The Birthday Present by Sharon Best and John Y.

Katie locked the door behind James as she twirled the key idly in her hand while walking back into the gym. She was glad he had let her use the equipment room again to workout after closing time. She had been working late recently and did not like to be in the middle of a crowd in any case. During busy hours, like when most people finished their jobs at around 5:00 P.M., the health club often resembled a zoo with swarms of people packed closely together, grunting and groaning as they exercised. It bothered her that many of the men were there not to work out, but simply to pick up girls. Also, since she had started responding strongly to the heavy weights she was lifting, it was a problem to not draw a lot of attention to herself.

She paused for a moment to gaze at herself in the mirror at the end of the hall. Her tight cutoffs were stretched tightly as usual across her rear end as she turned and flexed a little. She felt the strong fabric stretch as her glutes became rounded while straining against the light blue denim fabric. She reached behind to cup herself with her hands as the rounded steel of her firm buttocks filled her hands. She imagined the day when her muscles would actually win this contest against the strong fabric and burst her jeans apart.

Her eyes rose to her ragged T-shirt that draped over her very significant chest, torn so that the bottom edge drifted freely in the air over her firm flat bare stomach. She never wore a bra when she worked out, at least when she had her privacy like this, yet she was amazed, for the thousandth time, that she did not need one. Despite her 38D measurements, she was firm enough so that she could see her large nipples press strongly upward against the thin fabric, the fabric held far away from her body by her firm breasts and jutting nipples. She walked down the hall, her eyes moved from her gently jiggling breasts to the ripples of her strong legs. She once again wished she was far taller than 5’3" but her boyfriend had always assured her that " good things come in small packages ".

She winced as she remembered that it was " former " boyfriend as they had broken up a week before. His wild jealousy and demands on her time had been more than she could handle. She was happy the unpleasant relationship had ended, but she missed the romantic evenings they had spent with one other.

Katie pulled the white towel from her shoulders and tossed it on the floor beside her as she adjusted the bench press machine. Selecting the highest setting, she then lifted and attached two huge free weights to the bar at the back of the machine. Fortunately she was alone so that she could set it at the maximum force, 900 lb! She knew that nobody would believe her if she told them that she lifted that much weight, but her mother had also shown incredible strength with slightly larger muscles than most normal women. Not to mention her sister!

She slid her body under the bar as she felt the bottom of her shirt with a large blue Nike swoosh sign on it ride up until it was clinging to the very edges of her nipples. The torn fabric tingled as it roughly slid across the that firn brown flesh as she felt herself getting a little aroused. She liked being strong like this!

Gripping her hands under the bar, her chest and arms exploded into surprisingly well-defined muscles as the machine groaned and creaked as the unaccustomed weight rose from the stops. The bar slowly moved upward as each part of the machine stressed against a greater weight than it ever had before. Katie looked down to see her breasts pushing upward as the pectoral muscles underneath flexed intensely. She was thrilled as she moved the bar smoothly up and down using the amazing power of her chest. Each time she lowered the bar, it sunk deeply into her firm breasts as she rubbed her nipples across the hard steel. Katie felt herself getting more and more excited as her body responded to her routine.

Her eyes were closed as the 12th rep came and went. Her chest started to burn and her heart beat faster. She was struggling to complete the 13th when she heard a man clearing his voice from just below her feet. Her eyes opened wide in shock as she lost her rhythm and the bar slid down to crush deeply into her breasts. It caused no pain, but her nipples hardened dramatically as they were crushed under the 900 lb of the machine.

Katie lifted her head to see a familiar face, a guy she often passed on her way to class. She was confused with names for a moment before she remembered he was Austin. She remembered how he had often looked at her with more than simple interest as she was secretly pleased by his attention. She had turned around a couple of times to find him staring at her butt as she instinctively had wiggled it a bit for him.

It was always good to see that her long hours in the gym were not a total waste of time even if her jerk former boyfriend resented it. She suddenly realized that her upper body was drenched with sweat. Little beads of sweat appeared on her forearms. She watched the amazed expression on Austin’s face as she was surprised to find that his interest also aroused her.

