Shock of the Other
- Chapter 5 -
by MAC

Rev. 1.0

Lillith of Velor, Copyright, 1998, Infinity Bridge. All rights reserved.

Aunt Laurie’s home, at the fence rail near the stable

“Sir? I have endeavored to communicate our wishes to the ‘horse being’ without any evident success. Do you wish to continue your attempts to capture the creature?”

William leaned forward, resting his forearms on the top fence rail. His mind no longer seemed to be focused on the task of putting the horse back into the stable. He was, Phil noticed, preoccupied with the house. William sighed deeply.

“No, Phil. Not right now. In a minute.”

William looked upward, noticing the darker clouds that were coming. A minute or two may be all they had left before the rain would begin in earnest.

“Do you contemplate the Mistress, sir?” Phil had climbed to the top of the fence post and was nearly eye to eye with William now. His voice was filled with concern. William gave him a tired smile.

“I always ‘contemplate the Mistress’, Phil.”

“Yes, sir. I have observed that. Have you come to any conclusions from your contemplation?”

“A few, Phil, a few.”

Phil leaned closer to William. “Sir, if may I inquire, I have observed that you are still quite in love with the Mistress. How do you love her, sir?” William appeared surprised by the question.

“I’m not sure I understand the question, Phil. You’re not asking me about technique, are you?”

“Oh, no sir. You and the Mistress have never attempted to hide examples of that. I have observed on several occasions many varied and interesting sexual techniques that your species seems to enjoy very much. I have been quite successful in closely studying many that are obviously considered favorites and are repeated quite often. I do have a question about one in particular where the Mistress is rotating about...”

“Your drifting away from your point, Phil.” William interrupted sternly, his eyes narrowing. The interruption caught Phil off guard. Momentarily lost, he searched his mind for his original question while he quickly scratched a minor itch. His original thought finally returned intact.

“I am sorry, sir. Perhaps my inquiry should have been ‘What form of love do you possess for the Mistress?’ I have information that as a general case among most species that have love as one of their primary emotions, that there are, in fact, multiple variations on the concept of love. That was the intention of my original question.”

The two friends looked at each other in silence, one waiting for a reply, the other trying to find one, before a wry smile came to William’s lips.

“How indeed, Phil. How do I love her. I haven’t asked myself that one. Maybe it’s time I did.” William placed his hand gently on top of Phil for a moment. “Thanks, buddy. You always know what to say to get me thinking.”

Phil’s head rotated slightly, unsure what William meant.

“Thought is always welcome, sir!”

In Aunt Laurie’s study

Lillith was rocking nervously on the windowseat. Her arms crossed over her lap as she leaned forward as if she were in pain.

“Aunt Laurie, if you know something about what is happening to me, please tell me! This is getting worse and I don’t know if I can control it much longer!” Her sharp eyes kept darting to the window.

Back at the far bookcase, Aunt Laurie was struggling to pull out a large yellowish book from the heavy wooden shelf. The book looked ancient, the corners tattered and the pages unevenly edged, as if cut by hand. As she carried the heavy tome with both hands back to her chair, Lillith noticed that she had slipped on a pair of thin, white gloves, obviously to protect the book. Setting the book down heavily on the table beside her chair, Aunt Laurie looked out of the window quickly to make sure that William and Phil would not come in the house unexpectedly. Seeing them still in the paddock with the horse, Aunt Laurie slumped back into her chair and slid the yellow book onto her lap. As she opened the book, the binding crackled in protest. To appease it, she moved each page tenderly. It was obvious to Lillith that the book was not only very old, but very valuable to Aunt Laurie. She leaned forward slightly to get a better look that surprised her.

“That book is not Terran!”

“No, dear, it’s Velorian. The only one like it on this planet.” Lillith’s eyes darted from the book to the old woman and back. This didn’t make any sense!

“Where did you get that!” Lillith demanded. But Aunt Laurie never even looked up from the book as she casually waved her hand.

“Oh, somebody knows somebody else who knows a trader who knows where something valuable is kept. Barter, favors, and trade, dear. I usually found what I was looking for. It took me over ten years to get this book. It taught me a lot about Velor and your people.” Aunt Laurie looked up and smiled. “And now it’s going to teach you.”

