Part 9 - Heather's Turn

by J

      "You know, I imagined that a place where orcs lived would be ugly and smell bad. I just never thought it would be this- bad. It must be even worse by daylight." Alara said, quietly.
      "We've been looking around here for an hour already. Are you sure this is where the wizard said to search?" Heather whispered back.
      "The only place we haven't looked yet is the garbage heap. I should have expected them to have it in the middle of their town. I wonder how such a small town could have so much trash." Alara continued. They darted from one hiding place to another, using the alleys to keep their presence unknown while they made their way through the darkened orc town. The buildings were dingy and the streets were paths of mud. They stopped in an alleyway they had used several times.
      "Do you smell that? The air just got fresher" Heather suddenly felt very drowsy. She and Alara felt the world spin and then go dark.
      Heather woke up first. She was laying on her back on a stone floor. Her eyes took in the crowd of haggard looking human faces staring at her. She quickly sat up and looked around. Beyond the ragged looking people in manacles were stone walls and iron bars. The only light came from a few flickering torches in wall sconces. "Where?"
           "You've been taken prisoner by the orcs, just like we have." One of the prisoners said. "Our whole town was brought here. It seems the orcs need outsiders to do metalworking for them."
      "Where is this place?" Heather asked. As she got to her feet, she saw that manacles were placed both above her elbows and calves.
      "We're under the trash mound. Oh. The orcs didn't have irons in your size." Another one of the prisoners said, smiling a little. "It took them a long time to find where to put those so they wouldn't just slip off."
      "Alara and I were supposed to find out how the orcs were getting fancy metal stuff. We weren't supposed to get caught." Heather said.
      "They have some sort of powder that can put people to sleep. They must have dropped a bunch of it on you and your friend." She was answered.
      Heather went over and shook Alara by the shoulder. "C'mon. Get up."
      Alara yawned and reached to rub the sleep from her eyes. As she bent her arms to do so, her biceps expanded and snapped the thick bands that were around them. "What were those?" she asked.
      A few of the prisoners gasped as they saw Alara snap the restraints. They watched quietly as she stretched. Alara's muscles rippled and more than doubled in size beneath her tights. The iron bands on her calves shattered when she flexed them.
      "We were knocked out and put in a dungeon." Heather replied. "The orcs make people work on their weapons for them."
      "I don't want to make stuff for them. I don't know how to make weapons." Alara got to her feet and addressed one of her fellow prisoners. "Hi, umI'm Alara. This is Heather Do any of you know how to get out of here?"
      The prisoner looked down to face the two elves. "I saw the way when I was brought here. It's not that hard to find. Anyway, we can't just break our way free of these." He held up his arms, letting the chains jingle. You don't seem to have any trouble with that, don't you? Could you get our chains off, too?"
      "I guess I could." Alara answered. "Heather, why don't you get those people while I get the others?" She pointed to one side of the cell.
      "But these are metal" Heather answered, holding up her arms.
      "So, just tighten up your arms. The cuffs should snap right off." Alara answered.
      Heather flexed her arms against the iron bands. The other prisoners watched as her biceps expanded nearly to her clenched fists, shattering the metal. "You're right. That wasn't so hard to do." Heather's legs expanded to the same size as Alara's as she snapped the manacles off her calves. As she and Alara were about to start releasing their cellmates, the sound of heavy footsteps came from beyond the front of the cell.
      One of the prisoners came to his senses from watching Heather and Alara's muscles to say "No time for that now. The Taskmaster's here!" Just then a really big gray metal humanoid came into view. It was about eight feet tall and very blocky. The creaking giant slowly opened the cell door and motioned for the people to step out. "Just do what it directs you to do. It'll kill you if you don't."
      As the others walked out, Alara said to Heather, quietly "We've got to get them out of here."
      Heather answered "How?"
      "If we can grab each other's hands around that, we could squish it," Alara said, pointing at the automaton. "I'll pull your hands towards me while you do the same to mine. By pulling against each other, we'll have to expand our arm muscles through it."
      "But I'm not strong enough to do that." Heather continued.
      "If you're not, then we'll be stuck here just like they are." Alara answered. "What d'you think will happen to us when the orcs find out we cant make weapons and stuff."
      As Heather walked past the metal creature, she grabbed its waist. "Got it!" Her action was answered by a backhanded blow from the automaton that sent her crashing into the wall, bringing tears to her eyes.
