Part 7

by J

The morning fog kept the members of the wyvern cult hidden as they watched the two elves frolick. The elves ran and did acrobatics, constantly talking in their indecipherable language, "Tee-hee, tee-hee." After that, the elves got undressed and ran into the river. One of the cult members quietly asked another "Are you sure they are the ones?"

"All the signs say that it was elves who killed our master. They are the only ones within hundreds of miles." was the answer.

"Then we will dispose of them. Our zombie army was nearly large enough to conquer the town. It will take us weeks to dig them out." the leader said.

Shayna had spent a good part of the morning showing Alara how to do acrobatics. Alara had more than enough strength and agility to do so. She just needed practice. Once they got bored with it, they both decided to take a swim.

The cult members waited on their leader's cue to act. He watched the elves head from the river to their camp. They both had straight, light hair and cute faces. One was thin and lithe. She had fine features, small, pouty breasts, and a nice little behind. She moved on her long, thin legs with gracful ease as she walked. The other elf had fuller features and a heart-shaped face. She had a pair of large, hemishperical breasts that jiggled and leg muscles that rippled as she walked. Her thin stomach showed hints of banded muscles as she pulled on her tights. The leader whispered to one of the others "I've heard that no other race can match their abilities at sex. I think I'll have a little fun before we do our job." The other cultist grinned widely, showing teeth filed to points.

The head cultist cast a spell that changed his appearance. He no longer looked like a tall man with scaly skin in armor. He appeared as an elven male in a vest and tights. He stepped out of the bushes and approached the two female elves. His magic let him speak their language. "Good morning. I heard that there's a town near here that was being attacked by zombies. Did the two of you come to get rid of them too?"

"Hi!" Shayna answered.

"Good morning!" Alara added. She thought "Hmm. I haven't seen another elf for about a month." She licked her lips "The town's about five miles that way." She pointed as she said this. "But the zombies are all gone."

"Yeah. We got rid of them. How's about I tell you about how it happened?" Shayna continued. She smiled seductively at the newcomer.

The cult leader thought "I never expected it to be *this* easy." He said "Well, since I missed out on it, I'd like to know what happened." He followed Shayna as she walked off.

Alara saw Shayna turn and mouth the words "I saw him first." as she left with the newcomer. Alara sighed to herself and set about preparing some breakfast. Lovemaking leaves an elven male dehydrated and unable to perform again for a couple of days, a bit more after Shayna, though. Alara thought "Why's she have to be so good at that?"

Shayna started telling the visitor her story, but soon realized that he was thinking the same thing she was. She surprised him when she suddenly put her mouth against his to kiss him, the strength of her lungs sucking his breath out as she did so. She let him catch his breath, but didn't give time for him to talk before continuing. He reached under her skirt and massaged her bottom, his hands exploring every inch. Her skin was like silk covering her unyieldingly firm muscles. When she moved, her expanding muscles made his fingers dance off of her. Shayna held herself tightly against him, squeezing his armor down to the point where a normal elf's torso would be. As Shayna felt her arousal rise, her nipples expanded against the armored breastplate of the cult leader. They grew to more than the size of her thumb from tip to first joint, crunching the armor inwards. The cult leader felt his ribs snap from the pressure exerted against them. He panicked and frantically pushed against Shayna.

Shayna saw her new friend suddenly change from a handsome elf to a really ugly, scaly skinned man. He was wearing crushed armor and gasped for breath. "Kill them! Kill them now!" he shouted. His face was a grimace of anger and pain.

"Ulp." Shayna said. She heard a loud "Eek!" come from Alara.