Lillith slumped back on her seat, resigned with the reality of the amazing woman sitting in front of her. In that moment, Lillith became convinced that Aunt Laurie could do anything. A fact that the rest of William’s family had discovered many years ago.

“Lillith, did you ever learn the M’atra Zar?” Aunt Laurie’s eyes returned to the book, leafing slowly through the pages. The M’atra Zar was the ancient epic poem that was over 4000 stanzas long. It was supposed to have been spoken during lovemaking by the Ancient Ones. Now it was just considered a treasured historical artifact from the world of the Ancients.

“We had to learn passages from it in Velorian Literature when I was in school, but not all of it. Why?” At the question, Aunt Laurie stopped turning pages and looked up at Lillith with a broad smile.

“Because, my fertile Velorian friend, you’re going to need it.” Lillith’s eyes became huge.

“That’s a myth! We do know...act like that! The M’atra Zar was lovemaking for four straight days! I am a Velorian Protector. That was for....that was....I am not a...a...concubine!” Aunt Laurie waved that notion away.

“Oh, Lillith, I’m not saying anything of the sort. What I’m trying to tell you is that your engineered genetics have a hidden code sequence referred to here as the Khant’r, the ‘Gift’. And right now, that ‘Gift’ is ready to assert itself whether you believe it exists or not!”

Lillith grimaced as a strong surge tormented her body. “I...cannot bear children. I am a Velorian Protector. I...we...cannot.” As quickly as the surge came upon her, it eased. She took a breath. “Aunt Laurie, my species engineers our young.”

“I know, dear. But your ancient genetics came from Earth, you can’t change that and I don’t think the Ancient Ones ever intended to wipe the slate clean. As far as your biochemistry is concerned, Lillith, you’ve taken a mate.”

Lillith turned her head slightly before shaking it slowly.

“I don’t see your point.”

Aunt Laurie shifted slightly in her chair to get more comfortable before she began. “Our bodies go through subtle chemical changes when we take a mate. We actually adapt to our mate over time, changing ourselves unknowingly inside. Our brains secrete chemicals like you wouldn’t believe, all in response to our feelings toward someone. When the Ancient Ones came to Earth and found your Scandinavian ancestors, they discovered that humans had this wonderful adaptation ability, even to the point where sex was found to be so much more enjoyable with someone for whom you feel love for! None of this was lost on the Ancient Ones. Fact is, I’d bet that more than one of those guys were romantics at heart. When they engineered your species, they left a code sequence in your DNA that few know about. Your own scientists have left it alone as an interesting relic, they say, but I think they just don’t know what to do with it. It’s pretty rare when it triggers.”

“When what triggers?”

“The Khant’r, dear, the ‘Gift’.”

“In me?”

“In you. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Lillith looked to the side in thought for a moment before shaking her head in confusion, her blonde hair dancing around her face. “I don’t understand any of this!”

Aunt Laurie returned to the book, looking down through her glasses until she found what she was looking for.

“Ah! It’s all right here, Lillith. You and William have been together long enough for your mind and body to subconsciously internalize him as your mate! That’s that chemical stuff I mentioned before. Your physiology is adapting to William. Did you know that when you Velorian Protectors truly love, you love with an amazing intensity? You just don’t fall in love very easily. It all goes back to when Protectors were concubines for the Anci...”

“We were not CONCUBINES!” Lillith really looked annoyed as her set jaw puffed out her cheeks.

“All right, all right, dear. Anyway, your love and the way it’s causing your body to adapt has started the DNA sequence to begin the first stage called...” Aunt Laurie referred to the book momentarily to insure the correct information. “Estrus Supremis.”

Lillith had been a bit skeptical so far, but this latest revelation was completely beyond her acceptance. “Nobody ever told me about that! They would have at least instructed me when I took courses like Fundamentals of Sexual Performance and stuff during my training.”

Aunt Laurie spoke calmly, trying not to offend. “Perhaps they felt you didn’t need the information, Lillith. After all, you were going to a very remote planet inhabited by a completely different and incompatible species. Little chance of romance and all, don’t you think?” Lillith looked to the floor, as if embarrassed. That did sound like something her instructors on Velor would do.

“Yeah. Probably.”

