The Devil Inside, Part 2
by Miko

Here I am
I'm the master of your destiny!
I am the one, the only one
I am the god of kingdom come
Gimme the Prize!

Lightning crackled over the mountains as the venerable Li Ying hurled through the air, black book clutched tightly under one arm as the rugged terrain passed under him with dizzying swiftness. His eyes shown like fire as he came to land before a large mountain, lightning flashes revealing the ruins of a castle at it's summit. Disregarding the castle he stalked up along a narrow path that led into a cave. The bluewhite fire of his eyes cast fleeting shadows into the cave's darkness. He knew this course was dangerous, but the times were desperate and time was short.

He stopped before a section of the wall, the silk of his mandarin robes rustling as he raised his right hand, cast black glittering dust over the wall as his arm fell enough to let the book open. His voice grew the match the thunder outside as he began to read, incantations whispering from his lips, echoing off the walls and growing in volumne and power.

At first nothing happened, then a single crack grew down the middle of the wall. As his words pounded at it, the crack grew, forming a web in the hard rock. As the cracks grew bright reddish light began pouring out between the rocks, growing bright as the cracks widened until at last the cave shook and the wall exploded into dust.

Li held his breath, eyes glancing back and forth in the dark haze until he saw movement. Movement that grew into a dark burly man, a black battle axe held tightly in each hand. Armor such as China had not seen in hundreds of years covered his body, leaving only his face bare. His skin was dark, swarthy, his face was neather handsome nor ugly, more fierce than anything. His eyes gleamed with a barely contained bloodlust as they fell upon Li. Quickly Li spoke "Wait! Stay your rage, my brother. It is I, the Eagle who Smites Heaven. I have returned you, Li Kui, the Black Whirlwind to life. China needs us, brother."

The man looked at him for a full minute, then recognition came to his eyes. The black axes were quickly tucked in his belt and a fierce smile came to his face "Greetings, brother, it has been too long. What desperate straits convinced you to bring me back now, after you left me to die at the hand of my blood brother so many years ago, poison burning in my veins. You surely did not think I had forgotten your treachery so soon..."

Li drew in a deep breath, hesitating long enough to bring his nervousness under control before he spoke "China needs an emperor! I have already dispatched a new servent to deal with the meddling Luo Zhen Ren, and struck a deal with Yen Lo Wang. " Li bowed his head for a moment reverently before continuing "But I need your strength now, brother. In the past years China has fallen into..."

"Enough!" roared the Black Whirlwind "You know I care not for such things. I would have killed you when I first returned, but I knew you had to have a plan that required violence and blood or you would not have risked bringing me back! So...." he said, his voice falling to a evil hiss "Who do you wish killed first?"


Give me your kings

Let me squeeze them in my hands

Your puny princes

Your so called leaders of your land

I'll eat them whole before I'm done

The battle's fought and the game is won

In the darkness, INXS gave way to the pounding rhythm of Queen on the walkman as Mei felta semblance of life and warm seep into her body. Gentle hands brushes over her cheek, another set of hands caressing her hips. Lips as hot as fire brushed her lips as within her mind she felt more than heard "Mei Ling...The Beautiful Dreamer, you are well named. Give yourself to me. It's time the dreamer became the warrior, the woman."

Mei's lips parted weakly to the kiss as she felt her body slowly reviving, her tongue playing with the ...womans? Mei's thoughts were a confused jumble as she struggled to accept what was happening, even as her body responded eagerly to the caresses exploring her silky golden skin. After a sensual minute the femme pulled back and Mei's eyes fluttered open. A scream caught in her throat as she saw crouched over her like some primal predator a black skinned vision of beauty and terror. A necklace of skulls danged from around her neck, fangs shown clearly from between her lips. Mei would have wondered how she had missed those, but her attention was mostly drawn by the lady's four arms, her fingers tipped in long blood red fingernails. Long black-red hair swept down past her shoulders, half cloaking her body in midnight.

