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A complete (and I do mean COMPLETE) explanation of Supremis, Velorians, Arions, and all the rest of the universe that Lillith of Velor was based upon can be found HERE, at the Aurora Universe FAQ. Other Lillith-specific info is shown below:

 Who is Lillith?

Lillith, whose full Velorian name is Lill'th Zenerha-Shar'a Velor, is a young woman of the race of beings called Velorians, part of the species Homo Supremis. Lillith is a Velorian Protector, assigned to the planet Tetra. There she must remain for the rest of her life, protecting the inhabitants, the Tetrites, from extraterrestrial dangers.

Lillith is one of the most powerful Velorian Protectors ever engineered, yet she is also very human. She has a terrible temper sometimes, has a single-minded determination to protect Tetra, loves attention, can sometimes be irrational, even precocious. But underneath everything else, she is absolutely devoted to her beloved Tetrites and her loving mate, William.

Oh, almost forgot, she believes that chocolate is medicine.

To the Tetrites, Lillith has become the "Mother of Us All". Like a mother who gives life to a baby, the Tetrites feel that they now live because of Lillith's protection. She is revered on Tetra.

 Who is William?

William is a military pilot from Earth ( A being from Earth is referred to as Terran by the Supremis races) marooned on Tetra after being trapped over the event horizon of a wormhole and transported millions of light years to the Tetra system. He is currently living on Tetra and has become Lillith's mate. The difference in sheer power between a Supremis like Lillith and a Terran like William is about 5000 to 1. To make William a suitable mate for Lillith and prevent him from being crushed or torn apart during sex with her, William was instructed through a unique process called "enhancement". Enhancement of a Terran provides them with the same powers of invulnerability and strength, as well as many other Supremis abilities, but at reduced levels. The Tetrites used a biotechnological means to improve on the standard enhancement to where William is very close to Lillith's levels of invulnerability and strength. Unfortunately, William cannot fly. This does not prevent him from constantly trying to find a way to do so.

 Who is Phil?

Phil, short for Philanthropithitatus, is a Tetrite and a master interpreter of hundreds of languages and dialects. In Tetritian terminology, Phil is a "Gateway". The way a Gateway interprets language is unique. Their presence within the sound of a conversation is sufficient for the Gateway to affect the way each person's brain processes the sounds their ears are picking up. For example, when Lillith would speak Velorian, William would "hear" her speak English. The lips might not be in synch, but everyone understood what was said. For the early years of their time together, Lillith and William relied completely on Phil to understand each other. As a side note, if Phil would fall asleep, the Gateway process would abruptly cease and no one could understand the other. Lillith now speaks English very well and Phil doesn't Gateway much anymore.

Phil is an extremely intelligent being with an unlimited curiousity - a very Tetritian trait. Even after surviving two horrible wars, losing three of his eight legs in the first and experiencing the near annihalation of his species in the second, Phil still finds contentment in his pursuit of information and his service to his Mistress and "the William".

 Who are the Tetrites?

Tetrites are furry, eight-legged beings that live on the planet Tetra. Intelligent, curious, courteous, and highly developed, the Tetrites remain on their planet without much interest in venturing out to the stars.

A Tetrite eats in private. They believe that to show oneself eating is rude to the person who must watch.

A Tetrite sleeps on weather-worn rock formations on the planet. During the day, the sun warms these rocks which slowly release the heat during the night. The Tetrites love a warm, smooth rock.

Tetrites are a quickly evolving species, growing in size as their intelligence and knowledge accumulate. The normal life-span of a Tetrite is about 2500 years. At the time of Lillith and our stories, the Tetrites are no larger than one or two meters across. In the first story, That Which One Begins, Tetrites from the future are seen to be much larger. The biggest, Large Grey, is over 30 meters across. Large Grey was also capable of invoking time distortions at will, something beyond the capabilities of the present day Tetrites.