“But the Tetrites wouldn’t let you be alone, would they.”

Lillith looked up and nodded her agreement. “I think they knew about my loneliness and...” Lillith’s gaze returned to the floor, leaving the thought unfinished. The two women just let a few moments of silence pass between them. Lillith suddenly looked like she was experiencing another surge as she gasped from its effect, making Aunt Laurie quickly continue.

“Lillith, you’re experiencing estrus. That means your fertile and ready to mate. Your mind and body have adapted to William and will only allow mating with him. You must mate!”

This surge was excruciating as the words burst from Lillith’s mouth. “T’AYE!! I MUST!!”

“Don't yell, dear. I’m sitting right here.”


“But the thing is, as you said, you’re an engineered species. You’re not normally suppose to successfully mate and bear young. Sort of a ‘Do-it-all-you-want-but-you’ll-never-get-pregnant’ sort of thing. The ‘Gift’ is the loophole, Lillith. I’ve always suspected that the ‘Gift’ was programmed in to allow for those rare cases when your early ancestors fell in love with an Ancient One. Or maybe they put it there for all generations of Protectors, just in case they fell in love and took a mate who could remain with them long enough. That’s why I think some of the Ancient Ones were sort of romantics at heart. Must have felt something for your species. Like to think so anyway.”

Lillith smiled weakly at the idea as Aunt Laurie referred to the book again.

“Now, according to this, the ‘Gift’ works like a lock. Each step is like a key in that lock pushing tumblers. The final tumbler is simply your love. The depth, purity, and strength of your love for him will begin the ‘Gift’.” Lillith looked confused again.

“Do I say something? A chant?”

“No, dear, you simply feel. To be so driven sexually, yet to concentrate on your love for him will release the needed chemicals into your system. They will activate the ‘Gift’. You only have to concentrate on your love. Do you understand? No matter what, you have to put your entire being into your love for him. Do you see?”

Lillith thought for a few moments. She had noticed that, every time she thought about how wonderful William was and how she loved him so, the urge would intensify in a funny way. Maybe there was something to all of this.

“I understand, Aunt Laurie. No matter what, I love him.” Lillith smiled brightly for the first time during their conversation. “That will be very easy for me to do!”

As Aunt Laurie smiled back, Lillith glanced down at the book still resting in the old woman’s lap. On the brownish pages was what looked to be hand-written Velorian text of a style so ancient that Lillith had trouble making some of the words out. What she could read said exactly what Aunt Laurie had spoken of. Aunt Laurie had been reading the text in the original Velorian but, by now, that idea did not surprise Lillith at all. After a brief moment, Lillith finally looked away to see William and Phil once more trying to get Dixie into the stable and sighed.

“I just hope it’s soon!”

Aunt Laurie motioned toward one wall of the room. “Lillith, do you see a small cottage, just over by the creek?”

Lillith’s eyes once more showed a moment of bluish flash as she peered through the wall Aunt Laurie had pointed to. There, just a few hundred yards from the house was a small building. It was unoccupied.

“Yes. I see it just down the slope of the land.” Lillith appeared to be waiting for the next task to do.

“Dear, I want you to go there and wait. Do anything there that you decide that you want to do, but stay there until William or I come for you. Do you still trust me?” Lillith had already made that decision.

“Yes, Aunt Laurie. I will trust you.”

“Good!” Aunt Laurie almost seemed relieved to hear that. She raised her hand and pointed it toward Lillith to make a point. “Now remember, dear, when you’re with William, you must only think of your love for him. That’s the only thing you must focus on. Everything else will happen on its own. But you must remain with your feelings for him. Do you understand?” Lillith nodded with the same look a small child has when instructed by a respected teacher.

“Aunt Laurie, exactly what happens with this ‘Gift’?”

“I haven’t figured that out yet, Lillith. The book speaks of energy reorientation and feedback, all kinds of things, some of which I haven’t a clue about. I guess we’ll see for ourselves.”

Lillith was looking out the window again.

“Yes. We will see soon enough.”

Aunt Laurie closed the yellow book slowly and patted it’s worn cover. “Alright. Now go on. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Lillith rose to her feet. Walking silently to the door, she couldn’t quite find the words to thank Aunt Laurie. Perhaps, she thought, that would be better done later. Just as she reached the double doors of the study, she heard Aunt Laurie’s calm voice again.