Alara saw a number of shapes come out of the mist. They were all nearly twice as tall as she was and very broad. When they got closer, she saw them to be nasty looking lizard-men. Some weilded clubs with huge teeth set into them. Others crouched down and held up their claws in front of them. As she reached for her staff, one of them caught her on the side with its club. The blow came in slowly and didn't feel like much force was behind it, but hurt like she couldn't believe. The weapon glowed red as it hit, its magic causing the spike to give her a really nasty cut. "Aah! That hurt!" She looked down to see that gold blood was trickling down her side. The lizard-man laughed, making a harsh grating sound. Alara brought her staff around, knocking the club from the creature's hands and away into the mist. It looked at her in surprise as she prepared to knock it with her hardest swing. Just as she was about to swing, another lizard-man closed its crocodile-like jaws on her arm. "Hey!" Alara said in surprise. Seeing that the bite hadn't even scratched her skin, Alara smiled at her attacker. She grasped the front of its jaws with her free hand to keep them from opening up. "How about if I really give you something to chew on instead of just a skinny little arm." She slowly flexed her trapped bicep, snapping the lizard-man's jaw. Alara continued to expand her arm until the top of her opponent's head came to rest against her hand. She said "This is for trying to kill and eat me." She then smooshed its head against her hand with her bicep. Alara ducked under a swing from one of the lizard-men's clubs. Her staff connected with the creature's side, tossing it several feet. It landed in a heap and didn't move.

Upon seeing this, the remaining lizard-men turned and ran for a cave. Alara gave chase. She didn't want them to do the same thing to the next person they caught.

Shayna turned to run to where Alara's shout had come from and found her way blocked as she was hit by a huge bear. Froth dripped from its lips as it swatted her, sending her sprawling. As the bear leapt onto her, Shayna caught it. She lifted the bear above her and heaved it at the cult leader. He managed to duck to the side before the bear hit him. Shayna thought "I shouldn't have just lobbed it." She said "How could you torture a poor animal by keeping it around when its got that sickness?" The bear reared up at the man, who spoke to it in a strange language. It stopped moving while he talked. Afterwards, it ran straight at Shayna. She lept over it and landed next to the lizard-man. She tried to do a quick punch at his stomach, but he vanished before her blow landed. The bear spun around and bellowed. It then loped over to Shayna. She ducked down and kicked one of the bear's rear legs out from under it, shattering bones with her blow. The frenzied bear dropped its forepaws on Shayna's shoulders, putting all its weight on her as it went to close its mouth around her head. Shayna smacked the bear's jaw shut and punched it as hard as she could in it's chest. Her hand sank up to her elbow into the bear's chest as the shockwave of her blow ruptured its internal organs. She pushed the dead animal off to the side. It landed with its head twisted around on its broken neck. Shayna took a few seconds to compose herself before running over to where she had heard Alara. When she got to the site, all that Shayna found was the two dead lizard-men. She took some time to find Alara's tracks and follow them.

When Alara got to the cave, she saw that it was actually a narrow iron doorway in the side of a solid rock hill. The frame extended back into the hallway for several feet. She carefully stepped in, not wanting to fall prey to one of those traps that people talk about. Just as she stepped onto the stone floor in the hall, she felt something grab her around the wrist and yank her back. She turned to see a huge humaniod with overly thick limbs and a large head holding the ends of a metal cable. The center of the cable was around her wrist. "Eep! An ogre!"

"An elf. You'll make a nice breakfast after I have some fun with you." the ogre replied. It smiled, showing a set of brown and yellow teeth.

Alara coughed from the ogre's rancid breath. She caught the edges of the iron frame to keep from being pulled outside. Alara's feet were planted on either side of the frame, about two feet from the ground. Her free hand was placed against the upper edge.

The ogre wrapped the cable around it's wrists so it couldn't slide off. "Come to papa. *snort*" When it was clear that the elf wouldn't be pulled out so easily, the ogre said "Your magic isn't going to let you slide out of this. It has magic, too." The ogre pulled in the slack around its wrists until it was crouched against the outside opening of the iron frame, its hands extended into the narrow hall.

Alara saw that she was supporting the ogre's full weight with her one arm. It must weigh over half a ton, yet her bicep didn't swell up more than a quarter of the way down her forearm. The ogre tried pulling its arms back along its sides, but only managed to straighten out Alara's arm. She didn't come flying out as it expected her to.

The lizard-men saw Alara silhouetted against the cave opening. As they came a little closer, they saw her muscles expand as she fought against the ogre. Her slender ankles gave way to very large, heart-shaped calves. Her knees were dwarfed by her rippling thighs and hamstrings. Her back showed incredible definition, like on one of the statues of the gods.

