Part 2

by J

A plume of smoke rose above the horizon to the north. The winds sent the smoke south, where it caused a haze.

“Its worse than I thought.” Said Morgan. “I hope there’s still a town standing.”

“We’ve still a half hour to walk from here.” Replied Vega.

“It’ll take longer if we don’t want whoever ‘s attacking to see us. Shouldn’t we sneak up so we’re not in the middle of some big army of orcs?” Added Shayna

The group wondered what they would see when they arrived at Stornway. What they saw was worse than they had imagined. The town’s wall was breached in several places. Fires smoldered on thatch roofs. The wooden gates were badly damaged.

“Let’s get in quickly.” Morgan said as he left the woods and jogged across the clearing that surrounded the town.

Shayna and Vega followed him as he entered the town. As they passed through the wall, they could hear the sounds of fighting. They hurried through the streets until they came upon a rampaging troll. Several large men in chainmail shirts were trying to hold it off with pole axes. The troll was about nine feet tall and had scrawny, emaciated features. Its face was elongated, with sunken eyes and a jutting chin. Its teeth looked broken and yellow. It had uneven claws on the ends of each of its six clawed fingers per hand.

“Eew! There had to be a troll here…” Shayna said as she wrinkled her nose in response to the creature’s stench.

The troll bellowed as it was hit with one of the pole axes. It wheeled about and grabbed the spearman. Its claws dug into him as it ripped his arm off. The man fell over in shock as the troll bit off the upper portion of its prize.

“We’ll fight it! Why don’t you help against the other one at the other end of the street!” Shayna shouted as she rushed forward.

“Damn! We can’t let that little girl get killed.” One of the men said. “Krispen, stop her!”

Krispen watched as the little girl ran up and then leaped over him. She kept running as she landed, and launched herself into a kick at the troll’s side. “Yah!” Shayna’s long pants and shirt flapped in the wind as she struck the troll. The force of her blow drove her foot into its rubbery hide, causing the creature to yell out in pain. Shayna landed at the troll92's side as it turned to face her.

When the troll saw her, it snorted loudly and laughed. “An elf so far north? You’ve got strong legs, but not strong enough. Bwah ha! Your little mark is fading as we speak.” The wounds that the troll had just received were healing rapidly.

“Ulp!” Shayna responded as she saw this.

Vega said, “Trolls aren’t affected by cold. I’ll have to use my magics to help elsewhere. If there are trolls here, there has to be orcs too.” She ran around the corner towards the sound of another fight.

Morgan clicked the blade of his scythe into place and circled around the troll along with the two guardsmen. He carefully watched for an opening to strike.

The troll swatted Shayna with a backhanded blow that would have caved in the ribs of another person. The force of the impact sent her backwards several feet.


A guardsman left the fight to check on her as the other stabbed the troll in the calf. “Little girl, are you all right?” He said as he saw Shayna getting to her feet. She had a deep gash on her shoulder where one of the troll’s claws had caught her. Gold colored blood was seeping into her shirt.

“That just looked worse that it really was. If the troll had really used its claws, I’d be hurt a lot worse than I am now.” Shayna said and shuddered.

The guardsman found himself at a loss for words as Shayna looked up to talk to him. He had never seen en elf before, though he had heard stories of their existence. He never saw a person with the characteristic pointed ears and oversized eyes that all elves had.

“You’re an…an elf! Can’t you just do some magic and make the troll disappear in a poof of sparkling lights or something like that?” The guardsman asked.

“I don’t have those kinds of magic powers. I have other stuff.” Shayna replied with a smirk. She thought, “Sharp things are hurting it a lot more than I did.”

The guardsman watched as Shayna took her bow off her shoulder and proceeded to string it. She put her leg around the bottom part of the bow and hooked her foot around it. As she bent it back to attach the string, Shayna’s baggy sleeves and pants legs were suddenly stretched tight over her arms and legs.

The guardsman thought “How is she going to use that log to shoot with?… Braided metal string?… What’s with her arms?…” as he watched Shayna do this.

Shayna knocked an arrow and drew back on the bowstring. The wood of the thickly constructed bow creaked and groaned in protest. She released it just as the troll tried to take a swipe at Morgan. The arrow flew towards the troll’s stomach with a high pitched “Voosh.” It lodged itself up to the fletching into the troll.