Lillith stopped and looked back toward the old woman.

“Lillith...I envy you.”

In the paddock, near the stable

William had chased Dixie around the paddock again without any success. No matter how well he moved, the horse always found a way to dodge him. But time had run out as the sky became dark. Lightly at first, then suddenly very heavily, rain poured down, soaking everything exposed to it, including William and Phil. But not Dixie. They stood motionless as, at the first sign of rain, Dixie trotted nonchalantly into the stable to keep dry. Neither of the two friends moved for several seconds as they remained in stunned silence. It was only the shouting voice of Aunt Laurie behind them that made them turn to her.

“Don’t you two lunkheads know enough to get out of the rain? Even a dumn-as-a-bucket horse knows to do that! Come on in here!” Phil spoke for both of them as they shuffled back to the house.

“I do not feel very intelligent at the moment, sir. Will this feeling pass?”

William shook his head, feeling just as stupid.

“Not while we’re here, Phil.”

In the kitchen at Aunt Laurie’s


“Phil, for cryin’ out loud! If the soup is too hot, let it cool a minute!”

Everytime Phil had noisily pulled a spoonful of the hot soup into his mouth, the uncomfortable feeling of having his mouth burned by it made him shake his head so rapidly it was a blur, his fur adding the characteristic flurp sound. Phil was already embarrassed by letting anyone see him eat. It was only at Aunt Laurie’s prodding that he decided it was best to follow local protocols when visiting another planet. Aunt Laurie once again interceded on Phil’s behalf.

“Oh, Phil, never you mind about that. You just go right ahead and enjoy that soup any way you want.” William nodded.

“She’s right, buddy. Sorry.”

Phil looked to William a moment before he raised his spoon to make a point.

“Not at all, sir. Consuming food as a Terran is very difficult to adjust to for all of us. Shall I turn away?”

“No, no, go right ahead and enjoy your soup. Sorry I mentioned it. Still hot?”


“Yes, sir. Quite.”

“It should cool a bit soon. Go ahead and eat, Phil.”

As Phil played his spoon into the bowl again, William looked down at the floor aimlessly before speaking to Aunt Laurie. The old woman was at the sink drying another of the ever-present dishes.

“Where did she say she was going?”

Aunt Laurie shrugged. “She didn’t say. She looked upset with you though.”


William was starting to look worried. “I suppose I have been a little rough with her lately. She’s been acting kinda strange and I just don’t know what’s going on with her. I suppose I could have been more understanding, but...”


“’s hard when you don’t know what the deal is. She’s always been really good about things, but lately she’s just....”




“Phil! You’re just doing that now! That’s not hot anymore!”

“I am most sorry, sir. Perhaps it was becoming a bit of a habit.” Phil set down his spoon and wiped his mouth with the small, lobster-adorned bib that Aunt Laurie had tied around him.

”Sir, have you considered that the Mistress may be a victim of circumstances beyond her control and that the most proper course of action would be to determine the problem and address it directly?”

William stared a moment, blinked twice, and spoke.

“If I agree, will you stop slurping and flurping?”

“Agreed, sir.”

William looked up to see a smiling Aunt Laurie finish drying a small plate. Returning his gaze to Phil, he saw yet another smile. He had the sudden feeling that he had just been had.

“Am I the only one here that doesn’t know what’s going on?”

“Looks like”, answered Aunt Laurie. William could only sag in his seat

“I hate when that happens. Alright, what’s the deal?”



In the cottage by the creek

The day was growing late and the evening sky grew dark as Lillith entered the tiny cottage. Inside, there was only a single room, not more than twenty feet wide by forty feet long. Centered on the wall, opposite the door, was a small fireplace that was empty except for a few ashes left behind from some long forgotten fire. There was little furniture in the room; a rocking chair, a narrow bed, a small table with two chairs. The room felt cold and dark and empty.

Lillith stepped forward through the open door and sighed. She was feeling alone and unsure whether she was doing the right thing. Perhaps, she thought, she should have called her sister Kara. Or perhaps it would have been better to wait. This dark room didn’t seem like the right place for anyone in need of help. She just wasn’t sure what to do. Confused and away from home, the feeling of desolation fed on itself and grew. The young Protector tried hard to have faith in Aunt Laurie, but at the moment, doubt tried just as hard to keep her faith away.