Full breasts pushed down through the veil of hair as she leans down once more to claim Mei's lips in a kiss, her thoughts whispering in Mei's mind "Accept me, daughter, be my avatar, my missionary to this world of men." Mei moaned softly as fingers began to trace agaisnt her nipples, feather soft caresses trailing down her hips to the inside of her thighs as she felt warmth, life, power awaken within her, far beyond anything she had felt before. Her body shuddered, nipples growing taunt, erect beneath those black fingers as Mei's own hands explored through the silken hair, clasping behind the woman's head as Mei gave herself to the kiss, surrendering her very being to it's dark embrace.

In her mind Mei began to see images, different women appearing as her breath came faster more ragged from the rough sensuality of the woman's fingers, raking nails ever so lightly up the inside of her thighs before caressing against her labia, pinching her hard nipples. Kali. Gaia. Lilith. Goddesses and demonesses filled her thoughts in a kalideoscope of images and pictures as the power filled her body. Mei's back arched, pressing harder against the hands fondling her breasts, her hips begining a wanton dance against the black fingers caressing there. A sharp cry of pleasure escapes her lips as the fingers explore, the first fleeting caress over her clitoris turning to a swift, instant spiral of fingers against the center of her pleasure.

She pulled the woman tightly into the kiss, moaning deep in her throat as her hips thrust into the air, against the fingers easing into the wet slit. Mei's body began to writhe madly as the images in her mind came faster and faster until she could no longer distinguish them, then her thoughts shattered under the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. White hot sensations rippled through Mei's body endlessly, her nails raked down the woman's black back as she felt her very being shatter under the sensual assault, then reform, remade into something different, better. Fire burned in her veins, gradually fading from the peak of her orgasm to a warm dull glow as awareness slowly returned to her.

The cave was dark, silent, even her beloved walkman dead now. Mei was alone in the cave once more with the burned out remains of the dark ritual that had started it all. She did not feel alone though, in her heart she still felt the woman's presense and knew her for who she was. Kali, the Black Earth Mother, the destroyer whose dance will one day level the Earth to prepare it for rebirth. She felt renewed, the simple revenge she had been planning still burning in her heart, but more than that, she was to restore the Matriarchy, to destroy the dominion of men. She climbed to her feet, feeling strange, light headed. Her felt fully restored, crackling with energy, bursting with power wanting to be used to the limit.

She held her head in her hands, trying to make sense of all that had just happened to her, her hands feeling over the dark stone walls as she made her way toward the exit she knew was there. With a shock she realized she was doing all that at once, two sets of hands, four arms extending from her body. In wonder and some fear her hands began to explore her body, noting with surprise the now prominant cut of her body, dramatic muscles coming alive under her fingers. Her breast felt larger, fuller as well. Suddenly, something clicked in her mind, the rage returning as she felt something urging her on, drawing her back to Hong Kong with deadly intent. Instinctively she flew up, the stone giving way to her like butter cut by a hot knife until she exploded into the night time sky, blood red lines of pure power writhing around her as she flew, fading in her wake as she rocketed home.


Hey, Hey, Hey!

Clear the way!

There's no escape from my authority!

I am the one, the only one.

I am the god of kingdom come!

Gimme the Prize!

Far away in Hong Kong, the venerable Luo Zhen Ren felt himself roused from his slumber. At first he thought it was the driving strains of that modern music his great great .. great .. however many generations removed grandaughter loved so much. He considered about demanding silence, but reconsidered. Though age was to be respected, the young had so little time to enjoy their youth. His thoughts turned back to the past, to his own youth thousands of years ago. Yes, he could let this pass. He relaxed, letting his mind wander, mystic senses checking his security to make sure nothing was amiss. Then he shot up in bed, his mysticaly attuned senses once more detecting what had awoken him before. Magic, dark hellish magic the like he had not felt in over a century. He closed his eyes, casting his thoughts outward to detect the source.

