Part 10 -

by J

       It took Heather just a few days to jog over to her old hometown. The trip goes by really fast when you can outrun a horse. The best part about it was she didn't even feel tired from running all day. Some of her family and a lot of her childhood friends live at the foot of the mountains. They gather the pretty gems there and trade them to people who make most of them into medicine and potions.
       It was still early in the morning when Heather arrived. That was when most everyone was out of the village searching for the gemstones. Heather went over to the rocky slopes to meet them for her surprise visit. The forest stopped abruptly at the foot of the mountain, where the sheer gray cliff face rose.
       Heather arrived to hear people shouting and moving about hurriedly. She stepped in front of her cousin and said, "Brook, what's going on?"
       "A buncha people are stuck inside a cave. We told `em not to go in. That's where orcs and goblins and stuff live. A really huge piece of rock slid down the side of the mountain and trapped them inside" Brook looked Heather up and down. She had been too busy trying to come up with something to do to help to notice how Heather looked. "You've gotten a lotbigger since you were here."
       "Yeah. I'll tell you about it later. Where's the cave? I think I can get them out." Heather asked.
       "Its over here." Brook led the way to where the cave was. "Mom and dad and Tavin and Willow and Ash are stuck."
       When they got to the cave, Heather saw that a wedge of granite had slid down the mountain. It was sitting pointed end down, supported by some fallen rocks and boulders. The rock slab widened out quickly towards its top, which had another rock on top and was wedged under an overhang. "I've gotten some magic that makes me really strong. I'm gonna try to move the big hunk of rock so they can get out."
       "Are you sure? The rock's, like, bigger than the whole village." Brook said. She held her arms wide apart.
       "I've got to. There's no space for them to get out around it. I guess my new magic powers make up for my never knowing what they were until just a few months ago." Heather walked up to the granite slab and looked it over. She crouched down and slid her hands between the rock and the rubble, pushing her hands through the dirt until she could grasp the bottom of the granite point. "I got my arms under it." Heather pulled upwards against the weight, trying to lift the slab a little so she could she could straighten her legs beneath it. As she exerted herself, her biceps slowly expanded along her forearms, crumbling the granite. Eventually, she was pressing her biceps instead of her forearms up against the rock slab.
       Brook watched as Heather's back muscles rippled and expanded under her tights. Heather's calves and thighs more than doubled in thickness. Brook ran her fingers along the huge striations in Heather's quivering shoulder muscles. "The way you made yourself big and rippley is neat. Is that gonna help you move the side of the mountain?"
       Heather strained against the weight, pressing upwards hard enough to make her muscles burn. "It's supposed to work." She took a couple of quick breaths and strained against the weight again. Heather let go and stood up. When she turned around to face her cousin, she saw that she had drawn a crowd. "Uh, hi." Heather grinned.
       Brook saw the holes in the bottom of the granite slab. "How'd you make those?" She asked, pointing to them.
       "I sorta crunched the rock in there." Heather answered. "I'll try again. I guess I wasn't pushing hard enough." Heather placed her arms under the holes in the rock. Brook watched as she tightened her biceps, filling the openings.
       "How'd you do that? Mine can't do that?" Brook asked, flexing her bicep.
       Heather smiled. It wasn't that long ago that her own muscles were tiny like Brook's. "Just grab onto the rock and help. Don't worry, it'll help me out."
       "OK. If you say so" Brook moved to Heather's side and grabbed the rock, pulling upwards.
       Heather concentrated on who was stuck inside. She couldn't let her friends and relatives die inside a nasty old cave. She felt a wave of exhilaration pass over her, removing the burning in her muscles.
       Brook felt a jolt pass through her body. She suddenly felt dizzy. Her only reference point was the rock she was straining against. She closed her eyes and focused on the one thing that was suddenly the center of her universe. Brook pulled upwards against the granite slab with every ounce of energy she could get.
       When the exhilaration had passed, Heather was able to slowly straighten her legs. She could hear the granite crunching above her.