Tetrites live in nests in the ground. Never walk right up and look into a Tetrite nest - it's considered very rude. Stand at a respectable distance and call to nest. They'll come out or invite you in.

Tetrites used to mate with anyone of the opposite sex who was willing. You simply asked. As a result, there were once thousands of young Tetrites everywhere! That practice has fallen out of fashion. Tetrites more and more are adopting the modern practice of taking one mate for life.

Children are raised by the community, not by one or two parents. Everyone eats, everyone is protected, everyone belongs. This sense of shared responsibility is slowing eroding as more Tetrite become monogomous.

The Tetrites, if compatible, can resonate to thoughts from outside the planet. Thought, they've discovered, has form and energy. A Tetrite who is able to can allow thought to resonate within his mind, replaying that thought as if it originated with him. The process is difficult and unpredictable, but still, it is a common practice on Tetra to try. To the Tetrites, nothing is so precious as information. They live to gather it. The value in it is in the use of it. If a Tetrite sees that you need information that he has, he will provide the information willingly. If the Tetrite sees no reason for you to have the information, he will never even mention that the information exists.

 Where is Tetra?

Tetra is approximatly 6,875,000 light years from Earth. At the time of these stories, no charts existed for the area of space that the Tetra system was in.

The planet Tetra is a planet not unlike Earth. There is one large landmass that takes up nearly an entire half of the planet. The bulk of this land is desert and home to the Tetrites. Along the nothern part of the land is a massive chain of mountains called the Faldref Range. The rest of the planet is covered in water. Around the center of the planet, splitting the water into two oceans, is a belt of soggy land called the Latitudes. Tetrites do not live in the Latitudes.

Tetra is surrounded by seven moons. Each moon is unique, some wonderful, some plain. All add their light at night in combinations that change weekly. The nights on Tetra rarely seem alike.

No other planets in the Tetra system supports life.

 What are Lillith's powers?

She's invulnerable to most destructive things, at least to an extreme limit. You could drop a safe on her head and she wouldn't flinch, but if you squirted her with cold water in a squirt gun, she'd probably get mental on you.

She's capable of incredible strength, thousands of times more than a normal human. When she's exerting herself, you'll see her muscles grow rather large. They settle down when she stops using them. The whole thing is rather strange, but what can I say?

She can fly - pretty cool thing to be able to do. Top speed within the atmosphere is about seven or eight Mach. She dreamt once of flying close to the speed of light, but all Velorian Protectors experience that dream sooner or later.

Her eyes can emit beams that induce heat in objects. Just the thing to warm up a can of soup, but keep her away from that bag of microwave popcorn---she'll flame it.

She can see Tachyon field disturbances that give her the ability to see through substances and without ambient light. A glint of blue light flashes in her eyes to give away when she's using it.

She can move incredibly fast when she wants to. She rarely wants to.

There's probably more, but I can't think of them right now.

 Does Lillith have any weaknesses?

Besides chocolate?

Well, her powers weaken if you surround any part of her with a loop of pure gold. Needless to say, Lillith doesn't wear gold jewelry.

 Who are the Arions and why do they keep trying to take over Tetra?

The Arions are a race of Supremis. Their race consists of Primes, who posses many of the powers of Velorians, except flight, and Betas, who are only about four times stronger than humans, aren't all that invulnerable, and basically do the grunt work for the Primes. The Primes are not as powerful as Velorian Protectors and are not considered the brightest being ever to grace space. As to why they keep invading Tetra, that's a good question. The first invasion was ordered by a senior officer of the Arian Military Council based on some mysterious warning he had received from an unknown being. The invasion failed and the officer killed himself. The second invasion was for revenge and genocide. In short, the Arions intended to eliminate the Tetrite species. This nearly succeeded, but ultimately failed by the intervention of the Ancient Ones through an army of over four thousand Velorian Protectors.

Who are the Ancient Ones? 

Ah, that's a very good question!

You'll have to read the final book for THAT answer.

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