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The Journal Entries of Marshat, and Arion Prime, and the continuation of one of the biggest conspiracies ever to rock the very infrastructure of Arion society.



Arion High Command
Kayne (or next of kin)
Top Priority, Top Security

Sirs, I regret to inform you that the scheduled check on the planet Verdatia has not gone as planned. I do not understand the implications of the document contained within this transmission, but the potential threat that it provides evidence of is worthy of your attention.

I belive Kayne to be dead at this time, but I also understand his body was never found. If in fact he is alive, I ask that he recieve a copy of this as well. He deserves to know.

The war on Verdatia is over, but our planned conquest cannot procede for reasons which will be made clear in the enclosed document. It is a journal from Leiutenent Colonel Marshat, apparently left behind when he left the planet. It was obtained through great personal risk, and I assure you that I was the only one who read it. If I may know what is happening, I would appreciate a full breifing. Of course, for security reasons, I would also understand if this is not possible.

I only hope that this document has been discovered in time to prepare for the upcomming threat that Marshat represents to us. Good luck to you, for the fortune of the High Command is the fortune of us all.

--Captain Righlan, via secure broadcast.

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