenaline high that nothing could match. He tried to match strength with her, but she just fell back, kicking her feet up against his belly to send him sailing high into air. Graceful in his own way as he twisted in the air to land on his feet and attack once more, attack, defense merging blending in a deadly dance.

He slashed at her with his ax, a quick upward flip carrying her above the slash, her hands grabbing the ax handle before she arched her back, legs wrapping around his neck to start squeezing with all her might. He wrenched downward on the ax, Saki holding him for dear life as his face started to get red from the squeezing of her legs. She felt her own face flush as she exerted herself to her limit, hard aroused nipples rubbing against the smooth padding of the armor, leg’s tightening around him as her sex was pressed tightly against her armor by his struggles.

Saki gasped, liquid fire racing through her veins, a metallic whine in her ears as she realized the suit had reached it’s limits. She heard the Whirlwind growling as he pulled the ax down harder, bowing her body back under the pressure as her legs maintained their deathlock on his head. Saki’s back arched , soft cries starting to tumble from her lips faster and faster as her taunt nipples and clit were pressed against the suit harder , Li Kui’s struggles to escape causing a wonderful rubbing sensation. Her body shuddering, then spasmed in the armor as she could resist the orgasm no more, pleasure erupting all through her body like a volcano.

She ‘saw’ warning lights pop on through closed eyes as her tightening legs caused the Black Whirlwind to resist harder, the wild spiral of pleasure suddenly broken when he suddenly released the ax. Like a spring unsprung Saki’s body shot forward, off balance. Seizing the moment, he grabbed her around the waist and shoved her upward, his helmet tearing off and crumpling between her legs under the tremendous pressure, but at least he was free. With a savage howl he flung Saki at the nearest tree, more armor breaking from the sheer force as the tree splintered around her, her body ricocheted off the next tree before coming to a stop. Momentarily dazed, she fuzzily saw Li Kui stalking toward her. He was drawing near when an armored figure dropped down from the tree above, doing a quick somersault before coming to land on his shoulders. Energy crackled around the power glove of Tomi’s suit as he brought it down against Li’s face, detonating a explosion that left the maniac’s face obscured in smoke.

The black armored man staggered for a moment, then his hands shot upward to grab Tomi’s helmet, his face twisted in rage as it emerged from the smoke to pound into Tomi’s helmet with his forehead. The helmet shattered, ceramic armor flying all around. Li now grabbed the stunned man by his hair, holding him up at eye level before yelling "Now let’s see who has the harder head!" He once more started to bring his head forward to headbutt when rapid-fire mini explosions tore a ragged line up his back, ending at the back of his head.

With a cry of rage Li turned, only to immediately be hit in the eyes with another shot from Yuriko’s blaster, staggered him back as his free hand clutched his face. With the swiftness of a cat, he lifted Tomi’s body, blocking the next series of blasts with him. The blasts stopped quickly as Yuriko gasped in shock, the Black Whirlwind swinging Tomi over his head to throw him at Yuriko with all his strength. She could have easily avoided it, but the impact would have killed Tomi. She moved forward, intercepting his body with her own to cushion the impact.

With a disdainful sneer Li turned from them to look back at Saki.

"Now then, where were we?"

Saki threw herself forward, black ax held in both hands as she chopped down toward his skull. With a loud clap his palms slapped the shut on either side of the ax head, stopping it cold. Before Li could follow up, a metallic line wrapped around his neck, surges of electric power filling him with agony.

Without hesitation, Saki released the ax, shoving the barrel of her blaster into Li Kui’s wide open mouth and triggered off three quick explosions before flipping away. After a moment the electricity sparked, then ceased. Smoke poured from the mouth and nose of the Black Whirlwind as he sputtered "Is that the besss......." then finally toppled forward onto his face, unconscious.

Saki walked over, aiming more blasts against his head to make sure he stayed out before her gaze swept up to Aiko. The pale girl’s helmet was discarded, her cheeks sunken as though she had expended her own energy in the taser. Her eyes burned like coals though, filled with energy her body did not show.

Then in an almost bored sounding voice she said flatly, "Get him restrained, I’ll guide Shin in to land."

Over the comlink crackled Shin’s voice "Have fun?" he asked, trying to sound amused, though strained showed through as well.

"I thought you said Aiko was out for the battle?" Saki asked, quietly.

The momentary silence showed her she had struck a nerve before he said simply, "Yeah, she was."

Something inside me

Has opened up it's eyes

Why did you put it there

Did you not realize?

This thing inside me

It screams the loudest sound

Sometimes I think I could ...

I'm going to burn the whole world down

I was never part of you ... Burn!

The mood was cheerful in the meeting room of the Central Committee as Kong went over the report of Li Kui’s defeat and capture by the Iron Angels. "He’s been turned over to the People’s army for incarceration, though we are still not certain what will need to be done with him. For now he is securely bound in shackles on loan from the Angels, and they are on their way to Hong Kong, something to do with a disturbance there. We will have a full report in the next day."

He returned to his seat, passing the ancient servant as he finishing filling the Central Committee’s tea cups. Satisfaction warmed him at the general approval of the Central Committee. He had had his doubts about the Iron Angels, but it was his decision, his risk, and it had paid off handsomely. He noted in passing the tea was exceptionally good today, perhaps they were trying something new. Then his attention snapped to the head of the table as the Chairman stood, all eyes upon him as he began "I believe we should find a way to convert this Li Kui to our side, surely we can find a ... a ... aarrgghh!"