The troll bellowed in pain and turned its glare upon Shayna. It ran at her, taking a hit from the scythe. Thick black ichor oozed from the gash that Morgan’s scythe blow opened up. An angry swing of its claw rent open the front of Shayna’s shirt, revealing her tensed up, banded abdominal muscles.

“Aah!” Shayna exclaimed as the troll swung at her. She took a couple of quick deep breaths after the troll narrowly missed her stomach. “I’ve got an idea.” She said as she ducked under another blow, kicking the arrow in deeper. The troll hesitated as this happened. It was also hit simultaneously by a guardsman’s weapon. Shayna pulled her arm back and her shirtsleeve split open with a loud tearing sound as her arm muscles expanded beyond the capacity of the garment. Shayna speared her hand deep into the troll’s chest, burying it in up to her elbow. The troll responded by flinging her back a distance from itself. She landed on her feet, her arm dripping with the gore from the troll’s innards. Ichor spurted from the hole in the creature’s chest as the troll fell to its knees and then collapsed to the ground. Shayna felt ill as she saw the troll’s blood and organ parts on her arm and hand. The ichor had dissolved her sleeve off and was starting to cause her arm to itch. “What’s it doing to my arm?” Shayna shouted.

“You have to wash the blood off before it starts to eat away your arm!” Morgan responded. He was reaching under his cloak for a ceramic bottle. He hit the stopper in with his hand and threw the bottle at the troll. The troll was engulfed in flames and burned. It gave off thick oily smoke that smelled like sulfur. “This will stop it from coming back to life.” Morgan said.

Shayna ran over to a rain barrel and dunked her arm in to wash off the troll blood. She pulled out her arm and rubbed it with her other hand. “That feels better.” She smiled and flexed her biceps, letting them grow to twice their original size. The mid-day sunlight shone off all the striations of her muscles.

“Remind me not to get HER mad at me.” One guardsman said to the other as they watched her. “Her arm’s as big as Magnusson’s.”

“His doesn’t look that good, though.” The other guardsman replied.


Later that day, the three travelers were called in to meet with Thane Gustav (Shayna was healed up by this time thanks to one of Morgan’s potions.). The Thane’s hall was set up as a single roomed building; It’s ceiling arched up to a peak forty feet high. In the middle of the room was a fire pit where stews and meats were cooking. The Thane, Magnusson, a few of the Thane’s guards, and a crowd of townsfolk were in attendance. The Thane was a burly, red-haired man. Magnusson was nearly seven feet tall, had long blond hair and a long braided moustache.

“I hear that the three of you were of great help to my town during today’s attack. What brings you to this place in such trying times?” Thane Gustav said.

“I had received word from Magnusson of the troubles up here.” Morgan replied.

“I still can’t think of why everyone up here is so big.” Shayna said quietly to Vega, who smiled at her comment.

The Thane chuckled as he overheard the comment. He replied “’I’ don’t know how a little elf was able to kill a troll.”

“I’ve got magic powers!” Shayna replied musically.

This was answered by a round of laughter from those in attendance.

“Its good to hear someone in good spirits after these past few months.” Thane Gustav added. “There seems to be a pattern to the attacks. I can’t spare the men to do it, but if someone can get to the Throne of Truth…”

“I see where we fit in here.” Vega said quietly.

The rest of the evening went by well. There was plenty of food and strong drink to be had. Shayna found her food choices to be limited, though. “The only decent food these people make is tasteless roots… potatoes, cabbage and carrots. The drinks are really good, though. I really like this honey mead.” Shayna remarked to Morgan during the meal.

“That’s only because you can not eat meat.” Morgan answered.

After the meal, all those in attendance engaged in some very lively folk dancing. Several of the men in attendance paid close attention to Shayna and Vega. They never lacked for dancing partners. Vega’s partners, though, seemed to be a little nervous from the aura of magical power she put out.


That night, Shayna decided to try something she had never done before. She had heard that human partners have some merit. They cannot last as long as an elf and their orgasms only amount to as much as an elf puts out in the first few seconds of ejaculating. However, some of them are supposed to be really BIG in a good way. She thought it would be good fun.