Off in the mountains of China he detected the first source, like a dark blight upon nature, impossible to hide. Whoever it was was using his power openly, either a challenge or inexperience, or perhaps desperation. Curious.... Then he started, eyes widening s he sensed *another* source? Not the same as the other, more primal or perhaps primordial, approaching him swiftly. He knew he had little time, jumping from bed, a casual gesture clothing his aged body in the drab clothes he wore so often while selling flowers in the mundane world. A quick dash found him throwing open his grandaughter's door. He took no time to concern himself with her deep blush and guilty look as he said calmly "Go. Old Woman Wa is just down the street, you must hurry! The time we awaited has come, but too fast. I shall meet you there soon."

He closed the door and walked back to his sanctum, confident she would listen. However rebellious she might seem at times, in a time of emergency there is no time to argue. Later ... well .. he knew she would have things to say to him. If there is a later, he thought grimly. He knew now he needed his weapon, he was ill prepared for a confrontation so soon. Such is fate, he thought grimly, lifting a ancient curved sword from it's resting place, jade instead of metal along the blade, catching the light. "If I am to die tonight, so be it."

He took a test slash of the sword through the air and turned back to the door, stopping in his tracks as he saw a dark figure fill the doorway, four arms flung wide as eyes that burned with a hellish red light fell upon him. He knew what she saw, a harmless looking chinese man who looked maybe one hundred years old, long white hair falling around his shoulder, with a matching mustouche and goatee. Recognition flared in her eyes as she hissed "The Immortal Luo...over three thousand years ago you imprisoned me, it shall *not* happen again."

His thoughts raced in turmoil that his face did not show 'Who in the name of the Celestrial Jade Throne has released Kali?!' Then his keen eyes picked out the asiatic slant of her eyes, the suble differences. An Avatar then, but just as deadly. Someone had been very foolish this night. He resolved to fully investigate....if he survived.

Red fire burned in her hands, the bottom two hands filling with flaming swords as the top pair created a bow of fire, it's dull glow filling the room as she took aim upon him and loosed the arrow. His aged hands raised, the fire flowing around him as it hit his shield, before he leap forward, sword slashing down toward her face, only to be blocked by her twin swords. He bounced away, his leap carrying him to the far wall as his free hand throw darts of pure white magic toward her black heart. A awkward parry of her sword cast them aside, but his eyes narrowed. She's just as powerful as he remembered, but less experienced, less subtle. He could use that rage against her.

She once more leapt to the attack, twin lines of dark flame shooting toward him, but he casually delfcted one into the other, letting them consume each other before once more he flew across the room. His sword slashed down, her own swords raised to block. But he pulled the stroke short, bluewhite energy flashing from his blade, smashing into her body and hurling her back against the wall. She screamed, the sound filling the room "Enough playing, it's time you learned what true power is, venerable one!"

She leaped high into the air, landing on one foot with a crash that rattled the walls, the swords flickering out as her four hands began to inscribe arcane gesture in the air. She hissed in the darkness "In the pits of hell, by the 9 guardian dragons..."

Behind his inscrutable facade Leo felt his veins chill like ice water, realizing he had forgotten just how powerful she truly was. He knew his power would probably not be enough to stop a spell of such dark evil, be he resolved to try, all the skill of a life dedicated to the preservation of order brought to bear as he conjured his shield, knowing deep in his heart it would not be enough.

The blood red glow grew aronnd her, the hiss that was her voice growing louder with each syllable until finally "Fires of hell, be my....">


The ceiling exploded downward, sending them both head over heels against opposite walls, shrapnel bouncing off his shield, though the force knocked the wind from him. Looking up he saw a blond man, a white devil, muscles rippling under a black bodysuit as he floated down from above. He wondered how this man could have gotten so close, then realized. He was not magical! His power was natural, genetic.

"Li Ying sends his greetings, Lao." the white devil spoke "The past glory of China *will* be restored, and there is nothing you can do except die!" The man's eyes flickered red like a laser, growing brighter, then suddenly a hiss filled the room. Both men turned to look back toward the far wall where the girl was crouched on her four arms, looking like an obscene spider, blood trickling down the side of her head and from one arm. Her eyes boiled blood red, her face twisted in a murderous rage as she looked at the blond man and hissed "You HURT me....."