Earth Takes a Stand


by Anonymous

Fairchild always liked to act, at least on the outside, as if she always wanted to be in control of a situation. This was true, to a point. Here among the weak and frail Terran men and women, she knew that she was something very special, very powerful, of course very sexy, but above all very necessary. She understood that she was really the only thing standing in the way of the Arions, who wanted to conquer this and every other planet just out of protest and spite of their very existence.

She remembered stories of the pitiful worlds that the Velorian Protectors had not yet reached, or had for one or another reason abandoned, that the Arions had easily taken control of. Usually to sake their blood lust until they became board of the world, and disposed of it. This of course would never happen as long as she, the most powerful Velorian Protector who had ever lived, was guarding Earth.

At least this was how she showed everyone she felt. Deep inside, she knew that a number of her battles had gone badly, and she barely escaped with her life more than once. As powerful as she was, she never was much of a fighter. Her awesome strength and unbelievable level of invulnerability were all that saved her more often than not. And still deeper, there was the knowledge that she, and every other Velorian and those related races, were created simply for the pleasure of the gods. Their super-strong bodies and amazing abilities intended for the carnal pleasures of the master race that had created them, and all side-effects merely that: side effects. It didn't matter in the grand scheme of things whether she saved a million lives on Earth or even the world itself, in the end she never was anything more than a toy as far as the creators were concerned.

This meant that she was genetically hard-wired to respond sensually to a being who was anywhere near her power level, and at times she even felt aroused simply using her powers. She was out of control far too often for her comfort, and she resented that, even if it did mean that she was one of the most sensual creatures in the Galaxy!

Thinking too hard about this sort of thing always made Fairchild feel sorry for herself. It was at times like this that she enjoyed going out just flying, carefree and unrestrained. Flying was one of the few things that Fairchild could do that wouldn't hurt anybody, no matter how powerfully or freely she acted. Here, nearly 7,000 feet above the Earth, she could look down and see the patchwork terrain she loved looking at, so far from the ugly, blackened, and twisting cities. The world looked so peaceful from up here, and it felt incredible to be using her powers so freely, like a wheelchair-bound woman who could occasionally get up and take a jog.

As she neared the California coastline, which didn't take long at a comfortable cruising speed of Mach 3, she decided to lower herself to a few feet above the ocean and watch the spray of water as the air she was cutting through made a huge trough in the sea. Near the surface, waves crashed into each other as the water rushed back to fill in the gap. Higher up, she watched the finer spray reflect the sun's rays into rainbows. It was beautiful. Why should she worry about anything out here, where nothing was wrong and everything was perfect and she was free?


Hours later, Fairchild was relaxing in the pool of molten lava deep underneath the basement of her home. She was feeling so good after her flight that Chris had a special surprise in store for him when she finally returned. The perfect ending to the long, blissful, and much-needed freedom she experienced on her many jaunts into the deep blue sky. Chris was now sleeping soundly as she absorbed what energy she could from the heat. Even her super-body needed to recharge every once in a while.

Unfortunately, now that it was all over, her thoughts returned to the present. She was a Protector, first and foremost, and the world needed protecting. The Arions may take some time off like she did, but their allies, the Kintzi, thought of their titanic battles as their time off. She reflecting on the irony of the situation, that her job as a Protector required that she take as little time off as possible, and yet it was at the same time the most stressful and tiring job anyone could imagine!

She returned to the cool night air a bit later. The contrast with the bubbling magma felt so good against her skin. She looked up at the stars, and felt a little sad. Terrans had a habit of making it clear that it was peaceful to go stargazing, contemplating the enormous size of the Universe, looking for patterns and constellations, putting everything into perspective. Yet it was this last prospect that Fairchild found most disturbing. A single halfhearted bound took her easily onto the roof of her house and she laid back on the rough tiles. Watching the stars certainly put everything into perspective for her. All those worlds, all those civilizations, each one needing a Protector like herself. And this world, the one she was assigned to protect, possibly in its own way the most precious world. The origin of all human life, including her Velorian ancestry.