“I’ve never seen an elf before, much less made love to one. You still look like a young child to me, though.” Bornarl said.

“You’re about to see a lot of one really soon. And believe me, I am NOT a little girl.” Shayna replied.

Bornarl took off his boots and shirt, revealing a very hairy chest.

“Ooh, neat.” Shayna said as she stroked his chest hair. “Now its my turn.” Shayna took off her boots and shirt.

Bornarl was surprised to see her proportions. Shayna had a tiny waist and proportionally large breasts. Her arms and stomach had well defined muscles that rippled as she moved. He could feel himself becoming strongly aroused in response to what he saw.

“Ok, now lets do the next part. Me first!” Shayna said as she undid her belt and let her pants drop. “Now its your turn.” She piped.

Bornarl watched Shayna’s thigh muscles quiver as she moved. Her little behind and the gap between her thighs seemed just too inviting to resist. He wrapped his arms around Shayna and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. His fingers explored her body as he did so. He was amazed at how smooth her skin was. Bornarl loved the way that her breasts were just large enough to fill his outstretched hands. He also admired how amazingly firm they were, their nipples harder than he had imagined they could be. He was also wary because of how unyieldingly hard her muscles were. “My, you’re a strong one!” He said.

“I can be even stronger than you can imagine.” Shayna answered. She grabbed the front of Bornarl’s pants with one hand and slowly lifted him up. His eyes went wide as he saw her muscles expand in rippling waves. Shayna’s forearms took on incredible definition as each muscle fiber expanded greatly. Her biceps enlarged, followed by her shoulder and other muscles. She calmly talked to him as she held him up. “I think it’s really neat that I can do stuff like this. 4"

Bornarl grabbed Shayna’s arm as she held him up. His outstretched hand was just barely able to go around her biceps as she held him up. He squeezed them hard; his efforts produced no effects on her. “Are all elves like you?” He asked.

“”Of course not. They have different magic things they can do.” Shayna responded. Shayna slowly lowered Bornarl to the ground. Her muscles returned to their usual state when she let go. “Come on. Stop delaying. I thought you humans liked making love.” Shayna crossed her arms and watched Bornarl who looked at her, confused, as she tapped her foot. “I’m tired of waiting.” Shayna said and ripped his pants off. Bornarl obliged her. He was rewarded with the strongest, most reactive partner he could ever imagine. It took all his strength to make love to her. He finished utterly exhausted and with his entire body being sore.

“That was really fun. Let’s do it again! Tee-hee.” Shayna said, straddling his midsection, bouncing energetically…


The next day, Shayna helped with the town’s rebuilding while Morgan and Vega conferred with the Thane. She was glad that she didn’t have to wear those uncomfortable human-styled clothes anymore. No one in the town was going to be running to tell the orcs about the one who helped defeat a troll. Clearing away fallen stones from buildings that were destroyed seemed like very little challenge, so Shayna went to help those who were fixing the palisade.

“Good morning little girl.” One of the builders said. He saw Shayna wearing her elven tights. She had on her tight shirt and shorts. She looked rather thin to him, as the local people, even the children, were built solidly. “Just try to stay clear of the workmen. We don’t want you to get hurt.” The work crew had dug a trench where the timbers of the wall were to be placed. A few logs were lying where oxen had dragged them. They had just finished erecting a pulley system to raise the logs for the wall.

“I think I could do something to help here.” Shayna said with a smile. Her hands were clasped behind her back as she rocked back and forth on her heels. “You want those logs stood up in that hole?” she asked.

“Sure. Go right ahead.” The workman answered with a smile.

Shayna walked over to one of the logs. “Is this one ok?” She asked.

“Yes. Go right ahead.” The workman said with a smile. The other people who had been working in the immediate area stopped to look. They had amused expressions.

Shayna squatted down and spread her arms around the center of a timber. Her grip sank her fingers into the wood, producing a creaking sound. Shayna’s muscles rippled and expanded, her outfit doing nothing to conceal them. She lifted the timber and balanced it over her head. Shayna then carried it over to the trench. She tossed it so it landed on end in the hole.

Some of the workers watched this in stunned amazement, while others looked on, knowingly.