       Those people who were watching saw both Heather and Brook quiver for a few seconds. Heather's muscles thickened as she got to her feet, raising the granite slab. The rocks above gave way with a loud crack, raining small pebbles down. At the same time, Brook's shirt and shorts gave way with a loud rip as her muscles suddenly grew to nearly match her cousin's.
       Brook regained her senses as she felt the rock lifting upwards. At the same time, she felt herself leaning back further and further from the rock. Brook was still holding her hands under it, but she had to straighten her arms and lean back to keep the same grip. "What's happening?" She looked up the rock face she was helping lift.
       "You're helping. Don't let go!" Heather answered. She wanted to shift her hand position to lift the slab higher so everyone inside could get out easier. Heather slowly removed one hand from the rock. As she did so, she felt her other arm thicken. The granite crumbled around the bicep that was growing in it. Heather's throbbing pulse caused bits of rock to chip away from around the vein that ran over her biceps. Heather saw Brook's arms growing as she took on more of the weight.
       Brook felt waves of lightness pass over her. She could tell that the stone under her feet was crumbling, sinking her several inches down. "Wow! I'm doing it!"
       Heather lessened her effort with her other arm. When she let go completely, she could see Brook struggling, but able to hold up the slab. "Could you raise it up a little? I want to get my hands under it to lift it overhead." Heather took hold of the rock. "Slide your hands all the ways underneath it to get a better grip."
       "II think so. I'll get it." Brook placed her hands under the slab and grabbed its far end. When Heather suddenly let go, Brook's biceps expanded to full size immediately, exploding their way through the granite. "How, how did I just do that?"
       "Your muscles had to get really big to hold up the weight. The rock isn't as hard as they are, so you crunched it out of the way." Heather answered.
       "It felt kinda good doing that. Could I do it again?" Brook asked.
       "We'll take turns. Let me get my hands in place, then let go." Heather said. They took turns expanding their biceps through the stone. Heather found that she only needed one arm to hold up the granite slab, while Brook needed both to do the same. After a while, they worked their way through the slab to a point where it had thickened beyond their ability to grab its other side. At that time, Heather said. "We'd better hold it up for everyone to get out. They're probably getting bored being trapped in a cave.
       "Yeah. Sure!" Brook called into the cave. "Come on out. We can't hold this up forever!"
       After those who were inside came out, Heather and Brook set the granite wedge down. "What happened? How was I able to do that?" Brook asked.
       "I guess that, being my cousin, you were able to get the same magic powers that I've got." Heather answered.
       "That makes sense to me." Brook said. "Mom, dad, isn't it good that Heather decided to visit us. She was able to get that huge rock thing up from the front of the cave. She's gotta stay with us. I want to hear about how she got her new magic powers."
       Heather and Brook jogged over to Brook's house much faster than the rest of the family could. It was a wood framed thatch building that had a front room with some cushions to sit on and rolled up sleeping mats in the corner. The house was built under a pair of huge trees, whose largest branches crossed over the center of the roof, giving plenty of shade. The front room had large window openings on three walls. The back room was used for cooking. Heather picked up her carry pack from by the front door and brought it inside.
       "I'm sorry your clothes got all ripped up when we moved the big rock that was blocking the cave. I've got something to replace them in my bag. Try it on." Heather offered. "My tights have some kinda magic that make them really stretchy and keep them from tearing."
       Just as Brook's younger sister and her friend were arriving, she walked out of the back room in the clothes she got from Heather. Brook had on an open sleeveless vest. It consisted of a pair of sheer panels that were about halfway wide enough to cover her now larger breasts. Her skirt was made up of a thin belt with panels that would hang down in front and back, leaving her hips uncovered. "Isn't this great! Heather brought if for me." She spun around, showing off her new clothes. The panels lifted as she did so, showing her small round butt and large round breasts.
       "I had them made so they wouldn't get all torn up from my muscles. They should work ok for you, too. Try `em out." Heather said
       "What do you mean? I'm already trying them on. They're really nice." Brook replied.