      Those who saw what had happened gasped. Alara saw that Heather was just dazed, though. She ducked a swing from the creature that continued on into the stone wall, hitting with a `thoom' that echoed down the corridor. The golem sank its fist deep into the stone. As Alara put her arms around the creature's hips, she felt Heather's hands grasp her own. She pulled gently at first, slowly increasing the force. "Let me know if I'm pulling too tight."
      Heather felt her arms being pulled painfully by her friend. The cold metal between them didn't seem affected by their efforts. To make matters worse, the creature grasped its hands onto Heather's arms and started pulling at her as well. "Nothing's happening! I can't get my muscles to press through it."
      "Grab my hands tighter. I'm gonna start pulling hard now." Alara answered. Heather felt the pain in her arms and shoulders being replaced by a familiar tingling sensation. She became light-headed as the magical energies flowed into her. She came to her senses as her friend repeated "Heather. Are you ok!"
      "I'm... I'm fine. I just felt that tingling come on really hard. You can pull harder now. It doesn't hurt anymore." Heather answered.
      Alara and Heather both strained, pulling against each other as they both felt a wave of exhilaration pass over them. They closed their eyes and concentrated hard on what they were doing. Afterwards, they could feel their biceps expand their way through the adamantine steel of the automaton. The metal squealed and groaned loudly as it was crushed. Both of the elves felt their biceps come to rest against the others'. Not knowing that they were pressed against each other's arms, they tried to flex their way through what they though was the creature's core.
      "We're almost through it " Heather said. "Oh, great. It's starting to grow back. I can feel it pressing out against me. We've gotta squeeze it a lot harder. She increased her efforts and felt the resistance giving way.
      Alara found her inability to flex her way through the creature frustrating. It had pressed back against her hard enough to make her have to let her arms shrink down a little. Heather was also pulling on her arms hard enough to make her shoulders hurt
      Heather continued, saying "On the count of three, let's give it all we've got. One two three!" Heather pulled Alara's hands towards herself, flexing her biceps as hard as she could against the resistance. She clenched her teeth, working to squeeze the golem between her and her friend. She felt a strong wave of exhilaration pass over her. Heather smiled as she felt her arms grow and press through the creature.
      "It's not working! It's growing back!" The incredible pressure forced Alara to let her arms shrink down to half their full size. "Stop pulling! Let Go! You're hurting me!" Heather let up her efforts and they both opened their eyes to see what they were having so much trouble with. They had both been too absorbed in what they were doing to notice that the top half of the adamantine golem had fallen off and was lying beside them. The center part of the creature was left because there was a space between where their biceps had come together. That bit of metal that was still standing was glowing a bright red. The pressure exerted on it had caused it to heat up nearly to the melting point.
      Heather said "No wonder we couldn't squeeze our way any further. We were pressing against each other." She let go of Alara's hands and flexed her bicep up past her fist. "I wonder how strong we are now. "
      As Heather relaxed her arm back down, Alara said "I'm not sure how much we gained, but you're muscles are staying kinda big now." She patted her hand on Heather's relaxed bicep, which stayed as big as her thigh usually was. "Your arm feels kinda warm. I guess that metal heats up if it's squeezed hard enough."
      "That's not all that stayed bigger." Heather replied. She tapped at Alara's chest, bouncing one of her now larger breasts. "We've got to get out of here quickly. The orcs'll expect their big metal man to get to the work area with all of us." Heather said. "How about getting the bottom half of that out of the way while I get the top half? Its blocking everyone else's way out." She grasped the torso half of the solid metal statue and rested it on her shoulder, grasping her hand around its waist. Heather had to lean far to the side to keep from falling over from its weight. As she walked to the back of the cell, the prisoners quickly moved out of the way.
      "Howhow can you do that? " One of the people asked.
      "The statue doesn't weigh all that much. It's just a block of metal. Our muscles were just strong and hard enough to squeeze through it. I'll squish it a little more to show you." Heather wrapped her arms as far as they could go around the metal torso and started to slowly flex her biceps. Their expansion exerted enough pressure to force the metal to flow between her fingers and around her arms. "Now that feels good." Heather then thought to herself. "I'd better not pinch it in half. It won't look as good like that." She pulled the metal off her arms and showed it to the others. The heat coming from the metal kept anyone from being able to touch it. Heather dropped the item next to the half that Alara had placed down. It made an echoing "boom" when it hit the floor. "Uh oh! I bet the orcs heard that. Sorry."
      "We'd better go in front of the others. I don't think that after they've been here this long they'll be up to fighting." Alara said.
