Part 3

by M

A dozen elves frolicked happily in the moonlit glade, dancing and singing in high-pitched voices. Shayna danced and pirouetted among them, recognizing old comrades, lovers, and friends. Her hair spun about her, as her strong legs stamped the ground.

Suddenly one of the dancers screamed and fell, clutching her leg. Mocking laughter echoed from the dark forest. More arrows came, and the elves scattered, shrieking in the night.

Shayna turned, seeing movement where a human would have seen only moonlight and shadows. An arrow, black and cruelly barbed, sank into a tree less than a foot from her head. She heard laughter from somewhere ahead in the forest, and another arrow glanced off her knee, leaving a small cut. Without her bow, without any weapons at all, come to think of it, she charged forward. She heard noises and chased after them, knowing that if she did not, more elves might die. An arrow struck her directly in the chest, scratching her firm breast and knocking her back a little before bouncing off. “I’m a tougher enemy than they expected.” She thought to herself, and smiled. She ran quickly through the forest, muscles flexing as she jumped over a fallen tree. She heard rustling noises and looked up into the branches ahead where an assailant might be hiding. She missed completely the well-concealed pit-trap, and fell into pain and darkness…

When she awoke, everything hurt. Her legs felt bruised, badly. One ankle seemed sprained, if not actually broken. Her breasts, her proudest asset, were tender and sore. Worst of all, she could barely see. Not that her eyes seemed injured, but in the.. cave? she found herself in, there was virtually no light. To an elf, one who can see almost as well in starlight as a human can by day, it was a horribly frightening experience. She shivered, more from fear than the cold. She could feel her nipples hardening automatically in the cool air. “Ooooh, what happened?” she whispered to herself.

A sardonic male elvish voice cut through the darkness.

“Drow got you, same as they got me. But I killed three of the bastards, that’s something.”


Shayna knew about the Drow, who didn’t? Horrible vicious parodies of the elves, who lived in dark places and… this kind of thinking was just going to get her panicked. She breathed heavily, trying to relax.

“What’s y-your name?” she said in a quavery voice.

“Call me Lailan; and yours?”


“I’m surprised you lived through the fall” he said, “I heard boulders crashing, and you landed almost right on a stalagmite.”

“I’m stronger than most; a gift of the goddess Ki; but ugh, it hurts. I think maybe I broke my ankle.” Shayna shook her head, seeing her companion as a dim silhouette a few feet away.

Lailan hesitated a second, then spoke.

“I have an unguent that might help, but I should warn you, I got it from a love priestess, and it has a side effect. It ah, makes you horny.”

She couldn’t see him in the darkness of the cave, but she could tell he was smiling.

“Better that than hurt. Come on, go ahead.” She lay back against the stone floor, making herself as comfortable as possible.

Lailan began spreading the unguent on her injured ankle first. A soothing warmth seemed to spread from his fingers through her sore muscles. He moved up her legs, feeling the firm, almost hard flesh of her athletic thighs. Her muscles tensed and swelled rhythmically with his massage. Shayna began breathing more heavily. “Mmmm, that feels sooo good”. She spread her legs a bit wider, and relaxed. Lailan’s hands moved up, onto her torso, rubbing the lotion into her rippling stomach. It tingled as the bruises and cuts healed. Shayna moaned again, breathing heavily as his hands moved to her breasts, fondling them gently. “Yes, harder.” She held his hand with her own, pressing it against her breast, closing it around her rock-hard nipple. Lailan pinched hard, and she giggled “tee hee, that tickles.”

Shayna turned over on her stomach, and Lailan sat astride her, rubbing the soothing cream into her muscular, but still very feminine shoulders and back. Shayna clutched at the floor with her hands, leaving scratches in the stone. She pushed back against him and could feel his erection pressing against her back. Giggling a little, she wriggled against him and heard him sigh in response. Turning over onto her back, she grabbed his hands and again placed them on her breasts. “Lailan?” “Yes.” “Sex me. Now.”

Shayna moaned as he entered her, lifting her own lower body to meet his thrusts. She was firm inside, almost painfully so, and he gasped as her inner muscles clamped around his erection. Juices of her arousal spread across them both, and the scent of elvish pheromones filled the air. She giggled, pulling his hips against her body, her legs wrapped around him. She kissed his neck, his chest, her tongue flicking hard against his nipple. He returned the favor, bending his head to kiss her large, firm breasts, which seemed to swell, welcoming his attentions. They moved as one, in ways familiar to elves since the beginnings of time. He shuddered, and they came together, and lay there for a long while.



“You could climb out of this pit; you’re healed now, and you’re certainly strong enough.”

“But how would you get out?”

“Don’t worry about me, you can go get a rope or something.” Lailan shrugged.

“Oh…ok, but I’m still worried.” She said hesitantly.

Shayna stood up, put on as best she could her clothing which lay in pieces about the cave floor, and examined the walls of the shaft above her. “It’s not like climbing a tree” she muttered, and carefully braced her arms and legs against opposite sides of the smooth, vertical tunnel. Her muscles bulged as she slowly worked her way upward, until at last she stood in the open air. Dawn was just beginning to break over the eastern horizon, and birds twittered in the trees. She hurried back to the village and grabbed a coil of silk rope, but on her return, found a note by the tunnel, scribbled on a piece of bark.

“Got out on my own.
Maybe we’ll meet
again sometime.