       "Tighten up your muscles. The clothes will slide out of the way." As she said this, Heather held her arm up and bent it at the elbow. Her biceps expanded halfway up the length of her forearm as she did so.
       "Why? They aren't really big like yours are now that you're tightening them." Brook patted the peak of Heather's biceps and ran her finger up Heather's prominent abdominals.
       "You didn't see what happened while you were picking up the big slab. Anyway, this is what they're like when I'm not using them." Heather answered. "Yours were able to crunch the rock as easily as mine."
       "OK. Mine do look a little different now that I think of it." Brook looked at her now banded stomach. As she held up a well-defined arm, her biceps swelled to nearly double their resting size just from bending her elbow.
       "No wonder you were able to get here so fast." Willow said. "Your legs are like twice as big as mine."
       Brook stretched her leg to the side and tightened its muscles. Her skirt was slid to the side as the muscles rippled and grew beneath her tan skin. Willow held herself up by grasping on to one of the prominently chiseled muscles of Brook's thigh as she looked at her heart-shaped calf. Willow grabbed the lower edge of Brook's calf and said "Wow. I bet that's as big around as my chest."
       "If you think that's big, wait `till you see what her arm's like. You should see how strong she's gotten, too." Heather added.
       "Come on now." Brook said. She was starting to blush from all the attention she was getting. She crossed her arms under her chest. This pressed her breasts up and out, only increasing the attention she was getting. "She's got bigger ones than me." She pointed to Heather.
       "I'll show mine if you show yours." Heather answered, musically. She clasped her hands behind her back and rocked back and forth on her feet as she answered.
       Brook sighed, answering "All right. What do you want me to do."
       "Just hold your arm out to the side" Heather said. "Willow, just sit on there and hold your hands on top of Brooks head to keep your balance." Heather lifted Willow up onto Brook's arm.
       "Now what?" Brook asked.
       "Bend your arm and flex your muscles really slowly. You don't want to toss Willow through the roof." Heather answered.
       "Hey! You're not gonna do that, are you?" Willow said. As Brook bent her arm, Willow felt her biceps grow under her. She was lifted up as Brook's biceps expanded; her legs forced into a split as the arm under her grew in width as well as height. Brook's arm felt very warm beneath her. As Brook tried to keep it flexed its fullest, her biceps quivered, bouncing Willow a several inches each time it did so. "Ow, ow. You're bouncing me."
       "Are you all right?" Brook asked. She relaxed her arm a little so it wouldn't bounce her sister.
       "Its ok now. It just felt like smacking my bottom on a rock a bunch of times." Heather got to her feet, grasping a roof beam with one hand for support. "You sure I'm not too heavy?" Willow asked. She smirked as she pressed upwards against the central roof beam as hard as she could. As she did so, she felt a slight tingling pass through her. The beam lifted up against the trees above, carrying the house's frame up with it. It impacted against the crossed branches, causing them to groan and snap. Willow panicked and slipped, dropping herself, the frame and the branches. She managed to catch herself on Brook's arm with an "oomph!" as the house crashed back into place.
       Ash helped Willow to the floor, saying, "How'd you do that?"
       "I think some of the magic rubbed off on her." Heather said.
       "Are you sure? How do I tell?" Willow asked. She thought a few seconds, then grinned. She hooked her little finger under the waist of Ash's pants and quickly hoisted him off his feet. "I guess it did." Her grin grew into a large smile.
       "Are you gonna put me down?" Ash asked.
       "In a minute." Willow moved her finger up and down, causing Ash to swing around in a loop. "Remember all the times I couldn't get even for your tickling me?" She spun him around another time.
       "Ok, ok. I give up!" Ash grabbed both hands onto Willow's arm to steady himself.
       Willow flexed her biceps, forcing his fingers and hands apart. It grew until its peak was halfway up her forearm, ripping her shirt sleeve open. She looked towards Heather. "It doesn't get bigger? Yours is like this just from resting."
       "You haven't really tried doing anything hard yet. Your muscles only get as big as they need to be." Heather answered.
       "You haven't shown us how yours gets yet." Brook said.