“How was that?” Shayna said. She stood with her arms crossed.

One of the workers jumped with surprise as Magnussen slapped him on the back. Magnussen said “Shayna caught you by surprise there, didn’t she. Ha Ha Ha. Those elves are a tricky lot. You never know what to expect.”

Shayna stood and watched Magnussen talk.

“Why don’t you finish what you started?” Magnussen asked. “After a show like that, do you really expect anyone to want to spend hours of hard work doing this job when you could get it done in just a few minutes?”

Shayna sighed and said, “I guess it wouldn’t be fair to all these people to make them work that hard when I could do this.” She proceeded to heft all twelve logs into place as the others watched.


Later that day, Shayna came across Vega. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you for some time now.” Vega said. “I guess our trip to the Throne of Truth will be my turn to act as wilderness guide. I haven’t seen it since my days as an apprentice, but I could never forget the way there.” Vega leaned back against the side of a small building while talking.

“Thane Gustav talked about the throne like anyone could go there. I thought magic things were supposed to be hard to get to. Why doesn’t everyone just go there all the time?” Shayna asked. She was holding a fist-sized piece of sandstone that she was absently rounding in her hands in the same fashion that a person smoothes a slushball while she talked.

“Why don’t people go there…Lets see…It’s a week’s journey into the mountains from here. There are always a few orcs or trolls about. People are usually frightened by magic. That’s all.” Vega replied, smiling.


The next morning, they set out. Each was carrying a backpack or carrypack of supplies. They entered the pine forest north of Stornway as the sun was still low in the sky. It was mid-spring and the woods were in bloom.

“Even the trees up north are huge.” Shayna commented idly. She remembered when she was here before. She had seen a moose then, a type of deer so large she would just barely come up to its knees.

As the days passed and they climbed into the hills, the pinewoods became thinner. The hills gave a nice view of snow covered peaks in the distance. When they stopped to look at the scenery, Vega said “Don’t worry, it’s not on some inaccessible mountaintop.” Both Morgan and Shayna looked relieved to hear this. After a few days of climbing up the steeply graded terrain, they came to the base of a cliff. “Its right up there.” Vega said.

Morgan replied “How did you get up there when you were here before?”

“My master was an earth-shaper. He used a spell to produce steps in the side of the cliff.” Vega continued.

“They aren’t there now. Are either of you good at climbing?” Morgan asked.

93"I spent all my time learning magics.” Vega answered.

“I’m really good at climbing trees.” Shayna replied.

“Then I guess this is up to you.” Morgan said.

Shayna put the coil of rope over her shoulder and the metal spikes in her pack. “This shouldn’t be too hard.” She said. She gripped a handhold and started up the rock face. When she was about thirty feet up, Shayna fell off. She managed to land on her feet, her leg muscles bulging out as they absorbed the impact. Shayna still had chunks of stone in her hands that she had wrenched out of the cliff face. “I guess I shouldn’t use just strength to get me up there.” She proceeded up much more carefully the second time. When she reached the top, Shayna took a spike and drove it into the rock with all of her strength. She then tied one end of the rope to it and tossed the other end over the side. Vega and Morgan climbed up and took a few minutes to rest.

The plateau spread out for about one hundred yards before meeting another cliff face continuing up the mountain. A roughly featured granite seat was carved out of the rising cliff. A large pool was in front of it. No other features were present. When they got to the seat, Vega said “You just sit in it and it shows you what you want to see.”

“I think I’ll try it. We want to see who is behind all these attacks on Stornway and where he is now.” Morgan said. He sat on the chair. As he did this, the pool went black. Lights like sparks rising from a campfire appeared and sparkled in the water. A scene opened in the water, spreading from a central point toward the shore.


The mountainside shook and fell away. Landslides scoured away any trees or other traces of life. When the dust settled, it revealed a cave entrance at the base of a sheer cliff, half buried in rubble. From within came the sound of loud footsteps, the sounds echoing ever louder.