In one dim corner, a tall cabinet caught Lillith’s eye. She walked to it and opened its painted wooden doors. Inside were a few clean towels and what appeared to Lillith to be a collection of hundreds of small candles of various sizes. The room was getting very dark, so she took one of the candles from the cabinet and ignited the wick by heat vision with only a blink of her eyes. The young woman looked deeply into the tiny flame. It wiggled and danced in her breath as she followed its glowing form with her eyes. This tiny flame, she thought, began from such a tiny spark. Yet flames just like it could consume the Universe. Was that what her feelings for William had become? She had the power to protect planets from the greatest evils imaginable! She had flown through the corona of suns and crossed vast distances and times as if doing so was nothing more than crossing a street! She was a Protector, capable of choosing from galaxies full of males! But it was him! Only him! Love him? How could she not love him? What would her life be like without him? She must not lose him over this! Is she doing the right thing now? What if he....she could....? Lillith closed her eyes and spoke reverently.

“Oh, Skietra. Please give me the wisdom and the strength to love this Terran male for the rest of my life. He is such a wonderful being, so brave and so smart about so many things. He is....oh, Skietra, he is in my soul! We have faced so much together. Let us be together always. He loves me, I know he loves me. I just need help to keep his love. I’m so afraid I’ll....”

A strange breeze filled the room as a bright light appeared above and behind her. Turning her head slowly to look back at it, Lillith didn’t appear totally surprised at the apparition. She had seen it once before, on the eve of the last war on Tetra. A voice spoke to her but was not heard except in her mind. The only voice heard in that small room was hers. With her face upturned, she spoke to the light.

“I understand.”


“Does he?”

“Yes, truly!”

A narrow shaft of the white light extended to her face. With the most delicate of touches, it found a single tear that ran down her cheek. Once again, a silent voice spoke to her as Lillith’s eyes first opened wide with surprise and then closed momentarily with sorrow. Her answer was from her heart.

“Because I love him! If I must die because of it, I submit to you now!” Lillith again closed her eyes and stood boldly in the light, waiting for some terrible sentence to be executed. A moment passed before she again heard a voice. What it said produced a broad, wonderful smile on her face and filled her voice with emotion.

“Danske, tus’Skietra! You are truly wise!” Her head bowed as she kneeled to the floor in the light. Suddenly, her head returned to face the light in response to the return of the voice. What was said made her giggle as she scrunched her nose with her smile. Her finger played along her teeth like a coy schoolgirl as she listened to everything the voice said. Giggling once more, she finally simply answered “Thank you, oh, thank you! I will! I swear to you, I will!”

A shaft of the light reached out and settled on top of her head like a hand. Lillith closed her eyes and raised her head up to receive it in silence.

She whispered “Danske” and the light was gone.

The doors of the cabinet were again flung open as Lillith began removing every candle in it. There was so much to do!

In the kitchen

“Estrus Supremis? Are we talking about cattle here or Lillith?” William wasn’t accepting Aunt Laurie’s explanation very well.

“Damn it, Will, her species is engineered! They left a back door in there for the old fashion way of making babies! It’s time and you’re it! Are you going to step up and help out or not?” Aunt Laurie was getting pissed. William was balking at the thought of having children. Every man Aunt Laurie ever knew did the same damn thing. It’s life, so live it!

“Jeez, I don’t know about this, Aunt Laurie. I mean kids are a big step and I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. I mean I love Lillith completely but kids! Jeez!” William was starting to feel a bit pressured and quite a bit trapped. He’d do anything for Lillith, but it had always been just the two of them. The thought of a family scared hell out of him. Phil trundled by.

“Cookie, sir?”

“Hm? What? Oh, uh, no, Phil. Thanks.”

“Have you considered an answer to my question, sir?”

“What question?”

“The one I asked earlier, sir. About ‘how’ you love the Mistress. Have you considered it, sir?”