"Is that the best you can do?" Alara asked. She smiled as she bent her arm at the elbow, straightening the ogre's arms out. Her bicep was almost even with the top of her fist. Alara felt an invigorating warmth fill her as her muscles expanded. She closed her eyes and let the ogre pull her arm out straight several times, slowly doing bicep curls against its efforts. Her other muscles stood out in sharp relief as she resisted all the ogre's efforts. "My morning exercises are harder than this."

"Wanna be rough? I can play really rough." the ogre growled. It pulled back as best it could.

Alara found that she could barely hold on. The ogre wouldn't pull her forward, but she wouldn't be able to get away. She strained to bring her hand in towards her, straightening out the ogre's arm. "I can still match you. You'd might as well give up and go away. My magic's not going to let you win."

"I've got tricks, too. You're going to be my *special* toy before I eat you." The ogre said from between clenched teeth. It then said something that made its wristbands glow. It took a deep breath and then yanked Alara's arm out nearly straight.

Alara resisted with everything she had, but was unable to pull her arm back. The iron doorframe had deep indentations from where she pressed against it. She felt like her arm was being pulled free of its socket.

The lizard-men didn't like what they saw. This elf might beat their ogre! One of them swung its toothed club at her. By now, Alara's muscles had been fully flexed. The club's magic couldn't make any more than a scratch on her. This distracted Alara for a split-second. She thought "Shayna's right. I won't get hurt much if I keep my muscles all tightened up when I fight." The ogre took advantage of the situation and gave a mighty pull. Alara cried out in pain. This gave the ogre reason to smile. Alara felt a tingling sensation build until it overcame the burning in her muscles. The ogre's smile left its face as Alara re-steadied herself against its pull. She heard her tights rip as her muscles expanded within them. Alara saw her bicep thicken and take on added definition. The lizard-men saw the striations grow on all of the elf's muscles. They left to tell their high priest what was happening. If the club didn't work, there was no use in waiting around. When the tingling subsided, Alara was able to slowly pull her clenched fist in to rest against her bicep. She saw sweat running down the ogre's face. It grimmaced as it struggled against her, using all the muscles in its body in an attempt to resist the pull of Alara's bicep. She saw the ogre's wristbands glowing brightly as they enhanced its strength, but felt only a light pull against her. She slowly did a series of one arm curls, delighting in the warm sensations running through her muscles. Alara saw that the ogre was tiring, though. It was red in the face and panting from its efforts. She pulled back and felt the tension against her arm suddenly release as the ogre's arms tore free from their sockets. Alara quickly ran up and kicked the ogre in it's forehead, knocking it out with one blow. A second shot killed it. "Now it won't be doing that to anyone else."

Shayna came running up a few seconds later. "Are you ok? I heard you scream a couple of times, but had to stop a rabid bear before I could come. Then I had to follow your tracks towards here. I didn't know what to think when I heard you just a few seconds ago. Oh, you're hurt."

"Yeah. One of the lizard-men got me with a glowing magic spikey club. You'll be able to get it healed up soon with your magic, right?" Alara answered. "That ogre almost had me for breakfast."

"Lets get away from here and get cleaned up. I bet those lizard-men aren't gonna be doing anything else for a while. They lost an evil ogre and their sick bear. We better let the people in Blackwell know about them." Shayna said. "Ogres are really tough. How did you beat it?"

"It tied both its hands to one of mine. My arm just got stronger than it was." Alara answered, pointing to the ogre.

"Really. Let me see!" Shayna answered. Alara flexed her bicep for her friend. Shayna grabbed it along a couple of its striations and squeezed as hard as she could. "Wow. I can't even pinch it."

"You know...I used to wish I could do this to you." Alara said as she grabbed Shayna with one hand and held her aloft. Shayna used all her strength to try to get free as Alara held her aloft. "I know you're still faster than me, so I'm not gonna give you a chance to get away from a dunking that way."