      The two elves went down the short hall and peeked around the corner. The others followed a short distance behind them. The corridor continued down a ways before opening up into a large chamber. Heather froze when she saw the armored figure charging down the hall towards them. It was over eight feet tall and looked nearly as broad.
      Alara stepped out in front of the ogre when she saw that Heather wasn't ready to fight. The ogre lunged forward and put its weight into a punch. Its armored fist caught Alara in the stomach, carrying her back into the wall. The stone cracked behind her when she hit it.
      Heather recovered her composure when she saw the ogre hit her friend. Its fist was nearly as big as Alara's body. She ran up and leapt into a kick. Heather's leg muscles rippled and expanded to their limits as the ogre put its hand up to catch her foot. The impact knocked the ogre's elbow back into the wall, shattering its arm. The ogre howled with pain as Heather asked Alara "Are you all right? It got you really hard."
      "I'm ok. Ogre's look a lot scarier than they really are." Alara answered.
      Some of the others looked around the corner in time to see the ogre step forward into a punch at Heather with its good hand. Alara stepped in front and caught the ogre's fist in both hands. There was the sound of groaning metal as the ogre's gauntleted hand was crushed in her grasp. "Kick it now while I've got it held!" Alara shouted.
      Heather stepped forward and kicked up as hard as she could. Even though the ogre was bent forward, she barely reached its chest. The force of her blow caved in the armored breastplate and shattered the ogre's ribs, throwing it against the ceiling. Heather caught the ogre's body on her foot as it fell forward. A push sent it skidding down the hallway. A shower of loose stones fell from where cracks had formed, radiating across the roof where the ogre had hit it.
      The crowd stood in silent awe as Alara said "Wow! I don't want to get you angry."
      Heather blushed. "Come on. You're just as strong as I am."
      "I don't think so. You forced me to have to let up before when we squeezed the moving statue." Alara answered. "I wasn't able to match your strength."
      "Let's get out. Then we can see that you're just as strong as me." Heather interrupted. They went to the end of the hall and looked into the chamber. The room had lots of other people hard at work. There were forges, piles of coal, stacks of ore, and various other items around. It was oppressively hot and the air smelled from the hot metal. Orcs stood on a walkway suspended near an air hole in the ceiling.
      "Is it ok if you take care of them?" Alara asked. "My arms and shoulders still hurt a lot from your pulling them. I'll get the metal bands off these people."
      "Are you sure I can fight them? They all look kinda mean." Heather answered.
      "You'll be ok."
      The orcs shouted something when they saw an elf enter without the ogre, the golem, or the others. Heather ran to where a bunch of bronze ingots were stacked on a platform. She tossed them at the ogre that had been whipping its captives and didn't notice her running in. The ingots dinged the ogre's armor and fell to the ground. It turned to Heather and picked up an anvil in its hands. As it jogged over, Heather said "Uh oh." She bit down on the corner of her lip and threw a couple of ingots as hard as she could. One of them passed through the ogre's armor, leaving entrance and exit holes at its side. The item had just missed hitting the ogre, though. It continued across the room and sank into the far wall. The other one lodged into the anvil, pushing it back into the ogre's chest. The ogre was forced back a couple of steps by the impact. Heather thought, "Shooting arrows is a lot easier. I haven't had any practice at this." The ogre leapt forward and swung the anvil down as hard as it could with both hands. Heather punched upwards, hitting it with a reverberating "clang". Her arm sank into the metal, with her fist protruding out the opposite side. She thought "He's not gonna use this to hit anyone again." Heather threw the anvil toward the nearest wall, sinking it into the rock. She then leapt up to punch as hard as she could at the stunned ogre. The ogre had enough composure to side step her blow, though. It caught her, wrapping its hand completely around her waist. It said something in orcish and squeezed her as hard as it could, while shaking her upside down. Heather shouted, "I can squeeze hard, too!" She waited until she was at the top of one of the ogre's swings and wrapped her legs around its head. She thought, "Shayna was able to stop an ogre by squeezing its neck really hard with her legs." Before she could apply much force, Heather heard a crunch as her calves smacked into each other. She landed on her back as the ogre fell to the stone floor. Heather stuck her tongue out in disgust when she saw the ogre guts on her legs. "Bleah."