Many, many months ago, there was a titanic battle near a ski resort in Colorado. Five Arions were pitted against a single Velorian in a struggle that cost the lives of hundreds of Terrans and four of the Arions, and almost killed the Velorian and her lover. Hundreds of other Terrans were injured in the fight that they had nothing to do with. Tens of thousands of other Terrans mourned the losses they suffered. This is the story of a woman who lost her arm and her hearing in that battle, and a man who would no longer mourn.

While Steve Iwikos sat glued to his couch for nearly 72 hours waiting for any information from his wife, she was in a vastly overcrowded hospital. Every hospital in the area around the battlefield was being utilized to its fullest and then some as the injured and dying came pouring in. Jennifer received some rapid treatment to stop the bleeding in her arm, enough to save her life, and the doctors had to move on. Her arm might have been saved if there was enough time to tend to her, and her hearing could most likely have been restored if the surgeons could have spent the time they needed to on her. They had to be content with saving her life, as hard as it was to do so. Priority one was to save the lives of as many as they could, and tend to the other injuries once there was time. Family members of the injured were kept outside so the doctors could have the space they needed. Ironic, that the two things that could have saved so many more lives were the two that human beings could never control, possibly never comprehend fully. Space and Time were the territory of the gods, not men.

As Steve sat and waited for his phone to ring, he began to come to grips with a horrible, previously unimaginable possibility. He had seen on the news that the leader of the Arions had literally vaporized a large group of people with her heat vision. She left nothing to mourn over, nothing to bury. Even being crushed and mangled was a better fate than that! At least there was a way to know who had survived and who had not. This... this was pure evil. He jumped as the phone rang, fumbled with the receiver, and nervously asked who it was.


Jennifer's parents had been every bit as worried and nauseated as Steve had been. They lived in Florida and had not heard anything of Jennifer either. They were disappointed to learn that Steve knew just as much as they did. They offered their prayers, and awkwardly hung up.


By the middle of the third day, Jennifer's condition had stabilized. Her injuries were relatively minor, but considering her right arm, her dominant arm, was amputated and her hearing was lost forever, the average injury suffered at the hands of these impossibly strong beings was horrendous!

Ordinarily, she would be kept for observation and physical therapy, but a hospital in her hometown could take care of that better than they were able to at the moment considering their workload. She was sent home that day. The major airlines that flew from that area showed that they had hearts as they sent the survivors home for free on what under booked flights they could find.


ring... ring... "Hello?" Steve had not given up hope that his wife was still alive. He had not been in to work for the past three days, taking sick leave. He had gotten a card from his co-workers extending their sympathies and wishing for the best.

"Is Steve Eee... Eye... Iwikos? Steve Iwikos there?"

"Yes, yes this is Steve," he answered nervously. Strangers always had trouble with his name. The fact that this was a stranger could only mean that he had information to give him about his wife. This was the moment of truth, but good news or bad, anything was better than this horrible state of not knowing.

"Your wife is safe. She was hurt badly in the battle in Colorado, I'm sorry, but she lost her arm and her hearing. But she is alive."

Steve was overjoyed at this news! She was alive! He almost didn't even hear the part about her missing arm or her hearing loss. As that fact slowly set in, he realized it didn't matter, as long as she was alive! "Where is she? Is she coming home? Can I visit her? Why couldn't I hear anything before this? Please, please let me hear her voice!!"

"Your wife is right here next to me. I'm from American Airlines, and she asked me to call you. She's having trouble speaking, but I can make out what she's saying. I'm writing her notes, hold on a second."

The pause at the other end of the phone seemed to last forever as Steve's heart and mind both raced at 100 miles per hour, not sure what to feel so they were trying to feel everything at once. Finally, the pause ended as he heard the sweetest, most wonderful tones he knew of as his wife's voice came over the lines and flushed over his entire body. "Steve... Steve honey, I'm okay. And I love you. I'll be home soon, just wait for me. I love you!"

Tears welled up in Steve's eyes and streamed down his face as his wife's voice confirmed everything he could have hoped for.