       "Ok. Here's what mine is like." Heather bent her arm and quickly flexed her biceps. Her tights became translucent as they were stretched over it. Its peak stood high above her outstretched fingers.
       "Will mine get like that?" Willow asked.
       "How about finding out?" Heather answered. Lets head back to the cave where the big rock fell."
       "Aren't you going to put me down? I won't pick on you any more. I promise." Ash said.
       "And your friends" Willow said. She closed her hand and flexed her biceps really hard. She didn't like being teased, not at all. Her arm grew a few more inches around under Ash's grasp.
       "Them too!" Ash yelped.
       "Good. That's all I wanted to hear." Willow slowly lowered him to the floor. "Heather, do you have another set of clothes like mine? All of Willow's stuff will get torn up if she tried to wear it now." Brook asked.
       "You can have the other set that's in my carry-pack." Heather answered.
       Afterwards, when they started off to the mountain, Willow asked Ash "Aren't you coming with us? It'll be fun."
       Heather, Brook and Willow were much faster than Ash so they arrived a bit before him. "You know, we should be careful about giving our abilities to other people. It wouldn't be good if someone really mean got them." Heather said. The other two agreed with her.
       Willow went over to the stacked boulders that were blocking the entrance to the cave where she was stuck before. "How about if I try moving this bunch of rocks? You two did it before, so it's not like it can't be done." She squatted down and placed her hand deep into a fissure in the rock. "I hope the top ones don't fall off. I don't want to get myself squished by them."
       "Brook and I could watch them so they don't do that. Just wait a minute for us to get ready." Heather told her. She took a few steps and leapt up onto the top of the granite slab, landing next to where the other boulders were stacked. "You could stay where I'm at now to keep this one from sliding, ok Brook?" Heather then jumped up to the edge of the rock shelf that was on top of the boulder. She pulled herself on top of it and looked around for loose stones that could fall off while Brook took her place below.
       Ash ran up. "What have you done so far?"
       "Nothing yet. We're just getting ready." Brook shouted down from her perch.
       As Willow strained against the weight, the rock could be heard cracking in the fissure her arm was in. "I can feel the rock pinching my arm in there." She said to Ash.
       "Why are you moving these boulders?" He asked.
       "We could get the pretty stones out of the cave if they aren't in the way." Willow answered. "I also left the ones I found this morning in there." Willow's free arm was held down against the face of the rock, where she could grasp a small crack in it. Her arm's muscles expanded in waves running from her shoulder down to her hand. Willow had to slide her hand up along the rock as her biceps expanded. Her legs thickened until her thigh muscles pressing against the rock pushed her back hard enough to slide her feet. Ash ran his fingers along the prominent muscles growing along Willow's bottom. "Um, I don't think we should do that now." She said. The rock started moving upwards, grinding loudly against the mountainside. The granite could be heard breaking inside the fissure. "It doesn't feel like its pinching anymore. Now I just feel it squeezing a little. Its sort of like how the rolled up sleeve from a set of tights feels." Willow slowly rose to a fully standing position. She pulled her hand up through the fissure, bending her elbow and fully contracted her biceps within it. As she did so, the force of her muscle's expansion caused the rock face to crack open. The fissure rapidly opened up along the boulder's face, splitting it in two. The two halves of the huge rock fell to the ground on either side with a nearly deafening Thoom!-. Willow looked up to see that Brook was on a different slab than where the other boulders were. As the rock shelf slid forward and fell, Heather was able to jump to the side to avoid landing on anyone. Willow knocked Ash over and stood over him. She held her hands over her head, catching the gigantic slab, which cracked and fell to either side of her.
       Brook dropped to the ground near Willow and Ash. "Are you two all right?"
       Ash looked up to see Willow still standing over him. He got to his feet and answered. "Willow caught it so I wasn't hurt. Thanks!"
       "I I didn't mean to break it. I was just trying to lift it up higher." Willow said.
       Brook brushed dust and flakes of stone off of Willow's shoulders. "That was really something! You were able to do that with just one arm. How'd it feel?"