Eventually, a huge pair of eyes could be seen within. They were bright red and slitted like a cat’s. These eyes scanned around the surrounding woods, seeming to penetrate the shadows. Those present felt like those eyes could see them, the gaze stare into their souls, as if it could find all hidden secrets. The eyes moved forward, and out of the shadows of the cave emerged an immense head. It had a crocodilian shape, with rows of short horns running back along it. Whiskers sprouted in tufts from various places. Bushy eyebrows hung over its eyes, and a scraggly beard hung from its chin. It continued forwards from the darkness, a wide brick red body emerging from the cave. The beast spread its membranous wings and flapped them a few times, kicking up clouds of dust and debris. Its gaze shifted back to a figure standing boldly in the open.

The man was dressed in black robes, light seeming to fall into their folds. His beard was trimmed into two braided points. Ornate tattoos were on his hands and forearms. He wore a hat in the shape of a truncated cone. He stood on a stone slab, diagrams and symbols carved into it in a circle around him. Scintillating lights shone from the carvings, increasing and decreasing in intensity with a regularity matching his heartbeat. The ebb and blow of the pulses started to quicken.

“What mortal dares to disturb the rest of Phlogistan! I am the essence of fire! Why do you return me to the world of light!” bellowed the dragon.

The sorcerer used his will to hold himself still. The ogres that had brought the ritual stone to this location looked on, their eyes wide in terror.


The scene faded as Morgan lost his concentration.

“Uh-oh. That looks bad.” Said Shayna.

“The wizard’s name is Malanger. He has a tower elsewhere in these mountains. I just know this. Its like the Throne gave me the knowledge.” Morgan said.

“It would be suicidal to face him and the dragon together. It would be best to send people to deal with both at the same time.” Vega added.

“The wizard might be able to sense the approach of another magician.” Morgan said.

“I know who’ll be going to the wizard’s tower, then.” Shayna added. “I don’t like having to deal with things alone. I could really use some help for this.” Shayna said and hopped into the seat.

A new scene opened in the pool. It showed an idyllic mountain valley. Flowers were in bloom. Small animals scampered about. A small stream flowed past. There were also other hints of movement. Figures appeared and disappeared at the edges of vision. The scene was gone just as quickly as it had appeared.

“We’ve got to go there. We passed right by it on way here and didn’t even see it.” Shayna said as she got off the Throne.

“Where? And Why?” Morgan asked.

“Didn’t you see it?” Shayna said as she turned back and forth from Morgan to Vega.

“I only saw wilderness, some animals, and a stream. There were a few things that seemed always just out of my frame of vision.” Vega said.

“That’s what I saw, too.” Morgan added.

“Oh. I guess humans have a hard time seeing fairies and stuff. At least you saw that there were other things there. I don’t want to tell you more right now. It’ll spoil the surprise.” Shayna said, smiling happily.


They traveled back to Stornway. The return trip was easier than the one heading out. It was all downhill. They were at the foothills when Shayna had them change their course slightly. They entered a bleak canyon. Once they got past the canyon’s entrance, though, the scenery changed abruptly. Instead of broken stones lying around a muddy stream, the area was full of life. A forest canopy appeared. Sprites could be seen among the flower blooms. The air had a perfumed scent.

“I’ve got to be careful. They only like elf girls and human maidens. You two stay back a distance. Ok?” Shayna said.

As Shayna ran ahead, Morgan said “Like we could keep up with her anyway.”

Shayna slowly walked up to the unicorn. “Wow. You’re beautiful.” She said. She patted its side, feeling its silky white coat. It nuzzled her and she felt a wave of contentment wash over her. While it was doing this, she was able to reach up and feel its mane, which was soft, not coarse like a horse’s. “You’ll help me against the evil wizard?” she asked. Shayna was answered with a feeling of reassurance. “Come here and meet my friends.” Shayna ran back to where Morgan and Vega were. She could tell that the unicorn was nervous. “Come on. They won’t hurt you.”

Both Morgan and Vega were surprised by what they saw. Both of them knew about unicorns, but neither had ever seen one. As they approached the unicorn, it was a little nervous. It could sense the unseen presence that hung around Morgan. The ghost of his departed wife was always nearby to warn him of approaching danger.

“Its nervous around us. I don’t think he should be brought into Stornway.” Morgan said.

“This is quite a surprise.” Vega said.

“He said he’ll help me against the evil wizard. Isn’t he sweet.” Shayna said.