      Heather got to her feet and was hit squarely in the chest by a spear. The weapon bounced off, ripping her shirt open. "Aah!" She looked down at herself. "Oh, good. I guess I'm tougher now, too." A second spear struck the floor next to her. She thought "I'd better stop them before they start throwing those at the people chained near where they have to work." Heather sprinted across the floor and leapt up to the high walkway, grabbing its edge and pulling herself up onto it. She was poked in the behind and in the stomach by spears as she got to her feet. Heather stepped toward the orc that had poked her in the backside. She grabbed its spear, pinching it in two with her grip as she tried to pull the orc forward. It stumbled a couple of steps and was met by a kick from her. Heather's calf grew to over two feet around, while her thigh rippled and expanded. Her foot passed through its armored torso, sending a spray of its liquefied innards out behind it. She called out to her friend. "Alara, are you ok?"
      "Yeah! I'm just gonna get the metal things off these other people!" Alara answered.
      "I've gotta stop these orcs from being able to throw spears down! They could kill the people who are chained in here." Heather shouted. She thought, "I don't want to hit the other ones. A whole bunch of gross stuff splashes out of orcs when they're hit." Heather saw the central supports for the walkway about six feet in front of her, in back of an orc. They connected the floor of the walkway to the roof above. She ran forward, pushing the orc against the metal beams hard enough to knock the breath out of it. She reached around it to grasp one of the metal bars in each hand. Heather took a deep breath and tensed up to give the metal bars a good tug to pull them out of the floor. Her tightening biceps expanded rapidly, crushing the orc against the metal bars. Its blood ran down onto Heather's hands. She suppressed an urge to throw up and pulled up on the metal bars. The rods were pulled free of the floor attachments and bent upwards. This also pushed the walkway down, hastening its fall. The walkway crashed to the floor below, taking the orcs with it. Heather was left hanging from the two supports. "That got `em! No more orcs in here!" She let go, not expecting there to be a large cauldron of hot oil below her. She plunged into the oil, used to cool and coat newly worked metal. "Eep!" -splash-.
      "Heather!" Alara called out. She ran to the huge pot and pushed it over, spilling its contents across the floor.
      Heather got to her feet and wiped the oil from around her eyes. "I'm ok. I just didn't expect the pot of oil to be there." The light from the torches and furnaces reflected off of her mirror-like skin, accentuating her appearance. Heather's muscles could be clearly seen expanding and quivering with each movement. Her large breasts stood high on her strong chest. There was a hushed silence as those assembled watched Heather's movements as she walked over to Alara. "AlaraAlara. Are you all right?"
      "Huh? Sorry. You look incredible. If I was a guy, I'd have messed my pants just now." (Alara giggled as Heather blushed.)
      After they removed the irons from the last couple of prisoners, they tossed the barrel of sleeping powder into the forge and went toward the exit. It had two huge blocks of metal ore that formed the door. The stone blocks were carved to fit together in a `V' shape at the bottom of a pair of ramps. "There's some sort of mechanism that the ogres use on the other side to open and close it when its time to change the guards." One of the captives said.
      Alara and Heather placed their hands against the blocks where they came together, and slowly managed to push them apart and up the ramps. "No one can get through if we're standing in the way like this." Heather said. She placed her feet against the sides of the blocks and pressed them further apart from each other, spreading her legs into a sideways split. The metal-heavy blocks ground against the ramps as they moved. Her feet sank a little into the stone from its weight. "I've got it. They're not too heavy for me."
      The prisoners grabbed Heather's hugely muscled thighs and calves as they ducked beneath her, using them to hold themselves up. Heather felt the weight of the blocks lighten as she became a little aroused from having her legs caressed. After everyone was through, Heather let herself down. She had to help Alara hold the blocks apart as she made her way outside. Once outside, Alara and Heather snapped the chains that held the counterweights in place. They couldn't move the counterweights away because the weight from them drove their feet into the ground.
      The former captives made their way west while Alara and Heather went north. They all wanted to be out of the orcs' town before they returned from whatever it was they were doing.
     When they got back to Samarind, Heather asked Alara "Is there any way I can get a set of stretchy clothes like yours? They're really nice."
     "We could always ask the wizard who made mine. If he made one set, it shouldn't be hard for him to make another." Alara answered. When they got to Gilad's house, they found him sitting outside reading a large ornate book. "Gilad. We found out what the orcs were up to."
      Gilad put the book down to look towards Alara. "How were they making their new weapons?"
      "They had a bunch of the tall people they were forcing to do it for them. The orcs caught us too, but we were able to get away." Alara replied.
      "We got the other people free, too." Heather said. She was leaning back against a tree. She looked expectantly towards Alara.