       "I had to really push myself at first, but then the rock didn't feel too heavy. It took a lot of effort to hold it up, but I think I could pick up a little bit more." Willow answered. When she reached up to brush some of the debris from her hair, she felt her arm brush against her ear. "What's that?"
       "Do that again." Brook said.
       "Do what?" Willow asked.
       "Pick up your arm." Brook answered.
       Willow looked at her arm. It was a bit thicker than before, but didn't look much so to her. As she bent her elbow, her biceps grew, eventually reaching about two-thirds of the way to her wrist. As she straightened her arm, it went back to normal. Willow tightened her triceps just a little, causing them to grow into a deep v-shape about half as big as her biceps had been.
       "Yours are bigger than mine now." Heather said. "I bet they're a whole lot stronger, too."
       Willow hiccoughed on the dust, her abdominals gaining size and definition momentarily. "Lets find out what they can do."
       "I've got a couple of ideas." Ash said. He tapped Willows triceps. "If you keep your arm bent and tighten this muscle, what happens." As Willow did so, her biceps reduced in size, while her triceps expanded. "Now wrap your arms around that while keeping the muscles on the backs of your arms a little tight." He pointed to a chunk of granite.
       "I'll get it." Brook said as she brought the rock over. She held it up as Willow reached around it. She was able to just reach around it and grasp her hands together.
       "What do you want me to do now?" Willow asked.
       Ash said "I want to see if your muscles are stronger and harder than the rock when they're just resting. Stop tightening your muscles and let them relax."
       Willow released the tension on her triceps. When she did so, her biceps popped out to full size, shattering the stone between them. "Wow! I wasn't even trying! I bet they must be a lot stronger and harder when I really tighten them up." She held up her arm and flexed her biceps, expanding them even larger than Heather's were.
       After playing around for a while they decided to split up to get different things done. Heather wanted to get some honey to go with supper. Brook wanted to go swimming, and Heather wanted to get the stuff that was left in the cave.
       Heather and Ash went to a nearby stream to get washed up first. While they were there, she asked Ash "How about if we get some honey from the rock hornets to go with supper? It tastes better than the honey the bees make. I'm pretty sure that the hornets won't be able to hurt me. They can't- sting any harder than someone could poke with a spear, right?" Heather said.
       "The rock hornets that make the honey here are pretty dangerous. You're sure you'll be OK?" Ash answered.
       " Hornet stingers aren't all that sharp. They won't be able to get through my skin." Heather answered. She got out of the pool and walked over to where her tights were placed on a rock. Her wet skin shone in the late afternoon sun, highlighting her features. When she saw that Ash wasn't coming out of the water to join her, Heather called to him "What's keeping you?" She placed her hands on her hips, showing a striking silhouette against the sun.
       Ash saw her outline of thick thighs and arms, tiny waist, and the shadows of the sides of her breasts. "Could you, um, give me a few minutes?" he asked sheepishly.
       "Heather walked over to the stream to get Ash out. She could see his erection through the water. "Why don't we put that to good use?" she asked, grasping his arm and lifting him over the steep bank and placing him down next to her.
       "That's a job I hope you're up to." Ash answered, smiling. He kissed Heather and tried to slide his throbbing member into her sex. Heather placed her hands on his hips and gently pulled him towards her, giving him the force needed to penetrate. Her sex held him tightly inside of her, so much so that he couldn't pull free without Heather's help. As Heather slid him in and out of her, Ash placed his hands on the peaks of her biceps. Her skin was very warm and smooth, covering the unyieldingly hard muscles beneath it. His fingers blanched as he tried to make a dent in the veins that ran along the top of each of Heather's biceps. Ash lowered his head to grasp one of Heather's nipples between his teeth. Her nipples protruded farther from her aureoles than most elven girl's breasts did from their ribs. He ground Heather's thick flesh between his teeth as hard as he could, bringing a sigh from her. It wasn't long before his orgasm came. His member spasmed and gushed forth into Heather. She let go of him to keep from crushing him against her hips trying to pull him deeper inside of her. She rose up onto the balls of her feet, lifting him up by the strength in her sex. Afterwards, Heather gently pulled Ash out of her. His member was sore and raw.