Shayna was left sitting in a split on top of Alara's flexed bicep while Alara kept a tight hold of her ankle. Shayna knew what was going to happen next, as there was a river about a hundred feet away. She squeezed her thighs tightly against the sides of Alara's bicep. Shayna figured Alara wouldn't be able to dislodge her for a throw if she did this. The pressure she exerted might be enough to get Alara to give up and let her go. Shayna slowly increased the amount of force she used until she was at her limits. She was able to snap an ogre's neck with this much pressure. Alara saw that Shayna was giving her all the strength her legs could give because Shayna's face was flushed from effort. Shayna had also placed her hands on either side of Alara's arm and was squeezing as tight as she could. Alara felt just comforting pressure from this, though. It was like she was having her bicep massaged. "Y'know, that feels kinda good." Alara then flexed her bicep fully, forcing Shayna's legs apart and lifting her up a little as it expanded. Shayna gave up on squeezing Alara's muscle. All the strength in her body wasn't a match for her friend's single bicep. "I guess its time to do...this" Alara quickly shifted her grip and threw Shayna a good distance into the river so she would land with a big splash. She was already running towards the water's edge when Shayna broke the surface. Alara was met with a huge splash of water from Shayna as she lept into the river to join her.

A couple of days later, Shayna and Alara were met by one of the local Blackwell residents while they were out playing catch. He had on knickers and low soft shoes. Shayna was in tights and a halter-top of stretchy material. She called out to Alara as the visitor arrived. "This is going to be a high one!" Alara was about a hundred yards away, but had to jog backwards a bit to make a catch.

"Wow. That's quite a throw." the young man said. "How'd you do it?"

"I'm kinda strong and fast, so I can do stuff like that." Shayna answered.

"Yeah. You do sort of look it." he answered. "Your arms are as big as mine, but there's no way I can do that." The boy then flexed his arm.

Shayna gave his bicep a gentle squeeze and smiled. "But I'm not flexing them. How about feeling mine?" She flexed her arm until her bicep's peak rose about four inches. "Um. Its to the side and up a bit." she said when his gaze didn't budge from her chest.

"Woah." he said as he grasped his hand over the top of Shayna's bicep. She unconsciously expanded it another inch higher before she caught herself.

He was about to continue speaking when Shayna pulled free of his grip and said "Watch out!" as she ran forward to catch Alara's throw. The ball came in as a waist high throw from four hundred feet away. The impact of it sent Shayna back a couple of feet. "I almost didn't see her throw that. You could've been hurt."

"Could I give it a try?" he asked. Shayna tossed the ball to him. The visitor almost dropped it when he felt its weight. "This is solid iron!" he said as he hefted the ten pound sphere.

"Its more of a challenge that way. One of the blacksmiths gave it to us." Shayna answered. She signaled to Alara to come over. Alara arrived in just a few seconds. She had on an open vest, while her tights were cut into a bikini. "This is Alara."

"I'm Kelton." the visitor said. In a few seconds, he said to himself. "Do elves usually just wear their underwear?" as he watched Shayna run off at full speed to catch a throw Alara launched from next to her.

Alara giggled before answering. "This is the only stuff that won't rip when I do my exercises." While Shayna walked back, Alara got out the small dumbbell. "I use this to exercise. It gets as heavy as you're able to lift." She handed it to Kelton, who struggled to lift it. She took it back and handed over her staff. "Try this. It'll be easier." Kelton was about to take it in one hand when Alara told him "Its kinda heavy. It might take two hands."

"I'll be ok. I'm twice your size, remember." He smiled. He tried not to show that it took all his strength to hold the metal bar up with one hand. "How did you hold this up like that? It must weigh more than you do." Kelton stood the bar on end.

"Lots of practice." Alara answered. "I'll show you. Just do what I do, ok."

Kelton copied Alara's exercises, never taking his eyes off of her. He liked the way her muscles rippled as she worked them. Her arms went from seven to about ten inches around when they bent. Kelton became strongly aroused just watching her work. Alara continued to increase the weight she was using. Kelton saw her muscles grow with each passing minute. They increased and decreased in size as she pumped the weight, rippling all the while. He stopped working and stood mesmorized. He *knew* that those muscles held incredible power, but was fascinated by them. The elf's biceps must have reached over twenty inches around and showed no sign that their expansion would end soon.