      "Gilad Could you make another set of tights like you did for me? Heather could really use some of her own." Alara asked.
      The wizard scratched his chin. "Well, I do have another set laying around. My first try didn't work out like I hoped. You're welcome to have them if you want."
      "What's wrong with them?" Heather asked.
      "I wanted to be sure they were strong enough, so I used too much materials in them. They're a lot more damage resistant than Alara's, but they're much heavier and very stiff." Gilad answered. "They're in the bottom of the storage bin by the back door."
      Heather sprinted around the small house to where a small wooden crate was sitting. She knelt down to open it up. It was much bigger on the inside than on the outside. The items were under a wheelbarrow and a full set of gardening tools. Heather unfolded the mirror-like clothes. "He's right. They are a bit stiff." She said softly. The shirt held its shape while Heather supported it by one corner. "I hope they stretch a lot. They're about half my size."
      Alara and Gilad walked around back just as Heather finished changing into the outfit. She was smoothing out the wrinkles in the clothes. "They kept their shape like boards when they were all folded up, but they stretch nicely when I have them on." Heather slowly turned around so they could see how the tights fit her. They clung to the smallest features like a second skin. "They sank into the ground a little when I set them down, but the weight doesn't bother me when I have them on."
      "If the weight doesn't bother you, then keep them. " Gilad said.
      Heather carefully rolled the sleeves up from her wrists to put the cuffs over the center of each bicep. The bottom of the shirt was folded up just under her breasts. "Its just a little hot out today for them." She rolled the thin material of the pants up until a little of her butt cheeks showed. "I'll wear them full length if I go somewhere really cold."
      Later, Shayna found Heather and Alara playing around in the river and jumped in to join them. She leapt high enough to make a huge splash when she landed. "Did you miss me?"
      Alara sputtered and answered. "Yeah. You missed out on seeing where the orcs live. I can't believe anyone could want to live like that. The wizard needed Heather and me to go there for him."
      "You went all the way there? I didn't know he needed that, or I would have gone too." Shayna answered. "They're kinda tough. How were you able to get there and back ok?"
      "I practiced with your exercise stuff. See!" Heather held her arm up and bent it at the elbow. Her bicep swelled to about twenty inches around as she did so. "It helped me a lot."
      "Yeah. You've gotten pretty strong, haven't you?" Shayna answered. "Its kinda fun isn't it."
      "You're right. I can do all kinds of stuff that I wasn't able to before." Heather added. She got out of the water and pulled her new tights on. "Take a look at these. Aren't they great? The wizard said I could have them. They're stretchy just like Alara's are. Look how far you can pull them."
      Heather pulled the cuff on her arm out for Shayna to grab it. Shayna placed one hand on Heather's arm and pulled as hard as she could with the other, only managing to stretch the material a couple of inches.
      "What's wrong?" Heather asked.
      "It doesn't go any further. Don't they feel too tight?" Shayna asked. She let go of the material and let her muscles relax down to normal size.
      "They don't feel bad to me. They stretch out just fine, see." Heather straightened her arm and bent it a couple of times. Her bicep relaxed and swelled up each time she did so. She giggled as she continued. "This is how big my arm gets just from bending it. The tights even stretch a whole lot when I tighten up my muscles." Heather flexed her bicep. As she did so, it took on increased definition as even the individual striations swelled. The tights were nearly transparent when stretched out over Heather's fully expanded arm. The peak of her bicep rose above her up stretched fingers. "I don't feel the tights pulling at all when I have them on." Heather grabbed the cuff of the sleeve with her other hand and pulled it out about a foot.
      After getting dressed, the group went back to Shayna's home. Heather grasped the barbell with one hand and lifted it.
      "Shouldn't that be making your muscles get all big when you lift it?" Shayna asked.
      "Nah. It's not heavy enough for that yet. It stays light until I really think about it." As Heather concentrated on it, the barbell increased its weight to its limit. The ends drooped down as the weight increased. Her feet sank a little into the floor. Heather's bicep grew until it reached almost half its full size. "That's more like it. Its still kinda light, but it starts to feel good after I do enough exercises." Heather did one-arm curls of the weight. "Is there any way to make it get really heavy? I want it to make me have to tighten my muscles all the way before doing exercises for a long time. " Heather held the weight at the top of a repetition. "It doesn't make me have to really push myself now." She flexed her bicep, raising its peak. "Here's how I want to be."
      "I guess I could ask the wizard do something." Shayna answered.