       "Sorry. That was as gentle as I could go." Heather said.
       "Its ok. I'm sure it'll get better. I can't think of anyway I'd rather get hurt." Ash said, smirking.
       They got dressed and headed over to where the nearest rock hornet nest was.
       Heather took a couple of running steps and leapt onto an outcropping of stone about 30 feet up the cliff face. She grabbed a small bush growing from the rock face to steady her, accidentally pulling it out by its roots. "Whoops. Look out!" Heather dropped it and stepped over to the rock hornet nest, calling down "I could stick my arm all the ways up in there and tighten my muscles up. That'll pop it open."
       "Won't that squish all the hornets into the honey?" was answered.
       "That wouldn't be too good. I'll just open it up and grab the honeycombs out." Heather slapped the side of the nest, shattering its cement outer wall. A stream of hornets buzzed out of the broken shell. Heather bit the edge of her lip and winced as a good number of the two-inch insects landed on her. She regained her composure when she saw that their stingers couldn't penetrate her skin. She flicked one off of her forearm, turning it into a spray of icky bug goo. "Its gonna take a while to get rid of the bugs. I don't want to bring any back with me by mistake." Heather swatted and killed a couple of hornets.
       "I'm not in any hurry." Ash answered. He sat down to watch. After about a half hour, Heather finished up and grabbed some honeycombs out of the nest. She jumped down, landing near him with a thud. Her leg muscles quivered as she landed.

       Brook headed over to where the stream widened out some. It was late afternoon and she wanted to be cleaned up before supper. She made sure to arrive a little downstream of where everyone went to bathe. That way no one would see her and she could surprise Tavin. Brook hung her clothes on a branch and dove in. She swam underwater past several people to come up behind him. Brook hadn't counted on the effects her increased strength and speed would have on her swimming, though. She traveled underwater several times faster than she was able to in the past, causing a bow wave and a wake to be formed. Tavin turned around to see why a wave had come upstream to wash over him. He could see the people who had been caught in the current Brook had produced surfacing for air. Brook struggled not to giggle while underwater. When Tavin turned back around, Brook surfaced and hit the water with both her hands cupped together. The force of the impact pulled the water surface down after Brook's hands. The resulting splash that was produced when the water rushed back into the area Brook had hit tossed them both back several yards.
       Tavin surfaced and spit out some water. "How did you do that?"
       "I've got the same magic powers as Heather now. Isn't that neat?" Brook answered. "I can do more than just pick up big rocks."
       "Does that mean you can do all the hard work so I won't have to?" He asked. Tavin smiled and sent a splash towards Brook. He ducked under the surface when she
       pulled back to send a splash back towards him. He was tumbled backwards by the shock wave from Brook's splash. Tavin surfaced to see Brook staring in back of him. "What's wrong?"
       "I'mI'm sorry I splashed so hard. I could have hit you like that with it." Brook raised her hand out of the water to point to a tree that was falling backwards. A large section of the trunk had been blasted away by the force of the water that had hit it.
       "You did that? What else can you do?" Tavin asked.
       "What do you want me to do?" Brook replied.
       "Yeah You were able to get the big rock out of the way of the cave. How about moving the tree that you hit with the water before it falls over on someone? Could you do that?" Tavin asked.
       "I'll get it in a little bit." Brook swam over to the stream's edge and grabbed one hand onto the flat rock that runs along it. Her fingers sank a little into the stone. "Watch this. I bet no one else here can do this." Brook slowly lifted herself out of the water with one hand. Her arm was held straight out in front of her, with her body and legs in a straight line. She slowly turned herself over so she was facing upwards, with just her small round bottom being lapped by the water. Brook held her free hand out toward Tavin. "Come over here." When he swam over, she grabbed onto him and lifted him out of the water, sitting him onto her arm, with her hand as a backrest. Brook kept her triceps tightened a little so her biceps wouldn't be too big. Tavin wrapped his legs around Brook's arm to hold himself in place. "After I lift you up all the ways with my arm, step over onto my feet. You can use them to dive off of."