She rearranged her grip as she suddenly felt even stronger and more energetic than before as she poured her unusual strength into the bar once again. She watched Austin’s face as he read the setting on the machine, smiling as she saw his mouth falling open in surprise. Katie felt a tingling sensation from inside as she realized that he was the first man who had ever seen her use her body like this. The bar somehow easily pumped up and down as her eyes held his. He moved closer before swinging his leg over the bench as he lowered himself gently onto her bare waist as his hands slowly began tracing up across her rippling stomach. She gasped as she felt his hands rising over her ribcage as they tried, but failed, to surround her large firm breasts. She looked down in pride as she saw that she was much larger than his hands, especially now that her chest muscles were fully flexed. She suddenly gasped as he encircled her left breast with both his hands as his thumbs brushed across her hard nipple. She saw his strong biceps flexing as she cried out softly while realizing that he instinctively knew that he could hold her with more enthusiasm and strength than any other girl he had ever known.

Katie suddenly had an urge to move the bar from in front of her. Her stomach hardened as the washboard grid of her abs pressed upward under Austin’s firm buttocks as she sat up. Her shoulders and back exploded into beautiful curves while the thick steel bar screeched as she pulled outward with both hands. Small, but precisely defined chunks of muscle started to pop up out of nowhere, all across her body. A wave of pure pleasure rushed through her body as the hard steel tore apart in her bare hands!

Her powerful arms broke it completely in half before dropping the two sides of the bar onto the floor beside her. She smiled as she saw Austin’s eyes grow large as saucers as he saw her use strength that only Supergirl possessed. He staggered as he realized that this cute girl before him was perhaps another incarnation of such an exotic woman.

She leaned up to place her soft bare breasts against his chest. His arms surrounded her as her huge breasts flattened against his warm chest, her hard nipples pressing insistently against him.

His fingers traced the soft maze of curves on her powerful back as he realized that this girl was unlike all others. Katie, for her part, was amazed to find her body floating up off the bench, with Austin still sitting in her lap, as they pivoted in mid-air. She had dreamed of doing this but this was the first time she had been able to do the things she had seen her older sister do on so many occasions. She had always envied Kara as she had slipped into her skin-tight red and blue costume before flying away into the sky. She now realized that her sexually aroused body was experiencing similar abilities

Her strong hands quickly shredded Austin’s shirt as she felt his strong athletic body. She hugged him tighter as their lips met while she sighed softly, their kisses becoming passionate and deep. Her own body continued to float before him as her head rose to his level as they continued kissing. His hands struggled with her cutoffs before she floated backward for a moment. She remembered his admiring glances when they had met before as she slowly rotated in mid-air until she looked coyly back over her shoulder at him. She reached behind to cup herself as her fingers squeezed her tight ass. The far weaker denim fabric shredded noisily as she partially tore her cutoffs, revealing the tight, well toned skin of her rounded ass for him to see. Austin felt his body soaring with arousal as he realized that even his imagination had not done justice to this girl as her tight rounded butt suddenly hovered in front of his face.

Katie rotated in midair as she rose up to fly back toward him as she spread her arms and rested them gently on his shoulders. His hands surrounded her back as he pulled her tightly to him so that her fragrant face smiled gently up at him. He felt the wonderful silky softness of her skin as it was stretched over the hardest muscles he had ever encountered as he remembered the incredible visions he had seen on TV of Supergirl. He realized that this must be her younger sister as he was shocked to realize that he had never thought of that before, despite the fact that they shared the same last name. His mind was reeling with the wonderful sensations of her body as her hands slowly reached down to his own shorts. There was a brief moment of pressure as he heard them rip in her strong hands and his cock was suddenly free. He was so hard that it pointed nearly straight up as he felt her body sliding down his. Her huge soft breasts flattened across the ripples of his upper stomach as she eased herself backward until he felt his cock pressing against her.

Katie gasped again and again with pleasure as she flew her small body up and down over him as she fucked Austin in midair. His strong arms tried to assist her as she followed his urgings while plunging down again and again to take him deeply within her. Her body was tingling in a way she had never felt before with her previous boyfriends as she finally began to understand why her sister had always shared such easy intimacies with the men she met.

Her super body was experiencing the same thrills that Kara had always felt as she found sex much more enjoyable than ever before. The first of her many climaxes was suddenly upon her as she hugged Austin so tightly that he could hardly breath as he struggled to keep up with her small but powerful body. His own thrusting became even more powerful now as he used all his athletic abilities to keep up with this newly discovered wonder girl that he held in his arms. Suddenly, his own orgasm exploded so deeply inside her as he cried out in unison with her cries! He suddenly jolted as he discovered that the two of them were now floating in the air above the torn roof of the gym as they soared upward into the warm night air. He remembered that this was his birthday as he saw the stars and moon lighting the face of the beautiful girl in his arms as they flew off to enjoy the long night, celebrating his birthday in a way that only Supergirl and her man could do.