Kong’s eyes grew wide as the party chairman shuddered, then smoke began to pour from his mouth and nose. A sudden burst of fire engulfed him as he collapsed slowly onto the table, leaving only a burnt out cinder. Cries of agony around him showed the others shuddering a similar fate, first smoke, then fire. Finally all that was left around him were the burnt out husks of what had once been the ruling body of China. And the ancient servant.

The old man laughed "Fools! The Whirlwind fulfilled his duty as a distraction magnificently! And you, Kong, have been spared. You will be my lackey, aiding my rule as regent while we search for China’s emperor. He’s out there somewhere. I can feel him! Fail to follow my orders, lackey, and the tea you drank will burn your body and soul, as it did these deluded fools, sending you screaming to the hell of being burned alive!"

Kong settled back in the chair nervously, wiping sweat from his brow as the old man’s eyes seized and held his, like a cobra paralyzing a bird. Finally the old man cackled and nodded "I see you understand your situation. See to the mess here, I have more tea to deliver, this to time to the general staff meeting of the People’s Army on the floor below." With a last evil cackle the old man left, leaving Kong holding his head in his hands, triumph turned to ashes.

I am the agent

I am corruption

I am the angel of your destruction

I am subversion

Secret Desire

I am your future

Swallow down all that fire

I look down on where you are standing

Flock of sheep out on display

Saw your lives burned up around you

I can take it all away

Long lacquered fingernails traced over the smooth stone left by Kali’s fiery exit from the cave she was reborn in, a thoughtful expression upon the Immortal Luo’s face. A teenaged Chinese girl rummaged around the cave, picking up the shreds of leather as Luo stood by, body defenseless as his mystical senses examined first the cavern, then traced the path of the power tapped here to a still warm pile of obsidian dust outside, his white eyebrows crinkled in concentration. The pile of leather grew as the girl paced impatiently, adding the metal shin plates and the knife as the sun rose above the horizon and the sky began to brighten.

Luo was now clad in a Chinese silk kung fu outfit, satiny pale blue with gold trim along the high mandarin collar, down the front and along the duffs of the sleeve. The jade saber was slung over his back. The girl with him was dressed simply, in a black ‘Billy Idol - Charmed Life’ T-shirt, well worn blue jeans with a CD Walkman hanging at her hip, and red & black air Jordan’s. Silver mirrorshades concealed her eyes.

The Chinese girl brushed back a lock of her short, red dyed hair "Are you sure she can’t follow, grandy?" she asked finally, looking around a bit anxiously as the old man shook his head and his eyes once more focused on the cavern.

"Lian, granddaughter, call me Luo or grandfather. And yes, both Kali and the fool who started this whole mess are incapable of finding us right now. We need to know who is responsible though, and if possible who Kali’s avatar is now. Whoever he is, he’s no dunce when it comes to magic. I can tell he summoned Yen Lo Wang using the power from a blood sacrifice of someone from one of China’s ancient mystical bloodlines. It was a female, who was claimed by Kali as an Avatar using the excess power generated by the ritual and the portal opened. Who did this though, remains a mystery. I found him for a moment just before Kali’s attack, but now he is hiding himself from me." The old man shook his head in wry amusement "If he had not sent that white devil to kill me, or had not roused Kali from her thousand year slumber, I might very well have died finally. I was fortunate to be able to escape as they fought."

Lian sat on the stone floor, poking through what she had gathered before starting to arrange the scraps of red leather on the stone floor until they formed the rough outline of a jacket. She began to whisper, fingers passing over the rips in the leather, leaving behind neon red after images. The red lines melded into the darker red leather as the jacket began to reassemble it’s self, scraps merging together until finally the jacket was whole and new looking.

With a happy cry Lian held up the jacket proudly "See! I have so been practicing hard! Grandy, if this sorcerer who did this shows himself, you will be able to locate him and identify him pretty fast this time, right?"

Luo nodded his head sagely "Of course. It’s only a matter of time before he shows himself again. Though why he is so well hidden now ... troubles me. He was very blatant earlier."

Lian nodded and flashed a bright grin "OK! Let’s check out the past on your girlfriend, Kali, then. I can tell you alot about her already." She waited for some reaction from Luo, but was rewarded only with the curious arching of one eyebrow. Lian continued "I checked out what was left of her CD Walkman, eclectic taste’s in music, but all the CD’s were made recently, and the Walkman itself was a real bleeding edge tech, not too many multiple CD Walkman’s out there now. She loves leather and for more then show, ‘cause her boots and shinplates are fashionable among motorcyclists right now. The knife was well taken care of and kept in a fast draw sheath." Lian’s fingers trace over the jacket as she looked it over "She has serious attitude, probably likes John Woo movies, is named Mei Ling and lives in Kowloon."

Luo blinked in surprise, his eyes narrowing as he glanced at the jacket, then back to Lian "And how do you know this? The jacket still has traces of the girl’s aura, so it was a favorite item, but the link it not so strong she could be unidentified by it."

Lian laughed and dangled the jacket by it’s tag, holding it close to Luo so he could read the lettering inside that read ‘This jacket is the property of Mei Ling, if found and not returned you’re fucking dead’ and underneath was listed an address in Kowloon. Luo laughed shortly, amused.

"Keep this up and I’ll claim you as my number one daughter. Perhaps I truly am getting old at last..." he said, ancient face crinkled from his broad smile. "Come! Let’s return to Hong Kong and investigate who this ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ is."