       "OK. As long as you could hold me up like that." Tavin said.
       "Don't worry. I can't even feel your weight on me." Brook slowly relaxed her triceps, letting her biceps expand to their resting size.
       Tavin grabbed onto Brooks arm to keep himself from sliding off her slick skin. "Your arm gets really big. No wonder you're so strong now." He started to get to his feet.
       "Wait. Sit down. I'm not done yet." When Tavin seated himself, Brook continued. "Hold on really tight so you don't slip off." She slowly flexed her biceps beneath Tavin. He grapped both hands onto the back of Brook's biceps muscle, near her shoulder, to keep from sliding back over her hand as her arm grew beneath him. When Brook's arm reached its full size, Tavin was on all fours on top of it.
       "I see why you can hold both of us up so easily now." Tavin carefully lowered himself down to stand on Brooks' shoulders. He was eager to move off of her arm. It was hard enough to make his knees hurt. He slowly stepped onto Brook's stomach. As he did so, she giggled because his feet tickled her. Brooks' stomach muscles quickly grew and bounced beneath his feet, causing Tavin to lose his balance. He slipped, falling back onto of her. He landed on top of her unyieldingly firm breasts, with her nipples pinching into his backside. He turned around to face her, sliding down Brook's breasts to rest against her chin. "This isn't as easy as I thought it would be."
       "Maybe we should try something else." Brook answered. She raised herself into a sitting position. This caused Tavin to slide over her breasts and bounce down her abdominals to finally come to rest straddling her thighs. Brook moved one leg so it was extended down into the water. At the same time, she tightened her other thigh, expanding it so Tavin had to pull himself on top of it (He wasn't able to do a split, so he kneeled on top of Brook's thigh.). "This is more like it." She placed her tongue on the base of his member, meaning to run it up along its length. Brook ended up pressing his member into his stomach hard enough to lift him up with her tongue.
       "I I thought you didn't like doing that with me." Tavin said. He held onto Brook's shoulders to steady himself.
       "That's just because you'd get really big and it was uncomfortable. I don't think that's going to be a problem for me any more." Brook gently worked her tongue along Tavin's member, watching as its length and width more than doubled. "See, my muscles aren't the only things that can grow so much." Brook lowered herself so she was sitting on the stone ledge on the side of the stream. Her own and Tavin's weight didn't even cause a dent on her bottom against the stone. She extended her arms straight in front of her under Tavin's armpits. He was raised up as she bent her elbows, causing her biceps to expand.
       "Could you move your arms apart a little? You're squeezing me too hard." Tavin asked.
       Brook obliged, while taking the end of his erection into her mouth. She had to open up as far as she could for it to fit in. She puffed her cheeks out to keep from crushing its bulbous end. Brook rubbed her tongue over it as gently as she could. As she did so, she felt it grow to fullest extent. Tavin groaned in pleasure. Brook leaned forward and slid into the water. She lowered Tavin down to face her. They grabbed each other's hips and slowly pulled them themselves towards each other, sinking Tavin's erection deep into Brook. As they kissed, Tavin's hand's explored Brook's changed body. He traced the furrows between the muscles in Brook's thighs and bottom. His fingers went around the outlines of her abdominal muscles. Brook got impatient waiting for Tavin to begin (she didn't know he was gripped too tight to move within her) and started to push his hips away from and then towards her. Her biceps shrank and grew along Tavin's sides as she did so. Tavin rested his hands on the peaks of Brook's biceps so he could feel them quiver and expand beneath his fingers. He squeezed one of Brooks breasts as hard as he could with both hands, barely making dents in it. When his orgasm finally came, Tavin shuddered with pleasure. His orgasm gushed forth into Brook, quickly filling her. It squirted out around the tight seal his throbbing erection made with Brook's sex each time she pulled him deep into her.

       What happened with Willow at the cave? She arrived to see her friends later that evening, but what happened in the meantime will be seen in the next chapter.