William thought. How did he love her? Did he love her enough to give up his old feelings of freedom to face the responsibilities of a family? Did she mean that much to him? It wasn’t that William couldn’t make that decision before this night. It was only that he hadn’t considered any of this before tonight. Now that he did, a great weight seemed to rise up from off his shoulders as the realization came to him that she was the love of his life. Yes, he would give up everything for her! Everything and more! His love, he discovered, was not relative to anything, not dependent on anything, not conditional. His love for the young Velorian Protector was absolute! Whatever happens, wherever it happens, he knew he had to be with her. Somehow, that revelation didn’t shock him in the least and left him feeling better about everything!

“Hell, I don’t stand a chance with you two, do I. Alright, Aunt Laurie, I want her and I want a family too. I love that woman and that means more to me than anything else does. I need to go to her now. Where is she?”

Aunt Laurie pulled William to her and hugged him warmly.

“You’ll find her down at the old cottage, William. Take her in your arms and love her forever, son. After this, you two will be joined forever in ways you can’t imagine. Whatever happens tonight, she’s yours. Never let her down, alright? She’s very special.”

William looked her in the eyes as they released their embrace.

“I can never let that happen, Aunt Laurie. We’ve been through so much together. What could possibly happen to us now?”

Aunt Laurie cleared her throat nervously and shrugged.

“I honestly don’t know, Will.”

In the cottage by the creek, just after sundown

The door swung through its arc slowly, calling out with a slight creak. There, standing slightly sideways to the door amidst a sea of hundreds of burning candles, was Lillith. Her head turned slowly toward the sound, her eyes rising upward to him just as slowly. The clearness of her blue eyes reflected the tiny flames with the pureness of the most perfect gemstones. Her moist lips glistened as they parted alluringly. In the warm glow that filled the small room, William could see how her blue and white summer dress clung to her slender body, one strap having slipped down off of one shoulder. A shoulder that was perfection beneath her cascading golden hair. From her lips, a whispered word carried across the distance like a prayer.


He went to her, taking her hand in his own. Tenderly he brought the slender hand to his face and kissed her palm with all the gentleness he felt within himself for her. His kiss touched her soul. It whispered wordlessly of such tenderness for her, such deep caring, such genuine love. As William raised his face from her hand, the same hand followed to caress his cheek. Their eyes searched together deeply while their arms encircled to draw their bodies together. As their lips drew close, William spoke to her with a reverence that she had never heard before, in a voice that caused a wonderful quiver to cascade through her body.

“My for you. My love for you....for eternity. With you, fantasy.....and my reality....are one.” His voice dropped to barely a whisper. “Lillith, how I adore you...”

Their lips met slowly, with a delicate touch. In Lillith’s mind, she heard herself saying over and over again. I love him! I love this man so deeply! He is the one, my own, my love! She felt the urges exploding inside herself, but she could only, would only let herself fall deeper into her love for him! At this moment, her love was more powerful and meant more than any release from her sickness! She released her kiss, took his face in her hands, and whispered with the touch of a morning breeze.

“I give myself to you, completely. I love, my love, my only love. I am for you forever.”

At that moment, Lillith knew in her soul the depth of her devotion to him. Without question, she knew she would die for him. Not like the declarations of a schoolgirl or a poet, but like a woman who existed to give everything she was. Him. This man. He was the one she would live for, for the rest of her existence. He was hers and she was his.

Deep within her, hidden away for centuries, a last tumbler fell into place in an ancient lock of DNA and the ‘Gift’ activated.

At the point where their lips met, a subtle white glow appeared and quickly flared brightly as a shared connection with the vast energy matrix of the Universe was made. The two lovers drew tightly together as the energy flowed into them from the matrix. With the suddenness of a lighted gas flame, a lavender and red torus of vapor surrounded them and expanded slowly outward. It flowed with almost a liquid appearance, yet it passed easily through matter without having any affect on the matter at all. It was an indication of the unique energy flow that was occurring. It was an indication that the connection was completed.