Alara said "I guess thats enough for a warm-up. now for some real work." She saw that Kelton wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. "Come on. You should be doing that more carefully. Here, I'll show you." She took the metal bar from him and stood in front of him, facing away. "Put your hands on either side of mine." As he did so, he felt his erection brush against Alara's behind. "You're supposed to lift it up and down slowly, like this." Each time Alara did a curl, her perfect behind brushed against him. When Kelton felt he couldn't take any more, he pressed down on the bar with all of his weight and locked his elbows. He hoped she wouldn't be able to continue now. Alara placed her hands over Kelton's lifted the bar up with him leaning on it. As she slowly lowered it, his erection pressed between her firm buttocks. Alara let go with one hand, still holding him up by the other. She brought the bar around so Kelton was now facing her. "I guess you like what you see."

From his hiding place, the wyvern priest saw the elf in the distance playing with someone from Blackwell. Grey tendrils spread out from his hands and faded into the air around him as he cast his spell. Before he could watch the effects of his handiwork, he himself being pulled around. He looked down to see Shayna gripping his wrist. He reached for his envenomed knife with his free hand, but she beat him to it, flinging it so it landed deep within a tree. As he started to pronounce a spell, Shayna hit him in the stomach, sending her hand through his body. She thought "He almost got me with some spell, too. I hope Alara's ok." "oh, ick!" Shayna said when she pulled her arm out.

Alara let Kelton go when she saw her steel staff quickly coil around her arm and begin to squeeze. She saw the snake priest across the field and knew this had to be his doing. The bar shifted and fused into a form fitting sleeve when the snake priest was killed. "Its the evil lizard men's magic. They must be mad about their ogre." She tried slipping the sleeve off, but it wouldn't go over her muscles. "Hey, I know what I can do with this. This'll be kinda neat. I'll try to stretch it out slowly." As Alara flexed her bicep, the metal groaned and squealed as it was stretched by her expanding muscles. Alara was surprised that it wasn't taking too much effort to do this. She said apologetically "Y'know, I was hoping that this would be harder to do. I hope this is good enough." When her bicep passed thirty inches, Alara got tired of going so slowly and flexed all the way. As her bicep rose above her clenched fist, the metal coil snapped, sending pieces flying out. "They get really hard too. Hit me as hard as you can in the stomach with one of those pieces. I won't even tighten up." Kelton obliged Alara and hit her in the stomach. He did so softly at first, but then did so harder and harder. He continued until the force of the impacts made his hand hurt. Alara then tightened up her abdominals. Her little waist took on a great deal of definition. Kelton used the sharper end of the metal piece as a prybar between Alara's stomach muscles, but wasn't able to budge them. Alara pushed herself extra hard during the rest of her work-out after this. She wanted Kelton to see just how big her muscles could get. Her efforts left her a little sweaty. Alara's muscles tingled and throbbed each time she let them relax. She felt the comforting warmth return each time she pushed them. After her exercises, Alara's muscles stayed a little expanded. The sunlight glistened off of her sculpted form. Every movement made her muscles ripple and expand, even more than Shayna's would. She thought "Its gonna take me a while to relax now." She said "There's just one bad thing about pushing myself really hard. It makes me feel kinda horny." She smiled at Kelton. "Do you think you could help?"

"I guess I could try." Kelton answered. At first they just kissed, his hands cupping her bottom while she ground her hips against him. He squeezed her body as tight as he could, nearly bruising his fingers with the effort. Alara's nipples rubbed against him as she ground her hips against his. Kelton explored every inch of Alara's body. Her muscles quivered beneath his fingers as he squeezed them. It was unusual being with someone who's body was both sensuous and harder than iron. Kelton found that it took all of his strength just to push the end of his erection up into Alara. She was impatient and pulled his hips towards her with her hands, sinking his shaft fully into her. He was surprised that a little elf could take so much. Alara helped him slowly pump her against her vice-like grip. When she felt Kelton orgasm insede her, Alara found it almost impossible to resist squeezing her arms around him to pull him in deeper. Even though her elven 'abilities' kept Kelton from losing his erection after climax, Alara pushed him away from her. "What's wrong?" he asked. "You don't like it?"

"It...It's good. I'm just worried." Alara answered.

"About what?" Kelton said.

"I almost lost control of myself. If we continued, I'm afraid I'm gonna forget and squeeze you too much. I don't want to squish you. If I orgasm with you in me, I know I'm gonna really hurt you. You're kinda big for me and I'm afraid I'm going to crush your thingie." Alara continued.

For the first time, Kelton cursed himself for being too well endowed.