The trip back to Stornway seemed to be over as soon as it started. The days zipped by for Shayna. When they all got to within a mile of the town, they decided to meet with the Thane in the woods. Morgan went ahead to speak to him. On his return trip, Thane Gustav accompanied Morgan. They brought a horse and cart. They discussed plans to face both the evil wizard Malanger and the dragon Phlogistan at the same time. That way neither could come to the other’s aid. Morgan, Vega, Magnussen, and as many warriors as the town could spare would seek out the dragon. Shayna decided to travel with the unicorn to fight the wizard. One person should not draw his notice.

After the meeting, the Thane asked Shayna to look under the tarp on the cart. When she did, she was overjoyed.


A diminutive figure clad in tight-fitting chainmail stood next to her mount. The silver links of the armor glistened in the sun like flowing water. Her blond hair seemed to glow in the bright light. Her mount stood eighteen hands high, its coat shimmering in pearl white. It was clad in mirror –like blue enameled steel barding. Its hooves and horn shone like silver. After Shayna mounted, she turned to you, the reader and said, “Stop smiling. They aren’t all prudes. After all, where do little unicorns come from?” She smiled and returned to the story.


“Morgan told us how to get to the wizard’s tower. It’s only a few days past where the Throne of Truth was.” Shayna said to the unicorn. They traveled to the base of the mountain where Malanger had his tower. In order to climb up easier, Shayna decided to lead the unicorn up, instead of riding. When they were halfway up, they were attacked.

An ogre appeared out of a concealed cave. It was easily twice Shayna’s height, and several times as wide. It had on the untanned pelts of whatever it had eaten in the past week and carried a gnarled club. Shayna was startled when it came running at the unicorn instead of her.

“Get out of here. I’ll fight it!” Shayna shouted. The unicorn looked towards her and then faded from view.

The ogre ran to the spot where the unicorn had just been and looked around in confusion. It then turned towards Shayna and grinned, showing its yellow, broken looking teeth.

“This is going to be as bad as that troll.” Shayna said absently. “I’m just glad I’ve got this armor.” She advanced on the troll and was able to avoid its swing easily. “It’s a good thing the ogre’s so slow.” She thought. The ogre had swung its club in an arc going from overhead straight down. It hit the ground with a crash, leaving a deep indentation. Shayna could feel the armor, which had been comfortable before, becoming very uncomfortable now that she was in a fight. The arms, legs, and chest of the suit seemed very tight, now that she had her muscles slightly tensed. It was interfering with her ability to move. “I’ve got to get rid of the ogre’s club.” Shayna thought as she waited for its next swing. She balled up her right fist and tensed her biceps as hard as she could. She felt her chainmail sleeve resisting as she put all her effort into doing this. The armor gave way with a loud ripping sound as the links snapped open from her shoulder to midway down her forearm. Shayna flexed her leg muscles just after this. The armor gave way over her thighs with much less effort. “I guess my legs are much stronger than my arms.” Shayna said to herself. Shayna’s skin had red marks on it from where the links had been pinching against her. “Now I’ll be able to move. I hope the Thane won’t be mad that I ruined his nice armor.” She thought. The ogre tried a low swing to knock Shayna’s legs out from under her. She decided that instead of punching the club, she’d better kick it. She stepped into a sidekick and connected with the ogre’s club. There was a loud “crack” that echoed off the cliffs as the club broke. Shayna was flung a distance back by the force of the impact, though. She was able to flip over in mid-air and land on her feet.


Malanger watched the scene in the vapors rising from his magic brazier. “This just won’t do. I had a feeling one of my ogres was in trouble, again. I cannot have my ogres killed off by every warrior skilled enough to make it to my mountain. I’ve only got two left.” He said to himself. He stood up and chanted out a spell. He then disappeared from his inner sanctum and re-appeared near the fight between his ogre and the little elf.

Shayna was surprised when the evil wizard she was seeking suddenly rose out of the ground a short distance away. Before she could get away from the ogre to fight him, the wizard cast a spell that made her dizzy. The world suddenly became distorted, spun around, and then went dark and silent.