Into the lovers, the energy continued to flow. Energy that Lillith normally drew on to power her strength and other superpowers was now diverted into their shared passion together. Her arousal would normally increase the strength of her powerful body many times over. That much power was a danger to lovers of Velorian Protectors, leaving them crushed and broken at the height of their passions. Yet, through the Gift and the love that triggered it, that energy now flowed into both of their bodies to stimulate and enhance every sensation they experienced! A hand that caressed the firm cheek of her beautiful ass would normally feel wonderful. Now it felt.......INCREDIBLE! Lillith gasped at the flood of overwhelming sensations! Her breathing quickened as each exhale brought with it a tiny moan of ecstasy! When his hand cupped her now swollen breasts and played across her hard nipples, she nearly orgasmed spontaneously! She flung her head back as she arched her body tightly from the powerful touch! Her blue eyes were shut tightly, but her sensuous mouth was open wide to let her scream of pleasure escape.

William too was experiencing the amazing amplified sensations. Lillith’s hands flowed all over his body giving him pleasure that he’d only dreamt of! But when both of her hands passed over his thighs and gripped his manhood, he nearly passed out from the sudden inrush of glorious pleasure!

He was inside her instantly, her wild scream marking his entry. The deep kissing, the frantic feeling, the humping all became wildly intense! As Lillith tightened her legs around him, the energy flow increased to heighten the sensations even more!

Faster and harder and deeper, the lovers pushed to their limits and beyond! William could hear Lillith screaming wildly as if she were out of control! He could hear her just louder than his own cries of sensual pleasure!

To her utter surprise, Lillith was suddenly rocked to the core of her being by seven magnificent orgasms that hit like sledgehammer blows! Each one was so intense that she couldn’t keep from crying out louder and louder with each explosion inside her! She could feel her lover cumming inside her as well. Yes, she thought, cum inside me! Fill me completely! Yes! YES!!!

William was giving everything he had to her and more. Rocked by repeated orgasms as well, the intensity of her was almost too much! They were holding onto each other so tightly that parts of their bodies were glowing red hot, charring the flooring of the cottage! Finally, expended completely, the lovers collapsed together, still in each others arms. Expecting a brief respite after such intense lovemaking, the panting lovers were surprised to discover that the energy from the matrix replenished them immediately! William’s erection sprang to life as Lillith’s libido charged fully. They were on each other instantly, pleasuring the other within the intensity of the “Gift” and building toward another series of gigantic, multiple orgasms!

As William’s fingers pressed between her legs and his mouth found her engorged nipples, Lillith screamed out at the top of her lungs!

“Oh, Skietra!!!!”


From the house, Aunt Laurie and Phil watched the amazing glowing torus flow around the tiny cottage and listened to the screams and moans coming from behind the draperied windows in the distance. Between them, a bowl of popcorn rested half-full on the couch they had pulled over to the window. Both of them were holding some playing cards in such a way that the other could not see them. Aunt Laurie had more cards than Phil did.

As Aunt Laurie reached into the bowl for more popcorn, Phil spoke first.
“Do you have any eights?”
Aunt Laurie discreetly checked her cards.
“Go fish.”

Phil was flabergasted! “Mistress Aunt Laurie, I fail to see the purpose of this game if you continue to deny possession of every card I request! You certainly must have some eights!”
Phil sighed, signalling his defeat. Aunt Laurie continued the game.

“Do you have any fives?”
Phil flung his last two cards, the five of spades and the five of hearts, down on the couch. “You certainly know that I do! I do not know how in a game based on chance and probability that you can retain so many cards!”

Aunt Laurie smiled as she placed her cards face-up on the couch. Phil saw aces, kings, and queens fanned out in front of him. His head rotated slightly from confusion.
“What sort of cards are these, mistress? You made no mention of these?”
“Didn’t I? Oh, I’m sure I must have, Phil.”
“Oh, no Mistress Aunt Laurie, I would have certainly recalled your instructions. I am unfamiliar with these card types.”

Aunt Laurie leaned close to Phil, smiled, and spoke in a low, even tone.

“Then I must have taken something out of the game, Phil.” Phil immediately knew what that ‘something’ was.
“The ‘chance’ and the ‘probability’?”
“I’m a sneaky old broad, Phil. Remember that.” She winked.

From the cottage, more loud screams of pleasure were suddenly heard as the torus flared brightly.

“They may be at this for a while, Phil. More cocoa?”
“With whipped cream?”
“Of course!”
Phil raised his empty mug and followed her into the kitchen.

“Most delightful!”


Shock of the Other continues.....

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