Shayna woke up, still feeling tired from whatever spell Malanger had put upon her. She was in a dimly lit ten foot by ten-foot cell. The cell had no furnishings in it, and she was presently facing a hallway with a single window placed high up. Shayna soon recovered enough of her senses to realize she was lashed to the bars on one side of the cell. There were heavy leather straps around her upper arms and her thighs, holding her to something on the other side of the bars. Her lower arms were free so she could reach the food and drink that were on a nearby ledge. Shayna thought to herself “This will be easy to get out of.” She smirked and started to flex her muscles. The straps started to tighten when she heard someone shout.

“AAAAAAA! What are you DOING, trying to KILL ME!” The voice shouted.

Shayna quickly stopped and let the straps go loose.

“-Wow-, that hurts! Listen Bjorn, or Sven, or whoever you are. Pulling on the straps won’t get you out of here. You’ll just be putting me” the speaker then thought “and you, I hope,” he continued “in a lot of pain.”

Shayna smiled when she heard the man in the next cell refer to her as one of the big, burly types that live up north. “Um…My name’s Shayna. I’m not a northman. I’m an elf. <giggle>”.

Before the man in the next cell could reply, there were the sounds of a large door opening and closing, followed by the sound of footsteps coming closer. The wizard opened her cell and walked in.

“I don’t get many elves visiting my home. It may take a while to find out what uses you may have. But, to do that, I’ll need this.” Malanger said. He then took out a crystal knife and cut off a lock of Shayna’s hair.

Shayna was about to try to pull one of her arms free to get at the evil magician, but stopped so she wouldn’t hurt the man in the next cell.

The wizard saw her expression change and said “You won’t be getting away that easily. If the barbarians who live around here can’t break free, then you surely can’t.” He then walked out of the cell and up the hall, very amused with himself. This was followed by the sound of a heavy door closing.

“Sooo, you’re an elf. That’s a kind of fairy, isn’t it. Why don’t you just use your magic to get out of here…and take me with you? Also, aren’t you elves supposed to be the short, cute types? How were you able to pull so hard? The other ends of the straps are attached to me.” The voice said.

Shayna replied “I’m not really a type of fairy. They’re different. I also can’t just say some magic word and get out of here with a ‘poof’. My magic just lets me be really strong. I was going to break the straps by flexing my muscles bigger than the straps could take. The straps are just leather, so they aren’t very strong.”

“Sure. Right. And I have some oceanfront property a few miles from here to sell you. You’ll just burst your bonds and be out of here.” The voice said.

“Ok. Here, I’ll try it again.” Shayna replied. She started to flex her muscles, again, until the man in the next cell complained again.

“All right. All right. I believe you. What are you doing up here, anyway? I was locked in here because Malanger lacks any amount of taste. He put me here after one of my musical performances. Actually, Malanger put me here after I informed him that the last Baron I performed for had been much more generous in his compensations than he was.” The man in the next cell said.

“I was going to fight him, but he knocked me out with his magic while I was fighting an ogre. Why did he put you here?” Shayna answered.

“I said that he was a cheapskate to try to get him to pay me more. That’s not a good move to try with a wizard. At least I know that now.” The voice said. He continued by saying “How rude of me. I am Bernollio, the greatest entertainer in this or any other land.”

Shayna tried to reach the straps on her arms but couldn’t quite reach them. “I can’t reach the leather straps. What do you think I should do?”

“Why don’t you just bend one of the bars or lift it out of the ground?” The voice said.

“I’ll try.” Shayna piped. She grabbed one of the bars with her right hand and started pulling on it. She felt the leather strap tighten, and let go before she hurt Bernollio’s arm. “I know. There’s something else I could try.” Shayna tightened her grip on the cell bar. Sweat dripped down Shayna’s forehead as she strained herself against the metal. She felt her muscles begin to ache and burn. The metal made some groaning noises as she gripped it tighter and tighter. After what seemed like hours, Shayna felt her hand close through the metal of the bar. She panted, catching her breath. “I’ve broke one of the bars. It should be a lot easier to get the other one done now.” Shayna grabbed the bars over her head and lifted herself up. She was able to get the strap around their right arms over the break in the bar and down by their sides. She then lowered herself down to the floor again (Bernollio was tall enough to just reach up to where the bar was broken.) “Ok. Just slip your arm out of the strap now.” When Bernollio did this, the strap was able to drop off of Shayna’s arm and onto the floor.

Bernollio was able to turn around and finally see his cellmate. “You’re a cute one, aren’t you.” He said. “I think I’ll just stand here and watch how you will get us out of here.” He watched as Shayna turned towards the cell bars and grabbed the one that both of them were still attached to. She put her right foot against the bar to brace herself as she tightened her grip. He watched as her graceful lines changed as she exerted more and more force on the bar. Shayna’s forearm took on increased definition as the muscles expanded into a set of quivering cables running up to her elbow. Her biceps grew until it looked as if she could reach them with the fingers of her right hand. Shayna’s other arm and torso muscles all grew and took on a similar level of definition. The muscles in her right leg rippled and expanded greatly. Shayna had a look of concentration on her face as the bar started to groan and bend. The metal stretched and finally snapped just below where her right hand was grasping it. Right after this, Bornollio saw Shayna’s muscles return to their normal size. They were well defined and rippled as she moved. They just weren’t incredibly large now. Shayna took a few seconds to catch her breath, then lifted her left arm up over the break. She carefully slipped her arm out of the leather band.

While Shayna was rubbing her sore arm muscles, Bornollio said “I didn’t realize elves were so strong. I bet the Dwarves have good reason to be jealous.” He smiled as he said this.

Shayna was able to break the lock on her cell door while Bornollio was able to pick his one open. “How did you get out?” Shayna asked.”

Trade secret.” Bornollio said as he put a lockpick back into the removable bottom of his shoe. Bornollio held Shayna up as she pulled the bars loose from the window in the hall. This had the added benefit of giving him a very nice view up her skirt.


Shayna and Bornollio eventually made it off the wizard’s mountain. Several hours passed before they met up with the unicorn.

“He likes you.” Shayna said. This caused Bornollio some embarrassment. “Why are you blushing? Oh! I see. Unicorns only like humans that are virgins. >tee-hee<” She paused and then continued “Come on. That’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“I know. I know. It’s just that my style has always been to perform my music and then leave to find my next employer immediately. I just never left much time for… I have also always been shy when not performing, so I never have been able to work up the courage to ask someone to…” Bornollio said.

“You’ve never even asked someone to make love? What’s the big deal? Why do you humans always beat around the bush about that. If you want to, I’ll make love to you.” Shayna said.

“You’ll what!” Bornollio answered.

“It’s not a big deal. I think it’s kind of fun.” Shayna said.

Bornollio had been imagining what Shayna would look like without her clothes on. It ended up that she looked much better than he had expected. Her body’s curves and proportions matched those given for the most beautiful women in the poetry of his trade. Shayna also had the cutest face he had ever seen. (Bornollio had never seen an elf before. He also wondered if the stories about their sexual abilities were also true.) She had very firm hemispherical breasts with large, hard nipples. Her small waistline was banded with muscles. Her bottom was also round and incredibly firm. His hands wandered up and down the rippling striations of Shayna’s muscles as they embraced and kissed. “Mmmmm.” Shayna said as Bornollio entered her. They just stood there with him inside of her for a moment before Shayna began to grind her hips against his. She helped him pump her when her vaginal muscles grasped him too tightly for him to do so on his own. Bornollio had several strong orgasms inside of Shayna before his body was unable to continue. The suction from Shayna’s kisses on his chest left bruise marks when she responded a little too strongly during one of her own orgasms. Bornollio’s back had deep bruises and bleeding scratch marks from Shayna’s grasp.

Once they were well under way after Bornollio had a chance to rest up and recover, Shayna asked “Was that as good as you had hoped for? I’m sorry if I hurt you. You humans are a little bit bigger than elves, and I think my muscles squeeze a little too tight for humans when they’re inside me.”

I only hope that whenever I make love again, it lives up to my memories of earlier today. I hope that those who I meet are able to perform up to the fabled elven levels.” Bornollio said, a wry smile spreading across his face.


After a few days of travel, Shayna and Bornollio make it to Stornway. They meet up with Morgan and Vega. After the introductions, Shayna tells her story. Morgan then tells that when the war band made it out to the dragon’s cave, the dragon wasn’t there. They waited, but it didn’t return.